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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  February 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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bill: good evening thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news," i am bill melugin. kayla: i am kayla ayres, first on fox 46, wjzy 911 details, shoppers experience after shots are fired in a mall to christmas eve. bill: a security expert said there is a broader lesson about how shoppers and police reacted, robin kanady has more insight to the deadly shooting. it looks like we had a technical issue we'll get that for you later on. cmpd release a -- i am sorry the mall released statement, the safety of our shoppers, tenantsy
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employee our security teams train and prepare for a number of situations, we do not share details of mall security response plans as it compromises public save the gee breaking news to "fox 46 news." federal authorities say a charlotte man faces a long list of charges for attempting to smuggle guns and ammo to west africa, richmond was arrest after reportedly illegally obtaining a number of guns then puts them in home appliances that were placed in shipping containers sent to ghana, he has been doing this since 2013, he faces up to 20 years in prison and i $1 million fine. bill: this just in, charlotte nurse who was convicts of hiring a undercover police officer to kill her husband has learned her fate. davis was sentencessed to 10 years in prison with two years of court supervision, she was convicted of here hiring two cops who
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$4,000 to carry out the job, which they falsely told her had been done, she will also receive psychological treatment while behind bars. kayla: tsa officials discovered a bag of cocaine hidden in a wireless computer mouse, 44-year-old rocky piano tried to pass the small bag into side of the battery part of the mouse >> one person is dead, tonight after their car went right into the front of someone's home this happened today, off coaster school road. police on scene say that person behind the wheel lost control of the car, while traveling at 65 miles an hour, then hit a number of mailboxes before hitting another people's cars, crashing into this person's home. people were in the home at the time but they are okay. police are figuring out how the driver lost control. the investigation is ongoing. bill: crew are still trying to
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involving a bus that happened after our :00 this afternoon -- 4:00 this afternoon. medic say at least 8 people know treat for minor injuries, all of them going to headlight for treatment -- hospital for treatmenty word on the cause of the crash. kayla: a catawba man faces charges tonight, a felony charge. the judge denied one of his motions. he was detained for the rest of the hearing and put in jail for 30 days beer for being in contempt of court. bill: more than 58 house american bridges are structurally deficient with north carolina home of many of those bridges.
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not falling apat but they need help asap, since 200 2204 million cars cross those deficient bridges every day. congress approved a bill in december to help the nation's repairs get finished up, that is a one time payment. local governments need a larger source to continue getting fund for work. kayla: back to bridge this need help in our area, i227 bridge over brevard treat that has 83,000 crossings a day, i-4 85, also made the list, that has at least 53,000 crossings a day, and over irwin creek trieds help they were built in 1967 or 1970 for a full list of the bridges in the area that need work log
6:05 pm >> cms, parents and teachers, and students had a meeting today. neima abdulahi is joining us live, how big was the turn out today? reporter: more than 50 people filled smith family center in south charlotte they talked about busing, neighborhood schools but big topic, if all this movement would achieve diversity. teachers raising hands. >> i'm a concerns parent. reporter: parents asking questions, they came together because a education advocacy group invited the community to talk threw their concerns. >> my board, is to make sure that every child has access to a high public education.
