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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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good night, america! they had exponential growth. >> dozens of special needs students and get sick forcing them to close down the school. officials tell us what they think that sickness is and what they are doing with that. kayla: plus an arrest is made in a home from two years ago. who police are of killing his own mother. bill: work tracking the mass shooting that left at least three people dead. you will find out where
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bill: good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm bill melugin. kayla: i'm kayla ayres. dozens of students have fallen ill at a local school and they say enough is enough. they are shutting down for the rest of the week until a building can get a thorough cleaning. they are joining us live in the newsroom with more on what appears to be a norovirus >> reporter: it's a virus that hits fast and hard leaving many feeling sick for days. oftentimes we hear this virus breaking out on cruise ships or hotels. here in charlotte, it hit students and teachers that are dealing with it firsthand. the buses are leaving and not coming back until after the weekend peer that's because metro school in uptown is shutting down after officials say the highly contagious norovirus has taken over. metro is a school for 250
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of those 250, 70 are out of school with the virus. >> the problem with norovirus is what it's it hits, there's exponential growth. these things come in and go very quickly. >> reporter: they say the norovirus is nothing to mess around with. while it something he sees often, it's been a while since it has hit a charlotte school this hard. for those who come down with it, it can cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines. nausea, vomiting, fever, fever, headache, body ache and more are common symptoms. >> one to get this virus into an institution, it's notorious for spreading. >> parents were supposed to meet at the school for talks regarding student assignments. they'd say the fact that norovirus is hitting the school makes it even tougher to prevent its spread. >> it can quickly turn into something very serious.
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more for his son. >> he's always touching everything and putting his hands in his mouth. it's best -- that's the concern. >> a few dozen students were at the health cleantech with symptoms that .2 norovirus as well peer we are still waiting on official word as well but it's something that could be spreading. kayla: now cms said it's already been disinfecting metro schools and will continue to do so over the next two days before students return. bill: we have breaking news coming out of the nation's heartland. there are reports of a mass shooting at a company in kansas. police say it happened at xl. it's up company that makes lawn more parts which is about 35 miles north of wichita. a man opened fire late this afternoon leaving between four and seven people dead and up to 30 people shot in total.
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it happened in a parking lot outside the plant as well as two other locations. the suspect drove between the site and was shooting from his car. suspected gunman is dead as well after he was shot and killed by police. please give it right here with fox 46 as more develops on this breaking story. now onto a follow-up to a story we brought you at six pm tonight. police have arrested a man who killed his own mother back in february 2014. 57-year-old erwin feldman sits behind bar tonight charged with murder. they tell us even more charges might follow. the body of his mother was found in her home in south charlotte. based on physical evidence and interviews, they they were able to make this rest. new at ten o'clock, man was in a hospital after after he was hit by a bus in uptown at 8:00 o'clock this evening. he was walking across the mcdowell and seventh street intersection with the bus hit him. he was conscious when medic got on scene but he was pretty banged up.
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the crash. kayla: new information regarding one of charlotte's top leaders. cedar manager ron carly saying he will stay on with the city until his replacement is named. his current deal expires at the end of next month. reports say meetings have been held to discuss who will replace carly. he has been the city manager since spring 2013. as the city looks to replace him, bank of america announced he is cutting more jobs in charlotte. the city's biggest bank is laying off a small amount of marketing and communications workers not just here at home, but across the country. they say it's part of their plan to trim the workforce to increase efficiency. on tuesday, they made cuts to the global marketing and corporate affairs team. earlier this month, more layoffs were made in this area when the mortgage division downsides. from downsize to growth, they
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in 2017 will come from charter schools. cms is forecasting its public school enrollment will grow by 3200 students next year and for every one of those kids, five others will choose to go to a charter school. right now there are roughly 15000 students in charters. they are trying to expand funding for alternative schools. bill: storm damage can be very intense and very costly. that's why the better business bureau is putting out a consumer alert for people to be on the lookout for those trying to make a quick buck. they are scammers and storm chasers because they take advantage of storm victims. it's always best to do your homework and hire local contractors that you can check out before you pay any cash. in many instances the con artist or storm chaser drive around looking for people they can take
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>> fixing roofs, painting barnes, ceiling driveways. >> reporter: they don't need a license to do work less than 30,000 dollars. just to be safe, do not pay with cash and do a contract. do a homework and check out the contractor. for a complete list of their tips for hiring a home repair contractor, head over to our website at fox 46 it wasn't just damage to storms, it also hit the meals on wheels program which operates that friendship train. as a result they lost thousands of dollars worth of food after they were without power for several hours. they tell us the three walk-in refrigerators may need repair after power surges damaged them.
