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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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on the world's slowest computer. you know about it, now do something about it. upgrade to a new pc powered by intel. ?? so, why haven't you upgraded? it keeps me humble. ?? (chuckle) ( ?? ) come on, dad. ( ?? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ? ? talkin' 'bout my, my love ? you ready, dad? ? whoa-ooh ? ? ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ? what is that? man, i don't know. ask google! ? whoa-ooh ? ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ?
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tandy: ? nine matt lauers, eight katie courics ? ? seven al rokers, six savannah guthries ?
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i don't understand the connection! ? four willie geists, three cokie roberts ? ? two willard scotts ? ? and a partridge family prison bus ? ? on the tenth day of... ? okay, that's enough, tandy! you don't like my song? sorry, bud, i hate it. what's the connection? i don't understand. explain the connection. (bus squeaking) (engine knocking) oopeedoo. gail: good god. tell me you didn't forget to gas it up. i didn't forget to gas it up. then what happened? i forgot to gas it up. then why did you just say you didn't forget? 'cause i told him to tell me he didn't forget to gas it up. i walked right into it. my bizzle. my bad. but, hey, there is a bright side to this. i mean, you all were very recently complaining that you hated riding in these cars, huh? (laughs) tandy: ? on the tenth day of travel... ? carol: shut up! todd: that's enough, tandy!
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(others shouting) so it's all songs. okay, my bizzle. oh, my god! i'm dying! and, tandy, if you say, "you're dying? i thought your name was erica," i'm gonna punch you in the face! you're gonna punch you in the face? i thought your name was erica. boom. (chuckles) what? you specifically told me to... no! shut up! shut up! shut up! shut up! (vehicle approaching) hey, what is that? gail, is that your car? tandy: oh, my god. no! gail: what?! what?! hey! hey! no! get back here, car! oh! well, that's got to drive you crazy. boom. you freakin' jack weed! (laughs) danny partridge was in the partridge family, and he then went on to be in a movie called the jerk theory, which was written and directed by scott s. anderson, uh, who was acting in the movie midway to heaven, uh, which, of course, stared kirby heyborne, who is in a video short called i want my hat back with galen fott,
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so there it is. tandy, i usually have your back, but today you've been a real pain in the front. hey, there's something up there! todd: oh, my god, i see it, too. maybe they have food! or water. oh, hell, i just want to sit in the shade. see, i told you. it's all part of the no-plan plan, or should i say "noah-plan plan." noah's ark. boom. (chuckles) whatever it is, i'm sure it's gonna be great. lewis: (sighs) a patio furniture store. upermarket or an auto dealership. who would put a patio furniture store in the middle of nowhere? well, rent must be dirt cheap. that leads to low prices, good value. people make the journey. tandy: ah. ah. hmm. we could sleep in these chaises. we need to figure out where we're going. why? it's been working out so far. are you freakin' high? yeah, we need a plan.
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you think noah had a plan when he, like, took out those...? tandy, can i talk with you for a minute? but i'm-i'm... uh, just... come here. come over here. okay. one minute. (carol whispering) (sputters) okay. okay, uh, new deal. the next natural step in our no-plan plan will be the plan phase. todd: oh, come on, guys, i am telling you, tampa would make a great place to live! one vote for tampa. erica: i'm not moving all the way to tampa! ouver's only, like, 15 hours away. all right, vancouver. that's crazy! do you know how far vancouver is from dollywood? ugh! erica: oh, my god. if we're just yelling out completely absurd things, i want to move to mount everest. mount everest. okay, it's been over two hours. somebody pick a place. portland is gonna give us our best chance at sustainable food sources. guys, we could already be in tampa right now, sipping from the fresh waters of the hillsborough river! just pick a freakin' place. erica: god, if you love tampa
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ll tell you what. tampa would make a wonderful wife with its low climate and loving coastal breezes. tandy: montana. it's a big sky country. vancouver is obviously the place that we need! (overlapping shouting) okay. forget this mess. i'm out. gail, where are you going?! i'm going to napa. well, what if lewis and i don't want to go to napa? then don't go. what?! come on. we got to stick together. do we? e all that's left. whether it was by, you know, chance or fate, there's something that brought us all together. we can't just go off into the night. oh, don't make one of your dumb-ass speeches, tandy. oh, hell, i have heard them so many times, i know them by heart. "we can't just go off into the night. "we have to go on into the day. boom. "we got to stick together. "together? i hardly knew 'er. boom. "we're noah's ark. look at us.
