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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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twenty-three in cuyahoga falls, mostly clear. during is be replaced by cloud cover.r. there's a warm front started to lift northward noticed that the temperatures ahead of the warm the cool air is much colder. looking at mansfield, they still behind not the temperature in toledoey down into date in midde and upper the warm air is over running the cold air. at this point we have not had any reports with wet snow or sleet. if there is any, it would not occur until midmorning and even then it would be brief. a shower or little pellet of sleet west. were talking about norwalk west. most of us will not see any rain until around lunchtime late morning by then temperatures would start to climb back into the upper 30s. we get aid lot of dry areas with more sustained rainfall during
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looking ahead toward the weekend in just a few minutes. >> good morning. we are running quite well right now. all of the screen major good to go. we do have a couple of problems off of the freeway. a water main break at bennington and klein. in brunswick they had one and it closed a portion of their work between keller hanna and park this is 77 and the turnpike is running well. as you are going out is says turkey turkey, buckle buckle. if they thanksgiving reminder to buckle up as you head out.i southbound was roeser close between detroit and failure. we talk to folks over there at
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believe it should be open by sometime next week. >> top story this way family and friends gather to remember alexander mullins, the teenager was found dead inside a big a home. we are live over at the funeral home in middleburg heights with few local arrangements and the latest on the investigation. >> good morning. police still have no suspects in the death of 16 -year-old alexander mullins which makes it so much harder for the family because 1 m loved one but the same kind of summary questions with no answers. that is that stopping them from remembering the 16 -year-old who sister said has such a huge heart.1 >> he was a boy who gave him three bucks, he would if you gave him $20 to go get them, hee would give it to someone hungrier.h >> six-year-old alexander
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monday. the be a visitation at the funeral home on sunday. there's a vigil at the abandoned home of where his body was found. this last seen on november night at washington park high school.u loved ones have been searching for 11 days was sadly they were given the news that no family should have to here. alexander's body was foundnd sht in the chest and police don't know who shot him or >> anything you can do. our love for alex is stronger and we're going to find out who this is and you are going to go and you are going to spend your life there. we're not going to stop until you get there. we are still not sleeping you're still not eating. >> a gofundme page has been set up by alexander's familyy. it will help pay for the funeral costs. that information is on fox8
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>> may well free parking may soon be a thing of the past for visitors heading to the westside market. this is on her say some people parked in a lot behind the market and don't leave four hours taking up valuable space or that's why they signed a petition asking city officials to charge the same feesi no matr when you part. nothing has been determined. liter say it has to be a rate that doesn't hurt businesses. >> with a 100 trees and a lot of snow is taking over the casino t as part of the holidays at the the theme this year is jack fostered their tree decorating slots and custom design archways to featuring garlin and twinkly lights.fe the casino is honoring the original higby department storec with christmas trees and photos from the original building. the decorations will be up to the holidays and into january.
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thank you for joining us. weather and traffic every eight minutes just had. >> a bettereaht if there is we d for a true tgh for a true tv legend. dick goddard sendoff as he begins his retirement. >> where he said all kinds of toys and gift cards to make s christmas a big a bit brighter
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a beautiful shot of public square from the eighth floor of the terminal tower.
