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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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we will never ever forget south carolina. >> we begin tonight with breaking news as donald trump addresses his supporters after winning the south carolina primary. trump says his campaign has become a movement for change in the united states. right now, marco rubio, ted cruz are vying for second place. and we have more breaking news tone. jeb bush has suspended his campaign for the republican presidential nomination after a poor showing in the south carolina primary. bush addressed his support at columbia. he said the people of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina have spoken and he says he respects their decision. so let's take a look at the numbers so far in south carolina. if we look at the top right hand corner thf graphic, we see 98% of those votes are reporting right now. those precincts have been counted. trump is the clear winner, 33%
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ted cruz, marco rubio neck and neck, vying for specced specced place. trump at 33, ted cruz at 22 and marco rubio at 22, so the rest of the field trailing pretty badly in the single digits. the south carolina primary and the nevada caucus are crucial in the race. the races were tight, but the results weren't a complete surprise. fox news correspondent car ryan shively last the latest from columbia, south carolina. she joins us live. how are you? >> i'm good. this is turning out to be an incredible night for this race. clinton shows she can hold off sanders with nevada, while trump shows he can win handily in the south. donald trump becomes the first candidate to win back-to-back races this political season, taking the top spot in new hampshire and now south carolina.
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running for president. it's tough, nasty, it's mean, it's vicious. it's beautiful. when you win, it's beautiful. >> but texas senator ted cruz is fighting near the top of the pack. as the winner of the iowa caucuses, he's the only candidate to beat trump so far. marco rubio making a strong showing, with endorsements from governor nick cea haley and senator scott. jeb bush suspending his campaign. >> i remain optimistic and to work to make america's.base are ahead. >> hilary clinton takes a win in the nevada caucuses. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. >> senator bernie sanders congratulated clinton on her victory in the close race and says he's looking forward to future contests.
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most observer that the wind is at our backs. >> and with bush dropping out tone, now the race is on for the other republican candidates to scoop up his supporters. jenna, back to you. >> caroline, thanks for keeping us informed towed tone, we appreciate. despite a tough test from senator bernie sanders, hilary clinton prevailed. at 10:30, we'll dig deeper into the democratic road to the white house. voters in south carolina are among the most important for republican presidential hopefuls. ashley mcgeehan has more in the studio from voters who said they had a lot of weigh before casting their ballot. >> with still a number of candidates on the republican ticket, a lot of voters were anxious to see if their pick would take home the top prize. they say they take their right to vote very seriously, epidemics for this election. it's the first in the south primary and south carolina
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for who they want to see on the republican ticket. >> i'm looking for a candidate with integrity, someone that will represent our country. >> conservative, constitutional constitutionalist. i'm looking for someone to believe in the constitution and follow the constitution. >> the state a history of prize win for candidates looking to make it all the way to the white house. >> south carolina is an important factor in the election and it will show what the country. i think we're representative because people come here to south carolina from all over the country. >> according to exit polls, trump is still the favorite for those upset with the federal government, but cruz has an edge with those whose top issue is combating terrorism. >> you don't vote, you don't have a right to say anything about what goes on. it's our right and our privilege.
