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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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cleveland please investigating a deadly hit and run carson this is lisa look at a fox 8 news at ten i'm jennifer jordan and i'm bill should visit a minute at of at a mineral coating st. clair avenue fox brown has been following the story forp us joins us live this evening and cleveland our understanding tonight is the suspect has been arrested.d there ambit energy allegedly ran a man down on st. clair avenue early this morning and didn't even stop to help.d family members say the victim on sunday mornings hit and run 56
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witnesses say jones is working with some friends outside his casino is fun" was hit by 2848 will go to build their everett parker came out before us. walked across their protest because perchance anesthetist police say the suspect had been drinking and was speeding at the time of the accident.en savas mccarty says this treasure take the life of a 56 -year-old who love to go fishing and spend time with his family loved ones are trying to process what has happened.y e
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drove home she arrived allegedly she told her father what had happened and h he alerted polic. she now faces charges of aggravated vehicular homicide n the county has to family friends is moving forward after all this will be tough.or the area where this happened is 35 mile-per-hour zone bill and jennifer witnesses tell me earlier today thate this person was just speeding down the road tammy members plan t tomorrow night to honor this victim a tragedy out there.o and knowing arrest has been made. yes that's trueen ellisor brown live in cleveland think you. please are investigating a head on collision near interstate for a it happened around by 30 near the rampar from 480 north to rockside road witnesses it
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paramedics find the sceneor details are limited tonight we do not know the condition of either driver that crash block traffic for almost an hournn you can read more about this story on fox 8. go forward for puerto rico to clean it up ago posted this happened last night at the intersection of rocky river drive here and chest filled your man was operating a bike in a 32 over woman was driving on the back when o he slammed intoa nissan maxima that was making a left turn you pay through the woman from the motorcycle from express to the metro archuleta died the diver is still on the hospital tonight navajo the two people inn the car we're hurt so farre no charters have been fil. continue to search for the armed robber her murdered a mayfield high school student take a good look at the surveillance photos and messier say the man hiding
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and killed 15 -year-old son he fell friday nightht during a robbery at the mister here on subtalar birds please say .-period customers in theb store's owner who we're also on the restaurant at the time but no one else was hurt $5,000 reward for tips that leads to an arrest. $ and 16 euros a barrel bar are recovering from try injuries metro plus so talentd sofia return when a car left the road and crashed into rockck toy the school for a fundraiser to help with those expenses if you likens to help the bar family is accepting donationsel at any keybank location. if you are missing summertime temperatures get ready they are on their way back to northeast ohio.h
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say a roller coaster overweight you might know a couple of seasons week.ou we do have 80's in the forecast we hit 80 degrees today and were likely due at a the next couplef days buto in the meantime i'm tracking some showers but don't worry though be out of here seek injury the 80s tomorrow t check out storm fox was going on you can seeo solid pushing into our area continuing through the night tonightli really not a lot of rain associated with this route group of moderate showers you can see that and in shades of green here. down towards getting ready to move into hartville and canton. we do see matter showers over new london most of the spotty sprinkles and light showerslo of towards late jogger and then money back here from love rain down to the rear you while were going to get rid of the showers tomorrow morning starting out
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clearing out the sky bit partly cloudy sky 75 and how about thit 81 degrees 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon with these boy breeze is deftly going to be real potentially following record work. our record setback in 1953 went to make a run at that i do i expect i us to tie our record hh setback in 1950 tuesday. it's going to be of very warm start to your week but as that changes on the way to temperatures fall back to normal. we do expect towards the end of the week.n six games down zero wends to
