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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Morning News  FOX  October 22, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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its wet it's soggy squishy is a very typical late october i think. >> very grave. >> it's windy out there to you if you're headed out about this morninged you will need a warmer jacket good morning thank you for waking up with us himin of course aj has some answers for us and hopefully the wind will die down a little bit later todayd . >> probably just a tad but i these phrases to me that i've never said . >> i don't recall that i think you guys there's some pollution going on here.t >> the rain is off to the east and that you will seeis it on storm fox doppler radar currently an arm of precipitation out therere from stretching about madison on the lakero down into thompson
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intuitive and a high room or perhaps showers it toward akron and up towards goalp they listen pretty quickly as he had off to the west west and sandusky out at cedar point have a weekend that will wrap up this weekend that temperature wise it's chilly out there and that yes there is a little windchill try china to bust up that map 46 in cleveland will have more of an effort that mapnd same in worcester this morning 41 youngstown same in kempton was olmsted in bedford at your checking and 44 soul and down to 43 in willoughby 50 it's 43 rock creek pierpont chagrin falls in chardonon meanwhile clouds are breaking up a little bit this is a typical lake affect pattern here as thehe main area of the brain is headed up into new england we are expectingg that the
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lake affect wing showers give up eventually this eveningi more details in the eight day forecast you don't want to just a few minutes. >> as well as my family and friends gather to honor the life of a teenager who wason shot and killed inside a local mr. hero restaurant the visual marks the one-week anniversary of the shooting and melissa reidststhe has that story. >> for us it's been unbearable at times it still doesn't even feel real teardrops fell rain friday night as family and friends a 15 -year-old sonny patelil gathered it to remember someone to remember someone who always knew how to make people smile what he's known for is telling jokes at that don't really make sense but it made everyone laugh his friends that created these amazing shirts in his honor and memory we donated over 100 pizzasin h to say thank you to a community that's been so welcoming and supportive to as he was killed during a robbery
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in cleveland heights a week agoe the man accused of murdering him that was indicted on fridayma. >> he was a 15 -year-old kid like i just hope he honestly i hope he rots in jail forever. >> sunday was a sophomore at mayfield high a school described as caring hard-working and lovedchri the cavs. >> 's a classmate share their favorite funny stories and then walked together to the high school football gamemenn jt to show our unity nothing can really break us or anything like that in as one big family. >> the patel's essay the community support has been overwhelming however they are giving back the donated money because that's what sonny would'vew wanted. >> we want to put it back into the communities of that have been so supportive to us the mayfield high school system the police department hospitals the point of it no need for it d we would given you every money can to give my
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>> in the meantime a grand jury indicted a suspect for the deadly shooting a sonny patel 20 -year-old baby on perryar faces a list of charges including aggravated murder investigators say perry was out on bond awaiting sentencing for the burglary at the time of the robbery and shooting season locked up on a $1 million bond. >> to robbery suspects are in custody after leading police on a foot chase and mentor earlier this week ac willoughby police officers responded to reports of an armed robbery tuesday at the willoughby professional building the victim told officers are two men robbed at gunpoint and took off later mentor police stopped a car drivend by 18 -year-old marcus stopped in a 16 -year-old passenger pair ran from6 police and were caught a short time later several agencies in cuyahoga county are investigating similar robberies ie that all the robberies are still under
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>> the fox ai team is asking questions about a violent holdup at a cleveland atm this happened late thursday night at the citizen's bank atm on west 170 the clifton a woman says af man walked up her from behind to put a gun to her back and said give me all the money you can say she took out $600 and gave it to him she got away a call for help police report shows a surveillance cameras at the atmtm the bust up the corner and even more. >> thee road into the white house comes to northeast ohio againas as hillary clinton makes a campaign stop in cleveland mrs. clinton was here and only appealing to democrats but also to independents and republicans he began with a nod to the worldi series bound cleveland indiansor. >> that would be a dream come true for me to have cleveland and chicago in the world serieso t you are rallying together and we need to rallyly together because you know i really believe that we are
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>> clinton is off course from the chicago area originally the former secretary of state priest increases of voter registration ande encouraged more earlyen voting in ohio she also focused on the economy listing plans to grow the middle eastso the middle class i should say boosting manufacturing and adding a clean energy jobsur mrs. clinton said the country is at a crossroads contrasting an optimistic view of the futurea republican donald trumps rhetoric. >> i'm going to let donaldr and try to expla the steel workers filing for unemploymentor he has put shiny steel workers to work and not an american steel workers and that we are going to change that.str >> before this event mrs. clinton met privately in clevelandl with a pair of top likewise matters activists. >> meantime donald trump and mike pence will be here later today the running mates will lead a rally at t the ix center doors open at for the i rally is set to begin at seven
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north carolina where he had some strong accusations against a hillary clinton he claimsc that she was given debate questions ahead of time by the dncs mrs. clinton should've come out and said she would not accept them instead of taking them to >> the media is so corrupt that hillaryo was given the exact questions it to a previous debategi word for word given the questions here are the questions questions that nobody gave me the question now i don't know what i dohabo what i term the people in what i take the questions of. >> tromp also is urging voters to head to the polls in november he says that no matter what he will be happy
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>> the official schedule for andworld series is out get ready to stay up late games one and two which take place right here in cleveland c will start at 808 hello games at 3:00 a.m. to foure which will be held in either chicago or los angelesl game five either a chicago will start at 815 and the games six and seven ifix necessary will take place pack your progressive field back your pro those games will be broadcast right hereu on fox eight. >> and that the party will continue to progressive field even when the tribe is on the road it later in the series of the team says the host watch parties at progressive field with a progressive field with a game on the scoreboardgr a small ticket fee will benefit charity. >> and the fox eight is of course in your official world series of station: the tribe
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pleased to have former try manager mark hargrove and our own tony rizzo chewing the fox eight news team during the world series and coverage for games of oneld and two will begin at 4:00 p.m. will take you right up to the first pitchwi rally together only on fox eight isn't that awesome it will be so much fun. >> 809 is your time still to come in the morning the peanut butter bandit. >> and find out why this one then decided to smear peanut butter on a number of cars and why th plus why many people are turning their backs on wonder womanan hello aj. >> hi rizzi hi adam hope you're autumn hope you're having a great saturday everybody zz these winds are really cruising and here's still especially to the lakeshore the fox eight hour forecast they continue in the mid- 40s today there is some
