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tv   New Day Cleveland  FOX  December 2, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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go wildcats. - welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss and this is gonna be a show all about holiday tradition. that's right, some things that you do each and every year, some you used to do and then forgot about and want to do again scoveries for all of us. so let's get the show started, we're going to start right here at the cleveland botanical gardens, it's called glow. (soft piano music) - every year, the day after thanksgiving through the beginning of january, we celebrate the holidays here at the botanical garden with glow. and we deck the halls, we light the lights, we have poinsettias, we have christmas trees, we have gingerbread houses,
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everything from your littlest little ones on up to enjoy here during the season. we have lots and lots of decorated christmas trees here this year and our affiliated garden clubs are wonderful. they're madly creative. this year their theme was flights of fancy, so they all took that theme and ran with it and decorated the trees in all sorts of different ways. interpreted it with blimps, with pollinators, with angels all over the place and that's one of the fun things for us as staff is just to walk through take a look at all these really cool themes that they have come up with. all of the christmas trees are spread out throughout the indoors here at the botanical garden. so any time, you know, any kind of weather that's going on you're going to be safe and nice and warm and dry inside, but we also have a spectacular light display outside this year for the first time. staff can't get enough of it. we keep going out, we're not getting a lot of work done. we're going outside and looking at all the lights and we're waiting for our snow.
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year. we have our big train that you can actually get on and ride and look at the lights we have outside. and then we have a smaller train that you can just look at. it's a g gauge train and that is on loan from a railroad society here locally. it's the best one that we've had, i think so far. it's interactive, there are some buttons that you can press and get some sounds going. this has really taken off. we started this several years ago, every year we get more and more of them and the creativity always blows me away. and we have three different categories: we have professionals, we have adult and then we have family. and all three of them are something to be hold. we have over 150 of them on display. every year we get more and more and i think next year what we need to include is some information for people to see how long it took them to make these.
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e creations. in evergreen adventures, this is a really nice place we think for families, just to maybe take a breath and just relax for a second, but there's all sorts of stuff to do in there. it's a room that we have back by mrs. clause's sweet shoppe so you can get your candy and then go in and you can participate in some crafts. we've got books that families can just sit down and read. you can build a snowman and you can decorate him you can learn about different conifers that people typically use as christmas trees. we have all sorts of different learning opportunities in there. and lots of nice seating for your adults to just just kind of relax for a second. we have live performances, musical performances throughout glow. the schedule is on our website. the other day we had hathaway brown's orchestra here, they were phenomenal. also in that area we have the tree top shop
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and then they can bring their purchases down their slide. and pay for those. that's a way for them to shop for the adults in their lives and maybe give them a little surprise for the holidays. we also have an area there where you can build a gingerbread house. so you can buy a small, medium or large and you can actually decorate it there while listening to some of the music. we have lots of refreshments and beverages, and things to eat while you're here. it's a great opportunity just to spend a couple of hours and just kinda soak in all of the holiday goodness. for members it is free. and with our integration with the holden arboretum even holden arboretum members can come in and experience glow for free. - yes indeed, glow is a great holiday tradition and for the holidays, special hours, open seven days a week always live music, we've got the train out there for the kids, tons of fun. now how 'bout those folks out in medina county,
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when you walk through the doors, you will be completely overwhelmed by just how much there is. this is disneyland for christmas in medina, ohio. (fast-paced christmas music) here we are on top of santa claus mountain, where you can see the entire room of castle noel. we have whoville to our left, the grinch sleigh, you have santa claus' globe from two and three. we made santa claus mountain where you're able to go and see santa and come down the slide. bye! ic of christmas. - right now we're looking at cindy lou who's bedroom set. it's not recreated, it's all straight from the movie. so everybody loves the movie elf and when i was able to find will ferrell's elf costume, this has been one that's been amazing. to see everybody just, they come around the corner and they go, "oh my god, it's elf!" and then, this in to particular is my favorite piece of movie prop from elf. it's the gift of someone special.
