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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> encourage people to go to th polls,, people just aren't as enthusiastic as they used to bee >> the parma heights contractor says this has been his worst year for work in 20 years and h wants change.n >> she stands for a lot of bad things in my fake, he may not b the perfect candidate by think that he is the better choice.ot blazes on for last votes, before the election. trump made stops in pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan, shaker square monday.
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, face-to-face campaigning has become more important. with that one of these voter stickers on the door. t major effort is to go door-to-door to encourage peopl to cast a vote early. that ends today. >> volunteers across greater cleveland. >> encouraging people to vote. >> on a monday morning, you would not expect a lot of peopl at home,ayy the only target tho we have not reached over the last two days, 50 percent of the homes, people were home and wer able to talk to them and do not have a single person who said that theyey were going to vote early today or go to the polls tomorrow. >> they know that she trails
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of course it concerns me that he has an edge, i would prefer that mrs. clinton have the edge that gives us added impetus to get the vote out tomorrow. >> they believe that she must win ohio, and to do that, must win cuyahoga county, and the final hours before the polls openedt tomorrow they're leavin nothing to chance. >> in the past, some precincts have one by 19 vo in one street alone you have covered 20-30 homes, so just one block and make a difference,h so come out to vote to make a difference. >> people are still coming in, volunteers to help out. the clinton campaign in cuyahog countyy will not take their foo
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as people vote early today, hoping to be the crowd tomorrow at the cuyahoga county board of elections. >> maia belay there with what you can expect. you can expect a safe and secure election, it was a big part of the press conference speech today as the board of elections director said securit will be more visible tomorrow, traffic backups and landlines, 30,000 people who voted already. they say that their will be contact two's toth look out for those looking to disrupt the process.s.ut >> any problems that we might have, due to rowdies. or those who want to do any shenanigans.
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turnout, expect to wait at least 30 minutes lying to be voting tomorrow. nyc announcing major plans for increased election day security >> what about security here? that's what ed gallek hasou mor there were no specific threats, the i-team found the cuyahoga county sheriff's department isicya on god but not mascha hemlines were warning of possible terror attacks on election day, in cuyahoga county, no direct threats. they will have extra deputies a some polling places being made to handle large crowds. magi will have a special squad standing by in case of any trouble spots, they had for the first time training for poll workers in cuyahoga county, including what to do if a gunma
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in the primary threat came from a poll worker rested with the gun,e so what about protecting the votes once the election ends in time to count? deputies should take poll workers with the ballot boxes from the precinct to election headquarters . try to keep a watch like in the past, but nowhere happen if something does happen. >> we have you covered, with my results tomorrow on air and at fox, at fox for continuing coverage. what is it going to be like tomorrow as andre has the forecastst.
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sun is just about to set. kind of hard to get used to now that we are back on standard time, a leash that we would sta on standard time year-round, none of this sl straightforward fall back,sp will be a great sunset, and to my clear skies, quick trop in the temperature because of low dewpoints.n today it was on the wild side. this is the next system. the showers are still quite a ways out. if you have been following us all day that most of the shower should hold off until the secon half of tomorrow. so tomorrow morning and early afternoon, should be entirely rainfree until later afternoon.
