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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  February 13, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> a critical situation right now because we are not sure. no time to panic yet prefer the state d.o.t. is waiting to see what happens with the storm forecaster for making any moves. sioux there's a lot more coming up. spin at the small town on the oscars of charlotte is undergoing a big transformation have the rehabilitation of an old mill inside go well and ties more business and residence. we may have lost the super bowl but if that between two food banks in denver in charlotte and the queen city savor how many thousands of pounds of canned goods we got out of the deal. good evening i am jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox where following that potential winter storm that could be heading our way in just a few days.
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look at that storm day by day here's amanda cox standing by. >> we are in the clear now what the storm system but all eyes are turning to the storm system that will be coming in for monday. the good news is the weekend is going to stay nice and dry but it's going to be on the colder side. as we get into the start of the week echoes of the colder air in place it will cost no fall better area has cleared out across the region. temperatures 344 degrees in the wins are switching to the northwest. they will gradually pick up throughout the overnight hours a become rather breezy tomorrow. during skies and temperatures headed into the 20s overnight but with the colder air filtering into the region we will see temperatures holding in the 30s. we will stay nice and dry with lots of sunshine saturday and sunday but eventually there's going to be precipitation coming in and it does look like we are going to have some snow starting off sunday night and it looks like it will continue monday
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depending on where you are at it will determine what you ultimately see from the storm system. looks like they will start off with snow or wintry mix changing over to rain before the storm system pulls away. it all depends on the timing and that's something we'll get into detail within just a few minutes. jenna: the winter storm is just around the corner by what exactly is a storm going to look like? you say. david sentendrey is live of i-95 and spoke with ncdot. >> right now it's a waiting game for ncdot if they think saturday is the earliest they can begin treating roads and around tecklenburg county for this storm. it's been a relatively calm winter in the carolinas as far as weather goes. the lesson of the better so i
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i have bills this day. reporter: halfway through february and d.o.t. crews are gearing up for whatever mother nature dishes their way. >> we are in a critical situation right now because we are not sure how the storm is going to move in. >> looks like the second storm is hitting us in this sunday. the problem until ncdot crews know exactly what whether we are getting they can make an exact game plan. >> we are waiting to see when they precipitation moves in whether that will be in the form of freezing rain or snow because that changes how they would respond. >> a freezing rain is the case they say there's nothing they can do to three treat roads. the brine solution will wash away and be an effective. >> i'm not a fan of snow and ice so i can say where it is. >> if snow is what we are getting they will pretreat treat
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whatever happens most people around charlotte hopes this is the last time they will see winter weather this season. >> i am the type of guy who will stay in the house or do a couple of snowball fights and things like that but other than that i stay away from it to. >> here are some numbers to back up just how slow the winter has been pretty ncdot has a 40 million-dollar budget for winter weather in right now is use a little over half of that money. reporting live off of i 85 david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. jenna: if ncdot has money left in the winter budget that money will be carried over to next year. we have some breaking news just coming into our newsroom. the right lane of the 2900 block of work sure boulevard is close. charlotte water is repairing a
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the area will likely be closed for four to six hours. an arrest has been made in wednesday's armed robbery of the first citizens bank and valentine. lewis edwards hikes is in custody. he was arrested for felony larceny and tennesean transported to charlotte. he has since been charged with two counts of common law robbery. and new atomic clock in county sheriff's office has led to an arrest. 49-year-old charged -- charles philip mann was picked up for soliciting a child like him and indecent liberties with a child. authorities say they received a report that someone was chatting with their minor daughter in an inappropriate manner. after an on line undercover investigation officials say mann travel to a location to meet the
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when he arrived he was arrested. mann is currently being held on a 100,000-dollar bond. a fire in north charlotte caused serious damage. leaving for people that are home. happen in the 1200 block of dearborn avenue around 10:30 this morning. smoke was coming from the house when firefighters are we -- arrive. fire officials say they aren't sure what caused the blaze. >> i heard my grandmother screaming and yelling that there was a fire so i rushed in to help. when i went to the room i heard a popping sound and it felt like the room was dark with smoke so i couldn't see. >> as of right now no injuries have been reported. took crews 30 minutes to put out the flames. the state bureau of investigation is now looking into an officer involved shooting that left one man dead.
