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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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on saturday, it will be colder with some winter time scenarios. family speaks out about a outbreak of legionnaires disease,e. >> at least 12 have been second in re died, the family of that man talks to peggy gallek who has details. >> the family is in shock said that tony washington died befor they learn what causes death, h leaves behind two children, kne something was wrong. i said if you have a feeling that something is wrong,, if yo
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be on your mind from greg washington talk about his brother tony washington who die in august after being admitted to the hospital.asie they said they were surprised he got so sick so quickly,, becoming on sunday, breathing hard, said that he had double pneumonia, there were stunned when they received his death certificate listed as one of th causes of death was legionella pneumonia. than two weeks to go, receiving a letter that osha wa investigating. >> lake county health officials say they believe that the bacteria originated from the cooling towers at consolidated precision products in eastlake. >> on thursday, health official confirmed that they now have 12 confirmed cases ofh legionnaire from the health district said i
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cooling towers on october 25 after being notified of several caseso. >> he worked next-door to the cpp. all he did was work, maybe 60 or 70 hours a weekek. they had to go to the back of the building to smoke . >> the company cleaned and sanitized the cooling towers, the hea indicate the risk for legionella and cpp has been eliminated.nd cannot confirm that these cases came from that facility,n died on my dads birthday. >> consolidated precision products with the state
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officials are fully cooperate with the federal state and local health agencies currently now that things seem to be back tomorrow with a concern that their could be more cases that still pop u or should everything be okay too there hoping that everything is okay, they say that normally they get about six-eightay of these cases per year, this woul seem to be more because of this that's what they're looking into . video obtained by fox 8 news reveals what happens when a gunman tried to rob a wall and in broad daylight in the tremon neighborhood,s jack shea joins with that? it was a terrifying crime called theyi victim refused to comply even though she was threatened with a gun. it is 12 noon on november 3 and customers are going to fat cats restaurant tremont for
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theth silver jeep that up taken a carjacking in cleveland two days earlier approach and walle was walking toward thee restaurant called the suspect threatens her with a gun demanding her keys, but does no get the expected response. >> she said, no way, it is my husbands karmically to give you the keys and she proceeded to keep slowly walking toward the restaurant with a guy called in her left arm and then he got in front and she screamed. >> the would-be robber in his accomplices do not wait around to what would happen next especially when the restaurant owner ricardo sandoval came running out to help. >> the person who came to my mind iss complete anger pursed up i'm going to catch a sky end of going to put them down to the ground and told himmpt. >> they said that after leaving the air of fat cats empty-hande they fled towards university
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woman of her car at gunpoint. >> tremont business owners and residents, who want to protect their property and preserve the safety of the neighborhood pope that the police can continue a hot streak of apprehending criminals target tremontpoc. >> i think it was just a matter of opportunity that you have a few rotten people that prey upo innocent people.. >> they will be caught and then tremont labbatt it is such a beautiful neighborhood is a lot of good people.auis police are responding by increasing patrols if you can identify anyone have any information contact the police. if you have any information, then you should call the police right away.
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robbery on sunday the subway restaurant on memphis with guns drawn demanding money they got away with a lock box and a tip ar, if you have info call them clear the police detectives. local councilman arrested for shoplifting nearly $1,000 worth of items from targetanre tonigh were learning what she admitted to the police, brook park city hall. they're not say much about the arrest, the city council president says that there is too early to comment and there is a presumption of innocence. the police say that the councilwoman admitted to the crime, 33-year-oldd julie mccormick is facing a misdemeanor theft chargee from the incident monday they said that she still was at $900 wort of items the north olmsted
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police report states that she left with a shopping cartps filled with mor than two dozen items mostly clothing but also a tv and food items, said that she said she does not make a lot of money, she has been on the council since january,, and was at the council meet one day after incident, whe that has brook pa buzzing. i think is a councilwoman she should have been more aware of what she was doing when you don't know the whole stoy just want a neighbor, to wait and see what happened. >> what does that say for our cityty, this is a quiet city, why would you want someone like tha on the city council? we cannot reach her for comment, she is to be arraigned on november 29, this is not the first time she has faced charge she is not the only council
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more on that coming up at 5:00 p.m.. i-team has found the outspokenn police union president suspended, punished by police brass come as ed gallek is here to show us y. >> cleveland police patrolmen's association president steve loomis>> , suspended for six days the official reason is improper conduct the goes back to a confrontation with another officer off duty at the union hall. cleveland police patrolmen's association president steve om with what he says this time it was an incident with another officer, who shares a child wit one of his adult daughters, this wouldn't notice shows that lewi gotsh hit with a six-day suspension but he is appealing,
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that-loomis since he wore a uniform for a rally for donald trump, the latest on that comin up at 5:00 p.m.. some sort of physical altercation occurred?? anythin like that >> the actual details of what happened, are unclear, although the compensation part of the charges looks more like a shouting matchat . >> the fire department is getting new equipment will stop breathing fire chief , and the members of the division of fire debuted the new fire truck at thee training academy including two pumper engines in aerial platform ladder truck with mone from a twin 14 bond help pay fo the new equipment. he says the new trucks will
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across the city and help crews respond to calls. it will be protection for the residents against fires in fort first responders to provide services that they expect from us worker t the engine companie put out the fires and put water on the fire, the latter they can fight the big fires and also can do searc and rescue. >> one pumper will serve station 23 on medicine out of the other is number 30 on st. clair the third goes to the station numbe
