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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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of course tuesday the first game first world series game. played here. for the indians.n and thend also the same day the cavs their season opener.op also celebrating last seasons title. of course that means thousands and thousands of people will bee coming downtown. to have fun. and to spends money.
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>> abe constant rain. keeps away from the out door patio on east fourth street thursday afternoon. guaranteed nothing willwi keep cleveland sportsll fans awy from downtown. this tuesday. >> once star of the sports fans are hungry for another trophy. tuesday night the cavaliers op a newo season. accepting their championship rings. while the champions raised inside the q. >> next door. the indians will play game one of the first world series match up. in 19 years. >> we will be very busy. >> rick is a manager at pick wick and frolic on east fourth.
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schedule ands preparing forng basketball and baseball. in the restaurant. andre comedys club. >>ed . we'll have the game on in there. during the game. so it will be on. with a 10-foot screen. we'll have another screen in the cabaret. showing the basketball game. ga the bar will be open. in addition to the bar up here. >>up . tons of people downtown. there will be limited parking. a spokesman says that city leaders are working with the police department. the team.he and other organizations.iz to comea up with plan for parkig in s >> . it's been really quite a summer and s fall. just we're used to a lot of people being downtown at once. >> . so if you're going to drive downtown. maybe watch the game at a bar or restaurant. check with the establishment. some of them sitas pick wick and frolic have an agreement with some of the parking lots. nearby. where if you have a receipt you can go and get the parking at a discount.
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events happeningh downtown. at the same time. >> . we had the drought the curse. look at us now. >> exactly. >> .. things will be buzzing. hours before of the games. on tuesday. tnt is hosting a free pregame party for fans at 3:00 p.m. rapper wiz is headlining a concert.n meantime doors to thece q open t 6:00 o'clock. two hours before tip off. and pregame championship ring set for 7:30. >> the the indians will bell playing in prime time. the party will continue at progressive field. even when they're on the road later on in the series.ser the team says it will host watch parties.a atrt progressive with game on the score board. a small ticket fee will benefitf charity. that.etails onii are still to come. >> . ty of tickets
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wait until you hear the numbers. >> . indians fever is turningu everything green. at knot eastrev ohio favoritevor ticket broker in may field heights. >> we have the largest internet traffic to the webarg site. indians tickets .com. in a three hour span from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.m than we have ever had. >>.av amazing tickets owner says 6300 hits came pouring in. following the tribesng championship win. sh in toronto. everyone checking availability. for next tuesday. and wednesday world series game.
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world series win. in 108 years. and they're not about too to miss this one. which means demand for tickets will be high. should their team win the championship series. against the laon dodgers.
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>> dodgers fans don't travel or spend like chicago. he expects ticket prices will drop. by as much as 40 to 60 percent. if la becomes the team to beat. in the world series. >> . >> she said 4,000-dollars for some tickets there. wow. >>e. . it's safe to say cleveland is the city of champions today. the area of champions from mma. and basketball and hockey. to the rubber ducks. the mlb the city found itself on the otherit side now of sports history. >> . with how the other teams in cleveland are really embracingci theng cleveland indians.i this is great tond see. >> from everybody. everybody getting involved. enjoying this excitement. you cannot write out 2016 without writing 216.
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to fight for the mma heavy weight title that cleveland would suddenly become a title town. in five short months. lebron james and the cavs have spent many nights at the ball ballpark.lpa rooting on the indians.i he'sa thrilled for the city. and the fans of cleveland. >> . the browns have been left out of the winning culture. taeu remain the only team in the league without a win. >> . browns are in their building stage. joe hayden happy for the cavs andc indians. and wants to give the same kindi
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>> >> to get their first wint sunday. cincinnati.n hueat jackson return to the quen city. they say winning is contagious. itcon certainly has been in unfortunately it hasn't rubbed off on the browns. >> give it time. >> . i> it's so . cool. to see the cavaliers players sitting at the baseball games and cheering them on. >> absin litely. and browns at the cavs games. >> . it has been a city wide. excitement for all the teams in this area. >>n . a long time we're gladm it's here.
