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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  October 14, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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- [david] welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick. - and here we are on the shores of lake erie in front of the sign that says, is it the cle or is it the land, how do you, what is it? - well, this show, i think, encompasses all of it, when you think about it. ast ohio, we're talking about not all that beautiful food we always see, although are gonna do that, too. - oh, yeah. - but we're talking about views. - some of the best views you will find throughout northeast ohio. we're talking city life, we're gonna take you on the countryside, i mean, these are just amazing sights. - and, since we're right here, on the shores, there's a brand new place over here-- - yes. - and it's got quite a view. - oh, yes, let's go.
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with an incredible view, one of the best in the entire city, in my opinion, you have to come here to nuevo cleveland. zack, you nabbed probably the best spot in downtown cleveland. - that's true. - i mean, we have the stadium right here, the rock hall, the lake surrounding us. it's gorgeous. - [zack] it is, it really is. - [natalie] oh, my gosh, so, thanks for having us. - [zack] of course. - [natalie] you know, for me, it's just amazing to have a new place like this downtown. what was the draw for you to be here? - well, you already mentioned a lot of it, the view, the lake, downtown. n akron, and we were looking to get into the cleveland market. - great place already, in akron. - yes. - second spot here. - that's right, and this opportunity presented itself to us and we thought let's try it, we have to do this. i mean, like you said, the view, the location. we have an event center upstairs, the draw with that was our neighbors around here, the rock hall, the great lakes science center, the goodtime iii, it's a winner, it's a winner. - [natalie] you're in a prime spot, you have that outdoor volleyball area too. - yeah. - so people can come out here and play a little volleyball, and then come some great mexican food?
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lk about what we have in front of us, because this all looks amazing. i'm gonna start with the drinks, 'cause it's hot out here and i need a refresher, so i'm ready to sip. what kind of, and, look, the bees love it, too. - there you go. - here we go. - what, hey buddy, what is this? - okay, that's a prickly pear margarita. - okay. - we make that here, in-house, obviously. - that is so incredibly refreshing. - it's good. - that is delicious, and so different as a margarita option. - yeah, yeah. - i love it, and what about the, in the martini glass? m. this has tres generaciones anejo tequila, palm liqueur, green chartreuse, and a little bit of lime juice. - [natalie] so, i'm already seeing a really unique vibe to the drinks. i'm guessing the food is the same. - [zack] yes, definitely. - [natalie] so you really try to change it up a bit. - [zack] that's right. - [natalie] let's start with the tacos, here. - oh, sure. - you gotta have tacos if you're at a mexican restaurant. - that's right. so, these are our al pastor tacos. so, al pastor traditionally is pork served with pineapple. what we've done here is, we take pork shoulder, we smoke it for about five hours,
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the taco with our house cheese blend, and then a jicama slaw which is pineapple, jicama, and a little bit of, actually, habanero jelly. - wow, and then, i think, mexican, it screams guacamole to me, but you have it in three different ways, i love the triple platter here. - that's great. - i gotta try this. - sure. - so, i'm guessing that's the traditional way-- - yeah. - that you make it? - that's right, so that's our house guacamole, we make that in-house, mash thousands-- - thousands and thousands. - of avocados a week, right? and, it's a great combination there. we add a little bit of, we added a few things to it or different flavors. we've got a pickled corn salsa on the middle one there, and the one here is our habanero jelly. - this is a jelly you've added into this, mmm. - yep, yeah. - oh, it gives it that sweetness. - a little sweet, a little bit of heat. - a little bit of spice, too. - yeah. - that's delicious. well, okay, now i'm gonna move this so you can see what's last but not least behind me here. calamari. - it's calamari, so that's our piripiri calamari. that piripiri is an african hot sauce,
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rneath there? - we finish it with some preserved lemons and some fresno chili. - [natalie] that's incredible. - [zack] thank you. we try to cover all the bases, right? so we have your tacos, and your guacamole. we also have appetizers, such as the calamari and a few other really cool fun things. and we have entrees, we have some steaks, some seafood, and that kind of stuff. everything has a little bit of a mexican influence. (upbeat music) - i know that when we walked in i saw someone that looked almost identical to you. - yes. - is that your brother there? - yeah, so, my fraternal twin brother, eric, is our bar manager here. - and you have a lot of other family members here, too. my sister is our pastry chef here, she's from, sorry, came from san francisco to work for us-- - well, oh, you brought her from san francisco? - that's right. my father does our social media, as well. - your dad does social media? that's impressive. - i own this with my wife, so, there you go. - [natalie] so, it's a family business. - [zack] it is. - [natalie] you come in here and you're gonna feel like you're part of the family, right? - [zack] that's right, yeah. - i love this place already, and, again, one of the best views in town. i'm gonna say cheers to you. - oh, thank you. - i know you're drinking coffee, but why don't you sip on that. - ah, love it, there you go. - cheers. - thank you.
