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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  October 24, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone. >> its is world series week. monday october 24. >> we are in the world series. >> i'm krt >> and i'm wayne dawson. >> let's check in with aj colby. >> i wayne, high christie. i love your energy. it is a gusty start. a little windy out there the winds are really cranking up and rain showers have moved out of the area at least for now. there could be some lake effect rain later on and it would be
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little bands would assemble but will continue to monitor the skies here. storm fox is all dry this morning. don't forget to grab a nice warm coat. these are the warmer center temperatures will be. a sweater would be in order today or a windbreaker if you have to be out and about. fifty-four in cleveland 53 akron canton. fifty in worcester. look at the winds out of the north as 16 miles an hour. and gust to 25 miles an hour. that will get her attention been otherwise gradual clearing and much cooler today. those gusty winds will persist. temperatures around 50 a new time. fifty-three windy and cool at 5:00. world series forecast in detail alone for a day outlook coming up in mere moments. now it's traffic time with patty.
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we are in sky fox right above downtown. there is the innerbelt bridge and it is open. it is wide open. no more barrels. looks good coming across the innerbelt bridge. you now have two lanes available on 71. that is also true for the rams from 90 eastbound both of those ramps now have two lanes to get onto the innerbelt bridge were going to see how that affection morning commute. hopefully it could eliminate some of that congestion. also jihad across your now able to exit at carnegie and you can now have a ramp from west 76 northbound getting onto 90 eastbound as well as the west
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good news for travelers on the innerbelt bridge the rams are open and things are looking good. >> breaking news we are fall and spring fire crews are trying to figure out what sparked an overnight house fire. >> the fire started about midnight in a elyria township. this is video. crews needed about three hours to get the flames under control. the fire department says who lived in the home were on vacation. at this point the calling the fire suspicious to arson peskind will be unseen later on this morning no firefighters were injured during battling the flames. >> day one of the big celebration here in cleveland. we are one day away from the world series. >> we have is celebrating for weeks. cleveland indians attempting to make history with the first
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>> how could you not be excited. chris is coming early in cleveland. the same night the cavaliers get the raise and razor temperature rally. and they face the chicago cubs the only other team in major league baseball is waited longer than the tribe to win the world series. sticker prices reflected. >> everybody from out of town is coming because i know i can afford it. >> say wrote tickets are about $800. their $2,000 at wrigley field in chicago on friday. most of us will have to settle for a new t-shirt and a front row seat at the tv in front of your tv i your living room. w big party on the positron night for the first night and of course the celebration of the cavaliers. indians had a workout here at the ballpark yesterday. denny cells are pitched a couple
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india bans were cheering on the players. they have a few injuries to deal with. >> we're going to hold off as long as we can with trevor just to get the most information we can. i think works all right we would like him to pitch the seon paper which saw that with the trend in the last series. >> we are ready to go. game want to throw night at 8:00. as a secular most of us will be not able to afford a ticket so home and five are to get them forever television. on a positive note, if you can get world series to get you can get into their house game on sunday for $13.
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>> i think they're going to get a win on sunday. [laughter] the official world series schedule is now complete. game one and two in cleveland tuesday and wednesday will start at 808. and three report of four will be a chicago at the same time. the game five in chicago on sunday would start at 8:15 p.m. game six of seven will be at progressive field. that will be necessary because we're going to win. of course, you can watch them all right here on fox8. >> the it is will host watch parties that wrigley field. >> fox8 is your official world series day covering the tribe like no one else. our coverage for games one and two will begin at 4:00 p.m. and they'll take you right up to
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vice president joe biden is campaigning for hillary clinton in ohio. >> his first off will be available to step talking politics we talk about something else near and dear to his heart. that is finding a two or four cancer. >> good morning. our vice vice president will be here about 10:00 a.m. he'll be here at the convention center. he's not ashley speaking about the election season is that he's clinic big innovation summit that takes place to the vice president is in charge of the effort to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. his son died last are following a battle with brain cancer. it his mission to find a cure. >> he will also campaign for hillary clinton in at toledo and dayton area later today. we just over two weeks ago until election day, both hillary and
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the campaign trail target campaigns are focusing on the idea of a rigged system. don't alleged the election could be influenced by widespread voter flawed. >> is broken, it's crappy they want me to take that back. good to you. it's a rigged system. >> he refused to say that he would respect the results of our election. i have to admi asked the question, i assumed he was say what everybody's always said which is hey, of course. because to say he will respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy. >> election officials and academics who study alexis a assist that is not rate and the doctrine is wrong.
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knowledge did he speak about the election we talked about many things about why he would do in his first days as president. head over to fox8 .com, you can find all the information. joe biden will be here at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> weather and traffic every eight minutes is just had. >> a tour buses slams into a big group killing people. what investigators have learned about the speed >> plus another mega- media merger. if it gets approved at&t would gain control of who that would be. >> good morning. good morning. it's a cool start to the day and even cooler finish as temperatures slide a little be here on the fox 8 hour forecast. it's as warm as it will be all day right now. we'll see how the forecast looks for the world series and beyond
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>> good morning a day were talking about the innerbelt bridge all give you another construction note that will affect your morning commute. cleveland clinic is now ranked number two hospital in the nation and number one in heart
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612 on a monday morning.