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final presidential debate. last night. trump said he wasn't he'd accept the out come of the election. speaking today outside columbusm he didn't back down. >> i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election.e if i win. >> . >> trump says he won't commit to honoring the results of the vote. because he wantso to reserve hir right to gov to court. and challenge a questionable result. more republicans and democrats
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today. trump continues to claim there will be voter fraud. meantime. tonight. both candidates are roasting each other.the the al fred charity dinner in new york. it isty a tradition.i andt a welcome reprieve from all the campaigning both clinton and trump didn't hesitate.
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>> trump was repeatedly booed ad the event. when he described clinton as corrupt. and latched onto informationn contained in hacked e-mails from her staff. >>-m . . meantime. clinton is coming back tock cleveland tomorrow. it isan her third visit to thet buck eyeo state. this month. she'll appear at the reck center doors open at 2:30.2 and:3 the event itself starts at 4:30. she's not the only clinton coming. chelsea will be in ohio next week. for her mothers birthday. the former first daughter is celebrating heri with stops in9 cleveland. columbus and cincinnati. >> . akron man sentenced to prison for attacking a hay humane society officers. thirty-three year-old web beate the officer with ab shovel. then cut him several times with aim knife. police ordered web to drop the knife. and attempted to subdue him witi ath taser. with when that didn't work. akron police officers shot web in ther leg. today summit county prosecutor announce the officers actions
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web wase sentenced to six yearsa inr prison.p university ofr akron removed the interim title for its interimt president. in july. the universitye board-overer d trustees named- school of lawa deanw wilson as interim president. trustees officially game him the position on wednesday.y. extending his term through june of 2019. wilson replaced scott who stepped down in may. following a rocky tenure. where he was criticized fore making cuts. >>dma . more wet weather object on the way. we have a first look at the
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it's cold and raw. certainly. a term that we could use very appropriately. juen the fact that just a couple of days ago. it was in thes 80s. 58 degrees right now. this is the region.
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ands eventually we could see ovr night lows that low.lo as we head swao into the weekend. far go for instance at 43. at least there right now theh rain hase stopped.d. underneath the clouds you can see the band of rain still very persistent. and if you were to take a night fromg cleveland. all the way down to houston.ho youu see that you would followo thel line of the clouds. you would have seen no ground whatsoever.v because the line ofe moisture is very conn producing these amounts of rain in the redof box.o over anx inch. look at kwrupbgs youngs town. three.93-inches. in the last 24 hours. occasional rain at cool dampmp night tonight. forty-nine. and then tomorrow more showerer periods. the showers will try to taper off later on in the day.da i don't think we'll get rid ofof them entirely. especially east of i 77. west of i 77.7.
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towards sunset. so. if you're going to friday night high school football games. west is best. if you're looking to stay out of the rain. i'll have a look alt the rest of
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a woman faces charges in a murder case. frommur nearly 30 years ago. 1989 and 19 year-old woman was found stabbed to death alongside railroad tracks in kansas city kansas. the case had been cold until evidence u prompted investigatos to reopen it. in 2014. today the county district attorney announced first degree murderfir charges had been file. woman.n. residents of the small town where the suspect lived with her family. say it's always been a topic off discussion. in that town. >> . .
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shooting in new york city. sixty-six year-old deborah danker was fatally shot by a police sergeant. in her bronx apartment tuesday night. after she threatened him with a bat. her family says she was mentally ill.l. police department says the sergeant had a stun gun. but didn't usese many are calling for new yorkyo attorneyrk general to investigae the case. he says it's not in his jurisdiction. >> . league isal football reopening an investigation into new york giants kick after police release journal entries and e-mails in which he admitted that he physically abuse -td his former wife. sheriff office released thee journals andd e-mails late last night.n thei nfl had requested the information. in the past. but was denied. >> . mississippi county had enough of the creepy clown craze. at least until after halloween. supervisors enacted a clown banb thisa week.
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from dressing asg clowns. anybody caught in public wearing a clown costume. mask or make up. could face a 150-dollar fine. they seu it's a matter of public safety. >> dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future. and that means taking on debt. in a smart way. like my mortgage - it's working for me. and if he needs a college loan down the road, that'll be worth it too. it's all about having a strategy, that fits your life. so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me.
