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that of news to get you caughtcg up on today a teenager shot andd killed at a local restaurant now find out who police have justust arrested and how they tracked him break out the butter the indiann are don a roll my friend. that's try to conttinue their winning streak tonight in toronto. more on what we can expect a we are loving the sweeps through these games. friday and saturday so exciting. do you like spaghetti or rigatoni? do ke spad satiting. we have it all for yout all fo coming up we're celebrating national pasta day.coming they've got breadsticks andnd salad and all kinds of stuff.ff. glad i'm working the 9:00 show0o today. i know that's right. thank know th you todd. appreciate it.appre we have that we'll talk about how you can build your ownciateh hostile bar something great toi do telling my son i didn't even know it was national pasta day that's due process night while e we watch the indians.di perfect way. check in with scott sabol who wo has a gift for us.
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good morning my sunshine and ndwarm weather. warm weather not so much a lot of sunshine. we had 80 yesterday were dealingal the wind now.o were also feeling the impact the cloud cover and if you showers the winds have shifted comingmig out of the southwest there haveh been a couple of showers flaring up hereaa very small on radar.a moving pretty fast to the fast northeast.e so can't rule out a few of these drug money but the coverage wilv be undeer 10 percent.t. lower middle 60sbe under wheree been we have not seen a big temperature drop. since really late last night. n aside from the is 510 minuteute showers this morning the warm-up and it is widespread warmth from cleveland all the way to the upper midwest and warmer it will get pretty windy as well today you need the wind to getet temperatures above 80 degrees this time ofatures abo year dona lot of sunshine. i tuhink the afternoon will feature breaks of sunshinek highlighting a couple of showers this morning and more whenhlighn
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back down to reality will talkak more about that coming up in ap little bit. guys back toto you. thank you. you got it.u. we are following some breaking news this monday morning after a deadly shooting at a food martt you're looking at live pictures now after a man was shot at the usa food martct is 120 third20 street it happened about 3030 minutes ago. witnesses say they heard multiple shots fired the victima just pronounced dead at the hospital. no word on if any suspects haveh beenave arrested will bring youy new developments on fox8 in on our website new this morning, a suspect isa in custody in the fatal shooting of a teenager at a mr. hero restaunt.t.. jessica dill is live at theca cleveland heights police cleand hei, with the details.di jessica good morning. wayne and stephanie good morning. good morning everyone.e. a person was taken into custodyygod morni. police are working to try towor
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a 15 -year-old boy on friday night. they do say he matches the descriptionnnight. .. that's what they're working onnn today.y. cleveland heights police sayicea officer spotted they man walkink into the dollar general at lee road in east overlook road around 9:00 last night. when the man wasund 9: approachy officers he ran down east overlooke road but police werec able to stop him and taken into custody.wee the suspect's name is not being released unless he actually gets charged. re charged. but police say he matches the description of the man seen in surveillance photos from friday night's shooting. on friday, officers were called to the mr. hero on south taylor road around 8pm for a robbery and shooting.. hesunifficerer when they arrived they found 151 year old sunny patel with a5 gunshot wound to his head. he was taken to university to ur hospitals where he later died. police say the suspect entered the restaurant and shot patel ia the head before taking money thead beforgister and running. they're just trying to make a couple of dollars and they diel
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just a couple of weeks ago they ran a car through the mike's and took the atm now a teenager gets killed. it's really scary. family friends tell us sunny wae the nephew of the restaurant owner. owner. sunny was a sophomore at at mayfield high school and they will be counselors in the schooo today and this week to work with students and staffhi in this heartbreaking sit. 15 years old my goodness and working.. very sad.. just thanks. keep uss posted.ted. check in with jess a little biti later. following developing news rightg now ou t nofew lorain county poo say two decomposed bodies have been found inside of a business on par church street officersfie were called to conduct a welfare check there a little aftere af 5:00 last night andte that's whs investigators say the bodiesbode appear to be one male one female victim but they have not been
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suspicious and a firearm wasrm s found at the scene. we'll gete more answers for you and bring you the latest onlat that. other news this morning. the family of a cleveland man killed in hit and run crash plan to hold a candlelight vigil tonight, where he died. police say 56 year old reno jones was hit while crossingkill policy 56 year saint clair avenue near earlwood drive, on the city's east sidern early sunday morning. investigators later arrested 20 year old zaire abbott. they believe she had beenad been drinking and was speeding through a 35 mile per hour zoneu at the time of the acciden when you hit somebody you can't think about running, you have to see if they are alright, y'all,t if it was your family how wouldd you feel if someone hit your if itas yo family has no more reno and reno was a good man he didn't botherd nobody or nothing. the suspect is now facingnow fan aggravated vehicular homicide and felony hit skip charges. investigators say she told her father what happened when she