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- talk about a room with a view, we are at bar 32 atop the hilton hotel, and i'm with shannon, shannon smith, right? - correct, sir. - i like your place. - yeah, i like it a lot, too. - yeah, this is pretty good. so, how do clevelanders react when they walk through that door for the very first time? - it's wonderful. to see the faces of people from this city get to see their city this way, with a view they haven't seen before, it's fantastic. l buildings in cleveland, but i love the way this one sort of looms over the lake and the lakefront airport and you can see right into firstenergy stadium. wanna hear some good cheers from there pretty soon, right? - [shannon] i can't wait for it. - [david] well, we need a championship right from the browns and all these great sports teams here in cleveland. you know, i used to fly into this place all the time, but i've never seen this view before, except from an airplane. - [shannon] right. - [david] so, that's pretty good. - it's fantastic, it's so fun for us to watch planes and helicopters and everything coming in and land every day.
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that have been here before, they can't wait to come back, so it's like one of those things, too, it's not just a one-time experience to come out and check things out, it's just a great place to hang out. - absolutely. the hotel built this bar for cleveland because, during pre-construction, they reached out, the community outreach, and they wanted to find out what clevelanders wanted in this hotel and what they really wanted was this bar, a rooftop bar, and that's what they got. - and you can almost see canada from here. - almost. - almost see canada from here. now, here's a great thing here. this is outdoors, but it's got a great roof on it. - it does. - so, you're sort of protected from the weather, so you could have a little weather going on outside here and you could still enjoy the outside. - absolutely. - and then, you come indoors, and this, we saw this beautiful view to the east, but when you look to the west, that's a view i've never seen before, and that is very, very unusual, isn't it? - [shannon] it is. - [david] so, people come up here at five o'clock to one o'clock, is there food involved, snacks? - we do, we have small plates, we do some oysters, we do some quesadillas, some flat breads, we do some charcuterie boards,
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- it is not, no. this is just the rooftop bar. on the second floor we have eliot's, and then we also have the bar at the burnham restaurant. - yeah, 'cause i'm thinking, it might be a little tough to get in here sometimes, because this must be a popular spot. - it can be a little tight, on the weekends, we can have a little bit of wait, but we do send everybody downstairs and they can get their first round, then we'll call them up if we're available. - okay, and the thing about the first round here is, you can get some very unusual drinks. i understand you're gonna show me some, some chemistry tricks. - a little bit, yeah, we use some liquid nitrogen to chill some of our glassware, - [david] let's do something cool. - [shannon] okay. - [david] let's see how this works. - so, we put it in the glassware here. - holy, it doesn't break the glass or anything. - [shannon] no. now i'll make our cocktail. - okay. - so we're gonna be doing the rainbow room cosmopolitan, which, most people know the cosmo, and the rainbow room from new york city. - [david] right. - the cosmopolitan-- - the cosmopolitan center. - absolutely. this is the version that kind of
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than most people know it to be. you can hear the nitrogen sizzling. - i can hear something going on, can you hear that? - and, then, part of the show is when we do this. - ho! and it just sort of disappears. - it does. turns right to vapor. - that makes it-- - now you have a perfectly chilled glass. - that makes a front row seat a rather chilly chair. - we don't actually throw it at people. (laughing) - [david] that is great. so look how beautiful that is, huh? and there you have the rainbow room cosmopolitan in a perfectly chilled glass. - okay, my question is, now, if you take a drink, is your lip gonna stick to the glass? - no, no, no, no. it's just cold. - it's cold, it's delicious, and it's one more reason to visit bar 32. - absolutely. - [david] high atop the hilton hotel in beautiful downtown cleveland, is bar 32. make sure you you see shannon. thanks a lot, man. - you're welcome.
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it's the newest spot in public square that shows off the beauty of cleveland. - it's just a fresher look on a quick, casual concept that we like to call street style, street food. it has influences from all over the world, primarily asian.
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other than one of zack bruell's amazing locations, alley cat here in the flats. zack, i know that you have had such a reputation here in cleveland with so many wonderful restaurants. this being, probably, too many for you to count. i think it's your 8th, though, if i'm counting correctly. - no, maybe nine. - maybe nine, oh my gosh. - i think nine. - so, when you make this many different restaurants in town, how do you make each one stand out, and what makes this one so different? - well, every one is different. i mean, you can go from a brasserie to an italian food, to a fusion cuisine. this one is shore food. this is a seafood restaurant, it's an oyster house. so, on the weekends here, we could, one night alone, we could shuck 3,000 oysters. and we're shucking to order. we're not pre-shucking. this is the first of our restaurants that are sort of a main stream restaurant. this is not intended to be fine dining.