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gary allen on the saturday morning a live look from onee of our pork skins coming up about a quarter after eight and it's an angry looking lake the lake is a called him out there look at those waves crashing over the break while this came compared to yesterdayth when stefanie schaeffer remarked that she got a free car washie of along the shore away we do whether from your school once a week and this these of fine students helped me out deliver the forecast on thursday at lakeviewth intermediate school and still apparently i was reprimanded i said the student said s you said elementary i'm sorry i didn't give them the proper kudosm for achieving intermediate status so lake
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students and faculty staff were terrific down there we do whether from your school once a week we will take a break i think for the world seriesw there is a reason behind it and we are back doing that to the school year so maybe we will visit your school 46 degrees in cleveland 43 in ashtabula 42 in akron and was still checking out storm fox doppler radar and al you can see there is a lake affect them right there i'm going to have to i had okay now it's checked >> now it's working here it is it was a little too far off am i getting old so i can see that far away showers moving to western ashtabula county and data to campbell county these lake at rain showers will march eastward from west to east as it wins and become less a favorable and shunt
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precipitationo this evening and certainly by late this band could chip that if your agency lake huron getting inag on the action a little but the main areas of precipitation rotating up to the north and east mostly cloudy some great trip and showers later than showers will continue through the morning hereudre and it wins wil be gusty out oft the northwest at 15 ?-dash 25 some higher gusts possible maybe even closen to 30 miles per hour gustser for today mostly clear skies and a breezy 39 the overnight low temperatureie still a couple of showers and showing up. i'll take at least the first part of the day tomorrow to completely live to the rain showers out of your t you can see everybody cooling down into the 30s tonight and rising upoo its a warmer wind
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take our temperatures up of the systemem coming at us overnight tomorrow into monday we may miss to win the wing showers completely during the waking hoursi breaking hours from normal people to stay is game one of the world series a progressive field of the outlook is for partly cloudy cool dry conditions as temperatures increase the chance for rain wednesday in thing and that thursday looks soggyfo 53 and 60 on friday and a 60 on saturday >> aj think you a wisconsin women facing charges for a vandalism spree targeting people she thought were donald hunt supporters 32 -year-old christine ferguson is accused of smearing peanut butter on
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mistakenly thought was a donald trump rally turns out it was actually a meeting for a conservation group had nothing to do with politics authorities as ali ferguson was drunk when she entered the meeting and began yelling and how she hates trompet authorities say after she left the meeting she used peanut butterer on vehicles outside police say her blood alcohol level was two and a half the legal limit for driving united nations is celebrating wonder woman that were not without a controversy the un human marks the 75th by naming her its new honor will be ambassador for the empowerment of women and girlststs the ambassador jobs tt should be given to a real-life women and one who is less
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in and protest. >> people thought thathe wonder woman was being objectified because it she wason wearing like a one-piece bathing suit and i took issue with that because it's a superhero it's just a superhero and she looks good and you know if it's like to get over it. >> an online petition started by un staffer as the secretary-general to reconsider the wonder woman appointmentffffse. >> a mom in maryland takes issue with gateway designed for girls now she is inspiring change she took to facebook to vent about this little people,ge and character set features of features a mom with a tagline time for yoga and a smoothie the women says it too many toys for girls still show them working at home and wearing
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to step up and before women working in all fields and leadership roleski fisher-price heard about her post that they t plan to they plan to change the twitter company points out that it does have a female firefighter and a female dentist in its little people collectionefan a canadian artist with good intentions was looking to make things right unfortunately his work has people doing a double take for all the wrong reasons a local artist made using an orange terra-cotta clay as you can imagine there have been a few complaints and some say it looks like maggie from the simpsons the original had has been ripped off several times replacing against higher stature which cost up to $10,00000. >> it kind of does a little bit it's 819 you know what
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good at drinking beer this is
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and. >> all the horses will get some good this weekend it. >> there looking out and telling you w good to be a horse today >> we are going to be quizzes today. >> i think souies it's alright will be the horses because with the indians headed to the world series and there's no better time than to get some ice cold salads on ice and if you want and inductions and ales or bloggers or starts our ipas cleveland beer wraps up this weekend and of course there's only one thing that can make celebrating even sweeter some beer paired with a chocolatete for the weekend those were joining us this morning to show us how.
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well together. >> because you think of wine and chocolate. >> you do bututet i can assure u that this chocolatere that i picked out today with these beers will be wonderful. >> i mean, that you had us beerou alone because it's only what 815 in the morning. >> butha it is 5:00 o'clock in the bike that's what we discovered so we are all good the first one i have here isgo i've got a salted almond chocolate and its paired with lindemann's creek so is a cheery beer will go absolutely wonderful with chocolate take a little bite of the chocolate white beer and chocolate together i know this chocolate .eers >> the malts are really wonderful but the coloration
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in the chocolate the carbonation does a really good job i would say a little bit more so than wine can with chocolate for sure. >> so how didsu you come up with these pairings haven't you figuredme. >> a lot of experience a lot of beer drinking i appreciate your honesty the next one i have is a spicy chili chocolate and we are going to match it up with fatheads headhunter which is a west coast ipash so a lot of spice that's coming off of those hot flavo absolutely wonderful with the chocolate were going to try and see how it worksab cheers that's good. >> that is good in the spice chocolate it just adds to itit very very happy very spicy i
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it's really putting out the fire in the chocolate. >> have you ever had a beer in the chocolate that didn't like you tried a different bunch of compasses at combos is that all this won't work.f >> yeah i would tell you that honestly ipas typically don't go with chocolate but we added theon end made it work otherwise i'm not sure that would've gone very wellh with a salted almond interesting the next one is a beer from germany schlenker l beer which is a smoked malt beer and i picked a chocolate that's got bacon and ited so nothing like a little bacon of the morning without chocolateke a it's very fitting i appreciate you thinking of us's. >> interesting very smoky and that we've got that smoked
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toto drink a straight by itself roasted meats this chocolate with the baconit is absolutely wonderful. >> it does have a smokiness to it a actually we were talking and the break i actually had i always remember because of that smoky taste i bacon was it. >> that's the perfect pairing and the p last one is just a chocolate with the candy coating on and we it and it will pair it withh highland city oatmeal stout from great la absolutelygr i love that place. >> take a little bit of candyl and these can be found during beer we could. >> all during peer week are culminating event is tonight at the wolf's teen center from five until eight it's called ray or beer and we are e going to have about 30 beers that
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before from all over the country it's $100 we are raising money for the jimmy malone college fund so it's a good thing we're drinking beer and helping out a charity at the same time if you guys have these pairings of there as well we will have to there but not exactly this. >> but you'll be there to give people tips that they want to know. >> always there for tips for more information on cleveland beer week in tonight's event had to our website at >> that's right click on seen at the top of the homepage is thank you so much for bringing this lovely breakfast.
