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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation. call now. >> heavy rain is moving to the
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yet it is part of the three-day event that could bring about the possibility of severe weather this week. tonight we are tracking it for you. >> on promote bill melugin joining you from clover south carolina. kayla: we will get to whether weather just a moment but first on fox parents packed into a clover school meeting days after exclusive special report. bill: a lot things got emotional right off the bat at tonight's board meeting as soon as they public comment portion opened up. people started railing against clover school district because they believe the districts internal investigation really mishandled the allegations of abuse against autistic children. this is what we profiled in our exclusive investigative report last
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when they want cameras placed about the districts special education classrooms and number two they want the teacher at the center of the allegations to be terminated. what are you hoping to hear from the school district? >> i want them to get real. i want them to give us some answers. reporter: reporter: that was a common theme for many of the clover meeting wanting answers. >> you don't think this is caused damage you are incredibly wrong because it has. >> many of those who spoke our autistic or disabled -- there were allegations that autistic children were left knocked out of chairs and left in dark rooms or closets to get them to try to swallow food. the school district ruled in an ruled in internal castigation there was no mistreatment and what was witnessed for isolated teaching methods with many in
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buying it. >> these kids can barely be back on their own. it takes than 45 minutes to eat sometimes. you don't put them in a locked up room to get them to swallow their food, putting them in bathrooms in the dark is not teaching. what if the nazis to child dies in this woman's care, what you do anything then? bill: several people brought signs and call for cameras to be on special ed classrooms. >> we can't have cameras in the classrooms and we can't have employees that feel free to raised an issue then i'm deeply concerned for my child's well-being. >> our children don't have voices.
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children is -- others came out to show support for the target of our investigative report. >> i spent a lot of lead sweat and tears in our elementary and i promise you i would not provide one more piece of my heart or soul if i felt my children might not replicate for. however some q.'s district did not properly investigating the abuse at the vieques in our reporting covered in a want something done about it. >> what is that autistic child dies in this woman's care? we'll do something then? thank you. [applause] the clover school boards whose those in attendance they were aware of the investigator reportedly also said they will in fact consider the feasibility of putting cameras in the special education classrooms. they said first they have to investigate how much it's going to cost for kind of operational
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privacy issues but this is kind of the big deal because a few weeks ago the district told me they would not consider putting cameras in the classroom because of the time before our investigative report aired they said they felt those cameras were necessary. the district now admitting that they will in fact consider the feasibility of putting cameras in special-education questions the clover school district are reporting live in clover south carolina bill melugin fox 46 wjzy. kayla: i have to mention that's welcome news for all the parents to hear that the district is at least willing to consider those cameras. you can watch our exclusive investigation into these allegations in its entirety on our web site. head over to and use easy navigation tools to get the information you are looking for. >> at evening everybody. we have been hit hard by rain today and picked up late this afternoon.