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to the shore. but, what shore is it? that's the question. are we on the east coast, or are we on the west coast? - [natalie] you could be both, right? do you almost combine-- - this is sort of like this hybrid, but, this is something that i would envision, having moved back here from los angeles. this is something that you would see in southern california. - so, it doesn't have to be a special night out to come out and enjoy these meals. you've made it in a way so that it is, it could be at any night of the week, that someone could come and enjoy the food here. - well, not just this restaurant, but all of our restaurants. we don't, we encourage people to come back on a regular basis. we don't care if you come in and just make a meal out of appetizers. there's no problem doing that. it's like, we're not asking people to break the bank every time they come to eat, because we want you to come back, so-- - [natalie] and the view, i mean, how can you beat the view? - this is incredible. in the middle of service, a barge will come by,
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things just come to a grinding halt when it does because people are just mesmerized by it. - [natalie] and i'm mesmerized by the food. we gotta talk about this a bit here. look at this fish platter. - okay, well we usually do a whole fish dish. this happens to be snapper with a thai vinaigrette, and coconut brush. one of the signature dishes of the restaurant are these stuffed peppers. that you would see in any hole in the wall mexican restaurant in southern california. but what makes 'em different is that they have soy sauce drizzled over 'em. broccoli caesar salad, it's charred broccoli in caesar salad. - i've never seen a charred broccoli caesar salad, but let me tell you. - neither had i until i opened this restaurant. (both laughing) then we have the braised beef dish, with a peruvian pepper. - [natalie] so, it's not just seafood here. - [zack] exactly.
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so, there are options. all of my menus-- - wow. - have a lot of choice. that way, you can't get through the menu once with a group of four people. you have to keep coming back. - you can't go wrong. that is to die for. i've had the salmon here, it's delicious. and the drinks also something that's a little bit different and out of this world. - one of the things i wanted to become known for was a drink called a michelada. it's a tomato, clamato juice, and beer over ice. it's something that, if you were in mexico, you had a hangover the next day, this is what you'd start your day out with. - the food is delicious, the drinks are here for you to enjoy, the view is impeccable, and you can come here any time of year, even in the wintertime, and still get this amazing view, just a bit different, and enjoy this place. zack, you have done an impeccable job. i can't thank you enough for having us here. - thank you. - i'll be back, time and time again, that's for sure. - [zack] we will see everybody real soon.
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- so a lot of people asking what rebol means, and it basically kinda has two meanings for us. the first one is it's kinda a revitalization on whole-style foods is what we've done here, that street food that we're offering here. and, not only that, we like to call rebels in society and innovators of society like einstein like you see on the walls here and nelson mandela and martin luther. we call them rebels, and we think what we're kinda doing with all our whole non-gmo organic movement is kinda being a rebel of the food industry. pting it and conforming to it, and it's kinda how we came up with the name. it's a good conversational piece when people ask us what it means. so enjoy. it's just a fresher look on a quick, casual concept, like, we like to call street-style street food that has influences from all over the world, primarily asian, but we have different tastes and profiles from all over the world that really make it a fun experience for people to eat something where you don't feel so full afterwards,
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"what's bulgogi?" you know, it's the korean style type of finish on steak that we do here. we have our pulled pork, we have our chicken, we got tuna, which is fantastic, and all sourced organically, so all our meats are all sourced organically, so people feel pretty good about that, knowing what they're eating. and, when it comes to the flavor profiles, most people are like, "what is this? "i don't know what this is, but i love it." and, that's what we want. we want to explain to people what our sauces are, on that is that's going into their bodies and giving them what they need for the day. (upbeat music) it's always active, it's awesome to see public square, what it is today. it's what it should have been years ago, but it just hasn't been. it's been a process of change, and the change is here. i think we all can see that cleveland's going through a renaissance, and, now, the epicenter of that renaissance is here in the heart of cleveland in downtown now that they got this finished, and we're so excited to be a part of it.
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i mean, you can sit here and eat a good healthy meal, and then you get to watch an amazing view of what they did to this park. it's awesome, they have the water fountain there for kids, you got kids running through the park down here in public square. i mean, i don't think i've ever seen that in my life, and it's awesome to see if from all walks of life. people are hanging out on the grass for concerts, the city's done an awesome job having over, i think, 200 events over the next two years of things going on in the park. so, we're gonna let people know, this is gonna be your place to hang out now, downtown cleveland. the cool part that people really seem to enjoy is the ping-pong table. we're actually looking at potentially getting another one, 'cause people enjoy it so much, but it's awesome to see people playing ping-pong in the middle of the park. you know, cleveland is all about supporting our local businesses, and we started there, we are supporting america, and that's why we kinda stuck with the american craft beers, and, well, let's be honest, craft beer's on fire right now. people love the different options and choices and, to be honest, people are so amazed that we have alcohol in rebol. "wait, you can have a beer here?" like, yeah, not only can you have that, but you can have a craft half tub. they're like "this is awesome." - [natalie] i say it's time to take a break
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check out a creek side restaurant when we come back. - we do everything from steaks, chops, seafood, to salads, pizzas, hamburgers, all in that realm there.