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>> its science ps we were taking small tips six of that beer so we can finish the show without issue we will start yelling things because of the
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>> will we might do that anyway i wonder what that would look like if there were more than just a sip your end is up therethth could you imagie it would be a very interesting show i think. >> still be. making up more orders and phrases that i don't sayin you did say bank. >> i don't recall saying lebanon to the start using notan stomp box radar rain showers it is like driven you have cold air over a warm body of waterri and you get lake rain showers and that the temperatures cooled enough to make snow showers at nothing like that butrs you can see there's a connection of the lake lake huron classic like affect patternh the big storm system that we were dealing with yesterday but that soggy
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miserable looking day i guess anytime you're your vertical it's a good day here is a look at our cloud radar composite this is the forecast map and you will note that the rain is breaking up later tonight that's a good thing as of the storm system and associated cost cost of low-pressure pinwheel loftlo with the olympic cap next a weather system coming at us from the northwest of may bring in some rain showers late sunday into mondayom hours will not be affecting us certainly no warming trend that's for surere we'll get our wins and you can probably hear those 31-mile an hour wind gusts at the lakefront
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not only here but all across the midwesti upper 30s out toward chicago milwaukee indianapolis we won't be dealing with that cool weatheris until later this evening as temperatures drop in the 30s we will enjoy a high is close to 50 todayay got up at my back to the wind. >> it is so when the bit as this it is this is better compared to yesterday t. that the odds of a suspected killer is now facing charges for how she tried to help him out in his case investigators say that again interfered with a juror in a pretty chilling way i team reporter peggy peggy kallick with morepre the and of the cleveland man chargedn in the slayings of three people at a warrensville is now facing an obstruction charge the sandra johnson was arrested friday morning sheriff officials and city of sharks and charges
8:35 am
happened earlier this monthr officials say the aunt asked the jurors relative for leniencyaye for her nephew douglas schein junior is talked with aggravated murder and several other accounts in the february 2015 barbershop murderso three others were injured we had a suspected mail into the barbershop and began toec shoot at the patriots >> the prosecutor's office said the trial was interrupted for a day last week after the distraught juror told others for the defendants and pressured her adult daughter after she dropped of her children at a cleveland schooler the juror was dismissed one of the victim's mother is exposed to as spoke to as previously. >> i lost my son didn't
8:36 am
brandon was just getting his haircut he came up there every thursday to get his haircut schein is also facing charges in two other shootings officials as a shine as part of the heart the stolen thing the shooting was going related if convicted schein could face the death penalty . >> peggy thank you for the third time in a little more than a decade of ohio is leaving its death row inmates on death row are currently housed inre chillicothe but will soon move to a new prison in toledo that's better suited to their needse e executions will still be carried out at the southern ohio correctional facility in lucasfilmlm. >> bond. is set at $100,000 for a woman accused of a deadly street race crashfo 21 -year-old the on article pennell faces vehicular homicide and assault charges police say she'd been
8:37 am
another car before hitting and killing 55 -year-old john kendrickfo. >> by monday the point of its bridge will be fully reopened to traffic heading downtown on i 90 this weekend o-dot will finishi all the work needed to open all lanes of the eastbound bridge bold inner belt bridge was taken out of service threat from a substitute schoolteacher and columbus has created panic among a group of second graders and th sub in the new york school district allegedly told a class that he'd had it with poor behavior and he would cut their heads offdd and bury them in the ground and needless to say it did not go over well with the students or their parentsnoer he said he would cut our heads off and bury us by the schoolcu and after he said that other kids were jumping out of their seats getting
8:38 am
>> i think you need to be behind bars the stuff he said in the images he put into these can decideuf is something that think god she didn't have nightmares last >> the new work city school released a statement calling the teachers comments inappropriate and alarmingl the new lebron james a banner at the sherwin-williams headquarters building is set to roll down later this morning it was supposed t% be done on friday afternoon but push back today because of all the rainonte championship mural will look almost identical to the old but crews have been working this week to add the told larry o'brien trophy patch to the o color of james' jersey this is the six the banner to go up on the that wall and 11 yearsthth 838 short time still to come. >> two brothers are traveling the country to watch college football just a head how they're trying to set a record
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are underwater scares of the greater cleveland aquarium is holding itsrwar antiquarian for the next couple of weeks we will have more of the losses speak even sure that's perfect whole familyly. >> but first let's take another live look outside this morning traffic flowing smoothly along i 90eok the lake very choppy and that lots of wind out thereke just to be aware if you're headed out the door grab an extra sweater or that warmer jacket you'll need it ag will be back after the
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would like to have this problem carvings that is really cool h.
