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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it is well above normal, we should be at 500, we are well above normal everybody else is pretty much plus or minus 60 you can see generally skies are mostly clear if you clouds on the western horizon but the big deal is out to the west. here is the snowfall. with blizzard warnings in minnesota, north and south dakota and we will get some backlash that will be enough,et get your attention as we go fro the '70s tomorrow, and 30
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they say it's too early to, as are is a presumption ofit innocence but some are speaking out. >> i am in shock, they were very surprised reaction to the rest of 33-year-old brook park councilwoman julie ann mccormick at this north olmsted target store monday as the police say she stole more than two dozen
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90 clothing and a tv. but no mention of the rest when she appeared at a council meeting at a later, they say that she admitted to the crimee according to the police, said that she does not make a lot of money thinks it.o >> no answer, but her constituents are speaking out with hundreds commenting on facebook, the blinds are times when i think is a councilwoman she should've been more aware a what she was doing there is very shocked to know that someone across the street stole,, not h first brush with the law, days after taking office in january she pled no contest to four misdemeanor traffic and tax charges.nt another council member is in, tom joyner faces misdemeanor charges of misconduct att an emergency scene and disorderly conduct stemming from an august
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or does that say for the city this is a quiet city everybody keeps themselves well and you want someone like that on the council? he pled not guilty to his charge, mccormick is to be arraigned this monthmc she is n responded to requests for comment. 12 people northeast ohio were sickened by legionnaires one person diedby the family is now open up to peggy gallek. they said it was weeks after the 54 you will die before that it would cause the death leave behind two children. >> i just knew, this was something wrong. he is in shock about his
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admitted to the hospital, said they were surprised that he got so sick so quickly, they said they thought thatly he had pneumonia and stunned when they received his death certificateh which listed one of the causes of death as the monument park officials say they believe that the bacteria originated from th towers at consolidated in a slick next to where he worked. they sanitize the cooling towers,it the health department said the risk of legionnaires has been eliminate and whatte call they on sunday, he said he had double the money. >> he worked >> consolidated precision products, cpp, said that no bacteria was detected that they
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informed officials say that the are cooperating with agenciess. the how to find out more answers in the next few >> the i-team has found outspokeni- police union presid suspended, 18 ed gallek here to show us. steve ellis was sp six days,, for improper conduct with a confrontation with an off-duty officer at the union cleveland police patrolmen's association president steve loomis also makes headlines, bu this timeelm an incident involving an officer who shares a child with one of his adult daughterss a notice shows that she got hit with a six-day suspensione but appealing. he said that
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internal charge of physical confrontation was dropped,ala report lisa go that the chiefs office also was doing an internal investigation since he wore a uniform to a rally for donald trump,anani the chiefs office says that is still under .nvestigationon wind of this competition happened? >> it happened a year go. sometimes it takes long to work through the process so no telling when we hear about the trouble investigation since tha was in august. video obtained shows what happens when the government tries to rob a wall inait into neighborhood jennifer jordan. >> , and i'm gabe spiegel.
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victim refused to comply even though she was threatened with gun.. >> she said that is my husbands car i'm not going to give the keys to you and proceeded to basically keep slowly walking toward fat cats with the guy holding her arm and then when h got in front of the window, she screamedo. >> it happened november 3 outside of the remote rest restaurant, a suspect, exit dat genes that have been carjacked approach to the wall and near the restauranttwa then the would-be robber in his compasses fled after she screamed the robbiee the robot won't of her car, people here are hoping that the police can continue the hot streak ofp apprehending those a target this neighborhoodp. i think it was a matter of the opportunityty you have a fe
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innocent people, they will be caught and that we will move on. >> tonight they were responding by increasing patrols, if you can identify the young men, in the video in the photos called the cleveland policece. fire stations get new tracks to replace out of date ones, the fire chiefhe was on hand to deb the tracks at the fire training academy new ones include two pumper engines and an aerial platform ladder truck the money came from a previous bond issue to provide funds for at fire, e and lesa cranmer in the city.