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we won't forget that. willwon we. for the first time since 97. the tribe is back in the fall classic. the champis sports achievement in cleveland. it was everybody saying we areng all witnesses. again.
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>> the lines to start getting american league champion and world series gear at dicks sporting goods started wellbefore daybreak. >> i gotre here at woke up at 4:30.4:3 i had to wake her up. >> . indians fans anxious to show their pride. >> i have downtown already: got world series tickets and now buying t shirt -ts for the family. it's a busy day. >> . i was in sou working over the summer when the cavs won. so eus i wasn't going to miss out. i tphaoeud my gear indians merchandise. disappearing 7-day as far as as fast as it comes in.
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i see you have your hat you have been eyeing all day long.
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i see cops tries to pull a guy aout of the car. and tussle withof him. and i mean the car going backwards. you know. >> . >> brandon richards says when the car backed up. u it struck a police motorcycle. and started moving forward.for that's when one of the officersi fired hisc weapon. frank sander was hit by the gunfire and his car careenedr beforeee crashing. he wasre pronounced dead a shorh time later. richard says from his view he
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officer was hit by the car. he is convinced sander was using his vehicle as a weapon. >> it happened so fast. and it was all just adrenaline was going.g and it was. crazy. >>wa . police say the incident began early wednesday afternoon. when they received a call thatya man a with out standing warrantw was sitting in hisa car. in the parking lot at lows. >>lo . investigators say officerso approached the mansf vehicle after parking a cruiser in front of the car. and ain motorcycle behindt investigators say when questioned. frank sander gave police a false name. and that's when the troublee started.
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during her walk home from work.w ito the woman told police one of the robbers had a gun and told her to give him her money.on thene hit her in the face witha the gunc twice. she says the men made off with her phone. and wallet. including credit cards. and cash. >>g s. . well known downtown street vendor was in court today. charged with scalping tickets ie at prohibited zone. cleveland has specific corners set aside for accused of selling outside thet areas. >>h . >> pleaded not guilty.
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next month. >> .oo unlikely survivor.iv needs your helpo tonight.g the 17 year-old cath named tap. survived a house explosion. that happened outside port clinton last week. he's badly burned and suffersrs smoke inhalation. the medical center is accepting donations. for his recovery. > . the debate also touched on the presidential candidates and thet support eachh has for his partis candidate. two also talked about the gridlock in congress. over president obama's appointment to the supreme court.
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portman would take credit for issues but allow other members to do the work. >> do . portman fought back. saying the fo governor was talkg politics. while he talked real change. >> says it's director made a bad decision. creating a fake twitter account to mocke the director of donald trumps ohio the account was made sunday. after trumps campaign denounced and cut ties with the state gop chairman. who has criticized trump.
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crude user name. and has since been deleted. >> . >> all right.r just aig gray and gloomy day.da rain n outy. there. we weren't going to let that dampen our spirits. so excited about the but wei do have to talk aboutut some much cooler temperatures moving in too. >>temvin . cool damp wet. and web w cam time lapse.. from middle field. look at the rain. just continuing to hit the camera. faces north. so all of the forcing the rain drops. to hit the lens.en and it's just that kinds. of a night.
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basically raoeulgt right out oft the north. eventually during saturdayt morning. that will allow the atmosphere to begin to dry out. but until then it looks like the wet weather will continue as well as a very slow decline.d inec temperature. which means we'll get down to perhaps as low as 49 tonight.t. occasional rain. r cool and damp. and the shower periods is what we're going to wake up to tomorrow morning.mor and it look -ts like those will taper off.
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we head7. into friday night. football games. here's the line of showers. by noon. notice eastern ohio still grabbing onto some of the showers.e this isr 9:00 p.m. west maybe dry. east may still be a bit on then west wet side. here comes the colder air. saturday night and sunday. the over all wind flow out ofo thef northwest. will get ahe resurge of ona tuesday. it looks like we're going to be drier. once we get the drier air.air. in here on saturday showers disappear. we'll be sunshine.i clouds onn sunday. sixty. and then mid 50s. cooler than normal.n only byo about 5 degrees. monday and5 d tuesday. >> it will be dry for game onegm oflt world series.