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it turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday. sunshine and a great-looking sunset. looks like even some virgo there in the background is persisted precipitation falling into a try hermas and evaporating before you hit the ground. no rain this morning on store box. there was earlier but was mainly confined to the east side. may have seen a flash of alighting or hurt a rubble of thunder last night as a the line of thundershowers assembled out over lake erie. temperatures hit for degrees in just the last two hours. we're down to 53 in cleveland. these are the warmest temperatures for the day. fifty-three and akron canton and 51 at youngstown. our high was up to 68.
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we were in the 60s paris much after the noon hour. we stayed in the 60s all the way until about midnight. nice to hang in there with temperatures above average for the sum of fear. there is the line of rain it's heading very quickly. this weather system barreled through here yesterday at this time was up in the air ahead of minnesota for southern alberta province and raced to the southe showers off northwest northwest expected as the forecast maps indicate a possible isolated lake rain shower. that would be more of a renegade or rogue situation. whinger gussie of the north and northwest. 15-20 my hour sustained winds when gusts over 25. potentially the winds continue to ease a little bit on tuesday
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53 degrees should do it for the high today. daytime temperatures hovering around 53. quite a bit cooler than yesterday. partly to mostly clear. thirty-nine is a nighttime low and morning temperature tomorrow risk and cool northwest wind. tomorrow upon for a high of 50 partly to mostly sunny skies. us easily cool by about 10 degrees as high pressure contines should work its magic as well for tuesday. we'll pull out tuesday and show you the game one roasters forecast temperatures in the mid- 40s, partly cloudy and chile. winds will be north 6-9 miles an hour. and of course you can catch the game only on fox 8 galicia going to be a progressive field. either find that game right here. >> rain on thursday dry for
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saturday. highs near 60 degrees. traffic tie with patty. >> we are in sky boxes a lot give everybody a high the heads up. this is that ramp that are traveling 77 northbound and you want to get to east 22nd 990, it usually has two lanes available. not so much. they got squeeze into just one way. that's 77 northbound. they do have the cones. they are and that left lane stuff can be a tight squeeze. we definitely will keep an eye on that for you. that's if you're heading into downtown that ramp is down to one lane. the innerbelt bridge is wide open. you can now exit at carnegie if you'd like. we haven't been able to do that
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as is the 176 northbound ramp. a lot of ramps open and the bridge is wide open this morning and looking good as you head in. >> emergency crews had use a crane to search for victims after a tour bus slammed into a big rig in california. thirteen people died and 3031 others are her. hour because of maintenance on the road. and the bus was going so fast it up going 15 feet into the trailer. the bus driver was one of the people killed or most of the victims were sleeping at the time of the crash they were returning from a trip to a casino just after 5:00 a.m. yesterday. >> please ogallala do for men who shot two police officers last night. the suspects is believed to be carrying an ak-47 cops responded
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fire. low shot in the foot of the other has a leg injury. they returned fire and they hit him twice but he was able to get away. a four -year-old girl killed and her mother hurt after their new pet dog attacked them. friends of the family and michigan told police the mom and are outside with the doberman mix yesterday when it attacked the there are poorly just got the dog treat place another dogma have recently died the the mother was taken to the hospital with injuries to her ad from the home by animal control. >> a huge media merger could be where of the biggest ever. att is proposing to buy time warner in a deal announced saturday night. it would be worth $85 billion. a judge recently acquired drug to be forgetting time or it was everything from hbo disunion to march madness basketball games. the deal still must be approved by regulators and that could
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say with this an update on the weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> plus we keep looking for positive news a result of the browns games. we're not stopping now. so monday morning greg pruitt is here within his take on what happened yesterday.
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log him back. i'm patty harkin. we are in sky fox. big news this morning is the innerbelt bridge. it's wide open. if you're taking the jennys
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eastbound. you are now able to exit at carnegie and the 14 street entrance is open. enjoy the innerbelt bridge as we head into this wonderful world series week. >> is that innerbelt bridge nice? it's a lovely drive. patty's right. what a forecast as we head into the world series. gradual clearing today. very gradual. if we see any sound today that will be a bonus. not every place will be overcast. here's the world series forecast. first pitch at 8:08 p.m. tuesday tomorrow night is going
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wednesday could be seen a few rain showers and 47 degrees but i think the showers will hold off until after the seventh inning stretch. best friend going with right now. we will head outside and just a couple of minutes. >> another game for the browns and another quarterback injured. >> a cost of rounds to get the chance to get their first win of the season i guess the cincinnati bengals. trigon field-goal range. looks like they're going to go deep. down the field. it is deflected and they score. >> they hauled in that he'll marry at the end of verse have to give them a 21 penalty for 159 yards and a score. the browns tried to rally behind rookie kevin hogan after kassar was taken out a concussion.
