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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i am proud to be a part of it, it is crazy i excitement an looking forward to it. >> glad that you made it back from laa. matt wright, was at the entrance for the run for the best spots in progressive field. gates are open, the lucky ticketho red rally together towels. there have been so long lines almost across to the q. david waiting some sense of 11:00 a.m. just to get to their as standing room only area. a lot of excited fans waiting
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arrived, by 734 all of the event such as the first pitch, national anthem and we has seen m cavs fans. you see a few, but by large it is indians fans, is the majorit of people that we have seen. what is it like? >> amazing. >> what was it like? >> we have become somewhat spoiled because of nonstop weigh-ins. so much excited as people rally here and just thrilled to
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the ready for this first world series game. davia ready for this were a long time, talk about what is on the field. >> the cubs are warming up. of these players ready, this is a game of tiny, the indians have had five days in the endnd who comes out of the edge. eat a lot to have to much because it is timing that's why the indians have had five days offecnd, i try to work in some pitching. that is beneficial against her tonight invasion you are a chicago cub and you try to hit
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when he is on, it is like a butterfly. >> is like a wiffle ball. 's spectacular as a postseason pitcher. so how do you take care of corey kluber? you got to have the mindset to get the best you cann, because he will try to jump ahead , here is how he looks at approaching the is to embrace the challenge to step up to fill the shoes, just to be out there to do what makes you good and that's a goo results. this is made for a guy like him, he is unflappable, he is likee a robot, i believe he wil
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>> the call him klubot, he is calm cool collected and i feel good to know that he will pitch twice or maybe three times in this world series. >> you try to describe how you go about taking on so all i corey kluber and he talked abou how his pitches move you said like a wiffle ball. >> he knows about him because h has faced in beforere and only one hit against him and he's a pretty good hitter. beside danny salazar, it looks goodal. it can be used likely as later in the series. he could come out of the
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by now we go back outside, melissa reid is there with some fans. a lot of people have gotten their ticketsts start there is so much excitement. lascaux tribe! ready for game one of the world series. it is amazing i've been here since noon.
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as i get any better. >> this is awesome we were out of the country for the cavalier celebration. this is awesome we are excited and looking forward to victory
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the ballpark here is filling up, what a night we have between th cavaliers and the indians here. tune in for complete postgame coverage after game one beginning at italy pm you can see the game fox 8. >> the indians are not the only team with a game tonight. >> the other team is the cavaliers as they raise their championship banner, suzanne stratford is outside the q. wit more. it is unbelievable here.
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it is exciting to see these good things happening people have a lineup to take photos, there is the red carpet. though inner city to be in the situation was la. this is wild. this is something to say, peopl coming out here earlyhi. the other ceremony at seven so they want you to be in your states by 6:45 p.m.n, there wil
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they don't give us much credit to talk about the cubs indians have done and we are so happy andnd also the cavaliers. >> back in june, the cavaliers, and stuff and i'm from tampa an my boy is from orlando so come here to enjoy the city. is we have a special guest worker it is chris rose, now he is a national commentator.
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we had a show that just ended on mlb ne o network. o i start to show to say that cannot believe that the first game of the world series is fr cleveland ohio. i'm going to then go across the street to see the ring ceremony then come back in time for firs pitch.he got a couple of brothers family affair for many slevelanders. >> it is an extraordinary day for many people crossed northeast ohio, your prediction for the world series. you got to listen, i picked up awesome to be the tribe in the first series,ke and that i picked toronto to be the indians in the alcs, if you ever watch the show, you understandu why d
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predictions. whenever/and i make you should do the opposite because i'm really good to tell people where to go on the other sideit. >> talk about cleveland, you grew up here, and have been through 1995, 97 and the other frustrations we've had until this year with the cavaliers, what do you thinkra in this to if the g series? >> a dad and ready to show this morningho and someone asked me about the pecking order of whe the teams ranked and they had a feeling that the cavaliers were three out of them they said that lebron james change that that i has always been a brownstown, nfl, but because of the current frustration since 1999, i think that even though the fan base t not show up in person.k
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i think that if this happens, i will be unlike anything. because of the longtime of the city and i think that i am surprised that the city did not implode todayt. are getting the first game of the world series and eight ring ceremony across the street, is awesome . that was chris rose from mlb network. >> thank you, it is great to be here,e, enjoy the ride. >> if you plan to come downtown and hopefully you plan ahead t, some people paid $100 to park as the i-team gets to the bottom o
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the first major title here at progressive field for
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check this out will have one age so far were hanging in. at some will need the other glove as it will be dropping,lo first pitch it will be mid- 40s, partly cloudy. it will be chilly ellis rudd talk about snowfall or rain. tomorrow, it will be mainly cloudy. about 10 percent chance of rain drop,
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less than two hours from first pitch. buffalo 44, after the friend, almost 80 degrees in kansas city. beyonce some lake effect clouds creeping into ashtabula county. it looks like it will be okay for tomorrow's game. balls will be around freezing. on friday, mid- 50s with
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and must not forget, the cavaliers. >> the banner will be raised ane the championship rings will be given out tonight at the q., p.j. ziegler has more about the cavaliers. the cavaliers forget their championship rains and verses the new york knicks and the gam
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they beat the warriors had driven down three to one and they will agai there title defense lied, lebro james says blessed be around the team and is now in multi- champion. to be part of championship teams in my career. happy to be able to part of anotherer ring ceremony to have ring for our guys. as far as aesthetics, does not matter.f >> they will get a rough go green. can use the cavaliers app and put that up against this and yo can see the exact same rate in 3d what they will see on their
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in your phone. will have the banner raising ceremony, cavaliers will start the season hopefully with a w. will be a great night. kenny lofton, is in the house and will toss out tonight's ceremonial first pitch join next. and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who
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we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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i did not email any, um, classified material. really? the fbi said there were 110 classified emails that were exchanged... hillary lied. and another lie? i respect the second amendment. but behind closed doors, hillary told liberal elites...