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il with patrick stewart. this is actual flying special-effects prop used in santa claus the movie. 1984, dudley moore as patch the elf. i think what's special about the movies is that whether this one is my favorite or that one is my favorite this one is somebody's favorite. this is our i had that toy land collection the reason we have this here is because it's used to get in touch with your childhood. i had that toy land is somewhere where every that makes them remember. everyone talked to us about the authentic kingbies window displays that used to be downtown. since people really liked these window displays, i thought, "hey, we need a lot more of 'em". so, we went to new york and we came up with these amazing displays. now, they all move and are detailed from lord and taylor, and saks, and bloomingdale. it's really spectacular.
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and that's what this whole dream's been about. is making memories for families. so i hope this year, you don't look back and say, "oh, i should have taken time." so, just take a little time. come out, make a memory here. and it will be something that will last a lifetime. - are you ready for this? castle noel is america's largest indoor, year-round christmas entertainment attraction. we'll have more, right after the break.
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we're talking about holiday traditions. and here at university circle, glidden house is certainly, a tradition. as a matter of fact, it says it's been placed on the national register of historic places. okay, talking about historic places, movies make history right? well now natalie's at a place on the westside, it's the house you saw in a christmas story. (happy christmas music) d to be here. we're at a christmas story house. they're making someone right now stay inside of the sink because that is one of the most iconic scenes, right? from the movie? - yes, the house we want, you know, to be completely interactive. climb under the sink, you know, sit on the boy's bed, touch the leg, it's completely interactive. that's what we wanted people
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along with getting a nice informative little tour. how many of the scenes in the movie were really shot here? how much of the movie is really shot in the house? - [steve] well it was really mainly done for it's exterior look, interiors, i mean even? nowadays done it on a sound stage. the house is really small. so basically once you start to get some camera crew in here, you get people in here, there's really not a lot of room. so it was predetermined that the interior would be done on a sound stage. but what we've done, is we've recreated the sound stage in the original house that they used in the exteriors shots. - so you would really feel, i mean this is what it would look like. - definitely, definitely. ant you to come in here, get the feeling that you're in ralphe's house. you know, it's all time period appropriate. so you get to come in, and have fun like you are on the movie set. - i love this. we're gonna head into the kitchen, we're going swaps spaces with people because i know everybody's taking tours here, so everybody's leaving for the tour. - [steve] yeah of course, you know in the living room you've got the leg lamp, that's the most iconic part of the movie. - fra - gi - e! - the mother's here, you know, the old man's outside. so yeah, it's a fun experience with everything we have here.
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so when you do come here, you will get that opportunity to know what was here, what wasn't here. and get the chance to walk around and have fun like these people are. - [natalie] i love it, can we go upstairs real quick too? - [steve] oh we definitely can. - alright, these aren't really ralph's teeth marks i see on that soap bar, correct? - no they aren't ralphie's teeth marks, but believe it or not they are somebody's teeth marks. which is you know, just as bad. - did he really use the soap in the movie? - no in the movie, it was just a plastic prop, but this is the actually soap you can see that people have actually had put it in their mouths. - they probably are, yes. - outside, the exterior shots, those were shot here right? - yes, now, unlike the inside which you would only did a little bit, and you know, here and there, outside is mainly what the house was used for. so black bars scene's out front, coming up an down the porch, up and down the street, all that was done here at the house. - [natalie] it is so incredibly cool and if you haven't had enough of a thrill just walking through the house, you can actually take some great memorabilia home with you. so i wanna go check out your gift store real quick. - [steve] that sounds good, that's great.
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okay, out of all of these here, i'm guessing this is the one that's sized from in the movie. - yes, that's are full-sized 50 inch select leg lamp, that's the size you would see in the movie. - it's pretty-- it's tall. i love behind it too, you've got the bunny suits. - yes, bunny suits, you know, large one, mediums, and even down to the child ones. so, all different kinds of bunny suits, all different sizes of legs. basically all your souvenir needs. - yes, that's of course - [natalie] of course. - that's of course the theme of the gift shop, so you know, we're themed out in the crates and basically anything you can think of, t-shirts, mugs, anything that you want. - anything you can think of from the movie, they even have a special here on bb guns. red ryder bb guns. which of course, you can't think of that movie without thinking of bb guns. - exactly. - and little cool things to go to take here, like i see here the fudge, the "oh fudge".