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made it a four-point game he ran for 104 yards but on the bagels next possession jerry hill scored on a 74-yard touchdown run. browns can recover after that. 31-70 and then dropped to zero and seven. >> lost to talk about. we are here-we are here with. >> there is expected if it wasn't for bad luck, we would have any route look at all. >> he is everyday. scotty frustrating. you try to get young guys to play a different level. and there's another say this is the game is played 99 percent on the neck out. and if you watch teams are now doing the coming up with these crazy formations defense and
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should i do is costing them place. i've never seen summary long runs from scrimmage. >> we look back the day were 11 guys have to execute with their supposed execute and a defensive play is a big one. they end up overloaded to the right. same team now is a look abuse said he is one step from being in position. they fail to bring this out. they do a terrible job of managing the clock. they had one player left and a hail mary. >> we have another quarterback to win down yesterday. >> i don't know. we are going to recruit your
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>> is difficult situation for the browns. knowledge is quarterbacks all positions are affecting the brown and how the play. >> the office of line leaving the qu?bec out to dry. >> looking back at the rounds this viewpoint of all these guys a could of been there here. >> they fall away to the end. they will quit until it's all over. so far they seem to have dug themselves a whole they can't get out of. yes get healthy yet to keep trying to improve and we are discovering some guys that no one would not even have played.
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results be a pretty good writer. eight other in trouble you have somebody cormac injured in any have a quarterback ryan for a hundred some yards. because that's what she left with. >> only going to win a game the season? >> i think we will win a game. >> is a somewhat. >> is going to be difficult. >> i think murder the coaches they say never see a jockey harry a horse over the finish line and that's true. he can't fight the game for negative keep trying to repair them. and hope they don't repeat the mistakes. and hopefully a mistake is not so big we can overcome. >> hopefully we will have
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>> i say to all the fans, hang in there. i know it's tough. [laughter]
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
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this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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world series 2016. it feels so good to say that. we have the forecast coming up. and the front yard skunk literally feet away. let's move it along before things spiral out of control. i wonder if this will go viral. had i stepped inside? >> that's a little too close for comfort. there is a look at our sunset. a beautiful sunset last night. no rain on store box.
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eastern counties with rain. no rain right now. the lake is the cauldron. water temperature 63. around the buckeye state 48 in mansfield. looks like the cold spot in the state right now. fifty-three in cleveland. so on, canada, north olmsted all 53. bedford 52. and hugging the shore line temperatures are a little bit warmer. the winds will keep the hermas pretty well mixed. you can see some thunder there. you may have heard a rumble of thunder or two. meanwhile may well it's sliding do fairly quickly. high pressure is drifting in right out of the north-you keep
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i think ally stew most of wednesday. look at the upper level wind flow. it really stays northwest. quite a bit low average in the temperature department. forecast for today, partly sunny, might be a little optimistic. temperatures hovering in the low 50s. partly to mostly clear. chilly night. breast, cool northwest winds. unseasonal cool tomorrow. mostly sunny. here is the forecast for the world series. that's an 8:08 p.m. first fish. mid 40s. you'll need to bundle up. wednesday 47.
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feeling cool. here is a look at and i think the skunk moved away. [laughter] here is the a day forecast for rain is likely on thursday. he is a little too close for comfort. saturday has a few showers around. [laughter] >> i was a little concerned. but the when my blow in my direction. [laughter] >> we will take it from here. [laughter] >> last check in with patty harkin. she is life in sky fox. >> good morning. we are in sky fox traveling along 71 northbound as we head
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seventy-one north you now have two lanes. also 176 northbound jennings freeway that ran to a 90 eastbound is now open. innerbelt bridge is wide open. you can now exit 90 east at carnegie. just a little heads up, if you're traveling 77 northbound you get off at 22nd-east 14th brandt. as you continue on toward 22nd two try making way on july 90 it does go down to one lane on that ramp reader we had to answer the have to watch for that for this morning's commute. that could make it quite crowded. seventy-one and 90 should have some relief from congestion now that both of those rams had two lanes getting onto the innerbelt
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>> thank you patti. >> just one day's wife the start of the 2016 world series. >> facing off with the two teams with the longest title drought. safety friday is like a permissive field. >> 68 years the company it is an 108 the cup since they won a world series. the cavs arrived in town lane at hopkins airport last night. who settled down here. they're settling in for games one and two tuesday and wednesday night. the indians had the still just a for the first workout. >> indians employees were there behind home plate. indians ace corey kluber will get one for the drive. josh tomlin. against two and three.
6:38 am
retrieved. comes on the heavy favorites to win it all and all but that doesn't matter to the indians who having underestimated all along. >> i've never seen cleveland be the over dog. i'm sorry. feeling time for the over dog was the brave- >> stress people want to count us out. i think wherever works for us. each individual is was best. as some peopl underdog and is driving it. i'm sure.
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there was one part of the game that fans would rather forget. that's the unusual rendition of take me out to the ballgame by scottie pippen.
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[laughter] he had a little trouble. he was high. he was low. it was all over the place. [laughter] i think he had a good time. [laughter] that was funny. >> maybe we should bring him to cleveland. >> nevermind.