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- talk about a room with a view, this is unbelievable, it's called hoopples, and this is norm. i met another norm inside, who's the other norm?
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this establishment 35 years ago. - 35 years ago, and how do tell people where we are? 'cause we can see the city here, and the big bridge. - well, corner of columbus and franklin, right in front of the columbus street lift bridge. irish town bend. - [david] so, i got outta my car, i parked my car here, there's a nice big parking lot, and it's almost like you don't wanna go inside because it's only, so many cool things to see here. i mean, this is really the perfect view of the city, isn't it? - [norm] oh yes, we have the fireworks from jacobs field, the freighters going by, the goodtime going by, - [david] yeah. - [norm] from the windows out, inside, so it's a perfect view of the city. - i was talking to norm, senior, your dad, a minute ago, and he says, "well, you know what's "another good scene out on the patio." i said you got a patio? he goes, "oh, yeah, we got a great patio." he says, "it might be the best view." i said how do you know? he says, "i've been here 35 years." - well, the patio's great because we use rta bridge pillar as a big screen tv, so we projected the cavs' playoffs out there, so you got to watch the game on the concrete pillar.
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we have a wide range of people. right now, we got our blue-collar guys just getting off work. later in the day we'll get some doctors and nurses down here, we get the rollers off the river, we got the rotary club that volunteers up the hill. so, we get a very diverse crowd based on the season and the time of day. - [david] so, this is a place that really blossomed from being like a shot and a beer bar. - [norm] yes, we've been, always, the neighborhood bar without a neighborhood. people just come down here to find us. - this used to be called the old irish town - yes, irishtown bend, shanty houses all up and down the streets, the railroad was here, a lot of construction back in the day. - [david] so, what kind of food do you guys serve? - [norm] we do a little upscale bar food. we have, on tuesdays we have our taco specials, which is, the feature this month is mahi-mahi. - [david] oh, yeah. - [norm] it's a grilled mahi-mahi rolled in cabbage. - [david] you catch that in the cuyahoga here? - [norm] we get it from the guys down the street on the cuyahoga, a classic seafood. (both laughing) - [david] that is great.
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that's sorta like, this is like a captured audience right here because they have to wait until the boat goes underneath the bridge. - [norm] yes, that's guaranteed, sometimes they just pull over and come in, 'cause they know gotta be here for about 20 minutes. - norm, senior, your dad, was telling me, he says, "you gotta go upstairs." i says "what's upstairs?" he says, "the view's better." - we have a nice private party room, accommodates about 50 to 60, and we do a lot of birthday parties up there, on a friday night you can see the fireworks from the stadium. - you know, you talk about all the different people that come in here, is it one of those bars where everybody knows your name after a while? of friends, we have customers that have been coming here for over 30 years, they make new friends, they can come in here, sit down by yourself and start talking to people. - [david] make a friend. - [norm] make a friend, very easy going clientele. - [david] i love some of the pictures in here, you got historical pictures in here, pictures of the old stadium. - [norm] yes. - [david] i mean, this is one of those places, if the walls could talk, right? - [norm] oh, yeah. we have the guys that built the stadiums come in here you know.
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where the good spots are. - [david] so your dad came down here a little over 35 years ago, how much longer are you gonna stay down here? - [norm] hopefully, less than 20. (laughing) - it's gonna be a lot of fun, though. so, somebody's talking about putting real estate down here, so, i mean, you've been here a long time, you're the grandfathered-in guy. this is the spot to be. - in the last five years, they have done more than in the first 30 years. - so, there you go. - new rowing clubs, townhouses, this construction right here looks like they're getting ready to develop scranton road peninsula. - [david] oh, yeah. - [norm] ya got your rowing club over there. ump ship right now. - we could but, or go to the - we're not. - steel mill to do more work. - we'll go inside and we'll go have another beer. - sounds good. - i gotta tell you, thanks for inviting new day cleveland to hoopples. - aw, my pleasure. - the room with a view. - thank you. (laughing) (bright music) - well we have sure found a hidden gem in brecksville, we're right on brecksville road at millside centre. so, you drive in and you think, okay, where is this
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matt, you have owned this place now for over 20 years, you're going on 25 years for the anniversary of this place, is that not right? - that's correct, february will be the 25-year anniversary. - so, they're obviously doing something right. i do think having this scenic view helps a little bit, right? - [matt] absolutely. food with a view we call it here, yes. - [natalie] it's gorgeous. i imagine any season to come out here as well, even in the wintertime it would be beautiful because you have these windows that people can see to the outside still. - right. obviously, fall is pretty special, et a couple weeks where it's really, really nice, but, wintertime, ya can't see it now, but across there you get icicles that form along these little cliffs here, and, they're huge, you know, when you get the lights at night, especially that shines right on 'em, they just sparkle. so, winter's my favorite time. - so, i'm sure families come in here and they're blown away, but this would be, for me, i think, a great spot for a date night, or a place to bring an entire family. - [matt] yeah, absolutely. date night, we get people sitting out here, they want to sit out here, also, we have some nice nooks in the bar, and then families, they come out here.