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- yeah, little packages for on-the-go, people come in here, get a little hungry, get a little bit of "oh fudge". - you can have the whole house and the whole town basically, if you wanted. - the department 56 village does a great job and we carry all the little accessories, so what you see in these little displays, you can create not only with the buildings, but all the accessories that we carry as well. - so cool. it is so cool. you can definitely reminisce about your childhood then too. - of course yes. - are you ready for more holiday traditions? well how 'bout the cleveland museum of natural history? ing up after the break.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. crazy on the inside.
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welcome back to new day cleveland. okay, now it's time to head over to tower city, we've gonna catch up with natalie, because she's with mr. kringle. i love that name. mr. kringle and his inventionasium. - we are now at tower city, and what a great place to bring the little ones. if you haven't heard of it before, i'm telling you, you are going to want to bring the kids here. we're right in front of the sweet factory, foot locker, but i really want to go inside. so let's go. (frolic christmas music) this is unlike anything i've ever seen before in my life. this is awesome!
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- and then cory, who's going to be helping us take this tour. families just go nuts over this, i'm sure the kids must love this. you have everyone in here dressed in extravagant costumes. - these are all citizens - [fancypants] but we live here. that's right, they are all citizens of the land of north. - these are my clothes, not a costume. - i'm sorry. - does it look costume-y? - it's beautiful. no, no, ms. fancy is always at the height of fashion. - i love this, this is amazing. so you bring families in here, and they go into each these different spaces. - correct. and explain kind of what happens for me. - well, the inventionasium really is where mr. kringle creates all of his inventions to then distribute for christmas. what he does is, he brings in inventors from the land of clev and he gives them lab coats themselves so they can become inventors for the day. they go on a tour through the inventionasium and they participate in some activities with mr. kringle's famed inventogogists. - [natalie] so how do i get to live with you here then? because now i feel like i want to come live here. - well you have to move to the land of the north.
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- oh, i'm moving with you to the land of the north i already met you, we're in. - certainly. - you do match, you look beautiful. - so i'm gonna leave you, is that okay? - certainly, i suppose if you have to go-- - we have to go because i want to see more of these places, nice to meet you ms. fancy. okay, so this is just more of what we can come and see. - this is the i did it testing facility and this year in this particular department, we are focusing on observation and documentation, so when we create our creatures with these zolo pieces, we use to come up with those particular pieces. - look at this. - that's right. - you want bubbles right? - so kids can come in here, and what do they do? - well what we discovered, what mr. kringle has discovered is that bubbles, they will stay un-popped if you have your hands gloved. so you can juggle with them. - look at that. - or pass them back and fourth. - oh, i hit it too hard.
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- bubbles are shy. - they are a little shy, so you do need to be careful. sometimes they will just pop on their own but-- - look at how neat that is. - that's right. - i did it! we also discovered-- mr. kringle discovered, that these bubbles, as soon as they pop, they create ideas. so when this bubble pops, a new idea is just gonna pop right in your head. you ready? - yes. - alright. what was it? - um... (laughs). - something to do with purple. purple right? how did you know? - purple pancakes. - yes! oh my gosh, you're good. - yes, mr. grace is quite a mind reader. - so, how many different stations are there? - there are five. - five stations. - that's right. - and when people come in, do they have to make a reservation? how does this work? - people will make reservations to come in, and that way they don't have to wait in the long line outside to see mr. kringle. and of course at the end of our experience here at the inventionasium, you do-- the most important part is that you get to have your four minutes with mr. kringle
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t with him all by yourself, with your family. - [natalie] you get that whole experience, and then once you head out, there's a little gift store where you can buy some things as well. - that's right. and you can look at your photos that are taken professionally in mr. kringle's office. so you can choose photo packages as well. - i love this-- what is that? - this is our bubble volcano, yes. - that is pretty amazing. - are you ready? - yes. - i really kinda want to stay here, forever. - we'd love for you to stay, or come back and visit whenever you like. - this is so great, ds would absolutely go nuts over this place. and you know what? i came up with another great idea. - purple? - aside from purple. i really think that the next thing that we do, is do a little shopping. - let's do it. - great idea right? - don't forget me alright? - i won't forget you on my shopping list. - natalie's certainly having some fun with holiday traditions, and we are too, here back at university circle, we're gonna head over to the home of the dinosaurs. that's right, the cleveland museum of natural history.
