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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  March 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again let it play let the music play . kayla: the town of pageland calls an emergency meeting after most of their police department walks off the job. why it might have to do with the police chief and who's stepping into fill the void. >> when is it going to get done? bill: construction comes to a halt on independence boulevard after the contractor stops work. we've got an update on the project and we'll let you know who's keeping it in good shape
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>> it's like something had been poured on the head stone, and i went up to the head stone to try to rub it off but it wouldn't come off. kayla: a retired widow discovers somebody vandalized her late husband's grave causing thousands of dollars of damage. she has no idea who could have done it. this is a story only on fox 46. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight. i'm kayla ayres. bill: and i'm bill melugin. first on fox tonight, we have major news just coming into our newsroom within just the last hour, we have learned that governor pat mccrory toll lane project. cintra, the spanish company who has the contract for the work filed for bankruptcy on a project in texas today. as a result, mccrory ordered ncdot to order every option to completely reassess the entire i-77 business model and the current contract. ncdot officials will be flying
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with texas dot representatives to talk about the situation. the controversial project is under construction and is set to cost $650 million. it would stretch for more than 20 miles north of charlotte and met fierce resistance from local municipalities and groups who say the toll lanes aren't necessary and there are too many questions about cintra. just earlier this year, charlotte city council voted in support of the project and the charlotte regional transportation organization voted to reaffirm its support of the project as well. kayla: i spoke with the leader of a group opposed to the toll lane project, curt noss of widen i-77 says quote -- i-77 mobility partners also sent us a statement, reinforcing that today's
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on the operation of the i-77 express lanes and that this has not affected the construction schedule here. bill: also new at 10:00, authorities in hickory on the scene of a deadly shooting in a mcdonald's off of u.s. 321 in hickory before 7:00 tonight. we're told that one woman is dead and one man is being treated for serious injuries. we're told that an altercation might have been the start of this possibly domestic in nature. police telling us there was a car crash in the parking lot possibly related to the incident. one suspect is in custody. as soon as we find out more, we will, of course let you know. kayla: also new at 10:00. officers are trained in carrying locks on medicine that can reverse an opioid drug overdose. the officers will carry the drug with them at all times on duty. he says in 2015, there were 40
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those incidents resulted in death. brown says using the tablet stabilizes the victims until paramedics arrive and the person can be taken to a hospital. 55 other north carolina law enforcement agencies are providing the life-saving drug. and american airlines is one step closer to make flights to cuba a reality including one from the queen city. the airline company officially submitted application today to the u.s. department of transportation to operate scheduled service to cuba. american airlines wants to have ten daily flights from miami to havana. the company is requesting additional service from hubs in charlotte, dallas, l.a. and chicago. if the proposal is accepted, there will be one daily flight from charlotte to havana. bill: police officers in pageland south carolina are walking off the job after chief was reinstated by the town council. this all went down after a four-month sled investigation.
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investigation was even about. chesterfield county sheriff jay brooks says the mayor called him asking for help to look after the town as the officers start resigning. he says deputies will step into help patrols. >> if it takes a week, takes a year, until they straight ten back out. sheriff's office will look after the town. bill: five deputies are patrolling pageland and right now the police department only has three police officers and a single person on dispatch. the pageland police chief is expected to be back to work monday. the sheriff says some of the remaining officers could leave by then. as a result of all, this town leaders called emergency meeting to talk about the officer walkout. it was the only item on the agenda and obviously something the public wants to see resolved. tonight sam smith is joining us live from pageland with the latest from the meeting. hi, sam. >> reporter: hey, bill, the
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leaders met for about 2 1/2 hours. in the meeting they announced the sheriff will act as the chief law enforcement officer here, and larry brown will work underneath him to fix the staffing issues. what does a town do when most of its police force walks away? pageland is working on the answer. >> concerned citizens and here to find out what's going on. >> motion to go into executive session. >> reporter: the council discussed the issue in private in executive session while those anxious to hear their solution waited. >> i want to see everybody in the community start unity and do things together and live peaceful with each other. >> reporter: in the short-term, the sheriff's office will fill in for the police officers that resigned, the sheriff hopes to work out how his deputies will be paid. >> i trust the sheriff, he has been in a situation they personally aware of or any
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he's a fair man and wants to do what's right. i'm pretty sure he will do whatever he can to keep this town peaceful and well patrolled until we get the matter resolved. >> reporter: long-term, town leaders are committed to ensuring that the appropriate presence is maintained while these personnel issues are addressed. >> we just want to get this over with and get this town back to normal. >> reporter: now, also announced tonight, south carolina highway patrol will help out the sheriff's office in patrolling the town. reporting from pageland, south carolina, sam smith, fox 46 wjzy. bill: thank you, good to see the local sheriff being willing to step in and help out. the sheriff's office will cover the police department for as long as they're needed. kayla: a second grade student at harrisburg elementary school died after he was hit by a car while riding his bike. 7-year-old bryson mcsweeney was not wearing a helmet when
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he was airlifted to cmc where he died. driver of the car was not injured and no charges filed. bill: word a local high school student will likely face charges after deputies say he posted a school threat on instagram. the union county sheriff says the 17-year-old made a threat towards porter ridge high school. his identity will be released once he's charged. other students and school officials saw the threat tuesday night and immediately contacted the sheriff's office. deputies believe the student posted the message as a hoax, but unfortunately for him, in north carolina, it's a felony to make a violent threat on a school. also happening today, deputies tell fox 46, a 14-year-old wrote threats on a middle school. this case is under investigation and charges could be coming. there's been new information released regarding a triple murder investigation in gaston county. the suspect in the crime, 42-year-old crystal gambino
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first-degree murder for allegedly killing her husband and two other people. the victims' bodies were found naked inside of that house. police released the 911 tapes possibly revealing much more . bill: police tell us the woman she found with her husband was stephanie sanchez who officers believe is from texas. she and the other victim have been staying at a hotel on monroe road for nearly two weeks. police say the victims met online but didn't know each other for very long. kayla: u.s. 74 or independence boulevard is one of the most congested roads in charlotte.