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alerted police. other news right now.rother investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a house on the city's east side early this righr oa cleveland police officers spotted flames shooting from the roof of the house on east 113th street just before 2:30 this morning. just befor neighbors told the officers it was an occupied house so they ot pounded on the door to get the people who lived there out.hey when the fire departmenthe firet arrived, they checked and found there was nobody home. firefighters were able to quickly t control. your cleveland 'windians' keeping that dream alive as they power through the alcs.. control.your cl up two games to none they're in toronto for tonight's game three. fox 8's stacey frey live at progressive field with what we can expect. can expe good morning once again stacey. indians pitcher trevor bauer will get the start tonight against toronto.o.againonto. not feeling too mad about the injury against his pinky finger. he talked about that as well as
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i custom designed this entire frame.sto i designed it on a cad program, 3d printed some of the parts with my 3d printer, put it together by myself, assembled it myself, the whole process. he says it's a fairly known thing that he's a big nerd..ther hoping to take the indians to aa commanding three nothing lead commant in this best of seven series against the toronto blueu jays. this is a team that's powering through no matter what challenges they've faced losing starts, freak drone injury.ges e at a news conference in toronto on sunday, manager terry francona talked about cleanuplk hitter mike napoli, the presencu that he is on the team even whee he's not hitting, and how dangerous he can be. and he doesn't let that wear on him.n when inin you can see his face after a win. you could never tell if he has three hits or no hits after a win.n. threeer that's all he cares about. a wi and like i said at the beginninn he has the one swing that cang t
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all of the highlights incomplete coverage throughout the day andi throughout the evening. coverage yhli back to you guys. thank youou so much.much let's talk about the other team in town. your cleveland browns remain winless this morning oh and six for the series after falling to. veland bro the titans in tennessee t yesterday count on stopping them in 3ping3 downs.downs. 13th play of the drive. touchdown cleveland.t cody kessler connected with terrell pryor for a second score of the game, with just over two minutes to play. down by nine, the browns then went for two. but the titans got pressure on kessler, and the pass was incomplete.s got the browns then tried an onsidee kick.n tried an the titans bobbled it, and cleveland recovered the ball. the browns marched downfield, before duke johnson punched it lel. son pun in, and the pat kick made it act two point game with 27 seconds left. the browns needed another onside kick, but the titans recovered it, sealing the game.k madewo p. a titans win, 28 to 26.
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take a listen.en. i went for 2 early, because i knew at some point, i knew i was going to need to go for i you know, i'd rather go for itat now, than having to come back obviously we didn't make it.t. next week a homecoming of sorts for hue jackson. the browns head to cincinnati, to face the two and four bengals. jackson was their offensive coordinator before coming to cleveland. sunday's kicks off at one o'clock. tooffe you heard it here first that says well when on sunday definitely. we'll see what happens.itely what do you have to lose? that's true. might as well's predict a win. i up next we're excited for the wt indians but, one canadian man is not. kind of interesting here.restin find out why he's taking thet w team to court, today and, why ha wants us to just be known as the
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the cleveland team. yes. political firebomb. a republican headquarters office is vandalized hear what donald trump is saying about the donald when we come back. it's worn out.ou it's really warm out high 60sg we have had a few showers showe already popping up again butagan more of a windy and worth here another 80 possible today will check that out in the eight day
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a canadian activist is taking
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he is. douglas cardinal is trying totrt keep the cleveland indians fromm wearing their jerseys, using their team name, or showing their logo when they take on the blue jays in toronto. cardinal says the team's namehee and mascot, chief wahoo, aremash offensive and discriminatory.f r a hearing is scheduled for latel today at the superior court. a spokesperson for cardinal says the indians should be referred to as the cleveland team for the time a play to divert the units from the task aha b the blue jays. i think.k. what the heck i understand i understand that but it is whatht it is.t i should have did that during theg regular season.lar they weren't complaining about it.. and tell now. we've been up there like threee or four times this year.a this has been heated we put this ont our website and it has more than 500 comments people bringig it on.on.