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residents from fires in the fou services that they expect which engine companies but the fires out they attacked the fire the ladder companies, can use letter operations. station 23 will be served also stationed 30 john st. clai and the ladder truck will be assigned to stati t 101t. >> smithsonian gets a donation from lebron james for its exhibit dedicated to muhammad ali. lebron james announcing he will donate $2.5 million for the joe donnelly display, his business partner mav carter is also a part of the contribution, to show how muhammad ali was contribution and achievements
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that he released a statement that donation. he joins a list of athletes who have donated to the museum including michael jordan and
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the countdown to dick goddard final four gases tuesday, next
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, it will be must-see tv, until then, we will continue to celebrate the life of career of dick goddard drama it will be even more stunning
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it took a while for the fog to burn off f. we are left with this is webcam time lapse from burke lakefront airport and premier flight academy. soon-to-be zone aviation. looking at the sun setting. those clouds are part of this system. we see clouds that are hundreds of miles away, eventually they will be productive. 61 degrees, the
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up to 15 will keep it fairly well mixed, so we will not see the fog develop. fort wayne with 66, the warm spot is huntington, west virginia also called south point. that is the southernmost state, huntington is not downstate but it is still downstate and 70 with look at these waves between ten and 15, that will keep the atmosphere mixed. it will be getting gusty
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decrea moving through saturday. to not clear in mild, average o 47, it will have a spread of 44 of 252. with the moonrise about 10:00 o. record high tomorrow 71 and forecasting 72 record hwy said last year, 2015. morning high 46 changing over t snow showers in the snowbelt with some 20s and 30s. show
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rest of the outlook, the map into saturday with scattered showers in the rain changes ove to snowfall about two or 3:00 p.m. changing over two snowfall especially the snowbelt. that might be enough to accumulate grassy surfaces. it will not be worth shattering bu it will bee the first no
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i was blowing snow today said you sure you want the landscape because this is really having a set out what the most powerful thing, and it has been a joy it is have it, but it is fun.
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the latest internet sensation, a cupboardd puzzle. ufo is closer than you might think here's gabe spiegel with training todayam. it is a ufo, that is unidentified floating object, i is a houseboat that looks like ufo.o. the italian mini yacht company, jet capsule is serious about making this happen. take her home off the grid, it is made of carbon fiber and fiberglassss, allows you to sle with the fishes. it has three levels, it is abou suity 5 feet in diameter, a kitchen, bath, bedrooms and ho tub, twin engines, the maximum
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the electricity comes from a combination of solar panels,e wind and water turbines and 16 batteries because it is a kickstarter ideand but if i sales, hose was start around $2,000 apiece this is not a gimmick this is a real thing. >> i think some people would go for them >> as long as you , have a nice move area, you may have some motion sickness. here is a puzzle confused with half the world, can you figure it outt? how do you open the door withou
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you can see the porcelain bowls leaning against the door, ready to smash, if you move anything, there are no camera tricks, wha you see is what you get, it was posted in taiwan on a facebook page, now everyone from taiwan to china has ideas on how to fi it, toi remove them one by one, the blankets underneath to soften the fall, submerge the cupboard and water and then let , after all the ideas were exhausted, the pictures poster explained how it was done, she slid the door open and push them all back into
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millions have been endeared to harambe the guerrilla art of up next was the federal investigation reveals about the incident at the cincinnati zoo
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some breaking news, situation with police all the same, a deadly accident, a person has been killed by rta bus, on i-90 eastbound, near west 100 17th street. in cleveland. not long ago. the crews are on the scene, traffic is backed up in that area. >> we had just found out that i-90 is disclosed between s140 and mckinley and lakewood. happened on the border. one person dead after being strucke by rta bus, we have cr
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details from an investigation into the cincinnati zoo. >> investigation started when a three oh boy found its way into thehe gorilla enclosure may, here's a elizabeth noreika with more details.s. this incident back in the headlines, according to a investigative reportdl the barr was not in compliance with housing primates with a through boy slipped in back in may barrier to ap the previous barrier was not enough to keep the boy from entering the enclosureo also states that the animal response team follow protocol when it shot and kille the 17-year-old gorilla harambe said that the bearer could pass inspections including one month before the incidentbe they close