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home in king north carolina. police were responding to a 911 call that a man was cutting himself in when they arrived on the scene they found 35-year-old alijah jackson in a small bathroom covered in blood. officers told and to put the knife down and that's when they say jackson lunged at the officers and what they say was a slashing and stabbing motion. officers returned fire killing the man. >> it's a tragic situation i feel for all the parties involved. the officers were confronted with a deadly situation and they had it within themselves and the people inside the residence. jenna: the bureau of investigation has been called in to look into this. standard protocol both officers have been placed on administrative leave. new at 10:00 boon police say they have caught another on line child predators.
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soliciting of a child a computer police found a suspicious avenue on the popular web site. detective posed as a 14-year-old girl and responded to the ad. he allegedly arranged a meeting with the officer for purposes. he is due in court on march 3. the state made a major announcement this friday to the granted duke energy permits which will allow it to finish draining water from its coal ash source mountain island lake. from there. duke energy has already been dreading the top water but now he can pump out what is left at the bottom that is mixed with the coal ash. >> we will put all that water into the river is a bit nerve-racking.
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they testing testing it as a ghost coaster under the filtering as a goes out? jenna: duke energy test the water and the coal ash ponds and has a automatic shutoff valve if toxic levels go up. we are told upon will be emptied in a matter of months. the entire site is set to be completely cleaned by 2019. another spill that took a major cleanup now has a company responsible paying up. parkway properties said it paid $47,000 for it diesel spill in little sugar creek. last november that fuel drain from one of its uptown properties in contaminated 11 miles worth of water land and animals that live in it. the settlement to the city includes an additional 5000-dollar donation. another update to tell you about tonight. power has been restored after an accident knocked out power to hundreds of homes in our area for several hours.
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beach not not wrote off of west boulevard. crews on the scene said someone wrecked into a power pole. duke energy confirms just under 1000 homes lost power. no word on what caused the crash. we have more breaking news coming into our newsroom. several hundred homes are without gas tonight after gas line ruptured. this happening at the intersection of wild brook and highland creek. according to piedmont natural gas subcontractors are working on the ruptured gas line. several crews are on site working to repair the pipes. the repairs will take most of the night. changes are coming to pine -- pineville and leaders couldn't be more excited. the vacant colon noble undergo a transformation to draw more people in business. the project is in its early phase but sam smith has more on the plan. >> after talking with officials
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the condell property the word potential kept coming up because they say there aren't a lot of possibilities for that piece of land. >> when we come to pineville without fear like it's a part of charlotte. it just feels like a mountain town. it's just so charming. >> kiki started her business two years ago. since then she has seen pineville grove. she expects it will get even bigger once the condell property is developed. >> i think it will be fabulous. i would love to see that happen. >> the 28 acre property stillness to be figure out. the town hired development group of unc school of government. they will figure out the best use of the land and find developers. she can't wait to see what spill
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>> even if businesses are excited over the possibility. pines fill owners at the town has everything a business could want. >> we love it here. we love the area. we feel like it's up soon. >> the town will take measures to improve the way the property looks through reporting and pineville sam smith fox 46 wjzy. the condell property has been vacant for 30 years. kind of took ownership of the land in late december. there's plenty of good in the world especially when it comes to local cops. cmpd officer armlin responded to a call. a 70-year-old woman was walking with her groceries and someone stole all of them. that was the last $40 she had in her pocket.
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into his own bank account and take a $40 so she could revive the stolen groceries. we applaud the 13 year veteran of the force and thank him for his service. >> it was fun to see some of the panthers. carryover into something that will help people. jenna: the panthers may never beat the broncos but the carolinas brought home a win against denver. find out how it friendly competition is helping millions, coming up. >> the big question is -- have you heard of lloyd kelso? coming up we tell you why this gastonia lawyer thinks he's ready to be president of the united states. and it's asea pinkett bojangles coliseum.
