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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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track conditions such new know okay hit withth -- along the shoreline. it is below 40 percent and temperatures in the 60sit and fall into the upper 50s. that we're also look ahead to the
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this is a recall was set up the resti
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series, comes up with the championship. the indians in game seven other way back. to take the the championship inn this a lot of people don't know
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police investigating a fire. can't cram of a hunger -- drove right into students car. nothing as heavy as we had
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philadelphia. the forecast temperatures started to cool down by the front. district dry out today and temperatures in the middle and upper 50s by that afternoon. look at the weekend ahead to next week at a couple of
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was going to continue to rain. >> much sleep did you get last night? g >> about seven minutes. >> i forget what i said five minutes before. >> l's happening heres. 's are lower, 60s and the rain from late last night right afte the game is down moving into western pennsylvania. that caused issues. we have 7,000 people without power and the winds were put gustyan. right now radar want to do it i and remove the satellite and we're focusing on just the rain.
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cleveland and eventually the showers going to start to drift and the drifting in eastern joe county. this rain will not feel that have become.e.ot we hadec earlier. still we're going to have issue with hydroponic in water on the shore way. sixty-one and chardon and w eas lakee and farther south, cuyaho falls. even westlake,, and into mansfield. temperatures in the 60s. so the outlook moves the rain out and it will be a completely drya day.y the coverage will start to listenr as it moves through. here is the first printed that willd push the ring out of here by noon up behind it some clearingb and secondary front will shift the winds and begin tobe coolest. >> down. this is what we will keepep an
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will drifting northwest ohio en. the coverage on this 30-40 percent and more hit and miss showers and temperatures will coolem down into the up th 50s by that afternoon. look at that strong northwest wind. we're how that a major amounts of rain in the afternoon rain. the cooler than what this right nowh. the lower 40s tonight will partially clear out we will see see how we start to see that northerly wind so we can around 50 for high. south of akron notes we're not anticipating any rain.a this is all the way through saturday in temperatures begin to rebound heading into the upcoming weekend and by saturda should be up close to 60 in still pleasant. will keep temperatures in the '60s and hopefully see a dayini or two about 60 early next week. slight chance for showere late
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november and that is when thing will getet better. there's a chance to see some winter weather. we will see what happens with that..ll >> for:46 is your time.ur patty harken has an update on traffic. >> we haveon an accident as you head toward i 71 south bound. they have some wires down so that's an area to be cautious o if you are going that way. light volume and if you post to jump through but we are doing all right out there and 77, the turnpike, no issues as you head into town. don't forget we have that's now in pl place.a it will have lane closures it t 71 will be closed through november 9. details are protest -- details are posted. >> police identified the two i will policed officer shot and killed this morninge and what
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shooting. police identified the victim says des moines police sergeant anthony been me know and urban the police officer justin martin. he was married and with childre and martin is survived by his parents but the suspect in the shootings isth 46 -year-old sco michael corine. he's like someone down, s and call 911 and was taken into custody without incident. >> the fs them best rights investigation damage that the american church in mississippi. bring the church was take thean oath trunks spray. the greenville, mississippi police department has already labeled it that way. it's a said even about 32,000 people in 70 percent of his residents are african-americans. >> the reasones we believe it's
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intimidation of somebody's -- would've the way they choose. so as far as up being a racial issue, it does but i can't say that. it does to men -- this is a church. the governor mississippi is bee competing with trump.en the stabbing of a high school i british columbia. this resulted in and hours down -- and our swan lockdown. the female victims were reportedly both students and police said the surviving student is expected to survive. a sweet night turns sour for t kids and washington. it's what they found in their
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a nail on the screen the candy you. the nail was discovered when th boyth ripped of the bag that is candy was in. the other boy fun to screw when he broke open for. lookout. now policeok are looking for answers. >> if you would've followed thick, what damage with that it done to him. you does that.. >> you wonder what are people thinking. why do this.wo >> which is what appears whereto are the dangers out the. >> investigators say the object could've been put in the candy at the warehouse or home that handed it out. >> it was the students waterfal that was taken from inside is car, it was acute-care bar. it was a cup holder and the hungry thief given made off wit he left an apology doubt.
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kit kat and he saw the 28 and reached outd to oversee him som replacement key in the. no word on the sweet treats tha he received. >> about ten minutes until 5:00 weather and traffice every ten minutes. whose holding the honors as the highest-paid female in the musi
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temperatures for now in the lower 60s. a few remaining showers in another south your akron. about 80 percent of the startin to dry out.. it is windy and temperatures will fall to the upper 60s. couple showers throughout the day but they will be small. hartly tomorrow northwest would keep temperatures betweend 28-53. while -- sunday should touch 60 early nexth week at a slight chance, very small chance for shower on wednesday into early on thursday. we will talk more about some of
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that. -- we have an accident on 40 westbound. the vehicle will be pole is bit boots. westbound. a little bit went out there. your had placed less also beyond. they do have an accident coming on is the past both boulevard. kidded designated driver so we can all get to where we are
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and rcra or for being entertainer of the yearr goes t cars brooks. chris brooks story with this usually of the yearst award. on board took home the award fo female vocalist of the year. chris stapleton takes out near fort for female vocalists of t year. to sixal shall so that. and she 89 world tour which gross.
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beyonc?, katie. jennifer lopez. the goal. >> for:57. weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead.ff the cubs . ytu reaction from the team
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the news get up short in game with 7 world series. consult last of the tribe. good morning. today is thursday and it is the day after, the third of novembe. let's check in with scott sabol for look at forecasts. >> it will be a fun off-season for sure.. we had warm weather and finish up the world series in clevelan and now rain moving to cleveland. showers in painesville and then some showers for the southoosh couple's light.


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