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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. >> just because will can't talk, doesn't mean he can't communicate, and he communicated to us very clearly that something bad was happening at school. bill: allegations of autistic students being abused at a local school district, a former teacher's aide was fired for reporting what she saw, and how the district is responding in tonight's fox 46 special report. should we play defense or should we play offense? which one do you want? kayla: gop presidential candidate jeb bush campaigning
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this weekend's primary election. what potential voters had to say. bill: and it's now been 15 years since nascar legend dale earnhardt died in a violent crash during the daytona 500. it's a loss fans tell us still is felt in the sport. good evening and thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news" i'm bill melugin. kayla: and i'm kayla ayres. first on fox tonight, who will be the next u.s. weekend during the primary election. david sentendrey is joining us live in rock hill after spending the evening at a jeb bush town hall event. david, what's the takeaway from tonight? >> reporter: good evening, kayla, tonight's event lasted about 90 minutes, jeb bush said if elected first priority would be to go on offense against terrorism. that is here at home and overseas, still plenty of people we spoke with don't know who they're going to be voting for. presidential hopeful jeb bush is speaking to the rock hill
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these voters he's the best person for the job. and says the number one priority is to defeat terrorism before its too late. >> containing the ambitions of iran and destroying isis will bring peace and security and if we do nothing, they're coming here. >> reporter: terrorism at the center of thursday's town hall event. this is a community that saw one of its own, a teenager, arrested while plotting to kill in the name of isis. >> it's definitely, i have grandchildren i want the place to be safe for them. >> it could be a random kid in your class. >> he's going to be joining the military. >> reporter: tony is speaking for his son who he says is joining the military. >> i want to be sure my son is taken care of and they have his back because he's giving his life for this country. >> reporter: bush believes he'll be the most aggressive. >> should we play defense or offense?
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>> i believe we need to play offense to keep this country safe? >> reporter: a "fox news poll" shows bush trailing donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio in the south carolina republican primary. this has some who may like bush worrying if their vote would have more impact with another candidate. >> i need my candidate to make a difference. i need them to win. >> reporter: in this room mostly of republicans, about finding the best choice for their party. >> i like anyone but bernie and hillary. i don't care. >> reporter: some say it is jeb bush. >> i feel he can beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders, whichever the case may be. >> reporter: others, after thursday, upclose and personal still aren't sold. somebody. to be. >> reporter: and according to the "fox news poll," donald trump is in the south carolina lead at 32%. ted cruz is behind him, 19%.
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david sentendrey, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: thank you, david. still a lot can change moving toward this weekend. 25% of those polled by fox news say they could still change their minds. >> and jeb bush wasn't the only candidate rallying in south carolina tonight, ohio governor john kasich held a town hall over in fort mill. here's a clip one of the ways he says he's going to get all the republicans and democrats to see eye-to-eye if he's elected president. >> one of the things i'm going to do in the first 100 day is get the phone numbers of every mother and father of people who have kids in congress, and then i'm going to call mom on her birthday and she's going to call her kid and say don't you mess with the president. [laughter]. bill: and tomorrow kasich is holding a town hall in columbia at 10:00 in the morning, and then mount pleasant and charleston at 6:00. a lot of people heading to the polls this weekend.
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meteorologist brian basham. do the folks in south carolina have a nice forecast? brian: great for them as they head out to the polls. things are good too as we look at the satellite and radar, thin clouds, things are quiet across the area, they're going to stay that way for a few days. temperatures are beginning to dip. slow going in charlotte, 35 while everybody else with the exception of hickory has dropped into the 30s. we will see freezing temperatures tonight, so as we
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chill out there, and the . kayla: i-77 will be closed from now until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow. the charlotte nurse convicted of hiring an undercover police officer to kill her husband has learned her fate. fathia davis was sentenced to ten years in prison along with two years court supervision after release. davis was convicted of hiring two cops posed as hitmen and paid them $4,000 to carry out
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them had been done. bill: parents are calling for cameras in special ed classrooms after they have lost all trust with district leadership. after a former teacher's aide says she was fired for reporting the abuse of autistic children, and a father sends his son to school with a hidden recording device and catches something shocking in the process. for three months we've been investigating and the district is responding. all in tonight's fox 46 special report. >> say party. >> party. >> city. >> city. >> that's right. good job. >> reporter: within just seconds of meeting these clover parent, the love they have for their 10-year-old son will is easy to see. will is autistic, nonverbal, and he's being home-schooled. >> tuesday, right. >> reporter: but up until a few months ago, he was a student right here at lauren elementary school. >> just because will can't talk doesn't mean he can't communicate.