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>> very cool and with halloweenen just over a week away a lot of various factories are getting the ghoulish spiritari including the great the query of their putting on the haunt aquarium this weekend and next week andha i hear from the aquarium to tell us what about the tricks in the trees as they have in store for all the visitors good morning thank you so much for being with us this morning we love having you guys on we are talking about this pumpkin an haveab some of these in the exhibits a. >> yes we put them in the exhibits of some of the fish look to nibble on them> .n >> this one right here is you come tonight to hunt aquarium you will see this in the shark exhibit. >> and it lasts it does okay and there the fish tend to eat it from the inside and they start munching on it that's
8:44 am
>> is that there are so many varieties of fish some of them actually look at the scary it something that you guys have a little bit too absolutely and of course you have the clown fish which it fits right into our big touting this year we're doing kind of circus activities outside and we've gotou treat stations of the in the aquarium jugglers and clownsth that something that's why i do say gets into the act and dresses up in costume tot and he's all representing the scene this year h as the mr. russert park all park all the divers have a characterheru john hammond with doctor channel .-dot that the
8:45 am
>> they would have these dinosaurs a bunch of the dinosaurs in the shark exhibites like the shark exhibit needed to be made.e. >> i'll see all the exhibits at the aquarium you have all this extra the trick-or-treatin and it's a great great night. >> is such a great thing for a family and indoor activity which is nice and because you know you just never know what the weather will be like. >> absolutely we've got warm and dry its nice and warm we definitely covered because we go out to the jacobsco pavilion
8:46 am
for the little guys because there's not a town of walking they get to have their costumes without a code on topop they love that i know my daughter loves the stingray areai you can pet the stingray's it's a very cool we have for you can what you can pick you stars and all thatvee the hunt aquarium this weekend and next weekend at the greater clevelande aquarium and of course for more and a link to buy tickets you i can head over to and click on seen on tv thank you both so much thanks for early and vote for bringing the fun surprises. >> absolutely we haveinhe what u do to deserve this and i'm going to start maybe just a
8:47 am
>> and a forecast you can see the banner precipitation lake affect brain fromta state to streetsboro down tackler in north canton and also the next stops at texas towards texas towards the north madison a mentor to pierpont to getting some rain right nowo the into the afternoon. >> interesting shot here t from the lakefront and that you can tellro the winds blowing out thatng the north in the clouds coming toward the camera that's a pretty good sign and this is a new webcam in from out of the soldier house there
8:48 am
whitecaps as well we appreciate them allowing us to use their webcam here is a look at wins and that these have got to be stripping the leaves off the trees are now not very much color this year it was such a dry year and the greenery went later in the year than last year now winds out of the northwest of 14 miles per hour will probably take some leaves down h 23-mile an hour wind gusts in the should say ashtabula gusting to 20 in the lakefront gusts to 31 miles per hour mostly cloudy and breezy today temperatures 3s hovering closeo that 50-degreee mark and later driven rain showers especially from cleveland to two east northwest winds are gusty as we all know tonight partly to mostly clear and theto breezy night on the way 39 wins of switching around to the westwi and is starting to slack and a little bit tomorrow winds out
8:49 am
feel pleasant compared to today as we were met at maybe about a dozen degreesas use the extended outlook and that monday looking good but slightly cooler there is a weak weather system that will go throughghy late tomorrow nigt into monday and it looks like brain activity will be during the hoursok we will keep the chances for rain out of it for now even though thre showers there is aircraft from today in our next weather system marching in our directionayr as mentioned it wil be overnight tomorrow night into monday morning before everything quiets down let's talk about tuesday you may have heard that there is a world series going on here in cleveland at progressive field temperature forcl the first inning first pitch and 53 degrees partly cloudy skies that will take place in the gameou of chorus kicks off at
8:50 am
will be cool and dry here is the approximate a forecast and we will show you the whole panoply of days mid 50s on tuesday mid- 50s on tuesday showers late wednesday into thursday s thursday could be soggy loaf 50s and that near 60 on friday scattered showers saturday looks dry currently the high near 60ott. >> will a pair of brothers are living outro of an rv this college ot they try to set a world record for the most games attended in one seasond reporter jeff blatt tells us of this morning the record attempt is a lot more than just about finding a great tailgatete every single week on coast-to-coast and coast-to-coast again meet jamison and richard director brothers and their doingct what many of us would consider a bucket list of trip they're driving all over the country hoping to go to more college football games in one season
8:51 am
the boise state byu gimmicks 23 this season and they still have about 30 to go there was a couple of moments where it's like wow it does take someone with a little bit of crazy bone and their body to pull off a trip like this or the past seven weeks of the brothers called as rv homeme the master bath of course and that they will have 11 weeks left taking turnsns driving and is sleeping many times and driving straig nightht bridge appropriately stocked with beer or something it is. >> they have to ask are these brothers of the sick football just yet they told me they still stayed for the final whistle. >> which will end with the national championship game
8:52 am
try to do it again but what the bigger hope is is and they inspire another set of brothers or sisters or father-son or mother-daughter to do a trip of their own matter how crazy it may seem these days of layoffs can be tough for anyone including snoopy snoopy got laid off. >> they fired snoopy and the rest of the peanut skin after 30 years of loyal service insurance companyny is rolling out a new marketing plan it the characters with a so-called clean modern aesthetic they say snoopy has served its purpose and no longer has the same marketing swagger when reached for comment a representative saidet
8:53 am
>> poor snoopy 852 is your time working picture ryan marat helpski get the indians to the world series and now fans are showing their appreciation by helping him and his fianc?e
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> we can't be trusted with candy. >> nope not at all. >> we can't be trusted in general definitely not with candy. >> oh but you know what we will look at that break in the clouds and rejoice in them but no candy candy is not safe here at all. >> not our hand. >> cleveland indians fans or thing picture brian marat for helping the team make it to
8:57 am
hearts andg wallets. >> the rookie who would only pitched in 11 innings in his career before game five on wednesday retired the first 10 batters he faced marat allowed just two hits and four and one third innings fans found out the 24 -year-old is getting married and that they began buying gifts off his wedding registry at target. >> there was 100 for items available in store and for our left to be bought.le >> @open to surprises me cleveland indians that's true of the couples the couples also registered at pottery barn's ago when they're according to the registry sarah and ryan's wedding is in januarydidi in rochester minnesota. >> maybe that will help them stay here make a decisionot and be a cleveland guy forever. >> there's still another hour of>> fox eight news and just ahead it we will hear fromgh our friends at cleveland metro metroparks about the letrozole
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and >> and a happy morning to you it is saturday october 22 and look at that october sky.
