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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play let the music play . our problem. bill: one charlotte family says a nearby development created a bigtime mess that's cost them thousands of dollars. who's at fault here, and what can be done about it? we're taking a look into the problem. kayla: plus a showdown is looming between one of the biggest companies in the world and the u.s. government, and could have a major impact on your privacy. you'll find out why the fbi wants apple to create software to break into their own phones.
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this is about the warriors. bill: and north carolina veterans as well as their families got a special show tonight. we're going to take you out to charlotte stands for heroes and show you how it's helping honor our nation's finest. good evening and thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news" i'm bill melugin. kayla: and i'm kayla ayres. in a story only on fox 46, a local family saying not in our backyard, but really they haven't had much of a choice when it comes to dealing with the problem they say was caused by a local developer. bill: mold, sinkholes and flooding are a few of the problems they're already dealing with and costing them thousands of dollars as a result. tonight david sentendrey joining us live in the newsroom to explain what's going on here. fill us in. >> reporter: bill and kayla, this family said they spent their entire savings trying to fix something that's not their fault but has become their problem. >> this is the drain they built throughout the water. >> reporter: all the storm water is traveling through the
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charlotte property and into the home of shelly atkins. >> the sinkhole keeps me up at night. the property has been so wet for so long. >> reporter: a yard full of sinkholes scratches the surface when it comes to the problems this water runoff is causing. bill: 12 to $15,000 pulling out vapor barrier, drying out the cross base, we've had the mold remediated several times. >> reporter: water atkins says is coming from sharon manor homes and supposed to lead directly to this bank with a storm drain at the bottom. that's not exactly what's happening. the water is traveling through the woods right into her backyard. >> not our fault but it's our problem. it? the city of charlotte says it's not theirs but a private matter since it's coming from private property. atkins contacted the developer favors.
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said i'm not sorry because it's not our fault. >> reporter: her family is stumped. they tried blocking the water but it's not working. it's a problem that's affecting her family's health. these pictures show what appears to be mold before the most recent mediation, a problem she says keeps coming back. >> obviously mold, the kids are sick all the time, and we get the mold remediated in the cross base. >> reporter: she says the problem is only getting worse. >> breaks the seal and constantly have to have the concrete resealed to keep the water from coming in, and continues to come in through the cracks. we can't keep up with it and it's not something we can fix on our own, if it doesn't start on our property. >> reporter: earlier today i reached out to the developer in question in beacon, north carolina, they have yet to call us back. david sentendrey, fox 46 wjzy. bill: thank you, certainly
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problem for the family. on top of all the problems we heard about, the family says their backyard is home to a ridiculous amount of mosquitoes because of the standing water you saw building up. while that may not be a problem right now, come springtime it could be a very serious issue. kayla: american airlines announced plans to bid on flights to and from cuba. this after the u.s. and cuba signed an agreement to resume commercial flights for the first time in five decades. starting next fall, you can expect dozens of flights every day to and from the island nation, different airlines can start bidding on routes for as many as 110 u.s.-cuba flights daily. american airlines released a statement today saying, quote, american airlines commends the u.s. government for commitment to reestablish cultural and economic ties between the u.s. and cuba and for laying the groundwork to restore scheduled air service between the two countries for the
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years. we applaud the administration for making air service a priority and america looks forward to submitting a cuba proposal in the coming weeks. the company plans to submit application by march 2nd. american airlines is considering additional hubs for future service but is not releasing that information at this time. bill: i can imagine that spot, right? also new at 10:00, cmpd arrested taha jamal alasfar. between february 4th and 13th, albemarle elementary and piney grove were broken into two times. they had ipads and electronics stolen from the classrooms. two teens were arrested in connection to the thefts. alasfar was arrested for alleged stolen property, forgery, counterfeiting merchandise as well as drug prescription fraud.