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clearly that something bad was happening at school. >> reporter: both bill and kim tell me as soon as will started at the school, he began suffering from anxiety and acting out of character. >> most recently, he had been coming home very upset from school. >> reporter: they sent dozens of e-mails to school leadership, made several phone calls and requested in-person observations. they wanted answers from will's special education teacher. >> during one of the observations, will became physically upset. he started crying. he started having behaviors. i felt, at that point, he was telling me something was definitely wrong at school. >> reporter: and they felt like they certainly had reason to worry. that's because two years ago, a teacher's aide at the
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allegations that she witnessed will's former teacher, along with aides abusing autistic children. >> it bothered me so much that i had to speak up and say something that these kids can't speak up for themselves. >> reporter: we were able to track down the former ta. she asked for anonymity but told us she worked in clover district special education program for ten years before witnessing the alleged abuse in february of 2014. >> just a child being forced to eat something he didn't want to, and then when he had a mouthful, being put in the dark room to make him swallow it. another child was in the shower shivering, crying, very hysterically crying. there was an older child that was being made to do a worksheet and because he was crying and tears and snot and
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off and made him do the work without a shirt. >> reporter: co-workers began treating her differently after she came forward and she was fired a few months after she reported the allegations to district leadership. she's filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against clover school district where she alleges she was retaliated against for reporting what they saw. >> if i did this, it was going to be hard on me for speaking up. >> reporter: you expected retaliation? >> i did, i did, and felt like i got it. >> reporter: clover district spokesman says they cannot comment why she was fired. court documents state the school principal accused her of not doing her job correctly and accused her of saying she could be vindictive, she denied this, saying she felt she was treated vindictively. school took this as a threat and she was terminated.
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bohning her claims of abuse. >> we did take it very seriously, the allegations that were made and looked into the whole portion of the allegations to make sure that any abuse claims were thoroughly investigated. >> reporter: they felt the allegations were swept under the rug and wondered if something was happening to will at school. last year on october 2nd, they decided to send him to class with a hidden recording device, and it captured something shocking. it begins when the class telephone rings alerting will's teacher, they're there to pick will up from school. while packing his bags, the teacher could be heard threatening his wife while speaking to a teacher's aide.
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if i find her, i will go to her -- >> i had to replay it to make sure that's what i was hearing, and my instant reaction was an, oh, my god kind of moment, that the allegations of abuse in the past coming out of that school, you know, and -- sorry. >> it was all said in front of will and all of these other students, with the assumption that they don't understand, and with the assumption that they don't have the ability to go tell somebody that this is happening. >> reporter: they immediately pulled will out of the district and filed a the superintendent responded with a later saying the incident was thoroughly investigated and assured the family that the district was taking appropriate action against the correct employee in accordance with the
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however, in response to my freedom of information act request, district documents show no records of discipline for the teacher or the aide she was speaking to in that recording. >> regarding the audiotape, the agreement is there was an inappropriate comment made in the classroom, and one that was taken and investigated thoroughly and seriously. >> reporter: the district tells me they weren't able to figure out who made the threat, and both women denied saying it. i asked the district why there were no records of discipline for either of them? >> so after the investigation was concluded, it was an opportunity that we found to make sure that all parties involved and all district staff members understand the importance of professionalism at all times in the classroom. >> reporter: in other words, they were given only a verbal warning. >> not surprised. >> not surprised because of our experience with the school district.
