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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  October 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome back. it's 54 degrees outside and i'm kristi capel.
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>> is here. believe or not. the question is how cold will it get. at least thursday lorain. >> not like 1997. we have a copy quiz question coming up about that too. how about a world series theme? right now there's no rain or snow for that matter on strongbox. your not going to major umbrella but definitely a sweater or a windbreaker for sure. fifty-five the double nickel wayne's favorite temperature. fifty-three in akron canton and lorain.
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north olmsted, medford solon and canton. fifty-three out at rock creek and ashtabula county. fifty-one in charlotte. these are the warmest temperatures all day as the expectation as cold air funnels in behind that fast-moving cold front. it will keep our temperature steady and maybe even send it down a couple of degrees from what we are right now. cloud covers fairly extensive. downstate clear skies colder temperatures lake affect rain showers assembly during the late morning or early afternoon. the planner showing temperatures in the low 50s. pretty much through the afternoon will be in the mid- 40s by nine tonight. time to check traffic hears her very own patty harkin. >> can morning we have an accident watch out for if you're traveling for 80 eastbound watch
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the other great news if the innerbelt bridge as you head across no more barrels per it is wide open. ninety eastbound exit is now open as' 176 north on-ramp to 90 and was 14th entrance. as you travel 90 eastbound that ramp now has two lanes as says 171 north out and you head around the bed. both ramps now have two lanes to deal with the hopefully we'll see a much better rush-hour getting ready to go up in sky fox and i will give you a birds eye view of the inner belt in just a few moments. >> stage is set for games one of the world series. >> cleveland in his or in a for the first time in nearly two decades. let's check in with safety fry live outside the ballpark as players and fans are gearing up. >> good morning. fans can i have match for a better matchup the two teams in baseball with the longest title
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the chicago cubs. the indians will practice at progressive field yesterday for the first time since they won the way into the world series. front office employees we're soaking all in while fans hit the shops downtown buying there in the gear. this is a world series of fans in both these have been longing for an ticket prices reflected so for the average price for tickets sold online progressive field for games one and two are $1,600. 3900 in chicago according to the ticket tracker. >> there is going to be is can be crowded everywhere. his over a million dead here for the cows i can see about 4 million. >> this is as big as it gets. 108 years for the cubs and since 1948 for the tribe?
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the cubs of the heavy favorites to win the world series but that does not bother the tribe we been underdogs all along. i like corey kluber is going to get the start to grow night and her start in game two and we will see how that peak he is still enough. he might start game three instead. francona says he should be good to go for tomorrow night. >> it makes the numbers they are moshing after the game. >> they could easily get her. they've been tapping out to all of this. you can't miss the world series. >> and francona says there something about having about 37,000 fans to renew on that
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>> the clubhouse underwent a bit of a makeover for the world series. they had new locker room nameplates for the players with the world series logo. >> that's not all general caesar get an upgrade as well. take a look. this that patch on the right sleeve with a take the field tomorrow. >> like that your official world they can cover up like no one else. our covers for games one and two will begin at 4:00 p.m. >> several northeast health eaters will help fans get fired up for the world series with a special screening of the movie major-league tonight. the 1989 comedy about a ragtag indian team that wins despite the efforts of their owner will
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moviegoers will get special concession offers. >> two weeks away from election day until the candidates levers and politicians continue to hit the campaign trail very hard. joe biden making rounds here in ohio today. >> he will be campaigning for hillary clinton. first to make a stop here in cleveland. we are live at the convention center with more on this visit. >> good morning everyone we do know the vice president is a huge supporter of hillary clinton. he's been here in cleveland for many rallies but this morning is going to be here for something else near and dear to his heart. that is trying to find a cure for cancer. his son died last year from a battle with brain cancer and is
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find a cure. at teddy undiscerning vice president biden will be the cleveland clinic medical innovation summit to discuss cancer moonshot. is aiming to make a decade worth of advances in cancer prevention and care in just five years after this morning cleveland biden will campaign for clinton at events about dayton and ohio. in cleveland. as for donald trump he's been hitting the campaign trail hard trout told the audience that cleveland in particular has suffered from the loss of manufacturing jobs and that he will stop american comedies from moving jobs to foreign countries. >> when i'm president, if companies want to fire the workers, and leave for mexico or some other place, then we will charge them a 35 percent tax when they want to ship their products back into united
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>> don't trump truck also outlined when he would do his first 100 days if elected president which includes trade cuts renegotiating trade deals and tax cuts and regulation. for more information on his visit had to fox8 .com. as for hillary clinton she was just a charlotte. we will hear from her coming up in the next half hour. time now 539 weather and traffic just a had. >> getting ready to wal ballgame. what dozens or in cleveland are doing to handle the big crowds. >> and from ghosts and goblins to pirates and princesses get your trick-or-treat costumes ready. fox8 has you covered this halloween. for a complete list of trick-or-treat times in each
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had a high of 68 yesterday. while it will not need raingear. there could be a light shower. winds gusty from the lead a nice warm jacket or a windbreaker. here's a line of showers that wants to form. another one around lorain. anything that comes down has midget will be very light. better chance for rain late wednesday on into thursday. that may affect the second game. of the world series. be aware that you may need to grab your slicker on the way out the door wednesday night if you heading to progressive field. tomorrow looks terrific for game one. gradual clearing temperatures in the low 50s. it's going to be a windy day
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>> it's almost here. we are now counting down to the world series. some cub fans are already in town. >> and they're expecting businesses to double the orders are just about everything. it's good for businesses. >> is very good and if you're a cubs fan, welcome. we hope you enjoy cleveland. the getting ready for a big week ahead. restaurants are making those final preps for the fans. the receptor welcoming cavs answered the cavs have a game thrown i. the nexus of your salvation hard to forget. eric anderson says the world series is kind of like the cherry on top of what's going to be in a store tuesday. >> respecting a good crowd anyway because of the cavs game. now we have another 40 or 50,000 people. >> as i was parking will be a premium so rta will be recommended if you are coming downtown there is expected to be a ton of people.