9:01 am
>> damp may be windy for sure very chillyde this morning too. >> the day to bring out the coats may be a light scarf you know it's around the corner you unit you might as well. >> aj high you jumping ahead ahe couple of weeks at least but really it. >> my goodness i don't know about that but definitely a nice warm jacket umbrella at least mainly in ashtabula done to trumbull county also some scattered showers may be some heavier rainru around stow and perhaps into akron look west side nothing going on out there but there are the
9:02 am
ravenna even hartville home in hartvillear kitchen this got greatk food their excellent prize incidentallygr and do some some light rain up around ashtabuland s checking out the numbers right around 40 ?-dash 46 in cleveland couple of 40 to use it there was to akron canton even youngstown was 10 degrees colderow than yesterday at this time when the northwest at 14ay forecast for today goes as followsye late clouds at temperatures of definitely cooll may be up to 50 degrees if i'd say we are really lucky to get up to 50 meanwhile the rain eased the lake affect the rain bands and they start to bust up around four or 5:00 o'clock and that skies will go partly cloudy to at times it may be even clear so here's the plan is for todayay
9:03 am
48 and a little bit more in the way of sun at least sunny breaks off to the westth as of course of the lake affect not as prevalent if at all left side partly l cloudy 6:00 o'clock reading close to 50 and upper 40s at 10:00 o'clock we put an end to the precipitation will hold for sunday will let you know. >> last night family and friends gathered to honor the life of a teenager who wass shot and killed inside a local mr. hear a restaurant the vigil will mark the one-week anniversary of the shooting and fog states fox eight melissa reid has that story o. >> poor us it's per us it's kind of been unbearable at times it a still doesn't even feel real teardrops fell like rain friday nightl as family and friends a 15 -year-old sonny patels gathered to remember someone who always knew how to make people smile. >> what he's a known before is telling jokes that don't reallyin make sense it but it
9:04 am
created these amazing shirts in his honor and memory we donated over 100 pizzas to say thank you to the community that's been so welcoming and supportive to us tco he was kild during a robbery and shooting at the mr. hero in cleveland heights a week ago the man accused of murdering him was indicted on fridayay. >> he was a 15 -year-old kid i just hope he honestly i hopei hees rots in jail forever. >> said he is a sophomore at as caring hard-working and loved the cavse make classmates at share their pick favorite fetish stories and work together for the high school football game just to show our unity nothing can really break us or anything like thaty the patel's essay the community support has been overwhelming however they are giving back the donated money because that's what sonny would've wanted. >> we want to put it back in the communities that have been
9:05 am
high school system the police department hospitals no point ofm this there's no need forn this we would a given you all the money in the worldor i can get my brother back. >> in the meantime a grand jury has indicted the suspect for the deadly shooting of sonny patel a $1 million bond. >> to robbery suspects are in custody after leading police on a foot chase and mentor earlier this week g of an armed robbery tuesday at the will of the professional building ry the victim told officers two men robbedvi them at gunpoint checkoff later mentor police stopped a car
9:06 am
passenger the panorama from police and were caught a short time later several agencies in cuyahoga county are investigating similar robberies but all those robberies are still under investigationse the fox ai team asking questions about a violent holdup at a cleveland atm this happened late thursday night at the citizen's bank atm at west 11710 clifton a woman says a man walked up from behind to put a gun to her back and give meylka all the money you can se ok him she got away and called for help the police report shows ael surveillance cameras at the atm the bus stop the corner and even moreat. >> the road to the white house comes tohi northeast ohio once more as hillary clinton makes a campaign stop in cleveland mrs. clinton was here not only appealing to democrats but also to independent.
9:07 am
cleveland and chicago in the world series me you are rallying together and we need to rally togethert because you know i really believe that we are stronger togetherer. >> 's mrs. clinton is of course from the chicago area originally the former secretary of state placedhi and encouraged a more early voting in ohio she also focused on the economyar listing plans to grow the middle-class abuse to manufacturing and at clean energy jobs mrs. clinton says that the countries at a crossroads contrasting and optimistic. the future with republican donald trumps rhetoricti. >> i'm going to let donald and try to explain himself to the steel workers filing for unemploymentto she has put shiny steel workers to work that american steelworkers and we're going to change that. >> before this event click met privately in cleveland with a pair of top black lives of matters activistsp.
9:08 am
mike pence and will be here later today the running mates will lead a rally over the i ask a center doors open up for the rally is set to begin at sevent yesterday mr. trump was in north carolina where he had some strong accusations against hillary clinton he claimshi that she was given the big questionss ahead of time by the dnc republican nominee says quinn should've come out and said that she would not accept them s instead of taking them to prepare the media is so corrupt that given the exact questions to a previous debate you remember this just recentlyly word for word i don't know what i do what i turn the people and or would i take the questions. >> trump also urged voters to head out to the polls in november he says it no matter what he will be happy with how
9:09 am
await the world series opens tuesday at progressive field s of the tribal face the cubs or the dodgers indians players were in the clubhouse yesterday talking about the biggest islu series of their lives and autumn is here with more of what they had to says i'm sure they had an awful lot to say. there is promising news on the danny salazar front. francona has not ruled that any out as a potential rotation option he will do is similar to gain this weekend and kind of go from there also trevor bauer saw doctor and that the finger is mending hope is of course he cant pitch in the world
9:10 am
couldn't hit little league pitching am certainly not get ahead big-league pitching hag meanwhile the team had a workout but they can work outside for obvious reasons as for which a team that they a would like to face his printed under t. >> as long as we go out there and play if you play the way you're supposed to play and have fun and be ourselves it'll be good we don't play like was supposed to play when elkanah went. >> all right the indians it will have sustained the breaks in betweent other playoff series it to help them rest up and refocusus that formula you mightr remember worked for another cleveland team this year you might've heard of him cleveland cavaliers a sound a little familiar and little bit the post the other guy thinks autumn. >> the official schedule for the world series is out and gets ready to stay up late
9:11 am
take place in cleveland will start at 808 so we will gain three and four shall be held in either chicago or out in louisianash game five also need in chicago or louisiana will start at 815i that will be a late night game six and seven it will of s course be right back at progressive field at 808 of course all the games will be broadcast regular on your home of the world serieses the party will continue at progressive field in with the tribe is on the road later in the series the teams as the host watch parties over at progressive field with the game on the big scoreboard a small ticket feeee will benefit charity and they imagine once or twice a proxy is your official world series station covering the tribe like no one else can wee are pleased to have former try manager mike hargrove and tony rizzo to in theto fox eight news team during the world series art coverage for games in one and two will begin at 4:00 and will
9:12 am