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it's infuriating, but not surprising. bill: coming up next, we take a look at district's own investigation into the past allegations of abuse of autistic students at the elementary school, and why parents say why what we found in the documents show they were kept in the dark about pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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. bill: welcome back, after a special education teacher was
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towards a child's mom, the district took no formal action against her. as you're about to see in part 2 of our special report, parents say lack of accountability made them question everything the district had told them in the past. >> i was really afraid because of past allegations of physical abuse that that's what was happening. >> reporter: did clover school district cover up what really happened when a teacher's aide claimed she witnessed abuse of autistic children at larne elementary school. bill and kim brittain did. >> when the allegations came out two years ago, in the back of my mind i didn't think they were handled appropriately, i was still nervous that things had happened to my son, and other children in the school program. >> reporter: kim asked we
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us she pulled her son out of the program last year after he started exhibiting severe behaviors after attending larne elementary. >> started regressing in the bathroom. became terrified of the dark. he also would go into the bathroom would and say, i'm okay, i'm okay, it's okay, it's okay. and we couldn't figure out what it was. he started saying, you know, no school. and not only just saying it, but started crying uncontrollable. hitting himself. and so we just decided it was time. >> reporter: i got a copy of the district's investigation into the alleged abuse the former ta reported. though every single name was redacted, one teacher's aide reported she saw a student forced to sit on the toilet for 90 minutes and saw a different aide flip a child out of a chair. she told administrators a child was put into a closet to finish food, that a teacher would use a timer to give the student 20 seconds to swallow,
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would be put in the dark. another teacher's aide reported seeing a student allowed to fall out of a chair as a natural consequence for rocking in it, and a teacher said a natural consequence is to let the child fall. the documents say a teacher put a child in the bathroom with the lights out as a negative consequence to get him to try new foods. when that didn't work, the teacher said she would try putting the child in the toy closet, which parents didn't know about. the ta who was fired said that same teacher had a flashlight and said to a child, quote, do your work or i will turn this light off. some aides reported seeing nothing done wrong and had no concerns about what was going on in the classroom. in a letter sent out to parents, the district's investigation concluded no mistreatment of students; that what the aides witnessed were isolated snapshots of teaching methods and no malice in the
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they gave follow-up training on teaching strategies. they were never shown the details of the investigation until i gave them the paperwork. and during meetings with the district, they say they were told the allegation were coming from a rogue former employee. >> it's been years dealing with lies, deflections, misinterpretations. >> reporter: bill says because will was in the accused teacher's class at the time the allegations came up, they believe they now know why he is deathly afraid of the dark, and the brittain's believe will was one of the students purposely tipped out of the chair, after he came home with a large lump on his head one day. >> will had been telling us all along something wasn't right. and put our faith in the pool and. >> as a parent of a child with special needs, your biggest fear is that someone will harm him or abuse him or take
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never imagine that that's going to happen at school. >> reporter: clover school district denied my open record's request for the disciplinary records of the teacher accused of abuse citing privacy rights. >> she was a very new teacher to the district, she's been able to use the feedback from the allegations, turn that into -- take that into professional development and teacher. >> reporter: neither the teacher accused of making the death threat or accused of the abuse responded to my request for their side. story. >> something has to be done. something has to be done. this individual or individuals do not belong in any classroom let alone a special education classroom. >> reporter: and as for the former ta, she might be the one out of a job, she has no regrets whatsoever about reporting what she saw. >> i'm not one to really fight
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can't let this go. for the kids and for myself. bill: the brittains and kim tell me since they pulled their kids out of clover school district, severe behaviors have come to a stop. while their kids are no longer enrolled, they are calling for cameras to be installed in special ed classrooms, they don't feel it's necessary. the district sent me a final statement saying, quote, the district stands by our decisions and openness during the 2014 investigation. abuse and neglect allegations were unfounded. the district kept classroom parents informed of the allegations, investigation, findings and areas for improvement with written and face-to-face meetings. no parents have raised these allegations since that time two years ago. there's a lot of information i was not able to fit into the story. head over to, where i'm posting copies of the district's investigation, and
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worded statement from a prominent civil rights attorney how he feels clover school district handled those allegations of abuse. brian: good evening, everybody. we are expecting a cold night but so far we haven't had a break just yet as we continue to sit at 45 in charlotte. wind speeds blowing at 5 miles an hour, and here is good news, for those of you planning to go outside this weekend, we've got great weather for you. mention the lego kid fest is in town at the charlotte convention center. how about this weather? friday, 53 and sunny. warms from there. we pick up cloud cover on is the day, but stay dry as the temperatures reach 62 and sunday warmer at 68 degrees. definitely some great news as we head into the weekend, as we look down to the south and west. look at these temperatures this late in the night. dallas sitting at 70 degrees.