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have local businesses on high alert. fat burrito was robbed tuesday night and business owners tell us they feel like a family. when things like this happen to one business, it affects everyone. >> hardest on the staff because we're typically not around when that happens, usually one of our hourly or online employees that have to robbery. kayla: the people who live and work in the area are working hard to communicate with each other if they see anything that looks suspicious, their way of policing their neighborhood in an effort to stay safe. bill: parents are calling for cameras in special education classrooms after they have lost all trust in district leadership. this is after a teacher at lauren elementary school was caught on audiotape making a death threat towards a parent of autistic boy and she was fired for blowing the whistle on the alleged abuse of autistic children. in tomorrow's exclusive, what
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investigation revealed was happening inside the special ed classrooms and why parents say they were kept in the dark about what really happened to their children. plus you'll see how the school district is trying to defend itself. the results of our investigation thursday on "fox 46 news" at 10:00. kayla: update to health alert we brought you yesterday. health officials are investigating several possible cases of the mumps in our area. they say there are six probable cases in iredell county and one in caberas county. currently there are two confirmed cases of the illness. officials say those cases are related to each other. the sickness is spread by saliva or mucus from the mouth, nose or throat of infected person, doctors urge anyone with symptoms to seek medical attention immediately. no treatment for mumps but medications can relieve symptoms. best defense is to get
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soap and water, sneeze and cough into a tissue or your elbow, and to avoid sharing food and drinks. bill: to a developing story. state officials released a photo what the new congressional districts in north carolina could look like. there are changes madeo the first and twelfth districts. the twelfth through mecklenburg county. the proposed changes would make mecklenburg county its own district. last week the north carolina supreme court ruled the districts have to be redrawn by friday. the districts are illegal because they were drawn based on race. so imagine being told that, no, you cannot build a house where you and your family wanted to move? believe it or not that could be happening in york county, where leaders are talking about freezing construction on new homes. the reason why? traffic keeps getting worse, property taxes keep going up and construction is practically everywhere. >> cost of living is getting too high. taxes are going up, need to
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>> you effect on a single family house, effect 200 different trades, landscapers, architects, furniture, carpet, to put a freeze, you put a lot of people out of work. bill: the details on the potential housing freeze are in the works tonight. county staff working on putting a proposal together. york county council is expected to vote april 1st. kayla: to a fox 46 follow-up, the six-year-old who won the panthers and the nation's hearts. braylon beam's foundation unveiled the new official symbol. the bring it 4 braylon symbol encompasses football and a good fight, the fight he's waging after being diagnosed with a brain tumor is simplized by the ribbon. he began losing his sight one year ago. bill: senator marco rubio is getting a boost in his campaign as he stumps through
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governor nikki haley endorsed the senator in lexington county. kayla: former florida governor jeb bush is making a stop in rock hill tomorrow evening. a town hall-style event scheduled for 5:30 at the magnolia room. bush was supposed to have an event at rock hill but it was postponed. the south carolina republican primary is this saturday. several candidates have stumped their way through the palmetto state today. bill: tonight was a special night for north carolina veterans and families. a night of music and comedy in charlotte for a very important cause. kayla: a first for charlotte designed to honor and raise money to help injured veterans in the area. sam smith is joining us live from uptown where charlotte stands for heroes just wrapped up. hi, sam. >> reporter: good evening. this may have been the first night, but judging by tonight's turnout, this won't be the last time money is
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foundation here in the queen city. it was a night filled with a lot of different things. food and drinks, laughter, fellow ship and inspiring stories. >> you don't think you're a hero, and generations before us that haven't had this type of welcome, we're honored to be a part of it. >> reporter: the purpose of charlotte stands for heroes is to honor veterans in the charlotte area and help support them. john gollina suffered a traumatic brain injury serving in iraq. >> injured in 2004 when my vehicle struck two anti-tank mines. >> reporter: he's here with his family to take it all in. >> just to be able to enjoy some time together without having to worry about being hurt or worry about being different, but being able to be with your comrades and being able to relax. it was very nice. >> reporter: the event
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foundation, an organization that helps injured veterans when they return home. bob woodruff, a well-known television reporter was himself injured by a roadside bomb covering the war in iraq. >> there's a lot that comes out of the wars, good things and bad things, we know this is not about the war, this is about the warriors. >> reporter: veterans like galina appreciate the support from the community on this special night. >> really what the bob woodruff foundation stands for with traumatic brain injuries speaks to me and my family, and it's been a long road to recovery, nearly 11 years since my accident, and i'm just grateful to be here and relatively whole. >> reporter: it's important to note all the money stays in the charlotte area and similar events are held throughout the country. sam smith, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: great event. thank you, sam. this was a two-day event.