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fans are donning think jenna: welcome back. we are expecting to see cold air continued to filter in passing by to the south and east which brought snow flaw -- snowfall. most of was on the lighter side in the sea push up quickly with clouds continuing to dissipate in the overnight hours. we are keeping an eye on not only high-pressure system that will bring us beautiful weather throughout the weekend but sunshine. the high-pressure system will bring us colder temperatures
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back off to the north and west that's where next storm system will be coming in. that will be affecting us as we get into monday and tuesday timeframe. the colder air will be moving in quickly and temperatures will hold in the 30s for the next couple of days. right now we are in the 30s so we see temperatures holding steady if not starting to fall as we work our way through the day. tomorrow you can see temperatures not terrible but notice the windchills are cooler to the north. the winds are picking up to the north and west of that will be the case. it will become breezy into the day tomorrow. 24 degrees for an overnight low. we expect to see skies turning out clear across the region. lots of sunshine through tomorrow in the 30s for daytime of do we could see gusts as high as 20 or 25 miles an hour much higher than that further to the north and west which will cause the windchills to be colder. bundle up as you head out the
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here's the big story. the storm system from the west will bring us no late sunday night. looks like it will start to eventually overspread the region and will continue into monday morning. it's going to be tough to know when the sleet rain and freezing mixture will change over to all rain as the storm system starts to lift homer into the reason the depending on where the system tracks it will determine what type of precipitation and how much we will ultimately see he does have the potential to see mixing before changes over to all rain and storm system will pull away as we get into the day on tuesday so things will be winding down. monday will be her most active day with the storm system that depends on exact timing as to how much precipitation we will see. north and west is where temperatures will stay cooler anywhere from three to 6 inches of accumulation possible.
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the track changes and it gets warmer the amounts could go down. jenna: amanda thanks. it may have been a loss on the field but charlotte did ring home one when during super bowl 50. the the carolinas in denver faced off for food donation and the outcome is helping to feed millions. ashlee mcgeehan caught up with organizers and she has the story. >> for some families hunger is a scary reality. as denver and the carolinas faced off on the field and in the community. >> the greatest success is over 1 million food items between denver and charlotte in the carolinas came into the local food pantry's across the state. >> who could collect the most food donations it was on offer
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community could not pass up. >> they all pulled in and said we will participate. >> although denver race printed 60 items during the 13 day challenge this time the upset came back to broncos country. >> we raised 813,000 food items. in charlotte those donations benefit loaves and fishes and came in right in the neck of time. >> this is the time a lot of people don't think about the hungry so we have to stretch our resources something we are very concerned about is the change in food stamps which is going to occur in april when up to 16,000 people in mecklenburg county will lose their food stamp benefits. >> the 20 food pantries will be affected. this supply will help them stay ahead of the flow.
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pantry and help feed people for the next four to six months. you can't think of a more productive outcome for a friendly wager than that. >> the real work on and off the field denver in the carolinas will benefit from this excitement. >> the most fun is the children. they get excited about things that you and i take for granted. they see a box of cereal and they are so excited about it. something we would never think was worth a second look. >> ashlee mcgeehan fox 46 wjzy. jenna: damper fans started this seahawks in the super bowl. they won the challenge they couldn't -- panther nation and this donation. the carolinas will stay local to help good pantries in the area.
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behind tonight's checkers game. they will pick jerseys to honor those that are fighting breast cancer. $6 server ticket sold will be donated to charities that help with the disease and their families. this is the tenth anniversary of the annual fund-raiser which is broad and more than $300,000 since it started. >> this is a cause that is year-round. breast cancer awareness month is october but the checkers keep it alive. >> we recognize people who are going through breast cancer treatment now and it's really emotional. jenna: the checkers will have another pink in the ring game tomorrow and auction off the pink jerseys afterwards. an unknown name may pop up on the november presidential ballot.