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to sit out here on the deck. we'll have a line for the deck, and people can sit in the dining room if they don't want with no wait. - [natalie] oh, this place is huge, first of all, you have a bakery downstairs. - [matt] we have a full service bakery that they bake all of our torts, our desserts, our cream puff you'll get to in a minute, they do our breads, hamburger buns, crackers, everything we use here. - the food, well, you said it, so let's dig in and start talking about of this food here. - sure. - what would you consider the type of food that you serve? - i call it american bistro. we do everything from steaks, chops, seafood, to salads, pizzas, hamburgers, - [natalie] the salad looks, it's a spinach and strawberry salad, it looks like. - [matt] yeah, strawberry field salad, there's also some feta cheese and some pecans on there as well. - [natalie] what is that dish, is that some kind of seafood on there? - yes, that's our asiago scallop. - oh. - it's got asiago cheese on the scallops, along with the pasta there, so this is-- - on the scallops as well? - yeah, this is one of our most popular dishes. - i'm a scallops girl, mmm. i heard the food was amazing here.
10:28 am
that's delicious. now, we didn't get to that burger, but i hear that you have a special, too, when it comes to your burgers, that's unbelievable. - yeah, now, on mondays, we do a regular burger and fries, for $6, and that has turned into a huge, huge night for us, and we also, on thursdays, have a buy one pizza, get a second one free, which is also a big night for us as well. - buy one, get a whole second pizza, at a specialty restaurant like this for free. - yes. - no wonder you guys are busy. i'm guessing people are just blown away by that. - yes. - i'm in now, i'll drive all the way from where i live and come down here. the ribs, look at that! - [matt] the ribs are our, i love the ribs. those are fall off the bone baby back ribs with our sauce that we make in-house, and it's tremendous. that's probably one of my favorite things to eat here in the restaurant. - and, then, of course, you have the sweet potato fries with it, that doesn't hurt all that-- - absolutely. - much, either, right? - yep, right. - [natalie] so, this is the pastry you were talking about? - yeah, that's our, that's a cream puff. that's one of the wow items in our dessert case when people walk by that they see, so, tempt them before they walk in by looking at that. but, yeah, you can feed several people with that cream puff.
10:29 am
can do some big time catering. - we do a lot of catering as well. well, we have a party room here that can handle up to 50 people, but we get a lot of catering from local businesses, people doing graduations, or showers, those sorts of things, so we have a big catering department as well. - so, this is chippewa creek? - chippewa creek, it flows into the cuyahoga river in the national park. - so, if you want a view of chippewa creek, along with some amazing food, you gotta come here to creekside on brecksville road in brecksville. it's the place to be. thank you so much, matt. - [matt] thank you, i appreciate it. - [natalie] congratulations on being around for so long, too. this is incredible. - [matt] thank you. (upbeat music) - [natalie] don't go anywhere. if you loved creekside, we're showing you how to enjoy their food with a moving view. - [woman] the cuyahoga valley scenic railroad really provides a great dining experience. we work with creekside restaurant and bar in brecksville. and it's just a great opportunity, it's really like a moving dining experience.
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a man attacked me in a parking garage.
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but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. it's our special show about beautiful views. - and we have shown you some pretty amazing places, i must say, so far, but we're just halfway there at this point in time. - you know what, you're a pretty good view right here in front of this city, huh? look at that, huh? that's pretty good. - this is why i love this guy. - so, we're gonna go from the city and we're going to the countryside. we're gonna one of the most beautiful wineries you've ever seen. - we're talking sunset views that are just, it takes your breath away. - mmm hmm.
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- yes. - can we have lunch, breakfast or dinner in it? - i think you can. - what is it? - well, it's a railroad. (gentle country music) (train bell ringing) - the cuyahoga valley railroad is a non-profit organization. we're a tourist scenic excursion here in the cuyahoga valley national park. we have stations from independence, ohio to akron. well there's a few great places to stop along the cuyahoga valley scenic railroad. right here in peninsula there's a lot of shops, a lot of art galleries, there's a candy store, so, a lot of great things to do for the family. and, then, just a few miles up, you're gonna hit akron station, and that has the akron zoo, museums, art galleries, shops, restaurants, you name it, anything, and you can just hop on the train. we also have an all day pass, especially in the summer, so people have the opportunity to hop off the train for a few hours and then get right back on.
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ic railroad really provides a great dining experience. we work with creekside restaurant and bar in brecksville, and it's just a great opportunity. it's really like a moving dining experience, and as you're dining, you can experience the park, see all the wildlife in the national park. in addition to our dining excursions, we have beer and wine tastings. those happen about every month, and we'll have different breweries come out, and different wineries, and they provide with a bunch of appetizers, and it's just a really great experience. some of the other programs that we offer here at the cuyahoga valley scenic railroad are royalty on the rails, our superhero train, and the murder mystery programs. so, these are all really great interactive experiences for families. along the cuyahoga valley scenic railroad there's a great view of cuyahoga river.