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working on a plan that could change what school students enroll in, some parents spoke out saying they want to keep things the way they are. >> we're in a area we can walk, i walk to my daughters home, i can run home on my lunchbreak. reporter: many wonder if moving students would achieve diversity, they argue that is already embraced. >> they celebrated mardi gras the week before it was chinese new year, and they celebrate different things. reporter: some believe that reassigning students would solve crowding problem, they want board members to address how students are taught in the classroom. >> i would love to see them base their diversity definition on the style in which children learn. reporter: teachers wrote down suggestions this student said he does not see the benefits of moving to a new school. >> you are in elementary and middle school with other students, you want to say in high school with them. reporter: conversation continued in small groups, some parents
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diverse democratics of cms beyond just race. >> we can have it the correct way, we don't woe we don't have to be a committee that does not understand. reporter: mec-ed wants all concerns heard they plan to holding more meetings. bill: thank you. >> mec-ed's meeting is set for march 24 they want to balance the number of under privileged and high need students within the school. kayla: a fox financial 46 update, north carolina senate approved new maps that are drown up for the district, changes approved include those to first and 12 district, the 12th runs through mecklenburg county, opponents of old map said they were illegal
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on rationbaserace not counties. >> happening right now are looking at a live picture of jeb bush as he speaks to a jam-packed room in rock hill, he is holding a town hall style discussion in the magnolia room, in a new fox news poll he is fifth even trailing behind dr. ben carson. he took a mitt in south carolina -- hit in south carolina wednesday when it was announced that governor nikki haley would be ebbendorsing rival marco rubio. >> pope francis is weighing in on the race for white house, going after the g.o.p. front runner today, pontiff said that donald trump's views to immigration were unchristian. he went further, pope said, a person who only thinks about making walls again and again not bridges is not a christian. campaigning in charlotte trump fired back said he is shocked
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church would ever question his faith. >> no leader, esspecial low a religious leader to have the right to question another man's religion or faith. when they feed all sorts of fall false information they are using the pope as a pawn, they should be ashamed of themselves that is the mex mexican government, they should be ashamed. bill: pope pop pope pope francis pope's comments come as he leaves mexico. >> this just in, state officials say that one form of hunting is off limits this year, alligators get a reprieve as north carolina officials decide against the annual hunt in 2016, wildlife resource commission announced it wants to gather more information about how many gators in the state before making any plans. alligators grow more slowy in north carolina than in warmer
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wildlife agent may work with hunters to allow harvesting of the gators in areas where they are so plentiful they are a nuisance. kayla: we have news coming up, something that panther fans may not like, the the price of your ticket too get to bank of america stadium is going up, we'll tell you by how much coming up. >> what is going on brian. brian: a beautiful sunset out there a great day, in the region.
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bill: well the nfc champions are raising ticket prices again, seats at bank of america stadium will go up from 5 to 12 bucks depending on where they are, top-end seats will see a 22% increase. the success is a big reason why the cost are going up, most of the seats belong to season ticket holders that leaves search,000 tickets -- 7 thousand tickets up for grabs on any given day. kayla: duke energy announced they are selling their -- business, they reported 2.8 billion in earnings on 23.5 billion in revenue, that is up
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the international business is a 180 from last year it said it would holdout on any type of sale, charlotte-based company said it would set no timetable. >> the jury is still out when it comes to a popular name change forfor a university building, trustees at unc green greensboro are deciding whether to rename it for a former governor. he was a well-known educator but also led white sep -- supremacists. >> fox 46 is your home for most complete daytona 500, but how would you like to be at the center of the nascar race, they are give teaching up with ub -- timing upteaming up with uber, take a
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daytona day, you get a chance to winner time you ride between thousand and sunday, there will be 14 hunters up to win a new tablet, brian will give us the daytona 500 forecast, you told us you never used uber before, we have to seen you up. brian: i have signed up, i just have not used to. bill: i think you get a 20% discount. brian: kayla is insinuating that i am oil because ii old because i have not used it thank you, kayla for that. if you going to daytona 500, it going to be fantastic, temperatures in the 70s with mostly sunny sky, morning start in 50s, could not be really any nicer weather, we have a super bowl with great weather, and daytona 500 with great weather, a good weekend for us here if you are staying local. right now still looks good. we have clear skies out there we