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bringing in warm weather there is moving under us over the next couple of days, and it's going to drive that warm, moist air in out of the south here. we'll start to see cloud cover on saturday as a result, but definitely that's going to cause the temperatures to climb into the 60s. of course, that is going to give us a setup to see moisture as we roll into next week. again tonight, want to mention, we're at 31 degrees. let's talk about the next seven days and chances for rain. again, nice and dry, thursday, friday and saturday. little chance for rain, probably 5:00, 6:00 sunday and big chances for rain, monday, tuesday and wednesday. we'll discuss that in further detail in 10 minutes from right now. kayla: all right, thank you, brian. coming up, cms parents, teachers and students join together discussing forum student assignment.
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. kayla: here's the latest on a controversial topic we've been following. cms parent, teachers and students had a discussion about a possible student assignment plan. cms board members are working on a plan that could change what school students enroll in. the group talked about bussing, neighborhood schools and the importance of achieving a balance of diversity. the forum was held by mecked and education advocacy groups. they talked through their concerns. the panel shared personal experiences and thoughts on the possible shake-up. some parents spoke out saying they want to keep their students at their current schools. mecked's next meeting is scheduled for march 24th. cms board members are in the goal setting phase. they want to balance the number of underprivileged and high-needs students at each school.
10:29 pm
approved the new maps drawn up for congressional districts head of next month's primaries. changes approved include the twelfth district through mecklenburg county. opponents of the old map say the districts were illegal because they were drawn based on raise not counties. the bill includes new language that would allow the state to revert back to the current map if the supreme court reverses or stays the federal court's decision that prompted the redistricting effort. coming up, it has been 15 years since nascar legend dale earnhardt died in a crash.
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. kayla: recapping top stories -- republican presidential candidate jeb bush talked to a jam-packed room in rock hill tonight. he held a town hall-style discussion at the magnolia room in hopes of saving his quest for the gop bid. bush is sitting fifth even trailing behind the fading dr. ben carson. he took a major hit in south carolina wednesday when it was announced that governor nikki haley would be endorsing rival marco rubio. bill: parents in clover school district are calling for cameras in special ed classrooms. this is after a teacher at larne elementary school was apparently caught on audiotape making a death threat towards the parent of autistic boy and
10:33 pm
was fired for blowing the whistle on the abuse of autistic children. aides witnessed kids being placed in dark rooms and closets when they wouldn't eat food. a student seen flipped out of chair, and students let children fall out of chairs to teach them negative consequences. the district decided there was no mistreatment of students and the aides saw snapshots of teaching methods with no malice intended. kayla: fans gather to honor the legendary dale earnhardt. today marks 15 years he was killed in a crash at the daytona 500. bill: fans of the seven-time nascar champ honored him with a tribute at dale earnhardt incorporated. emily collins with exactly how the fans are trying to remember him. hi, emily. >> reporter: hi, bill. earnhardt's following remains strong after all these years, many of the fans say the void
10:34 pm
deep. >> a lot of memories. >> reporter: loyal until the day he dies. billy brown couldn't hide his love for dale earnhardt if he tried. >> must have been back in the late 70s, i guess, when earnhardt struck me, that's my guy right there. >> reporter: brown has since turned his life into an earnhardt shrine. his clothes, van, even the name of his dog dude. >> don't underestimate dale earnhardt. >> reporter: respect this extraordinary man. >> racing has never been the same. they lost a lot of fans. you can look in the stands and tell, you know, that it's not there like it used to be. >> reporter: longtime fan jackie king agrees. >> it's broke nascar, and they're doing the best they can, but it will never be nascar again without him. >> reporter: earnhardt was so