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immediatelyly after that incide. they will continue to investigate the could face fine or other actions. saw that video of the gorilla trekking that point., fortunately point.was okay and the zoo officials say that the smallest he acted as they shoul and that situation. >> johnny manziel back news you may be off the hook fo domestic violence charges they say that he has reached a deal with prosecutors in texas to h the case dismissed, is accused of striking his girlfriend earlier this year, rupturing he eardrum, though he denied doing anything wrong. details are still to be worked out, another hearing has been scheduled for december 1 he was facing a maximum
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areas are starting to get dressed up for the holidays fro a lot of activities are planned with more than six weeks of events in akron is that's where we find dave nethers, he joins us from akron. we're not have the 10,000 square foot ice-skating rink lock 3 in akron that will open at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow , to beg a long list of activities in akron area, the ice-skating rink is the largest seasonal ice-skating rink in ohio, it is at lock 3 where they have a toboggan chute, it opens this weekend.d. there is a polar putt putt for the kids as well as a children'
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tree lighting ceremony next wee after the arrival of santa clau downtown. there are treasured window displays from the old deals department store that will be revealed to the publicrt the da after thanksgiving. we got a state paid today, the civic theatre splendid holiday concerts and showsws and on th 25, the buttons go on sale to get into the big new years eve-known as first night akron it is a ag night for things to do and we got the ice-skating rink the arts program at the store windows of the different things it is for everyone.he we only skimmed the surface, there is a lot more having and the city of akron, i'm told that it is going to be very warm tomorrow, perhaps of the 70s, but am told that
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tomorrow and you canan be ice-skating on it. that is one day that will be perhaps even set records across the area, and then , we will put that away for a while and trade at him forever tasks. on webca time lapse, in geauga county an we had some decorative clouds you can see the low-level moisture passing by thehe sun b a lot of it is disappearing
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although this still out to the west we have a ways to go before we get to any of that program eventually, on the backside of the system snowfall isis going move into the dakotas, wisconsi and southern canada. we will get some of the backwash, and plenty of cold air and probably some lake enhancement snow showers that will begin developing saturday as early as 2:00 p.m. this is quite a snowstorm, blizzard warnings in effect from minnesota and south dakota, high today , 64 and we're going to see even warmer tomorrow, tonight 47 degrees cleararr and pleasant , then tomorrow 72 degrees looking at
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71 degrees in cleveland for the record high and it was set last year there is a strong chance that it will be eclipsed and then we will say goodbye to the warm air that moves off to the east coast of the colder air fo the weekend changing rainfall snowfall saturday night and the when you wake up sunday morning see snowfall grassy surfaces an rooftops, w a lot will determin by how quickly the snowfalls an the lake effect determines if the roads will be affected because thees road temperatures are pretty warm but does not take long for those to cool off maybe 24 hours and then sunday morning they had to deal with some slippery conditions of the
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weather forecast in the webpage this weekend. special fox 8 news story one tomorrow fox 8 news and six, the local radio and tv personality battling alzheimer' disease as the camera says spent the past year documenting his fight, and the support from his family and friends, it is a must-see special report, bob becker, the battle, and this
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scary moment for a hot air balloon crew, and major merger in the world of fantasy sports natalie herbick has the stories in the update, the gas explosion kills at least one person and injuringng a dozen others wednesday in illinois caught on camera. >> video taken from inside the store shows glass shattering an debris flying moments after the explosion rocked the town of canton, several buildings were damaged and leveled including the historic opera house they say that it was triggered by an third party contractor into an underground gas service line hot air balloon pilot, had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the pennsylvania baseball field took off about 40 miles outside philadelphia, they were conducting tests when they we
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people were in the blend, there were no reports of injuries. two of the biggest fantasy export companies are close to merging, fan duel and draft kings have been in negotiations the deal could be announced at any minute,he they have long be rivals above the mountain legal problems force them to consider working together, nearly all of the fantasy sport market. >> christmas is a month away th santa clauses making the princes, he arrived and the german village of heaven's gate despite a population of only 70 it is a part of the destination for christmas sweaters. last year more than 300,000 wishlist arrived at that post