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wind speeds are blowing out of northeast about 6 miles an hour. tonight temperatures dips once the sun dose gown down -- goes down dropping to 40s and 50, wind should shift to east about 3 miles an hour, it should be a quiet night across the region for tonight. looking at headlines, we have a morning chill for you. can it was nice in the afternoon. morning will warm up to weekend, it will be great to get outside, if you want to get out, weather will be comfortable. however, next week. it will get rainy and cooler. take advantage of the nook few days while we have them. -- of the next few days while we have them, thursday, friday, saturday, nice and dry, sunday
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looks like midday or 5:00, later we have great chance of rain for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. a 50 to 70% chance of rain over that time. want to track the systems, we have talked about it yesterday. we see we have a low pressure system that will move up the area. we'll track this year. it has potential right now mainly rain but we could see frozen precipitation to wednesday of next week. stay tuned here, tonight, cold, 31, next couple of days a warming trend with temperatures to the 60s for the weekend. we'll show that to you coming up thank you. >> privacy sce security concerns at center of deviate debate over unlocking a terrorist cell phone, the apple ceo said he
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>> the fight between apple and federal government heats up, as investigators in law enforcement say it is harder to fight terrorism because of encryptd phones. >> going forward we're increasingly blind for terrorism important importance and general -- purposes and general law enforcement purposes. reporter: court ordered apple to unlock the iphone used by the suspect in san bernardino attack, investigator say that information on the phone is crucial to the case and national security, google ceo defending apple. but some lawmakers say there needs to be an individual ground. >> there is an individual case, you cannot litigate this on a case by days basis. we need a solution, we need a solution that protects privacy
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gives law enforcement the tool it need. reporter: apple said it is not just about privacy but security for customers, claiming they would need to create software to make the founds vul vulnerable. >> government claims no one should worry, because it is only used in this one case, apple said this is a master key that if it ends up in wrj wrong hands could violate the security of everyone's iphone in the world. reporter: apple said they will fight the court order they have five-days too to appeal. fox news in new york. kayla: bank of america stadium might be home to carolina panthers, but the nfc champs bridge abring a new field to a charlotte scare school inarea school in need of it. >> today marks 15 anniversary that nascar lost one of the
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how cannopolis r kayla: nascar fans gather in morris i will have to remember i will have to remember legendary dale earnhardt. fans of the 7 year nascar champion have honored him by attending a candlelight vigil at dale earnhardt incorporated. the number of those who attend continues to dwindle each year. >> they have lost a lot of fans be you can look in the stands and tell it is not like it used to be. >> it has broke nascar, they are doing the benefit they can, but it willive in be never be nascar again without him. kayla: it is set to wrap up
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>> 240 charlotteians have a place to call home, they urge people to change term they use from homeless to quote, the yet to be housed. >> kind of entrenched uurban opinion problem there is no answer for, you talk about here are people yet to be housed you get busy you are hopeful. kayla: urban ministry center announced they plan to put 35 people in the moore place apartment in april when that expansion is finished issue among those expected to receive housing are 10 veterans. bill: a big day for a charlotte high school, carolina panthers giving something special to the high school, caroline panther takes us there. where one panthers coach first
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reporter: gets down to music with students from west charlotte high school. they are celebrating $200 thousand from carolina panthers to get a new football field and track. >> it is almost your home, you do pride in what do you on the field, a good field makes you feel better how do you and play. reporter: they have been practicing on baseball field. >> the key is everywhere we go we play on turf, they was excite we would have what everyone else had. >> good morning. reporter: the superintendent, and panther assistance head coach steven wilkes helped make the formal announcement. >> a huge legacy at school you could feel in the air.
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car charlotte high school this is exciting. reporter: construct is already underway. expected to be complete just in time for the lion's kickoff game this fall. >> 1, 2, 3, [ cheering ] reporter: in charlotte, i am caroline found gain, fox 46, wjzy. bill: part of funding comes from mecklenburg county and the school district in addition to panther's $200,000 contribution. >> 2 days before first wave of south carolina voter hit the poles. the debates get heated between the frontrunner and the leader of the catholic church. what the pope and donald trump were arguing about is up next. brian: we saw temperatures a little cooler today here in charlotte. we have a nice warm up over the
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get bill: welcome back, 911 calls detail the chaos in terror that shoppers experiences when gunshot went outside of a north lake mall on christmas eve, a security expert said there is a broader lesson how shoppers and police reacted, robin kanady with more insight. [ sound of gunfire ] reporter: when people heard the shots on christmas eve, they had no idea, if a gunman was coming for them next. >> no one is injured? >> is that a gun? reporter: that 911 call from a terrified woman who was hiding out in the back of a store. this is a officer in the mall radioing for help. >> thishelp.