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this little fan says put me in coach. you can submit your photographs on fox eight we celebrate the tribes the fall classic. of course. sometimes a pick picture just can't contain excitement. like our friend here: take a look. >> . >> that was so sweet. a few days ago. he was mostly unknown.
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made aya lot of new friends. after last nights performance. sensational. look how fans are now showingsh their appreciation.
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>> than through a wedding gift.
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merit and his bride to be. off the wedding registry. now live. really heartwarming story. >>ng . adorable. that's why i love cleveland. why i love the internet. how do you think a rookie pitcher for his alcs start. buy him a waffle maker.r. fans found the 24 year-old wedding registry. andng strarted gifting him almot everything. that he and his fiancee have on thecee list. >> he's taken. in fact his wedding registry at target was exposed on twitter. wednesday night. and since then, it's been wiped out. by fans. >> . there's still time before the wedding if you'd like to getbek them a gift. in fact im a thought we'd stop e at the target.
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registry. >> .. there's not much left. 104 items available in store. and only four are left to be bought. >> because nothing says thanks for helping us get to the world series. like gifts. >>like that's amazing. >> first things first. candles. not available in store. but after combing through the registry. still available. >> all right a vacuum cleaner. >> most already bought are newlywed staples. >>new muffin pans. cooking ware. > . serving bowl.o winew even batha towels.l and washs. cloths. to dry the champagne off. >>mpag . one present down. three to go. >> . how appropriate.
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he'll need these for chores. >> waffle makers. to a toaster. merit's registry got quite a bump. >> get him a wedding card. dear reign. thankar you. thank you.k love all of cleveland. >> it's another example. of why clevelanders are so awesome. >> welcome to the family ryan. >>am . his honeymoon will be taken care of. >> . you had a lot of fun shopping. >> i have to point out.p some of the favoriteo items online. that were bought. was the napoli serving andw serving platter. so. party at merits house. >>r .i there you go.
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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may have died as a result of an injury. caused by a kprabgt tor. who who manipulated her neck. it is believed that the tore an artery. leading to her brain.rai leading to a stroke. it's not clear whether she had a preexisting condition. that made herre complications from chiropractic atd justments are extremely rare. >> . >>ly . a scary encounter with a burglar. he came home from school and says he immediately knew somebody was inside. when hew looked around theas corner. he saw the 6-foot tall stranger. peering back at him from behindb ae closed door. the 11 year-old took off and raa to and neighbor.n toei call 91 is.
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it wasn't until he was on his way to dallas. he realized he got on the wrong plain. records show the gates to the planes in lax and dallas.da are right next tol each other ah wereer boarding at the same tim. he realized his mistake.m everyone oni the flight was as shocked as he was.
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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you'll get chance to watch all the alaska. right here. on fox eight. >>ancska.a. .
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>> it has been the year of cleveland sports.s. accept for the cleveland browns. apparently they must have missed the city wide memo. the only winless team in thee national football league. zero and six. certainly thrilled for the otheh teams. they share a cityty with. but want to get feeling as well.
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tomorrow night. 11:00 p.m. the weeknight edition of friday night lights. >> .. offs two weeks away. >> . flying by. >> rain. and a colorful radar check this out. >> a wet night tonight. 49 degrees. a cool damp night. andda a breezy one.. fifty-three tomorrow. showers persist.
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especially west of i 77.
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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(phone ringing) howard wolowitz. man: hey, howard. dave roeger here at nasa. we need to talk about your upcoming mission. yes, yes, i've been doing my push-ups. i'm still stuck at nine, but... ...that's going all the way down with no one holding me. 's great, uh, but that's not why i called. we've run into a bit of a snafu. your soyuz capsule failed the pressurization test, so bottom line: mission's been scrubbed. you're kidding. so what does that mean? uh-huh. uh-huh. boy, i got to tell you, i'm really disappointed. this was my dream ever since i was a little kid.


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