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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  October 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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with the bullpen. he said they have come this far, here is his response. >> the choices to sit out mike napoli or carlos santana, and i think the same thing, where someone does not question is to play someone elses in left fie and to sit one of those guys, i think when thought through, that not the best position to when w do not come all this way to try to keep it close. that was terry francona, said that if he has a tough night, and there is potential, if he has a rough night in the then come to me and
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, hopefully, his battle heat up because so far the world series is not that effective you got francisco lindor on the offensive side. mark ice had to start producing and right now in game three. here at progressive field, is fine but to be at the actu that right talk to some dedicated fans who make the trip to chicago.. from outside of wrigley field in chicago, the gates are open and you can see cubs fans and s indians fans are living into th ballpark. it has been latke party and jus
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there pictures taken there were zero tickets on stubhub. selling for $2,500. bar said the pact with the cove charge and $50. we found a few clevelanders, even though they don't have a ticket,t, he does have a ticket, but not a favorite team is wearing a cubs had in indians this is honesty, i could have gone one way or the other but this is it,v this is a little more worn. >> what are you going to do for the game ? >> drink and somewhere, hopefully, we will be celebrating. i don't know where. are they try to find some famil
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we saw a bus load of indians fansw front office employees were sent here for a free ticket. they're glad to be chartered here for the game will come out for tomorrow's gamehe we saw jerry tomlin, what matters is what it is like in chicago and it is going to be
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it is on the call side, to the last chicago low '60s. the temperature just west, there are 70s and 80s, d3 and kansas city into degrees. credit when gus just west of chicago between 25 and 30us mph we forecast for the game continuing. that could cost
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shelly what that went maybe, the game is in chicago tonight, thousands will be at progressive field for the watch party gates open in about one hour. melissa reid has made herself a homeme. gates will open at 7:00 o'clock.k. behind me, fans are ready for the big watch party. what is your game plan? >> were more excited about josh
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>> what made you decide to come to the watch party? >> i have never missed a game, since they are not at home i wanted to be here to live for m team. to after telling me, about 20,000 expected for the watch party. when i walk through, it is firs come first served to find the best seat. and they will watch the game on the jumbotron, game three of th world series. tickets are still available, $5. tonight and sunday nights game,
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watch the coverage tonight at 7:00 o'clock, we will be at progressive field watch party and take you live to wrigley field with j.t. in tony rizzo, as he goes one-on-one with josh tomlin. and tony rizzo versus the cubs anthony rizzo. fox network pregame coverage an tonight's first pitch. now to look at some headlines. a family getting swift justice as a robert went to prison for killing a 15-year-ol trina hold up.. >> now we see it in this just-released video is peggy
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>> division of the suspect firing his gunec just seconds after walking into mr. harold. two weeks ago that the two sunny patel was killed ago on friday, and a packed courtroom, as daveion perry, was sentenced to life in prison. they say that he entered the patel that stole some cash running out of the store. >> video shows in firing the weapon seconds after walking into the sandwich shop assistant county prosecutor, says after he'd been shot, he held his uncle at gunpoint taking money
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admitted to the shooting, apologizing for his actions. want to tell the family, that i am truly sorry i know my actions were wronghai and i des to be punished for it.a i want to tell my family i am sorry as well. family members of the sunny patel family said that their lives will nev without himr . >> i hate you to be his last person you saw in this glass bowls filled with fearp it took away this beautiful life for a few hundred dollars.oo >> prosecutor say that he was released from the department of youth services in 2015 and on bond when the robbery happened.
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running ad scam as world series, phillip harley charged with selling their credentials so people could get into the world series for freee or documents show that he had a passport on him plus atm receipts withha a balance of one and $70,000 in one account and $30,000 and another account, local mother under arrest accused of assaultin sons elementary school akron police a rochelle finney came to the robinson community learning center thursday after learning he did not come she walked in screamed obscenities throwing the chair and kicking the secretaryg, the say she had to be restrained of the principle, the secretary with minor injuries,s, the chil was located , still waiting for his grandmother to pick him up
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>> i can understand her being panicked and understanding but you don't get any kind of service wewe act out in this behavior.e walk in, you should ask the staff, what is going on to inquire, don't just burst into the office and start assaulting peoplelea >> she was arrested and charged with assault and criminal damagingng along the rocky river nature center in north olmsteded can enjoy the great view. the staircase had to be rebuilt because the ground shifted tha now they are good to go, they have been a part of the park fo the past 30 yearsrs. some of elected officials, caught on their phones in the middle of hearings, see how the
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the tribe for a lot of great play in chicago potpourria guaranteed home run you got to go to rudy's streudel goal of protein per month, the only place that you can get a ballparkon broking full of bratwurst, with locally brewed beer and served with ballpark mustard sour cream. recipe is to honor the tribe, they are working late >> so excited. 2016 is our year. we have rolled out the ballpark perogie with thehe championship game. we cannot let down the tribe, s we have invented the ballpark
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look at this beautiful shot of theau foliage. was a gorgeous sunset around 62
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in chicago, 64 degrees, and it will be gusting at times to around between 25 and 35 mph. mid- 60s is good for a late october gain. this is the of wrigley field, the south southwest wind, it will be the catalyst for those aiming towards left and or centerfield. so hopefully, mother nature is only on our side and not helpin out those cups. current reading 57. it will drop a little bit and then rise predawn
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at 627. we've got 50s, of low 40s, chicago, warmer, it is. 83 degrees omaha nebraska in kansas city and 82 degrees. i do think that the chicago win would be gusting up to
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it will then be gone about 2:00 p.m. sunday. i think that under mostly cloud skies.s. very little rainfall tomorrow maybemo 100 inch circle not muc until saturday night and then sunday, by midday it will be goneb with about one quarter in to one half expected. then tomorrow, about 15 degrees above normal. halloweekends cedar point, and a few errors may have trick-or-treating tomorrow.