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so you're just gonna go? what gave me away, todd? maybe we all just need to take a little nap. why don't we pull up a chaise, and we can just talk it out outdoor slumber party style? hey, guys! melissa, what are you doing up there, hon? just checking out the view. you got to see this. oh, just give me a second, okay? gail's leaving. bye, gail. bye, hon. take care. you should really see this before you go. it's really cool. todd, go get her down from there. okay, just don't-don't go. i'll be back in a minute, okay?
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it's so pretty. yeah, you know, i'm-i'm sure it is. now please just come-come down here, hon. you're not even gonna look at it? look at what? that. hey, guys, you should come see this! melissa: isn't it pretty? (whispers): what the hell? ("daylight" by the kinks playing) ? daylight over the village green ?
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? daylight over the hills and valleys ? ? heralding the morning... ? holy balls. ? daylight ? inky.
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that i'd love the possibility of october to remember and now it's
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thanks for joining us for the slightly delayed fox a news at ten i'm jennifer jordan we have been waiting for years and seems like almost two decades but on tuesday is really happening game one of the cleveland you can see it of course right here on fox 8 preps are underway for this series against the chicago cubs fox 8 allison brown is live from cleveland hopkins airport where that opposing team has made into town. the chicago cubs landed just about 45 minutes ago at cleveland hopkins pretty far away from us the day get on
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talked to today is super excited for the world series they say it's been a long time in the making. they cleveland injuries are practicing some evening at the chicago cubs travel the fans are just taking it all in. the world series over a million dollars. rally together. a hundred and eight years for the cubs in 1944 the charred this tenant family can't decide what they like more like him spent in a charles fan. but uppermost in cleveland there's no question it's tribe time. at the indians could do that would be amazing. on tuesday nights these seats will be filled getting here will
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historic series will cost you a pretty penny. so far the average price for tickets sold online is $1,600 proceeds in cleveland 39 in chicago accord to the ticket tracker so everyone from our town is coming because i can't afford that. this is epic but expensive happy to buy some indians gear and watch the world series on fox 8. cleveland fans are diehard priestly cleveland clothing coming downtown are happy for more sales people love the
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yes they are in bill and jennifer the competition again have landed here at cleveland hopkins airport 45 minutes ago getting to their hotel room is used to practice today hopefully that gives them a leg up on the competition talk about the ticket prices though all my gosh $3,900 we know people will be doing that. i had a friend last week but a few tickets my kids don't need to go to college. you only live once so people are doing getting these tickets for sure. allison brought brown from hopkins airport for the opposing
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has more from progresses field. as i'm never seen cleveland be the underdog. the one time where underdog. see what happens when you're ready people want to count us out. whatever works for us. some people like being the underdog. kelly will start game one for the tribe trevor bauer and josh
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determined the indians will go to be announced for games for amby on. were going to flip off as long as we can we're trevor just to get some most information we can i think that if it works out right would like him to pitch second. second baseman jason kipnis went to the world series with a ankle sprain he injured it during the indians ankles pose game celebration in toronto. is not moving like he can't i'm guessing with another 48 hours and 37,000 screaming fans of the okay game one tuesday night 808 at progressive field. and cleveland fox 8 news. officials schedule for the world
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stay up late. beginning on tuesday so we'll games three and four hours be held in chicago game five also and chicago avenue messes it will start at a 1,527th will take place back here progressive field again at 808 all those games all the world series. right here on fox a. the party continues though progressive field when the tribe is on the road later in the seres host watch parties a progressive field fourth they game on the scoreboard a small to give the poor benefit charity. of course box it is your official world series station covering the tribe like no one else. home we have former tribe manager and tony rizzo join the fox 8 news team during the world series our coverage for game one into begin at 4:00 p.m. and tp
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i think last week and one is beautiful we said the world series comes a might be a little bit cooler i think that might be the case meteorologist is standing by in the weather center with all the world series weather detail. temperatures a little bit on the chilly said. and a partly cloudy skies wends out of the north at 529 we're looking dry on wednesday things change a bit temperature out 47 degrees and now will stay said he threw the game that thing that's different here wends out of the east. a little bit of the breeze of 3n towards the end of the game when
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risk hopefully it so spotty that it will miss progressive field all around speaking of some spotty storms at the moment we are getting hammered in some spots with some thunder lots of lightning and heavy rain while i won't stop the clock and you can see it out towards the east a greater cleveland down in canton dry to. late jogger ashtabula county pushing into trouble county. with us and showers mainly out ease.