6:41 am
will visit cleveland today to highlight-a medical summit. >> good morning. we are deftly getting closer to the vice president's arrival. a lot of security out here. a couple of dogs have a searching the area making sure everything is safe for his arrival. that's trying to find a cure for cancer. his son died of cancer last year. the vice president will speak at the cleveland convention center this morning to the medical innovations. the event features thousands of liters waybrant avengers to discuss drug pricing, artificial intelligence and the impact of the presidential election. he's artie had a big impact on the year. he's made several trips around the country supporting hillary
6:42 am
>> clinton campaign has been highlighted his blue-collar, middle class cruise to win over undecided voters in key swing states. it's apparent he's been she's been laid out the state of november's election and highlighting her vision for america which he said will be overshadowed by donald trump. >> this anger me. this behavior. trump's behavior, trans actions have been so outrageous there has been no time to be able to cover the stuff that really matters. >> reset comments have made some headlines of negative headlines this week when asked whether he wanted to defeat truong he says he was there high school and he would take him out back the gym. a lot of people say that's
6:43 am
>> asphodel jumped lucius in town this weekend. he had a lot of good thing to say about cleveland. we will hear from him coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. >> updating your weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> plus how well does your marriage proposal go? a new study says most of them will go as planned. star today's-no school sits cool schools. you still nomine.
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good morning. welcome back. i'm patty harkin. all the lanes are open on the inner belt. now we have an accident. we just watch the guys pushed their veh they still have part of that right lane blocked. before the overpass that's when the accident happened. there is debris and that steadily. we see fire trucks trying to get over to the scene. once they get there, it's going to be a mess. the center lanes do have quite a bit of debris.
6:47 am
it's really affecting traffic about the inner belt and on 77. that ramp up to eastwick second is down to one lane. coupled with the accident scene traffic is a very slow ride right now as far as the eye can see. you're backing up now toward pershing. less than a back inside to wait a christie. >> thank you. >> less get plugged in with todd meany. >> good morning. talking about marriage proposals. a study cannot say there's a 30 percent of marriage proposals actually go according to plan. >> we not know how to do this by now. >> a lack times guys they put the ring and then champagne glass away record a lot of flying times things go along for most common is the location to
6:48 am
going to have is close to your partner is tired. the weather. if you doing outside. just the way things that can go wrong. my wife was sick the whole day. fever, cold and you trying to propose. >> i had all plan. that was what went wrong for us. even our turned out to be great >> what went wrong for your proposal? order to go purposely? you can get a hold of us. facebook twitter or instagram. voicemail lines are open. >> thank you. we are going to play the coffee quiz will we come back. >> right now it's time for the careerboard job of the day.
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technician. for more information log on to fox8 .com an wendy's taco salad is back. wendy's had a taco salad? wendy's had a taco salad. fresh chopped lettuce and tomatoes. classic chili and tortilla chips. if you remember wendy's taco salad...
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wacha back to fox8 news in the morning i'm patty harkin is sky fox. we are slow from 480 and slowdown taking us all the way into downtown. the colbert is an accident before tester. it was blocking the center lane. right lane is still blog. this is still delayed coming up 77. there is a bunch of debris in the road. blocking those two center lanes. that's adding to these delays. plus 77 northbound ramp takes you up to east 22nd that ramp is down to one lane. laddies palms condescend they delay 77 and of course innerbelt bridge is self is now affected with the accident before tester. we'll send it back to a day with
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thank you. our eight-day forecast keeps temperatures in the low 50s today. and it looks like chile first pitch for our world series drive and the cubbies looks like the second game wednesday could have -that's my story and i'm sticking to it. >> we have samantha brooks all the way from cleveland ohio. >> high samana. >> good to have you here. samantha said she watches the coffee quiz all the time. >> she should be an expert. >> like you said she's an expert. were talking about the world series. that's a shocker. let's see if mr. sable can continue that. >> you may of heard 1997 world
6:54 am
history. what were the wind chills? they play the marlins were talking here in cleveland. when they played on a florida- >> it was 10-3 of leave. >> these are wind chills. there is like 42-32-18 or 0. >> you have to follow semantically. >> mondo let us down. >> i'm going to say 18. >> i agree. >> i'm going was samantha. >> to do the right thing. >> it was a frigid 18 degrees. samantha. nicely done. you're going to get mcdonald's gift certificates for a $50 gift
6:55 am
family four pack to cleveland metropark's it brew at the zoo. >> that's great. >> congratulations. >> thank you. hi mom. >> have a great day. >> thank you. >> nice job. >> let's talk things over to kenny crumpton. >> good morning. nothing like a beautiful morning in cleveland. will he come back were talking about the boys at banter.