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lead and i mean had happily as well. here charlotte right there uptown right in the middle and it continues to fall heavily over the area. starting to break up in places that are seeing a lot of rain like elmont and gastonia in these areas see at least some rain at this point. some of it as of it as much of the north as well. areas that were not hit that hard reseen brain, light to moderate rain stretching into boone and beyond and as we look to the south of breakout in places like rock hill that got hit with a big wave of rain. it's pushing from the south and west and we are expecting more the stated in the overnight tonight. major rain coming your way. also a big issue earlier in the day still a bit of an issue but more patchy than full earlier that in the day. we'll continue to see patchy fog through the night as willing keep in mind this is part of the three-day event. we will track it for the next
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minutes from now. kayla: thank you brain. right now charlotte city council has just approved the nondiscrimination ordinance that has been highly controversial largely because it will allow transgender people the choice to use whichever restroom they are comfortable with. some have said this opens up far too many doors. david henry is joining us with the details. hi david. >> hi kayla. after lengthy city council meeting where finally getting some answers. the city council is approving this ordinance 7-4, 140 people spoke on this ordinance. it was approved 7-4 by charlotte city council. >> i'm a proud citizen of charlotte. >> a lot of tension telling a charlotte city council, the recent nondiscrimination ordinances on the table. if approved it will protect
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from being discriminated against on a number of levels. this includes a public restroom choice for transgendered people. >> i've been denied the use of a restroom embarrassed and ashamed and made to feel less of a person. >> trans people and other supporters say it's long overdue that one of the loudest and largest crowds came to speak out against it. >> am a very loving person but i don't have to share a bathroom with you or take a share with you in order to show that. >> some say allowing transgender people to choose their restrooms opens the door for predators to take advantage of an ordinance with a gray area and other simply say it's against their beliefs. >> plenty are saying no to the so-called bathroom built while others say the outrageous not based on facts but fear. >> it's really a simple as all
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thank you. >> this decision came down just moments ago. people are just now starting to file out of the city council chambers. we will go and get the reaction from both sides. we will have more free tomorrow on "good day charlotte." reporting live in said the government center david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. >> this has been highly contentious. governor pat mccrory a former charlotte mayor has voiced opposition to the ordinance writing an e-mail that if approved would likely result in the state legislature taking action. sam is held to four forms for those who wanted to weigh in on the cms assignment plan. wanted myers park baptist church and the other had may feel baptist church. the on line student assignment survey which parents can take part in closes tonight at midnight. as of this morning seamus tells us there have been more than 24,000 responses to that on line survey. results from the survey ought to
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a student assignment plan is training and equal opportunities for kids. some voters in north carolina won a federal court to determine if the new congressional district map is legal. the new map was approved last week by the general assembly. a motion was filed laying out a proposal for judges to review the boundaries and they wanted answer by march 18. the same judges ruled the first and 12th districts are racially biased in unconstitutional. now to a developing story we told you about at 6:00. tonight a puppy continues its recovery after officers say was stabbed and hit several times with a bb gun. authorities say on february 21 they responded to the wildwood spring apartments on springdale road in rock hill for juvenile complaint. when when when they write a utility worker told them he saw someone playing with a puppy in a short time later found that young god heavily bleeding
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kids told authorities he was someone who stays in the apartment complex that they didn't say who. officers took the puppy to ebenezer animal hospital. set say they found 18 bb pellets inside the puppy's body. authorities say the young god had been abandoned and the case is under investigation. that 10 days driver and a deadly logging truck accident has been identified. this happened before 1:00 this afternoon. troopers say a logging truck driver crossed the centerline and ferguson ridge road and try to get back into his lane and ended up hitting a pickup truck head-on beta driver of the pickup truck 42-year-old robert jones was pronounced dead on the scene. the road is back open the driver of that logging truck will be facing charges. a fire gutted the nearly 100-year-old hildebrand schoolhouse in bergen county. when you're go the mayor wants to tear the building down the citizens fought back and took
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residents we spoke with are highly upset by the fire. >> it's a lot and so many people fought to keep this building to reuse it. several fire departments responded to this morning's's place and it took them hours to put the fire out. residents told us they felt helpless as they stopped and watched the schoolhouse burn. >> it's like watching a sinking boat. it breaks my heart that it's going up in flames. >> fbi is stepping in to investigate the cause of this fire. we have been following a number of break-ins t area fire departments. now there's any case have happened in fort mill's. investigators responded to the
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a call that someone had broken into a firefighter's car and busted the window. $25 in cash was taken from the vehicle but the driver side window the victims truck was smashed. this has investigators questioning who would steal from a firefighter while they are out saving lives? >> whether those firefighters out putting out a house fire or helping out with an automobile wreck or going to somebody who has a heart condition these criminals took advantage of the fact that no one was there. what i would like to ask folks to do is if they are in the area around the fire department you see somebody snooping around up to no good in looking suspicious , doesn't look right give police a call. kayla: investigators are saying the incident at flint hill is directly connected to the break-ins at charlotte
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looking at similarities and are not ruling anything out. again anyone who may have seen any suspicious behavior at the bar department is asked to call new york county sheriff's office with details. >> in tonight's medical monthly report barbara lash introduces us to an up-and-coming dance artist who thanked the doctors at levine hospital. and a high school boy is forced into a car on his way to school. find out how he managed to escape and what his mother says happened to him.
