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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  November 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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santa clauses here for operation giving tree, check in with stacey frey with a look at what's happening. it is our big travel day. tracking some showers, but you know when they will arrive in your area,
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the business travel day of the year, you're going to want to hear about forecast things were joining us on this thanksgiving eve. were happy that you're with us today we show you a live look from our roof-cam operation giving tree as we do every year with your donations. to help these kids in foster care get a deserved christmas.. >> we don't yet have enough toy where the.'t stop long enough you just want to give a cash donation bu also purchasing gift cards for the kids, jenn harcher is by that ice sculpture of dick goddard, and was a wonderful
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which a you see the new takata weather center coming up suarez operation giving tree it is okay weather-wise just a little cool and cloudy, and the rainfall has not arrived here yet t but that will be changing over the next couple hours working some rainfall, spreading into the western areas near toledo. it is not yet reached the ground we have really dry air,t it's hard for that to rea the ground with temperatures in the twice as saying some observations are grateful near toledo
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relatively dry air expecting a few showers. not widespread through the afternoon by 8:00 o'clock that's when the widespread showers will move in it will start off tonight in th upper 30s and then be warmer tonight, currently 40 degrees cleveland and 36 degrees blurring. details about an accident today that through an infant out of the car. >> jessica dill joins us with the details.
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accident so rough the infant, was ejected from a car in the four -month-old is in surgery, condition unknown, video show the damage to the cars. a carpenter and this morning in akron pickup car accident involves extensive damage part of the car bumper was stuck in the front o the truckckh the child is in surgery currently at akron children's hospital causing warning backups, investigation is underway the child was in th
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and was buckled up correctly when injected.d when the investigators were lucky, it looked like then the car seat was correctly buckled. they don't know how well it was put into the vehicle,, this aftermath shows that he was buckled into the car seat. garfield heights police are looking for a gunman after a shootingic in a barbershop, they say that a fight broke out at skills barbershop on turney roa between 5:36 p.m. last night someone started shooting one person killed the second injure if you have information you're asked to call the garfield heights police department. plants in for the six-year-old boy found dead in
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with vigil last night in the homework alexander mullins was found dead on east 54th street he was last seen at washington park high school two weeks agoee he was found wi a gunshot wound to the chest with au have any suspects. , he was a great kid he had such a huge chart.e middleburg heights from one til 5:00 p.m., he will then be laid to rest monday, his family sete up a go-fund-me account to pay for the funeral, you can find that linkfo aunt fox >> hopkins airport has additional staff in place so to help passengers with a busy y travel season today's expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year asbe is the da before thanksgiving often as
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checkpoints, people all day roa can expect more law enforcement on the roads to watch out for people driving aggressively or texting and driving and drunk driving. of the big day here at fox 8 it is the super bowl for the kids, operation giving tree. >> stacey frey has been int have some wonderful guests. lot's of people stopping by, you were. >> you are playing the head? >> we got a couple of things. is her with a couple of bags
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>> great to be here for operation giving tree it is incredible that you do each and every year . >> and what you do by being generous treatment which is candy crush hear from saint augustine hunger center for serving 60,000 males and their open until 3:00 p.m. today. we give we give we know that we can take care of our childrenn, it's ni >> it's about giving back, we are grateful that we are in a position to be able to do that and we are happy to. >> have a great thanksgiving, talk to jason, it is important to keep the volunteers that an energized, so we got some antonio's pizza?th on behalf of antonio's pizza we want to bring some pizza dow for all of the volunteers
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>> to see everybody drive up to donate and it is something special. thank you very much, we do have some more vehicles pulling up, we like to see rating presentshas forr the kids, we help kids in five different counties in foster care, thank you so muchcoco. >> we have come down every year >> why is it so important? >> for the kids >> every little bit helps, you can see this is pile is gone we will be here till 7:00 p.m. i will check back in about half a
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still to come, we will explain this bright flash in the
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fireball lit up the sky so much that people as far away as
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>> thousand are on the way to visit with families on this bus travel day, this is o'hare airport in chicago, the began arriving very early the lines are moving very quickly and also landlines at atlanta, to help, they have set up high-tech innovation lanes to speed up wait times system that keeps it circulated. will tell you about a gravy recall you will need to know before you set the table this
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at operation giving tree until 7:00 p.m. you
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to provide them a good christma and the fox 8 front yard on dick goddard way until 7:00 p.m... we start off with some clouds and then the rain moved in this is satellite rainfall outdoors toledo and sandusky bowling green and family. >> took some time for them to hit the surface because the ms have been really trying the par of some mixture in wooster
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jim renacci dry east of 77 and we will stay that way for quite some time,7 the eastsiders have some time dodge the raindrops, the good news is we have a dry will be working in this afternoon that eastside, you will see it aroun 6:00 o'clock were as to the southwest it will just be cloud and drying out. if you have travel plans overnight tonightou you have to worry about dodging grenfell, but not freezing rain or snow fall.
