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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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preparations underway for the baseball's biggest stage >> progressive field is ready , to create media from all over the world as dave nethers joins us.c on the eve of the world series,s, it is an amazing day here, if you think you're dreaming, pinch yourself becaus it is about to get real as the crews inside were painting
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as the indians prepared to make history host in game one of the world series, inside the aallpark,pr they're getting ready to give fans or money's worth,n the massive scoreboard shining down and tv crews arriving from as far away as mexico, there are fans eager to take this all end this cannot get any better. mizer 1995 mccabe world series it makes me pretty excited. >> its awesomeness by my dream all year since they were doing so well i thought that their ha to be world series in cleveland >> it is just an incredible atmosphere outside of the ballpark, leading up to tomorrow's first pitch and to see it all take shape only adds to the excitement.
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fans already, and so are the players.. or possibly the most important games of their lives, p.j. ziegler joins us with what they had to say about this moment.wh not very players on the roster have world series experience, and not many had postseason experience, but coco crisp did have some postseason and world season in august and has been a key contributor to the team, back to the nlds versus red sox, coco crisp have that home run to giv them a victory in the king allowing them to clinch the nlds title. and then, cannot forget about that catch versus the blue jays that saved game three for the indians to give them the series lead.
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world series with terry francona in boston i 2,007 he's been here befored . >> anything to help out the team, whether defensively or maybe something verbal something that has nothing to d directly on the field but indirectly.ngs that i feel good about that so far, those couple of moments i've had, those are the big one that makes you feel a little bi better.. but is still special to come. >> charlie sheen, a.k.a. rick vaughn, a.k.a. wild thing from major league will become will not throw out the first pitch i their bringing back to former players to dot that, kenny loft throughout the first pitch of game one tomorrow nightlo and t calls by erica throws out the first pitch of game two on wednesday night, that's the
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you talk about danny salazar back on the roste andy any word on trevor baue in his finger? trevor bauer, was just on the hill a few minutes ago testing his fingerr. s-e through to some batters so hopefully after today's session he will meet with the doctors and terry franconah and then to decide two or ifar it will be josh tom start again three so that has t be sorted out. so earlier today he was testing that but no word yet on how tha made out.d >> mable allowed to get a ticke to the home game, but you have to pay a lot, ticket brokers sa there are limited number of
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cubs fans on prices is making them unaffordable, ticket brokers say that those that wil just get you inside the field, standing room only are about thousand dollars,s, and pre-season posted between $3,008,000. >> i think it is crazy, i think it is a game for families. and especially in the clear tha area for a family of fourl it would cost $2,000 >> i think ridiculous, it really hurts the average fan, and i don't like that but it is what it is. ticket prices for the games in chicago or off the charts, just to get insidede wrigley fi will cost $3,000, and a premium see here of the cubs dugout is running about $35,000. you cannot get to chicago or
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were, the indians have you covered, tickets for world series away gate watch party's on sale, prices are $5 joe manchin and $24 club last tickets with food included ther is a floor ticket limit per order with proceeds benefiting charities, the gates to the field will open one hour before each case what can you expecton? >> will have our escott's year to fire the crowd you can see the fox broadcast in hd on our scoreboard screen which is very excited and we will have concession stands open. >> a daughter, who iss 23, got experience what i did in the '90s, what you take one home for cleveland.. >> watch party tickets were gam five, though not yet on sale because the end iseho willing t see what happens and hoping for
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the demand for parking will be extreme so we investigate what that means,, this parking lot across the street from the ballpark is likely to be about $80 for parking, this public square garage a few blocks away chargeic three times the normal price about $30, we have seen parking prices in chicago advertisedve at over $300. so t could be several blocks away from progressive field on rockwell only charged $20. >> on a regular game we do not have any special event parking, this is because of the world series. and the cavaliers opening tomorrow night so between the two of them,es every lot in town is likely going to be pretty willful.ot the biggest challenges to find an available spot and some
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melissa reid is downtown outside of the festivities. the party has started here on the red carpet, check out this about the rock hall to celebrat the indians and world series, about 2,000ts people invited qnexa people with mlb, the fron office, as well asas vips, vari dignitaries will start basicall a who's who of cleveland. ther will be a band and dj as well a food you can se cars,ar pulling a pair to valet parking as it runs from
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this evening.m as you pointed out i am still outside, this was invitation-only, i've not been able to secure myself to a class wanted anybody. this is a challenge, and i should treat this like the worl series, and i will when, we wil w at 10:00 o'clock. road series the guests want a progressive, an official station to cover the tribere are pleased to have for tribe manager mike hargrove, and tony rizzo to join our team, th coverage began at 4:00 p.m. and take you up until first pitch, only on fox 8. the best day ever hear, is not just the tribe, cavaliers also have a big night for and
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a live picture from progressive field of coco crisp warming up, tickets are going for about $1,000.
