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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  October 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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welcome to another world series pregame edition of fox 8 news, tonight, we come to you from progressive field in cleveland and wrigley field in chicago, s check in now with tony rizzo wh
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are they ready to go, it is a critical game. this place is. is bent over over somewhere since cavs fans saw a world series last time it was in it was not even televised. everything said chicago will roll attendance have other plans, tonight is about 60 degrees it is pretty pleasant. the big story isis terry franco
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carlos santana leftfield. john telich, it is a risky move to put a guy who is not ever played outfield, world series. >> watched last night, it is a risky move. delights, they don't play my basil here often, so he's going to have to be able to pick out the basal. is out there trying to be accountable, terry francona needed mike napoli battin carlos santana banned in, even though he's not than that of effective offensively. he also thought that maybe put jose rivera summa field, when asked he said you don't want to waste a couple spots to solve one. thought about that but i thought that we would weaken
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is much better third-base that he has left fielder and carlos played third at the beginning o last year, and we stopped doing it because it wasn't in the bes interest. so i just think if you're going to play position that is not yours,r the further away the better. give you an update, corey kluber pitching tomorrow, it el he says no problem coming back and will begin also ready for game seven of needed. he was taking batting practice about 50 minutes ago and put on in the states.t >> josh tomlin got a hit at the ballpark last year but the end is play the cubsh in interleagu play. looking at the starting
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>> carlos santana leftfield, jason kipnis second base, francisco lindor third mike napolie cleanup, zero errors, a tyler naquin in centerfield. the pitcher will bat in the national league parks josh tomlin. looking at the cubs lineup. is not hit well for chicago programam the pitcher, josh tomlin father is here to help a bit more on that later.e it is a magical setting in chicago. good weather and were going to have some basil fox 8..
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tribe fans are coming into progressive field for the the gates ch party open just moments ago and was reading is with the fans who were quickly picking the best seats as we speakpi. feels like they are here, these fans are coming through the gates it just opened, they're getting their rally towel and to find their event there running to the first-come fyrst-served seats. >> were you going to seed? in the club seats. >> do you know where you're
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don't know. >> is going to be first-come first-served.. >> go tribe. here we go. it is just a little bit crazy, tonight, tomorrow is sold out, some tickets still available fo sunday. it just opened a few moments ag and alrey tribe fans already. i see a bunch of them here with their rally towels. thank youi it's going to be electric here at progressive field.go b stay with us after game three tonight for complete postgame coverage,to game time beginning 8:00 p.m. and you can see it on fox 8.. before josh tomlin takes the
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what it's like to be in this moment and his fathers special appearance tonightm at wrigley field. mike hargrove talks about how the team gets ready for it worl series game on the road, and surprising move in tonight's indians lineupng. elaine ford since tuesday, the tale of the tape between tony rizzo and chicago cubs first baseman
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bill that the prayers were answered, that is a get any better than this covenant is happy for the game of baseball, i think that this
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>> that is indians announcer to hamilton. here is a look from wrigley field in chicago, we earn out about an hour away from first pitch of game three, world seriesrst the crowd is going to be ecectric. they were waiting many years to post world series. less than an hour away, this will be a big test for the indians facing chicago cubs in chicago for the first time in the series. for more on how to handle the situation,n, and to make adjustments, let's bring in formeri tribe skipper mike hargrove. thank you for joining us as a manager, what do you tell the team prior to the first roa
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you try to approach you retain like it is any game. you try to stick to your standard routine. they all know that this special game, special circumstance, you don't have to tell them, but yo try to keep things as normal as you can.y >> this game three, is not must win, but it is very important. in a seven-game series, you split one and one you want to get off on a good footing.. and the other teams ballpark, i she can win, that sets up the rest of the series. and it gets you back home so it is a big game. it would be great if we could take two or three
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us fromom wrigley field. this santana motor leftfield is risking >> look at the guy that you put and he has a great arm should be up to handle that. there are times as a manager yo how to make moves that you could be second-guessed but if you manage, then you have a chance to be reward. i like that move. is taking a risk, but i think that will pay off. we've got to get some runs early on.