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700 people each day. kayla: it looks like for now we appear to have the upper hand when it comes to the flu. the cd c said this vaccine was one of the most effective in years. those who got the shot are 59% less likely to get the flu compared to those who didn't. compare that to last year and that number was only at 20%. vaccine advisors are meeting to try to decide which strain should go into next season's flu vaccine. bill: the road to the white house is jampacked and starting to heat up with all eyes on the democrats this weekend in south carolina. when we can come back they will catch up with the rest of the pack. kayla: apple versus the fbi. the move they made earlier today. that's coming your way after the break. >> reporter: we did see some
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toda bill: welcome back, it's super tuesday and super important for donald trump's arrival. it could mean came over her many it's an equally important day for bernie sanders. looking beyond this weekend, south carolina primary and they are in washington with more. >> reporter: i need your help,
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hillary clinton is working to secure a victory leading bernie sanders by double digits in south carolina. sanders passed on the state today looking to snag votes in the all or nothing delegate state of ohio. >> the world changes when you have a handful of billionaires making the decisions as opposed to ordinary americans making the decision. >> reporter: building on-air donald trump is --dash billionaire donald trump is cashing in and texas could possibly shortchange trump. they have him 15 points behind ted cruz in the lone star state senator is pouring it on his adversary. >> there is only one campaign that has beaten and that can be donald trump in this race. >> reporter: marco rubio has been a strong second-place finisher but has yet to nab a
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a new poll reveals rubio lacks trump by 16 points in his home state which could be a potentially deadly blow. >> he's losing in the landside to donald trump in his own state. maybe he will turn it around somehow, but i'll believe it when i see it. >> reporter: twelve states and one territory is in play super tuesday. it's hugely important because it's the biggest one day grab for delegates during a primary season. in washington, fox news. bill: bill clinton was in rock hill rallying supporters for his wife's campaign. president clinton told the crowd hillary wants to make america whole again by supporting a living wage, rebuilding infrastructure to avoid the water crisis and by allowing students to refinance their loans at lower interest rates.
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debt and to refinance their loans. bill: all registered voters are welcome to vote regardless of party affiliation unless you have cast a ballot in the republican primary last saturday. kayla: president obama's choice for the open supreme court seat is already saying no thanks. he leads the list of candidates that the president is considering but he released a statement saying he called the white house to strike his name from consideration. it would've been an interesting choice considering mitch mcconnell said he and his gop caucus would be against whomever the president pics. president obama looking to the future of healthcare. earlier today, he took part in a panel about precision medicine initiative. patients, researchers and other stakeholders discuss the future of medicine as well as the
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president obama discussed a wide range of topics including how he hopes to change it from disease care to healthcare. he mentioned it in his date of the union address. it includes 250 million-dollar investment from the budget. bill: the war of worlds between apple and the federal government is heating up. fbi dir. james comey said the dispute is the hardest question he's ever tackled. katherine harris has more on this from washington. >> reporter: the dispute between apple and the fbi is intensifying. last night the ceo said the company will refuse any order to help defense preserve data from one of his san bernardino terrorist. james comey told, the rest today that they won't be setting any legal or technological precedent. >> the cold the judge has instructed them to write works
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the idea of this getting out into the wild are working on my phone or your phone is not a real thing. >> reporter: congress seems divided on the issue. some lawmakers say they're preparing legislation that would compel apple to help the fbi while others remain skeptical about the privacy implications. >> this will become the target of our sovereign adversaries and criminal and terrorist. >> reporter: it's unlikely the feds will get everything they want in this case. >> the question is, can the government force a private person to work for it when the private person or corporation doesn't want to? >> reporter: apple said they will fight all the way to the supreme court if needed. james comey is hoping to prolong a legal fight and put this aside in the name of national security >> this is the hardest question i've seen and it's going to require negotiation.
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ultimately decided by congress. bill: earlier today apple filed a motion asking the court to set aside the original order compelling apple to help out the fbi. so it's certainly been a wild ride when it comes to the weather. the national weather service confirms there was a tornado and today they just cleared a state of emergency. he's waving service restriction so utility crews can restore power faster to those who lost in the storm. brian, a lot of people are wondering if there's storms heading our way. brian: it looks like were in pretty good shape. we did have a lot of lingering winds today and gusts at 45 mile-per-hour plus plus peer that would not be surprised to hear if there were more down trees today in several places across the area. those wins will begin to slow down tonight.
