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tv   FOX 8 Sunday Morning News  FOX  October 23, 2016 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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good morning everyone. time is up. tribe colors are off kicking game one of the series starting tuesday against the coveys. it is hard to talk bad about the cubs. it really is that they're going to lose. phenomenal it is just going to be fantastic >> and caps off get that get the rings in the browns a win today. >> that's what the eightball says. >> good morning and thank you for waking up with us.oo >>'s aj colby with a look at a positive weather forecast for game number one of the series speak to a great-looking forecast. in fact we will be looking at that inl just a minute. let's have a look at storm fox
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we had a couple of showers earlier but i really think they will diminish rapidly and i think the drying will continue.n notice this is out of the folder house there at avon lake one of those webcams we appreciate us them allowing us to use this. remember yesterday there were some whitecaps and waves and you could reallynd see the clearing out there on the west side. 49 degrees in cleveland and lorraine toledo checks in at 44 writenow. c 46 in solon, 49 in bedford this morning and will be checks in with the double nickel.nd 44 and pierpont 47 rock creek in chagrin falls also checking in at 34 degrees. from outer space you can see the clouds shifting from west to east now as high pressure nudges and dries out the atmosphere, change changes all windows around in a more favorablele direction for morning temperatures.
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this evening through about sunseth and we get some rain showers in there as well. our planner today mid-sixties for highs.o and here is the world series forecast. of course you can watch that right here only on fox eight. you can see it in person but in cleveland first pitch pitches eight oh eight on tuesday 46 with a light northwind and right around 50. warmer wednesday evening and at eight ohoh eight p.m. went out of the east east that 13 miles per hour so a bit more of a e e breeze. rosie and autumn, we will send often, we will send it back to it is official. did you know? >> i heardid a hint. >> the cleveland indians now know who theyow will face tuesdy in game one of the world series. >> chicago cubs punched their
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national league championship series. th the cubs last appeared in the world series back in 1945. the matchup will be historic for the cubs and indians.wi both hope to lead their teams to the title. >> we of course have you completely covered here on fox eight officialer h schedule for the wd series is out. get ready. make a coffee, stay up late. games one and to take place in clevelan 8:00 p.m. in games three and four will be held at chicago and game 54 also starred in chicago at 8:15 p.m. and game six and seven if necessary will be back here at progressive field at eight oh 8:00 p.m. and of coure all of those: games will be broadcast right here on fox eight.ox and the parties continue at progressive field evenat when te tribe is on the road later in thee series. they will host watch parties at
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on the scoreboard there and a portion of the tickets will be for charity. six-time all-star athlete and former indian kenny lofton find somen autographs for hundreds of fans in westlake. >> diehard indians fans were up early saturday to meet one ofup the greats, number seven kenny lo >> i feel well loved. >> very well loved here. >> thanks. >> cleveland still showing led to the former indian who helps take the team to the world series in theh nineties. >> it's amazing. he was just amazing out on the field, on the bases basis. a great athlete. >> i honestly wanted to beat him when be him when i greww up. >> even indians flags everything here is flying off store shelves
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lofton. >> rivalries growing about who gets what. >> i get the pictures. she has to have the pictures so i'm really here just for her. >> everyone gets to make new member memories of kenny and he says he is proud. >> there back i'm glad they're back and the team is playing great right now. that iso what it takes to win te championship is to play great during the moment. the last month of the season they went on the road and neverr stopped. >> as fans taken the magic moments. >> it's pretty special. pretty exciting. >> i'm going to frame it and put it right up on my wall. >> kenny is already looking forward to another k parade. >> for the city of cleveland it will be awesome to see somethig that probably hasn't happened in years for two teams winning championships in the same year and toi parade.
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>> and of course foxy does you fox is your official station covering the game like no one else can. our coverage of games one and two will begin at 4:00 p.m. and take you right up to the first pitch. brolly together cleveland only on fox eight. with election day day just 17 days away, donald trump brought his campaign to cleveland saturday night. jack shea says trump outlined his vision forhe america and thh differences betweene his proposd policies and those of hillary clinton.
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for mac donald trump is greeted by a large and enthusiastic crowd at of vix center four months after at the i-x center. >> ohio is a special place, and cleveland is a specialal place d always will be to me. >> he told the audience that cleveland in particular has suffered from the loss of manufacturing jobs and that he will stop countries are moving jobs to c foreign countries. >> when i'm president of workers and leave for mexico or some otherme place, we will chae them a 35 percent tax when they want to ship their products back into the united states. [cheering] >> he says hillary clinton's hacked e-mails reveal she is a different plan forhick america. >> the whole entire purpose of her campaign is to keep our system rigged and to stop change from happening at any cost, and we need change.
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she is about keeping it the way it is,bo and we don't want to he four more years of obama. that we can tell you. >> trump says if elected he will repeal the affordable care act known as obama care. >> bill clinton called obama care of the craziest thing in thecal world. he said that small businesses and middle-class americans are getting killed. he then went home, and he got killed. [laughter] >> donald trump also what he calls a contract the contract with america. >> we are going to renegotiate our terrible tradewe deals, and illegal immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees coming from the middle east.t. [cheering] >> reduce surging crime, cut taxes ande regulations. >> trump accused hillary clinton approach selling of quotes selling herd off while servings secretary of state and says he
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corruption in washington. >> i've got news for. all the people taking advantage of all rigged system. in 17 days, everything is going to change. [cheering] >> remember we are just a couple of weeksks away you can requestn absentee ballot by saturday november 5th and it has to be judy counted and a of course election day is days tuesday november 8th. you want more information on when and where to vote early head overon to eight oh 9:00 a.m. and still o to come election is heating up and so is facebook. >> how a new feature is making it easier to show your political preference. >> plus praying for rain. what could put your holiday cheer in jeopardy?t
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pull off the perfecte proposal with the help of john deer green. hi aj. >> hi autumn. high often. good morning everybody. sunshine will eventually make an appearance here inhi cleveland d hopefully on the east side as well. these chapters are warmer than yesterday. 51-degree high. we should see mid- sixties as
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?? >> welcome back to fox eight news on fox eight news on a a live look from one of wife look from one of our fox eight
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we are coming up on a quarter after eight. let's have a look at a webcam time lapse from this is geography geauga county airportm clouds are a little bit thicker in the neck of the words woods but there will be some rapid improvementr here so i would say within the next hour or two. scattered showers earlier this morning of the lake effect try friday but those have shrunk pretty quickly. we are seeing temptress quite a bit warmer than yesterday. ashtabula youngstown 46 and 47 worcester akron canton andover new philly.d the back edge of the cloud cover right here this is our next weather system wrapping up around the l-letter head of minnesotaad around international falls, the icebox of the nation is the nickname.alhe here is our departing weather system heading out to the canadian maritimes.he mid sixties are high today.
