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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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crossing guards earn $20 per da that adds up. kept sending out paychecks even though they do not pursue timesheets, the stat pension system noticed contributions kept coming in with the account called who had died a spokesman says this led to new procedures to make sure that they only pay crossing guards when the the paperwork gets filled out to him to sign it and taken to the school that you work with and they have two initial it that goes to the community police commander. charges included theft, forgery i for cashing checks that should not have been sent, they say that a total of aboutul $2,000. city hall asking for a tax
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, have no patience for sloppiness. >> you get that from the taxes so use that wisely. records show the suspects facing charges, were living in las vegas, the go to court next week, city hall hopes that they will have to pay back the money. what about any repercussions at city hall? >> nobody at the city was indicted, we asked if anybody had bn kind of internal discipline and it does not appear so.ny >> local chef macing multiple charges, is in jail to my answe is bond revoked, as peggy galle has details. sandusky sheriff kyle overmyer, who was free on bond since august,s that was resolved after they say he violated the terms of the bond including making threats about witnesses.o sandusky county sheriff kyle
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>> is a video showing the sandusky county share being escorted into the erie county jail thursday night.s indicted on charges in august, he had been freees on a $100,000 bond, but it has been revoked . you demanded into our custody pending posting a bond. sandusky county shirt will remain in jail until he can pos two and $50,000 bondn cash onl. >> it was revoked after the alleged free on bond is a deadly weapon, continue to contact witnesseses and have failed to notify the court of his change in address.le >> eat that not guilty to the chargess with rate in august,
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here were controlled substances found in his office is accused of taking drugs from drug take back boxes. erie county sheriff says he is known for several yearse but do not change how he was treated a the jail. to ensure the history of the same as everyone else,, the cou has ordered him remanded to our custodyco and we will follow th order of the court and he will be held in custody, he will not get treatment. he was mailed perry county to a marion county facility until bond is posted. guilty verdict and the man accused of killing three and a warrensville heights barbershop as kevin freeman joins us with
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douglas shine jr. found guilty on charges of murder, they began deliberations when they got the case yesterday. >> douglas shine jr. evicted of killing three people inside of thet chalk linez barbershop in warrensville heights every 2015. also accused of shooting three others.oo. they say he's part of the heartless felons straight game and the related. spoke to the mothers of two of the victims. i am relieved, this is a long process for the family. i am here because i looking for closure.
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is spent a year waiting for this case, almost overer. i lost two sons. my heart is still hurting. >> i am satisfied with the verdict. brandon white was killed inside the barbershop, and br several months later, her other son, shot and killed outside of a home on harvard avenue.e. douglas shine, was also convicted of orchestrating from jail that murder and convicted today about orchestrating ever some other shootings that happe
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the sentencing phase, well happen, when he will be possibl sentenced to death.he hillary clinton continues to lose traction fbi found e-mails late private server. investigation into the e-mails is noti expected to be complete by election day.c some surveys show she has a slight lead. others have the candidates in a virtual dead heater that has bo parties increasing a push for votes. grassroot campaign underway as the clock ticks down. roosevelt leftwich at the cuyahoga county airport elections with more. is about talking to get each
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>> in the final push before tuesday. here in cuyahoga county is at the board of elections if you think this is slow, try walking into the polls. this is the final push. they navigate a caught wind of candidates in spokesman tried t get that last book,ke both part are manning phone banks in making appeals on tv and radio this is where politics becomes face-to-face.aa >> this is a very tired going t votete? >> not really i have pretty muc done my research and my mind is set. even though i have my mindsetcome to see them face-to-face y and how personable they are, made a little influence.w >> once inside, wants that final push is effective comes down to
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numbers are down in cuyahoga county from 2012, but the reality of early voting is that it gives people a chance to they're ballad and making their own final push. are very excited for this last week it should be a big push v by both parties in major candidatesby come expecting ove 11,000 more people to vote early. >> things have been running ver smoothly, says are also the final push for tuesday. more than 6,000 people are read to tradee , with a few more day left to early voting the push for voters will be even bigger over the weekend. it is more festive this weekend like a neighborhood there will be people who will come down here who have voted but want to experience the atmosphere. there will be people who will be cooking out and there will b
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says there was already on tuesdayay and also for any type of problems we have outlines established encourage people to have any questions a call the board of elections and try to answer questions from precinct places and anything the need to know about voting in this county. hillary clinton caught on something names to help rally votes,ht was read as of the wolstein center where jay-z is to perf hillary clinton and maybe some other big-name stars like beyonc?. it is a hail mary by the clinton campaign.t appearing will be jay-z in his wife, beyonc?, the concert beginning at 8:00 p.m. you can see the fans lined up early all around8: the wolstein
