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work.o and a lot of sleepy folks this morning some folkse maybe not making it in today.m i would say more than a that would be my guess. good morning to you.wou i'm todd meany. i'm stefani schaefer. ladies played with all their hearts yesterday they played right up until theerda end. they were sensational. it s was a heartbreaking but exciting game sevena live with reaction from the players after the world series came to an end last night and will show that in just a bit. a lot of celebrities theretieshe including lebron james message for the tribe.e. so exciteddr.. great to see him. will share their words and see other big names where at the game last nightame in what willu remember most about the world series? how are you feeling this morning? how are you doing? are going to share your thoughts and commentso s in this morningi download and we just want to think cleveland indians for giving us a wonderful ride.
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in the playoff series. wasun fun. juu scott sabol. you said you were going to cry if they won did you cry that they lost? got a little ticked off. w three and around the house. that's ath great word for everyone. through them things. just kidding.e it was getting late. take a look of the showers now and the heavy rain moved out of cleveland. pretty much out of the viewing area oocl a streak of rain goes almost froma warren ohio throuh akron monday night and n northern richland in ashland county and another area of raia behind that. in a few more coming off the lakeha the winds are shifting. any showers that redevelop later today more localizedr. and will not bewi will be nearly as heav. chardon 55. after temperatures this morning mid- tem 60s we're seeing the bg temperature change 64 north of the front wheel 50s here in cleveland there's westlake sandusky middle 50s. mescaline still m at 65. that's pretty much where the fa
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some gradual thinning out of the cloud deck. not completely don't think we'll see a lot of sun measure temperatures generally in the 50st of f after once they get e they will stay there. send it gwills back to you guyse eight dayk in a couple of minutes. thank you scott. a game that had everything.ftha excitement, stress, heartbreak t rain delay and extra innings. the cleveland indians put up and it's only midnight keep this going.dnigiggng i felt like it was kind of mother nature washing away the bad spirit that bad curses both of our citiesther naay t and got all right clean slate let's play ball.nd g cleveland indians put up that amazing fight that they fell to the chicago cubs in game seven of the world series. jessica dill is live at progressive field with more on how the team is reacting to the loss. d withtm a tough team in cleveland but
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you can tell these guys were heartbroken after the loss last night but they stayed very professional. we're pretty confident in the 'r we've got here. the game went back and forth.wev it was at that point indians fans really thought we could do it. a chance in the ninth ns re but couldn't score. rain delay stop thel game for about 15 minutes comes loaded the bases able to runs. indians tried and closed within one but couldn't tie it up comes when 827. i think when we started chipping away and coming back it wash you know felt like this what this team does and i think that lth certainlyinth you know pretty impressive nobody gave up everybody was fighting like. just tied up in the eighth inning was justfike unbelievabl. beyond my wildest dreams. it was incredible. that feelingams. obviously
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whole thingc and win it all but that wasan great great fight by our guys. we have a lot offi good guys inn here and never give up. they need to walk with their head n u held high because theyt nothing on the field. that's all the things we ever ask them to doo they tried until it the cubs ended the longest titl drought in history overcoming a three to one deficit. in cleveland jessica dill fox8 news. thank you.ical defeated but not destroyed. your cleveland indians battled d.yond expectations and in thehe process lifted an entire city. they certainly did. this was wonderful for all of us. this is still believeland and it is still our tribe.hey fox 8's stacey frey has reactiol from fans who almost witnessed them win it all. hello stacey.