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5 degrees. partly to mostly sunny skies so i guess an understatement would be not as cool. to there you see the listing of the current cloud deck. this is the cloud cover that will assemble later this evening after that sunsets, and you can see by y 10:00 p.m. there are se showers pushing in lake county evans norman ashtabula county. it will take a little longer for this area to arrive intt cleveld , probably after midnight at the timing holds true. there areht the clouds and there are the showers.he small morning five or 6:00 a.m. we are seeing the we're seeing the rainlliv depart we are getting into some clearing actually to small night, which should last through tuesday and most if not all of wednesday as well. i will call it mostly cloudy tomorrow. our brief passing showers in thr morning only at 54. there is the culprit for those
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weather watch for the middle of the week. wind aloft to keep a fairly chilly flow here. here is our weather system thursday that comes through bringing chances of rain pickins up. this weather system in the upper levelsw reflecting the inclement weather coming and for sunday. right now we get into rid of high pressure saturday said that looks pretty good.d. this is the outlook now for the next eight days and you can see for tuesday that is our world seriese you will find it here on fox eight, your official world series station. partly cloudy and you will need to grab a the code because temperatures will be in a the md forties for the first inning, and certainly by the seventh-inningg, stretch we will be in the low forties. the low fifties on wednesday and rain on thursday. i think it will dry out friday and saturday than the next bunch of rain come sunday.r
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time warner have agreed to an $85 billion deal, one of the biggest media mergers ever. it'll help it will help at&t expand beyond wireless. time warner stock rose nearly 1s that at&t may make a huge bid for the entertainment company should 18 shows at&t went down by 4 percent after the news broke.e. the deal gives at&t programming control of household names like cnn hbo in the cartoon network. if you want a new way to let your friends know who you are supporting this election season, look no further than facebook. the social media giant hass unveiled a new feature that allows you toew post an endorsement on your profile page.o you can even add an explanation about why they're making the a word of caution though. a recent poll shows about 40 percent of adults online have been harassed for expressing their political opinion.
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panels for their panel the home sharing company just announced a partnership with solar city. they offer homeowners $1,000 cash back for installation of the solar a solar energy collection system. the deal also extends to current felicityd customers opted to become a air b&b hosts. forget struggling with a suitcase at the airport. one company has designed one that acts more like a travel companion. travel final stages of creating a suitcase that follows youf aroud so there is no need to drag it behind you. it's days three to 5 feet behind a person by tracking their location through their smart right now the suitcase is only in the prototype phase but the product is expected to cost between four and $600. >> that is kind of cool. >> it is. >> it is cool. when you think of christmas trees you probably think of snowy weather but thiss year
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each year thousands of trees are planted in the. spring but because of the droughts, conditions at a connecticut farm some of these trees a didn't mae it. farmers say this year's crop could put their entire business in jeopardy. a new york farmer had found the love of his life but there was still one thing left to do, marry her. >> he did just that with a tractor in and a soybean field.w leslie hamilton and ben stein are both farmers who met a hometown so it was only fitting that a tractor play a key role in their proposal. then spelled out the words marry me with the help of his tractor. he even arranged for a picture to be taken from a drone above as he showed leslie the picturee he got down on one knee she of course said yes in the plan to tie the knot sometime in 2018. >> after they bringme in harves.
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love the creative proposal. still to come, a howling scare. >> with the real real message. how this halloween display may
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>> scaring the monsters away. >> that's right. that's all we need is a little fun.n. >> welcome back at 8:24 a.m. those goblins into and dennis world record. that is the hope for one pennsylvania homeowner. blair murphy went all out this to homen it comes decorating. of your average jack-o'-lantern decorating the place home gets a giant ouija it is sogia big that she is cont of the guinness world records. she says she wants to share her halloween creation with others, so she is opening the home for tours this weekend. >> hopefully it won't start moving up their.ef a family in oklahoma has incorporated some real-life dangers into theirir halloween moments. here is more.lo >> reporter: there is a chill in the air. kings.
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right around theh corner. >> of the message is so important for young folks today. >>s what is usually a fun reminder of trick-or-treating this year's deadly serious. he did his old jeep was founded by the homeowner in bristol who wanted to send a message that would impact children of alles ages, and after some thought he came up t with this. >> it could really happen. it's real. yess it's a makeup of demis anda broken down car, but really happen and it does happen on a daily basis.ld >> i know my father was killed in a carar accident when i was , and it's something you don't quite ever recover from you do. >>'s family hopes drivers. will stop, take a good look and drop the phone. >> it only takes a split second to change her wholet life or te
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>> but the family that is been devastated by distracted driving is messagesa powerful. >> it could be solved in the route move will room door it could be enlightenment to then somebody else is trying to get the message out. >> interesting. >> that is a powerful messagegeo while. >> be careful out there folks. 8:26 a.m. and still had at this hour, an experience that is sure to be out of this world. >> the circuses inrl own kenny crumpton has a look at the magicru that you will only e here on fox eight. from ghosts and goblins to pirates pilots andos princesses we've got you covered this halloween. for a complete list of trick-or-treat times in your community headr over to and click on seen
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>> that is the sound of world series happiness. >> that's right. it's a fact. >> it is. >> we're taking on the test
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happy. > clear skies this morning another clear start of to the day if you're headed out and about had to digf out all of my coats from the been and get them ready. its time it's time. we need them. fall is here and so are the leave then here isis a. >> gray skies are going to clear up. put on a happy clouds up to the east clearing to the west literally off to west literally off to my strongbox doppler radar. a couple of spotty road renegade when rain showers earlier. things are improving though. check it out. look at the satellite showing west.f to the the fun has been up since sun
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we are going to set our clocks back in a couple of weeks. remember that? rico from eastern daylight time to eastern standard time and a time in a couple of weeks have you can see in northern minnesota that's our weather system that we will be dealinge's with tonight and eary tomorrow morning. you can see rain flooding and ashtabula and lake counties around bit of delay here in cleveland. here it comes. that is a fast mover that were really accelerate f through the low end than high pressure building in behind theh system and it looks like a fair amount of sunshine is back in. the next system you will see reflected at the trough of low pressure on the wind of a loft aloft here.ct this is for thursday digging in andin then another weather systm will come out of on sunday.
