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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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it is mid-november but feels more likt me companies were one-day, welcome to fox 8 news, enjoy this warm weather because it will not last long,, melissa myers are tracking a major change in the forecast . it will be very cold, every time i have one more awesome day, currently 57, and 50 degrees to the east. findlay 61, in we has south winds between five and 15 expected to bew increasing it will be
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tomorrow 72 with sunny skies and will be color saturday the transition they followed by snowfall.
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woman killed after she was struck by ans rta bus along i-9 it happened in the eastbound lanes near west 117, they say that investigation shows that sheon was walking away from a disabled vehicle when it happened,y around 5:00 o'clock. she tried to cross the highway when she was struck by the busus , the victim was pinned under the us, with investigation ongoing you can read more about this at fox >> > lake county man is dead an nearly a dozen infected by a breakout legionnaires diseasenf now they fichte's family the storyry is tracy mccool joins u. >> tony washington sudden illness and death were a shock to his family they were startle to learn what killed the
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greg washington says his brother was admitted in august to the hospital, a few days later she was dead they thoughte he had pneumonia about the deat listed as legionella. i believe that it came from the cooling towers at t consolidate precision products in eastlake, he worked at a business next door,h they sound sanitize the cooling towers but that is little soloist with the family dramama. . they will racist thing to say that no bacteria was detected
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one all employees about the ris of infection says it is cooperating with investigators. cleveland police reviewing video from an attempted prjacking in tremont happened at noon on november 3 they suspect it sound of stolen jeep he points a gun at a woman demanded her car keys, and she keeps walking and when she gets near paquette's restaurant she screams for help, that's for th suspect ran off, they say thatt he in hish accomplices carjacke a another woman a few blocks away,ja i think it is a matter opportunity that you have a few rotten people that prey upon innocent people, they will be caught and then tremont willow lawn is such ay beautiful neighborhood with a lot of good
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if you recognize the suspect contact the police. brook park city council woman accused of shoplifting nearly $1,000 worth of products from a local target store, north olmsted police arrested the 30 thrilledic julienne mccormick monday said she stole the items from the target store caprese said that admitted to it, that she said, did not make a lot of money, the brook park council president says that she is innocent until proven want as i show for our city, it is a quiet city, why would you want someone like that on the council turned to this is not the first brush with the la earlier this year she pled no contest to four misdemeanor traffic and tax offenses she's
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>> the president of the police facing a six-day suspension, steve lewis accused of improper conduct toward a fellow officer c, learned that chief of police suspended him for a confrontation involving a officer at the union hall. he's not appeal the suspension issued this statement. a second charge accusing steven loomis of a a physical confrontation has been dropped meantime he is involved inl another internal investigation for wearing his uniform to a donald trump rally,, the fire chief showed off the
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pumper engines and a platform, the ben deci how to pay for the new vehicles that will help to keepor residents safer. will go to three different fire stations to on the eastside and one on on the west side . >> thanksgiving is just a week away the time for the christmas season, so getting ready, they've now shows us how akron is decking the halls. outside of the 10,000 square-foot lock 3 in downtown akron that opens at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow to kick offf a list of activities here downtown area for the next six weeks. t >> the ice-skating rink as the largest a seasonal ice-skating rink in ohio because front and center of lock 3 there is also toboggan chute that opens this weekend,t there is a poor pol pot
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and a tree lighting ceremony, also some of the partner store windows will be revealed to the public after thanksgivingng pacific theater planning holida concerts and shows and on the 25th, the buttons go on sale to get into the -known as first night akron, in akron, were kin of the center as we ha ice-skating rink the arts program the windows of the different things downtown for everyone, it is expected to be they omorrow in the 70s, say that the ice-skating rink will open regardless, dave nethers fox 8 news. details about the day that
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learned more about the death of corroborate the gorilla, inspectors say the barrier surrounding his enclosure at the cincinnati zoo was inadequate,di and through y boy fell into the enclosure and was grabbed by the grille, the response team shot and killed the 17-year-old grille, days later they made the barrier taller addingay cameras to the
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too late, now they could be fined. johnny manziel attorney is working on a deal with texas prosecutors to dismiss a domestic violence chargege, is charged with misdemeanor assault assault's ex-girlfriend claims she was head sometimes rupturin her eardrum, and you could help him to avoid jail time, their due back in court december 1., utility worker is killed and a least ten people injured afte a canton illinois. >> it was just a massive rumble and dan big boom rethinking crash in at time >> we've never tried something that loud,, it shook everything an earthquake. >> the blast destroyed several buildings around the town squar that is still closed, victim identified ass 38-year-old artu silva junior unclear what triggered explosions, they
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damaged the gasline while deagan, it could take several weeks to clean up the damage..a 's helicopter shows a close call involving a hot air balloo in philadelphiang and cut it lo out to be for a hard landing on a baseball field, four people inside jumped out the pilot tol police a strong gust of wind blew them off course, there wer no injuriesfo. arizona face an assault charge after he was shown on cameran punching a woman in the face, she was bein evicted from her apartment when he tried to arrest her on an alleged warned when she demand to see it,he witnesses say that she was punched in the face, flagstaff police arrested her for resisting arrest, he is now only facing and internal investigation.