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are we sad? of course we are. what a resilient group ofnt ro ballplayers we witness to make it far. pedaled past the red sox no one expected them to do. beat the toronto blue jays went on to the world series andd the wild ride began. through this past week. reek. defying expectations the tribe 12 in chicagox and took the word series to dizzying heights.nd last night's game was nothing short of historical. cleveland did not get its storybook ending but what a tale to tell battling back from a 3 run deficit to tie it up and send game seven into a tenth inning. our hearts were in our throatssn and then that sick feeling settled in. no world series win for thehe ck flis but a city grateful for the trip they took us on. winorr i'm really so proud i can't believe the guys did a great job from day one opening day getting canceled to right now i can't believe it. i was yelling the whole time trying to drown out the cubs fans.. roudi belie th a a ffn't
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i've liked them all my life and i' cleveland. it was unbelievable. i'm such a cleveland fan andc want to say to indians i'm solea proud of you guys even though didn't get the win thank you for taking us to world series. what a treat it was obviously oo would have been better if we won by the comments i've been reading on facebook page and twitter it instagram are peoplee thinking the indianseenstagm fog them this giving us october baseballseba taking it into november.ber. fantastic. it was amazing it was great so proud of the team.m. absolutely. thank you. the city of cleveland rallied behind the indians, that includes the cleveland cavaliers tvela r the nba title in june.e. shortly after the game lebronbe. james took to uninterrupted to send a message to the tribe. congratulate the indians on an unbelievable season. you did stuff nobody would ever think you guys could do and
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you know the hall cavs organization all of the fans the whole city of cleveland were all proud of you guys. you guys got w nothing to hang your head slow that's cool. lebron made a world series bet with good friend dwayne wade.len since the indians lost he has to dress in cubs gear when the cavs face the bulls in chicago next month. game seven sure brought out the stars last night. here's a look at who was spotted, in the stands.sev sghut we're contractually obligated to show you the celebrities. bill murray is back. the beautiful the talented the uber cub fan bonnie hunt with c eddie vedder. vedder's been to more games than joe maddon this year. same for john cusack. lebron's here.onis give them the heater, ricky.
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sheen, aka the wild thing. the crowd went nuts when sheenn was shown on the giant scoreboard. he had hoped to make it onto the field but that did not ad hoped t apparently they couldn't work out the deal. diehard cubs fan bill murray even made it into the locker room for the postgame ebill muron.. all of this effort wishing and hoping it would work that they would win andef now it has come it's wonderful. it's fantastic. you believe in something i it's actually came true and it's beautiful. believe in something it's true and beautiful in the whole city all of the fansutandeaut you kne sort of validated. the dream came true. it's okay. dreams come true ct and people believed in it and the great thing about itale we became such great losers.reat good sports. good los losers i hope we are goodod winners. i hope we are good winners i hope were just as good sports as
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didn't win. champagne burning his eyese as e goes in for another drink. the 66 year old murray was clearly overjoyed, seeing hisis favorite team finally win the series. meanwhile this is how all off those celebrities came into town. burke lakefront airport was packed full of private jets overnight.t. dozens of them were lined up tor take off early this morning. president obama who's from chicago tweeted this, early this morning it happened. happ cubs win the world series. that's change even this south sider can believe in.en curld want to come to the white house before i leave? the president is a lifelong white sox fan but said he was rooting for his hometown team even though it wasn't his team. keeping it classy the clevelandu indians tweeted this after last night's loss. through everything, our guys
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just short. congrats to chicago. #rallytogether.. ythin, gaveuubut o a lot of our fans very classy about it congratulating them anr because we know it was a greatsr competition. a great battle. aree heartsick today but to hear a lot of the fans evening your segment saying congratulations chicagoe fag yo it's says so mut our guys. can't be mad at them it was such a greatt battle back and forth between these two teams. almost like this sense of calmth it was last and i just so sad played up until the very end any we are also. it is what it is.e congratulations to the indians they gave us just as stacey said earlier a september and october november to remember that's for sure.embt what will you remember most about the indians world seriesre run? talking about your favoritete moments in this morning'sing download with kristi. still to come on fox8 news in the morningdownloadi look at thy scary ride for this little boy. see what happened after he took his 20 car for a spin in the
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traffic when we come back. scott. the rain has ended in cleveland. left overnight showersa the wins are shifting and temperatures are dropping. keep it steady in the 50s the rest of the day the weekend forecasthe in just a couple of
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here's the oh one. this is going to be a tough play. bryant, the cubs, win the world series.. h on bryant makes the play.ough sie
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disbelief. thing on your couches and just like heartbroken. it is what it is.ces the indians come up short in game seven of the world series. the cubs outlasted the tribe in ten innings, to end their 108 year title drought.inin the ibii as we talk about this and we talk about it ab in the download with kristi your favoriteorie moments from this what did you like best about it. you went to one of the games maybe you went to a watch party ablee to be with your family and be a pat and a lot of people say listening to 923 that fan coming in this morning a lot of people saying how they got to spend that moment with their family ee made a lot of memories over the pastst week and a half or so. that was pretty cool even if you didn't have a ticket to get in the ballpark with your family or friends tet.. watch party. my gosh. it was. let's get to some text first mark writes congrats to the tribe congrats to cleveland what
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also. now we can all get some rest. let's see. as i jan. another text says always next year. let's see this text says i couldn't believe how many people were playing with their phones at the game they needed our support and we dropped the ballt shame on you people. got to tweet that you are there. a lot of important social media things. i know.f porta remember when wayne went to the basketball game country told them get off your phone.. that's right. he got hit with the ball. keep your eye on the actual game. how many people get hit by ahit baseball in a baseball game. b pitch.atch everyy especially with $19,000 each. e it was a nailbiter for sure and i'm so glad it's over and i didn't have a stroke
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c keith from euclid says great game did you see rizzo stepped the ball in the back pocket after the last i was wondering whoever threw it how do they decide who's going to get that ball?w the one who made the catch or the one who threw it to get the last out. i don't know.tht six months i get it six monthsin you get it.. may end up going like in a showcase at wrigleyen something like that. baseball hall of fame. for they'll hold it in tweet it whatever. deb says can graduations to the cubs for the world series win love my cleveland indians did an outstanding job hope you are proud.ed an spectacular battle to finish and they simply had one more runun then you did looking forward to next season. bunch of exclamation marks. that's where the guys are saying ready to get to arizona 45 minutes after the game ended.d. that's a lot.