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he was scheduled for the performing alongside hillary clinton. and beyonc? rumored to join him. encourage people to vote, in th early. take its on a first-come first-served basis last week, i talked to the why they came. >> my friends and i, canvassing door-to-door asking people to vote ear and they gave us tickets to come we are all big supporters of th campaignn even though we cannot vote we want to do what we can to get her elected. >> i wanted to see jay-z in who he brains i am his fan andn that is what brought me here and i like hillary clinton. polls showing very close race between them what are your thoughts on the attempt to get
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she is the best. to be the first female president, i think that she would do a good job. this is part of her strategy to get ohio voters, especially millennials andoh african-ameri voters to vote early. in addition to jay-z, hillary clinton and beyonc?, i told her my being a couple of other
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they raise the banner at the q. cold next week,se they will need to present, the cavaliers invited to the white house to celebrate thee nba championship they will go to dc for the even next thursday, not the first time lebron james will need the present for championship honors butbe sages say that this will mean so much more.
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when or go home, all the teams in top shape.e >> sports anchor p.j. ziegler is in parma before saint ignatius takes on massillon jacksonon. playoffs are here, the road to columbus because nine and th state.e. if you lose the new go home. wildcats are nine and one versus the polar bears with a set of three record. since 1980 , they have not been on saturday night.. have not lost a fresh round 2,007 for the
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record, losing three of four by a 11. the wildcats, for all season has been defense. >> the new coaching changes held,, we are a lot better everybody knows their silence master there was confusion on place so that is a big key. >> it is a group of guys who ar lower close knit, we are better friends were on the scene page and we want to win really bad t do what we can to win. saint ignatius has outscored there part in the first quarter, on 18-seven. kickoff 730 and the postseason
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first wake of the playoffs tonight at 11:00 p.m., join us for highlights from all over , friday night touchdown two 9/11. nicer care of those players good news. >> it has been fantastic
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with temperatures in the 50s. sunset occurring as we speak from the chesterland camera. july, if you have nothing else to do it you can enjoy the moment. for the game she will notice th after sunset so dress
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there are some 70s on the lam, ohio 73 pounds kansas city. >> those are not headed in our direction. today dc is 40 degrees cooler than yesterday. this morning some patchy fog
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through the weekend, a great time to be raking or blowing leaves. tonight, upper 30s. will be clear and lots of radiation cooling. near 60 tomorrow to go to bed saturday, turned the clocks bac one hour. then tuesday, partly cloudy nea 60. rainfall about 20 percent late evening. for most the day it will be
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on wednesday and thursday. good-looking days. on friday and saturday major cooldown. but now it looks like that cooldown may be delayed. tribe makes a couple of
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cover, took india's 2204 years ago is now six all-time i postseason, they came one month shy of giving him three titles
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and is picked up the option for carlos santana he hadp 34 homers, and stands to make
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eighteen games of friday night touchdownn at 11:00 p.m. p.j. ziegler has a preview, saint ignatius tonight versus massillon jacksonve at byers field. the wildcats with a six-game
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say measures outscored opponent in the first quarter they will have to try to slow down the polar bears. beginning at 730 the highlights on wake the week 11 of friday night touchdown 11:00 p fox. fresh off their fifth pitcher inin, they're in philadelphia f saturday game versus philadelphia 76ers. you may have heard that the cavaliers have been invited to the white house, they will play the wizards on friday so next weekfr they will squeeze in a
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make sure your vote counts by avoiding the latest election
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in woodson county they plan to use the abuse among to prosecut a suspect. >> mansfield man accuses
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two dogs during a burglary at jack shea joins us. >> this is the type of crime that would end up with a slap o theth race but under goddard's he could of been present.rd mansfield police are called to this apartment building thursday morningcea discover that a suspect kicked in the door of a basement unit.ov and during the burglary, stabbed two dogs inside, a five -month-old pitbull mix scot humane officer say that scotty suffered deep stab wounds, one that punctured his long. >> said that based on the friendly demeanor of the two dogs as they were treated, you never would have knownt they ha been attacked. two shows to me how resilient animals are they don't hold a grudge,ow these are perceived to