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sunny, with low 50s for trick-or-treating. world series back here november 1 with 70s and then fall back down to the 50s. it's almost gametime, it is all tied up at, buffer law went to our local monster dollars, live coverage wrigley field
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a crucial game three as a series is tied at one each josh tomlin starting. carlos santana will play left field. paul moore, go to wrigley field with john telich. josh tomlin has had some rest about 12 days since he last pitched. he has done well the postseason over ten innings
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a lot of fans in the ballpark getting ready for two nights game three.e. he is effective with the curveball. >> uses it quite a bit and has more and more in the postseason. what is tito think, how confident of josh tomlin tonig game three? >> he is going to compete. he makes the opposing team, cannot run on him. sometimes the opposing team beats him but he won't be himself. that was terry francona. a guy who has been a big story in the world series, roberto
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it's been a big couple days for him. i talked to about the big momen of hiss sons birth and his job catch in the world series. >> i am excited, i've got a job to do your. everything went well. she has a lot of support. her mom is there. that was roberto perez, and thank goodness for the marvels ofdn modern technology, he was in chicago, the babys not born here and he was able to see the newborn via facetime.
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quarterback, josh mccown will try to lead the team to the first when in the season sunday versus new york jets at first energy. he was named the starting quarterback by hue jackson.k he had missed the previous six weeks with a broken collarbone, cody kesslera is rolled out wit a concussion. corey coleman is also joe haden questionable. on the lake in the the browns honor the team, marty schottenheimer battling alzheimer's, will attend the 30th anniversary, the coach for teams from 84 until 2,006 women 206 games he is 73, he is the last browns coach to have
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cavaliers, returned to action tonight. against a familiar tape. versus the toronto raptors tonight, it will be game number two for them the come off of that big when over the new york knicks, lebron james coming off of that triple-double the firste player to accomplish that on opening night for the cavaliers they will be without channing frye,li after she lost her battle to cancer and our deepest condolences to his family lebron james said that attending game two of the world series was on hiss bucket list, going to want to go to witness near the top is
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and progressive field, and half an hour, the gates will open and will be filled with
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towh gain three without actuall traveling to chicago. are the players ready pitcher mark john telich is at wrigley field with more , they have waited long time for this and s have the players. they are loosing joking around it has been a momentous past couple days, the scenario with jerry tom coyne to see josh tomlin pension,j roberto perez and his wife had a baby boy bor yesterday. some of the sidebars, not
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concept, it is how good is is curveball, does he have the command of pitching. so far he has. kyle hendricks can go back to his most recent experience, he pitched very well and the city erupted in celebration that hav not had sincety 1945. the first trip to the a lot of things can happen, it is calm down in terms of the land. because the baseballs flying long-distance. stay with us were completely
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after 2,000 was a character issue they said that the american airlines attire the us emergency exit, reporting that the injuries were minor, three of the runways are closed. >> the fbi will take a look int hillary clinton use of e-mail a secretary of state, james coley sent a letter to congress and elegance has come to light do
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are not from her herself but are pertinent to the investigation. she's not commented, donald trump has praised the fbi exclusive i-team investigation uncovered video that will have everybody talking state lawmakers caught on the job spending time on facebook, ed gallek joins us. >> they don't even hide it, say other things and hearings about laws and tax dollars by this time the i-team was watching. during a hearing come without a state senator on facebook, an a another one filling a birthday cards, and also another one typing on the iphone, spent a day at statehouse committee hearings
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these lawmakers are paying attention?? senator frank larose was taken aback when we asked about he ing up birthday cards, represents parts of stark county in summit county in all of wayn county. the hearing about dealing with kids skipping school. w w they found him with the cards and his phone. i have the opportunity to multitask, we have t testimony, i have heard with th students had to say, andti visi that would have done here of time to try to get as many things done as we cane cannot those cars two phil dawson weather-time ? >> i'm getting as much work don as i can get donene what was on part of >> a couple things i was lookin twat i was going to google as wet were hearing testimony. the center was on facebook, tom patton from cuyahoga county
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appeared to beer going through news links on his phone and we saw multiple centers with phone and handon essences testified about things affecting you. recontacted the centers office for comment, but our response,e got a call from a ma handling public relationsl he said that he cannot understand the news value of what we caugh on camera or go he predicted un story would numerals about what news crews can record in those hearings. he was seeing hearings looking down at his phone, even minutes at a time, came to see some of the video into say that he can explain this review was reading witness testimony on hi i-pad using as well for more w.