10:35 pm
>> he was our rock of nascar. face of nascar, always will be the face of nascar. >> reporter: which is why every year nascar fans gather here at dale earnhardt incorporated to light a candle, leave condolences and take a ride down memory lane with the forever famous number 3. >> take this picture and had it blown up and carry it over to ms. earnhardt and give it to the boss. >> reporter: the number of fan tributes is dwindling. he hopes other fans can change that by passing down their memories of him to those who never got a chance to actually see him drive. in the newsroom, fox 46 wjzy. bill: emily, thank you. for those of you not able to make it to tonight's tribute. don't worry, dale earnhardt incorporated is open 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., thursday through saturday. kayla: the daytona 500 is this
10:36 pm
absolutely beautiful weekend for, it isn't it brian? brian: i tell you what, if you are not a nascar fan, head down to daytona. the weather is absolutely perfect, friday, saturday and sunday in florida. that's the temperature. 71, then 72 and on sunday, 73. we're going to start the day in the 50s. so i hope you have a great time, if you are headed down there. if you're staying local, right now temperatures ranging from 30. boone is freezing up to 45 here in charlotte. and again, don't let the 45, i know it seems relatively warm but it is going to cool off in the overnight hours. freezing temperatures ahead. i want to track our weather, changing weather in the next seven days. significantly different weather. we mentioned already as we get into tomorrow. high pressure system down there. going to drive warm weather into our atmosphere, but we got a frontal boundary to the west of us, don't need to worry too much about the cold front. may see a little snow in the
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this week, but most of the area relatively dry. saturday, we're going to track the low pressure system, moving towards us as we get into sunday. 20% chance for showers late afternoon through evening hours. not much rain, if any, expected in charlotte on sunday. it's monday, tuesday and wednesday where, we watch the other low pressure system move across the area. and depending how cold the temperatures get, it rains from rain into snow across the area in charlotte. does look like rain, but could see substantial rain over that three day stretch, monday, tuesday and wednesday. make sure that you watch it over the weekend. the system will become clear on what we're expecting into the first of next week, and in the meantime, just keep in mind that we'll continue to see that warm air pushing in and warming us over the next couple of days. here are your lose for tonight. 20s in the mountains and 30s in the lower elevations. nobody above freezing tonight,
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sunshine, 50s, in large part with 40s in the mountains and check out the seven-day forecast. there you go heading into sunday, all the way up to 68. monday warm at 65. 50% chance of rain, that comes with a cold front that's going to knock the temperatures down into the upper 40s the following two days. kayla: look forward to the weekend, not so much monday. thank you, brian. 911 calls detail the chaos and terror that shoppers experienced when shots were fired inside a crowded northlake mall on christmas eve. two groups who had a history of feuding were fighting at the mall and a dispute erupted in gunfire. off-duty policeman responded, he shot and killed one of the suspects after investigators say that man turned and pointed a gun at the officer, but in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, no one knew any of that or when the shots would stop. listen to just a few of the
10:39 pm
>> is that a gun? >> my daughters are 13 and 18 called me from northlake mall and said there's a shooting there and they're hiding in a bathroom. >> all i sudden she sent me a panic text telling me how much she loved me. kayla: cmpd did not comment on the release of the 911 calls. northlake mall released a statement saying the safety of shoppers and employees is top priority and security teams are constantly training and preparing for a variety of situations. federal authorities say a charlotte man will face a long list of charges for attempting to smuggle guns and ammo into west africa. 33-year-old richmond was arrested after reportedly illegally obtaining a number of guns and putting them in home appliances placed in shipping containers sent to ghana. investigators say he's been doing this since 2013.