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find the same situation for most of the midwest. there are temperatures today in the mid- sixties. coupland comfortable. and here is the world series forecast that you can watch on fox eight starting tuesdayda night. the first pitch at eight oh 8:0t northwest wind and a tad warmer wednesday first pitch again at eight oh 8:00 note the winds east of 13th 13 so they will start to pick even though the air temperature will be warmer, you will still meet a nice need a nice warm coat if you're heading to progressiveto field. how often. >> it is often. >> very exciting stuff guys. >> thanks aj. s the fox eight i-team is investigating one of the biggest questions fans are asking about the indians in the world series. >> how is it so many tickets ended up in the hands of ticket brokers charging really outrageous prices?
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not get lucky like that. world series tickets sold out so fast the i-team is investigating why we are finding thousands of world series seats for sale, seats all over the ballpark. ridiculous prices, one for 80,000 bucks? come on. we dug into how this happened leaving so many fans disgusted. >> i think it's crazy. it ta spirit of baseball being the all-americans sport. >> six more to get. without the first ones done for 9,000. donene deal. >> we went to mark's agency cashing in on the desperate demand. website of the website with tickets for sale average fans can't afford. >> how to so many tickets and up in the handic of brokers? >> banned up in everybody's hands. >> scott blames u fans and business owners with seeds trying tone make a buck. they sell seats to take ticket
8:34 am
online. >> lets put it this way. i have had people calling me saying we've got eight ticketsic and would like to go to the game but the numbers were hearing out there who will give us $4,000 for our seats guess what we will stay home by big screen but for two grand in the $2,000i in out-of-pocket. >> indians a ticket brokers can just walk up to these windows and by big chunks of seats and the track between how season-ticket holders sell their seats, especially of those fans sell more than half of them. a team spokesman said quote we have one of the most aggressive policies and protecting our tickets from true brokers andnd have pulled back many tickets from brokers this week to sell to our fans. >> is a way of doing business. >> scott sees it as the american waye but you will never convince some fans of america's pastime. >> i am a fan. don't get me wrong, but i can't afford that. b new line world series matchup is sad indians will face off
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we gave you a look at the celebration against toronto but you have not seen it quite like this. t >> it's time for you to do something kid. you can sms that's embarrassing. >> kids not going to mess miss the apart appeared to trevor bauerar has go pro ready to capture every second on the fieldd in and from the field in thero clubhouse some of the best starting pitcher brian merritt pulling out after pulling out his boots after cupp said he would be quote shaking in them.c new hit called circumstances of course referring to the comments by the batistaen and you can wah that right at
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cleveland cavaliers opened their title defense tuesday night as wellioio but before cavs racer championship banner to the raptor is raptors another been banner made its debut this weekend.anano this is the all-new lebron james been on the side of the show when will the building in cleveland along ontario street. it is almost identical to the old banner but after the cap when against the golden state warriors there is one there's one little change right there. gold patch right above the nbat logo. only tam championship geto to where that championship logo on theirth jersey and as the players like to say, they can never take the trophy away so you will see that patch every game from now until eternity. >> how cool is that? i love it. while lebron was hanging out his teammate tristan thompson was meeting with fans. the cap starting center signed autographs and posed for pictureste there. he has been nursing a sore foot which forced him to miss am
8:37 am
he says he will be ready and he is excited to start the season.d and of course the cavs 2016 - 2017 season kicks off tuesday night at the queue against the new yorka knicks. tuesday is a good day in cleveland. if you have tickets make sure you get there early to see the official championship banner raising and ring ceremony.n the doors open at 5:00 p.m.5 pregame ceremony starts at seven and tip a offset tipoff set for 7:30 p.m. we will have complete c the browns will still look for their work for their first win in cincinnati. it will be a homecoming of sorts for coach jackson who spent seven seasons coaching the bengals. >> i appreciate you asking for my first rodeo. this is not thet first time i've been someplace elsei and gone someplace else. i've been somewhereg that i've been here before. this is a game we are trying to
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there and great memories there but at the same time they're trying to beat our team and we're trying to beat theirto te. >> browns if they're going to get their first when they might have tot do it without two of te bestou playmates. joe haden is questionable with a nagging groin industry and jarrell prior missed yesterday practice with a sore hamstring. kickoff is properly promptly at 1:00 o'clock. go browns. 8:38 a.m. and still to come >> leonardo dicaprio has a new project up with him camera. the actor's latest efforts to raise awareness about climate change. >> therere is still can't time o catch the greatest show on earth.'tca we will show you some of what is going on atw the circus later n today at the queue. >> first let's take another live look outside and another look at the october aj says these clouds are moving out. he says the sun is right behind itself he is going to be back with another check on the
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nemeth the days are final chance to catch the circus while it's in town. ringling brothers and barnum bailey out of the tour this afternoon. >>o and king charles troup and here's kenny for the show. >> i am out here with the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus.are
8:43 am
truly amazing. the troupe troops had trufant troupe and then it you know what i'll let them tell h he has some of his cohorts to give the circus is in town. >> jealous about tell us about the troops you for t some really good history with the troops. >> start of the ringling brothers s and straight. about 29 of 30 years history is started off in a park in baseball. albert erwin picked up the basketball for generations later
8:44 am
perform. >> you can come out on the ice. who for if at some comedy skits ino their a lot of energy out there. >> unicycles on ice. if you present to the 20th through the 23rd psalm of health of the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus fourth