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greatesthe cleveland cavalier is paying tribute to muhammad ali. >> lebron james's donating $2.5 million to the smithsonian to help with a display honoring podolak as jessica dill has mor on the generous contribution , and what he has to say about that. it was announced today that the lebron james of making a massive donation, to the smithsonian national museum of african american history and culture to support its how would ali, his business partner maverick carter also be part of the contribution, the display, tells the story of how his , muhammad ali contribution transcended the world of sports including his commitment tons challenge racial barriers to stop the lebron james released statement on his donation and h
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displayed in dc since whatever lebron james athletes who have donated includingswh michael jordan and magic johnson. jessica dill fox 8 news. is to be that the best deals were on black friday one now, with shoppers going online you can still get some great buys a your local stores it is a black
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i think that, they are out there position, there are a dozen or more boats on the lake. and only about one week away from thanksgiving. here is the boater's forecast,
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mid 50s the wave heights will be pretty smooth. tomorrow will be another phenomenal day. 63 degrees cleveland and near 7 toledo in f some warm air tomorrow expected reach the low 70s, challenging the record highs for, perk park perk park focus on the system to the last that will have some falling temperatures saturday. and then the first accumulating snow, and the snowbelt, from
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the same system behind the blizzard warnings with storm warnings and watches in advisories just the last minute could get more than 6 inches of snowow go to minnesota and wisconsin, indicate more than 1 foot of snow fall the front will get closer tomorrow, it will still be try mostly sunny tomorrow with rainfall friday changes occurring saturday tonight upper 40s and clear with upper 40s, not bad, tomorrow low 70s lake effect
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sunday monday thanksgiving a little bit on the call side wit
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shaw high school, they prepare students for careers in the 21st century h, >> it is the pride of east cleveland, and one of the promise graduates is wayne dawson, here he is at his alma mater, shaw high school this week's fox 8 coolschool. a lot has changed since i walk these halls, for the better. know about the shaw band, this coolschool has a lot more than that, the model is cap and
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classes, they haveve for school in onee medicalal , science and technology which i am the college students make stress interest in medicin science and technology. the other one is law in leadership and they may be interested in becoming lawyers, any kind of civic work the school has a program called criminal justice and am currently enrolleded in it give me college credithaol can get a job in criminal justice.. preparing future mechanics weref working in automotive technology and preparing future hairstylists and makeup artists or jobs in the beauty industry are two of the 15 career choice in the school of technology, the alternative school for students who need extra attention, round out the four small schools.nt when the students leave here they don't just have a high
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real world.l a career tech, our teachers and staff. extracurriculars have always been aha big part of life at sh high school from the marching band to the rotc it is the total experience that makes shaw high school a coolschool. as a graduate, i am proud of everybody in the school in whic you have a conference, keep up the good work and remember that whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieveve you are shaw high school and you ar destined to greatnessy
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the next fox 8 coolschool is whitney elementary in strongsville, see why the mustangs are ahead of the pack, next week on fox 8 news at 4:00 p.m. . the holiday shopping sean are going to the stores or online code there are deals to
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about 12 hours rioters shock to the system. pier 1 the fathers densest morning sometime the class live in lerner way watching the storm system in the rocky mountains the planes andla it remains we can changes beginning saturday. tonight upper 40s and clear tomorrow was a sunny, low 70s.
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year. it will be a lot cooler this weekend.t black friday is just one week away. lorrie taylor says the solution. give a major credit card they have a guaranteed way to save moneyh even if prices drop after
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now and you will be reimbursed the price goes down within a certain type of work just go online and register at the item that you bought the will then track it over the nex two months issuing a refund if requested remember, you will need proof of purchase and with some cards proof that the deal existst or the everett high salet. discover mastercard have simila programs, buyer beware. items sold and moved to numbers may b excludedve including door buste. be sure you know what time your stores open, best buy, toy "r" us and macy's will be opening at 5:00 a.m. thanksgiving morning you then
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opened at 6:00 a.m. do research, not all sears stores will be opening dates given nightng to make sure know where you're going. >> remember the black friday lessons having a strategy to ensure better shopping experience a lot of stores have published the black friday as check them out in advance know where you're going a see if the store has a black friday mapoio so you don't wast time getting to those great deals and they tend to move things around. the door busters are limited, there are so many great deals
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electronics. report puts the death of the grill on the cincinnati zoo shows that the barrier around the disclosure was not in compliance. a child fell into the exhibit, the grill it was then shot and killed byy boy. the gatz park inn public outcry. does it could be fined, report says that the animal response t follow procedures as it says that the barrier had passed an earlier expection including a month before. joannes out may be off the hook for massive violence charges stop they said that he reached a deal with prosecutors
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girlfriend several times rupturing her eardrum though he denied doing anything wrong details were still be worked ou a hearing has been scheduled fo december 1 he was facing a maximal sentence of a year in jail and a $4,000 fine . >> donald trump will continue t transition to the white house calls on former gop candidate mitt romney, who will be within this we mitt romney as republicans not to vote for donald trump calling him . expected to talk about how to govern moving forward and he ma choose them for a cabinet position.ay >> although not clear what position, to an end to a
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tomorrow, a local radio personality combating alzheimer's the incredible support from his family, baba x battle tomorrow fox 8 news at
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here at this ice-skating rink to open at 11:00 a.m. tomorrowr and then there will be plenty o activities for the next six weeks. >> downtown akron
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the largest in ohio opened beginning a month of holiday activities around lock 3. >> dr. stepp to do. >> tran why it is $3 for 30 minutes. >> activities including indoor putt putt. preparations are being made for the cottages with arts and crafts.s.