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kayla: children are at risk for a number of ailments in the case of scoliosis living children's hospital says the most common cases are identified when kids are toddlers. barbara lash caught up with one teenager whose spine was so -- the surgery was the only option. not only did the hospital help him fight his way back to basic movement but now he's back to dancing competitively.
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sophomore by day and an artist in his free time did something he got into a few years ago much to his mother surprise. >> i was shocked. he started out kind of playing around with it and then it got really serious and one day he told me i have a video shoot. he's been featured in music videos they know me by carly mouth. >> i was so scared when i had that first video shoot. >> then came alive performance dancing for genesis. >> opening up for them was really big. abutting artist learned his love for dancing could be in jeopardy because of scoliosis. the curvature of the spine discovered during a routine doctors visit. >> initially he didn't look like there was too much of an issue but we found out he had three
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was really big. >> when i heard that i had scoliosis wasn't really scared. it didn't feel any different but in the x-ray it was like oh wow. that led to a referral to orthopedic surgeon at levine children's hospital. >> when he presented the into large curve. already well over 50 degrees. scoliosis is quite common and identified well before the teenage years. if left untreated the spinal curvature can get worse and become quite painful later in life. here's what to look for your kids. shoulder a symmetry where one shoulder is higher than the other, slight differences from side to side but leaning forward a visibly defined curve in the spine or waste a symmetry where you will see a difference in the wasteland. putting a child embraces works for younger patients in a lot of the cases. >> doesn't make it go away necessary but prevents
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for tobias has curve was too big embracing would not have been effective for him. >> making surgery the best option. >> i tried to look at every option and looking for other ways out but after a while -- trusting him to perform a fusion where doctors can now put in fraud since google -- broadband screws into tobias spine. we talked about correcting the thoracic spine and leaving a small curve at the bottom of the top to balance each other out. >> the surgery went well in came recovery. >> the 16-year-old got back on his feet quickly and then came step number three seeing if he could get back to the one thing that brought him out of his shell. >> i had to learn how to reuse my body the way i was using it
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>> he is back dancing. >> and turning heads during this impromptu freestyle in the lobby of the being children's hospital. barbara lash fox 46 wjzy. the average time for kids to get back to most of their cavities is within three to six months after surgery. they can tune in tomorrow. they will be joining barbara lash tomorrow morning i "good day charlotte." brian economy attention i heard you laughing over there. a the woman's face when she stepped off the elevator and scott tobias dancing. >> it was amazing. kind of caught her off guard. very cool for him. i hope he heals nicely and has a great dancing future ahead of him. we have had a ton of rain in the region today and the bulk of it
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gastonia and charlotte gastonia picking up over an inch and charlotte continues to add to the totals but right now we are up to an inch-3/4. big rain day for us. again the time we get into tomorrow a good chance we could see 2 inches plus by this time. as we look at what happening in our satellite and radar is pushing up on the south and west. we have warm moist air pushing across the region. that will continue into tomorrow as well so it even though we are seeing a couple of tricks we continue to see this solid flow from the south and west. that will give us rain chances to the morning tomorrow and we will follow it up with it exist him behind that. we want to talk about severe weather. if you were traveling tomorrow you are okay here locally. a chance for thunderstorm or two if you're going into mississippi alabama or the southern portions they are a big target for severe weather. as part of the same system that
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woods and this is wednesday. we go from no risk to a slight risk in areas and yellow. that includes charlotte where it's dark green a marginal chance for severe weather. make sure you are tracking with us over the next couple of days. let me show you what it thinks going to happen in the next couple of days. rain through tomorrow morning, likely to be a wet one out there. they could be patchy fog lingering at that point. a little bit of a break later in the day on tuesday and picks up tuesday night and then we see that cold front push across the area late in the morning on wednesday through wednesday afternoon. we are looking for the potential for thunderstorms in the area and potentially severe weather. i'm going to show you just how much more rain i'm expecting coming up in 10 minutes from now. kayla: thank you brian. they thought it was just a radio
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kayla: mecklenburg county business woman is facing several charges from the state department of revenue. 54-year-old caroline shepard was arrested thursday. lawrence shows she's the owner of cf design. officials say shepherd embezzled more than $77,000 in north carolina and mecklenburg county sales tax. she is booked into the mecklenburg county jail. the town of mooresville has a new police chief. damon williams was selected to be chief for the police department. williams has been the police chief since 2012. town leaders say williams will begin his duties on april 4. the former police chief was hired last year and major ryan anderson has been serving as the interim chief sense.