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snow through friday. the next few mornings will be freezing. we will show you later on when things will begin to warm up. i do want to mention we are under a wind advisory for our top two counties until 7:00 a.m. friday. winds will be between 15 and 25. we could see some gusts up to 50 miles per hour. wind is still a feature across much of the region today and tonight. it slowed down considerably as you get into the piedmont. jefferson 23 mile-per-hour, boone 30 mile-per-hour. charlotte is doing okay with three mile-per-hour wind speeds but i do expect them to pick up as we get into tomorrow. a little bit of wind gust as well around boone. statesville at 23. let's look at your future wind so you know what to expect as you head into tomorrow. they they will be elevated in the mountain ranges.
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winds. still fairly chilly and we will see cold temperatures. then we get into the afternoon. we will see the winds pick up to 14 here the temperatures will be in the low 50. we will have wind chill. you get into saturday and the winds will slow down and were looking at 5 - 7-mile per hour wind speeds. temperatures are cooling. we will see some freezing temperatures. we are 39 in charlotte. that. that number does drop about 8 degrees before it's all said and done. we are looking at clear skies in the lower elevation. we have this moving through and that will keep those wins elevated through tomorrow. that will move on and things will settle down and we will see clear skies once we get past this. winds will be blowing out of the west at 7 - 11. the spring home show this weekend, friday and saturday, it will be pretty good during the
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you should have a great time. i had some good fun tonight. the ci aa tournament is in town. i checked it out. you check this out. >> it ci aa tournament time in charlotte. fans have a big night. this is the kind of trouble we get ourselves into. apparently they are trying to see how long you can hold yourself up. do you think you can beat me? >> yes i think you can. >> i think you can too. let's find out right here alright beverly, you're already you're already looking week. all beverly, no. >> you got it, you got it, you got it. >> they go. >> i couldn't even get my chin over the bar beverly, i beat you. >> no you didn't. >> no i didn't. okay fair enough what's your name?
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>> are you having fun today? >> yes. >> do you think you can beat me? >> of course. >> how many times have you shot a gun mark. >> this is my first time. were gonna show this old man out. >> old man? old man, that hurts. >> look through here. you're gonna put this so wherever you want to aim on the target. yellow circle. >> four hits. that's pathetic. to be fair i'm still reading hard from the pull-ups and i didn't have my glasses on. how does it feel to be a master? >> this is a day. >> if you could blame michael beat him? >> yes. >> of course you could, i like your confidence. how many could you make out of five but mark. >> although for. >> okay and probably going to
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let's go for it. >> let's take it up a little bit. here's the deal, if you miss a shot you have to push up. >> all right. >> okay 141. okay 1 - 1. i'm in to be honest with you have done a lot of competitions tonight and i've lost of everything. it feels like something i can win. can i win? >> i'm losing. can i spin it? let me spin it. i feel good about this. a sticker. thank you. all right we had a lot of fun tonight. i'm wiped out but i have one more trick up my sleeve. i'm to show you what i can do on
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bill: that was fun. i really can get up there, can't i? i can fly fly. i wouldn't be surprised if the marine give you a call after they saw you with the m164 of what? >> i was breathing so hard from the pull-up. kayla: one push-up. >> you are supposed to hold yourself up there but i could not get my chin above the bar. the girl was just mocking me. kayla: so you had a great time? >> it was great. there was so much fun i just didn't have time to get to all that. bill: how did you hear the see the basketball hoop when you are shooting in the dark? >> it was very hard to see.
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you had a go (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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kayla: new at ten, he is a former panther and author. bill: she is the former one who captured his heart and keep him in line. we get to know what transformation church pastor and his wife vicky. >> i noticed this pretty girl doing tricep extensions. i was like those triceps are awesome. we could breed amazing children together. [laughter] >> when he really stole my heart was when we were playing basketball and he dribbled down and did a reverse in front of me. >> she was shooting three pointers in my face so i had to
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our first date was january 15, 1990, which is doctor king's birthday and now we lead a multiethnic church. it was like before dr. king had a dream, god had a dream and he put us together peer i don't know know if you've noticed but my shot is a little bit better. >> being able to understand, to look past and see the need, to be able to forgive, you just go beyond taking it personal. when we were younger, we were we were really young when we first met, and you take it personal at that point. but as we got married and got older and like you said when we came to the lord, we realize there doing the best they can. they didn't set out to her hurt
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>> over the years, my family and they adore her and love her. i think her -- my parents like her more than they like me. >> that's good. >> back in middle school i would breakdance. [laughter] >> i would play with her ears. >> she said sometimes it hurts. >> everyone would say oh i like that. when no one's looking he goes like this.