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is your one stop shop for all of the wonderful celebration of nature and science. everything from dinosaurs, to meteors to stuffed animals, to life in the past, life in the present day. we have it all here. it's a really cool interactive place to be. so we're really, really excited about and this is a traveling exhibit that's put together by the american museum of natural history and it's open until january 4th. and it features the sauropods, the largest of all of the dinosaurs. how they lived, how they moved, what they ate. how they able to pump blood through that giant body of theirs. even things about how what kind of eggs they hatched out of and it even includes a really cool dig pit. where kids can come and they actually can dig
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it's a fabulous exhibit, again, from the american museum of natural history. this winter catches us, sort of a between place in terms of our live animals. perkins wildlife center's closed as we are building a brand new one in the south-side of the campus. but we have created live animal encounters in our environmental courtyard, right off the lobby. so folks can come, and they can see our two red foxes, our two north american river otters, and our four coyotes, frolicking particularly in the snow. and we also have live animal shows that we do daily at 1:30, and on weekends at 1:00 and 3:00pm. part of the live animal shows that we do will be feeding demonstrations and training and enrichment demonstrations. it gives you a great insight into how we maintain the animals here, how we build strong relationships with them, and how we make sure that they are available for the
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called the shafran planetarium. and it's this wonderful 80 seat planetarium. very intimate, they can showcase all the wonders of the night sky. but they can also broadcast these productions that are put together by places like the american museum of natural history. and we are currently premiering the dark universe, and it's narrated by none other than neil degrasse tyson. sort of everyone's favorite astrophysicist, so we're really excited about that. because we have real objects and real stuff. everyone wants to get their hands on it. and of course, there's a lot of places where, you know, maybe you're not allowed to touch. but we have a place called our smead discover center that in fact is devoted to a hands-on experience. kinda geared toward the younger set, but it's actually family friendly hands-on learning. it's a really wonderful opportunity
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and they leave several hours later, because it's so much fun. we encourage folks to come down here, we are open daily, we have wonderful activities, a great place to bring the family, and if you're looking for gift ideas, you certainly can get gift coupons, give a gift membership or admission, because this is a great thing to share. the love of nature and science, and what a great place to share it, right here in cleveland, ohio. is open seven days a week, closed on holidays and of course, it's fun for people of all ages. coming up next, we're serving up something on ice, and it's not drinks. we'll see you after the break.
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we're talking about holiday traditions here and i've come up to the ice rink here at university circle to talk to chris over here. hey chris, you got some time? - get away from the girls for awhile. - you got it. my wonderful students of monastery high school. - yes, it's great to have 'em out here at the rink. the rink's been here, what, about four years now? - right, we have had real ice, right out here the only outdoor rink in cleveland, right here at wade oval the center of the university circle campus. and yeah, for four years running, we've had a wonderful outdoor ice rink. - [david] what i like about this too is, you don't have to count on mother nature here. - [chris] that's right. - [david] this baby's gonna be frozen up and ready to go all the time. - [chris] coil cool thanks to our friends at iceland, they do a great job with the rink at wade oval. - [david] you know, i've had a chance to travel
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and see all the beautiful decorations and all the holiday traditions, we're talking about on new day cleveland today. and there are a lot of activities that go along with that here, aren't there? - [chris] new day cleveland is a very appropriate framework for a new day at university circle. - [david] oh great! - [chris] we've had, wonderfully in the last century, we've had these wonderful institutions that i have dotted the landscape around this wade oval campus and really created one of the world's cultural gems. world's cultural gems. cleveland museum of art was the first among us, and they're celebrating centennial anniversary. - if you've not visited the art museum in a while, you go inside there, and it's like you feel like a tourist the first time in new york city, looking up at the ceiling. - it's, and they, you know, have this wonderful exhibit going on, painted gardens, that's a wonderful collection of manets to which the museum-- - so you have a little indoors / outdoors, outdoors / indoors kind of thing. - that's right, and we you know, have really had the benefit of, the led all comers as the first institution out in the circle, and they growing up around 'em are these other institutions. the glow shell at the cleveland botanical garden.