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jenna: police still need your help identifying a suspect they say is responsible for breaking and entering. take a look at his picture. last week a man allegedly broke into a home in the 32 on a block of paul elmore road in lincolnton. he stolen and provided including a credit card. a man seeing here is using that very card to make a purchase. that tipped off police that if you know who or where he is called the lincoln county sheriff's office. should the zika virus hit north carolina? the state says they might not be prepared. the states chief epidemiologist says north carolina lacks the ability to track and combat the spread of mosquitoes that potentially carries the virus. not only that but they funding could -- is not available. the zika virus has been blamed
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there are multiple cases in america including ones actually transfer the case in texas. of all the names running for president have you ever heard of lloyd kelso? probably not. the gastonia lawyer said he's ready to leave the country -- lead the country. kelso was on the ballot in new hampshire but couldn't get on in north or south carolina so he's mounting his writing campaign. he wants to help middle-class and poor families. >> if they realize they have a choice other than bernie sanders and hillary clinton baby will make a difference. jenna: lloyd says he plans to road trip it to boost up his writing campaign. things to check off your grocery list milk, bread and tattoos? pretty soon that could be a reality thanks to whole foods. the supermarket is considering
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stripped down 365 stores. spokespeople said they are targeting millennial shoppers with the stores. while a decision has been made there will be health code hurdles to jump through. the first 365 store opens in may. with valentine's day on sunday many of you will be buying a nice bottle of wine for the occasion. you had better hurry before the young and get them all because according to a new report colon neal's drink almost half of the wind spot in america. the wine market council said the age group consumed under 160 million cases in 2015 good enough for 42% of the market. they're not drinking a fine stuff though. an average bottle retails at 20 bucks. a political ad featuring a former star is being pulled from the airwaves. where presidential candidates was involved. plus authorities say a man
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attacking people in a (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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jenna: recapping our top stories , ncdot won't know until saturday how to treat roads in and around mecklenburg county when a winter storm hit the area. if freezing rain is the case there's nothing he can do to pretreat roads as the brine solution will just wash away and be unaffected. if snow is what we are getting they will start pre-trading routes as soon as sunday. changes are coming to pineville and leaders couldn't be more excited. a vacant cotton mill will undergo a transformation to drive more people and businesses to the town.
1:31 am
vacant for 30 years. ownership of the land in december. the town hired the development finance initiative a nonprofit group of usc school of government. they will figure out the best use the land of fine developers developers to configure out what to do with the property. it may have been a loss on the field but charlotte did ring home one win during super bowl 50. the carolinas and deborah faced off for food donations and the outcome is helping to feed millions. denver fans starting to tradition when they played the seahawks in super bowl. they won the challenge but couldn't the panther nation that although donations will be local to help good pantries in the prospective areas. a u.s. congressman is taking some heat tonight after lighting it up on the floor. republican representative duncan hunter pulled out his e-cigarettes started welling out clouds of vapor during a hearing
1:32 am
represented hunter argued there is no burning or anything toxic about it. others on the floor did not agree and the movement to ban the taping on planes pass. when of the gop front-runners is under fire tonight. texas senator ted chris senator ted chris' pulled an ad attacking marco rubio after it was revealed to be featuring an asked soft core actress. chris' campaign said actors amy lindsey got the job after passing an audition but added the casting company failed to vet her before filming. lindsay said she said supporter of cruz's conservative christian values. cruz said the new ad will take its place but after several days of relentless attacks presidential candidates might have been expected to play nice today in south carolina. for them where the faith of any
1:33 am
"fox news" senior correspondent john roberts has the latest. evangelicals are huge voting bloc 60% of the electorate. jeb bush wants to make sure they don't go for donald trump. >> is anybody worried about different running candidates shoving absent these inbred children? i can imagine my dad, it's just not going to do it. or my brother who always wore a suit into the oval office. >> bush is running forth in recent polls. with george w. bush coming to the campaign next week trumped up compelled to throw preemptive strike. >> especially getting us in that quicksand. i was against the war in iraq. >> out from by 15 points in the
1:34 am
taking fire from all sides as lobby groups try to tear down his conservative credentials. after tempering his criticism of donald trump at last weekend's debate ted cruz has renewed his attack taking aim at some of the loose language trump has been saying. >> don't listen to me, don't listen to donald trump, really don't listen to donald trump. or if you do you may have to send your kids out of the broom. >> sometimes when you fire the political must get it back fires. cruz forced to take down an ad attacking marco rubio after was discovered an actress who appears in it starred in adult films. while the candidates will meet one last time to debate before the voting saturday. 2012 newt gingrich said one good
1:35 am
marco rubio vowing to put his contrasting debate moment in the rearview mirror. >> we feel good about our message. every debate is important. back to the cruz at the cruz campaign is blaming the production companies and actors involved was not properly vetted and in a state where religious conservatives are so important the iron he was lost on no one. in greenville south carolina john roberts "fox news." jenna: hillary clinton and bernie sanders attended a political dinner in st. paul minnesota tonight. this after last nights six democratic debate at the 2015th cycle. during the debate clinton said the proposals were more realistic than sanders said while sanders reiterated he thinks the american people are sick of establishment politics and an economy that benefits -- that was the final democratic debate before super tuesday.