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>> if history repeats itself, the palmetto state could be pointing in the direction of a nominee with tonight's turnout. the primary winner has gone on to win the republican nomination in every race since 1980, except for 2012. >> i think the cycle of america is in this election. >> who will take that title officially remains unknown, but officials says tonight's outcome could put donald trump in a good position ahead of soup super tuesday. >> for the democrats, it will be on february 27th. south carolina governor nikki haley is throwing more support blind marco rubio. governor haley drop p stopped by his headquarters today as voters headed to the polls. early this week she announced her enforcement officers barsment for the florida senator for president, she said rubio is the one to restore greatness. she acknowledged her friendship
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not what the election is about. she was also by marco's side tonight when he was giving his speech. jesse jackson spent the day touring the palmetto state, encouraging people to vote. oaks road he will attend rallies tomorrow at churches. he says there's 1.2 million african-americans in the state who are eligible to vote. about 1 pill of them are registered. he's also urging south carolina to expand medicaid under the affordable care act. the top court has denied a stay? north carolina's redistricting battle. the u.s. supreme court decision means the new maps they passed on friday will be used in the primary election. the ruling upholds the state legislature's decision to move the congressional primary from march 16th till june 7th t does not impact the presidential primary. a court ruled the old maps were
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we're getting a weekend wrap up weather check and as we head into the workweek, we'll see what we can expect. amanda cox is in the weather center. >> we're expecting to see unsettled weather taking over not only into the second half of the weekend, but also epidemics for the first half of the week there's a bigger storm system coming in with rain. today we saw a couple of sprinkles here or there's not a whole lot and most moved out quickly. even a few breaks in the clouds at this hour, but still a lot of cloud cover will be around throughout the overnight and even into the day tomorrow as well. temperatures in the 40s and 50s, so we've come back a little bit, but it does look like we'll stay in the 40s at least through the overnight hours, and then the day on sunday, a couple of showers moving in due to a storm system that will move through quickly, but stall out to the south of us, which will allow another system to come northward into the region, bringing us heavier rain that will move in on
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we'll remain a little bit unsettled. also, temperatures will cool off this next week, but you can really see that tuesday and wednesday are going to be our most active time period with the rain coming through as that bigger storm system makes its way up the eastern satisfy bode. seaboard. >> more firefighters broken into in cornelius being they did it between 3:00 o'clock and 5:00 a.m., four trucks were broken into and the windows were smashed. the fire department said it received a called around 2:45, but the call was canceled around 3:00 o'clock. and the cornelius fire department was the only department with break-ins in this string of thefts. the huntersville fire department also had four firefighters personal vehicles damaged while they were on duty. not many items were taken from the cars, but the windows were left broken. officials believes this is connected to the cornelius
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be connected to others. regardless of the damage, huntersville fire department officials says that they will spofned to all calls promptly no matter what, saying they come to work because they're passionate about helping people. anyone with information related to these crimes is asked to call crime stoppers. a tragedy for the 49ers men's basketball team. the student manager, austin rainey was kill in a car accident in northern virginia on his way to washington, d.c. with friends. the team and staff are heartbroken about what happened. a funeral at st. thomas moore catholic church in chapel hill next friday at 11:30. we're counting down to-date 500, now less than 24 hours away. you can check out the great american race hefty amounts of rainfall on fox 46 tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock. in the meantime, josh sims and logan sherrill are in daytona, having fun on the speedway.
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what they've done all day. hello, fellows. >> what's going on jenna? we're across the street from the speedway. you can see that behind us and what a view here at night, logan. >> a beautiful sight, isn't it. just think, in about 12 hours, that place is going to be rocking 150,000 fans and another hundred thousand in the infield, we've been hanging out with them. good people. >> good people and good racing so far. we'll have more good racing tomorrow afternoon with the daytona 500. we had a chance to get out on the track this morning, jump? one of those pace cars. >> yeah, it was a lot of fun because one of the drivers who is going to be competing in the daytona 500, david reagan, and that's what's fun about getting on the track and riding in a pace car with a driver who spends time on the track. he can break it down and give you more in-depth analysis of what you're seeing out on the track.