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that was one of several world records that the harlem globetrotter set on guinness world record day, they set new records for shots like farthest basketball shot made while sitting on the court,, the farthest basketball shot under one leg and thehe longest blindfolded shot which was from a distance of 58 feet, it took themo , they had set nine new records, the debate rages to wish someone are christians were
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on facebook liptrap want to show you how to get the most out of
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black friday is coming fast but enough for those who want the deals now lorrie taylor, shows us how to get the bargain
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you have a guaranteed way to get super low prices and don't know it, depends on whichnt maj credit card you have. >> the screen tvs are the darlings of black friday discounts , but that's too late if you hope to watch the things things given day parade in pajamas t don't despair, your credit card can save the day, it offers presentation, make th purchase now and you will be reimbursed at the price goes down within a certain timeframeh citibank offers a price rewind program, just go online and register the item, they will then track that over the next two months in issue a refund if requested,i just remember, you will need proof of purchase, an with some cards proved that another deal exists so don't lose your receipt for the advertised sale that beats the dale you have become mastercard with similar program, but buyer
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item sold in limited amounts may be excluded including door busters.m speaking of early warning deals, you sure you know what time your favorite stores open,e best buy, toys "r" us and macy's, r will be opening at 5:00 a.m. thanksgiving day, and then go to target in sears open at 6:00 a.m., do your research, not all see her stores will ope that you know where you're going.u >> don't forget the black frida lessons, a lot of the ads are already outa see them online, make itinerary of where you need to go for the particular items if they don't publish a black friday map where the items will be on the day of the sale, go i the night before because they
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you can get a sense of where yo need to be. it is that time of year when the debate comes up again of happy holidays or merry christmas? elizabeth noreika issue with wordpressi people say. it is a heated topic, is happy holidays versus merry christmas richard ware how did this come up in a wider to talk about this?hp they do survey asking if retailers should greet customer with merry christmas or happy holidays or seasons greetings, according to the findings, evangelicals favor merry christmas, secular happy holidays not just religious, elect at regions of the country show that more than 3 percent o population outlasts prefer merr
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of the midwest, 8 percent of those surveyed in the south for happy holidays along with 70 percent of the northeast. as far as religion and culture, some use happy holiday to be all-inclusive to recognize those who celebrate kwanzaa and hanukkah, and it canos group in christmas and the new year so what do you think we asked you on facebook and this is what
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we surveyed some people facebook and kept a count, wher the 1800 people on facebook sai that they say merry christmas versus maybe three or 400 to say happy holidays. taking an activity had turn did to get into the record
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don't think we'll see that again, the new world record for the highest bungee jump. the toy four-year-old left from from 240 feet with a cookie and managed to dock it ever so into a cup of tea, an official from guinness was on
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since all the time we have four fox 8 news at 5:00 p.m., the news at six pierres next. not your typical burglary a search for the thief who made off with a box of jeff jeffries is started foggy in that end up as a picture-perfect november day get out today because her is one more day before we are jolted
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>> melissa myers as the first look at the most stereotypical forecasts it is very warm and they are very called the next day, talk about potential a hi tomorrow then extreme drop in snowfall in about 36 hours. it's not too bad today, it was a great day we began with some fog, currently it is still 59 degrees. the sun was settin at 5:06 p.m. south wind.and these warmer temperatures and also sunshine. the big change will be this system to the last
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the forecast tonight, clear skies when an overnight low of what is considered the average high which is 15 we will be in the upper 40s.wi tomorrow we may talk her break the record highs especially at , last and akron-canton year was 71, were aiming for about 72. so we got a good chance to break that record tomorrow. trying to get justice for a teacher in high school sports trader.r. saw broke into his home, what h was stolen is absolutely prices


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