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during a college cross-country race in pennsylvania. as the runners moving through a failed, a herd of deer came out of nowhere, one of them slamming into justin deblasio docketed to the ground, he suffered some bruises but was able to finish the race. now the latest of transfer of power at the white house, donald trump will meet with raleigh this weekend. they traded barbs at each othe during the primary season, but sources say that thee met romney could be considered for a position in his county possibly a secretary of state, rob portman says that trump is working hard to assemble a strong staff..t >> sounds like they made some good choices and i know a lot o
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to advise and i think they're goin to be abley' to pull some very good people out of the private sector which i think is important i think it is going fine.oo >> after trump these with world leaders like the japanese prime minister as well as henry kissinger. after hillary clinton tiffy, bernie sanders says it's time for a new democratic partyni wh you lose the white house to the l history of america, and you los the senate, and you lose the house and two thirds of colors in this country are republicans it is time for a new direction in the democratic partyn. he says he is willing to work with mr. trump on issueses to help the middle class, like raising the minimum wage in challenging corporations that send jobs overseas.h
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announcing today that he will challengeoh nancy pelosi for ho minority leader. >> we have the lowest number in our caucus since 1929 and we have lost over 60 seats in 2010 the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over againi and you keep getti the same results , so time to move on i think.e was just elected to his eighth term in the house to represent ohio's 13th district district, he says he plans to unveil several ideas to help energizest the democratic party , about four minority leader is set for november 30.. they say that way 16 is on track to be the hottest year on record,te it was the third warm october since 1880as, said mobley hit records for 16 straight
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of this year have been the hottest on recordt with an average of just under 60 degree which is slightly warmer than last year. tomorrow, we are in for a quiet a warm-up. going to has record highs tomorrow and then snowfall afte that. will be a large decline lots of boats on the lake today. sunset was at 5:06 p.m. , we began in the mid- 30s with lots of morning fog. the south winds and sunshine
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mostly clear tonight just a few clouds, that bring us falling temperatures saturday, rainfall saturday snowfall by evening in the firs accumulating snowfall within beginning saturday in ending monday morning.g blizzard warnings in the dakotas, and minnesota warnings from the
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farther north to canada, and wisconsin and minnesota have th chance of getting 12 inches snow. record highs tomorrow for akron-canton, 70 and include th 71, they were both set last yea i think that we wille make a ru at breaking bad.e were going to go down, rainfall saturday changed over two snowfall highs in the 30s overnight lows in the 20s should and the growing season. on tuesday dry, on wednesday ratios near 50,
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and that looks like sunshine friday with mid- 40s tied to get out the snow shovels. a special new story that was one year in the making. tomorrow, at 6 a local radio and tv personality battling alzheimer's, we spent the past year documenting his fight,e an the support from his family and friends it is a must-see specia report, bob becker battle,
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congratulations to the newest fox 8 coolschool it is bryden elementary strongsvillewi dolby theater next week on fox 8 news and vote for the next coolschoo on fox if you dread the grid your house,e, and that is going to help you. >> allow chris's it is my favorite holiday i love looking
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hicks says' reputation for impressive christmas displaysys has been turned into a small business. if you don't want decorate your house he will,yo because by thet name that make them like i and chargeshe $200 per hour. in man is thankful for a wrong number then gives him him a fre meal resellers that we were not related i said,r why not ask fo a plate. >> he got a random text size grandma delighted to thanksgiving dinner. knew it was not from his grandmother so he asked forn a picture, and she told him that the offer still stands so she hopes to see you next thursday for a turkey, dressing and all the fixings.s. join us again tonight at 10:00 o'clock, have a wonderful
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hey, gentlemen. hey. hey. if any of you are looking for something to do on valentine's day, amy and i'll be streaming our first-ever live episode of fun with flags. you're welcome to join us as we celebrate the timeless love affair between wind and flapping fabric. penny and i have dinner reservations that night, but any other time, no. sorry, bernie and i are breaking in the new hot tub, if you know what i mean. not a clue. raj? spending valentine's day with emily. you don't sound very excited about it. oh, i am, i am. i g... i guess i'm still wondering if emily and i are right for each other. does this have to do with that girl you had coffee with? you mean the strong, sexy angel i can't stop thinking about? who can say? you've been talking about breaking up with emily forever. why don't you just do it already? yeah, just


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