10:40 pm
prison and one million-dollar fine. bill: today the urban ministry center gave an update on the city homelessness population during the address. they urge people to change the term they use from homeless to quote the yet to be housed. >> homelessness is this kind of entrenched, urban problem that there's no answer for, but when you talk about here are the people who are yet to be housed, you get busy, and you're hopeful. bill: the urban ministry center announced they plan to put another 35 people into moore place apartments into april when the expansion is finished. among those expected to receive housing in the next wave of placement are ten veterans. kayla: state officials say one form of hunting is off-limits this year. alligators are getting a reprieve as north carolina officials decided against having an annual hunt in 2016. wildlife resources commission
10:41 pm
information about how many gators are in the state before making more plans. in the future, wildlife agents may work with hunters to allow the harvesting of alligators in areas where they are so plentiful, they're a nuisance. bill: a big day for one charlotte high school, the carolina panthers gave $200,000 to west charlotte high school. it was all for a new football field and track. for the past two years, the football team practicing on the baseball field. come this fall, the lions will have turf of their own just in time for kickoff. >> there's a huge legacy here at the school that you can just feel in the air today. >> proud graduate, 1987 and working with the organization of the carolina panthers and see this development and growth right here in my own community is very exciting. bill: the complete project costs $2.1 million. part of the funding comes from mecklenburg county and the
10:42 pm
the panthers's $200,000 donation. kayla: a stray dog that appears to be starving is now happy, healthy and awaiting a new home. she's at the mecklenburg county animal shelter and as sam smith tells us, this dog's health would have gotten worse because of what was found in her stomach. >> reporter: this is willow, a two-year-old pit bull mix found off wilkinson boulevard in late january. this is what she looked like then. >> she was in really bad condition, very skinny, as you can tell by the pictures we have of her on that day, and she could barely walk. >> reporter: a good samaritan found her and brought her to the animal shelter where she was fed and tested. willow's health wasn't improving, she was brought to the clinic for further examination. >> we felt a hard thumping in abdomen, we took an x-ray to see what it was. >> reporter: this is what they found.
10:43 pm
but three baby pacifiers were in her stomach, preventing willow from digesting food. >> she was starving to death, she couldn't keep anything down. >> reporter: no telling how long they were in there, the surgery went well and willow is at a healthy weight. melissa says the procedure was possible through the second chance medical fund. a program funded through private donations allowing animals like willow to get the surgeries they need. >> if it weren't for the fund, the outcome wouldn't be so great. we get lots of support from the public. >> reporter: now that she's healthy, the only thing to do is find a permanent home. >> look for a great family and what a great future and life she's going to have. >> reporter: sam smith, fox 46 wjzy. well. if you would like to take willow home, vul to wait a few
10:44 pm
adoption on february 28th. send it over to anthony flores talking nascar. >> dale earnhardt, jr. why, this victory might be pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. . >> everyone, i just want to say thank you for an amazing 12-year career. this was the part where i was going to ride off into the
10:46 pm
no sunset, i'm just going to ride off. anthony: that's the way you say good-bye. jarrod allen announcing his retirement from the nfl after 12 seasons. he joined the panthers this season after a week three trade with the bears. he ranks ninth all-time with 136 career nfl sacks. on the 15-year anniversary of the death of dale earnhardt who died after crashing on the final lap of the 2001 daytona 500, earnhardt was honored at victory lane, the first canam dual race of the night sets the field for the great american race sunday. three laps in, dale earnhardt, jr. takes the lead away from chase elliott. elliott would finish sixth, and junior playing catch-up, gets on inside and passes denny hamlin, he takes the checkered flag, fifth career dual win.