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hillary will lie about anything to get elected. the nra institute for legislative action is responsible for the content of this advertising. longti marblehead took one for the tea to make sure that kenny lofton would be here in time,tisu ken kostal expectedly los angeles run 10:45 p.m. but his flight was overbought and delayed whil he laidid to board, kenny lofto walked by, he said he did not think twice about giving up his airline seat.ot buzz cuts prize, do not hear the whole story but he had a ticket that there were a couple of flights canceled out of la
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do not have the ticket for that flight you must been trying to rush it and i said i'll give you my ticket andd the ticket lady made it happen. ken kostal says he was an season-ticket holder in the '90s when kenny lofton was playing we want to thank you as well becausewa of view, we have the sky with us right now and s happy to have you >> kenny lofton, the crowd absolutely loves you. >> they went nuts. >> welcome. and what an honor for us to have you here to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. to be in this situation it is historical of thehe cavaliers a
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to be here is just a great feeling. she asked an interesting question and i thought it was a easy answer, she said that you think thatt kenny lofton will b nervous to throw out the first pitch tonight ll? >> i played in 11 playoffs, and, i love the excitement and the challenge i love the crowds allows everybody going crazy it is a moment by moment, i love it. so many memories, of when you played for the indians back in 95. did you come to become emotional when you watch them in 97 >> felt like i was part of that team even though i was traded , without foundation and i was part of the foundation if you see that foundation go to the world series and i was not part of it, my heart was almost broken. i felt for those guys when they did not win and i felt like i
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were broken. you are part of that golden generation of great teams , we had sellout crowds or night after night, and the people in other cities don't experience that, what was that like to be there to know how many people i this town love the indians? i do each day it will be a to out and the teams feared come here because they knew tha the we had the powerhouse teams and we looked at them like they wer nothing, we wouldld be thinned down to do anything to win the game andt they thought that the crowd was amazing as the fans showeded year after year that t can be competitive with any other fan base in the country and it showed. >> is awesome to see you, you look fantastic.
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>> i could give you a leg, about two days a week but the other five days, i would be using the sausages at ice bucket's. toss what you are doing. >> i have a company in la, we d some budget films, color correction and final cuts, tv shows chokehold it is currently at film festivals it is a woman's underground anyway fight movie
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how the orchestra supports
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live from progressive field, i think that the indians will win, the over the edge is at 8:08 p.m. i am a little bit nervous. >> we are getting close, we are about 90 minutes away from firs
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getting the guys fired up?er >> in baseball, you don't have the manager screaming for guys, but everybody has her own routine, they have gone through their batting practice, the cub are still on the fieldtt , once they have finished with their batting practice, they will, tr to relax in the clubhouset. so guys might be in the indoor cages to get even more work. from having five days off. you want to keep as sharp as possible. want to have your game swing as you did five days ago, and when you are watching this game wild scene that is heavily favored.d. the cops, as they have been all season, the underdog, the
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at his news conference trevor gile was asked if he was aware that the chicago cubs are favored?wa everybody talk about the cubs, it is cubs this and that in thi is what he >> i think that they deserve, they won 103 games and they are the cops, i have played there. people lie to me when i was the 26th man on the 252 i get that. i think that you go into our clubhouse, you will see 25 guys coaches, trainers, they are perfectly content with where we are and how we got and if we can't win that this city will go bananasd. he said the city will go bananas, we think that is true, nobody would argue, what do the
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can, what do they need to vent it. left-handed pitching they have jon lester, they have guys who could do that like brandon guyer, who can cover said. also lonnie chisenhal hit a hom run in the previous series during a left hander the got to come out strong against jon lesterriri fico and if corey kluber sets the tone with performance as he did previously, with the proper res and you've got a good shot >> we got the home-field advantage is that important for game one? the team that wins game one world series, ishe that much better chance to win and you kind of threw out that stuff, i think that this will be a long seriesat , because the cubs have
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on someone and they also have those evenings wherero good pitching can shut them down and that could be the case tonight. >> tamie about the most famous pinky, how is trevor bauer doin very to the light fight. is okay, no bleeding he is the game two starter, turf like i said that he will start game two. we assume that josh tomlin will be in game three, it will be corey kluber, and trevor bauer games one and two. >> there's plenty more to come
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field, we set the day-to-day investigating parking with prices up to $100, in some cases, tempers flared, ed galle is here with more on what he found. he is the stadium, they say that it i worth it. >> be paid $100 to park your >> compared to what we pay fo game tickets, many are not happ we went to a man whose company runs a lot. what you said that people say ?100 is way too muchh >> they've got $80 down the street, and look where you are