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we're starting on the corner of detroit west 74. we are in the gordon square arts district and talking to the banter boys. it's a restaurant. good morning. >> banter, tell everybody put that sell about. >> if a sausage restaurant here in gordon square. the unique thing about it is we're also a retail beer and wine store. sort nice hybrid restaurant for the neighborhood. >> we say putin of a lot people don't even know if that is is
6:59 am
food of canada canada that is three main ingredients brown gravy and cheese curds and you can do different variations on that. >> we were pretty worried that people will boycott is [laughter] >> we're going to introduce folks to critique and introduce into the huge inventor belgian ales and wine to have. >> we carry roughly about five her peers 400 frontlines and we would love to show people around. [laughter] fox8 news at 7:00 starts right
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? music playing ? block of the fox8 news on this monday morning in a city we r&d the championship city and we are preparing to add another with cleveland it is argued ready to take on the chicago cubs. good morning everybody my name is wayne dawson. >> and i am kristi capel. let's check in with aj colby for a look at the weather. >> good morning. hope you guys e start everybody. a few showers this morning. it was early this morning now strongbox is all dry. nothing going on out there. there could be a passing renegade or rogue lake shower. it will be the exception rather than the rule. it's cool out there 52 in cleveland and akron. but a decent amount of wind cruising in out of the north
7:01 am
we have when gusts as well gusting to 21. we will forecast today is for a very gradual clearing. much cooler temperatures. and at times gusty winds. there's a planner for the day. when you come cool 53 of five. a brisk will not read temperatures in the mid- 40s. let's check traffic traffic with patty. >> we have a problem appear alo this accident commute is the fire crews are blockage right lane. the eastbound exit is available so people can still exit. the right lane is blocked along 90 and this is really a mess out here. we counted three cars involved in this accident. this is what we're dealing with on carnegie the right lane is
7:02 am
maybe the jays freeway ortega 777 and a ramp 90 eastbound is now open. not the best out here on the inner belt and 77. >> breaking news overnight. fire crews spent several hours battling a house fire on rosewood street in elyria township. this is video sent into us. it took firefighters about three hours to get the slaves under control bex people who lived in the home are now on vacation at this point they're calling the fire suspicious and investors will be of. >> the stage is that for game one of the world series. >> we are rallying together. failing in its for the time in only two decades. let's check in with stacey frey live at the ballpark as players
7:03 am
big game. >> good morning baseball fans cannot have asked for a better matchup. two major league teams with the longest title drought the cleveland indians and the chicago cubs it is brought here practicing at progressive field on sunday getting ready for game one which is tomorrow night. there were few employees sitting in the seats so can all in wall fans hit the shops downtown wind their indians gear. this is a world series that both cities have been lying for an temperate ticket prices reflect that. average price online is $1,600 for seats in cleveland and 3900 in chicago according to the ticket tracker. >> it's going to be crowded everywhere. there's over a million done here
7:04 am
>> as is as big as it is. 108 years the cubs and since 1948 for the tribes. >> it's been a long time. to longer a lifetime. corey kluber will get to start in game one of the world series turow night here at progressive field. trevor bauer like to start a game to or may begin three depending on that peaky finger. jason catnip his ankle celebrating a big win last wednesday. he should be ready to go francona says. >> stacey frey live at progressive field. world series begins tuesday wednesday start at 808 and three and four will be in chicago.
7:05 am
you can catch them all right here on fox8. >> or you can watch the games with other tribes stands there will be some watch parties at progressive field. it will be shown on the big scoreboard. a small ticket feed will benefit charity. >> fox8 years official world's to series station. our coverage figures one a you up to the first pitch. >> just over two weeks away from election day. the kennedys, slavers and politicians continue to hit the campaign trail hard. vice president joe biden making his rain rounds in ohio. >> first he's going to make a stop. cleveland. jessica dill is live with more on his visit which actually isn't directed at the campaign.
7:06 am
we do know vice president is a huge play clinton supporter and he's been here supporting hillary but his stop in cleveland at the convention center is it actually about hillary. as set as though something else near and dear to his heart and that's helping to find a cure for cancer. his son died a year ago after a battle with brain cancer. at 10:00 a.m. he will be at the cleveland clinic medical innovation summit to discuss cancer moon shots are to make a decade where the advances in prevention and care in five years. >> fighter will campaign later for events in both ancient and toledo. we will hunt you get that clinton's this is for america is stronger than ever with an economy that works for everyone not just those of the talker as the dots on peace and feed the campaign trail harvard included a visit to cleveland at the i exited trump told the audience that cleveland in particular has suffered from lots of manufactured jobs and he will
7:07 am
losing jobs to foreign countries. >> winepress if companies want to fire their workers and leave for mexico or some other place, that we will charge them a 35 percent tax when they want to ship their products back into the united states. >> don't shout talked a lot about his love for cleveland and why he would do in his first 100 days as president. if elected you can head to with a recap of his entire visit. we will hear from hillary and her visit in charlotte in the next 45 minutes. >> hillary clinton now leads by double digits in some polls. >> will tie it was some studies are still worried after the break. >> plus early voting in full swing. how do people have artie voted and why is it bad news for the
7:08 am
>> fox 8 hour forecast. showing a good deal of cloud cover. temperatures are holding steady. things looking up in the forecast department. we will have that coming up in just a minute. good morning patty. >> good morning. we're so excited about the innerbelt bridge being open and alleviated some of the congestion however that looks pretty congested. i will tire the just a mullet. cleveland clinic is ranked number two hospital in the