10:47 pm
>> another win at daytona for the earnhardts. keep adding to the legacy and we're up in the 50s with all the wins. glad to be able to do that. did a lot of blocking tonight. nothing too crazy, but glad it didn't have to get that way, but just the guys, there are great cars out, there really, really good guys out there, starting to become tough on the plate tracks. anthony: more drama in the second dual race. jimmie johnson running third, loses control, that leads to a big wreck, the race ends under caution, kyle busch takes the checkered flag. it's his third dual victory. >> cool and calm for a long time, until it went crazy behind me. joe gibbs racing did a phenomenal job to build pieces to have fun. looking forward to starting
10:48 pm
i think i will get the outside front row now that kenseth tore up his car. it means a lot for the guys in the shop, and thanks to the engine department too, thank you, guys. anthony: the great american race is sunday at 1:00 p.m. ofox 46, logan sherrill and josh sims in daytona. their coverage will begin friday on the news at 6:00. a new hornet was welcomed to the hive today. courtney lee joined the team for the first time since tuesday's three-team trade. that brought the guard from memphis to the queen city. lee did not practice with the team today, just watched. steven clifford said he's not going play in tomorrow night's game in milwaukee, should be ready for brooklyn. clifford is confident he'll be able to adjust to his new team because they run a lot of the same schemes they ran with the magic. >> for me, i want to play hard
10:49 pm
these guys are established in roles and what they do for the team. i'm trying to complement them as best as possible. >> he knows how things are going to be done. knows the expectation of practice, the shootaround, he'll fit in great. he's high character. he's very prideful, self-motivated guy. always wants to do well in his team first. anthony: the hornets tip off the second half of the nba season in milwaukee. that game starts at 8:00 p.m. charlotte at marshall second half, cuts the marshal lead down to 6, then the thundering herd would blow the game open. that closed the gap, but
10:50 pm
that's a in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ...
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10:53 pm
outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers. >> reporter: the music video set in new orleans shines a light on police brutality it. features a wall that reads stop shooting us. she also appears on top of a sinking police cruiserment it's the kind of message officers in tampa say is too political and unfair. >> we live in a society where people are pretty polarized about politics, and they probably have very strong feelings. >> reporter: and strong personal beliefs spilled over into the workplace. over the past couple of weeks, no officers signed up to work security at the upcoming beyonce concert at raymond james stadium. off-duty officers take extra work at concerts and games for extra income. >> this is a couple months away, have plenty of time to fill the slots. >> reporter: since the super bowl, officers have been critical of beyonce's message.
10:54 pm
facebook post sparked an internal investigation -- . >> would be that acceptable if a white band came out in hoods and white sheets in the same sort of fashion, we would be appalled and outraged. >> reporter: tampa police officials say not having officers in uniform at the april concert, that's expected to sell out, is a security risk. and one they're not willing to take. >> regardless of how controversial it might be or the politician might be, we're going to staff it because we have the responsibility to do that. kayla: for some of us, today is a national holiday of sorts. it's national drink wine day. and no one is celebrating this more than millennials. according to a new report, millennials drink almost half of the wine bought in america. the wine market council says the age group consumed just under 160 million cases in 2015, that is 42% of the market.
10:55 pm
really good stuff. the average bottle bought retailed at about $20. stick around, we'll be right
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
geico for your boat. see how much you could save. . kayla: we have an update to the plane crash we were telling you about earlier in tonight's show. we now know the identified the pilot killed in that plane
10:58 pm
bill: that man is 68-year-old james howard cook of lexington, north carolina. the plane went down because of mechanical problem that the pilot called into report earlier in the day. time to send it over to brian for a final check of weekend forecast before we end the show tonight. brian: good evening, everybody. should be last freezing temperature for a little bit. 53 for the daytime high. warming up nicely over the weekend. saturday at 62 and sunday at 68. now we pick up chance of rain on sunday. that grows to a big chance monday, tuesday and wednesday. guys, we're tracking the three days, the potential to see thunderstorms there and quite a bit of rainfall. several days out. we'll tune that up over the weekend getting into the first of next week. bill: once we get out of february, home clear with the nice weather. let's hope. kayla: thank you for joining us tonight.
10:59 pm
here men. and how are you this morning, danny? well, i didn't sleep very well last night, alan.
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