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day at bank of america stadium for a tour and to meet players. also a private concert performed by darius rucker. bill: one local community is fighting back against a mining company. we're going to explain coming up. kayla: and some drivers got an unexpected reward today at the pump. how police were involved. hey, brian. brian: starting to make the snow up in the mountains again. that's a sign things are clearing out. how long does the clear weather last? we'll let you know coming up right after the break. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do.
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. brian: good evening, everybody, welcome back, look at your headlines tonight, and boy, we've got some changes coming your way, and i know you guys were hoping we would warm up out, there we're still freezing overnight tonight. now, we will see some sunny skies starting tomorrow, and we'll be warming up as well, and then we're going to see more changes as we get into next week, and that includes some rain, potentially heavy rain, and possibly snow moving back to the area. major changes, a roller-coaster ride of weather temperatures. we're going to focus on that first. the next couple of nights, continue to see freezing temperatures. the weekend. we'll see the temperatures as warm as 51. not for a daytime high but overnight low monday morning before we cool off as we get
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weather yet again. as for right now, we see the freezing temperatures up in the north, we showed you the snow machines a little while ago, that's going to sustain the snow. shouldn't see any of it melt overnight tonight. 40s for the lower elevations right now, and a little windchill as well. you got winds blowing five to ten miles an hour, dropping us down to near freezing, feels chilly out at this point. look at satellite and radar, and as you can see, most of the area is clearing out, maybe a few thin clouds in the area, that is essentially it for us. really don't expect any major changes over the next couple of days in terms of moisture. pressure system develop directly to the south of us. it will kick the winds in from the south and we've got warm air as we get into the weekend, that includes temperatures climbing into the 60s. so it's going feel pretty good here during the afternoon hours over the next several days.
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winds moving at about 2, 3 miles an hour out there and, of course, look at that three-day outlook. temperatures at 53 for thursday, 54 for friday. both of those days are sunny and friday the winds switching around to the south and warms our temperatures friday into saturday by a full 10 degrees. now guys, we don't stay there forever. we'll see cooler temperatures next week and looking for the big rain chances. kayla, we'll track that for and you let you know how the warm temperatures will stick around. kayla: sounds good, brian. you were talking about the freezing temperatures, though it was a beautiful day in charlotte today, places in our viewing area are dealing with the aftermath of winter weather. ashe, avery and watauga operating on a two-hour delay tomorrow morning. >> no charges filed against a bus driver who hit and killed
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hit and died after being hit last tuesday. school officials say kincaide teaching. kayla: a mining developer practically run out of town is back at it again after neighbors in harrisburg fought back against a proposed mine and won, so they thought. this past fall, they put forth plans to put a rock quarry on mulberry road. they blasted the company for wanting to bring in explosives for the mining and also for their attempt to put up an asphalt plant. the developer pulled the plans after public outcry. the same company is back at it again trying to rezone the pasture land to industrial. >> we're saying two things. we don't want to buy what you're selling, and the second is truthfully we may live in a small town, but we're smarter than you give us credit for.
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46 he wants to grade the land and prepare it for resale as an industrial park. neighbors think this is a back door way to bring back mining. they'll have a neighborhood meeting to further discuss the plans tomorrow night. bill: all right, during the colder months, trouble with car theft is heating up. because of that, cmpd partnered up with quick trip locations this morning in hopes of stopping the trend, giving drivers a tip in safety and encouragement. if you showed officers your keys, you got a free drink coupon. 85 vehicles were stolen with the keys left in the ignition. that's a 67% increase from the same period last year. police say it's happened in private driveways and public areas, when somebody left their car running to keep it warm in the winter temperatures. we caught a driver doing just
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cup of coffee this morning. >> yeah, more so it is out of convenience, why do you usually do it? >> just in a hurry. just in a hurry. bill: that was at the quik trip off of wilkinson boulevard. officers handed out information to all the drivers. >> i'm interested in going all the way back to the -- >> people dug up family history trying to track down their slave ancestry. coming up, how they uncovered years of rich history and hear from the librarian that helped them along the way? bill: a man loses his wallet
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what it
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. kayla: a union county librarian is helping people in monroe uncover family history.