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good morning. welcome back. i'm patty harkin. it is windy down here at the
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zoom still does not have hand soldered is time to put away the shorts. the innerbelt bridge is wide open this morning. that's what we're going to show you in sky fox. get a senate inside to aj where it is just a little bit warmer. >> good morning. >> tabby wears a winter coat? usually she has a winner co. if it is below 80-degree she has a winter coat i love patty. >> storm strongbox no rain right now. let's see if we can keep it that way. fifty-four in brunswick, 55 mentor. bart and 5465. fifty-six westlake hudson at the two and 54 at massa led and
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coast boston down to the big city. more showers down to the lakes including lake superior and lake michigan. some lake effect rain showers are not out of the question. partly sunny, breezy quite a bit cooler. wayne, look at that. hawkins airport lets all sit together 55. double nickels. and a little wind chill out there too. fifty-three in akron and 50 at youngstown. tonight 39 degrees. partly to mostly clear skies. it's going to be a chilly start to tomorrow morning. i know wayne and christie are extremely happy about that because you'll be a progressive field. they are excited about being at progressive field.
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a fine night for baseball coming up for tomorrow night. as temperatures will be in the mid- 40s but at least this not like 1997 i supposed to maps the motion showing high pressure dipping in later tonight into tomorrow. the winds will still be off the lake which could potentially be problematic alleys for the first part of the day. this warm from will not make it in. we check the details of the forecast. first pitch is at 808. and it will be pretty chilly. winds are north f5-9 miles an hour. then for wednesday's game, wednesday night the entire world series games will be right here on fox8. temperatures of 47 degrees and
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wednesday. here's the fox a day forecast best chance for rain coming up on thursday with a high of 57 degrees. and then for friday expected to dry out a little bit 58 degrees. scattered showers on saturday near 60 heading into the last week in of october and halloween looks good right now. temperatures in the mid- 50s. we could do worse by octo >> that's true. >> i was shopping in every but he was buying indian apparel. sweatshirts and teachers were left there all the sweatshirts were gone. >> scott sabol said he washes his we would indians jersey so maybe that's good luck. >> i won't be borrowing that. [laughter] >> there's a church in canada has a key part of a statue back
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jesus as the ontario church last year. a replacement would use but it looked a big off to most people. the priest says a woman delivered the original on friday saying that the have some personal problems are charges happy to have a back and does not plan to press charges sexpot howling is that sick thousands of zombies took over through the mexico city over the weekend. they strolled the city for the annual a zombie walk. aesthetic feasting on they donated canned goods to a food bank. only-if you're just getting up 5:51 a.m. bill murray has a seat at in kalis funny films and is wacky a lecture on the-the big honor he does receive for providing america with decades of laughter
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saturday november 5 at 3:00 p.m. join rivers of the fox8 family for a fun filled event. >> designed to support the anti- oaks foundation which provides scholarships and programs and coats, hats and gloves for local
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments.
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-even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland and i approve this message. bilbrey has a statutory after being on for a lifetime achievement in comedy. bill murray appear at the white house briefing incomes gear on friday. received a book of mark twain for saving a prize for american humor at the kennedy center.
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we have tom hanks. a start in kalis films dozens who work with great lake david letterman and sigourney weaver and his ghostbusters costars. we won't hold it against him because we have tom hanks. >> howling comity is proving to be not take down action hero-the film is the seventh featuring tyler perry. rounding out the top three was a traditional horror flick despite the reviews the origin of evil received just over $13 million. >> triple nickels as a time right now. [laughter] i love you. [laughter]
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let's check storm fox featuring nothing. no rain. the how about the eight hour forecast. >> check out these numbers. starting out in the mid- 50s and look at the temperatures did they are sliding in the wrong direction. delete a sweater on the way out the door. clouds will be for some sunshine. the world series forecast is minutes. i hope you stick around for that. >> lacing cats to deal with a rodent problem. see how it can reduce though
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what come back. you often hear people say it's a dog eat dog world. that outside a convention center in new york is now a cat sitter. several ariel building in manhattan to help curb the rat population. cats we're brought up the initiative for their fix and return to the colony. for cats have been seen patrolling the loading docks after food deliveries and trash people were arrested late cannot. neighbors calling the plan a fantastic use of cats. >> that's the news about monday morning.
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>> good morning everyone. >> its is world series week. monday october 24. >> we are in the world series. >> i'm krt >> and i'm wayne dawson. >> let's check in with aj colby. >> i wayne, high christie. i love your energy. it is a gusty start. a little windy out there the winds are really cranking up and rain showers have moved out of the area at least for now. there could be some lake effect rain later on and it would be


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