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the gingerbread houses, the trees at the garden. it's a great family festive environment this time of year. natural history museum's going in through a major renovation actually, 150 million dollar addition, but the show goes on at the museum of natural history and some great exhibitory going on this holiday season. - you know if you think you know university circle because you were here as a kid, and you came with a school class or something, if that five years ago, 10 years ago, if that was 20 years ago, it's a whole new world here. and it's amazing how, the youth has made it with the old, - it's inter-generational. it really is. you know, another institutional reference is the history center, formally known as the west reserve historical center. - [david] that's what they called it when i was a kid! - [chris] yeah, the cleveland history center, and a great inter-generational opportunity there is the carousel. it's the formal euclid beach carousel that used to be at euclid beach amusement park. grandparents remember it, but grandkids are riding it for the first time. and it's a great, great collection right near the crawford auto and aviation collection there. so we've got a dozen of these institutions
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but, you know, we also encourage people to do holiday shopping here. there's great gift shops, really unique places. - [david] great gift shops, i love the gift shops. and you know, there are a lot of great places to eat here. like if you haven't been here in a while, i just love some of the little, out of the way little eateries, it's just a terrific place. - [chris] we've got the happy dog at the euclid tavern. - [david] i love that! - [chris] it came over from the west-side. - [david] great music over there huh? - [chris] great musical venue there. we've got zach purrell, with two of his great restaurants here, dyno-mite and of course lubwoodtro. we've got some great museum restaurants as well. because this is a very global place with the influence of our hospitals and our universities and our students that come from all over the world. so we sort of aim to please. we're right around the corner from little italy. we have a new heath line, or new red line-- - listen to this guy, listen to him go, huh? - we've got a lot going on. and the other thing i encourage people to do, when you're visiting university circle, take a look at the cultural gardens at rockefeller park. a lot of people coming from the north from i90. - fantastic. - one of the most beautiful parks in the world. - slow down and enjoy the ride. - exactly. and when you get a chance,
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w cemetery. we tell people, you know, you can find yourself in the circle, find just about anything in the world here on a day's visit and come back all year long. - [david] you should be a tour guide. - hey, we are. we're asking three million visitors to come out and see us this year. - that's great and they should. - thank you. - thank you chris. - [chris] happy holidays. - [david] and talking about another great place, it's in akron, historic, it's beautiful it's stan hywet hall. (warm christmas music) - well christmas at stan hywet's always been important, especially the seiberling family. actually, they moved in around christmas time in 1915, enjoying the home right away as part of christmas, and it's always been a huge part of the family tradition. we're trying to showcase some of those traditions here this year as part of our event. this is our 100th anniversary, and so christmas has been a special time here at stan hywet, we're trying to continue that. santa claus is here every night, he lights our christmas tree around 5:30. we have fresh hot chocolate,
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we have our dazzle light show, happening in the garden. we have 22 rooms inside the house, come enjoy. of course, the manor house here is pretty amazing, it's 64,000 square feet. it's the 6th largest estate in the country. but then outside, we got so much going on that you could really pace yourself and it's all self-guided, it's at your leisure. so you're not being forced in any direction. we have community groups from all over and musicians from all over the area that throughout deck the halls. so we have, 27 nights that we-- every night will have someone perform in this music room, so you can really experience the room itself as it's meant to be used, and you really can hear tremendous music and performances. and it's great for the folks who are volunteering, to be able to be in this space and to use it the way guests would have used it back when the seiberling's were here.