10:35 am
so, and deer, so there's a lot of wildlife that you can see out here. (train whistle blows) i think just the excitement of riding a train nowadays, especially since, it's not a regular form of transportation, and especially going through the national park, i mean, there's so much scenery, so many things that you can do, so it's just a great opportunity for families, couples, really anybody. (soft string music) - my wife had always wanted to have a wedding chapel here in the vineyard, and so, she had come up with the idea that it would be a nice place to have weddings. and, so, in the winter of 2000, i was travelling down to kent, where my parents live, and i saw this abandoned church here at 202, or 44 and 303. i took on the process of moving it. i found some people down in middlefield. they weren't amish, but they were familiar with moving old barns and things, and so, that summer, we cut it up in pieces
10:36 am
(upbeat music) we've always allowed people here to picnic on the property, and so we do have food available here, bread and cheeses and fruits and things, but, we've, from the beginning, encourage people to bring food with them as well. that is distinct from the other wineries. most of the other wineries here in our region of ohio do want to serve food, it's a value-added product, they want customers to stay and they discourage picnicking. we've tried to take the opposite, and make the grounds open with table and chairs on the lawns, and we let people bring coolers and picnic blankets and baskets. we don't allow people to bring other alcohol in. that is the state guidelines, but with food, it's wide open. (upbeat music) right now, what we're doing in the vineyard is leaf removal. and so we have both machines and by hand, where we try to remove leaves from the fruit zone. having good ripeness levels in the fruit requires both sunshine and wind to come through the trellis and dry things off. these are merlot grapes, and they're going through
10:37 am
hange from green to purple, and so this is happening very quickly in the next couple days. all the berries are starting to turn, and so it indicates we're slowly moving towards harvest. and so, right now, we're just watching the grapes ripen and preparing our equipment for harvest that'll being around the 3rd, 4th week of september. and, so, that is the time, if you want to come out here and find activity, it is when we're making red wine. it's in october is when the seller is busy, the grapes have come in, they're in big vats down here in the basement of the church, fermenting. as they ferment, and then they're pressed later in october and early november. part of what we're doing this time of year is making wine. it doesn't look like it. we're not pulling hoses and pumps and things, but we're making wine. good wines start in the vineyard with grapes that are in balance with the amount of canopy and, in conjunction with weather, the type of year we're having. the weather has shifted dramatically in the last two weeks to a wet, sort of rainy season, with cooler weather. and, so, as farmers, we have to take what we're given.
10:38 am
off the irrigation. well, we can't turn off the rain here, and, so sometimes we want rain in may and june, not in august, but we take it when we get it. in the taste room, i focus on blends, rather than individual varieties. and, so, in the taste room, we have several red blends. trinity is a blend of cabernet franc and pinot noir, and chambourcin. karma's a blend of cabernet and merlot and sirah petit verdot, exodus a blend of merlot and sirah, so we've tried to emphasize blends from the cellar. here at this facility, and from the grapes at this site. so, we have a barrel storage cavern and a specific red wine presses, and so the red blends are something that we see as our signature wines, both for this region and from our facility. (upbeat music) over the years, i've had people come and tell me they like the wine here, and that makes me feel good.
10:39 am
you to the property, but, more often than not, people come and tell me they like the view, which is fine. i want them to be, as long as they're happy with something. but the view is overlooking 30 acres of wine grapes, manicured and neatly planted and organized. you get a sense of the precision that goes into growing grapes. - [david] more new day cleveland coming up after this. i'm heading back to cleveland for some must-see views of the superior viaduct. (upbeat music) so i mean the views out here, i opened this story telling how spectacular the views are, within the place, i saw a piece of glass in here that where did that come from? - that piece of glass is by an artist named caleb morasca, he's italian, wonderful 26-year-old, studied with dale chihuly, and incidentally we're gonna be getting a dale chihuly glass sculpture here as well.
10:40 am
10:41 am
announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing
10:42 am
f. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. - paul, i don't know how many times you've invited me coffee shop, cravings, and i finally get out of the building, and i come out, and this is not it, is it? - this is not it. this is a place called luca. - luca, and, i gotta tell ya, what a fantastic place it is in terms of just looking out the windows and getting a look at the downtown area, the lake. it's a beautiful place, and how did you come to be associated with this? - well, at cravings, we attracted the albanians with their coffee, and luca's an albanian.