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this video you're seeing us in the pace cargoing around the track about 100 miles per hour. what got to me is you go around the curbs and we were nearly vertical and if you slowed down too much, you would actually slide down the track, and what an experience. you did this last year, but for me this was something else. three stories, josh sims. >> three stories, 35-degree banking in both turns, one, two, three, four, and at the start/finish line, another 18-degree bank. pretty much the entire track, everybody the back stretch has a little bit of banking on it. when you're going 195, 200 miles per hour, tough keep the banking going on. it was a lot of fun. maybe we'll get back don it again next year. >> i hope sox you saw us on the track. coming up later in sports, we'll hear from some of the drivers. final day of practice for sprint cup and i'll let you know what the strategy is head into tomorrow's race. >> it's go a chance to ask a couple of fans if they knew the trivia, knew the history of the
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we got into the history books, we dove deep into it. now, one guy in particular, his name was spike spike lee. i'll let you simmer on that for sports. >> for logan sheryl, i'm josh sims in daytona, fox 46 wjzy. >> you have me slightly sea sick watching that video. stay safe. we'll check back. so the feds are cracking down on hoverboards. they're putting in some stiff regulations for companies selling the devices. we'll explain after the break. thousands show up to honor the former supreme court justice antonin scalia, we take him to
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>> the government is cracking down hard on hoverboards and the companies that make them. the consumer products safety commission sent a letter to manufacturers, importers and retailers of the scooters. the government says it will recall or take any hoverboards that don't meet federal safety standards. in 24 states there's been 52 reports of fires that users say were cause bid the self-balancing scooters. those fires caused $2 million in property damage. fire concerns have led to hoverboard bans by several
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if you plan to use the light rail this weekend, double check that schedule. cats says that the link blue line will only operate between the aero wood and seventh street station because often construction. crew also continue the project towards the university area. this means no train service will be avail froibl the south boulevard and sharon road west stations. cats says bus also offer for those routes. it's a good weekend to take a road trip because prices at pump are holding steady below the 2-dollar mark. according to gas holding at $1.71 today. prices are down 16 cents from this time last month and down 56 cents from this time last year. amanda cox is standing by, bringing us a weather forecast from the weather center. hey, amanda. >> hey, jenna. expecting to see unsettled weather, but it won't be
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sunday should be dry, just like today, but the cloud cover will remain in place and temperatures will be on the warmer side. we won't drop too far overnight, so that asouthwesterly flow pushes the temperatures up tomorrow, we'll go to the middle and upper 60s for daytime highs. right now at 64 degrees, basically clear out there, but breaks in the clouds here or there. there's still a lot of cloud cover over the region. plenty of clouds will remain over head throughout the overnight, could have an isolate the shower or two, but don't expect a lot, maybe a 10-20% and that's about it. mild temperatures, a low around 48 degrees with light winds out of the southwest. they're basically go become calm throughout the overnight. now, that storm system we're watching going to be coming in tomorrow. notice we'll see a little bit of shower activity, most will be in the afternoon and evening hours, that pushes out quickly, but the front is going to stall out just to the south of us, keeping us unsettled into your monday and tuesday time period as well.
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we're headed to about 6 degrees for a daytime high, son the milder side and well above average for this time of year. wrooer going to stay unsettled with that potential, with the front staying with he will to the south of us. however, the next storm system back to the south and west, this area of low pressure will swing up through our area along the eastern seaboard and will bring a good amount of rain into the region late in the day on tuesday, mostly on wednesday, they could linger in on the early morning hours of thursday as well. daytona looks great for the race tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, 72 degrees, and also some light winds, so just perfect weather for some racing. here's a look at your extended forecast. you see 60s for sunday and monday, then drop back into the 40s and 50s later in the week with a lot of rain to start off the week as well. >> amanda, thanks. lawmakers, dignitaries, family and friend gathered in our
10:18 pm
good-bye to supreme court justice antonin scalia who lied dyed last week at the age of 79. fox news correspondent shannon bream reports that the funeral was a farewell. >> gathered today at the national shrine, the largest roman catholic church in north america, to bid farewell to anthony scalia, the 103rd justice to sit on the court. the funeral mass was celebrate bid his son fashion there paul scalia. >> we are gathered here because of one man, a man loved by many, scorned by others. a man known for great controversy and for great compassion. that man of course is jesus of nazareth. >> justice scalia had made it clear, you thought funerals should focus much or month god
10:19 pm
disease and his son honored that today. scalia's close friend, justice clarance thomas joined to grieve to celebrate the life of a powerhouse who will be felt for generations. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirt that has been given to us. >> vice president and mrs. biden long time friends of the scalia family represented the administration. the obamas did not attend the funeral, instead joined the thousands that paid their respects at the supreme court on friday. with other lawmakers and officials in attendance today, the younger scalia noted his father firmly believe faith belongs in the public square, and that he never felt the need to choose between his deep catholic faith and his obligations as a supreme court justice.
10:20 pm
conflict between loving one god one country. >> it's back to work for the remaining justices who will beg hearing a new slate of cases on monday, including challenges regarding abortion and the president's use of executive power n washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> time for sports. chase elliot plays leader of the pack at daytona.