pitch rally together only right here on fox eighte we are excited we are ready to roll ready for the tribewear we were born ready to bring home the distributor is what we are ready fors his. >> 912 is your time much more this morning coming right upup if you have trouble logging onto the internet on friday you are not alone just ahead who authorities say may be responsible for the massive cyber attack and the firefighters are still looking to gain control of fire in louisiana recycling plant will have the latest on their effort nextia. >> hi rosie good morning our fox eight hour forecast keeping clouds around the chances for lake effect rain showers especially cleveland east and is nissan will be a bonusaies things shape up for tomorrow we salvage some of the salvaged some of the
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
on a saturday morning about a quarter after nine glad you're here starting off with a lot of clouds y rain showers at lae effect rainat showers at east least which will talk about momentarily this captured right around sunset last night and the skies skies did try out a little bitit but a lot of those dark gray low hanging clouds the strategy was clouds cleveland and that those are sporting rain drops out east raindrops at least right now we've been watching the showersea they diminished a little bit down toward akron and stow within a streetsboro getting out of that rain currently there could be a few leftover sprinklesnt up to the north and east this is a steadier rain with madison geneva geneva on the lake and some showers of uncharted and thompson as well this will be on and off it to the afternoonil by later in the afternoon and
9:17 am
really have been dealt out to the east so definitely drierie weather on the way for tonight and even tomorrow 46 currently yet chilly this c morning 42 akron canton and youngstown we managed 57 but most of the day as you see on the temperature tracks here we remained in the low 50s omp dropping into the mid 40s so really a few degrees either side of 50 over the last 24 hours i think today will be may be close to to sunshine to break out here westmetr about sandusky we are seeing mainly clear skies as of this point but off to the east that the parting weather system eventually somebody's make showers can begin to think out i will get about four or 5:00 o'clock this afternoon there could be a leftover renegade lake shire work but the conditions
9:18 am
blowing out of the north and northwest at 15 or 20 miles per hour they switch to the west and southwestst for a good part of the day tomorrow before our weather system's pipesm' as tomorrow night and early monday morning changing our wind direction back to the noise and trimming temperatures as well today's forecast highs 49 mostly cloudy breezy in our lake driven rain showers gusty northwest wind becoming west of tonightor continued breezy tomorrow will looking better looking better with a southwest windw will cut those temperatures up to 61 degrees use the extended outlookd now mid 50s on monday of course the world series on tuesday0s o game numbr one just after 8:00 o'clock and hour forecast pitcher temperature at 53 degrees partly cloudypi a cool dry evening not too bad considering the last time we had a world series gamet down
9:19 am
jake at the time back in the 90s it was snowing so yeah rain is coming in for thursday incidentally and that'sn the best chance for rain with highs near 60 on friday and saturday i remember i remember how cold it was for that game. >> it was a great year it's been a while struggling. >> several major websites can do aeb screeching halt on friday when experts are calling it a major cyber attack reporter andy rose has more on the hack and you might be responsibleon. >> in what appears to be three separate attacks popular us websites experienced disrupted service friday after hackers attempted tois jam them up with traffic called a d dos attack
9:20 am
much traffic to sites cannot operate normally and the users are unable to access of them dined at which manages website domains and routes w internetr traffic said the attack started early this morning mainly affecting people on the east coast but by the afternoon that europe was reporting outages as well popular sites including twitter amazon at sea and netflix all went down or experienced connectivity issues at some point during the day d d while many are backp and running issues are still being reported by users no person or group has taken responsibilitype for the attacks in the white house says it is looking into it us government agency responsible for monitoringsg our security in cyberspace in court dating coordinating with the public and private sector to protect us interest in cyberspace is monitoring the situation and an interesting twist wikileaks the site responsible for exposing some harlequins e-mails sent a tweet today
9:21 am
themselves says mr. sanchez is still alive in wikileaks is still publishing we asked supporters to stop taking ws internet you proved your point.ta >> and andy was reporting firefighters are still trying to get a fire at a recycling plant take a look at what crews are pacing in ontario california they've been up against this for quite a whileb at one point the fire jumped at nearby railroad tracks and set fire to some train tracks concerned the winds could send sparks told other nearby buildings and no injuries were reported in the area was evacuatedo emergency teams in the air quality to say that the ruby from the wizard of oz museum officials say it would
9:22 am
>> as of today the campaign is already raised at $240,000 at thanks to donations for more than 4400 people the campaign still has 26 days to goan at the lot i wonder what they're going to do to himim and why so expensive to preserve them i wonder what that processes. >> process is. >> climate control or something us with a voice in my ear saidwr 922 still to come on fox eight news it's that a new going on rightth now at the cleveland metroparks zoo this is what's going on right now in the studio herego a little taste of what you can
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> is nothing like having a little funky robot thing going on this morning here kind of wonder would discount a wanderer and. >> the surprises this is not as i think people thought it was also. >> if it is i'm not wearing the 700 costume are moves are not that goodhe not by a longshot to you know things are going to get pretty spooky as a cleveland metroparks zoo this week and that is because halloween of course is right around the corner and that means it's time for boo at the zoo jaclyn grayling joining us
9:27 am
years we love this event it's amazing it's amazing and if you can't tell a muddy a lot of energy around the event the rock 'n roll buzz are incredible day are one of the very many attractions and you can come out and see they are part of our character meet and greet o so they will help and welcome you as an issue into the zooeyp this wonderful event and really tradition in cleveland is now in its 27th it's time just really part of the fabric of what we do in the fall and that there are still six nights of spectacular fun that find that families can come outgh six see some of the and him as we have a wonderful treat stations and lettereon brought to you by wayside furniture of course at this event is prevented by giant eagle o we can see this without our partners wet certainly want to give them credit we also have a a steamed the train ride you can go to the hay maze that is a live
9:28 am
show and one really exciting next on the outside. >> you can actually meet and greet with the characters such as the rock and robot and that dine with themh shares in and paranormal punch a very kid friendly s a and and and go enjy boo at the zoo after that i love it because all of it is so kid friendlyer is so scary that little guys can'tik and they can participate >> and that there is absolutely that is and she helps kick of open again later outside participating in during the grabbern necklace uses some of the animals you
9:29 am
wilderness trek is the elephants will be there as well this is one of the really rare opportunities that youne get tot go and see the animals when it's darker outside a lot of them think they're nocturnal though to be very active as wellar t the weather t the darker the darker atmosphere makes them very activehee it's a truly amazing eventng and that we encourage everyone to go to cleveland insecurity tickets the event does sell out tonight for example we are sold out if you're interested in going and especially if you want to experience the character dinner before hand we encourage everyone to go toe cleveland metroparks.comslashes/is it get the tickets doing this next week as well thursday through sunday it is one of my favorite events of the yeary rate for kids great for families and for moreea information at boo at the zoo had to our website interact and click seen on tv and that we cannot let these guys take it away again.