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something special that we're hoping can be here this year 'cause of our 100th anniversary after all. and it's a replica of the manor house. it's all made of editable things, gingerbread, we've got candies and everything else that make a gingerbread house. and it really is spot on and detailed. the gingerbread house was made by john learner, who's a local dentist from cago falls, so it would be put on show for the season. and we're just so thankful for that. - this is a brand new foreseen hywet, our first animated store front window that we've actually built from scratch. and our facilities team did that. and it's very special to us because it's our hundredth anniversary and this depicts downtown akron around a hundred years ago. and it's of an area that most of us has never seen,
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that's now cascade plaza. and so, this was a very famous corner of old akron, and the big building to the left is the original quaker oats factory, and so most folks this is an amazing sort of pictorial of history of akron, 100 years ago. (christmas music) - well people enjoy stan hywet their guests to enjoy it, a hundred years ago. so we're trying to keep that legacy going. - deck the hall is a beautiful time to visit stan hywet hall. so you guys having a good time? - [group] yes. - you guys like the holidays? - [group] yes. - okay, we got some holiday traditions,
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okay, when you talk about holiday traditions, what could be more refreshing than great lakes christmas ale? (energetic christmas music) like the fox in the hen house or the kid a candy store,
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s this? especially because we're coming up on the christmas season. luke purcell, brew master right? - yup, yup, how ya doin'? - i'm doing great, i hear your making something special for the holidays. - we make something people might of heard of, yeah. - i think it's called the great lake's brewing company christmas ale. - right, that's it. - okay, so i smell something here, what makes it different? - well, we have cinnamon, whole cinnamon sticks, fresh gingerroot that we put in there, we also put 600 pounds of honey in every batch. - [david] 600 pounds of honey. whole neighborhood smile, like apple pie. - [david] it's funny, you taste it, and you don't really taste all those ingredients, but they sort of come together into something special don't they? - [luke] oh yeah, definitely a balance of all those flavors, it's not one that dominates, we hope anyways. that's our goal. - yeah? - so this is the grains sitting on top of some strainer plates and we're collecting all the extract from the malted barley. at this point, in at sending the liquid over to the next vessel, which is the boil kettle where we'll add the cinnamon and ginger and the honey as well. - the place smells special.
10:40 am
it gets to the stores, you sell it out, i mean, what makes you not sell it longer? how do you make -- - well part of that, part of that is that's part of the appeal of it it's only available for the season, a short time and the other thing is, it takes up a lot of our space for other beers which are popular right now and are not making much of those because of making so much christmas ale for the last couple of months. (energetic christmas music) does it have a shelf life? - oh definitely, we have a shelf life that's on the bottle. the expiration date is on the bottle, there are people that like to save it beyond that, and that's their preference but we have it on there through lots of lab research. - [david] why does it only last so long? - [chris] well they're perishable in that way
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and we don't do any kind of preservatives or anything like that. so, it's even a shorter shelf life because of those reasons. it just doesn't-- nothing's gonna be in the beer that-- any kind of beer that's going to make people sick. it just doesn't taste as good after a certain amount of time. - you know, i travel a lot, so people always ask me about the great lakes brewing company and people know about your beer, the brew-master doing the job. one last question, the ale is here, the christmas ale is here, but when you go to a bar, and you sit down, it's on tap, or it's in bottles, what does the brew-master order? i would order it on tap. it's a good place where i know the draft beer's gonna be good and the lines are all going to be clean and the beer's gonna be delicious. - i've settled that argument for a lot of people, thank you very much. - alright, it was great talking to you. - hey, merry christmas. - merry christmas. (energetic christmas music)
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now you're ready for a trip back in time. that's right, we're headed to the cleveland history center. (light christmas music) - the cleveland history center is the complex in university circle that holds cleveland stories. some may not recognize that, they may recognize the western reserve historical society. that is the name of the larger organization that operates multiple sites across north eastern ohio. is the cleveland historical center and we have cars, airplanes, costumes, two historic mansions. and right now we have some wonderful holiday celebration displays. this is the second year we've introduced this exhibit, it's a look at how clevelander's celebrate their holidays, regardless of which holiday they celebrate. we are made up of a variety of cultures