10:43 am
i went and tried out his food at michelangelo's, where he was formerly from, and, over the last couple years, we started negotiating about having a restaurant of his own. - [david] well, this place is really fantastic. it is unbelievable, the artwork here. what's the story with that? - we have an artwork collection that matches the quality of the food. so, we have an original michelangelo line drawing that's 509 years old, it's a line study drawing that he did for a fresco, a piece called ignudi, which sits in the sistine chapel. we've got three picasso engravings on the walls over here. the very famous french artist. - excuse me, did you win the lottery or something, or did luca win the lottery? how'd this happen? - well the michelangelo and the picassos are on loan, on consignment from auction houses, and most of the artwork is on consignment, but, i'm an international art dealer, so i have ways of getting some high-end artwork. - you have ways? that's what you're saying? - ways and means. - okay, the restaurant, how long's it been open here now? - [paul] literally three weeks, starting our third week. - [david] and what do you plan to do? you planning on doing lunches here or dinners? - [paul] not lunches in the beginning.
10:44 am
but we're gonna do dinner seven days a week, from five to nine, monday through thursday, five 'til 10 on friday and five to 11 on saturday. and sunday, five to nine. - [david] so, i mean, the views out of here, i opened this story telling how spectacular the views are, but the views within the place. i mean, i saw a piece of glass in here that, where did come from? - [paul] that piece of glass is by an artist named caleb morasca, he's italian, wonderful 26-year-old, studied with dale chihuly, and incidentally we're gonna be getting a dale chihuly glass sculpture here as well. - i think you should get a dress for some of the women in the pictures here, too. - yeah, we have a few pieces that are wonderful, but, you know how the french are. - it's a little bit more-- - revealing. - revealing. - yeah. okay, french, but we're talking about italian food here, right? - italian food. the best, folks, this is the best food that you're ever gonna try in cleveland. (easy going italian inspired music) - ah, luca's working a little magic in the kitchen, here. luca, how you doing, man? - good, how are ya? - pretty good, so what are you making, mashed potatoes today or what?
10:45 am
- veal chop milanese. after the grill, balsamic vinegar aged, and some fresh vegetables. - [david] so, you take veal chop, and what do you do, you-- - [luca] brown it- - [david] bam, bam, bam, huh? - and i finish it with goat cheese on top, aged balsamic vinegar around. - well, i gotta tell you, the food's - thank you very much. - yeah, what's this one here? - [luca] this is scialatielli en corno, it's make of panchetta. - that's beautiful. - thank you. - what's going on with this? - [luca] this is chicken piccata, it's half chicken, grilled, marinaded, and balsamic vinegar, and garlic, rosemary, we marinaded and grill it. - [david] capers? - [luca] capers, piccata. - [david] is that pretty, or what? look at that. what's this green right here?
10:46 am
what's this right here? - [luca] this is stuffed lobster, with artichoke, mascarpone. - [david] aw, that's too bad. - [luca] it's marinaded. (david laughing) - [david] that is great, and how about this one? - [luca] this is eggplant arose, mascarpone, fontinella cheese, and red sauce. - it's beautiful. i gotta tell you something, luca. it's right here, it's on the superior aqueduct. you have to come by st. malachi to find the place. it's on the left hand side of the street, it's easy to find, you're gonna find the most and, i don't know if you noticed, earlier in piece, that lady pouring the wine, your wife is unbelievably beautiful. - [luca] thank you, thank you. - [david] i think you've got all the most beautiful stuff in cleveland right here. - [luca] i have a view and everything. - [david] you got it all. hey, thank you very much. - [luca] thank you. - [david] what better way to end our show than with some sunset views, we're headed to fairport after the break. (bright music) - we got the pier, and people like to sit right next to the water.
10:47 am
the martini bar upstairs is a little more intimate. - [david] yeah it's pretty good.
10:49 am
10:50 am
- here you go david. - [david] thank you very much. take a look at this baby, huh? pinnacle vodka, what's this drink called? - that's the bluefin. it's our fishbowl. - check it out folks. it's tom's fault. that's why i had this drink. we're at the sunset harbor bar and grille. the name of the place, just put that in your memory. and there goes a boat. oop, we missed 'em. oh there he goes. whoa yeah. so i heard this is the action spot here for the boaters and i saw a lotta cars in the parking lot too. - absolutely. this is where everybody wants to be. - so what's the attraction? - we got this little pond out here, we kinda like to look at. - yeah, it is a beautiful place. and i've noticed, i've been waiting around here about 10 or 15 minutes, just hanging around checking it out.