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>> last year's daytona 500 winner, the man that will start on the poll tomorrow. could there be contact? chase elliot, dramatic finish at davidson awaits trial! >> chase elliot making a statement of davidson awaits trial, holding off joey logano in dramatic fashion to win the race. he'll be on the poll for sunday's daytona 500. well, on the eve of the 500, the garages were busy, with teams trying to make the final
10:24 pm
running of the great american race on sunday. josh sims joins us live from daytona, getting ready for the final practices. >> that's right, anthony. any issues with the car, any concerns with the track today was the final day to figure all of that out. the final sprint cup practice before tonight's daytona 500. the sprint cup drivers getting 1:40 on the track today, some taking the full 1:40 like matt kinseth, others did a couple of laps around, then went back into the garage for rest up and get ready for tomorrow's big race. dale earnhart, jr. continues to excel here at daytona international speedway, he won on the cam am duals on thursday newt and continued to dry fast, pulled in the fastest time today. he won the 500 twice before, he'll be starting from the third position tomorrow. joey logano showed he's ready to make a case to back-to-back daytona 500 victories.
10:25 pm
this afternoon. brad kissbrad keselowski was behind him. now time to turn to strategy for tomorrow's big race. >> it's timing. it's circumstances that lead to an offensive move. all the other tracks you race at, if you're better, you go up fn take it from the guy. that's what makes it so difficult and the 500 to win because there's no roadmap. >> the last lap of this race, you know, if you get the chance to win it, you want to take it right then because it's, you know, it's once a year and might be once in a lifetime. >> now, even with all of those strategies, there's no guarantee that will get you to victory lane. if there's one thing we know, is that the daytona 500, a very unpredictable race. the race, that's tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock can be seen right here on fox 46 wjzy. reporting live in daytona, josh sims for fox 46 sports wjzy. >> thanks, josh.
10:26 pm
bookes will be added on sunday. chase elliot is the youngest driver to ever start on the poll for the great american race. 209-year-old elliot won the poll last sunday with the fastest qualifying time of just over 196 miles per hour. he just edged out matt kinseth to win the poll and elliot is also making his official debut in the 24 car, the car that jeff gordon made famous, so the rookie will have a little bit of pressure heading into his first daytona 500. >> i don't think so. i think there's as much there as you let be there, you know, and for us, i think the only expectation and pressure is that we put upon ourselves as a race team and personally for me. that's the most important thing, kind of look past the record rest, do the best we can and be prepared and control the things that we can. there's not a lot you can at some of the race tracks like daytona, but there's still a lot of things that we can control and we want to try to make the most of those gone from there.
10:27 pm
some of the most passionate fans in all of sports and there's better place than daytona 500 speedway to test that theory. logan sherrill tested fans on how they paid attention. >> daytona international speedway, the world easter of racing. the home of the daytona 500. this sunday marks the 58th running of the great american race, but how women do all of these fans know their history about the most important race? i guess there's only one way to find out. who was the first man to win the daytona 500 in 1959? >> is it earnhart. >> richard petty. >> lee petty. >> one for one. who has the most career wins at daytona 500? >> richard surrender. >> richard petty. >> that's correct.
10:28 pm
20 years old and one day? >> jeff gordon, i hate him. joey logano. or trevor fan. >> i'll go with logano. >> trevor ban. >> who is the oldest winner of the daytona ahundred back in 1988? >> waltrip. >> jared. >> bill it's yot. >> bobby elliot. >> the winner. diswhr you'll get this one, i promise. what driver had the most career daytona 500 starts before he won his very first one? >> carl he did wartdz. >> dale earnhart. >> earn hafort. >> yeah, dale earnhart.
10:29 pm
>> 1988, his 20th career start for the daytona 500 before he got his first one. >> these nascar fans know their daytona 500. what will be the next chapter in the storied history of the great american race? i guess we have to wait until sunday night to find out. reporting from daytona international speedway, logan sherrill, fox 46 sports, wjzy. >> now to college hoops. unc bouncing back from the loss to duke in a big way today against the number 11 miami. the heels led by nine at the break and broke it open in the second half. bryce johnson led the way with a double-double, 16 points and 15 rebounds. north carolina beats miami 96-71. duke at louisville. the blue devils were in control of this one in the second half, then things get a little chippy. jaylen johnson elbows gray senn allen. johnson got teed up but that
10:30 pm
louisville beat the blue devils 71-64. >> that's from steph curry range, the clutch three to pull charlotte within one with 13 seconds to go, but western kentucky would hit a pair of free-throws that, made it a three-point lead. john davis for the tie. he's off the mark. western kentucky rallies from 13 down at the half, they beat charlotte 59-54. at belk arena, davidson taking on league leading st. joe's. jack gibbs putting on a show. the a-10s leading scorer dropping 35, it's his ninth 30 point game of the season. they made their free-throws down the stretch and davidson hangs on to win it 99-93.