8:45 am
they are full of talent something entire family will enjoy. to give you. >> you must unicycle to thehe dump. very cool >> this is a webcam to get a look at something many of us at look at how the clouds are breaking up a littleow bit the wind direction
8:46 am
the when switching to a west southwest direction and that the that's a gentle way of putting itay is the gift yesterday what where we had wind gusts over 3 miles ant hour very spotty renegade light when a game like rain renegade light rain shower .howing up it looks like things have dried up. >> and as is often the case of most of the time is the case temperatures fall north olmsted and soul solon at 45 bedford 49 akron canton a double floor. [laughter] lesson and overnight i was sunshine for the western part of
8:47 am
buckeye state marching toward theye east and a clearing trend. meanwhile this front started in canada and continues to slide toward minnesota south and east of international fall. bad weather system diving and will pickck up the pace. it goes through overnight tonight over tomorrow. conditions improve pretty rapidly. a wet start of the morning rush hour. hopefully it will stay onng tart to dry most of the drive most of the day temperatures today are not bad. 65 degrees. we were at 51 yesterday so we will y take it. tonight becoming cloudy, breezy, late evening showers possible and wind south southwest quite breezy at 10 to 15 miles per hour becoming a little more
8:48 am
tomorrow showers very early with a high only 54, almost a dozen degrees cooler for tomorrow and a quick moving weather system as we said.ndnd we will show you how have low traverses the lower great lakes and here's the weather control now hot high pressure comes in. look what happened is doesn't get is it into tuesday and wednesday. very important days in case you haven't heard, the m1 tuesday t one tud and on fox eight we will have the game at eight oh 8:00 p.m. that's the first pitch. you definitely want to grab a coat. wednesday same deal for game number two. temperature is rocking the temperatures rocking the night, 52uesday wednesday showers likely thursday so make your plans for wet thursday right now. friday mostly cloudy and dry, son on wednesday and a low
8:49 am
leonardo dicaprio is hoping to push climate change ahead of the us presidential election. >> he has off office address environmental issues at this is a this is a cap i mentoring acun i can n cnn's male crew has more. >> will have known about this have known about this for w decades, over half a century. try to have a conversation with anyone abt people tuneon out and the problm seems to be getting worse and worse and worse.i >> malik leonardo dicaprio has returned to greenish green issues this time joining forcesa with fisher stevens, the actor turned filmmaker who won an oscar for the documentary the code. >> we really made this film for young people and other people
8:50 am
change, don't think about how important this issue is. >> in the film, dicaprio covers the world to talk to scientists, environmentalists the world's leaders. >> if we keep pushing, there is no reason why we can't solve thiserwh problem. >> there is still is dialogue going on in our country where people are still diming denyig man-made climate change and is one of the d scientists with tht in this movie very bluntly, it's like denying gravity exists at this point. over 97 percent consensus of the scientific community says it's real and we we're we are doing environmental damage. >> while making the film he won the academy award presenting filmmakers with the perfect opportunity to underlie the message. >> i was like we've got to talk about the environment and it was a great platform after his speech i think more people googled climate change than have ever before. >> the film is being released in cinemas and on the national
8:51 am
change on to the political agenda ahead of the us presidentialal elections but the producers except they face a tough fight to wrestle f the headlines away from the more leery stories surrounding the presidentiale candidates. >> what we wanted to do was not hold a key people out but we wanted to shake them up enough but we wanted to let them know that we can't afford to lose its. >> the world is now watching. we ask you to protected.n or we end and all living things we cherish our history. he met miami city commissioner has an unconventional proposal to stop the spread of the zika virus.po the commissioner wants to use to reduce the mosquito population in south florida. it sounds unusual but there are a lot of bat species that can eat up to 3,000 mosquitoes a day.
8:52 am
bat houses in the city to curb the mosquitous populations. the city has agreed to adopt the plan now and it meant the met the plan now headsp to officials to either accept or reject that resolution. a new study shows parents cannt get their kids to eat healthy, but it will cost you. the brigham young's stun study found s short-term cash incentis created helpfulho eating healthl eating habits inl the long term. parents began paying the kids the school carnival of if of faith or vegetables.aa the kids ate it up. the key finding was that two months after the incentive and that the children who took part in theee study were still eating fruits and vegetables at lunch. >> i want a box for every asparagus stalk. >> $1 for every piece. >> don't go cheap. >> a little bribery. >> i need a car. if at 8:52 a.m. and still ahead.
8:53 am
frustrating for waiters and waitresses in oneru city took to the streets toty see who could move the fastest without spilling a drop. more on the race straightahead. : all bogus it's time for the eighth annual waynene dawson celebrity bowl upon it became at the game initiative saturday november 5th at 3:00 p.m.ay join members of the fox eight family for a fun filled event. designed for support the dawson foundation that supo and it had coats and gloves for local students.
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8:56 am
hundreds of trying to walk as fast as possible. >> one and 500 men and women
8:57 am
thento cities main thoroughfare. there were age categories. the winner of the age category was the person who crossed the finish linehehe first with their tray intact. >> i would've lost. >> the hotel and hospitality workers union sponsored this the union gave out $1,100 in prizes. caf? culture remains a staple and when those areas often dubbed asns the source of the south. >> i would've liked that. that is very hard to >> it is extremely hard to do. >> extra tips today folks. >> that's right. there's still another hour is still another hour fox eight newss>> ahead. >> where making cupcakes. >> we are going to eat cupcakes
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9:00 am
there is the son. >> isn't it nice to see? >> there's lots there's lots of leaves. >> get it done right? >> s. >> take a nap first.