10:27 pm
coming. we are going. >> a local group gave to deserving teams the chance of a lifetime tonight. the paris meeting up with their favorite basketball star thanks to well-planned surprise this morning. dream on three works with kids with chronic illnesses disabilities or life-altering conditions for a wish come true. 14-year-old passion was injured playing basketball. he's now learning how to walk and talk all over again and 14-year-old isaiah is dealing with the sudden loss of his mother. he talks about what this trip means to him. >> it's going to be a fun trip all around and no discouragement and no negative. it's all positive from here on out. >> after the game for paris thing at the ritz-carlton atlanta before they return home
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hey rain was going on? >> we are tracking must have
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we'll show you how muc kayla: recapping our top story stays after exclusive investigative report the clover school board held a meeting for parents to address the child abuse allegations. parents demand the cameras installed in special ed classes.
10:31 pm
taken against the employees accused of the abuse. the clover school board told those in attendance that they were aware of our investigative reports and in the near future they would consider the feasibility of putting cameras in the classroom pointing out they would first have to figure out operational issues and privacy issues. tonight charlotte city council approved a controversial nondiscrimination ordinance in a vote of 7-4. more than 100 people talks during the comment period some for the ordinance and some against it. this ordinance adds marital and familiar -- familial status gender expression and gender identity to the list of protected characteristics to the existing ordinance. these changes go into effect on april 1. a puppy is recovering tonight after officers say it was stabbed and shot several times with a bb gun. authorities say yesterday they
10:32 pm
apartments in rock hill for juvenile complained when they arrived the utility worker told him he saw someone playing with a puppy. a short time later the puppy was found heavily bleeding apparently stabbed and shot. the kids told authorities he was someone who stays in the apartment complex but they didn't know who. officers took the puppy to ebenezer animal hospital and that's where that's found 18 bb pellets in the puppy's body. authorities say the young doc was abandoned in the cases under investigation. after being accused by donald trump marco rubio and ben carson of dirty tricks throughout the campaign ted cruz take action today firing his communications director for a repeat of a video wrongly quoting review of trash talking the bible. paul cameron reports on how the latest in campaign controversy could play out in the nevada caucuses.
10:33 pm
charges among candidates are escalating. ted cruz fired his condition as director rick tyler for twinning an article and video subtitles that were erroneously did -- depicting marco rubio is consulting the bible. >> i ask for rick tyler's resignation. make ran his campaign make ran his campaign and we will with the high standards of integrity. rick tyler is a good man. he was a grave error of justice. tyler had apologized for twinning the inaccurate reports. rubio said it represented a of deception and made clear because he was was about a was about his faith he would not let it go. zach is going to be accountable for making up the video? who is held accountable for the robo-calls and who is held accountable for the commercials on television that they had to pull down. i think it's a disturbing pattern of flat-out lying.
