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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> gus: welcome back for the taste of winning sponsored by coca-cola. 45-17. washington wins the apple cup and they will be heading to the pac 12 championship game. gus johnson along with joel klatt. this washington team may be peaking at the right time. they looked good. >> joel: they do. you want to be playing your best football in november.
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to do. it's almost benefit in disguise when you lose a game like usc a couple weeks ago and they're able to go and fix the problems. the team that we just saw had fixed the problems that we saw against the trojans earlier this season. their quarterback was great. their defense was great. more importantly, their run game was terrific today. >> gus: a big game for jake browning. let's go down >> jake, i'm going to let you brag on your guys up front. how did they set the tone for you guys? >> they run the ball well. we worked hard on it. they did a lot of stuff up front. i thought they were prepared and ran it hard well. >> you have taken it one game at a time. have a look at the standings. how does it change with one game to go? >> it's easy. we only have one game left. you know, we'll see who we play.
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we'll be prepared. take tomorrow, get our bodies back and get ready for the championship. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> gus: all right. the apple couple remains in seattle with the washington huskies. partner, your final thoughts. >> joel: hey, committee, this husky's team is really good. >> gus: 45-17 the final. washington defeats washington state. tomorrow, the pac 12 south title ranked buffalos need to beat utah to advance to the pac 12 championship game. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern on fox. that wraps it up. i'm gus johnson for shannon
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this is a look at public square beginning tol christmas, even though those bookmarked, with temperatures i the 40s and more rainfall on the way,es how will that affect the winterfest tomorrow report welcome to the special black friday addition, it has been a soggy black friday, what can yo expect as you do more shopping
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we do have some drizzle, low clouds, nothing that was really nasty, there was no deluge. it was essentially by more than just some patchy drizzle tonight with following temperatures tha may switch over to snow showers 38 seems to be a very popular number, aston villa, youngstown toledo/findlay, looking at the radar, there is another disturbance that will increase the likelihood of tonight and tomorrow so snow showers parker computer models indicate and th primary snowbelt might be
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things improve, on sunday with details coming in less than 24 hours public square would be packed for the start of the holiday season the annual winterfest celebration a roosevelt leftwich has a previe of the major partya that will b back on the redesigned public square. are busy setting up the stage inng the center of attention in the center account for this
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since we have had ice-skating i downtown. the scheme requires the first open it has been a head. it has been a challenge to go outs on the ice. >> it will be free on saturday part of ai all-day celebration, with tons of kids activities, shopping and bloodsoaked lights with three 50,000 donated light it will be very bright that but is the fastest growing neighborhood. began two years ago they wanted it to be an open space notches for daytime workers to be a park for people who live i the city, a centerpiece for the neighborhood. we have 50,000 residents, and another thousand next year so
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it is a place for people visit, to get the kids out of the house is a good thing the came downtown to see the city and walking around public squar downtown is like taking a strol through the neighborhood for summit brings backe memories o what it used to be. >> neighbor kids she would brin us down here every year to go skatingwo. >> winterfest begins 1:00 p.m. saturday afternoon, and cleveland, roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news.. winterfest begins tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. for more information in the downtown skating rink just go to fox >> on the inside that could be a while before they can go skatin at the wade oval rink due to th warmer than usual leather, the university circle tradition is too sloppy for skating tonight, it is unclearar when it will be
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other activities. encodings the special museum programs the akron zoo , lighting up its lights for the first tim in two decades that wildlife's display will be open from six until 9:00 p.m. tonight through sunday in each friday to sunday december the also have traditional decorations, a ligh show and santa land to visit mre akron children's in is at lock 3 tonight in the annual tree lighting ceremony just got underway, black friday one of the busiest shopping days a goo chance for bargain hunters to burn off some calories and to get some deep discounts at department stores shopping mall and big box stores' recent dave nethers to southpark mall. >> we have grown accustomed to the pushing and shoving to get
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that has not been the case in southpark mall where they opene at 6:00 a.m. good crowd from very early this morning retailers have been very please with the number of people who are out today and they are in part because many of the major retailers began offering door buster deals on thanksgiving day, black friday deals have also been available onli the early numbers from a national retailer show good record sales onlinea and crowds in stores many other people who were hereg have actually been added since late thanksgiving day.ha i start shopping at 8:00 o'clock i went out toto ca of to go to the mall and then t target into kohl's store. >> have not been to sleep yet. it is good, i went shopping yesterday went to walmart and got a 60-inch tv and bought a
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christmas and out is going to treat myself. expected to peak between one and two as much as 100,000 visitors to this mall, everybod in the holiday spirit, dave nethers, fox 8 news. black friday is not over yet, tomorrow is small business saturday, and cyber monday a fe days away. co-chair fox for some of the best bargains. >> cavaliers star just suffered a heartbreaking loss of one month, john telich is sure to tell us more on why channing frye's teammates are given him support that they can.ha he lost his mother karen frye
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yesterd media that his father had passe away, she was an award-winning tv personality in phoenix arizona, two daysgbefore she passed away he received his-w t championship parade at the q. and on thanksgivingng posted in instagram that-on a day for thanks be thankful, my father passed away, you better love your family.. he has handled it like a tr thomas frye passed away yesterday, the cavaliers offers condolences and support to channing frye and his family fo this difficult time, they also said thatil he will not be with the cavaliers tonight in his status will be updated later, h will be out indefinitely, the team said that they sent their condolences to channing frye.