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walking back. breaking these an airplane crash after takeoff from a multi- international airport montgomery officials say that the prop plane tips right and crashed into the ground burst into flames and killing all five people on board. the plane was carrying french officials who are monitoring drug dozens of flights were delayed or canceled. >> donald trump hitting the campaign trail down in florida were early voting begins today. we will democratic rival hillary clinton is a new hampshire as the poll show her now with a double digit lead. she continues to slam the gop nominee for saying he might not concede if he loses the election
7:12 am
if she makes her message to parson and she could turn voters away. trump still believes he killing the site despite trailing in polls. >> to say he will respect results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy >> investors the most accurate poll from the last election and the two elections before that just announce that we are points. >> democratic vice president nominee tim kaine campaign down in florida and gop vice presidential candidate mike pence made two stops in north carolina just over two weeks before 5.3 million people have artie cast ballots in several states including in ohio. their press have housebroken been very strong in early voting
7:13 am
ow ballots are down suitably in several heavily democratic counties including cuyahoga in franklin. number of white voters is up on the share of black voters is down. >> rush-hour traffic on a monday morning. >> patty harkin is over sky fox is in sky fox. >> are so excited about all the leaves be open on innerbelt bridge and this is how we are grievous mourning. yikes. unfortunately we have an accident. and the exit. police are still blocking the right lane. it was a mess eye while ago. crews are i hear clean up a ton of debray. of debris was also left is the backup. it's backed up all the way to 71
7:14 am
seventy-seven itself your backed up before 480 and the ramps on 480 west getting on is heavy. something to keep in mind all of this backup that ran from 77 northbound as you get up onto east way second and 90, that rabbits down to one lane. that ramp is down to one lane. that is also adding to our problems this morning. >> less than it over to aj for look at the forecast. >> it is a breezy morning i hear. yet temperatures that are about as warm as they're going to be. if you're feeling the chill now, you'll feel the chill later. ten thames stayed in the low 50s. let's have a look at what turned out to be a nice sunset last night. you can see high-level clouds
7:15 am
rain to the eastside. what a beautiful shot. the kubeisa lake effect showers of the liquid variety. the lake is not the place to be this afternoon. 4-6 but waves. fortys off to the western medford of 50. solon and can do both at 52. north olmsted is 51. bainbridge 52. a well mixed air mass. not surprise we have homogenous temperatures. there's a little band of lake effect rain off of lake huron.
7:16 am
into late geauga and ashtabula county later this morning. computer models are indicating a line of lake effect showers. most of us will not see a draw. that from pole to very quickly. we even heard a few rumbles of thunder. high pressure are weather watch and with continued northwest aloft. that will keep our temperatures quite a bit low average. partly sunny. only 53 for a daytime town. those winds are gusting out of the northwest. partly-mostly clear and 39. unseasonably cool tomorrow. fifty. here's a forecast approaching only watch that on fox. first pitch 808. tuesday and wednesday. chile. those winds will be coming in
7:17 am
a little bit lighter winds tomorrow. rain on thursday best chance ashley for rain. low 50s on sunday. mid- 50s on monday. that's the way things are shaping up. >> he is still here. he's right there. don't make me move clos >> fortunately i am downwind. >> good morning todd. >> we were talking about marriage proposals are they surveyed 500 groups instead only 13 percent of marriage proposals ashley go according to plan. a lot of times these are very elaborate. his dinner and the ring and whatever afterwards. people hire hot air balloons in
7:18 am
marriage proposals are very eventful but appellate and was goes wrong things like your photographer doesn't show up. which apparently has talk to people. it are outdated of showed by a another proposal taking place. that kind of takes the wind out of the sails to your partner overindulging at lunch and refusing to come out that night. or just knower to celebrate afterwards. here some comments. when i proposed my wife was all planned. i would go down money and the person nixie pulled up a chair so i had no room to go down on one knee. >> in the comment. my was perfect he did on her birthday he had a cake with the ring in the middle of the cake. he also by my parents so they
7:19 am
>> watch what piece of cake you we. >> us for a true. >> polices as a husband posey over a local widow since we both listen to and was of a birthday and he did not give me for my birthday. his etiquette thing or a bad thing? a copout for the birthday? >> i think is a good thing because you still together. we appreciate the comments are how is your marriage proposal. due to go as planned over something there that the runoff. i'm not talking about she said no but if you had a story to and hear. we have more coming up. >> i got so excited. i had. >> kenny crumpton is on the city's west side. good morning. >> good morning. we are in the square arts
7:20 am
place called banter. kicking it can with kenny is next time now for the fox8 stork report this is live from cleveland. her mom says six -week-old loves her brothers is always smiling. to have your little one featured in the stork report just does upload a picture to fox8 .com. if your pictures will send you a stork report
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
good morning. where the gordon square corner of 70 in a local restaurant the great concept. >> when you walk in it doesn't
7:24 am
we specialize in a lot of things that you might not find in your big box broke grocery stores. want to expose people to a wider range of great wine and beer. what kind of a combination beer and wine store. a really neat and cool thing not only is all this you can drink it here as well. we have one of the top selections in town. >> and will segue from willy wonka be a room to the wine store. how many different wines to have? >> we carry roughly about 300 winds 300-400 depending on time of year. our philosophy is we did want to beer.