9:01 am
forecast and sunny skies. we like it. >> >> the sun is moving west to east or at least the clouds are so the sun is always there. renegade light spots of except of ?-cent-sign showers thisig morning. we pick it up just to the northeast of i think the trend is drying it out pretty quickly and completely. we are up to 50 canton 40 niner loraine was lorraine wister youngstown what a difference in just 24 hours ago. remember yesterday the winds were north sustained at 20 or 2e lake angry yesterday if you joined us but not today. small craft advisory in effect
9:02 am
two to five footers could see some boat traffic out there. clouds are breaking up. the sun is mixing in. milder today with chapters in the mid- sixties. most of the afternoon cloud free then after sunset time to reassemble and chances of showers will pick up after about nine or 10 a clock. out o'clock. out east firstoc then everybody has a chance after midnight tonight. mid- sixties in the eight ended our forecast showing a climate of temperature department. mostly sunny skies into the sixties and of course the world series game one don't forget to grab your coach if you're lucky enough to have tickets what an amazing once-in-a-lifetime series. >> we hope. >> several more times.
9:03 am
in guitar. it is official. indians now know who they will face come tuesday. >> coveys punch their ticket after defeating the dodgers last night they lasta appeared in the world series back in 1945. the matchup will be in stores for the cubbies covers and indians. >> we of course have you completely covered herere on fox eight. the official schedule for the world series is out and geted ready to stay up late. games one and two will take place right here in cleveland starting at eight oh eight and
9:04 am
eight. game five also in chicago will start the 15:00 p.m. and games six and seven in games six and seven if5: necessary will take place back here at progressive field at eight oh eight and of course all of those games will bel broadcast right here on phosphate and the party continues at progressive field even when the tribe is on the road later in thehe series the team says they will host that party at progressive field was for the game on game on the scoreboard.p >> and as the excitement builds with the world series just days away, cleveland brave state home this weekend. >> six times *-asterisk athlete and former indian. >> die diehard indian fans were up early saturday to meet one of the greats, number seven.
9:05 am
>> cleveland is still showing love to the former indian who helps take the team to the world series in the nineties. w >> has a is a fantastic centerfielder. just amazing on the field and on the bases. a basis. a great athlete. >> i honestly want to be him when i grew up. >> windows cap even flags and everything flying off store shelves. >> family rivalry brewing about who will get what you given give my roommate's deals on the pictures so i took the picture she has to be in the picture so i'm here pictures on here just for her.iic >> everyone is here to make new memories with kenny who says he is proud of his team. >> on a bare back. bareback. i'm glad they're back. b the team is playing great right now and that is what it takes to win the a championship is you kw
9:06 am
the last months of the season and went on the road went on the road and neverse stopped. >> pretty special, pretty exciting. >> and want to put it right up on mymy wall. >> kenny is looking forward to another parade. >> for the city of cleveland it will be oftenor to see something they probably haven't seen happen in the years as far as to two teams winning championships in the same year to parades. >> and indians parade is only four for wins away. of course fox eight is your official word series station covering the tribe like no one else can. we are pleased to have former tribe manager with tony rizzo joiningr the foxy's team during the world series run. our coverage forri games one and to begin promptly at 4:00 p.m. and going right up to the first pitch.
9:07 am
presidential nominee donald trump of histi campaign to on hs campaign to cleveland saturday night.amt jack shea says trump outlined his vision for america and the differences between his proposed policies and those of hillary clinton. ?? >> donald trump is donald trump is greeted by a large aixb center three months after e won the gop nomination in cleveland. >> ohio is a special place in cleveland is a special place and always willd be. >> he first told the audience a cleveland has suffered particularly from the loss of manufacturing s jobs and that he will stop companiesob from takig jobs to foreign come company
9:08 am
companies want to take their jobs to another country we will charge them a tax of 35 percent when they t ship their jobs products back to united states. to get. >> the whole entire purpose of herk campaign is to keep our systemis raked and to stop chane from happening at any cost, and we need change. we are about change. she is about giving it the way it is and we don't want to four more years of obama. that we can tell you. >> trump says he will appeal the form before it for full care act care act known ahe as obama car. >> bill clinton called obama care the craziest thing in the world. he e said that small businesses and and middle-class americans are getting killed. he then went home and he got killed. [laughter]t a >> donald trump also outlined what he called his plan for
9:09 am
first 100 days of the president of a trump presidency. >> we will renegotiate our terrible tradel deals illegal immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees coming from the middle east, reduce surging crimes, cut taxes and regulations. >> trump accused hillary clinton of folks filling her office while serving as secretary of state and says he is pledging to stop official corruption in washington. >> avenue got the people taking advantage of our riggedroo system. in 17 days everything is going to change. >> remember we are just a couple of days away from election day. you can cast a ballot between now and home under november 7th. youth can request an absentee ballot by saturday november 5thu and it must be postmarked by monday the sevents
9:10 am
tuesday november 8th. if you want more information on when and where to vote early, go to, your election headquarters. it is nine oh 9:00 a.m. and much more fox eight news is coming righta up. >> before troops in model can return to their homes just ahead brave soldiers coming up a foxy i-team investigation how so many world series tickets ended up in the hands of brokers. our fox it'll for cash or things improving in casher things improving in the sun is in the process of breaking out. it is quite a bit warmer than yesterday but how long will that last?e that and the world series forecast, at least the first two games, coming up.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
almost a quarter after nine on theer sunday morning. did you see that sunset last night? if not we have time lapse that shows thewe sun peeking through betweenee those lake lake clouds little cumulus strata are here. you can see to the see the base illuminatedyo there is a son mas as the sun makes its finala trk down the horizon there. let's have a a look at storm fox.. a few renegade rain showers earlier this morn could still be a couple out there but the trend will be toward drying today. we will start the clouds then out a littlele bit mix out a little bit and it won't be full sunshine necessarily out easily geauga ashtabulass but there should be enough dry air around to break out the clouds a littlu bit a bit more sunshine and certainly the west side is of sun as we speak.