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after that we slide right onto christmas and new year's. weather and traffic every eight minutes. >> less check it was scott sabol checking out tempter's middle 20s mostly clearch nothing on radar currently. and right into illyria temperatures in the 30s. no issues if you're driving further west.o this warm front lives north notice the rain in eastern indiana is ready to transition and western ohioth to a touch of sleet and west no.o a lot of relative warm air overwriting so are starting to get that transition. most of us will not see any of that until midmorning.o i getting areas well west out into philly and toledo will see some of that bagheera hometo
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there is that dry brick we talked about this a few showers to the west.t thanksgiving forecast. >> thank you. where celebrating our legendary prognosticatoror who not only change the way we look at the weatherl but left an indelible mark on ohio and all of our hearts. a >> dick goddard wrapped up half a century on television last night. h suzanne strafford has a closer look at the farewell festivities set inside fox8 studios on a street bearing his name, dick goddard prepares to deliver his final forecast.. >> that dry since of humor is clearly intact the rest of us at fox8 were stealing a mixture of
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happy and proud to celebrate his legacy but with a lot of precipitation. to us dick goddard isn't just a coworker,, but family and frien. >> over the years have read times has with how we laughed on the are. >> former faces like tim taylor shared in this about sharing fond memories of so many good times.i >> you always were completely oblivious of the fact that i was on life >> no i was aware you are on life that's why i did it [laughter] his impact on the station is immeasurable.s what's it like to manage dick goddard people and say.ik and i would say nobody can
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because dick goddard does his own thing, his way always putting peopledrd and of course, the animals first. >> he's so sweet and kind and caring.. >> because of day, we've rescued hamsters, rabbits, two horses, five cats or dogs and a couple other miscellaneous animalsve. >> a passion for supporting and loving all creatures big and small. >> i'm walking down the hallway and a see him coming out and i said day, said over the back door charlie. i open the back door and he goes by me and he has a spider on a web. >> the airport veteran going to battle to get dick goddard's law passed to protect petstt which congressman jim ren?e c came to honor. >> i admire what he's done with the animals and the advocacy has for animals. >> additional accolades h, prais and proclamations were sent from
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they renamed the weather center and something else. >> locked they has contacted the folks at guinness world record and may have--and on a doubt brought both a chuckle and a tear to dick goddard who began broadcasting career 55 years ago. >> i came across a store employee and inside i opened up that i was mind and said nope it's richard goddard. >> he set a row never really matter much his focus has always been only delivering a great forecast for the people at any pricet. we found this in the summer of 1965. as a payroll loan is telling accounted that dig our soured will now be increased from $130 to $138 a week. and and of an era that wrapped
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forecast. >> for the next three months is going to be cold and- [laughter] >> but dick says his heart will remain warm because all of you and the love and support he has received in cleveland.v >> i don't handle this very well. i'm sorry. thank you so much.>> >> no, we thank you dick which is why we're not saying goodbye just. >> i would always say, say good night dick. >> good night, dick. >> what a great piece suzanne. the also announced the formation of the dick goddard for a foundation which would aid local rescue groups.ou
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weather and traffic every eight
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good morning. things are looking good this morning. i 90. the all that green along for a say pretty quiete start to our
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cavaliers and trailblazers tonight. a lot of folks coming down it is one of the if not the biggest party night of the year. if you're going to drink and do all that guest will be else to drive you around, someone sobers they did reopen ledge road at route eight. innerbelt bridge, no problems whatsoever. ninety on the east showing by east 150 second also uneventful. the roads are dry here 1 the sct tells the it could get a little bit wet north of uste. >> we have brains and reports of light snow between finley and legal. right now thenl forecast shows plenty of dry weather. cloud condition yesterday still showed some of the moisture here. we had some breaks in the
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point out in the heart of the snow belt.he temperatures yesterday above freezing, 39 the official high.p we have several days below normal we haven't seen a lot of that this is how the bid the worst fall on recordt we went from the sent the warmest fall on record we went from the 70s and now are seeing a wintry pattern developing.ow sunrise at 7:26 a.m. and sunset now at 5:02 p.m. let's check out current weather. temperatures regionwide let you live on the lake in the middle and upper 20s. there is the clearing and here is the composite radar showing some less noar mixed it with soe sleeping some of this is not reaching the ground. the air is very dry. some reports north of toledo some light rain in a few wet snow short-term showing the rain down