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did nothing wrong they were attacked and they still come up to people for affection. now charged with burglary and and will abuse is twice 7-year-oldld lawrence brock subject of a protective order by wallin who lives in the they believe he waited until she left thursday and then stab the dogs ransacke the apartment and made off with what he couldhe. >> anyone involved in animal welfare it's important to speak for those who cannot speak, he attacked dogs that were in the cage, just speaks to me of the type of person that is capable of doing that. this kind of abuse would be considered a misdemeanor, the state but becausesee of the efforts of dick goddard it is now
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dick goddard, who is retiring later this month,h, after a remarkable career spanning half-century dedicated much of his life to the prevention of the kind of cruelty suffered by these two dogsgs in mansfield, he has believed that the key was a tougher law that could serve as a deterrent. >> we want this law to happen, where this is taken more seriously but this is also an indicator of people who are willing to commit violence fact that dick goddard to not give up we have a lot of respec for if convicted, he could face up to two years in prison, he i held in the richland county ja jail. the dog will undergo surgery monday to repair damage but he should be okay.
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chardon road series scans, ryan hurst and wa busted an hour before game seven, is accused of sellinganw fake tickets and tommy bender. and today they charged sammy lewis they say he had fake majo league passes and $5,800. place in cuyahoga county medical examiner want help identify a woman found deadp in bag. searching for her dna and the state database body nothingg no they ask for anyone who is missing aloud protocol and if necessary to donate dna sample.
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discovered a bag of human remains october 17,sc medical examiner office says they were of a white female about 5 feet sixalxa between the ages of 30 40be and they have had child dr. thomas gilson says they nee to hear from anyonee who is not seeing allowed one since before october 17, they may be asked t donate dna sample, dr. gilson says it will not be used for anything other than this case.i >> there is a state database used for prosecution in 2005 suspects in criminal cases, we are not obligated to enter this profile into that system. this is strictly t to identify we do that in-house. and we do not share that into the ot criminal database. it is kept as a comparison for identification and stays here. no evidence found to help
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have a missing loved one you no seen in weeks are asked to contact the fcc medical examine office. the feds are preparing for possible care and cyber attacks around election day.. >> and matt wright there is som concernrn >> there is until four days before the election the warning
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someone in this political climate could take action. with early voting underway in ohio, concern grows about potential attacks to impact the election, they say that conversations from al qaeda revealy that they could be planning attacks monday new yor texas and virginia, officials there on high alert. n noted and the threats have not been deemed credible. it follows a nationwide alert to police about lone wolf attacks on polling places, the
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statement saying- reports say that the u.s. government thinks hackers from russia may also try to undermin the election through cyber attacks ranging from fake info on social media, to shutting downwn power grid or internet, that could cause chao voting system itself cannot be hacked sincece the ballot system is not connected to the internet. nyc officials on high alert, both trumpet in hillary clinton holding campaign parties in the the vote should be safe to the threat ofof cyber taxes wer
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>> to create chaos to keep people home, something as harmless as floating misinformation could be shared on social media and there was not the time to debunk it. california tries a new technique to get voters to the pollsia, a new law gives employ up to two hours of paid time of to vote they don't have enough time, they had to give the boss two days notice before the election if they need to take time off to gofofo. a text to those scam is going around, one of many posts on twitterr says to vote from home and to save time and avoid the line that he gives a phone number to text instead of going to the polls, it is fake, they're not sure who is behind it or where those text messages
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local researchers take a closer look at how costly using your cell phone is holding you
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the cell phone for many is a concert companion and for those around us at times is an annoyance in onellrr go see stu walk across campus and their face buried in their phones als walking slowly, we all know not to text and drive, researchers at kent state university,nd sen out to see if texting walking, and talking, can be bad for your. >> recorded the walking speed and heart rate when using the phone for texting or talking on the treadmill speed and
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see that translate into real life.. >> we record the time it took themem to go from one plan more the nextfr and then if or not they were using the cell phone. the magnitude was larger than anticipated saw about a 10 percent reduction walking speed0 that can be significant because the walking pace is a predictor of cardiovascular >> study may not be alarming to many but they say that for some people walking is their only exercise.sor >> saab cell phone users were not surpriseded by the conclusions. >> i notice that in my own life when i use my phoneby and texting or trying to call someone i wal slower. ti listen to music over your phone may actually increase you
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increase your pace by given the phone arrest.y >> i think that if you're more physically active you should leave the sofa malone unless yo listen to music. >> dave nethers fox 8 news. melissa myers has a great forecast. >> i will give you about three minutes, that you can do some online shopping on the cell phone forgott. at burke lakefront a beautiful sunset at 6:18 p.m. it is a lovely evening.