10:34 pm
cruz falsely suggested marco rubio -- in part is medications director. cruz makes no apologies at bareknuckle campaign tactics that draws the line at faith. the controversies rocked the campaign internally because evangelicals are crucial to gop politics. trump is the polls ahead of tomorrow's caucuses where there are 30 republicans delegates up for grabs. turnout expected to be 10% somewhere around 50 to 60,000 people. john kasich put in little effort to focus on upcoming contests in march. virginia today discussing early political campaigns for 19 -- he raised eyebrows talking about women. >> how did i get elected? they got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and put your sense. >> for stuff i want to say your commentary about women coming out of the kitchen to store your
10:35 pm
coming out of the kitchen. the casey campaign issued a statement saying the candidate is proud of the state helmand to support him and to try to twist his comments into anything else as does her politics. because the caucuses and historically low turnout they rarely had -- but there's likely to be a tough battle between cruz and rubio. what might turn out to be the most memorable is that here the bible has upstaged sin city. las vegas karo cameron of "fox news." kayla: endorsements are rolling in for republican presidential candidate marco rubio. north carolina senator tom tell us announced his endorsement for the senator today. backing by tillis comes three weeks before north carolina holds its primary on the same day as border states including rubio's home state. north carolina is a key state in 2012 voters narrowly chose mitt romney.
10:36 pm
one down want to go for south carolina with the republican vote in the books. the focus is turning to the democrats. bernie sanders and hillary clinton in the primary through both candidates are on their way back to the palmetto state before saturday's primary. clinton will be in columbia to talk to voters tomorrow. she is focusing on barriers that help -- held south carolina back. bernie sanders of the day massachusetts talking about his plans for affordable college tuition. >> was picked up and talk about what's happening on wednesday. i continue to expect to see tonight and tomorrow rain across the area but it won't be dangerous storms moving in. we will pick this up with a storm system developing in the south of texas in pushing across the south through tuesday and early wednesday. we will first be a warm front across the area. tomorrow it's going to be cooler
10:37 pm
warmer air to de-stabilize the atmosphere and bring a cold front in right behind it. that's where russi rain chances from wednesday morning and through wednesday afternoon as a cold front passes. we will see opportunities for rain around the backside extending into wednesday night. this will move out and we will see colder air moves back into if you were looking for snow a good chance to see snow starting thursday in the overnight wednesday into thursday across the mountain ranges in a chance to land thursday with good accumulations across the highest areas. we will continue to try this over the next couple days and i want to remind you make sure you're up tomorrow morning with the latest information on the storm system them back tomorrow night for more clarification. as far as rain totals we have seen an inch and a half today alone. tuesday and wednesday we could
10:38 pm
another 2 inches of rain before it's all said and done. we will watch for flooding issues as well. the ground should be fairly saturated and then of course we will add those totals. temperatures like i mentioned a bit cooler as we get into tomorrow. not too bad for overnight lows, 47 in charlotte the temperatures won't warm up that much for daytime highs. will gain another two to five degrees depending on where you are in the warmest temperature in the low 50's. let's check out that seven-day forecast. 80% chance for tuesday morning rain, 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms on wednesday and a 10% chance for early rain on thursday and looking for mountain snow on thursday. temperatures cool off into the 50s friday saturday and sunday with freezing temperatures by the morning and saturday morning. >> i will be closely watching
10:39 pm
monday. formation tonight on the 2015 murder in monroe. for people are facing murder charges in the death of carol griffin. police have arrested randy thompson and dustin belk -- all four are charged with first-degree murder among other charges. the first suspect churching griffins murder. carol griffin was found shot to death near hudson street. the mother of an high school student kidnapped while walking to school stuff -- told "fox 46 news" the suspect tried to assault her son. the man told person to take his clothes off but the student was able to get away and we were told he will not be walking to school any more people he said the suspect forced the 16 open to his car by threatening with a gun. police are still looking for the man who did this. >> i was astounded.