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fourth quarter to score two touchdownsm n bios not enough against tennessee to cake are not to cake that is the question if we can take a live stream spraying there. cj joining us for the fourth court events that led to two-point defeatur we sometimes say i think i'll find another way to lose. the last couple weeks and pretty much the four year they been chasing especially in a key moment down 15 points in the fourth quarter at some pointy they needed at two-point conversionde to tie te game you jackson election to go to the keeper region after that
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the browns to client version they do just that they drive down the field score again to make it a three-point game cody takes the extra point to make t 28-26 things leads the rest second onside kook the fumbled out of boundson tennessee takes over and more wind gave 28-26se you jackson on his decision to go for two after the first touchdown. on new at some point time as can have to taket a lack of it obviously we didn't make it try to get the onside. nextns week's homecoming for huh jackson as the browns puzzled ts cars 02 cincinnati to face the bangleso 2-4 on the season the offense of cornet or as cincinnati before coming to cleveland next sunday's game
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kesslerlau did something today o other browns rookie quarterbacks accomplished before parkerr from everyone else in the city. one of the fan says the cavs this year the indians this year thens browns next year. they will have the first round pick next year things are ndoking up. still to, fire bombing attack on officeublican campaign and north carolina don trump by me for the attack was the north carolina republican party thinkingas for their response to the bombing. c with the latest post say about
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cleveland has been waiting 52 years why wait another week. will give you sneak peek at the mba championship betteri the castle raise to the raptors fox
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what a weekend 77 degrees yesterday 80 degrees today lobar normal of 62 english five our recorde of 83 setback and i do
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temperatures are possibly time but maybe you breaking some record temperatures all pick up a trace today we're adding to that rain right now we do have some light showers are crossed our area speaking of fall and how beautiful autumn has been we want to share some deer shots with you.e for sure. plus we have thate. near fall ml again tonight we hit the fall moon peek at least earliest morning at 1233ek your 12 hour forecast looks h like this in te upper 60s through the night hours. much of the night tonight the reason ride the cloud cover on
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just a few light showers in the county right along the 271 out. the heights you head into rain we're doing with that badge of study of showersin in some moderate rain out of love rain in the rear year through to the route all it off yourur redo how assistive hanging to the north of us because is hanging north that's can a part of the warmer temperatures by tomorrow afternoonof we are around 80 degrees. a few showers around 64 watch out for patchy fog in the morning wends are out of the south at five to ten tomorrow will start off with some rain will check it coming up in the next half hour but will start off the day with a few showers around mainly east by noontime do expect to see sunshine across the area and clear out temperatures warming upou to
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a warm one in the afternoon that's your pic day of the week with us here a little bit of a wind. warm breezes both monday and tuesday we have the changes falling back to the low 70s there shot of rain comes thursday into the mid 60s and then from there at just kids cooler back the upper 60s friday into saturday 30 percent chance on sunday coming in the evening. but so far were holding on. so two season this week. still ahead tonight he was a world champion for nearly lost it all tyson gay also had his family to meet on coming up why the specter suffered the greatest loss off the chart the ugly election nearly takes a
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blaming for the fire bombing the republican campaign office and
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army maintain and ready to gauge. we asked that waiting for the order to invade this is the lat straw and help that ices holds inside the borders of i rockha republican campaign office and north carolina was firebombed overnight the attackersn makeshift molotov cocktail through theot door then you spry paint to vandalize a wall next doorw but the sauce the car the mayor of the town condemn the attack c and said the police wil find out who is this possible. don trump is blaming and was. hillary clinton for the attack.