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temperatures are in the middle and upper 30s to low the warm front starts to lift north.t and when that happens you do get that rain and partial changeover. most of that would occur to the westst even then even any changeover would be brief and occur later on this morning. our outlook does show dry weather this afternoon. warm front lifts north a few showers mixed it with some sleep and maybe some west no to the westan as temperatures climb up into the lower 40s. was start to get that bigger search of relative warmth later on this afternoon. so we are highlighting all rain. the changeover for the west all of a sudden disappears as temperatures climb. dry weather later today. more sustained rainfall by sundown at the the evening and overnight tonight.h we'll stay in the middle 30s tonight. most of the rain occurs this evening and by tomorrow morningf most of the heavier showers are
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temperatures will generally stay in the middle and upper 40s. rainfall announced to mid morning about a quarter of an inch.. a few locations will see a little bit under that. temperatures don't vary a lot over the next several days.em we stay in the middle and upper 40s on thanksgiving. ahead of the next go from where and temperatures are estimated in the mid- 40s. rain, a touch of l saturday.n the jetstream now will start to bucklet and we say buckled jetstream that usually means higher chances or higher frequency of storm systems working from west to east across the middle of the it will stay cool but not arctic cold the beginning of next week. our next chance of rain after the clipper coming in late friday into early saturday will be until sometime early next
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and we will probably see a few days above 50 fox8 is your official clewell school closing station. >> time now 551 a.m. billy two dozen athletes, musical artist and scientists have new awards this morning thanks to president obama. a see how they had some fun at the white house after the ceremony. >> we are getting ready for operation giving tree. a it starts in just over an hour and runs until 7:00 p.m. today.n we hope you can stop by with a toy or gift card to maked christmas brighter for those
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today, you have more ways to access the number one care in ohio. simply click in for an express care online visit walk in to our express care clinics or our 24/7 emergency departments or call in today for an appointment today. cleveland clinic is here for you. anytime, anytime. anywhere.
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welcome back. twenty-one men and women now have the nation's highest civilian honor. a a >> president obama the start to stars light michael jordan, tom hanks and diana ross. then they had a little bit of fun afterwards.a l they took part in the manikin challenge. there were some funny moments during the presentatione like with a 7-foot to kareem abdul-jabbar had to squat for and then when miss ross had tor >> back on solid ground this morning after spending about nine days on top of a power pole. the owners were unable to coax
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this week after getting the green light from neighbors power crews coming and cut electricity while the worker grab the cat had put them in a carrier. gr. once back on the ground they gave that boy some electrolytes and food. they kayes owner believes a dog chased him off the polehe. >> nine days is a long time. >> got sable has a very important forecast. >> this is a light rain mixed it with some light snow. these we don't have anything going on right now. fox 8 hour forecast shows some sunshine early. we'll start to cloud over by the time the widespread ring gets here.he temperature well above freezing. high temperatures in the upper 40s. i don't think we'll see a lot of rain until late afternoon andon
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>> your time now is 5:55 a.m. a repossession man is known for taking things away when they don't pay their bill but anr illinois man is showing he's able to give as well as take what he didd to help an elderly couple as they struggle to make ends meetrl. the fox8 turkey bowl this week is still ahead.he we are going to look at the challengersw looking to
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waka 'fox8 news in the morning. about one minute until 6:00.
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dangerous. taking cards from people who don't make their payments. >> one repo men in illinois is giving back.epo jim ford was hired by a bank to be presenti to rev we possess a car owned by stan and pat. while he set up a gofundme account, raise money and in just eight hoursm he also got an oil change and tuneup for good family says it was like hitting the lottery.says >> that is the news at 5:00 on fox8 news in the morning. the news at six begins. >> right >> good morning everyone. it is 6:00 a.m.00 when heading into a chilly start
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let's check in with scott to see was happening in the forecast.>> >> the temperatures have begunv to cool down.e here's a forecast for as look at the rain along the warm front.oe it's just to the north of fort wayne.. as a temperatures have climbed . it pivots back columbus. look at the widespread 20s in cleveland.l there will be some spots for the west we do see a brief changeovere to some sleet and west no shower. again were going to have some breaks in the and some dry


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