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small group with the background in genealogy, she helped people dig through marriage records and cemetery listings all available at library. she believes it's important to know your entire family tree to pass that information onto future generations. >> gives you a sense of being a part of the world and not something that was forgotten or you don't know who you came from, so you don't even really understand that you have an anchor. kayla: people searched through documents for hours. they tell us some of the roadblocks are when slaves became free they either changed locations or last name. the genealogy room is available for anyone to use during regular business hours. bill: the catawba indian nation is receiving 1.5 million dollars from the federal government. officials made that announcement today. that grant is going to be used for affordable housing. each year the federal government distributes money under the indian housing block
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it helps low income residents on reservations or other native american or native alaska communities. south dakota lawmakers require students to use bathrooms or locker rooms that correspond to sex at birth. it's meant to protect students' privacy. opponents say it's going to discriminate against transgender students. the measure says they will have to provide accommodations for transgender students. kayla: here is a bizarre lost and found story out of new york city. one man lost his wallet at a concert on february 5th and two weeks later someone's mailed some of the items from wallet and attached a letter inside. the person who found the wallet said they returned credit cards, driver's license and important items. they kept the cash to buy weed. the metro card used for transportation and also kept
10:26 pm
thought it looks cool. the man says the whole thing was so strange, she decided to post it on social media. he spoke about the experience on wnyw good day new york. >> we got this modern-day, pot smoking robin hood, knows where i live, knows my blood type, knows if i'm an organ donor and walking around with a cool wallet. kayla: there is no word who the anonymous person who found the wallet is. bill: such a random story. one of the lucky winners of the historic powerball jackpot has come forward. kaltschmidt claimed their piece of the $1.58 billion prize. the couple was presented with winnings during a press conference this afternoon. they bought the winning ticket at a publix back on january 13th. maureen has been playing the same lossry number for 30 years.
10:27 pm
their prize? david and maureen are going to take care of family with the winnings and continue with life as usual. >> we need more security, not less. kayla: a local security expert breaks down the apple
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and may increase side effects. the most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, and dizziness. all my life, he's protected me. now i am giving back. ask their doctor about once-daily namenda xr and learn about a free trial offer at . bill: recapping top stories, east charlotte family blaming a developer for mold, sinkholes and flooding issues
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the water is coming from sharon manor homes and supposed to flow down a path which directly leads to a bank with a storm drain at the bottom. the water is traveling through the woods into their backyard. city of charlotte says it's a private matter since it's coming from private property. home owner says the developer, beacon north carolina, told them they are not responsible either. kayla: senator marco rubio getting a boost in campaign as he stumps through south carolina. governor nikki haley endorsed the florida senator at an event in lexington county. haley's endorsement is considered the most coveted among south carolina politicians. >> tonight was a special night for north carolina veterans and families. a night of music and comedy in charlotte for an important cause. a very first for the city of charlotte, it's designed to honor and raise money to help injured veterans in the area. might have been the first year but likely won't be the last raising money for the bob woodruff foundation, it
10:31 pm
helps injured veterans when they return home. bob woodruff is a well-known television news reporter here, was injured by a roadside bomb covering the war in iraq. apple taking a stand on privacy after a magistrate judge in california told the company to comply with the fbi's request to unlock the phone of the san bernardino terrorist syed farook. kayla: apple ceo tim cook details the company's position in the case in explaining why they've decided to draw the line. emily collins followed up with a local security consultant. she's joining us live in the newsroom. what did he havee to say? >> reporter: a lot of misunderstanding surrounding this case, but at the heart of it lies two important principles, your security and privacy. and as noted in cook's letter today, security experts say both are on the line. forced into court, the policy debate surrounding encryption brings the fbi and apple face-to-face.