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cold front pushing through a difference. from today we're only going to top and the low 50s tomorrow afternoon by the afternoon i do expect to see a lot of sunshine returning. the fans will have to bundle up heading to the cube on tuesday. your fall gear. on jurassic park and independence day in the 90s on most issues and made a failed reference to independence day and getting his endorsement. i feel very strongly. she is the one for us. if you enjoyed me saving the world at all you shouldn't
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the trump campaign also came to cleveland this profile as very important to him it's used to defeat hillary clinton's election is two weeks from tuesday. cleveland communities rejoice the nfl bridge will officially be complete and open tomorrow this weekend crews remove the eastbound alternate route plan and beginning at 6:00 a.m. i 90 east and i 71 north are expected to open up to two lanes to access the and about bridge the entrance from state run 176 to the bridge will be open for a total of five lanes in the eastbound direction the west 14th street entrance led to 990 east will also reopen and access from i 90 east to quantity avenue will be returned a little confusing for folks who
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know exactly what to expect tomorrow looking for two lanes being open. the mba republican national convention the spotlight. the world series come some big crowds how local businesses are gearing up for an exciting week. the eye team reporter car stalled the young child inside the important message this mom has for other parents. talk about a scary situation a high school student left in a coma after taking h during a soccer game you will
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aracter and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
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check out storm fox right now some of us hearing that thunder out there at the moment we're seeing lots of lightning strikes and southern ashtabula county on nice way wave here. that moved through western lake county over into jogger and now portions of ashtabula county that's where were seen the rain and thunder ashtabula and northern trumbull county the rest of cold front that's pushing through our area the remainder of the night i can't rule out a shower for you for most of the activity will take place and are eastern area northeastern counties in mainly east at 77th you can see we still have a lot of rain to work with to the north of us notice the motion of that. down to portage.
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the night tonight. some of us have heavy rain already the area of low pressure is going to move quickly out of here so by tomorrow morning's commute most of us will be dry with the exception of the extreme eastern border but what everyone is going to notice a difference tomorrow is that wends coming out of the north and west pulling in cooler temperatures and we are talking at least ten to drop where we we're this t as far as well were going through the remainder of the day clouds are clearing out i do expect the sunshine he just before the sun sets tomorrow. police we're clearing out a little bit temperature wise in the mid 50s after midnight will be dropping down the upper 40s as we had into tomorrow morning really not a bad night tonight temperature wise was an absolutely gorgeous a degrees
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tomorrow that did not stop us from taking a shot. sam from care. of beautiful sunset we have kent in portage county here. beautiful fall foliage there. this is the first pumpkin for this little pumpkin. happy belated birthday too to bed shooter nine years old. 47 degrees a few showers around and thunder gradual clearing and cooler throughout the day and we are staying in the low 50s the start of the week world series time 45 degrees first pitch game one out of the north a little bit light will continue in the low 50s three with into wednesday and thursday. so far holloway as looking good for the trick-or-treaters.
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it's nicer going to be dressing for a brown's game. that just says world series. woman left heartbroken after mix up by animal control still to come how her dog was seeking a new tonight. a seriously scary display with an important message how one
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new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars. with handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs
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get 24 meals for under four dollars. new at steak 'n shake! thirteen people are now dead and 31 andrews after deadly bus crash in california this happen north of palm springs where authority say it to bus route and it i semi truck please had a bus was traveling much faster than the track the impact was so strong the bus went 15 feet into the trailer not was speeding authorities are working to determine if i'll call drugs or fatigue played a role in the crash. with just over two weeks before election day early voting is in full swing numbers show 5 million people have already cast ballots in several states fox carry taint takes a look. every election.