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we do celebrate christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa variety of other holidays, and we give a taste of those throughout the month. and then, leaving into the new year. the focal point of this is a look back at the higbee's displays that many people fondly remember from their childhood going downtown. so, one could stroll through a wonderland, looking at the higbee mechanicals. and a scene that looks like you're and then they can venture on throughout the history center where we have holiday decour looking at all the different traditions in cleveland. added on during the holiday season in the weekends, we do have webers custard, here selling the higbee's frosted malt. as well as the euclid beach it's reminiscent of the euclid beach frozen whip. so, beyond the entrance with the higbee wonderland, we do have a historic mansion, the hay-mckinney mansion, is decorated for the holiday
10:44 am
represent other traditions. so along with our, traditions, we're inviting the community to come in and celebrate a new tradition, riding the euclid beach grand carousel. the carousel is one year since it opened and families are continuing to return and come back. it is a restored carousel from euclid beach park and it is memories for people who may remember riding when they were a child and creating new memories with their children ide again. so another highlight at the cleveland history center, is the crawford auto aviation museum, where we showcase the auto industry in north east ohio as well as the evolution of the auto mobile in america. a highlight that we've introduced this holiday season is a model t that you can actually sit in. to often you come look at the cars and you can't touch, you can't get up close, you can't look inside,
10:45 am
it's a great way for the kids to spend off some energy, so that's a great introduction that we've added this holiday season. it will continue past the holiday into 2016, so if you can't make it down right away, it is here, please come visit us. the cleveland history center really is the keeper of all of north east ohio stories. cleveland has such a rich history and by naming this site, it better explains to the community that we are your place we are the place of pride, nse of place that come in from out of town. if you live in town and want to get closer to your background, to your city, we're the place to help you do that. - the thing to remember is, there's always something great going on at the cleveland history center. if it's not music, it's hands-on activity, all kinds of great stuff, but they are closed on monday. when we come back, more new day cleveland, holiday traditions. - my job is not only the curator
10:46 am
w it is represented and how it is displayed,
10:47 am
10:48 am
explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna pretend i'm with the irs. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too, because then i can really take you to the cleaners. unfortunately, it's never this obvious. that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families
10:49 am
it's a show of holiday traditions, and natalie has one for us that maybe a discover for you, a beautiful place, it's called the museum of divine statutes. - it's that time of year, the holiday season so there's always all that hustle and bustle, and a lot going on in your life. well, sometimes you need to just find your inner peace and center. and the museum of divine statutes here in lakewood, lou's place, is definitely the place to do that. - [lou] especially for the holiday season. alie] i would love to just walk around here with you lou because there is so much-- what would you explain to people what this is, really? - well this is many things, it started with a particular mission which was specifically rescuing a lot of the artwork from the closed parishes in cleveland, and has begun to evolve into something pretty amazing. so speaking of amazing and evolving, i can bring you over and we'll take a look at a particular piece and you can see how the museum is way bigger than just statues.
10:50 am
and also from our diocese here in cleveland. - that piece is unbelievable. - it is unbelievable. it is on loan to us from the cleveland catholic diocese. in this particular piece is called the monstreds and it is it was and it was manufactured in prague by a very famous company. and it is a reproduction of the famous one that's in prague. and the only difference is, is the one in prague is diamonds, this one is rhinestones. but you can see how absolutely beautiful it is. and it's used during adoration into the center of the piece there. - so, where have you gotten all of these from, over time? - well one of the main focuses of the museum again, was to rescue these artifacts and statues from the closed parishes in cleveland. so we actually raised enough money to buy everything back. - [natalie] so these are not donations. - [lou] that's correct. the majority of the museum was all pieces that were purchased, that came from donations from some of our, very generous people.