10:32 pm
specifically asking is for apple to build or modify the technology so that someone can break into the phone and decrypt what's in it so they can read it. >> reporter: the cell phone, security consultant is referring to belongs to syed farook, the man authorities say was behind the san bernardino shootings that left 14 people dead and dozens of others injured. however what david says is what people are failing to realize is by modifying technology to unlook farook's phone, apple would be creating an open door to the information stored on every iphone and eventually every smartphone. >> and we're talking about everyone's banking and everyone's health care, and it's no longer isolated to this phone, no matter how much they say it is. it's not. >> reporter: apple clearly realizes that. while the company wants to give the government as much latitude as it needs to fight
10:33 pm
set clear expectations where its customers' privacy begins, and says because the potential harm of what the fbi is asking for, outweighs what could be gained, it's a move he and most security experts agree with. >> opens the door for more targets and more home depots and more jpmorgan to be broken into. we need more security, not less. >> reporter: and last week, fbi director james comey told members of congress that encryption is a major problem facing law enforcement. other agencies throughout the country have spoken out welcoming the court's order. in the newsroom, emily collins, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: many believe this is a clever move by the fbi to move the encryption debate from the legislative arena where they were not winning to the courts. >> i see both sides of the coin. obviously i'd like to see what was in the terrorists' phone. obviously we all have iphones,
10:34 pm
if a criminal gets it, we don't want him to hack in like that. kayla: it's a hard one to decide on. brian, what do you think? brian: i don't know about pictures, video of my daughter getting the oreo cookie. bill: that's sensitive material, right? brian: yeah, right. very valuable to me. probably not to a lot of other folks. let's take a look and see what's going on with your weather right now. it is 40 degrees outside. mostly clear, and we were warm out there today. but as the sun went down, dropped off quickly and chilly. winds out of the north at 6. northerly winds, cold air, that's the case for tonight. freezing temperatures coming your way. but again we are going to stay dry here. a good stretch of weather from thursday in through saturday. we are expected to stay dry, so for those of you thinking it's too cold, wet, snowy to get outside, you have a good chance to take advantage of it into the weekend, especially saturday, temperatures into the 60s.
10:35 pm
they start to change sunday night, most of sunday should be in good shape as well, and monday, tuesday, wednesday as well, strong chances for precipitation and mainly rain at this point to move back into play in the area. let's track our weather here quickly on your futurecast. what's going to happen? a high pressure system sitting to the south of us. a good place for that to be. what it's going to do is bring warm air out of the south into the area, that will be the case through saturday. later on saturday, we're going to see a cold front begin to push towards the area, doesn't have a lot of effect on us. we'll see the cloud buildup. outside of that, not a big deal. we're going to stay quiet, a tiny chance we could see a drop or two on saturday. what we're watching, tracking is next week, a low pressure system that looks like it could move up into the area and camp out here for a couple of days. models are not consistent on this just yet, and so it's still fairly sketchy about the full track of it.
10:36 pm
over the next couple of days. more concrete in towards the weekend. but really strong chances for rain through the middle portion of next week. potentially thunderstorms and some areas could see snow as well. major changes happening over the next seven days. tonight, expect the temperatures to freezing, it's going to be cold tomorrow morning, but again, fairly nice into the afternoon hours, not a lot of wind, temperatures back into the 50s. 40s up in the mountains, we will see sunshine for tomorrow, and again here's a look at seven-day forecast. it does include a 60-degree temperature. 64 on saturday. sunday warmer at 67 and even with the rain chances monday, we should be lingering in the low 60s. cool off in the middle part of the week and the 50, 60% chances of rain. bill: loving how the weekend looks. thank you. traumatizing and tragic start to the day for a charlotte family. a charlotte family says barn
10:37 pm
neighbors woke up to the sounds of horses kicking and saw the barn fully engulfed. two horses, puppies were inside at the time. it was too hot to save them. all the animals lost were family pets. >> the little kids didn't want to see that, i took them over to my house, because they didn't want to watch or hear the animals crying, and the parents, they don't speak much english, they were just crying and tried to get them to stay back until the fire department got here. bill: that's about the worst story i've heard in quite sometime. the fire marshall was also at the scene along with animal control to investigate. so far no words just yet on what sparked those flames. kayla: police say the florida teen charged with impersonating a doctor has been released on bail. 18-year-old malachi love robinson left the palm beach county jail on a $21,000 bond. police arrested the teen for
10:38 pm
they performed an exam on an undercover agent and gave medical advice. the florida man opened an office calling it the new birth, new life medical center and urgent care. this isn't his first run-in with the law. love robinson had been stopped last year at a hospital wandering the halls wearing a lab coat and stethoscope. the teen's grandfather is asking people to pray for his grandson who he says has cancer. >> i want everybody to pray for him. he's sick right now at the moment. he has cancer in one of his kidneys. kayla: the teen is facing charges of practicing medicine without a license, fraud and grand theft. bill: pope francis caught on camera losing his cool. yesterday the pope appeared to grow irritated with a group of overanxious admirers, they kept tugging at his robe, knocking him over.