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votes cast already more than 5.3 million votes have come in across the country many of them and crucial swing states like north carolina and 2121 mitt romney narrowly won the tar heel state republicans held a wide margin of the democrats and the number of mail and ballots that we're sent in this time around clinton campaign is doing competent that lead is much slimmer and person voting began on thursday democrats are now leading in the number of votes cast over all 40 percent voters and the battleground states are good turn out before election day and night ground game as their pushing our people democrats have historically been very strong and early voting right now there are concerning signs for the clinton campaign the number of request for early ballots are significantly down and several heavily democratic counties such as cuyahoga and franklin counties near cleveland
10:37 pm
sign is the makeup of those are requesting ballots a sheriff white voters who trump tends to the provost's of the share black voters intended to democratic is down. and places like iowa and ohio we're doing much better than previous candidates large part because we invested for absentee ballot early voting procedures. these current early vote numbers are a small sampler sample sampler of the total vote they do give us a glim the stands. they'd start to cast their ballots and both campaigns are continuing to hit the ground hard to given supposed to get out and vote early at&t anti- mortar have announced one of the largest mergers that media and your street has ever seen the two companies have agreed to attack up with $85 billion at&t his business is traditionally
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service but the merger would allow the company to expand into programming and gang axes to time warner's channels such as cnn tnt and hbo the deal needs to be approved by government regulators which could take more than a year to complete. certainly a neat out fit for a picture day a little girl is getting national attention for her fight for photos fathers more to this topic that her love for a superhero. the hard-hit these are coma for never believe what i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment.
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the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action
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a teen in and three day, after taking head during a soccer game when he woke up he was able to do something he could never do before thomas with the story. not really anything this is the collision late last month the return of ribbon life upside down. playing goalie fanelli gwinnett county -based national team made though for the ball. another player to tim in the head. reubens coach of the teenager stopped breathing several times he was coming back start throwing out.
10:42 pm
never seen it was bad. you thought you might lose him. and was airlifted to medical where he spent several days in a coma. when he did wake up his parent spoke home and spanish up first a the language should never spoken fluently before. for now ribbon stays home throwing a ball and watching games on tv. sometim there. but i am he hopes one day to be back home to pitch himself and does return his coat on him and every other goalie to wear a helmet. everyone's wedding waiting to that big thing happen try to prevent these things from happening earlier. that was tony thomas reporting his family friend fill up ago fun me count to help pay for ribbons medical bills so far
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it is rally tap and northeast ohio you can feel the excitement in the year how local businesses are preparing for a big crowds. saturday night live rallying
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it's almost here county and down the world series as cubs fan start heading our way. forcing businesses to almost double their orders on everything.