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managed team and f disappointin. it's disappointing. we haddit's heartbreak with our pictures going into that was the big thing we had some injuriesnr broken hand and of course trevor's injury. course really rallied we really. the guys came together. like when the cavs played goldeo state kevinen love had his shoulder separated. kylie broke his theovee . we still of battled. same kind of th that i could be really poetic justice for the indians next year come back bigger and better. i like it. we'll read more comments coming up.tterri leave me some text as well. thank you. will check in with scott sabol taking a look at her forecaste into tomorrow. that we can. if the game had gone 11h or 12 innings they wou have had some real pouring rain coming o some huge issues wouldn't have
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the delay would have lasted more than an hour then you run into one or 2:00 in the morning t got to go what do you do? continue through the middle of the nightgh or call it play the next day. if that didn't happen another inning we would run into issuesn never happened before. you were saying yesterday telling my kids last nightd scott sabol said this is that if we o to extra innings i'm concernedf and that's exactly what happened the skies opened up you had it peggedt h to the second. such a newfound respect for you bigger than i always did. with the extra anything and all that sort of thingwi the rain fr the mostth part held off untileo after the game then we got hit with another shot of rain this morning and unteit another one w minutes ago and now it's cooling down aftero two days of upper 70stw some of the warmest world series games it hadme this far north. 1997 world series the world
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arizona. those locations you'll get temperaturesthose in the 80s ad 90s but words like this thishis far north doesn't happen veryen often. pretty thick cloud deck all over the place y notice the bulk of the removingbul out.out. streaks of very light rain almost drizzle south on 76 moving south of acrid a few more out overmo the like. the bulk of the rain is history. temperatures dropping. to the middle 50s everywhere. it will continue to fall event down near meso and we dropped a degree andon 50s will replace mid- 60s5 on. not anticipating any redevelopment of widespreadn rainfall will keep the clouds pretty thick it will stay debll andsa cool most of the afternoo. it was tot have a pretty good amounte of cool air behind that second front which comes in tomorrow. today f mostly cloudy. the typical early november daybr haven't had anything typical for a while.d 50s again a couple of spots of drizzle most of the rain is moving out pretty quick.qui future radar showsc some thinnig
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whole lot. lower 40s tonight. mostly awhole cloudy will starto clear out more so tomorrow. as we again bring in another shot of cool cooler air. the winda row bringing cool air right over the great lakes translates into highs barely above 50.elak we'll see some sad and as we look ahead the weekend is looking really quiet.t. saturday said that even through monday and tuesday of next weekk to organize weather system start to build up a touch more warmth probably break above 60 as we look ahead sure early next week. next chance of rain after todays early on won't be until next wednesday.y. and we'll keep an eye on not this coming week that the week after that. because there have been some indications won't go into specifics but indicationso the pattern will feature more warmth westst and more chances of seei deeper storm systems across the eastern halfrm syst of the coun. whether or not that means snow
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the air at this point. something certainly to keep an eye on that this will get faiy active in matter of trying to nail down specifics when we get there.fto good thing that's wednesday not tuesday for election day. not next week but the week after that. like two or three weeks down the road.r h roa see. thank you so much. still to come 9:21. who is offering their condolences at this hour. a mother does the unthinkable accused off murdering her baby and then things get more disturbing. awful. from fun to frightening hear what happenedawf while some kids trick-or-treating and what police say about trying to find
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putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready i go through the roof. grab 'em by the p****". when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. ne's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. do you treat women with respect? uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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welcome back. such s a memorial is growing in iowa this morning, for two police officers gunned down in ambush attacks. the man suspected of the murders is now behind bars, after surrendering to authorities. investigators say 29 year old ing, ad omb patrol officer justin martin and 39 year old sergeant anthony beminio were shot while sitting in the police cars, on main streets in des moines.ois.