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more news after this. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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>> breaking news out of south carolina tone. donald trump has won the republican primary in the palmetto state by a pretty wide margin. it's the second straight victory for the billionaire real estate mogul. right now the second place race is close between texas senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio. they're about a thousand votes apart with 99% of precincts in at this point much one of the big issues that may have helped push trump trum to the top is the debate over muslims who are not american citizens. exit polls taken in south
10:34 pm
quarters of republican voters supported a temporary ban on muslims who were not american citizens frozen entering the u.s. that's been one of trump's signature proposals. trump spoke to his supporters a short time ago, telling them his campaign has become a movement for the country. >> time magazine last week did an incredible cover story. they said it's a movement and that's what it is. it's an incredible movement with incredible people. >> it was first test in the west to the democratic presidential hopefuls and despite a tough teas from bernie sanders, hilary clinton pre prevailed. >> in the final stretch, bernie sanders closed in on hilary clinton here in nevada, but in the end, she won. this morning the two candidates were in the same employee cafeteria within minutes of another, urging casino workers
10:35 pm
sanders then raced down the vegas strip to rally workers. the turnout was strong, long lines at the critical clark sight. henry reed lives near by and came to caucus here, although he claimed to be uncommitted out of fairness to sanders and clinton. >> got up at 4:30 this morning, 30,000 pre registered. >> for the candidates, their final pitches closely resembled their overall strategies. sanders trying to sir ground troops with rhetoric in an effort to cease the momentum now. >> it could well be that 10, 20, 30 years from now people will look back on what happens in nevada and say this was the beginningning of the political revolution.
10:36 pm
ircrowds with business-like speeches of trying to get more delegates over the long haul. >> i'm so, so grateful for each and every one of you who have been part of this campaign over these last months. >> to show she's looking beyond, she's leaving tonight for a rally in texas, which is a super tuesday state on march 1st. democrats vote the following tuesday in a toll of twelve straights and territories, including massachusetts, minnesota, and veritas community month, while clinton hopes to exploit her edge with african-american voters in arkansas, georgia and tennessee. in the end, it was a tight single digit victory for hilary clinton, but for her, a win is a win at a time when she's trying to staibl stabilize her campaign. in henderson, nevada, ed henry, fox news. >> we may not see the sun tomorrow, but the temperatures are supposed to be pretty high. we'll head to amanda cox with the weather. >> hey, jenna. we'll see our temperatures
10:37 pm
we got into the 60s today and it will get even warmer than that, but with the cloud cover, it didn't feel as warm as we got. we started out at 43, ended up at 61 this afternoon and like i said, we'll be climbing, getting into the middle and upper 60s for daytime highs tomorrow. the storm system is getting closer. a nice southwesterly flow ahead of it will push the temperatures up into the weekend and the start. week. right now we're in the 50s because the cloud cover, we'll drop into the 40s across the region. we could see an as lated shower or two in a few locations, about you most of the activity has died out and will stay relatively quiet until the next storm system gets in here, that's later in the day on sunday. we have a better activity for shower eighth late sunday afternoon, the evening hours, then die out into sunday night as the storm system passes off to the south and east of us. so if you're going to be headed
10:38 pm
want to head to legos kids fest tomorrow, 68 degrees for a high, lots of cloud cover and about a 30% chance for showers. the boundary will be stalled out to the south of us so we'll remain a bit unsettled even into the monday and tuesday time period, good amount of cloud cover, maybe a few peeks of sunshine here and there, as well as random showers for that period. now, once we get into your wednesday time period, this low pressure system to the south and west will be swinging to the north and east, climbing up the eastern seaboard. as that happens, we'll see a good amount of rain come into the area on wednesday and our most active day across the region, then some could even linger into your wednesday as well. as of right now, it will be a rain event, but across the mountains there may be a little bit of a wintery mix at the very end right on thursday morning, but most of that will be pulling away and you see tuesday, wednesday, that's where you need to keep umbrella handy at all times.