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cleveland is looking picture-perfect as people arrived for the world series. we are expecting huge crowds. and now some bunch of chicago fans coming and is can a be fun for us restaurants are making the final preps for fans someone waiting for chicago are already here still pinching themselves over the historic when. you have seen something that nobody else has seen least in your life and my lifetime i was ecstatic. that excitement soon on full display at restaurants .com. doesn't look like wet script tuesday the street will be electric filled with the cubs are the indians and many restaurant managers tell me there doubling their staff to
10:47 pm
eric anderson the manager of the greenhouse tavern says the world series is like the cherry on top of what will be an historic tuesday. now we have another 40 or 50,000 people just around the corner the mba roadshow stage already set up to welcome cavs fans when you add the indians in the cubs into the mix this will be a celebration hard to forget. i time my whole life. i'm sure that they'll be a lot of people here from the cabs into the rnc. with the indians in cavs again as a great year for cleveland the indians looking to top what many described as cleveland's unforgettable year and downtown
10:48 pm
each playoff game as one of the regular-season games there's no denying it we're in the world series. a bit of a makeover for the clubhouse. the new nameplates for the players and features the world series logo and trophy. and the jerseys getting an upgrade as well take a look at the players jerseys feature the world series patch on the right sleep. of course fox 8 is your official world series they cover the tribe like no one else. former tribe manager rizzo joins the news team during the world series our coverage right here in cleveland will begin at 4:00 o'clock take you right up until the first page rally together only on fox. it's can a be a chilly day for the world series chicago cubs fans i'm sure they're used to
10:49 pm
world series weather. all have that forecast coming up in a second it does include the risk of a few showers i'll let you know what date they i'm expecting that and speaking of showers we had some rain activity out there and are eastern counties from lake geauga ashtabula and over into trouble county most of us are dry but you he northeast corner and that's where we seen some rain even some thunder. lots of people tweeting at me hearing thunder out there. we do have this batch that produces lightning along the trumbull county and southern parts of ashtabula county we also have one along the i 90 quarter it's dripping down into jefferson now cold front is pushing through can't rule out
10:50 pm
however the bulk of it or state east of 77 the best threat comes you can see that on future east of 77 very spotty showers elsewhere. most of us will be dealing with the cloud cover through the night tonight and then tomorrow morning we do have those a few showers over into youngstown they're going to be very light at that point. artie start to see the cloudy skies clearing out the cause as he had into the late afternoon hours just before sunset and mainly clear. now one thing everyone is experiencing it's wendy out there. still 25 and worchester 24 in cleveland wends right now still out of the south and west he actually have the cold front starts to move into your area
10:51 pm
of this the showers are moving mainly south and east. that's why i'm talking about the extreme northeastern corner here really getting the bulk of the rain through the night tonight. we have this low continues to push across the area dragging a cold front with that notice how the direction is over our great lakes talking about late fx clouds. through the morning hours tomorrow. should be over with by noon far eastern areas western spots i do expect you to have a dry day altogether we are at 66 degrees but the cold front has yet to move through the area i'm locking that could temperature moving in at 55 degrees and minneapolis at 49th this was slip on into our area is going to feel different around here tomorrow afternoon 47th month
10:52 pm
some thunder out there tomorrow advisory out on the water. for 6-foot. fifty-three only the high tomorrow so much cooler still a little bit of a breeze here's your world series forecast first pitches 45 on tuesday 47 on wednesday 30 percent chance at the end of the game and a little bit of a breeze on wednesday as well here's a look at your extended forecast we're staying in the low 50s through the first part of the better shot of rain comes in on thursday. we head into halloween lots of sunshine through the day great for our trick-or-treaters. it's a good trick-or-treat forecast. a close call caught on camera an eye team tressa take a car with a child in the backseat the message his mother has for other parents a little girl spreading smiles with her school photo why there's much more to this
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites... the supreme court is wrong on the second amendment. hillary will lie about anything to get elected.
10:55 pm
the eye team has exclusive video of a thief stealing a car while a child set in the backseat this habit out side of the printer if you're with the my daughter was
10:56 pm
the thief steals an suv parked outside a day care seven -year-old girl the backseat mom in the day care dropping off her baby didn't know what was happening incredibly before the badge i kept driving off with a child he slammed on the brakes the girl scramble out mom says the girl told her the man had a gun. i outside this day care tuesday morning east 55th and broadway the day care is video camera see cameras see everything even saw this as the thief left that child he started to get out a please car happen to pass by than the clerk take off by himself how did that thief just drive away with that woman's car a police report shows she left the keys on the front seat also
10:57 pm
and her in the backseat. a day care manager happen to be checking the cameras on his phone and saw all this happened later even saw the bad guy had walked around the car before he stole it. i believe in childcare centers surveillance is a must. were not identifying moms the thief us are personal information and her car she left the keys by accident won't ever leave a child like that again and mom thinks this
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wendy's taco salad is back.
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ad. fresh chopped lettuce and tomatoes. classic chili and tortilla chips. if you remember wendy's taco salad... you're welcome! if you don't you will! the truck woman outrage after animal control accidentally euthanized her dog melissa jackson coco was being held on the way these quarantined because she got the neighbors


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