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a couple of these. key wrote i say week vote to remove canada from american first kelly's not indians wee need to win two games and get out of the cleveland against the world. better idea the build a wall ben the us and canada. make canada pay for it.s jeremy says how about they just worry about playing baseballmy . that the tribes be them.m. kristol wrote why shouldhy s canadians have any say in asay a cleveland team and wher are called?le we're the cleveland indians we're the clevmove along. andrew wrote of course this one activist doesn't knowew wrote ta using indians as a logo doesn't understand that team logo is is showing character and also cleveland indians are named after inavls i could be saying you might know this lewisth whoo was an indian and played foredor cleveland spiders and the kind of a tribute.u absolutely. that's what it is a tribute. it.
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was writing she says awkward moment when these people area offended by a name chosen your before they were even born cleveland indians named after one of the first native americans to play baseball andan should remain what dit has beene named for over 100 years.ner 10. sticking with that cheryl wrotee get real.l. they've been theget r indian sie the team started no problem with native americans buta forefathee never complained. joan rather upset there losing put your big boy pants on sicksk of hearing this we're thes w cleveland ind nothing people of course everyone sticking up for the tribe and indians. very protective. someone else wrote family membem is native american and has no problemis with that name or with the chief logo or any of that.h it just depends i think we areae speaking there is that. thank you. go indians.t. go in we love it will change it will
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we can change it.nge thank i you.ou you're welcome. were going to get another update on what's happeningot weatherwie as we start this work week today spectacular in really niceice weekend.kend. got a winning forecast at leasta for today.ay. goomornrning.. good morning everybodyin hag.d d yesterday were already high 70s right nowye. take a look at the radar we've had some showers a look at th tu to more popcorn like with the the breaks in the overcast winds are pickingin up.up. notice how they're starting tor versus west to east. a lot of itost over the lake ina few showers when amber rhea and another one crossing i 77 into northern summit county. against there will be a few ofof these that coverage is really small at this point as we lookok at temperatures generally middle upper 60s will see temperatures boosting up to the low mid 70s and another threeth or four hours yesterday's highah temperature at 1230 in the afternoon. af a sharp increase inncrease in temperature ones that went start to pick up today.. tem
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showers will begin to move out o it will get wendy record high 82. 80 on the board now a couple ofo degrees to either side of that depending on where you are .re. will make a run at the record today tomorrow record 84. also set in the early 1950s. that one a chance to break as well as we fall back to the middle upper 60s tonight we'llel windy night tonight and other windy day tomorrow. then eventually start to go back the other direction. late october worth here at last time we had a october 16 above 802007 and 197 was the time before that. we mentioned two consecutivesecu days above 80 hasn't happened days a last time was over 50 50 years ago in 1963. in fact there was a four-day stretch and five-day stretch ont of the warmest and's of octoberr on record in the early 1960s.9 there's a front couple oft coupe showers wednesday better chance of rain on thursday of as we sly start to trim back the
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cooler air by there. t translates into 50s and low 60s for highste over the th weekend. eekend best chance. of rain on the eigg day is thursday couple ofcouplef showers late friday into saturday.. 80's don't last a long time this time of yearn't la.str did some quick checking everyono warm and of october the furthere winter will be this further or . there's no connection at all when you look at a couple of day stretches like this 1950 we had 20 inches of snow in november 1963 we didn't have any late-season warmth. let's put that to bed now and you know so go to the casino and throw money down on whatever you know. it is fun to project you know especially after the warm fallal we've had.had. thank you. no problem. i do what than i can. 9:18 the time. still to come fox8 news8 at 9:. we're learning more about the driver accused of killing four people at a festival. hear what police say he was doing before his truck flew off. a bridge landing in the middlerh
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also this morning a lithic runner in morning mourning the loss of his 15 year oldn15 yeard dauter.r.r. find out what happened to her while she was at a restauranta and who has now been arrested. e november election just a couple ofa co weeks away now up next ft out what donald trump's runningn mate is saying about the outcome
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federal investigators are now joining police in northni carolina, to try and track down who firebombed a republican headquarters office over thee o try an weekend..weekend. police say a bottle with a flammable substance was thrown through a window in hillsborough, burning signs and with ale substa a couch. someone also spray painted the office with graffiti. donald trump blamed the attacknl on quote animals representing hillary clinton. she tweeted, calling it horrific and unacceptable. trump blamed h enting clinton is expanding her lead, donald trump's running mate saye they are expecting the fall election to be fair. the stakes are so high in this election.ti but as donald trump said in thas e first debate, and i will say to you again today, we are going ti accept the will of the american trump has been tweeting lately the media is rigging the election. mike pence agrees with hismeng e running mate, saying it appears there is bias against trump.