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by the time you enjoy your dinner, it will likely be drawing and those that stay up late or get up early for shopping it looks lik it will be a dry shopping day. we have this low pressure cold front that will be pushing through. not expecting a lot of rainfall about one quarter if you travel today, safe travels and have a wonderful thanksgiving tomorrow. this 37 will come just after midnight
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and then i'll thanksgiving, 48 degrees and then claim to the upper 40s we will be the 40s through the weekend on saturday we will see it but not a big amount sunday is the pick day and another
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card slot to see their kids hav beenen. >> how much are they going to
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on friday, pares toys for their kids according to the toy industry they will spend over the lifetime they found th average home hasas 71 toys. we have a gravy recall, about 500 yards were mislabeled as heinz pork gravy may contain
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grid to a voluntary recall the contents of milk soy while the park does not it is a 12-ounce jar with the best by date of december 288, 2017 you can retu it for a full refund. >> facebook, is issuing check to some of its users go 1.8 billion received ch they settled a class action lawsuit he was accused of using user names and photos without permission, they agreed to pay $20 millionot to settle the sui. and your children been sniffling?
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there is a a lot of activity there is rainfall
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looking at radar, were given some light showers she did ingrain west towards sandusky, barry county, huron county and richland county. as we had some drizzle popping up east side, are dry, some reports out of the could have a major in akron. 40 degrees cleveland, it will climb slowly to the low 40s just before midnight tonight expecting overnight low just
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warm up for.r. just a few on and off showers, expecting scattered warning showers tomorrow weekend travel, see some lake effect wintry mix starting saturday morning otherwise sunday is the pick day, have the full forecast coming up. tarcher check in with operation giving tree. stacey frey is in the front
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7:00 p.m. tonight, stop by, here at east 55th and dick goddard way.. >> looking inside, the lobby is filling up and we still have a long way to go. stop by, be here till 7:00 p.m. tried to break last year's record, , want to get 3,000 plu gives right now the street is client, so these volunteers ate
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we are celebrating, dick goddard, which is whether we look at the weather but left a mark on the state and all of ou heartsts. >> last night dick goddard wrapped up half a century on air,, as suzanne stratford has more on the festivities. >> inside the fox 8 studios, dick goddard prepares to delive his final forecast. is humor intact, as his mood, as always. >> the rest of us were feeling mixture of emotions, happy to celebrate his legacy, to us they caught it is not just a coworke
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familiar faces like former anchor tim taylor returns, to share fond memories of so many good times. you were ablaze the fact that i was on life. >> i was aware that you were on life. 's impact on the station was immeasurable to help ratings soar while keeping general managers on their toes.e people say, what you like to manage dick goddard, and i say, nobody can manage dick goddard. he does things his own way, putting people and the animals first. he is sweet, kind and caring fromet because of him i have had
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a couple of other miscellaneous animals,s a lifelong passion to support all creatures. was walking down the hallway and i saw him coming out and i said , you've got to get in there there, and he said open the bac door andnd he goes by me and he has a a spider on a web. >> the air force veteran, past which protect tests in which congressman jim relates akin to >> additional accolades and proclamations were sent from governor john kasich, mayor frank jackson as well as renaming the weather center and something else. fox 8's contacted the people at guinness world records. the honor brought a chuckle and a tier two mr. goddard who
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>> who does this for 55 years? >> i came upon a employee in th store and inside the employee handbook, 's focus was to deliver a great forecast to the peoplele. found this from december 1965 it is a payroll notice with dick goddard celery that will be increased from $130-$138 per week. >> i think that he would have worked for nothing. >> it is the end of an error that wrapped up with a last forecast. the next three months, it's
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the guy to the animals, the four-foots and of the two foote animals, i'm not handling this very well, i'm sorry, thank you so much. >> we thank you, which is why we're not saying goodbye. in cleveland, suzanne stratford fox 8 news. announcing the formation of the tech touted foundation and nonprofit that will aid local rescue groups and find animal clinics were more info fox