7:25 am
curated list which we want the people came in to look for the shelves even if they were unfamiliar want to make sure matter what they pick is going to be a home run. this is a prime example of up cycling. be the all lillard was able to procure from elyria high school. we spent most of the summer individually lane the for it took several months. i had a few beers in the process. >> so people check out the nic moore here and then as a say this is where the magic happens. >> this our main dining area. when people come in with a
7:26 am
dining area beer minor here but this is what's the preview. >> is is three main degrees three cut french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy and this is one of our specialties. this is probably our top seller. this is a few of our ingredients. >> we come back we are going to
7:27 am
announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and coward. what will we do? ted strickland: i'm ted strickland
7:28 am
7:29 am
i love that. >> 7:29 a.m. >> i wayne dawson. >> i'm kristi capel.
7:30 am
>> did you know that cleveland rocks? >> i've heard such a thing. and i agree 100 percent. it's going to be a nice forecast for the world series. chile the right now pretty a great looking late. this is from the folder house in avon lake. a different web cam. these fine folks gave us permission to tap into the web camp in its in the shot because you can really see not only the flag flapping but also the whitecaps out on the lake and the lake effect clouds. that's pretty impressive. the clouds are unproductive. this is about as warm as is going to be. low 50s today. if you to a hopkins.
7:31 am
chardon near 50 and late showers will be fairly scattered today. our planner keeps temperatures in the 50s. wendy. they will be howling out there. mid 40s at nine. >> it's been a mess i hear. had an accident 90 eastbound at carnegie. right lane is blocked. is done a number on everyone else. 480 westbound ramp is full. iliac normal stuff. forty from the jimmy's freeway. ninety a 71 both affected because of the accident of their 90 eastbound over by carnegie. we have very slow drive on 90 and 71 gain onto the innerbelt
7:32 am
have two lanes. another accident 77 northbound. the south of us 76 westbound near allington are also dealing with an accident. stay safe this morning. >> one day away from day one of the world series. >> cleveland in is attempting to make history with the first title in 68 years. >> stacey frey is live at progressive field. >> good morning. christmas has come early for cleveland. say met that the cavaliers raise their championship banner and get the rings the cleveland in his will play the first game of the world series. that chicago tubs are the only team in baseball that's waited longer for you world series win than the tribe and ticket prices reflect that. >> everybody from out of town is going to be coming.
7:33 am
>> talking about steady room tickets about $800. their $2,000 at wrigley field for game three a chicago on friday. most of us will settle for a new teacher. other cleveland teacher teacher shots have been super busy. there's a big party on the plaza tomorrow night. the celebration of the cavaliers. indians had a workout yesterday. denny cells are pitched a couple of simulated innings. tribe has a few injuries to deal with but that's not new. >> we're going to hold off as long as we can with trevor just because just get the most information we can. i think it works out right, we
7:34 am
>> we are ready day one world series run i. ticket prices are astronomical but what a joy is going to be our cr tribes going out of. the comes of the heavy favorites. but the indians had been the underdogs all along. >> there you go. we hav >> thank you very much. in the clubhouse getting ready for the world series. tweet out this picture of the locker room nameplates for the players. they include the world series logo and the world series trophy. i've also added world series patches on their jerseys. you can watch the world series right here in fox8 former tribe manager will join the fox8 news
7:35 am
our coverage will begin at 4:00 p.m. to take it all away through our next pitch next several fears will help fans get fired up the world series with a special screening of the movie majorly. 1989 coming about a rax dad in his team to win. moviegoers in tri- gear will also get special concession deals. may want to not forget your tribe gear. it is everywhere if you're looking. >> joe biden is campaigning for hillary clinton outside ohio today.
7:36 am
will be talking about something else very near and dear to his heart. it's going to be talking about finding a cure for cancer. jessica dill is live at the convention center. >> good morning. downtown feeling getting a little bit crowded for this event. joe biden will be here at 10:00. he speaking at the cleveland clinic medical innovation. it's a big seventh of there having to help find a cure for cancer. vice president is in charge of the efforts. his son died last year following a battle with brain cancer. he said a huge mission to find a cure. >> bite them also campaign for hillary clinton in the toledo and dayton area. we just over two weeks ago and told us that both children and donald have been hitting the campaign trail hard. bit of focusing a lot on the idea of a ring system.
7:37 am
influenced by widespread voter fraud. >> it's broken. scrub. they want me to take that back. folks it's a rigged system. >> he refused to say that he would respect the results of our election. i have to admit lawyer both ask question, i assumed he was sent ever hey, of course. because disable respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy. >> trump was just here in cleveland over the weekend. head over to spring entire list that when he talked about while he was here for going to head into the convention center as a start get the except for the vice president's visit. again, he speaking about cancer
7:38 am
he is not talking about hillary this time around. until later in the day when he goes to toledo and dayton. >> plus talk about the browns for their zero and seven after giving up 559 yards to the cincinnati bengals in cincinnati. cody kessler took a hit in the second quarter and was out for the rest of the game with a suspected concussion. the bagels aj green had an amazing game. this guy could not be covered. a catches 100 city 9 yards and touchdowns included that hail mary touchdown that he caught. cincinnati wins 31-17. the browns will host the new york jets sunday at the stadium and hopefully our luck will change. >> i hope you're right. and quick programming note game three of the world series is on
7:39 am
printed to a special post in the fox8 news. the guys will be back on friday november 4. >> next up fox8 news i do disasters. >> those fox8 news show a shocking number of marriage proposals that go wrong. we want to hear your wedding
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
walking back. we are talking about engagement ring close to make all these plans their elaborate. people set up in different spots make sure is perfect and if something goes wrong. i happens up early six out of seven times according to the
7:43 am
reverend bob says of the past regular lot or proposal stories and the more trouble they have with proposals and what is the longer and happier the marriages. >> so like it's worth it. >> one said i took my wife to a nice restaurant pulled out the ring pop the question and she said you. so if i had asked if that meant yes and she did. she was like a camp that you're doing this. >> she married >> she said yes. >> that spray funny. but you hear that you say is that good. once that abram had emergency surgery date for the proposal to they are gotten gauge breaking it down in one knee because of the surgery. seventy of the circle and strong. another says my husband propose we were sitting on the couch. he looked at me says so, do i get married to what and she said sure. and that was it. that's all it takes. it doesn't have to be elaborate.