6:29 pm
got calls or texts from children in the mall. >> my daughters who are 13 and 18 just called me from north lake mall, they said there is a shooting there, they are hiding in a bathroom. reporter: there was no active shooter, but two groups with a history of feuding were fighting at mall that dispute erupted in gunfire, an of duty police man working security respond, shot and kill is one of the suspects after investors say that man turned and pointed the gun atlanta the officer. >> the people who were at risk, were finding any place to hide. reporter: williams a former fbi agent, he said people did with the right thing by finding out of the way places like manager
6:30 pm
and they -- to barricade them then them themselves, they did the right thing texting their love ones, lets them know what was happening. >> there is a possibility that present of law enforcement could have prevented this. reporter: a chilling call from a father telling a 91148 or 911 message. >> she sent me a pan panicked text, telling me how much she loved my. reporter: sent in middle of chaos, not knowing what would happen next, robin kanady, fox 46, wjzy. bill: cmpd did not comment on release of the 911 calls, we received following statement from north lake mall management. the safety of our shoppers, tenants and employees is your number one priority, our security teams train and prepare for a number of situations be we
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security response it compromised public safety. kayla: as we told you, front runner g.o.p. race has a new critic, but what you may not know is that someone is threats to move up the polls and fast with two days before south carolina, hits voting book, peter breaks down the first in the south primary. reporter: pope francis stirring the to pot during his trip back from mexico. when asked about. >> pontiff, a vocal add cocat forcoadd advocatefor immigrants, responds -- not christian. it did not take long for mr. trump to return fire. >> the pope said something to the affect that maybe donald trump is not christian. okay, he is questions my faith, i was very surprised to see it,
6:32 pm
proud of it for a religion leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. reporter: amid new poll numbers, latest fox news poll showing he maintains his wide lead over the pack with 32%. senator ted cruz coming in second at 19%. and senator marco rubio, who just picked up a endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley, went within striking distance. >> democratic party has a candidate, a democratic socialist, bernie sanders, and hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief. reporter: with nevada democratic caucus just two days away poll show party race deadline between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. clinton and sand ires will sanders will meet one last time.
6:33 pm
news. kayla: republican voters hit polls this saturday in south carolina, democrats have their voice heard next saturday. brian, i think it will is accepted that more people end up voting when the weather is nice, this saturday may be a good one? brian: yeah, a great day to get out and vote. that bodes well for a good turn out in south carolina. and really good turn out in the area for everyone that wants to get out and enjoy themselves, right now we're still sitting pretty across area, no one is freezing. 40s in north, 50s in south, charlotte about 50. for those of you going to lego kids 50. friday issue saturday, and sunday, weather will be outstanding, bill, i know you were hoping to get tickets, it is too late, you will be playing with your legos at home, but friday will be 50 for you, saturday, 62.
6:34 pm
those of what you did get didn't get tickets, you may be able to head out to the park or something like that. keep in mind there is a little bit of a chance of rain for sunday. tomorrow will be quieted. we have been talking about this high pressure system to the south, kicking warmer air to our atmosphere, we have frontal boundaries headed our way, saturday 3:36, you should see cloud cover in the area, winds are not too bad but it will be cloudy, temperatures in 60s, but, overall pretty decent day, we'll track this low pressure system, as we get to sunday, we see rain chances in the area, this is 6:30, here. and about 20% chance of rain on sunday, does not look strong, we mentioned earlier, we have low pressure system tracking from
6:35 pm
primarily looking for rain, make sure that you are tracking with us over the weekend the time period, monday through wednesday, is more clear about what is going to happen, tonight, it going to be cold, freezing temperatures for everyone tonight. but tomorrow looks good. we have sunshine. temperatures close to today. a lot of 50s in the south, 40s in the north. check out this seven-day forecast. we already talk about friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures warming up to 60s. by way we get to saturday morn we start well above freezing, and monday comes in at 54, but, monday we'll see a strong chance of rain, right now 50 first% chance, thinking mostly rain at-this-point, there is potential for thunderstorms to build. we'll see a 60% chance of rain tuesday and wednesday, that comes with a cold front, and much cooler temperatures knocking us down to upper 40s. bill: would have had nice weather for that lego event.