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says she was grateful everyone was safe. the north carolina republican party .-period out of think you into groups of men started shooting at each other got caught in the crossfire at least one ball. tonight. she later died in hospital detained at least two men for involved they continue to search for other suspects tonight like their father was a decoratedr specter of lafayette high school in lexington. staying in the bluegrass state
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town of working more than 70 hours a week and want to .-period of fair and the strike will not affect production and the short-term.o the blocks and the shots now as signed sign a raise the banner coming outho they calves a raise in a three time chanting he's also an actor who was his favorite star on the silver screen here's a had just her
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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there on the rogers center here in trying to canadada where the indiansth will be attempting to when their third straight game against the toronto blue jays in the american league championship seriestrtr they sent him about e mound they believe everything is
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since 1997. head to the world series. still ahead tonight they laid their lives on the line. now they're taking a leap of faith see how one group is helping wounded warriors meet their troubles on the ground.. is been a long time coming for after five years of traffic jams and detours of that and triple digits will
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around my country you see the termination the american people is frankly people seen overwhelming bias in the national media the media has beened a recent target of trumps coming it's right and pushing false allegations this is
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heller stepped forward saturday tod accuse the business mobile f unwanted sexual advances corn to the guardian newspaper the trump campaign has denied those claims heller says trump kissed her without her consent at his estate in florida nearly 20 years ago democratic vp nominee tim kane are plays a reason why so many women are coming for no is because of trumps responsive axis hollywood tape in the second debater assessing the folks in the face and said essentially the imitation people otherwise to come out and say.y. we can expect to see a lot of the candidates and their surrogates over the next three
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across the country this from and cleveland heights was filled with people who say they know which candidate they want to call president november 8. these voters her for another woman who felt the pavedno the y first female secretary of state she's in the middle of the third. she's up on the election closely othersn in the browns and devics back and forths between clinton and trump is mentally and emotionally draining. links section of the
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i can imagine anyone he could face such disgusting things. the latest wikileaks hacker feeling transcripts of paid speeches earlier this montht additional hacked e-mail sent to show clinton have both of public and private position on war street reform. they have to go out and vote and understand that g the tromp is t a person they want to have as president because he is a dozen tell the truth. voters that even if that canada doesn't when it's important our children especially girls see they can go out to become powerful women.n th and also i want to be able to tell my daughter she can be anything she wants in the world.
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news. of third and final presidential debate is wednesday october 19r at 9:00 p.m. don trump and hillary clinton will square off on the campus of unlv and las vegas. fox's chris wallace will moderate the more traditional format'sa the debate starts at t live right hereat at their locai board from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. early votingt runs through mondd november 7 if you prefer to vot absentee you have to be depressed impressed your ballot by saturday november 5enbe and s to be postmarked by monday the seventh to be counter. merchandise to the november 8 about more information on where to rent about earlyr your election headquarters. one of the two bridges name for one of ohio's possible love
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love you have been waiting all five westbound lanesai of the nw george bridge will reopenpe tomorrow the old. demolished back in 2011 the new westbound bridge was still first and is carry traffic and both directions until it isan not bridge was completed late last month. eastbound traffic will still be are sticky for another week all five lanes and both directions will open starting next monday october 8. by the afternoon commute will lead to sunglasses.s. looking gorgeous file afternoon
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temperatures here's a look at storm fox to start because i am tracking some showers so that's it showers tonight into tomorrow morning things will really startr to wind down as really not much for not going to m pick up a lot of rain we do have some spots we're saying moderate showers that's the yellow color from west late to north olmstead avon lake and getting downpours sheffield. will continue to the east. alliant eventually going to get some of this rainas canton got t of it. and green over towards my son.ut some light showers. and in our showers through the night tonight unattractive feature before you you can see not a lot of it. by tomorrow morning clouds around hit and miss showers through the first part of your day cnd but by noon artie seeig
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still hanging out that cloud cover and a few showers along the border.anat were really warming up to waiting to see the high temperature tomorrow.w. the syllabus set of the system trip to the north of us. listening a 69 right now. i do think on tuesday were going
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forecast 84 degrees. will see lots of sunshine. you have some time to get out and enjoy it. is going to be fantastic weather as heng had into tomorrow afternoon on your new day on tuesday a fan of the fall temperatureses cold temperaturei do have some of that in the second eighth it as well. 64 degrees tonightec a few shows around patchy fog out on the waterspout 2 feet are less on the southwest at five to 15 tomorrow here 1 you unseasonably warm. the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. here's a ad look at your a day forecast we're at 84 tuesday afternoon lots of sunshine now the thing is it will be a little bit breezy both monday and tuesday. upwards of 25 wednesday tuesday night and early wednesday we have a cold front that's going
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rain and our temperatures done to reality 71 on wednesday 65 on thursday the bulk of the rain comes and thursdays not looking like the best day back to those fall like temperatures friday saturday upper 50s overnight lowsws in the low 40s. there is no taste of winter in the air. i'll let you know when i see
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a store owner as bearing salty after to the east oldest kirkwood of suites fox's been guess he shows us the sticky fingered saw sex we're caught on surveillance video.'r this one's all generic and no tree.