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greene flagged down a state worker on a rural road, to give himself up. president obama, along with donald trump and hillary clinton, have expressed their sorrows to the officers' families. police say it's still unclear why he targeted the officers. a pennsylvania mom is accused o. along w won hillaesseded murdering her own baby but it gets even more disturbing than that. police say christian clark also sent pictures of the body to the child's father. and she also taunted the dad itk c with texts saying what she'd done complete with a laughing emoji.h 17 month old andr? price was smothered with an air mattress. another title in the house but apparently not hurt. not hurt clark is now locked up on murder charges.. a hard story. precious child. unbelievable. okay. also in other headlines today. anthony weiner has reportedly checked into a rehab center for sex addiction. s day.thony
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congressman resigned five yearsy ago after lying about sending sexually explicit texts. he apologized and ran for mayor, until he once again got caught sexting.ago afteabout ssexllll the latest investigation hasigaa impacted the presidential race after some of the emails on hism computer may be related to thele probe of hillary clinton'stolarl private server. a night of treat or treating took a very frightening turn for two kids in washington. these middle school boys found a nail and a screw inside two pieces of candy.ook veeni turs a how do you track that down? that's what police are saying.ra track down a suspect. investigators say the objects could have been put in the candy at the factory, a warehouse or po wille that handed it out.t. susct s you don't even know. how are you supposed to figure that out. so concerning especially because you probably couldn't see that it's so small inside. so awful. that's when you say always check that that is terrible. the damage that could be done. my goodness. all right. hats off to an incredible season. indians lost to the cubss
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fansct ce coming up. cav stars tries to bring the indians good luck see what he did during the game and did it work? scott. temperatures are cool you down nowtempat we are back to normal. normal for early november thata is.rly v and early april. the showers are moving atat rest dot more about the weekend when
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he will route what when we find out will achieve know. the rock 'n roll hall of famefa
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call addition to the front of the museum. no one todd and i wrapped up the showup yesterday morning we are with her awesome crews and with our shuttle back to fox 8 a it s very cool here be able to get your picture there and be great for homecoming groups to go to there and get their pictures inside the letter.r. like we did the plaza the cleveland is down there. i like the idea of those and. he is a spot to take a nice picture there in cleveland. it's really great marketing.lev scary for us to even look. see what happens when it politics is 20 car into rush-hour traffic.20
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are you wearing your perfume
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i will i do say. yes. all right.t. there you go. nowher we know now you know. we will check in with scott sabol he's taking a look at our forecast we can lo mention that
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you know that people negus mound with a mile away anyway.yw let's check them out and seet what's happening we've had some light rain the forecast stillsti shows cloud cover was spots of drizzle nothing significantou that's where they will stay all day longe organized is the front went to the east and i'm hopingis not really looking all that youh stick it might be a sliver of sun.aa he came back to the 40s later a little bit more sunshine a littlesu cooler with a high ofhg
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temperatures will remain in theh middle and upper 50s sunshinens tomorrow through next monday and with a chance of showers next wednesday let's see what's coming appear and about fourfo minutes. >> there will be no crop dusting on new day couldld the some great food were talking about firehouse chili f had to stores thinking about tho holidays and shop in the hottest toys out a there on the market u want to get your hands on here is a great toy to put in the here going to see a great story it's look at a good show. it's practice was see you at
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endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine
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? ? lookin' out on the morning rain ? l so uninspired ? ? and when i knew i had to face another day ? ? lord, it made me feel so tired ? ? before the day i met you, life was so unkind ?
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does she have a fat ass? absolutely. boob job is terrible. she's a slob. lips are too big, solid 4. disgusting pig. flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. i moved on her like a b****. priorities usa action is responsible for the content
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amazing she's not be here is the same she's than that all the day they younger one the other one will be crying about that that's great.rea get starts you could see thehe love for each other. affectionate. have aa
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enjoy. congratulations toto her indians they were awesome. guess for another day another crockpot recipe on the menu


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