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tracking that may put a spin on the tail end of our weekend. amanda cox is standing by in the weather center with a look at the storm. >> we are expecting to see a little bit of cold weather throughout the weekend that there's a storm system coming in that will bring in a little snow were wintry mix and eventually transition to rain. we will about that in a minute. this is the first or persistently dealt with today. a little bit of snow in parts of the area as well. they pushed out of here quickly and nice bright conditions of taken over. high pressure is sinking southward and that will bring us nice dry weather throughout the weekend. it will bring us colder conditions as well. up next on system is off to the west coast it has to make its way closer to the area. the colder air is going to be in place. temperatures are going to hold in the 30s of the next couple of days. 34 degrees right now so we will
1:37 am
with the sunshine coming out tomorrow that will boost temperatures. with the went out of the northwest we expect to see temperatures holding in the 30s. tonight temperatures in the 20s. temperatures will get into the 30s tomorrow afternoon lots of sunshine. the wins will be the big factor. eight to 60 miles per hour with gusts as high as 20 miles an hour times which really could create issues for parts of the area with windchills being frigid across the region throughout the course of a day on saturday and that may extend into saturday night. we do have a windchill advisory in effect for fewer counties. here's the big story. the storm system you can see a little bit of snow coming in late sunday night and into your monday morning. as the warm friend starts to lift northward and we tap into the warmer air and the southerly flow we will see a transition to mix with a little bit of sleet freezing rain and eventually it transitions over to all rain.
1:38 am
early afternoon and by late afternoon we should see plain rain for good portion of the area. in the mountains we may see that hanging onto snow for a little bit longer. that could add up to more delay of snowfall accumulation. once it is transition to rain it will stay that way for the remainder of the day monday night into tuesday morning. he's here's a look at the snowfall totals. it's still early in the game so we have to watch the track of a system that anywhere from three to 6 inches across the northwest inspection inspection. further to the south we could see more for mixing or just rain taking place. little to no accumulation possible in parts of the area. looking at the temperatures heading into the 30s throughout the weekend and this will be active for monday tuesday. me to watch the storm system in the exact timing and exact track because i will determine what type of precipitation we see and how much we will ultimately end up with.
1:39 am
into the 30s. jenna: amanda thanks for the potential lone wolf terrorist attack in columbus ohio state law enforcement sources telling "fox news" the man accused of the machete attack at a columbus restaurant last night is known to the fbi and is fox's pat o'neal reports fox is being told the suspect's name was in a law enforcement database potentially related to terrorism. >> inside this columbus ohio restaurant a man identified as her to europa mohammed berry walked in with him on -- machete and started acting -- attacking unsuspecting people. >> he started systematically hitting people with a machete. >> law enforcement sources tell "fox news" the fbi is investigating the incident as a possible terror attack. they say he was known to the fbi and in the database. fox's own investigators have not found anything to suggest the
1:40 am
terror group. federal agents are are said to be looking into the possibility he was inspired by terrorist propaganda. investigators tell fox they're looking into his background including his travel history. the fbi has provided assistance. the owner of the restaurant thinks his establishment may have been targeted because he is israeli. one of his former roommates was asked about berry's religious views. >> you didn't hear him talking about any political views whatsoever? >> he was very religious. >> he prayed that nothing that would be out of the ordinary. >> more people at the restaurant were injured and one critically after fleeing the scene he was stopped and shot by police. pat o'neil "fox news."