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one of the historic trips in u.s. history, we let you know where he is going, in hopes of tightening up relations with a
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now visit bill: nasa said it capture a photo of what it calls a super massive black hole, using the hubbell telescope, it is low located 300 million light years away, black holes are a region of space having a gravitational field so intense no matter or radiation can escape it. you might remember last week, scientists found waves in space, that are linked to the time space continuum. >> president obama makes history, white house has confirmed that president obama will make a trip to cuba next month in hopes of tightening
6:39 pm
country, he will be second u.s. president in history to visit the island, in over 90 years, only other president to do was calvin coolidge. kayla: nearly 5 million dollars is how much one couple tried to bring in, in counter fit money this morning near custom desk at detroit metro airport, couple coming in from south korea trying to bridge bring in 32 stacks of 100 dollar bills each fake, came out to 4 4.65 million dollars. homeland security said this is an open investigation. >> a hospital is under fire for paying a ran a ransom to hackers for
6:40 pm
the siep cyberattack crippled their computer sim, officials say there is no evidence that any patient or employee information was accessed in the malware attack. >> if you heavily use twitter, you may want to listen up, your password could be at risk, what twitter security experts have been scrambling to fix all day,
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kayla: another recall for toyota, this one does not involve airbags, it is your seat belts that are at risk, 3 million of rav 4 suvs are at risk, the metal seat frame could give way to the seat belt, sending parents flying, models include makes from 2005 to 2014, toyota said they will make repairs free of charge. kayla: pretty soon you will not have to have a premium account to get your amazon delivers fast, last year flex was introduced so prime users could get their goods within two hours of orders, they, expanding that so nonprime users can get in on it, for a fee, they are also working out details of their shipping service, as of now they rely on ups.
6:44 pm
leak seems to be over, they fixed an issue with the recoveriesome that left e-mail and phone -- recovery system, that left e-mails and phone numbers of users vulnerable. spokesman say no info was left exposed but does serve as a reminder to update your password information. bill: one of fox's longest running shows is going live. simpsons will be doing something no other animated comedy has been bold enough to do, an improved theme -- improvised episode live, homer, bart and rest of the family will have motion sensor technology, fans can tweet questions for simpsons by using hash tag homer live, it airs may on fox 46, i do know understand how it is going to work.
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you today, is a national holiday of sorts. kayla: i support this national drink wine day, no one celebrating more than millennial, millennials drink almost half of the wine bought in america, the age group consumed just under 100 sit 60 million cases in 2016, they are not drinking find stuff, average bottle bought retaileds for there$20.bill: those are millennials all right. kayla: i was going to put the price. lower. actually. >> they are shopping for a bargain. >> talking football, jared apple announced his retirement from the nfl, stick ar that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero
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>> i want to say thank you for an amazing 12 year career, this it the part where i was going to ride off into the sunset, but seeing as how there is no sun sit, i'm just going to ride off. anthony: that is the way you go out in style, jared allen announcing his retirement from nfl after 12 season, he joined panther this season. he ranked 9 all-time with 136 career sacks. anthony: newest hornet was welcomed to hive, courtney lee joins hornets for first time
6:49 pm
brought him from memphis to the queen city, lee itd not practice today, there he is,-coach clifford said he will not play in tomorrow night's game in milwaukee but he should be ready to go for sunday's game in brooklyn. they run a lot of same schemes had they were with magic. >> for most part, i want to come in, play hard and try to help the team as much as possible, these guys are already established. >> he knows how things are going to be done, he knows expectations of practice and shoot arounds, he will fit in great, he is high character. he is very pride full, a self motivated guy, he always wants to do and he is team-first. anthony: hornet tips off friday