10:51 am
florida, you could be just about anywhere huh? - yeah, i mean if you go to the ocean you can't see across it, well you can't see across this lake either. so it feels pretty much the same. - this is great. i was talking to your partner, tony, when i first got here. and tony goes like, "man, could you like run this show "like in september or something, because we are so busy "on the weekends, if a whole buncha people go down here "they'll be waiting two or three hours "on friday, saturday and sunday." so you're busy, huh? - very busy. you know we have a tiny kitchen, so we have a lot of seats but a tiny kitchen so as long as you wanna come down you're willing to wait a little bit on busy days, we're here to provide that. - [david] i love the round building, you got a 2nd floor on that. you got a high deck up there and you got this deck out here that goes right out into the harbor here, huh? - yeah, we got a lotta different zones. we got the pier, and people, like you said, right next to the water. we got this area down here. we put, over here on the stage we put bands and the likes. the martini bar upstairs is a little more intimate. - [david] yeah it's pretty good. - [tom] and we have some inside dining too. - [david] and you got four spots
10:52 am
can dock here free. - [tom] yep, there's four slips right on the marina. they can walk right up and grab a drink. - [david] hey, what i like too about this place is the clientele. you got some pretty wild guys in here. this guy over here, he wanted to test the food. this guy's telling me what to have to drink. some of these guys come here a lot, i bet. - [tom] absolutely. we have a very big regular crowd. - that's true. and i heard it was about the food too. so i wanna take a look at this. they've got some great bar food here. we saw some fish sandwiches when we first got here. i saw a bunch of kids with their mom over there. they have french fries and they had, looked like fish taco maybe, too huh? - absolutely. that's one of the featured items on the menu. - fish tacos, and look at this one. tell me a little bit about this burger. look at this cheeseburger, it's got an egg on it. - [tom] well we got meat cooked to order. we got egg, bacon and something you don't see very often is peanut butter, which makes it really creamy. there's 10 different items. you can pick, make and choose your own burger. - [david] who's this lady right there, sneaking in here with the silverware, huh? (laughing) - you need silverware to eat. - look at that, she's pretty good. she's the one that turned me onto this drink.
10:53 am
- lots of stuff, it's got mango vodka and then we have malibu rum and it has sour megs and some special love, some nerds, some fish. - maybe the special love is the part i like. (laughing) it's pretty dog gone good. hey, tell me a little bit about your crab cakes. - our chef, jan, makes 'em. they're home made, fresh crab. and his own aioli sauce. - [david] oh yeah. - [tom] give that a try, see what you think. - [david] do you eat the food here? - absolutely. - you look good. - you don't get this by accident. (laughing) - the personalities here are great too. like there's like two or three owners of the place? - we have four owners. my wife jan, my partner tony, curtis and tony novak. - come over here jan. jan doesn't have a microphone on. but i just wanna get her over here. jan how's it going around here with this guy running this place? - he does a great job. - so you're one of the owners. i mean who's the boss? - he is. - who's the boss? - oh i don't know. at home? here?
10:54 am
sorta like a family kinda place. - [tom] absolutely. - [david] and it's really relaxing isn't it? - [tom] that's what we try. we try to make it your cheers on the lake. - [david] how long you guys been here? - [tom] we bought it in december of '11, so a little over a year and a half. - [david] i think i like the crab cakes. - [tom] what do you think? - [david] i think they're pretty darn good. - [tom] great. - this thing look great too, but if i were to bite that right now, i'd explode all over the place. (tom laughing) - [tom] you might have it down your shirt. - [david] i wouldn't be able to talk anymore. - [tom] we can get ya a bib. - okay, so we wanna remind everybody, that you wanna come out here like, you're open seven days, right? - monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. i mean you could stop in here for lunch. and how late are you open? - [tom] we have a license 'til one o'clock. most nights we're here 'til close to then. it depends on the crowd. - [david] and if you wanna come out on friday, saturday or sunday, plenty of room for drinks, plenty of room for relaxation, but you're probably have to wait a little bit for the food. - [tom] yeah, i mean we can get ya in a seat, we can get ya drinks, takes a little while to get the food out. we have 360 seats and a kitchen that's probably made for 100, so.
10:55 am
little guy over there, he had his sunglasses on so i couldn't exactly see what he was thinking, but somebody said "you should get the mussels with the marinara." and the guy over there says, "no, you got the mussels "with the garlic." and all the sudden he says, "no, the marinara." "the garlic." yes. - starting a food fight. - there's a food fight here. so it's terrific place. sunset harbor bar and grille. we're in fairport harbor. (bright music) i had no idea just looking at stuff would make ya this tired. - right. we had to travel a lot to get to some of these great places. en you get there it is absolutely worth the view. - i liked that railroad ride. that's pretty good, through the national park. - and that's one of those things i think a lot of people might now realize that they can do. - um hmm. or, brand new views from old places you've already been. like if you've already been out here on the east 9th street pier, but now you got nuevo out here, you've got that great look up towards that beautiful bar in the sky. so old is new again. - it's so true. and there are some hidden gems i think. - i think we've shown you some places
10:56 am
and now you're gonna be heading there all the time. - i even made friends at hoopples, how about that? - it's a good thing, right? - it's a good thing. - i'm jealous you went up to the hilton on top of the roof there. gorgeous views. - well i saved a stool for you so we can go up there right after the show, how's that? - alright, let's do it. - sound like a good idea? - [natalie] we're not too far away, i see it right here. - hope you guys had a great time on this show with a view. i'm david moss. - and i'm natalie herbick. - and we'll see you on the next-- - new day cleveland. - so long.
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