10:40 pm
happen in this neighborhood. it's not like people get kidnapped. >> i was surprised. police say the suspect was driving a white four-door sedan and newer model chevrolet impala or malibu. the team was able to escape by jumping out of that car. we did notice several police officers patrolling the area around the high school. the charlotte city council reviewed a number of proposals in a meeting tonight. money is now on the way to purchase more uniforms for cmpd officers. the contract will impact more than 1800 officers and 300 city council also approved a contract to install l.e.d. streetlights in the parking lot at charlotte douglas airport to the contract with duke energy,
10:41 pm
parking lot has permanent streetlights. the remainder of the lot uses temporary and portable gasoline-powered lights. the contract will replace all of the existing lights and add new lights and infrastructure to support those fixtures. council also voted to allow to donate to retired buses. one bus will go to olympic high school and the other bus will go to the town of -- the town of matthew's fire department. olympic high school students will use the bus to learn more about these mechanics and the fire department will use the bus to train firefighters to better respond in the event of a bus fire. state law allows cities property to be donated to a government agency with or without consideration. startling new numbers tonight show fatal drug overdoses in north carolina jumped from 2002 to 2014 to the charlotte observer reports that federal
10:42 pm
many as 16 people were we to 100,000 presences date compared to 2002 when overdoses killed about nine people per 100,000 residents. experts say growing addiction to prescription painkillers is driving the trend. apple is refusing to budge for the tech giant is fighting a court order to help the fbi recover data from iphone use by one of the same perdido shooters. james comey fired back at critics who say forcing apple to present the data is a slippery slope. the litigation is not trying to set a precedent or send any kind of message. it's about the victims and justice england back to the victims and their families are not jumping into the legal battle and filing a brief on behalf of the government. >> i personally feel upset. >> the bigger pictures there might be information that phone.
10:43 pm
digging in for a long fight and it won't be easy for the government to get everything at once in the case. that's because the government is asking apple to create something that doesn't exist against its will and at its own expense. inside business watch shares of lumber liquidators are taking a tumble. this after the cdc says there are three times more cancer risks using the company's floors and producer reported. lumber liquidators boeing contains the chemical formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer. the cdc for said there was no increased risk of cancer but then corrected himself after turns out they used incorrect ceiling heights in their testing.
10:44 pm
6-year-old virginia mcwarren who visited the white house. the white house released the video yesterday of the elderly woman doing some dance moves and chatting up with the obama's. she was born in 1909 in south carolina and she says she longed dreamed of visiting the white house. she is precious. anthony i don't think anything you have in sports can top that. snag is hard to top that. speaking of awesome talking
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
daytona 500 citi here they come to the line at the daytona 500. >> what a finish on sunday denny hamlin racing his wake through the history books with the closest finish in the history of the daytona 500. denny hamlin realized that childhood dream when he held off martin truex junior to win the daytona 500 for the first time. hammond wrote an essay when he was seven years old thing you wish she could win the 500 read that dream was realized. now he's enjoying the spoils of victory pretty ticked off his four-day media tour with the annual champions breakfast. he will also be on fox and friends coming up on tuesday. that was fedex express toyota
10:47 pm
to the daytona 500 museum. confetti from sunday's win was on the car after hamline edged truex junior in the closest closest finish in recent history. this was hamline's first daytona 500 victory and ninja gibbs racing 23 year drought in the great american race. >> is the biggest win when we can have a nascar ultimately. it's going to take a while to sink in. >> that's the biggest thing, some of these guys are getting their first daytona 500 and 23 years and some of them are getting their first daytona 500 ever. tune tonight next up for nascar is the quiktrip 500 sunday at 1:00 p.m.. the race will be at atlanta motor speedway can be seen right here on fox 46. after a five-game winning streak the hornets are back in the playoffs in the eastern conference and the hornets are currently in seventh after
10:48 pm
they will fight game winning streak which is a season high for hornets and won four straight on the road. that's trickle because i went in when they face lebron james and the cavaliers in cleveland. >> i think character is a big strength of our team in this league that's a big deal. the least unselfish play cheering for each other in the right amount teams. pretty if you have to talk to a group of the time about minutes, shots roles like that you're not going to have two me the chance to them make everyday progress the team like ours has to make. the hornets will shoot for six in a row wednesday night at cleveland. big honor for stedman's name the cia's aa player of the year pick the award was voted on by the head coaches and sports information directors the conference. he led the conference scoring 22 points per game.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> "deadpool" tops the box office and the world gets its first glimpse of a saint. fox's jonathan hunt has these stories and more in hollywood nation. >> a "deadpool" dominates and state west hits the web and camilla's question by the hollywood nation.