10:51 am
at when you have rescued them are extremely meaningful to-- i know you've had to had to actual restore a lot of them yourself. - correct. my job is not only the curator, which is the person that decides which artwork is put on the floor, and how it is represented and displayed, but i'm also the restoration artist. if you'd like to take a look over here, we have the very first piece in the collection that i restored and rescued in the closed churches in cleveland. so this particular statue is called the mother of grace. so every weekend, i would go and purchase these statues and bring them back to the shop and actually begin to restore them. and when i say restoration, she's had a complete paint job from head to toe. and what's interesting is, my other job of being a make-up artist and manufacturing cosmetics, ties into this so well because that's how i got my training to paint. - in order to keep something like this running, you're gonna need a little bit of help.
10:52 am
and right now, it's a really, really though time because we purchased all of this and basically used all the funds that we've had. and one of the neat things is, this museum has become a cultural center now. we've done the mission of rescuing the work and now we're building on that and making this a place that is an extension of people's churches, it's an extension of the catholic school classrooms for the students. so it's been great to receive the school children here and then also the senior groups we do these great guided tours, so people book the appointment and bring the group here and i take them through the whole museum and tell 'em all the stories, we show the all the photographs and everything. it's a really nice time. - wow. it's great that you are here to be able to help people go through this process and really explain to them too, what their seeing. and you're open how many days a week? - we're opened on sundays only from noon to four. - okay. - but then we do the special tours tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays that are by appointment by the 10 o'clock time slot.
10:53 am
and they get to see how the museum was built and how it is that i do the restoration work too. - i think this time of year it might be, it might be nice for people to come in and see something like this. - [lou] we have a beautiful nativity this year that's set up too. - [natalie] you have it set up beautifully. i must say. - [lou] thank you. - [natalie] thanks so much. - [lou] thanks for being here. - [natalie] come here to the museum of divine statues here in lakewood. i think you will be pleasantly surprised. - a beautiful place, and if you want to take a group for a tour, tours by appointment only. okay, now it's time to go to christmas world, and where might that be? ashtabula. (traditional christmas music) - [toni] christmas world started 25 years ago. it was my dad's dream to always have a display similar to what he used to see growing up in downtown cleveland.
10:54 am
and then in 1986 he opened his first animated walk-through display and all of this that you've seen here today has grown in the last 25 years. we literally used to sleep here overnight, while my mom and dad were building it and they would order pizzas for us and it was a lot of fun to sleep in santa's little house and watch all the christmas lights start to arrive. (traditional christmas music) christmas world has 5500 square feet , from the lights, from the decorations the trees, even the carpets and the rugs are christmas, and you can take all that home with you to make your house the same way. pre-lit has definitely become a more popular style, it saves people a lot of time, not having to worry about putting your own lights on your tree. and they're also hinged, so it's very easy you can take it out of the box and start to set it up and fluff your tree,
10:55 am
because no two are the exact same. they have unique faces and everyone has a different style of clothing and can fit into different families styles and lives. - they just have anything you could possibly want and it's all beautiful. - [toni] are midwest shimmers is something new and very popular this year and over the last few years. they plug in, or they're battery-operated, which makes it very convenient. so you can decorate and bedazzle your desk. - i think if you can't find something here, you can't find it anywhere. - [toni] when you walk into our ornament room, we have thousands and thousands of ornaments in just about any style or hobby that you may have. this wall right here is all of our old world christmas, which takes you back to the old style ornaments. the very fragile glass. but they have all the different styles
10:56 am
such as pirates and sports teams and flowers and birds. you name it, and we have it here. everyone loves our snowing christmas tree. there are two pipes that run through this tree to keep the constant flow of snow going. and it's a lot of fun for the kids to come and see the snow inside the store. it's always a good way to start your christmas season with us at christmas world. (traditional christmas music) - well i hope you enjoyed our collection of holiday traditions, i know i did. i'm david moss, and for nelly herbick and the entire staff here at new day cleveland,
10:57 am
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