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what the market will bear? >> yes? >> they have two machines, you pay $6 he's asking me for $40. so blocks away we found his car towed from where she normally parks were a few dollars to the price increasefo $40 for game day and the attendant said that there is special event pricing for everyone. wow factor told him that the price is $4 and he did not to pay the $40th he went straig into the school now his car got towed. >> he has this card for the say pay here, i rarely see someone parked here who pays here. close to the ballpark and the arena is higher prices,, with so many and so few spaces, the attendant said that the cavaliers bought this lock up another weather safety space that fans cannot use the
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they can sure that the tenants were identified company >> back to the slot that charge $100 per space,sl the how much money that is, in 1995, you could have sat in that stated across the street wash at least four world series games with th same amount of money. those who pay them big box try to look at it like thisw.. >> it is money well spent to se the tribe when.. things will happen, a lot of people, at one place at the sam time, so l try to enjoy th moment. a lot of those people are inside of progressive field as the seats are filling fast. >> this is a look from skyfox, it is a great day ago had so many great photos from
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also a big night at the q. next-door. it has turned out to be a pretty decent night for the ballgame and another game at th q. best check in with melissa myer for your world series forecasts. as we were looking at lakefront, one of the private charter jets, between four and 5:00 p.m., they began to fl worker i think that some corporations, that they decided to charter flight and go to one of the games. partly cloudy with some mid- 40s and first pitch and
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it is getting chilly, northwest went between five and 15 there were air near st. louisee and kansas city with upper 70s. warm front may bring a midday shower getting around meantime, by any clock it looks like most of moisture will circumvent us , i think that we will not get rainfall until after midnight wednesday night into thursday. and then thursday afternoon it will be sporadic with quite
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tonight between 30 and 39 degrp tomorrow, low 50s the chance of a shower midday. better chance of rainfall thursday friday mid- 5 try. showers possible saturday and sunday. about 60 degrees on monday andes the
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after such a long world series drought, tribe fans would do almost anythingie series at home. >> he has tickets will not be there, he is fighting cancer an one of the toughest moments the indians were on his mind as roosevelt leftwich joins us to tell the story.y. you are a true tribe fan, very little stop you from turning on theli team including major surgery. >> september, he knows that his
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burned it but over several days the pain got worse, he never smoked, tumors have developed and he had advanced tongue cancer. >> they told us the two options were to take the muscle from h forearm or his thigh and reconstruct a ton after the surgery so that's what we had done. the life-saving surgery lasted 17 hours and happened during game three of theu india and red sox series, th tenth the day of surgery. 's thoughts were out about recovery but the score. pickups on paper wrote down the tribe and one of the nurses trolled me they had me. >> he is a lifelong tribes fan and now that they earned their world series is got season
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home-field advantage and then he cannot go. he's happy that he is still here to see the tribe play thes games,il recovery from cancer's only thing that would keep them from being at progressive field but when you have good friends who are going to share the series with them in front of th tv, that in the tribe potentially many isha all that will get talk about for many years to come. >> i think t tribee is going to persevere in this series , he is going to do the same thing to find two victory. >> go tribe. roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news. our very best to him, thank you foror telling his story gar will begin chemotherapy after his surgery feels.
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and take care it is pretty cool to be here today to celebrate the indians and cavaliers.e it is cool. >> you can catch a glimpse of some amazing ice sculptures in honor of the nba champs and american league champs, here is kenny crumpton to give us a here at gateway plaza, you can see, he is giving the finishing touches on the ice all morning they have had dual sculptures it is great morning we have the first game of the world series. it is also opening day of the cleveland cavaliers. >> go over here while he puts o the finishing touches, we have aaron costic, he did a lebron james ice sculpture.
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james and this is what he has been working on along with jeff all morning. it is an awesome day. it is it cool day to be a cleveland fan because we got th best of both worlds and they working all morning, that we have used stop for two seconds. what is it like to work on opening day for the cavaliers first game of the world series ?n the scene day >> i am a browns fan. it is amazing for the city, there is such great energy, t they're going to get there temperature range today, working ng for four more wins for the indians, really great for the city.reor
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ice carver, aaron costic of elegant ice creations, try to go back to yo guys in the studio. thank you for that, we are closing in on 7:00 o'clock, jus about one hour until first pitch. another group that knows what i is like to be world renowned,an the cleveland orchestra honors
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thanks to those two to three streetsboro to get us into the spirit. >> and the orchestra, made this
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>> the cleveland orchestra, bravo. >> want to thank you for joinin us tonight atat 6:00 o'clock. >> i know that you're getting nervous.s. >> my heart is flutter, pregame coverage is next with tracy
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they have played baseball in cleveland since 1901 the first


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