10:39 pm
he told them to stop being selfish with a cross look on his face. the pope is wrapping up his five-day trip to mexico today. kayla: mayor bill de blasio, senator chuck schumer and police commissioner william bratton says the cuts would hurt the city in the fight against terrorism. they argue the cuts would force city and state leaders to cut back on anti-terror measures such as raidian -- radiation detectors. >> at the time when security concerns have increased because of isis, we're cutting the funds not five or 10%, but close to 50%? it makes no sense. kayla: officials say if the obama administration proposed cuts go through, it could lead to layoffs at the office of emergency management limiting training exercises.
10:40 pm
authorities say using a guppy in addition to distributing insecticide to residents and getting rid of areas where mosquitoes are likely to breed is an extra way of controlling the population that spreads the zika virus. this fish has been used as natural method to control outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases in other parts of the world. the fish is adaptable where there is low oxygen levels where the virus is spread. bill: have to pick up guppies now. people are trying out for a chance to sing the national anthem during baseball's spring training. kayla: each person had two minutes to showcase talents. steve harrigan has the story from florida. >> reporter: they lined up early for a chance to sing.
10:41 pm
by the dawn's early light through a perilous fight. >> reporter: the old and the young. the ramparts we watched were so galanty streaming. >> where are you doing this? >> proud of being an american, and really wanted to sing it. and the rockets red glare reporter: a difficult song to master. >> i sing karaoke at the bowling alley and hope i develop my voice good enough to sing the anthem well. >> for some contestants the song has a special meaning. >> reporter: like korean war veteran barry. >> it's not a performance, it's a tribute to the flag. o'er the land of the free free reporter: a tribute that echoes forth. and the home
10:42 pm
ballpark and the home of the brave reporter: in bradenton, florida -- steve harrigan, fox news. bill: they did a lot better than i would have done, some of those were brutal. daytona 500 airs on fox 46 sunday starting at noon. here's a way you can become a million bucks richer. participate in fox's daytona pick 10 contest. whoever picks the top 10 drivers in the correct order when they finish the daytona 500, they take home the $1.5 million prize. fox 46 wjzy bringing you full coverage as nascar season kicks into gear. josh sims and logan sherrill are live starting at 6:00 p.m. friday and every show through the big race. and speaking of josh sims joining us live to let us know
10:43 pm
josh: our first wreck of the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. josh: the charlotte hornets announcing forward michael kidd-gilchrist underwent successful surgey to repair the torn right labrum. they lose mkg but add courtney lee from memphis, the hornets executed on tuesday, now lee set to join the team tomorrow for practice. head coach steve clifford says
10:45 pm
walker in the back court. >> he's a guy that's a starting player, he's played in the finals, played in the western conference finals, and again, i've coached him. look, he's a -- you know, he's a smart, reliable, professional player. so i think when you get a chance to get a guy like that, do you it. josh: today was the hornets' first practice back after the all-star break. al jefferson a full participant since undergoing surgery on the right knee. he should return to game action this weekend according to head coach steve clifford. the hornets next game is friday against the bucks. nfl news, the carolina panthers re-signed j.j. jansen to a five-year deal. he joined the panthers after a trade with green bay and been with the team ever since. college basketball, duke
10:46 pm
their rivalry tonight in college hoops. blue devils looking for fourth straight win over the tar heels. a close game. the tar heels holding onto slim lead late in the second half of that one. check out the dunk, poor dennis clifford, stand there and watch as he just gets served a facial. big gains, 23 points, none bigger than that dunk right there. clemson gets the win, 65-54 over b.c., remains winless in acc play. the daytona 500 few days away. the remaining positions will be determined tomorrow night in the canam duels. the drivers back on the track for practice. chase elliott in the 24 car,
10:47 pm