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it's really hard. >> you probably just don't know your own strength. >> i've been telling you this. >> you're going to get to
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bill: tonight, libya is a hot topic in washington, d.c. this as isis militants are growing their base in that country. a concern federal officials including president obama are talking about as they look at strategy to fight isis. fox news correspondent doug mcelway reports. >> reporter: president obama meeting with national security council discussing global campaign to destroy isis. earlier in the day, u.s. spy chiefs told congress political instability in libya is creating a new challenge in the fight against the terror group as a void has been created where isis militants are moving in and setting up a growing base in libya. >> we'd like nothing better than to have a government in place in libya with whom we can work and gain consent for engaging militarily in libya. that is a subject of active discussion as i speak. >> reporter: u.s. officials estimate some 4,000 foreign fighters have traveled to isis
10:34 pm
established in libya where hundreds if not thousands of native libyans join the isis movement. the chair of the house intelligence committee says whistle-blowers have said u.s. central command personnel have been deleting files. >> we've been made aware files and e-mails have been deleted by personnel at centcom. >> reporter: as centcom is accused of exaggerating progress against isis. >> and we expect that the department of defense will provide these and all other relevant documents to the committee. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence briefed congress on a survey showing 40% of centcom analysts believe there is integrity problems with analysis there. >> recapping top stories. a charlotte school is closed and not expected to open until monday.
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ill with a virus or illness that spread quickly. the health department says at this point all signs are pointing to norovirus. this is going on at the metro school in uptown. it's a school that serves around 250 kids with special needs. bill: also making news tonight, an arrest in a 2014 murder of elderly woman in south charlotte. police arrested her 57-year-old son irwin j. feldman. they were able to break the case on investigations they conducted. kayla: teams hitting the hard wood and fans flocking to see their favorite teams play. the tournament is a big moneymaker for the queen city. in addition to the ciaa games and fan fest, there are also concerts and tons of celebrity sightings in charlotte. it's a great time to just go people watch in uptown. a fox 46 update tonight. police have arrested a man in
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break-ins that targeted firefighters throughout the carolinas. video evidence from the flint hill fire department led detectives to johnny bing. bing broke into and stole from firefighters' cars in a number of cities includes charlotte, huntersville, china grove and cornelius, he faces automobile larceny and stolen property. police say at this time it appears bing was alone during the break-ins and detectives have been able to recover some of the stolen property. >> you are out risking lives, take care of the public, the community. houses and asking people for help. when you see that kind of thing, it hits you in the spot and we want to put that person in custody. kayla: when police found bing they arrested ernestene lockwood for unrelated outstanding warrants. police expect additional charges.
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check out opportunities at the airport. charlotte douglas international is holding a job fair, full-time, part-time and temporary employment opportunities available for hundreds of open positions at the airport as well as other places in the community. everything from tsa jobs to food services positions that need to be filled. carowinds will be on hand to hire for upcoming season and piedmont airlines will be speaking to candidates. the american airlines subsidiary announced it needs 300 new employees to operate out of clt. we have seen wild weather over the past few days but it looks like it's going to be a nice if not cool weekend. for more what we expect here's chief meteorologist brian basham. brian: good evening, everybody. good news as we head into the weekend. cold mornings over the next several days but the afternoons are going to be looking very comfortable especially as we get into sunday, and warm weather over next week.