9:30 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
>> poor aj another good day to have wet hair least it's windy maybe that will dry it off.f. >> majors hairdryer. >> went to commercial for wind majors hairdryer but don't get blown away out there because i can hear the wind on the microphoneaut it is it's a litte gusty out here in the front yard right now when gust to 30 n that way we are getting the
9:34 am
way in time for the world seriest game one of course you can see the world series right here on fox eighton and we're going toe' have that forecastfo coming up for are used on fox doppler radar still showing the band of lake a factct rain out to the east and that is a basically ashtabula county although there are scattered showers around ravennanaht can't stow those areas of streetsboro bright now 46 hopkins 42 in akr small craft advisory on the way that is an understatement the lake is a cauldron 64-degree water temperature that's down a degree from yesterdayde a little wider view we will show you off toward chicago 41 lake effect lake effect on the wind of lake michigan i currently but that's shutting off as our last weather system that brought in the soggy weather yesterday on thursdayou to departing up for the canadian maritimes meanwhile high-pressure nosing its way and for tomorrow
9:35 am
about atu dozen degrees warmer than our forecast high for todayde that little weather system off to the west will affect us tomorrow night late into perhaps early monday morningec there are the wins right on cue they're going to switch a run to the southwest briefly tomorrow before the weather system goes throughst meanwhile there is the precipitation off to the east that will gradually die down that that's not going to be until after f line temperature the world series right here on fox eight partly cloudy skies again one is tuesdayt just after 8:00 o'clock partly cloudy and the good news is it'll be cool and dryck and eight day forecast a day forecast coming up in a few minutes a.iy >> with a fox ai team has learned the arm of the serial killer is facing charges for how she tried to help him win
9:36 am
interfered with a juror in a pretty chilling way i can reporter peggy gallant has more in the aunt of a cleveland man charged in the slayings of three people at and he warns bill barber shop is now obstruction charge sandra johnson was arrested friday morning sheriff officials essay the obstruction charges stems from an incident with a jurorhff that happened earlier this month officials say the aunt asked the jurors relative for leniencyhe a will shine junior is charged with aggravated murderis and several other counts in the february 2015 barbershop murders t three others were injured. >> we had ah suspect male entered a barbershop and began to shoot at the patriots inside the prosecutor's office said the trial was interrupted for a day last week after the
9:37 am
of the defendants and pressured her a don't thought her as she dropped off her children at a cleveland school the juror was dismissedeve bold through barfield one of the victims of mothers mothers and spoke to as previously. >> i lost my son he didn't deserve this everybody knows brennan is getting his hair cut se. charges in two other shootings officials essay shine as part of the heartless spelling getting s and that the shooting was getting relatednd if convicted sean could face the death penalty peggy thank you for the third time in a little more than a decade of ohio is maybe gets death rowre inmates on death row are currently housed in chillicothe but will soon move to a moved to a new prison in toledose better suited
9:38 am
still be carried out at the southern ohio correctional facility in lucasfilm bond is set at $100,000 for a woman accused0 of a deadly street race crash 21 -year-old dion a cup and now faces a vehicular homicide in the assault charges police say she'd been drinking prior to raising another car before hitting and killing 55 -year-old john could wreckfott. >> by monday that it born at which bridge it will be fully reopened to traffic heading downtown on i 90 this weekend o-dot will finish the work needed to openhe all lanes of the eastbound bridge the old innerg belt bridge was takenta out of service in 2013 and demolished a year later in and the new lebron banner willte at the sherwin-williams headquarters is set to roll down later this morning it was supposed to be done friday afternoonoit pushed back because of all the rain delete 10 story nba championship mural rain1 but crews have been
9:39 am
gold barry o'brien trophy patch toth thee collar of james' jersey this is the 60 banner to go up on the big wall in 11 yearsn. >> 938 your time with more news coming up that's why a neighborhood complained of not getting their mail to the postal service looked into it and what they found could lead to jail time for one mail gd sr at gray skies when the conditions outside batting down the hatches it'll clear out a little bit later that's
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
all the mighty mighty oj's calmness and blusteryal blustery is a good word i think blustery saturday morning.