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well to the west nile. is or go deeper into election day, the chance of rainfall wil increase. the first part will be a dry start, 45 degrees with polls opening at 6:30 a.m. through the day, the clouds wit second. indicating that raindrops will be falling soon. also that should be afternoon are going they will be earlier to the far west. if you want to avoid rainfall tomorrow, and you're going to vote tomorrow then vote relatively early. afternoon temperature will be about 60 degrees. and then after that, a little cooler. the first chunk of cooler air, the second chunk of colder air
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it will be more of a eyebrow raiser, talk about that later. >> think you need is going to get our attention.. >> of the i-team video of a cleveland police cruiser set on fire part outsidea a police station is peggy gallek is more. >> that happened early saturday morning, a short time after another card a few blocks away was also set on firer this videotaped by the i-team shows the police cruiser on fire, it was part outside the 1st district playstatio saturday morning when someone purposely set it on fire, about 30 minutes earlier, they responded to this car lot on west 130 in lorain avenue a car in the dealers lot was set on fire, the dealership owner says that car was destroyed in he
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is not like it used to be. the insurance company does not want to they drop you and it's hard to make a living these days. we took a big loss, the car was worth about $10,000. please do not know if these incidents are related, review and nearby securityre video and ask if you have info to call as soon as possible. man who held place that in a standoff is in custody today, about 2:00 a.m., the lorain police chased a man wanted in connection to a shooting and assault, l l the suspect drove down a dead-end street and rocky riverrh, he was honored with a handgun and refused to get out of his car soh the place just waited, he surrendered about 9:00 a.m. and taken back to
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these spent two years to solve the mystery not asking fo help , take a look at this composite of a man found in lak erie back in 2014 estimate between mid '40s and late 50s, autopsy shows his nose and left cheek were broken. possible he wore dentures. >> is about 5-0 three-5-foot 11 larry wrangler jeans and steel toe call the medical examiners office. >> serial killers become famous because of their crimes. now, outrage over online sale
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i have been involved in service to the state..
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of school. i said that would keep him off balance of a.i because of any day, and this is the most that he would be off balance. >> i was like, what i'd do and how to do list and, i have lots of stuff six-hour time lapse from chesterland. the only way you can tell is the sunshine is moving, no cloud cover.r. the sun is setting over the hill. the cloud coverage to the west.
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currently 57, 60 degrees at
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we will be at 45, with south winds on the backside of the high pressure, that will have some elbow room as much as 5 degrees either side, that we will be clear. look for the first-quarter moon tonightr in the south with skyp. clouds will thicken tomorrow afternoon. the showers should hold off until afternoon. and then the first charge of cooler air, that led up some on and then friday, friday night and then saturday, a cold snap and we dropped from a projected high in the 50s on friday then
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42 degrees for the high saturday so that their could be some slushy snow in the air the snowbelt. then back into the 50s sunday-tuesday next i predict with the harshest weather since 78. that is my using yahtzee dice in fake monopoly money. a large crowd turned out to make the eighth annual wayne dawson celebrity bowl-a-thon th biggest,ce they had a wonderful cause and a great time to support programs, awarding scholarships to needy students in providing more raptor coaste children who needed.
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family that want to thank northeast ohio to support the foundation, this is the eighth and largest, and the money raised goes to scholarships, to help inner-cit children. we have some recipients here. >> it was started by wayne dawson and his brother judge william dawson to honor their motherud annie l. dawson who believed in education, it gets. bigger and better every year. a friend in atlanta invited to be a fan of the atlanta falcons. stick around for today's
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coming up, the mannequin
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browns offense is a little offense of the season states, the worst team. >> not the worst. >> what was the worst? >> tampa bay. >> the browns, is trending on group-on. it was a great day so some beer and chocolate of the loss, it was the worst are in 41 years. >> the browns last
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francisco 49ers. that's 330 days. it has a franchise record, 12 consecutive losses, the nfl record is 26 straight losses, held by tampa bay coming back i 1977. sohey it is painful to watch, b, would you rather, not sleep for $20 orw watch a browns game results, 9 percent not sleep. on an unofficial social media poll. >> would you rather eat and entire jar of mayonnaise or
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think it would just watch the browns game. bellikens miracle whip better than mayonnaise.. minutemen said, give me a spoon. my friend said, you cannot seriously eat a jar of mayonnaise for , you will be sick for a week. so trending, the mannequin challenge. you phrase in the life scenario
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live through the same to capture the moment, then you simply posted on the timeline called the mannequin challenge. a group of jacksonville florida teenagers start of the craze is tough to pull up the goods one blink in how to to start all over g g it is weird, but kind
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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denouncing decision by a so-called murderabilia website to sell items created by accused serial killer shawn grate while behind bars. >> check she joins us with more on this story. this is the website and the sale arere installed into the biggest memory. phone call in september that
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of 40-year-old shawn grate , launching an investigation that revealed he had allegedly killed at least five women in ashland county and mansfield county. s-e is in the action county jail awaiting trial, website called serial killers and misplaced items a claims from him up sale online. they believe that he set in the items before a judge issued a be, that restricted his vindication, those the meal or with crimes are horrified. >> it is very disrespectful to the victims and the victims families, that people are their interest in the sky to give him fame is to make money off what he did is discussed in.. i've been alone with him a
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was like oh it was kind of shocked.t karrie brown says she considers herself lucky to be alive, she is disturbed that she andnd the operators of the webs for trying to from his crimes . >> i think it is stupid. a son of sam law prevents them from property, but in this case is not yet been convicted. those who upset by the sale of his items civet those would pay our as much to blame as those who would sell them online.u i try not to judge but i don't understand to celebratery someone who would take peoples lives needlessly did not make any sense.