10:39 pm
next two days, then the 40s and 50s returns to the region. >> extreme even for the windy city. damaging gusts of more than 60 miles per hour across the chicago area forced several building toes evacuate. it blew materials off of two huge buildings under construction, raining debris on the streets below, and punching holes in near by office buildings. it also left more than 50,000 people without power tonight. >> the trash cans from the construction went through a window next to mine. if it went a foot over, it would have gone through mine. >> we could hear the cracking of the windows, saw things flying by the windows. it was pretty interesting for a while. >> the wind also knocked down part of a wall of a brewery under construction. families took to the bowling alley today, hoping to not only score some strikes, but also to help to strikeout domestic violence.
10:40 pm
professional football player starts a few years ago. fox 46s kevin macheck has the story. >> it's nice and refreshing to see a nfl player take a stand against domestic violence. >> former panthers wide receiver steve smith signed autographs and met with fans who took some spare time today to do a little bowling at park lane. >> i'm having a ball out here. >> while certainly a good time, the event does raise money and aware neas to a cause for smith. >> my mother was a victim of domestic violence, so understanding what it was, what she went through, what we went through as kids. >> two years ago, smith started out the strikeout domestic violence event, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help victims, but the best thing about is. >> being a voice for the voiceless, being a voice for the people who may not feel comfortable stepping. >> with the support from people like smith, veronica cruz managed to find her voice after falling victim to domestic violence.
10:41 pm
sharing her story with others. >> sometimes domestic violence seems ambiguous to people who haven't experienced it, so putting details to my experience helps people get better insight into the issue. >> and it's an issue that affect mors than 8,000 people across mecklenburg county and that does not include those that have gone unreport. >> really bringing awareness to an epidemic that spans across class and race. numbers are growing. i think it's one in four women may be impablged by domestic violence in their lifetime, to it really is an epidemic. >> in charlotte, kevin macheck, fox 46 wjzy. >> domestic violence can include acall, rape, threats and harassing phone calls. if you or someone you know experienced any of these, police urge you to speak up and call 9-1-1 immediately. still to come, as the fighting continues in syria, so do
10:42 pm
stopping the violence, but there has been some again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. >> a florida middle school teacher is accused of having sex with a student. stacey hooks with charged with five count of lewd battery and traveling to meet a minor for sex. the school superintendent said at one point over the last
10:44 pm
after being observed for eating lunch with students and sharing a drink with the victim. they say she had an ongoing relationship with the today dent that became inappropriate. >> when you're a young person in middle school and you're involved with a teacher at that level, not only is it very inappropriate, but it's against the law. >> investigators say the student's mom was looking through her child's phone when she recognized the teacher's name and messages from her. two new york city police officers are recovering after getting shot this morning. city officials says that the two cops were hurt after a chase and a shootout. the suspect reportedly crashed his car into a patrol vehicle, then tried to drive away. both are said to be alert and talking at a brooklyn hospital. the 34-year-old suspect was take tone a different hospital in critical condition. one officer was shot in his
10:45 pm
his vest in his hip. new york city mayor credits the overall department for giving the officers the proper resources, including training. the situation in syria remains tense today. this after france rejected proposed u.n. resolution drawn up by russia that demanded the immediate halt of cross border shelling by the turnovers hurt turkish army into syria. syrian's government backed up russia, accusing turkey committing crimes against syrians. john huddy has the latest. >> as the fighting continues in syria, so do diplomatic talks aimed at stopping the violence. there's been some progress. today, syria's largest grew, the high negotiations committee said they're ready in prince to agree on a truce with conditions, but one step forward, two steps taken back in the ceasefire negotiate beings much on friday,
10:46 pm
would have halted turkey's haltedmilitary operation. they stepped up the attacks on the border, retaliation for the terrorist bombing on wednesday. >> we have been facing national security threats from syria since the start of the conflict, including terrorist organizations, which are operating there. >> one of the groups considered a terrorist organization by syria and russia has also become a major stumbling block in the ceasefire negotiations. the al qaeda linked group. the main opposition group, once syrian and russia forces to attack the front as part of its conditions for a truce, but russia said it will continue to strike those it considers terrorist. there's another major player in the syrian crisis who could ultimately destroy any ceasefire, if it even happens, syrian president, who said