10:52 pm
wife camille will have to answer questions under oath regarding defamation charges brought against her husband. a judge tonight the couple's last-minute attempt to delay the deposition. mrs. cosby was set to testify monday in springfield massachusetts. james bond dashes off the market. one of 10 cars used in the franchise to supersize sports car sold at auction last week for a whopping $3.5 million. the world got its first look at kim and kanye son saint west. mom posted a picture on our web site in honor of her late father robert kardashians birthday. stars are coming out in support of kesha in her legal battle against music label sony. the judge's ruling denying the singer's attempt to break her
10:53 pm
including lady gaga kelly clarkson and demi levant had twitted encouragement and taylor swift donated 250,000 dollars to help kesha cover for -- court costs. "deadpool" continues to dominate the box office saying testing in the top spot for second straight week. the superhero flick is the fastest r-rated movie to reach the 200 million-dollar mark nationally and is on track to become the highest grossing r-rated title in history. in hollywood jonathan hunt "fox news." kayla: stick around we will be right back we will be right back with a final check of your accuweather forecasts. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple.
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kayla: "good day charlotte" gets her day started. let's check on what they're working on for tomorrow. >> coming up tomorrow "good day charlotte." >> protagonists khalil says. letting parents know to look for in their children and we talked for 16-year-old who came through surgery a few months ago and he started back dancing. >> we have a whole lot to wolf about, national dog biscuit base coming up tomorrow on "good day charlotte" 4:30:10. >> we are still trying to put
10:57 pm
into that but watch "good day charlotte". that's going to get tomorrow. we are continuing to track rain pushing from the south. again we are saying a break in charlotte is pushing from the south and we will see that in the overnight hours leaving into tomorrow as well. here's what it looks like in charlotte. the first break we have had for several hours but we continue continue to season or so if you are in lincolnton statesville boone all getting rain. it's light to moderate at best. we'll continue to see rain chances getting into tomorrow morning is looking for an 80% chance. temperatures cooler 50 for the high-performing upon wednesday at 66 great again make sure you are tracking with us here over the next couple of days. we have a chance for not only thunderstorms with severe weather and looking for mountain snow on thursday. we will see temperatures down the 50s looking for freezing
10:58 pm
pretty good. kayla will be trying to do? can you tell us? >> i think i dropped out before working on it. >> we can't win them all.
10:59 pm
for joining us for "fox 46 news" previously on "two and a half men"... so, how's charlie doing? oh, he's fine. uh, actually, he's engaged. you told her i was engaged? why the hell would you do that?! charlie, there's a woman named mia on the phone. i'll take it. mia: hi, charlie. mia. so, how are you? great. how are you? fine, fine. still engaged. come. sit. join us. are you sure i'm not interrupting? no, no, of course not.
11:00 pm
oh, i'm sorry i missed her. oh, i'll bet she's still out in the parking lot. i'll go get her. so... what's going on with you these days? you still dancing? not so much. i'm a little old for ballet now. oh, that can't be right. you look great. young and vibrant and... taut. you know who else has a great body? charlie's fianc\e. in fact, charlie calls her boobalicious. i'm really happy you found somebody, charlie. thank you. she's great, really, really great. boobalicious. so if you're not dancing, what are you up to? well, believe it or not, i'm trying for a singing career. no kidding? that's terrific. you know who's a wonderful singer? charlie's fianc\e? uh, actually, i was gonna say ms. celine dion. i have no idea about chelsea. although she does have a set of lungs on her. right. so listen, i'm putting together a demo of some songs.


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