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in just a minute. i want to point out overnight temperatures are taking a dip. same time yesterday we were 8 degrees warmer. definitely cooler across the board tonight as we head into the overnight hours and got a lot of 30s. does include charlotte at 39 and hickory at 39. 40s out west but freezing each. the day. now if you're looking for sunshine, good news. friday, saturday, sunday and monday, we've got no rain chances in there for you, see a few clouds on a couple of the days, outside that we're doing well and another system roll in midweek next week, a slight chance of rain tuesday at 10% and wednesday coming in at 30%. if you're itching to get outside, afternoons are looking comfortable, plus sunshine. as a matter of fact, show what you you see on the futurecast quickly here. most of the area, the piedmont all clear tonight through tomorrow. i want to point out we're
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opportunities for snow in the mountains through tomorrow about midday, and we'll start to see everything clear out and get sunny in the north as well. if you're thinking about going skiing this weekend, fake snow they're making up there, but the weather is going to feel comfortable. the winds taper off and much, much better but plenty of winds through tomorrow. keep that in mind. resort cam, that timed out on us here. address the overnight temperatures. we are going to see mostly freezing temperatures across the region. a few spots above 33. tomorrow cooler out there but it will be sunny. largely 40s and 50s with the mountains freezing, and check out the seven-day forecast. freezing overnights for the next few into sunday morning, sunday does warm to 63. in the 60s through wednesday before dropping off to the 50s on thursday. kayla: unrelated question, brian, what are your questions on cereal? brian: delicious, but only if
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kayla: listen to this. millennials have reportedly lost their taste for cereal, and not that the crunching stuff left a bad taste in their mouth. bill: according to a new survey, the millennials are too lazy to eat it. how does that work? all do you is -- we'll find out. reporter: americans buy $10 billion in cereal every year. >> frosted flakes. >> reporter: according to the "new york times" cereal sales fell 30% partially because of the eating habits of millennials. >> no joke, my fiance and i had cereal for dinner last night. >> reporter: chelsea cross hosts a radio show and didn't need the "new york times" to tell her, 40% of millennials skipped a bowl for breakfast because they found the cleanup involved inconvenient. >> i put out a poll from twitter feed. >> reporter: percentage of cross, 116,000 twitter
10:41 pm
in the "new york times" story avoided cereal. >> all the things i thought reasons why millennials were not buying cereal were validated from twitter feed. >> reporter: chelsea's twitter feed says millennials feel it is unhealthful and like prepackaged items they can eat while they drive, ride and walk. >> we're always on the go, always moving. >> reporter: according to cross twitter mentions and the "new york times," cereals lack a portability and all two of the dishes a bowl leaves behind rendered a forgotten dish for half a generation. >> that feeds into the lazy aspect stereotype. kayla: all two of the dishes. bill: way two many to clean. you got to clean the bowl, clean the spoon. way too much work, right? i don't believe some people. it's crazy. let's move onto the next story. a man recovering after
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into flames in his pocket. look at that. josh hamilton at the shell gas station in kentucky when the battery of his e-cig burst into flames. an employee rushed out to help him and another man took hamilton to the hospital after it was put out. he's recovering from pretty serious burns. >> was behind the counter, then there was blast, fire, so i did not think about anything, i could see there's a fire and i need to stop that. bill: hamilton says his recovery has been rough with the severe burns on his leg. he says his opinion on e-cigs hasn't changed, though he does believe they should be made safer. you are definitely going want to double check the powerball tickets. somebody in mecklenburg county is a millionaire. the north carolina education lottery says somebody just missed the powerball jackpot but had five numbers match.
10:43 pm
food line on north main street in cornelius. nobody matched all five numbers including the powerball wednesday. that means the jackpot is going up to $266 million. the carolina panthers super bowl loss still fresh in the minds of fans, but not stopping the nfl from getting ready for next year's big game. the city of houston revealed the high-tech super bowl countdown clock this afternoon. city officials as well as houston texan brass were on-hand to get the city ready for the year long prep it's going to take to get ready with nrg stadium. super bowl 51 is just 347 days away. josh, not too long off now. 11 months or so? bowl. let's go right back. we'll see if the panthers can get that done. they're talking combine stuff.
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to double (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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. josh: welcome back, everyone, we begin in college hoops. duke taking on florida state. the two teams on opposite ends of the spectrum. the blue devils in a dogfight at the top of the acc. the conference. looking to take it out on someone, unfortunately fsu was
10:46 pm
>> ingraham gets it up. gator throws it down. josh: incomplete control forcing the turnover and brandon ingraham making it look easy with a two handed flush. and grayson allen flies to the rim and lays that in.
10:47 pm
double figures, what's a duke . josh: the nfl combine kicked off in lucas oil stadium in indianapolis. getting a looking at the top prospect as they prepare for april's draft.