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and he used to be where she is and today he should go to help for what he did to these innocent young women. the website claims that although the items have been sold and that more will be put up for sale in the near future, they say that under the gag orderer he can no longer send s itemsh from jail. hillary clinton in donald trump compound there last campaign push through battleground states on the last day of the election season. tt the race will depend on voter turnout, steve nannes has a loo at the last day on the campaign trail. final day of campaigning, hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the campaign trail
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pennsylvania it is all about election day. >> she's campaigning in north carolina also michigan, pennsylvania where lead has narrowed in recent weeks. president obama, appeared in michigan and north carolina before joining hillary clinton, bill clinton and the first lady for a philadelphia rally this the last day of the campaign >> donald trump in five states, pennsylvaniaes, michigan, florid north carolina and new hampshir, sunday nights bombshell from fb director james comey said in a letter to congress that they completed the review of the newly discovered e-mailsv and found nothing to change their conclusion from july that she at should not face criminal charge as both campaigns reacting. >> or glavine are surprised. >> hillary clinton should not b allowed to run for the presidency, with what is
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, our country is a laughingstock >> with that news just a day an happy for polls opened tuesday, it's unclear how it will play. >> steve nannes reporting. place investigating an attempted arson and theft of a donald trump sign. >> it happened near west 22nd street. that someone tried to steal it and then poured an excellent tr to set it on fire, are investigating, neighbors sa that it is usually a quiet neighborhood in stunned , they say that you should vote for whomever you want to thought being threatened..h >> they took the sign, threw it in the street, she got it back, they came back with lighter fluid. and they sprayed it around the
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of gas. >> we live in a democracy in should be able to vote for who we wantbe without being harasse. neighbor say the glad that nobody was hurt. it is one of those life rules that ap everything, so don't touch my gorgeous sunset tonight because likely to see another one like it for a while. there is the time lapse. the sun itself is too far to th left but look at the blue sky,
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that twilight.s the mound tonight will be in it first-quarter stage and we will have temperatures in the 60s at sunset it is above the norma highgh this time of year. cleveland 60 degrees in akron-canton 64. we have gone up to the top. what i have noticed, height of 72, at hopkins airport, were often2, that in october and november, while everybody elsen had two or 4 degrees lower, cleveland has seen like this, 71. basically all around us in the 60s for the high and had to go all the way down to new philadelphia to see ai similar temperature for the high today
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perhaps it has to do with the wind direction and overall pattern.n. wants the sun goes down, we wil be doubted the 40s, but a quick tonight . it will be clear, looking for that first-quarter moon.l and others that orion rises in the southeast sky by midnight then you know that winter is comingou when you see it coming up at midnight. tomorrow 63 with afteoo arriving until mid afternoon perhapsd late afternoon. /you are on the far some may be effective new close to lunchtime. there is the call front of the first batch of colder air. looking at rainfall through tuesday, 6:00 p.m. the eastern extent to showers just hitting cleveland from one of the models.