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peter pan is one of the originals from when they would walk through. this is our new window it is the higbees window from the christmas story preparing for holiday concerts, this year we try to make it even more exciting,, we have a lot of new activities. this is a tough time of year for northeast ohio to find things to do and we got the rink in the windows and arts and the different
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that is all the activities here in akron during the next six weeks we will have more at fox >> . >> is going to be one tomorrow and about 70 degrees in the ice-skating rink that i am told will open tomorrow,
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have a gorgeous sunset 5:06 p.m. from the chesterland camera begann blogging. that took some time to lift workout and then we had sunshin 63 hopkins. 15 will be a few clouds but i thin overall a clear sky. this will be coming closer with the clouds thickeningit and,
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cumulative snowfall especially in the snowbelt saturday night ending monday morning.ow right now, it is the reason the coyotes winter warnings and advisories across western great lakes, the plains states and rocky mountains some will get more than 6 inches, and way ove in some spots. some project wisconsin and with more than 1 foot. i think we will have record-breaking was tomorrow before wve the extreme cold mov over the great lakes and used
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low 70s , followed by mid- 40s saturday and lake effect snow fall. this is happening within about 24 hours. on thursday could be a few morning snow showerss thanksgiving. and sunshine mid- 40s. lebron james proved again last night how valuable he is in ohi
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banded together to fight the bi ten. >> for the latest joined by joh telich. last three times the cavaliers played against the pacers on the indian home court lebron james is wearingin anyth but wine and gold, some taken the superstar to task for sitting out the live gaming of the year i would suggest that you get used to this stop no disrespect to the pacers their fans, the cavaliers are doing what they can to keep the ebron james fresh for when his most important minutes will be used in the playoffs last night with the pacers be the cavaliersrs by ten points to give cleveland is second loss o the season,te so far, lebron james is averaging close to a triple-double, f if they're rea upset at the strategy committee could blameey gregggg popovich of the spurs has been doing it for several years.s. as for the game, kyrie irving
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ramp it up withoutng lebron james and jr in the lineup. we had to take upon ourselves to live the group especially in some guys are out, we just had to knock them down defensively. there were a few breakouts but we kind of cost or sells the gameme, with about 18 turnovers. if we can't let those turnovers and make simply have court it would be a different >> ohio high school football coaches are not to play on friday easily they have banded together and the coach association released a statemen that saysys there are opposed t the action that infringes upon a great tradition of high school footballi and not in the best interests of student athletes,
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relationship between high school and big ten coaches hindering the recruitin processtwch that came from matt davison of new philadelphia he is the present of the association. i am on board because the big ten does not need to be going where they are going i know th ohio state is involved in a small way but the fact that ar involved, and not a big fan of what they're doing in columbus and big ten. every once in a while, people claim to see things in potato chips likeam abe lincoln, some say a piece of toast looks like the virgin mary. >> when you see this next image you cannot even see it. recently posted this picture of a seminal role . the person who posted said that it looks like et, the
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they said that is what it looks like, after it was posted online, ever sell the same thi and people that use the et seminal role in a photoshop
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whether it is da vinci or van gogh, it is said that art is in the eye of the boulder. >> a new program wants people t behold something unique. project art is a free afterschool program for underprivileged kids, most of whom don't have our class in th schools.. thousands go to the public library to create the masterpieces once a week it has expanded from new york city, to detroit in miamias the goal is to build the largest pre- art school for kids in the united
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building, lots of programs for our cut in public schools and those that do have programs it is imperative to give them a productive afterschool activity. >> last week, we paired up and draw pictures together stuff i can make rocket ships. the director says that most than half of the kids participating have never been i a public library so it also introduces them to books as
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concentrate on and tomorrow. record high temperatures are likely tomorrow. the record high at cleveland, said one tomorrow and that was
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it is well above normal, we should be at 500, we are well above normal everybody else is pretty much plus or minus 60 you can see generally skies are mostly clear if you clouds on the western horizon but the big deal is out to the west. here is the snowfall. with blizzard warnings in minnesota, north and south dakota and we will get some backlash that will be enough,et get your attention as we go fro the '70s tomorrow, and 30


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