9:15 am
yesterday, nine below the average for that date.e. i think today will be abouta 5 degrees warmer than the average highest temperatures top out in the mid- sixties. that temperatureou trend not really a trend more of a flat line so how flatline so how does thisa look from upstairs from about 22,000 miles above the earth's surface where shooting the clouds a clear perspective i would send you can see those are tn nothing going on to the west of us tonight and i would say tomorrow would be a better bet. there is a a weather system movg our way overnight tonight into tomorrow that will produce rain showers and hopefully the whole package will be out of here for most of the day tomorrow setting the stage for quite a dry stretch.ay mid- sixties today partly to mostly sunny skies, definitely not as cool with a partly to
9:16 am
tonight becoming cloudy, breezy and late evening showers possible. southwest wind is still 10 to 15. there is the rain and you can see by sixhe or 7:00 o'clock the showers basically out of northern ohio. o o they will be last to exit down in akron canton worcester dover new c philly. it will take longer for those to get through but you will see by mondayero evening we are basicay clear so there are the showers possible in the morning tomorrow.t just a passing shower. 54 degrees and that rain belongs to the mourning period. tuesday we are looking for a high off 50 degrees and that his game one. luck about out and show you that real fast.. not that day. [laughter] here we go. >> everything was going so well. >> the wheels came proper that's
9:17 am
game number one starting at eight oh eight will be a chilly one for sure so you need a nice warm coat on the way out the door. let's put everything back on the rails again against the two wednesday partly sunny skies and still looking good for game two as well. s the rain stays away until thursday. let's hope the weather systems behave themselves. fifty-five, friday 58 back with sun on saturday near 60 and a60 weekfr showers and temperatures in the mid- will that be the last week weekend of october. >> as it will be.e >> it's hard to believe. clearing moselle of ied's muzzle of ied's and booby-traps still a problem. people still can't return to villages once occupied by isis withoutis fear of deadly booby-traps that are left behind. >> one person met with those
9:18 am
devices. >> this captain comes face to face face-to-face everett with death every-f day here showing s the fruits of his labor. he says he has removed hundreds perhaps thousands of ied's like these. >> i do it for humanity he tells us. the people who plan these things arese dangerous for my people, r the world, so it's my decision to help save a life. as kurdish and iraqi forces edge to muzzle, they are leaving behind weapons to kill and maim. this brigadier general heads the elite special forces. heor says he loses more fighters to ied's ban on the battlefield. 30 percent of those casualties are men working to diffuse and remove the explosives.f >> we liberate a village and they are everywhere he says. people come back to their homes
9:19 am
it blows up.s the de- mining teams have rudimentary equipment. metal detector fair lucky.d the operator of this one left his fingers to a lost his fingers to booby-traps. ole usually the tools i wire cutters and their bare hands inches frm the explosives. and not even body not even body armor let alone bomb disposal we need training but it's not enough he tells us. we needt more equip equipment to find the ids and them.and destroy the captain has lost many friends who do the same job asn he. he shows us a photo of one who died a few days ago trying too diffuse one of a wide variety of devices. >> this isvi just an example of one of the devices if you like. this is c-4 highy explosives and these are this is packed with ball bearings. it may kill the man who is carrying this we managed to kill the axis fighter before he was
9:20 am
you can imagine the damage that would've been done ifh it had gone off to get. bombe captain diffuse that himself as well as countless booby-traps. here a pressure device was set off by a vehicle driving over it's the danger from booby-traps that means civilians can't go home to their villages yet even now that isis is gone. all they can do is collect a few things and flee again. live there. no water, no electricity, damage everywhere and explosives as well. so the captain and his men will continue their mission to make those villages safe for people to return to. how many ids and booby-traps are along these rows and in villages liketrtr this? countless.
9:21 am
rigged explosives is going to take farth longer than the batte for the city itself.t 9:20 a.m. and still to come >> the white flour bakery joins us in joined us in studio this morning with ways to make your halloween treats lookit like the pros made it. they are the pros and they're going to show some howling tricks i don't even want to eat >> i want to eat them.
9:22 am
9:24 am
umax things are getting spooky this morning.g. halloween is right around the corner and we are in a world
9:25 am
>> and of course you're gearing up for your halloween parties and we'veti got some very sweet halloween theme suggestions. the war and he lauren and marianne are joining us from white flour bakery to help us out here this morning. give us a little tutorial on the process. >> we're going to use show you some things that are very easy to do. >> of course kids parties and things like that. >> we have all of this available as well. but we are going to show you easy things to do at home. this am ghost cupcake i think is one of the easiest things to g make. all you need is some buttercream which you can buy from the store where you can make it, we sell it whatever you wantw to do buti just have a couple on my back or you can just cut your crust right quest right off. we were to squeeze a little middle do start in the middleer around the edge? you because start on the outside that i'm going to go one morere time and squeeze and pull out up
9:26 am