pole in the daytona 500, and kyle busch is the returning sprint cup champion. a scary moment during practice on wednesday. the number 40 car slows up. that causes a chain reaction, michael waltrip gets into newman. no one was hurt. >> i don't know what happened and what caused him to smoke and slow, and that was what triggered our accident. so hopefully they can fix the car we just bumped into the wall with. josh: the great american race is sunday at 1:00. logan sherrill and myself are heading to daytona beach. coverage from daytona beginning friday at 6:00 p.m. the charlotte knights made two big announcements this morning. the first sonic automotive will be the title sponsor of
10:48 pm
the second the team will revive the charlotte baseball hall of fame which will be the roundtable of honor, that ballpark. >> we think there's a great story to be told, and need to be reminded of the great players through charlotte that have had storied major league baseball careers. >> reporter: all-star week is
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
bill: a touching tribute to the victims of the paris attacks and fox makes history with one of its animated shows. kayla: adam housley has it all in the hollywood nation. >> elba takes on terrorists, homer comes to life and death metal take a stand in the hollywood nation. three months after the deadly terrorist attack during paris concert, eagles of death metal returned to the city of lights. the band took the stage in dedication to victims of the massacre, with survivors invited as special guests and 89 seconds of silence tribute to the 89 people killed. vanessa hudgens taking heat for allegedly defacing federal protected land. she posted an instagram pic depicting her and boyfriend's names in arizona's famed red rocks, punishable by six
10:52 pm
fine. on the heels of ratings grabber "grease," fox is set to make history with next live fete. realtime simpsons. the last two minutes of the may 15th episode will be animated on the fly, featuring fan q&a with family patriarch homer. kurt russell signed onto upcoming guardians of the galaxy sequel. according to entertainment weekly, he will play chris pratt aka star lord's dad. and he may not be the next james bond, he has spy skills. elba stars as cia agent battling terrorists in the action adventure due out april 22nd. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. kayla: stick around, we'll be
10:53 pm
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. bill: the red carpet looked fuller for the premiere of the upcoming series fuller house. it is a spin-off of full house and coming soon to netflix. kayla: the show brings back
10:56 pm
mary kate and ashley olsen, candace cameron is the eldest daughter who returns as the recently widowed mother of three young boys. kimmy gibler helps raise the three children. the shows stars talk about returning to the set three decades later. >> we used to answer the house phone in the old full house days. now kids are all in their separate rooms on their own phones. so i think that full house became kind of like video comfort food for people. you got a nice feeling after you watched an episode. i don't think we strayed from that on fuller house, we're giving fans more of the same but it's full house 2.0. kayla: fuller house will be available to stream on netflix starting february 26th, and i know brian is very excited about this.
10:57 pm
a mullet this go-around. bill: times achanging, my friend. you got the dvr set? brian: my daughter has been watching the show now. anyway, anyway, unfortunate to miss it the first go-around. cold temperatures tomorrow morning, think layers as you get up. 41-49 in the 5:00 to 8:00 time frame. you will be able to ditch the coat and jacket during the afternoon hours. let's check out the extended forecast because we've got, again, a really good looking seven day, when you look at the first several days. the tail end it doesn't look so good. mid 50s over the next couple of days, 60s on saturday and sundays, boy, the rain chances come back possibly in force, monday, tuesday, wednesday. track it with us over the next few days as that develops. kayla: we only have a good-looking four days.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
about 50s here in my car, i feel safest of all i can lock all my doors it's the only way to live in cars... (humming) whatcha doin'? building an original 1978 firebird. got it on ebay. why? i had this model when i was little, remember? spent a month building it and painting it and putting on all the decals. is that the one i tried to make a bong out of? no, that was my munster mobile. and my ventriloquist dummy. and my rock 'em sock 'em robots. my firebird, you blowtorched with a cigarette lighter and mom's aqua net. anyway, i loved that model, and now i'm gonna have it again. i am gonna have it again, right? relax. if i destroy any of your cars,
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