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>> it's important to score early. laskin, it seemed like it was one and zero and two and zero that reallyly wears down the defense. need to score early and then we give good. is the strong wind and issue? >> if it blows outs. >> thank you mike hargrove. and hopefully can get that >> time now to go around the bases brought to you byby ohio find it here, and leftfield,io carlos santana, center, tyler naquin, right field, lonnie chisenhall , first base mike napoli, second base jason kipnis, shortstop francisco lindor,ip third base was a rami and roberto perez as catcher and taken his first world series start,d
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indexes first start of the postseason so far pitching almost 11 innings, having only giving up three runs, he had a chance to talk to him recently and check in with himlk in chicago with the rest of the story. big night for josh tomlin. >> we talked to him about the prospect of pitching in world series. as it said in that she will be pitching the world series? >> it has now.
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>> is that you could be on a team of destiny is at an insult to the fact that you guys live by the mantra thats everything not enough in galvin? >> i'm not sure, with the amount of injuries we have had and it has been tough but we have overcome obstacles and never given up. approach in this challenge head-on and i think that says a lot about the clubhouse leadership and top to bottom from the front office to i think the team of destiny is cool way to put it. we've also added everything ng begotten. >> how do you take it when tito said going to put you on the back shelf until you get things settled? i get that don't get your job done in the workplace fired,'t o
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come out but it wasn't happenin so i understood what was happening. anil had to make adjustments an not making a quick enough so once i got taken out of i knew i had to diving deeper as opposed to just thinkingpo and to actually so it took me a while to get back int the rhythmhm to what i was capa of. once i did i felt more accountable. conference with something, to have some success, now it is not all going to rot away get a bit of success, you get that confidence, then you have a better feeling. this bullpen, is that a security blanket? does that affect how you pitch?
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don't think any of the stars go especially early, that if i get into trouble i could have guys who can do the job.trtr just do what you are capable of and understand the situation. the game will dictate how you pitch. also, you go as hard as logic can until it is their turn to get the job done. attaway talked to him, and we got word that his father would be healthy enough to travelwah to be here for game three to se him pitch. his father as a condition attack in his spine, he is paralyzed the chest down. so just a short while ago, matt
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it is awesome. just got out of rehab center. get a chance to see my son pitc in the world series, would miss it for nothing the world. so i was going to be here. of got some great friends here to help me get through it so we are here.. i have no words. i just wish that he can enjoy his son enjoying the moment to play on baseballs biggest stage. i suspect that he will pitch very well tonight. israel texas has some attitude, we will see what happens. incredible night for the family, no he has been dreaming about this since he was four
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stick around, and boxing before each match their something called the tale of the tape. we want to do our own version with a bit of a twist. instead of indians versus cubs, we have fox 8 tony rizzo versus the cubs anthony rizzo. so here is how the numbers brea down.hehe age-anthony 27, tony rizzo younger than dick goddard. >> i am 55, and not ashamed. >> with height and weight, comparable to each one's profession, this is where it gets interesting,, anthony has a considerable leader comes to twitter followerssi. >> and the salary it evens out
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want to renegotiate. i want to renegotiate prices. >> will leave you at prices. becomes to walk out sans, he typically uses good vibrations. >> you would use the michael stanley classic my town >> that's it. and then weaknesses, at 147, anthony weakness is clear than pitching, but tony rizzo loses this round, his weakness is being forced to cover the brown games.ak >> is at right? i will be appointed my
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here to cover the world series.n go browns, beat the jets. from wrigley field tonight just a little fun with the tale of the tape . only played two games and joe buck has received some criticis about talking too much by the cubs.. after the break, wait till you see whatat an indians fan did a
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will come back for the big watc party tonight for game three of world series. about tme half hour away from f pitch at wrigley field. some criticism has been made of joe buckom showing proceed favoritism towards the cubs during games one and two. so many fans say that the broadcaster has spent too much
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praise in the chicago cubs and the comeback of kyle schwarber, indians fans, get even, check this out. >> someone created bed bath and beyond wedding registry for joe buck and kyle schwarber. there are several dozen items o the list, someone actually purchase something, classic looking white sugar bowl, be sure to stay tuned to game three of the world series, coming up right here on fox 8. stay with us after the game for complete postgame coverage, we will be back tonight.
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we are a fox sports. ? ? >> redemption can be measured through one's will to fight back, to overcome personal obstacles and silence any doubters. >> welcome back, kyle schwarber. unbelievable. >> for the cubs, game two was a proving ground, a moment to show


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