head. and we have these little candy eyeballs thate you can buy a lt of stores now so these are super super simple. if you want to just grabbed two of those and stickt them or you think they should go on his face.d t >> this time of year there are so many halloween parties to know what my know what my daughter's preschool where people are bringing inwh treats the end of these the very simple things to make. >> kids love them. >> get a little mouth on their safe and make a smileyut face >> any buttercream would work so it could be a recipe made from scratch, it could be something you buy at the store and you can see what this one really can add aa nice. >> the technique of how you do that. >> this is a really i'm going to let you tryy it. >> what i'm going to do is squeeze some'm frosting.. you don't even have to use the frosting. just a little on there and spread itit out and i'll be the base for his face so i'm going to stick to rise on here and we
9:27 am
going to squeezeit its. >> i know you can get kits like this that is different kits. >> right and you're just going to play lacrosse.. this is something you can definitely do with their kids at home. t >> i was just talking about how complicated it looks but that's the thing. you guys are kind of self taught so talk about that a little bit did you guys just have a lot of trial and error? >> look at the professional over here. that's often.esal >> if i can do it you can do it. >> absolutely. a lot of this is just sort of overus the years figuring out hw to work the frosting. where both artists and we've always loved baking so we were able to turn it into edible art which is often for us. there's just always all these fun tips. >> is never to early to do frosting. >> going to your local craft store and buy a bunch of things
9:28 am
this one is really fun to make monsters keep you just squeeze and pullak up. >> aj said his coffee. >> aj. >> well i need something to go with myl coffee. >> is fine. let them have it. [laughter] >> my creation is just gone he could take that as a complement. >> know know it's okay. it's meant to be eaten so i went to stand over here and is a too pretty to eat. >> get out of here.pd >> this makes a really fun like monster like you can sit down. >> for a cupcakes. >> put a couple of eyes on ther and the mouth. we have. >> we have these also as in many cakes that were featuring for halloween with you cut and it. >> is in it. >> it's a littlen surprised. >> there is a little surprised so he is actually the color
9:29 am
so if you don't want to tackle this yourself you can just go to your website. for the bakery. >> that's perfect. that is so adorable. >> and so edible to get you us you guys are celebrating a decade. >> coming up in march yes. >> congratulations. >> thank you.rcrc and obviously, you do some wonderful stuff ofus course so u gather guys are in full beechwood pdf. >> where can i find you in both of those places? >> we are in the plast shopping center in beachwood and in full and wearing solon square and we do classes and parties at that location. >> was a fun thing foror kids. we make everything and take it home with you. >> that's a great idea and for more information just go to our
9:30 am
>> is aj done eating? >> we will be right back b will
9:32 am
9:33 am
>> very chic. >> i try.y. >> that's before the cupcakes. >> that yes.ef does that matter? does that make a difference? >> z don't have any icing on their. >> that is true.y >> aj has icing on his face, i know it. >> he is still workingfa oh no now it's gone is long gone. >> are you kidding? that was gone when i walked off-camera. [laughter]w >> two seconds didn't last. >> you know what rosie? i'm really looking forward to seeing your caricature, your head shot up headshot up there for the freeze factor. >> ifr want aviator sunglasses. >> i can't wait. not bad out here right now. out there at avon lake this perspective from the folger house. i love that avon lake
9:34 am
not as many whitecaps as yesterday. the lake not quite as angry, not the that the lake has emotions. 50 degrees in cleveland, 48 akron canton, lorraine is 49, dover new philly 47 degrees. small craft advisory continues with three to 5-foot wavesnt although those probably don't scare fishermen fisherman and saily boaters so where's the net system coming out of? from where? up there in urban northern minnesota. showers eventually find their way into northeast ohio. it is moving, booking along barrett good clip and it should get the rain out of here right around morning rush hour. high pressure that's the world series weather watch and it will keep us in good stead for the first two games coming up.t note the winds will come out of
9:35 am
greasy might be a better way to put a it as the clouds had alwas later on tonight.ds we will have a break in the sunh otherwise game number one coming up on tuesday and you will see it on fox eight unless of course you're down at progressive field. partly cloudy.a grab a warm coat. the fox eight i-team is asking one of the biggest questions about the indians in the world series. >> how is it that. so many tickets ended up in the hands of ticket brokers charge in really big prices?t at gallup has more. >> most of you did not get lucky
9:36 am
world series tickets sold out so fast so we are investigatingd wy thousands of world series seats are for sale all over the ballpark. s ridiculous prices one for 80,000 bucks? come on. we dug into how this happened leaving so many fans disgusted. >> i think it's crazy. it takes away from the american spirit of baseball being the all-americanan sport. >> we wt ticket agency cashing in on desperate demand. website after website with tickets forde sale that average fans cannot afford. tickets ando many up in the hands of brokers? >> banned up in everybody's >> scott blames fans and business owners with seeds trying to make a seats trying to make a buck.b they sell seats to ticket agencies and then you see this online. >> i have had people calling me saying hey we have eight tickets, we would like to go to
9:37 am
$4,000 for our seats guess what will stay home and buy a big screen e for two grands and put $2,000 in our pocket. >> indian fake ticket brokers can't just walk up hereb and by big chunks of seats in the team tracks how season-ticket holders sell their seats especially if thosetrh fans sell more than haf of them. the team spokesman said court we have one of the most aggressiveu policies and protecting our tickets from true brokers and to pu brokers this week to sell to our fans. >> it's the american way of doing business. >> scott sees it as the american way that you will never convince some fans of american america'sa pastime. >> ami a fan, don't get me wrong but i can't afford that. the 2016 nba champion cleveland cavaliers open their title defense on tuesdayaam nigt before the cap to raise their championship banner to the raptors take a look.