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going through pregnancy later in life may improve a woman's cognitive skills, examined 800 women found that pregnancy after age 35 was linked to better verbal and skills within a first pregnancy after the age of 24 they see them researchers showed that estrogen positively impacts the brain chemistry, progesterone i associated with better brain growth and development of brain
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researchers evaluated 300 students with asthma between ages of four and 13 exposed to the highest mouse allergen levels were much more likely to experience asthma symptoms,, th say that while in home environment have allergens, many inner-city home studies have found mouse and cockroach allergens aggravate asthma. recent test shows that aloe vera gel from walmart, cvs and target don't have any aloe they found a cheaper aloe vera and walgreens quebec and conclusive so they cannot rule out that there was some in it, the companies have assured their products are authentic but some attorneys are now considering
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the internet makes it easier to fin the best deals on black friday.t explains interbase tech report, he likes shares the bes ideas with those from los angeles. >> good afternoon, this is one of my favorite times of the yea this is whenen you can buy something from now until cyber monday and probably get one of
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deals, today i'm sure in a few handy websites.. black friday is one of the bestst thing to shop online and stores need to plan ahead, a gray for stop is millions of consumers to vote thumbs up or thumbs down it is packed the best deals each day to find those ten or 2pr that are the lowest price of th year that you will ever find is where the excitement comes in with black fridaye hottest deals featuring gaming systems, the drones and tv. >> 4-k tv at walmart, it is probably to a $90 and is a pretty significant savings. will find scans from just about every retailer.
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the got some of an add-on that sets their deal apart from the competitor. looking through 60,000 advertisers sale items to come up with the top 25 door busters like a four to 9-inch toshiba a best buyy for $199, probably fo $50,9, or a robot vacuum as sam clubr for $269. and fatwallet .com their hot deals forum is where regular people discuss everyday deals, i'll forget to make use of the notifications, to search for those things you want so that you can jump on the deal as soo as it is discovered. download a lot of these to test them and i'm getting a lot of medications about these grea deals also, download some of these price checking apps
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you find something you really ike you can scan the barcode and compare prices to other retailers two of them alike or amazon and shopsavvyvy, for more information go toto richontech., also have the list of the top 2 best door busters they looked through 60,000 items to come up with the listst and i can imagie , you probably need to be waiting in line noww. >> the tvs have gone so low in price what is the one recommendation that she would give? i am a big fan of slick deals deals, and the fact that there are so many people on there if want itth coupon for any websit
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i can find on there it is a really good website. we have fallen in this dog it is absolutely preciouse. come on down, bring the pats. we want to see your smiling faces bring those toys.
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other half we've got about six hours to come. anything would be appreciated that were here till 7:00 o'clock,, at east 55th and dick goddard way. and from the lorain county children's services, it is so great to see the generosity of so many people who take time ou totoan operation giving tree, until
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you can how to make a difference in the lives of so many kidsyo today by stopping by the studios to take part in operationon giving tree. you can read santa, and pepper the reindeer. , get ready to grammys, james corden of the late late show will host thegr 2017 grammys taken over from ll cool j who posted the last fivee rewards will be for every 12 in la. >> justin bieber lashed out at fans for invading his face agai but this time he pushed f a fan the face and tried to stick his hand inside of his car to touch them that's when heed punched t
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bleeding. there so many people traveling on the road today. day it will be scattered, tonight we will see steady rain phone and the tomorrow morning, and then in the afternoon it
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you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal.
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and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ? in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ?
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today on the real. >> adrienne is talking about her thanksgiving with the jacksons. >> exactly, yes. and that's the sound i made when i found out i was joining them. >> thankfully she is still here. >> angela simmons guest hosts. >> plus from bad santa two. thanksgiving with one of the most generous chefs. chef bruno. >> i don't want to see any child go to bed hungry. >> the real.


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