9:43 am
three weeks away in the outcome could affect the number of financial forecasts and rick martin joins us this morning on more how you compare for after the election day that the election actually affect finances t. >> they can the reality is it's a few weeks away and it is always anxiety about what will be the outcome market investors don't like uncertainty so if there is m some possibility that a change out there get reluctant pulled back a littleve bit but the reality is if hillary wins and there is probably going to be less effective because people will expect more of the samess on the other hand in for donald if a donald trump somehow gets electeded that what probably at this point be a surprise and the surprise a could have a short-term shock on the market and investors might pull back because they don't know
9:44 am
he is running on the fact that he will do something differentss than what is occurred so that would probably call some cause some anxiety and could affectth the short-term effect on the market once again when you're thinking about retirements by aboutag you think long term with a lot of the stuff a lot of people need to think really in those terms r in a matter what the outcome as i don't think your viewers it should worry about the election what they shouldti worry about are some bigger factors out there were in a very low interest rate environmentrebi hand-in-hand together and it today risk-free investment is generously 1 percentndit inflatn is more like 2 percent so if you are trying if you're not taking risk in your portfolio you're probably not even keeping up with inflation so is very important to take a look at the allocation you havei markets done very well for the last seven or eight yearss he can get lulled into feeling really good about what's goinged on and if we do have some kind of a correction if you're not properly
9:45 am
liska tower risk of tower that you field theno and risk allocation in terms of stock versus bonds in your portfolio that you could get hurtoc and everybody wants to win money when the market is doing well don't oppose back in their frustrated and say what happened. >> them at risk allocation also depends on the cassette along your age or younger person wantntriono you want mork someone who's getting closer to retirement might want tom have a little bit more and, when i talk to some of your viewers and some of my clients you'd be surprised people are saving money doing a good job some folks are doing a great job putting money awayay saving it in my account not always paying attention to what the allocation is when they get to retirementy it's important because you will have a paradigm shift in terms of your thinking w w because you've been saved the money saved money and all of a sudden you get a paycheck s getting a check today all of a sudden you
9:46 am
saved for your family so all of a sudden have to start taking money out of that savingal sometimes it's a real shift in terms of the mentality of the investor and then always paying attention to that notice something you should pay attentionu as you can the pointed out there as you get closer to retirement it's important to take a look at thatt and start to make the shift and understand how much risk ares you going to need to take in your retireme could beat a 20 or 30 year vacation if you will because that money will have to last for hopefully a long time in your retirement 30 year vacation always sounds good but you've gotwa a planet if you have financial questions or need more information on services youed can enter our website at and click seen on tvbs thank you so much for joining us this morning aj back to you thanks so much is a what a day these clouds are
9:47 am
lake affect the clouds of this time of year underneath which we find no brain: the inner webcam time lapse location upper click from airport there are some breakst in the overcast and they are sneaking and but there'sd definitely few and far between your stomp box atop the radarmp shot was off to the east around ashtabula and down toward pierpont and orwell also some rain close to ravenna and kent perhaps even streetsboro and over the left side no these of showers around stow and western streetsboro have tried to thin out in the last te but it looks like they're burgeoning once more to the northwest of stowr north canton also some sprinkles and maybe around alliance as well look at the wins it's another ones it's another story cruising and out of the northwestw sustained at 14 miles per hour over 30 miles per hour and a couple of these gusting into the low 20 mile-per-hour
9:48 am
as a yesterday but definitely get your attention heading out the door you'll need a windbreaker for sure or moderate jacketetr 48 and mentr 42 barber 10 by dina at 41 brunswick checking in at 44 as is masculine heads and 43 alliance and west salem both 82 synvisc and 43 here's how it looks from outer space is superimposed radar the heaviest precipitation moving to the york currently meanwhile n back to the west we see west we see breaks in the overcast hopefully tt sun at least on the website today breezy conditions persist northwest winds gusty with gusting with the late clouds producing a few showerss ever so often continued breezy tonight partly to mostly clear skies the overnight low 39 chilly night on the way and therefore tomorrow were calling for partly cloudy skiesre 61 not as coal at a dozen degrees or so on top of our high today which
9:49 am
nosing and in a little bit for tomorrow will likely keep skies a little bit better more tolerable partly cloudy and itor looks like here's a fox eight day forecast note the temperatures of mid- 50s on monday and of course tuesday as we all know for the world series game one you can watch it right here on fox eight it'll be a great night for baseball partly cloudy cool and dry and we are calling for drop in the mid- 40s after the seventh inning stretch here'sa the fox eight day forecast keeping those terms on the fourth cool side best chance for a soggy day tuesdays and the showers began to wind downwe for friday right on now saturday looking good and autumnda the high near 60 degrees. >> a very nice things aja a us postal worker in georgia is accused of dumping a pile of
9:50 am
she saw the employee dump them afteru ben earlier this week she recorded it with herself from the postal service sent a private investigators to collect the discarded mailo president to say they've been complaining to the post office about not receiving mail but no one took them seriously the postal worker could face serious charges tampering with the male is a federal offense. >> home security video shows a bail scary encounter with a burglar take a look alan schneiderman came home from scho knew someone was insideoo when he looked around the corner he saw 6-foot tall stranger appearing back and from behind a closet or 11 -year-old man to a neighbor's house to call 911ol i see my neighbor there whenever there is driving by. >> to be a normal person and not decide the field still things t n being civilized in te
9:51 am
>> what a great kid police say the suspect and thomas coughlin had slipped out by the time police arrived he was arrested the very next morning the suspectxt allegedly took off with alan cell phone allen says he's happy nothing else was taken from the home'. >> poor kid brave kid 951 issue timely final literature we can forecast is next. >> plus and wene all have our favoriteo but what's the most popular halloween candy >> is the buckeyes. >> may be the result of the
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> i want candy yes that's all we need to say we just want
9:55 am
>> do you have a favorite. >> all of that yes is candy i wanted all i love twix. >> now eat twix kid cap hershey barsw everything. >> we are just a few days away from a halloween and tons of tricks as we h list about candy more importantly we went the treatsst the treats so what is the most in demand candy this year a usa today survey of more than 30,000 kids and adultsr peanut butter cup was by far the most popular on there so goodfa the peanut butter cup is the onlyt candy to make the top at three in every single us state as for other halloween favorites kid caps on butterfingers and the candy corn those candy corn those over into the highestand . >> i want my candy butterfingers. >> yes. >> apparently and ohio milky
9:56 am
in ohio i like the milky way to. >> there are so good in the freezer and snickers when you put in the freezer. >> yes they are. >> just more raw milky way we got a get to whetherer we could talk about candy all day. >> i know i could anything dark chocolate for me so this is of course you'll be up to watch the world series only on fox eight t only right here and again no one is tuesday at 8:00 o'clock or just after partly cloudy cool and dry and we will look forward to mike's week ahead things will improve this morning . >> we do love that things aj will see you happy saturday
9:57 am
9:58 am
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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