9:38 am
banner on the side of the sherwin-williamsms building. it is also identical a gold patch right above the nba logo puts food to marry o'brien trophy that only teams to win it championship it to where on their jerseys play but you can never take that away for you willh see that etched on every jersey of every game from now until foev >> to cavs the cavs 201617 season itself tuesday night. if you have i tickets make sure you get there early what is in cleveland on tuesday. doors open at 5:00 o'clock in the pregame ceremony starts at seven.he kickoff is set for 730 and of course we will have complete coverage right here on fox eight
9:39 am
>> the crew descended on those cupcakes like a quart ofac locusts. >> they were waiting. >> may be just a maybe just a little icing guys? >> bear vultures in at 938 is the time and the full forecast is straight ahead.ul plus. >> ohio state's trip to happy valley was anything but. a recap of the buckeye's buckeyes first loss of the season. >> i didn't know all these people working on the weekends look at that. >> they're coming out of the woodwork. the battle of look counsel looking for the first winn of the season. we will preview what is up next. but for first a live look outside this traffic is flowing smoothly they are as many of you may be off to church or to run errands or whatever you your sunday holds.u be safe out there and aj will have a check at the forecast
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
there is our home on the blues under blue skies on the sunday t morning. a nice picture.. the matchup is set. in the 2016 world series it will be historic. cubs won game number six of the nlcs which means it will play the indians tuesday night aggressive field.chth three times three-time cy young winner clayton kershaw started for the dodgers.ou the cubs sent this young favorite cow hendrickson to kyle hendrickson to thea self to the field to the hill but they knocked the dodgers out of postseason play. so the 2016 event is set and phosphate is your exclusive home home for every game of the fall classic. the national league champion chicago la cubs face the american league champion our own
9:44 am
eight news in the morning live on gateway plaza promptly at 4:00 a.m. we will have you covered all day long with the first pitch ate 8:00 p.m. fox eight at home for the 2016 world series here in our home. of the state gives a perfect record of penn state saturday and the road just got a littlehe tougher for the buckey. they just gave ohio state their first loss of the season. they scored 17 fourth-quarter points to rally after being down 20 to seven. they fall to 61 on the season. first win in nearly a year today as they travel to cincinnati.y y it's a halt homecoming of sorts for coach jackson who traveled seven season with thehe bengals. >> it's not my first time i've been someplace else and gone
9:45 am
through this before. this is a game we're trying to win so the emotional part will be like you said there's a lot of memories they they're good memory but at they are good memory but at the sameofhe time they're trying to beat our team and we are trying to beat we're trying to beat theirea team joe haden is questionable jarrell prior missed practice yesterday and kickoff is 1:00 o'clock. he lets do some weather kicking off. >> i saw aj do some stretching. >> he didn't want didn't want to pull a hammy. >> i don't blame them. >> is very easy to lose your flexibility among other things. they are laughing. thank goodness.. you can see the cloud cover from earlier this morning was a
9:46 am
of frames look pretty good they were a few spotty showers earlier this morning. things have dried out pretty m good 56 and in mentor 47 mentor 47d barberton temperatures. out of the mid-sixties today not too bad. forty-nine in westlake hudson and 33 this morning mass fun and 46un and here's the current look from outer space.he work at that. started off with clear skies really early this morning and then youor can see dry air workd its way in. got some fun today but quickly the clouds will reassembleod mot likely route around sunset tonight and this weather system is working out of southern
9:47 am
the showers will find their way into northeaste ohio but not until nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight for eastern counties. currently 50 at hopkins. there's a little bit of wind chillt there 46 is what it feels like and tonight as we said becoming cloudy breezy late evening showers. watch as we animate until about 10:00 o'clock you can see midnight the showers come through and by rush hour morning most of this will have moved to the southern part of our viewing area. 60 for tomorrow's high end with our passing showers we get into sunshine as tuesday rolls around which we will talk about momentarily but as we said s things are cooking along their
9:48 am
the cold front to come through early in the morning tomorrow then our weather for the first two games of the world series will be this area of high pressure which is great news. that is usually associated with fairweather so here's the world series game one forecast. 46 degrees for the first inning he will definitely need to a coach because by the first inning stretch i have a hunch we will be in the lowe thirties maybe even 40 so put it all together and dry weather wednesday a tuesday and we will hope and freight pray that those showers stay put for thursday. highs in the mid- fifties. drive friday 58 and saturday mostly sunny skies. mid-sixties sunday with us of nowit about about a 40 percent probability of some morning showers and we will see how that
9:49 am
if you're in the mood for laugh head to the movies this weekend. >> keeping up with the joneses starts black elephant back is who realizes his neighbor is not who he says he is very is the movie comes out today. >> here's the thing about trust. >> keeping up with the joneses won't be ea f wife as new neighbors make it >> eyes of the movie for the first time last night. it was exceptional to see the physical comedy. >> she just had a baby six weeks before we b started shooting. >> right.
9:50 am
you know it just is a nice kind of like it because it's more of a maturee comedy not so loud and of noxious which i love don't get me wrong i'm not ah snob but it's a little bit more adult. >> it is an adult film. [laughter]d >>'s has been fitted with in a miniature surveillance might completely undetectable. >> it's nice when you mothers just a straight comedy with action elements to it and a cup romance and all that those are all value-added so tod spek with the majority of the film takes place beforey bus and if there's not some kind of spark between mentor for people who have to know happen to know eack
9:51 am
>> we don't get out very often so we really like to make the most of it. >> i wasn't suspicious of that's going to sound creepy but i would look in this window across the alley and i would like their life like they seemed happy so i would watch them back revenge on him starring keeping up with the joneses. r >> they're both hysterical. jon hamm just can't go wrong. 9:69:51 a.m. it was like a scene from the tv show the walking why thousands of zombies took to the streets in one major world
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
thousands of mexicans crowd crowded the streets of mexico city for the annual zombie fest. >> they walk from the monument of the revolution's mexico city simple square foot of defense of the walk now and in its ninth year say it is a way to let off some steam with people in the community. the tradition of zombie walk started in thehe us but has sine spread to us and latin american countries he could have the big thingd about the walking dead. >> guise guys with big hammers running around.e >> did you see the guy had the big giant hammer. >> i did see that. >> was at the halloween spirit i guess? >> i feel like i should've seen that one. the world series forecast right here on fox fox eight you will hear a thing or two about this. >> do you think?
9:56 am
>> we are excited. >> partly cloudy.xc grab a coach with mid- forties and partly cloudy skies so it will definitely be chilly forch game one and game two. winds will be like tomorrow but for tuesday i should say but wednesday higher wind and slightly warmer temperatures. now chris jones technical director extraordinaire how about that?s box a day forecast mostly sunny tuesday m wednesday 52 thursday rain. let's keep it there because we don't want that to shift around too much as weather systems tend to do. we will keep you posted. >> alright that's perfect. thanks aj. >> and thank you for joining us this morning. we hope to see you backoi here t 11. >> if we are not here go to
9:57 am
degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment.
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e for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm chris wallace. with just over two weeks until election day, can donald trump close the gap after the final debate? >> one of the prides of this country is the peaceful tran sis of power. are you saying you're not prepared to commit to that prince l? i'll keep you in suspense. >> today, trump campaign manager kellyanne conway on trump's allegations the election is rigged. >> what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign and for where he stands in this election. >> and clinton campaign manager robby mook on new wikileaks revelations. plus, a debate between


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