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or the analysis for the analysis of my phone. not only will i do that but there are times that i am looking through the senate e-mails. the time that you were down there for example i was getting a lot of e-mails a on my recent e-mail on a particular >> is any different with you. this professor, testified about truancy. getting too distracted from understand have a lot of things they try to attendnd to the sam time i wanted to recognize the importance of passage of a bell, some of the spotlight itemso ar going to dictate the future of our children, can you say that your giving taxpayers monies were? back to the birthday cards. >> rivet heads are ways to approach the work that we do bu i'm confident that i gather the
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information on facebook or texting when you would least expect it, ed gallek, we took a close look at what cleveland city council member is due during meetings, that reportrt city council coming up soon. >> you mentioned changes might be coming as a resultlt, uppercutted changes are they talking about, >> watching to see what happens because these are public meetings, there is nothing to e worried about, then there shoul not be in ari concert of what w record and firmwarece. there are tribe fans and then there is this guy, he takes it
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trick or treat is around the corner, and every town has a different time to make it easier, we have a complete listing at fox >> . in brook park they trick or treat a little longerer because of a long-standing tradition, each year thehe protest the city. >> their goal is to have longer trick or treat hours, that was more time and more candy, these kids are not being greedy. is a civics lesson. the mayor comes to the classroo and this to try to persuade him to extend the trick or treat hours from sixix -eight until 830. guide is to learn how local
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>> we start jan emery park with politics to put pressure on cit hall to do what the folks want and one of our largest w employ is candy so if you could have a positive economic impact. we have a beautiful forecast especially in chicago for game three. looking at burke lakefront, not far from the watch party a progressive. recent high temperature of 57. predawn
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with the southwest wind and a warm front given us warmer air from the southwest. sunset was about 20 minutes ago. for the watch party mid 50s mostly clear. in chicago, mid- 60s. at times the winds gusting up t 35 mph with the southwest. expected to rise to the mid- to upper 50s at sunrise tomorrow. hopkins 54, the southwest between five and 15. '60s in chicago, 70 st. louis and 83 degrees. i think that tonight we will
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cloudy. this boundary coming in our direction late tomorrow the first chance of rain drops. tonight low 50s . the quite a few clouds towards dawn tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be about 15 degrees above normalal wall clouds tomorrow.
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go from low 70s saturday '60s on sunday. halloween, in the 60s for trick or treat monday, will be in the 50s. road series come back to low 70s monday. and then it drops birthday friday next weekend. >> dick goddard is still recovering from surgery but he made sure that we continue his crusade to build four-foots. >> this week starts up for adoption at the cuyahoga county animal shelter. first up is parkway, in kennel number four, is a two an
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they would love to have a forever home. he has been a diehard tribe fan enhance the memorabilia to prove it, see his incredible
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welcome back. the gates opened well-lit watch party, take you to chicago to show you ahead of game three, pitch with his father in the stands.pi is recovering from a serious condition that left him paralyzed.d. we caught up with him just a short time ago is awesome.
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see my son pigeon world series, nothing better in the world. i was going be here, but got some great friends here to help me get through. so we are here. josh tomlin, left the team in august to be with his father during his illness. that was the last time that the saw one another until tonight. >> we get ready, world series game. a lot of people are thinking back to the last time the tribe on the series to in 1948. maple heights man was a boy whe they clinched. delta 4g decommission with the indians, roosevelt leftwich has the story.
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bill hudec set watching his heroes, feller boudreau garcia in darby, these guys are more than just names they were those he idolized. to be at the world series wednesday they treatt. >> it was exciting, to go to tw games into c bob feller pitching.o even though he lost in. he said every memory, the tickets, the programs. >> even the 1942 sketchbook that featured bios on every player and saved his end in uniform, they got him a uniform that was cut from the same cloth. that is the 48 patch, it did not come with uniform, those were made in town and they sold them on . his dad played minor league ball between back in the 1942, usa on a path to connect it wit
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life, he became friends with th team players including bob feller in satchel paige. he was tall, and i had my uniform on andt he had on his a i remember his cleats on the concrete walking down there. if you are in an instant he probably saw him, he was the sign guy along the third-base line. than his players probably they came to the game to watch me baseball has been a part of his life fora about all of his years, then became a coach, mentor and then sign guy, never know how errors can influence a child in his life baseball has been a home run, roosevelt leftwich, fox 8 news.
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him, at the old stadiumm in the 70s was dan coughlin, our coverage is just moments away,
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welcome to another world series pregame edition of fox 8 news, tonight, we come to you from progressive field in cleveland and wrigley field in chicago, s check in now with tony rizzo wh


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