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probably walked out $500. gabby says the owner of all goes grocery outlet margin market. she's been they swam to jumping themselves and take off. there is a small business. when people steal they don't
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families there trying to help out the humidity and some more other people 32 employees take another good luckmoo at these to phases. the bone them up this events video you may recognize them are see them hanging around your supermarket a may be trying to sell candyhe y it was noted thes to begin that was then dc reporting the store owner is offering a small reward for tips a help police catch the sticky fingered thesep they left for themselves behind. see how a special program is leaveg wounded warriors their struggles on the ground for just a few moments. fitted she's a favorite film or to follow they be. coming up the browns came close folks but didn't when the
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have that. and hopefully i've got you for
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our linda gille for lost is like in iraq was just onel of the wounded warriors who participated in the annual leap of eurososrr the shares office travis county texas started the event to help veterans get away from the painin and stress of their physical therapy more than 150 wounded warriorsrs have takn a leaprs since 2010. wonders when the wires are doubling an airplane other till seekerse with having off a bride and west virginia. is one word for it. thursdays become a tradition of the river gorge it's illegal to faceeg up of the nearly 900-foot tallrl bridge one day a year thousands of jumpers lineup to take the legal leave is become one of west virginia's biggest
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'sft a minnesota couple decidedo ditch the flowers at their weddinge for adorable dogs. they we're to animal shelter to get rescue puppies for their wedding pictures and to no one surprisedfo a couple of the puppies cu reception. deftly want to get in on the still ahead she's 13 oscars and then has the nominated 19 time so meryl streep has a lot of fans.e you can count king james among them lebron caseses films fellow legendary actors. coming up next and sports jr
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ms. music city miracle for this time of the wrathth they take their two oh series the north of the border will check in with the tribe game three next and sports.wth announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the
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rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here.
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if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. they calves how the annual meeting for season-ticket holders today and we learn something perhaps surprising ke about lebron james. three-time mba champion is a huge fan of three-time academy
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his 19 oscar nominations maybe he forgot that his first nomination was for the deer hunter parts of which were filmed right here in cleveland.e sunset time same boat the larry o'brien trophyrr fox 8 and the incredible chevy chip brings the players would get on opening night cng last thing we've all been waiting to see in here it is the cavs nba championship banner the team already step in a right there to the rafters before the season opener a next tuesday october 25. we waited a long time to see that. the american league championship series resumes monday night north of the border he needs him
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their best-of-seven series the indians lead the series s right now 2-0 proteins how the work out t at rogers center trevor wl start game three corey cooper could start game four on short restpe power brought his john to the media center the drone that cost him he does digits in his pinky finger and for sent to miss his scheduled game to start he said injured finger does not bother himo when he throws. no music city miracle this time for the cleveland browns a comeback fall short they lose to
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and they deserve it. to kick are not to kick that is theth question brown santa talkg about tonight the browns found 16 points in the fourth quartert at some point the needed a two-point conversion after this kid and pulled jackson is out to go for it to thego browns we're able to convt this court a gallon 27 seconds left we had to get the extra .9 they we're down three after the second fourth-quarter touchdowns the defensive move to go for two. who didn't make it. the third quarter certainly i hp the routes on sunday defense
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the browns offense ran nine total n place in the quarter and they games are 5 yards. they calves we're also last day at their the cityth the focus nw shifts to basketball after the two sign the last free agentge there on saturday smith is at the castrating facility we did not practice he was undergoing
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we have showers around in the morning then the summer will be ready afternoon and is going to be rather warmwi 81 degrees near record time the record on tuesday. the rizzo show is next.
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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welcome to the onside kick addition of the reduction of the browns came close to winning this afternoon fell short our games tom if you heard that one. join me tonight my three times it was champion him along with the internet sensation resident comedian mike phil junior.


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