10:48 pm
areas to address this off-season, starting with the corner back position, move to the defensive line, jarrod allen is gone because of retirement. charles johnson doesn't take a pay cut, he could be out of the way as well. so those are two of the areas the team could address in the draft or free agencies coming up. >> it's a pretty strong defensive tackle draft. that doesn't upset me. and you got to see how it all fleshes out but it's strong. >> we've got a lot of work to do, i know expectations will be high on us as far as being able to defend. the expectations are going to be real high as far as people talking about our opportunity to repeat. we'll see how all of that goes. josh: the combine workouts begin tomorrow afternoon. staying in the nfl. more bad news for johnny manziel. domestic violence case will go
10:49 pm
manziel accused of hitting and dragging ex-girlfriend colleen crowley into a car in late january. the former heisman trophy winner was cut by the browns earlier this off-season. nascar will debut much anticipated lower down force rules package this weekend in atlanta. the package similar to the one used at kentucky and darlington last year, will lower the down force on the car which makes it harder to drive and puts more emphasis on the driver's skill and increases potential for more passing during the race. that will make it a more competitive race, it will be hard to top to finish in the daytona 500 from last week, the quik trip 500 is sunday on fox 46 wjzy. denny hamlin will look to be
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. kayla: a big weekend for the movie industry, we're not talking about the oscars. julie banderas has a look at what's new in theaters. >> i'm going to be a ski jumper. >> are you going to break his neck? >> i'm going to break his neck. >> reporter: based on the true story of olympic ski jumper michael eddie edwards, "eddie the eagle" chases his dream and makes his way into the
10:53 pm
>> first the best, and we're a disgrace! >> reporter: the film stars tauren edgerton as eddie and hugh jackman as his rebellious coach. for epic skill action 2-d and 3-d, there is gods of egypt about a mortal warrior to restore peace in egypt. >> have an army behind him, god, demons. >> reporter: the production boosts the star power of gerard butler and geoffrey rush. >> marcus, you got a new partner. >> reporter: casey affleck, anthony mackie, kate winslet and more bring the thriller "triple 9" about a group of dirty cops blackmailed into a dangerous heist which soon
10:54 pm
>> i was gone too much, gone and gone and gone and gone. >> reporter: in limited release the documentary about the apollo astronaut gene cernan, the last man on the know. >> that will be the end of us. >> reporter: the intense martial arts squel to crouching tiger hidden dragon. "deadpool" holding onto the number one spot at the box office. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. kayla: keep it here, we'll have a final check of the
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(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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. kayla: "good day, charlotte" wakes you up every morning. >> check out what they've got in store for you tomorrow. >> coming up on the next "good day, charlotte." >> josh norman going to be in the studio to talk about celebrity basketball tournament. >> the southern spring home and garden show coming to the qc, we will be there live to let you know all of what's in store this weekend. this is your cup of tea. >> "good day, charlotte" 4:30 to 9:00. brian: a lot of us going to be out there friday, saturday, join us, meet us, weather going to be great, too. if you go early in the morning, think a coat, temperatures freezing, friday,
10:58 pm
we've got temperatures hitting the 50s over the next couple of afternoons, but sunday, 63. that's like go to the park. i wouldn't say go to the beach. i don't know if you know this, charlotte doesn't have a beach. but 65. rain chances tuesday and wednesday and, of course, back down to 50 on 30. on thursday. kayla: on 30? bill: we got a quick preview of the 2017 nba slam-dunk contest. if we could roll the video. this is the nfl combine. this is brian basham, first-round pick out of northern arizona, right? look at that. kayla: give you a leg up? brian: no.
10:59 pm
>> who wants more potatoes? hit me. chelsea, the way it's supposed to work here is that berta serves us dinner. i don't mind.
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evelyn: we're back! hey, how'd it go? i don't know what you were worried about. your son is a wonderful driver. oh, well, thanks for taking him, mom. he needs the practice. mmm, pork chops. what are you wearing? grandma bought it for me. pretty cool, huh? you made him dress up as a chauffeur? he loves it. don't get grease on that jacket, dear. yes, miss evelyn. would you like to join us for dinner? oh, no, thanks, i had a late lunch. and she sent a piece of pie out to the car so i could eat, too. anyway, i better get going. well, thanks again, mom. say thanks to grandma. good to see you. you, too. oh, i almost forgot. have you two set a wedding date yet? no. we haven't. but we're gonna. well, it just so happens that a client of mine schedules the weddings for the bel air hotel, and she told me that there was a cancellation


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