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tonight at 7:30 p.m. and then philadelphia on the road on sundayph. by local high schools will play n final four then advance to next weekends the championship in columbus, division ii, hudson versus massillon-perry will mee andpe saint ignatius versus liberty in division i, pairing willin play versus developer division four and in six, cuyahoga heights will play were catholic, i have all the
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police will be thankful of these guys are on the streets, they hope to soon be giving someone a reward for informatio that puts these two bank robber
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police investigating a fatal shooting on my 90 westboundnd at about 5 off for the shoreway they say that someone inside a red jeep pulled up next to a silver seda
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through this fence that separates the shoreway from north marginal road,cha the vic was taken to metro, where he passed away, you can read more about this story at fox >> euclid police m, fbi searching for two bank robbers, they walked into the us bank at east 200 street they were last seenen on kildeer avenue a reward for tips at least two a conviction.. released a video from a september shootingng at a gas station on the west side, a man and the basal catwalks into a dark sedan as a white suv pulls away,y, the man fires several shots at the suv, this is not the video that we were looking for, they recovered 12 shell
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victims were later treated and released, if you have information, contact the cleveland police.. so is missing a valuable christmas present after state troopers made a drug bust on th turnpike, near toledo they stopped a car for following too closely on ied in wood county inside they found ten boxes packed with $300,000 worth of drugs, marijuana and 360 thc pills and pounds of hash wax oil the driver is spending thanksgiving weekend behind bars on felony charges, at least nine people dead and six missing after tropical storm otto hit costa rica it was a category two hurricane just before making landfall in nicaragua cry, or t past 24 hours it brought torrential rains and powerful
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toppling trees it is losing steam tonight. we got that cool damp air, it is not snow but it will switch over to some snow shower activity from these low clouds you can see on the time lapse looking southwest and occasionally a little bit of drizzle the sequence, you can see a little more drizzle. it is a nuisance but look out extensiveve the cloud cover all the way back to iowa. on twitter i sent a picture of sunny break, literally 30 seconds today at my house. and then more clouds in
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batches of drizzle . upstream, snow showers, and with the temperature profile like this, going down, it will switch over toto spotty snow showers tonigh, no big deal, but some of them will increase in intensity, tomorrow the high 42 and snow showers in the morning, primarily snowbelt. they will have a tendency to taper off but not before puttin the potential of half-inch,-one edge some places where they are persistent or come chancy precept and then zero on sunday then a juicy system on tuesday,
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sunday is the better of the two days , and that system on tuesday and wednesday with rainfall, no snowfall, maybe a fewsn but at this stage does not look like a big deal. ek >> still ahead, black friday shoppers have one thing on the wish list,t, on tvs, not toys,
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says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, artisan black friday shoppers lined out to buy a
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i would rather be here to buy beer on black friday then fight the crowds at targetet is no reason. last night the lined up outside of the lakefront brewer and walkingro to get the black friday imperial stout heard asian bourbon barrels and sold on black friday the past five years it has become quite the conditionp a red and black friday and spain. without a harness declined 30 stories in just one hour. that he spents one hour in the camper, thank you for joining completely back again tonight a
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hey. hi, how was the screening? oh, sheldon invoked rosa parks to make somebody who cut the line feel bad, but only the white people felt bad. ugh, i should've never bought him that coloring book that explains black history month. how'd it go with my mother? uh, you know, it started a little rocky, but i think we got to a good place. wow. well done. (chuckles) yeah, and when i dropped her off at the hotel, she even gave me a hug. did she think you were choking or... i'm sorry, that's great. thank you for spending time with her. no problem. um, so listen, i don't know if you have any plans next weekend, but i kind of promised your mom we'd have another wedding ceremony so she could attend this time. wait, we're gonna get married again? yeah, kind of, but now we can invite our friends and family.


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