1:41 am
and other countries with an interest in syria are meeting in munich tonight hours after agreeing on a temporary effect midweek. while there is no long-term truce could possibly lead to a permanent cease-fire in the five year long civil war which has killed more than a quarter million people. the agreement does mean desperately needed humanitarian aid may soon arrive in syria. the irs is in bad shape with data breaches budget cuts and computer problems. congress is in throw but their performance. now the chairman of the house oversight committee says he wants to impeach the commissioner of the irs. the committee is investigating recordkeeping and data protection at the agency. most recently hardware failure down to the filing system during filing season. the irs is saying it needs money to upgrade its computer system so what happen again to the
1:42 am
the agency will get more than $12 billion next year, that's 1 billion more dollars than this year. an emergency meeting is held in michigan as leaders continue to search for answers in the flint water crisis. governor rick snyder played out more of his plan which includes setting aside millions of dollars in a proposed 2070 budget to update the water infrastructure and plan to the restructuring would include replacing lead pipes in the city and across the state. flint water system was contaminated with lead after the cities switched water suppliers. it caused lead levels to to soar in children's parkinson or permit their logical damage. nearly a thousand years ago pope leo the ninth excommunicated patriarch of constantinople. prompting the great schism between the catholic and orthodox churches. after millennia of the leadership of those churches post -- pope francis and
1:43 am
he landed at havana jose marquis airport where he and correll will hold a two-hour personal conversation and sign a joint declaration. while friday's meeting in havana is the first between a pope in a russian patriarch francis invited the patriarch of constantinople to his installation as pope in 2013. hey josh. >> we are talking panthers
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1:45 am
10 plays of the season. >> cam newton taking to instagrammed to post a picture of his son chosen. the offense a player of the year show the first picture of his son we have seen. he said that one of the most mvp but in the middle his son chosen will have to do for now. that was a panthers fan that had a couple of days to let this thing more often the loss. time to take a look back on a record-setting season the panthers had as we look of the top 10 plays of the season starting with number 10. number 10 graham gano game winning field goal against the colts paid that one in overtime.
1:46 am
panther 7-0 on the season. held at number nine cam newton to jericho cut in with a minute left to go. it turned out to be the game-winner as the panthers gets to 12-0 to time cam and cotchery the three-time in the end zone this season. number eight the nfc championship game. this could be the longest 22-yard touchdown run you'll ever see. taking a handoff going from one sideline back to the other sideline and a touchdown against the team that cut him last year helping to propel the panthers to super bowl xv california. the lucky number seven. thomas davis in week nine of doublecheck himself aaron rodgers with less than two minutes to play, the panthers
1:47 am
back to the nfc title game cam newton at it again. the direct passage into the end zone. you can't stop superman unless you have kryptonite. 10 touchdowns rushing this year for cam and a countdown. let's go back to week three for number five. you don't throw to josh berman cited the field. with the game on the line josh said he knew he would test him and it made them pay making a lot of quarterbacks pay this season. >> wilson just got it away. touched down carolina. who could forget the man cam newton called captain america? he help the panthers up 14-0 in the game. carolina absolutely dominating
1:48 am
plan and perform a countdown to teams are playing number three. the panthers finally getting over the after four straight losses to. cam newton to greg olson turned out to be the game-winner in week six comes in at number three on the list. let's head back to turkey day for number two. panthers fans thankful as he gave been not one but two pics. that comes in at number two. let's get to number one and the call with a little help from the
1:49 am
broadcasts. cheney lorena and louis prato one. cam newton flipping it into the end zone and into the number one countdown. what a great play to end the season and finished things off. let's go to nascar proving no brain figures will be filling in for tony stewart as he recovers from a severe back injury. saying today he will not postpone retirement at the end of the season because of that injury. in a statement he said he would be back this season. vickers will drive the number 14 chevy only driven in two seasons because of a blood clot.
1:50 am
ahead. >> it's unfortunate because tony is not here. i have such respect for tommy and i can't understand what is going through. i can understand that he was going through with this team. i hate that he is not here but i'm honored to keep the seat warm until he gets back. >> vickers will take the wheel for stewart starting in the sprint unlimited saturday night to drivers hitting the track for practice tonight denny hamlin with the fastest time on friday. drivers will be up for practice to more sessions tomorrow.
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night. jenna: music lovers only have to wait a couple more days. the 58th annual grammy awards will be held on monday. fox's michael camero tells us about some of the singers who are up for awards and others who will be performing during the ceremony. the 58th annual grammy awards are set for monday in the biggest stars are even nominated for the word were taking the stage to perform.
1:54 am
three and a half hours of the greatest concert on the planet. that's what i strive for. taylor swift in a tie with seven nominations. all eyes will be on swift and lamar who were going head-to-head for the song of the year. >> it could go either way. if i were placing bets i would give it to us tailor because it's a more conventional album. country star and best new artist nominee sam ponce says it really is an honor to be nominated. >> it means a lot to me to have the people i came considering i look up to to accept me into the group and invite me to the big party. best new artist can be enormous for an artist's career. it says to the public the artist
1:55 am
there are other grammy winners with it they can get into -- the grammy make sure no one goes home empty-handed. tag they leave with huge bags with $25,000 in gifts. >> see who takes home the grammy gold when the ceremony owns monday night. we will be right back with the
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