10:47 pm
would be able to stop the fighting and that he will retake all of syria. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. >> it's a movie taking the box office by storm, but what about deadpool has people flock
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
that's coming up next. >> drone technology is being developed using new techniques
10:50 pm
students are using smoke and lasers to measure the airflow around the wings of flying drones, then data is collected to help students figure out which drones fly the best. engineers at the university are also developing smaller and more efficient drones, hoping to create one the size of a small bird, but some experts say it's not always an easy process. >> far more complicated, that means that nobody knows ho you to make a wing at small scale. >> the new drones being developed can be used for military and commercial use. it's the superhero captivating audiences, making it a big box office draw. deadpool is raking in the dough after the opening next week. fox's jonathan hunt talks to the stars about what makes the movie so appealing. >> i'm after someone on my naughty list. >> grossing more than
10:51 pm
than a week, deadpool is a box office mega hit, and the movie's co-stars knows the reason why. >> it's a different kind of superhero story. >> this now is something very unique, you know. it's a little bit more irref vant in its tone, it's more violent. it's a lot more sincere with its love story as well in a lot of ways. >> everyone loves an underdog story, that's totally what deadpool is. he starts as a mercenary, gets cancer, trying to fix his problems essentially gones from in. and yeah, the sense of humor adds to that. >> star and producer ryan reynolds made sure that this marvel ante hero stayed true to the ranch chi comic book character and earn its r rating. >> >>: zero feeling. restricted rating.
10:52 pm
things is that this movie, it was eleven years for me in the making. i've been trying to get it made since 2004. >> getting the rcht rating was really important to us and ryan fought that battle really hard. you couldn't do the character without the r rating. he's irreverent. he talked crap about everyone and wants wants to offend everybody. >> no, finish your tweet. >> brianna and ned give us the back story on their characters. >> this is a fun fact. the real name is ellie sinister, and she can see the future and runs an explodes as things. she can detonate as her own personal bomb. >> we went through the same prom that wolverine and deadpool went through, which is weapon x or department k. my character ajax, his nerve endings have been singled so he
10:53 pm
or emotion, no longer feels empathy and social responsibility and such, and he's had his strength and agility to the limits of human capacity, which i think is a beautiful turn of phrase. >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news.
10:54 pm
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>> we're going to take one last look at the tote book in south carolina's gop primary. donald trump with a convincing win in the palmetto state with just five precincts left to count. ted cruz, marco rubio are still trailing 10 points behind trump. the two senators battling for second place. and the remaining three candidates finished in the single digits. jeb bush's poor showing tonight in south carolina prompted the former florida governor to abandon his run for the white house. small, but mighty seems to be the motto for a little puppy in nevada who is recovering after getting tossed out of a moving vehicle. this is four month old bandit. bandit is on the mend after suffering a broken leg when he was thrown out of the window of a moving car. rottweilers of las vegas, a nonprofit organization is helping bandit recover from his surgery.
10:57 pm
says that although he suffered quite the ordeal, bandit is still a playful pup at heart. >> soup you are plaiferl and even though he suffered tragedy, he's still absolutely a lover. >> his recovery will take about 4-6 weeks and well be up for an't doings once he's fully heel. >> here's a final look at the weather. we're expecting dry conditions overnight for the most part thrurks there could be an isolated showers, but it should be quiet. tomorrow as well as monday, a 30% chance of sthowrs as a disturbance affects our area the big opportunity for rain will come later in the day on tuesday much wednesday is really going to be our most active day with the low pressure system passing through, then as we head off to the end of the week imerks things to dry out behind it, looking fairly nice by friday and saturday, but the warmer
10:58 pm
sunday monday, then much cooler 40s and 50s as the day rolls on, which is slightly below average for this time of year, but this weekend not too bad. we've been in the 60s, it's been great. anthony, i know you asking about atlanta, i would wait till thur. >> that's the race following the daytona 500 next sunday. >> speaking of the daytona, a reminder, tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock. >> and you can see it here on fox 46, the pre race coverage begins at noon. >> sounds good to me, sir. we'll show you the final board of the numbers with the south carolina primary as we head out tonight.
10:59 pm
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