6:50 pm
>> bragging rights on tobacco row belong to duke after blue devils pull off a shocking upset over north carolina last night, the blue devils fourth straight victory over the tar heels. unc is up 7 after the free throw. but duke chipped away. with 2 1/2 to play, luke kannard's 3 gives them there are ferstheirfirst three since early in the ball game. time expires, and duke holds on, by one point. 74-73. >> they are really good. you know we're fortunate to win. we -- but we hung in there. >> told the kids, i should have call a time out. we didn't get as good a shot as
6:51 pm
what i always believed in, i say it's my fault, if i had it to do tomorrow night, i would do the same thing that is the best way to play. >> switching gears to nascar, jimmie johnson topped leaderboard today in the sprint cup practice, tonight, chase elliott and matt kenseth start in front row. but the remaining positions will be determined from the tonight's races. >> a style of driving you do all the time, you don't start the rate going you know what we'll pit thiso this lap -- pit on this lap. the drivers just out there making choices. based on instinct, and what happened. >> until 3 1/2.
6:52 pm
this sunday at 1 p.m., lock -- logan, sheryl and josh sims are hitting the road. >> today marks day nassar lost a legend, 15 an ves anniversary of death
6:53 pm
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district calling for cameras in classrooms after a teacher was caught on audiotape, making a death threat toward the parent of an autistic boy, and a former's aide of the school said shy was fired for blowing the whistle. you will find out what was actually happening in the special ed classrooms. and you will find out how the school district defends itself, results of our 3 month investigation on "fox 46 news" at 10:00. kayla: car share apps like lyft help peep get people get around the queen city every day, but what would you say if the queen of nascar was driving?
6:56 pm
she did not do anything too illegal, you can see here at daytona 500 on sunday. brian we were talking about that you never used a ride share. what would you do if danica patrick were drives your car? brian: i would tell her to step on it, that looked like fun, did she go -- >> they done so a lot but i am sure she dthey can't show it. brian: tomorrow it will be freezing, 31 degrees, we'll be in to 50 for afternoon hours, we have sunshine all day long. and wind speeds stay at 7 miles an hour or less. chill toy start, okay during afternoon hours, i would think that layering is a good idea, saturday looks good, you may not
6:57 pm
day, up to 62. 68 on sunday. then, rain comes, three consecutive days, very good rain chances hit the area, we could see rain into first of next week. bill: anthony you have used uber. anthony: once or twice. bill: he never has we'll telling him it was pretty good. anthony:ny my wife here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico
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at we're here. is there anything more important than clean water in developing countries? or a clean glass in this one? oh.
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[ gasps ] oh, my god! it's anne gibbs! oh, i love her! that reaction would've been big if it was anne hathaway. oh, she is hiding quite a figure behind that desk. okay, what's going on with you and anne gibbs? come on. we gotta go say hi to her. okay, we're doing this? mitchell: hey. hi. hi. i'm sorry. um, i am such a fan. i was so moved by that story you did about the gymnast with the hump. - you want to hear something crazy? - yeah. he just got a scholarship to notre dame. - no! oh, my gosh! [ laughs ] - yeah. [ laughs ] you probably get this all the time, but i have a story for you. i represent some homeless people in a case against a corporation that pays them slave wages. how long has this been going on? since 2012. we're just trying to shine a light - on how awful they're being. - truly awful. - are you working on this, too? - oh, gosh. no, no. - i'm just this one's husband. - yeah. i'm a high school football coach. cameron tucker. yes. oh, god. i'm so embarrassed. mitchell pritchett. how are you? - really? - so -- you are an openly gay high school football coach? i know, i know. you hear "football coach," and you expect to meet somebody that screams john wayne. yeah. [ chuckles ] meanwhile, the only time i've screamed the duke is when we argue over who's the cutest on "downton abbey."


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