7:44 am
watching some fox8 news in the morning and say hey, do i get my? >> what is your story? >> i don't even remember. >> that was anything major. >> we had been dating for a long time. [laughter] not even flowers? >> now. >> but there was a ring. >> yes. [laughter] there is plenty of romance still there. >> you can get a whole us on facebook, twitter, instagram, and twitter. weather was good or went way wrong, we want to hear about it. >> thank you. i will say what i want, what i really really want. >> it's all about an affordable
7:45 am
>> this is an affordable clothing line. it's a new project she's working on right now. i've seen what can happen as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie
7:46 am
then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate that donald trump has brought to his campaign for president, it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
7:47 am
hopefully you will be smiley wednesday morning after the indians win game one of the
7:48 am
we have to win one at home i think. >> walking back the fox8. >> last check in with aj colby with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. everybody is pretty much in the low 50s. our temperatures are about as warm as you can again. partly sunny, breezy and cooler than yesterday 68 degrees. northwest winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. 30s. it's going to be chilly. partly to mostly clear. risk is an understatement. northwest winds 10-15. they continue for tomorrow. here's our world series forecast. right here on fox8 the only place you can catch the world series. on television.
7:49 am
five best nine mile-per-hour wind will feel chillier on wednesday. there is a slight chance of a shower wednesday. we're expecting that to arrive late. stay tuned for any change in timing. no problems for tomorrow's game. fifty-seven on thursday. fifty-eight on friday. sixty on saturday. traffic, patty. >> good morning. the best news o h was about the innerbelt bridge and how wide open and now is to you to see the time lapse video. it's very exciting i sue started on the era 40 am telling everyone how great it was a man's roman however, i seven soon turned to tears as he had an accident this morning on the innerbelt bridge and eastbound right there at carnegie. the why of the right lane is still locked and stick it is
7:50 am
setting seven northbound back to 480 with an accident coming out rockside. the ramp 40 westbound is loaded and crossing the bridge heavy delays of 40 eastbound coming from the jennys to the valley. all trying to get up onto the innerbelt bridge this morning. the accident at carnegie put a damper on our big innerbelt bridge reopening. is been a mess. every artery is jampacked because of that next thank you. >> kk with kenny. good morning kenny. >> good morning. heggen out at banter in the gordon square.
7:51 am
7:53 am
good morning everybody. we're hanging out at banter. they also make over ten times of
7:54 am
>> now i had to explain what it is and how do you make a. >> its most basic form is french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. this is our take on chicken poppycock. we'll start the gravy. we have stress all. >> you guys make out the sky like a hamburger and french fries of canada. >> usually in cleveland it's mo- >> we have a little problem
7:55 am
weather. >> coming up at the top of the hour. >> lesko back now. >> kenny. >> good morning. or back. there we go. what did you add? >> this is chicken poppycock. we take our chicken. we curate and braise it and smoking. and the loophole it. we had gravy to it. this is just like normal.
7:56 am
we are running out of time. we will assemble a list for everybody. >> is hamburger and french fries from canada. we are going to go back to you guys the studio. boxing is only local ns traffic. >> coming up. >> we are one day way from day one of the world series with a clue in its will face the only team that's been waiting longer for world series win than the tribe. the chicago cubs. we will hear from the players coming up. >> and getting plugged in on this monday morning. marriage proposals got wrong. apparently they go wrong about 80 percent of the time. what went wrong for your proposal or anything? will take your thoughts and
7:57 am
>> and aj colby? >> more of us again. i love you too.
7:58 am
7:59 am
cleveland's own fox 8 news. ?? the party has begun on fox he is
8:00 am
world series victory and they haven't even played a game yet. it is the 24th day of october. my name is wayne dawson. >> hi everyone, we are planning the parade. let's check in with aj colbey for a look at the forecast. >> hi, it's great to see you guys. a breezy start out there right now. no rain's showing up on storm fox but certainly a shower out of the question today. temperu are right now. not much play in the low 50-degree temperature regime we find around northeast ohio. clouds are pretty extensive around the northern tier but as you had south there is some clearing that is taking place. note what is happening appear in the lake huron area. some of that could tag or clip extreme northeast ohio. plan on the possibility for maybe a passing shower as the


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