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left. we had it back in the 50s. it is good fall like whether. maybe a few raindrops, late tuesday. overall tuesday afternoon looking good, daylight saving
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will be 3 degrees cooler than yesterday,b tomorrow will be a degree or two one-hour program high pressure, give us lots of sunshine today worker there will be a dry stretch with the next several days. july a waxing crescent moon, approaching the full-moon onng november 14, talk more about that as we get to the 14th. >> tonight, upper 30s. tomorrow near 60 degrees, the high is about 56.6. lots of sunshine and mild on sunday on monday the dry stretch continues. on election day tuesday, 60 degreeses.
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raindrop late evening. wins out thursday still read. there will be a rainy pattern. the following week with a major goal of them left. we have a round of dogs for adoption at the cuyahoga county animal shelter colin furze. in kiln number ten he is an eight -month-oldki retriever boxer mi with some of the best markings, he is a favorite among the workers.he
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a 5-year-old beagle mix who is little shy that warms up what h knows you, he loves to be outside in the sunshine that getsks nervous inside the shelter, the hope is to find him a whole before winter. in kiln number 36, she is a 2-year-old terrier mexico she has some thing for from a flea allergy found after a little tl as good as new. >> in kiln number 22 is the castle, with a severe flea allergy responded well andnd almost as good as new. he is a 3-year-old beagle cocker spaniel mix, he maybe only dog on earth who does not like to have is belly rubbed, but as loved to go on walks in hugs, this is a he would be best suited in a home with adults
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miller is a 7-year-old retriever mix, he does not have a family, he is an older guyhe just wants a companion, to be with, he is at number 19. is a miniature schnauzer mix, she loves to take naps and unsure of other dogs and childrenog but warms theyui said that she is into do biscuits and blankets, in kenn number 71 if you would want more info on any of these great dog call the number at the bottom o the screenrere. here of the 911 call that you will never believe
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i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war. yes, including with nukes. blood coming out of her... they're rapists... wrong. there has to be some form of punishment. such a nasty woman. i wanna be unpredictable. ...on 5th avenue and shoot somebody... she's a slob... member! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible
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testing holy shipped holy testing holy
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worker securing loans at a senior center and evolving a.nd >> just listen to the 911 call. >> we had a squirrel that entered the activity room and i is biting and scratching people. >> happened yesterday in florida when a person outside the building was attacked and canno break free, inside and began attacking people inside of the e activity room, four people had to be treated for cuts, but are
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fox 8 news continues at
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beginning of breaking news, a jury reaches a guilty verdict i the trial of men accused of killing three men in a warrensville heights barbershop kevin freeman joins us. douglas shine jr. found guilty on charges including murder the work race day. they pursue the case yesterday. he was convicted of killing three men inside of the chalk linez barbershop warrensville heightsb february 2015. convicted of shooting and injuring three other menen that night. prosecutors say he is part of thet heartless felons straight game in the shooting was gang related.


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