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post poll has clinton ahead of trump by four points, but she pointsn a wapoints in a wallolla street journal nbc news poll.ll. what's being called a decisive moment in the effort to defeatt isis is going on right now. the long awaited fight to liberate the northern city of mosul has begun. convoys of iraqi, kurdish and u.s. forces moved east of mosuld along the front line, backed by u.s. led coalition airstrikes. iraq's second largest city hasas been under islamic state rule for more than two years. the offensive is expected to be be the country's toughest battle since american troops left, nearly five years ago.u.ed coalo the driver of a pickup trucker f that plunged more than 60 feet right into a crowded festival ip at plu san diego had been drinking, according to to p all we heard was like a skid a bang and the vehicle went airborne on cam he flipped two or three times. four people in the crowd were kill.d.
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there were hundreds of peopleunl attending a biker festival when the truck just landed on top of atim, saturday afternoon. kind of spun in the air justpun landed on the people it killedtr them. it was like something out of the movies landed on this tent this couple we had just seen se enjoying the band and it killedd them and it landed on top of of them in the driver popped out of the window through the back. the driver who was hurt is a 24u year old navy serviceman.rt is he is behind bars this morning. police say 15 year old trinityli gay was outside a fast food restaurant. when two groups of men started shooting at each other.ouher. trinity got caught in thethe crossfire and at least one bullet hit her in the neck. hern she later died at a nearby like her father you see pictured
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school in lexington. 15 years oschoolld. so that is sad.d. china's longest space mission with a manned crew, is nowge, in heading to a new space lab. the two man crew launched from a satellite launch center in theet gobi desert last night, to the nation's new spacelab. it was put into space just last month. was put i this is china's first manned spaceflight, since 2013. the crew on the current mission will remain in space for 33 days, which would be a newld bew chinese record. the nation's first femaleale secretary of state makes a stopo in northeast ophio.o find out the message she is trying to spread.rea at lebron banner is coming down folksd just for a moment find ot the subtle but more important it change being made to the big banner.r. hi scott. good morningnner everybody. 9:25 in the sun is trying toingt peek through a few showers is i getting wendy wills talk morelke about the forecast now and weather or not we could break a
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calling all bowlers it's timeowm for the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity bowling fun at the again saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m.. join members of the fox 8's emi for a fun filled event 3:0 join m. designed to support the annie ll dawson foundation which provides college scholarships empowerment programs and winter coat hats and gloves for local students. for more information there is a link at
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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- welcome to new day cleveland. i'm david moss, and check it out. here we are, about two hours and 15 minutes from cleveland, in a place called granville. granville, a cool little town, because it's the home of denison university. let's see, steve carell went there, jennifer garner, woody hayes, a whole bunch of really cool people, including the guys who put central park together, that's right, right in new york city. so you've got a town that looks really cool, it's got that new england feel, we've got some stuff that's being remodeled, and new, we've got some stuff that's old and cool, and we're gonna start off the show at a great place called the granville inn.


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