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most of the day will be rainfre that ain and of showers, that w cool it down from 63 on tuesday 253 on wednesday, a bit below normal than bouncing back up into thebi mid- 50s thursday an friday. than on friday the next cold front, knocks down the temperature friday night into saturday morning withth low to 30s , showers, rainfall and maybe a slushy accumulation it always gets cold and it is
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much more to come on the big show. >> coming up at 5:00 p.m., fighting obesity
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which reality get some real-lif >> bill hemmer joins us with th stories in today's edition of the updatees. voters in five states will decide tuesday should be legal or recreational. there now on the ballot in california, massachusetts maine arizona and nevada, and three other states, they will also decide if it should be used for medical reasons. it is legal to use recreational marijuana for states and dc. >> , are mourning the loss of janet reno, the former us
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morning, in miami after a 20 year battle with parkinson's sh was the firstst female attorney general serving under president bill clinton from 93- 2,001, she was 78. technology gives us grace to pay for things by cash in stow-kent, the study by the federal reserve in san francisco finds a cache is the most frequently used form of paymentt used a one third of all transactions including bill payments, and millennials use o the most.ncnc scientists say they've come up with a way to lose weight witht'v virtual-reality diet goggles, they say that the headsets cantyie hack a persons senses, that it can reduce appetite, make low-fat foods taste better and alter perception of portion size, the
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person eats by 10 percentnt. the simpsons back into the history. not even halfway through this season, fox has renewed the sho foral the 29th and 30th seasons. that brings the tally of episodes to six am 69, shattere the record for the most number of episodes of a scripted tv show ever that was held by gunsmoke with 6035 episodes i have never seen a full episod of the simpsons, when you are a child, you don't get the humor and you laugh at everything but when you get older you
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rom-com was back in the
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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they usually donate the charity, world vision, nonpro year, mlb destroys all the merchandise, they say to protec the team from an anchored merchandise available in a marketplace, sometimes designer on ebay but baseball official did not site that is reason why it will be destroyedt some wonder if the decision had to do with the use of chief
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chief wahoo logo did not appear for go it is not clear when or how it will be destroyed, hopefully, they could recycle instead of destroying it. another look at the forecast with andre bernier. >> we had a high of 72 today, that will drop off quick. look into the last. a cold front moving in our direction with increased class tomorrow. eventually some showers , mostly late afternoon and early evening. will be their movement tonight that first-quarter moon, overnight low 45. tomorrow 63, the morning sunshine will
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clouds it showers probably mid to late into the evening. if you want to vote without rain drops them
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yes and girlfriend to feed the allegheny west quite what happened. , the man's girlfriend said yes, and now the couple has an unforgettable photo of the
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we have to bring people together,he to listen and respe each other. >> we are going to take back th white house. after two years of campaigning, bows down to tomorrow. >> hillary clinton with a four-point lead, but it is a
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turnout. neither candidate stockpot know-how, but they were th represented here to persuade voters. >> dave nethers has more from the clinton campaign.n. and shaker square, this is the campaign office that has been very busy with people picking up election day credentials for tomorrow. volunteers from california to believe that this may be the most important place in the countryryni for them to win. campaign headquarters in shaker square monday. >> we think that this cuyahoga county is a place to win the election. >> final hours before the election,tt face-to-face campaigning is more important than phone calls. >> we have one of thesee voting
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, going door-to-door to encourage early voting. >> volunteers across greater cleveland. >> encouraging people to vote. >> on a monday morning, you are not expect to find a lot of people home, we are only targeting those we have not reached yet over the last two days, 50 percent of the homes, people were home and we were able to talk to them an ideal not have a single pe weren't going to either vote tomorrow or go to the polls tomorrow.. >> supporters, that on the election eve, her candidate trails chomp and most of ohio polls. cencerns me that he has an agile would prefer that mrs. clinton have the edge but that gives usrn added impetus.


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