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event tomorrow night. >> cavaliers opened the season against the new york knicks nt at the q., they will get their championship rings and, unveile the new nba banter, the start time of the game has been changed to 7:30 p.m. since day one of the world series starts at 8:00 p.m., lebron james has been chewing on the indians00 a says tomorrow will be unforgettable.a it is an omen, and were trying to do something special in this communityty was that it a special day for the fans. here in cleveland and northeast ohio, just to enjoy for a day to have an opportunity to remember this day to get our championship rains and the indians posing
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will go down in history. >> one place you should be tomorrow to best what is arguably the best day in the history of cleveland sports with all day coverage of the cavaliers and indians begin with fox 8 news i the morning,g, from the plasma between progressive field and the q. and stay with us for the indians and cons in game one of the world series,uin we rallied together, on fox 8. so what went on tomorrow and hopefully that it will be good weather and it looks like it will be pretty good.. >> not bad for late october, it will beo dry and cool. looking from earlier today, some stubborn clouds that did not want to move away.. behind in front,
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were more cloud breaks. games one and two of the world series, tomorrow, first pitchh will be in the mid- 40s and partly cloudy. on wednesday, it will be near 5h and a chance of a few showers depending on the timing and the positioning of the warm front. they are high of 50 and 52 below. the front came through and they have been between 52 and 53 all day from hopkins stuff willoughby low 50s metro wide the land was gusting up to
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15, we had 77 days earlier in the book of common the clouds began to dissipate and now will be mostly clear for the overnight tomorrowow partly cloudy the next chance of rainfall be moving in our direction,ll potentially bad timing for game two.o. frost advisories in pennsylvani and new jersey with freeze watc is also posted the high pressur will keep us try through tomorrow and allow for quite a bit of sunshine.. >> upper 30s tonight it will
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were running a couple of handfuls of degrees below norma but it will be dryry the threat showers late wednesday, better chance of heavier downpours potentially early thursday morning. football games friday look to b try and for the upcoming weekend, early morning saturday a few raindrops sunday of the following, monday, ms. 50s and sunshine stuff just 15 days before the us fix its new president an some votersf are already voting and both candidates
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i think we are in a dead heat in some states we may be a little behind but as he pointed out, in ohio we are up in ohio also up. >> donalds trump's , stop by in action to talk about what is probably do as president in some consistently red states are now called tossupsps may be behind clinton's new focus. >> emphasizing the importance o electing democrats down the b sources say she's reach across the aisle, having privat conversations some republicans as she turns her attention from? >> transition, though no one from her camp will talk about that on the record.d. vice president joe biden town talking about the cancer moonshot, programs andto the disease the next five years, he spoke at the cleveland clinicis medical innovation summit and
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fox 8 news morning anchor kristi capel say that the c cancer moonshot has to dozens of changes that will streamline the search for a cur include make it easier for people to get access to medical trials he also voiced frustration with tc donald trum. i spent my entire career fighting violence against women andnt been the cause of my life and for this guy to say that because he is famousus and has money that he has the right to gropwo ultimate abuse of power. >> he says that secretary clinton has asked him to remain in his role the cancer moonshot
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tomorrow, clear the will be in the mobile spotlight. >> game one world series is at progressive field is where we find john telich . >> talk about francisco lindor, five years ago, he was the number eight overall draft choicell of the indians and has made dreams come true for indians baseball fans in his short time as a ballplayer. key hits for the indians down the stretch, an all-star,t in game one of the alcs hitting a home run at progressive field said the indians all the way. we know what he can do defensively, he is one of the most splendid players at his position in major league baseball.
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is turning into reality, i am halfway their boys got a long way to go. remember, going to the field to play in the next thing you know we were down to the last out. and. >> helps to make the turned into gladness for the fans that things can get off on the right note and they can tak care of matters, six of 16 against cubs pitching including against chatman of the cubs. that's the situation as we
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if you're not a big sports fan you probably heard about th cubs cursesean , 1945 a local tavern owner bought two tickets, to se the cubs world series for him and his goatee is asked to leav because it was bothering fans o the layout he said that the cub will not win no war, they lost the 45 world series and ever made it back to the classic since then because of the curse. as her viewer pointed out the goat's name is murphyhy so want keep the curse alive, as a facebook page, find a picture o a goat, want you tooo use that your facebook profile picture t
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announcer: there are moments in our history that measure the character and courage of our leaders. where did you stand on joe mccarthy? george wallace? this is one of those moments. rob portman endorsed donald trump -even with his history of degrading women. portman stood by trump -even after seeing trump brag about sexual assault. then portman panicked -and scrambled to save himself. history will judge rob portman a
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okay, if no one else will say it, i will. we really suck at paintball. that was absolutely humiliating. oh, come on. some battles you win, some battles you lose: yes, but you don't have to lose to kyle bernstein's bar mitzvah party. i think we have to acknowledge savage pre-adolescent jews. no, we were annihilated by our own incompetence and the inability of some people to follow the chain of command. sheldon, let it go! no, i want to talk about the fact that wolowitz shot me in the back. i shot you for good reason. you were leading us into disaster. i was giving clear, concise orders. you hid behind a tree yelling, "get the kid in the yarmulke! get the kid in the yarmulke!"


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