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job of widening the highway over a financial dispute. left many wondering what is going on? david sentendrey is joining us live to give us a rundown. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, kayla, ncdot hired interim contract operforming mostly upkeep of the project, fixing potholes, minor repairs while ncdot decides whether or not to hire them full-time. that could come in the next few weeks. in the meantime people who use this highway who live around here want it all to be finished after it's been under construction for nearly three years. it's easy to see traffic move slow on independence boulevard. >> it's wild at rush hour time, too. so i need to get a helicopter. >> reporter: but what's moving slower than traffic is widening construction, additional lanes in each direction, it's happening east
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contractor walked off the job earlier this year, and they're still looking to confirm the replacement contractor, which means construction on these lanes is at a halt, and a number of bridges associated with the project are still shut down. >> i don't drive as much as i did. >> reporter: jacqui simpson has lived near independence since the 1960s, construction traffic is causing some drivers to detour right by her once quiet neighborhood. >> everything started coming by here, and i think that created a lot more traffic. >> reporter: but it's not just home owners affected. businesses like headlines barber shop say construction is cutting up their business. >> little too much than we want, but got to roll with the punches right now. >> reporter: ncdot says it's waiting on a presentation from a potential new contractor to take over the job, but the earliest construction will start back up is the end of march. businesses, home owners, and
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cleaned up quick enough. >> and not getting done, we're wondering what's going on? when is it going to get done? >> reporter: and there's really not a whole lot of construction left on this project, which makes it more frustrating for some people around this area. that it's so close to being done. ncdot says if all goes well, it could be finished by the end of the year. reporting in east charlotte, david sentendrey, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: thank you, david. now ncdot says it is important to point out whatever new contractor it decides to go with, the state will not be spending any more money than initially planned. >> a lot of it is 90% mental, 10% physical. it's a lot to do with how you think. bill: all right, they certainly pack quite the punch. how two local teenage girls are changing the scope of competitive gun shooting. >> lot of planning in the head stone and design. kayla: all that planning is
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target of vandals. we're going to take a look at what's said to be thousands of dollars in damage. brian? brian: hey there, i am tracking weather moving our way, could bring us rain and some mountain foothill snow to the area tomorrow night.
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right after the break. . bill: this next story is cool. two young ladies are making it
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business, they're relatively famous in the competitive gun shooting world and giving men twice their age a serious run for their money. jenna caiazzo explains in tonight's fox 46 special report. >> reporter: she packs a pretty punch. at 17 years old, emily robinson is a competitive u.s. psa action pistol shooter, moving tactfully with a glock, target with ease. >> a lot of it is 90% physical, 10% mental amount lot with how you think. >> reporter: her parents, both police officers in kramerton started teaching her gun safety. >> they got me started in gun safety when me and my brothers were 3, 4, very young for safety reasons. >> reporter: the apple of her dad's eye and he's one of her good luck charms who travels to every competition with her
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>> i bought a plastic bear and rub its head before each stage, it's really weird. >> reporter: she was named national champion giving men and women older and younger than her a run for her money. >> quite a few younger than me, a lot start at 9, 10, control it safely. >> reporter: while she's a professional on more levels than one, robinson is constantly learning from people we had competes with. >> you can be the best shooter or just be starting out. every match, i don't shoot the same people. i'll shoot with one squad this day, one squad the next, depends who shows up. >> reporter: when she's not learning, she's teaching, known as the 17-year-old always lending a helping hand at range and trying to be a team player in whatever way she can. >> you want to help people and support them when shooting and help out on the range and score and pace and do whatever
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>> reporter: one young shooter robinson has taken under her wing is soaring in her own right. >> she's a role model, i want to shoot more up to her level. >> reporter: makayla rider is a 15-year-old competitive shooter who prefers the long barrel of a rifle as the weapon of her choice. she takes the sport seriously. >> as long as you are able to correct your mistakes and not too hard on yourself. >> reporter: she isn't in it alone, her mom, dad and sister are biggest support group. >> shooting is a lot more family oriented than people think. i enjoy doing a lot with my family. >> the four of us will come out here and spend a range day, and we all have a good time, and mom gets involved and both the girls shoot, and we'll come out here, we'll be out here for three, four hours, shooting, having a good time. >> reporter: as she hones the skill of target shooting, rider is adding to a sport
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mixed crowd with people of all ages catching onto the competitive pastime. >> you see a lot of people at competition, i love seeing new girls, no matter their age, a the love them surprise themselves how good they can shoot and how much better they can shoot. >> reporter: practice makes perfect for this little lady as she perfects her rifle shot and moves onto trains for action pistol shooting like her role model, emily robinson. >> pulling that trigger and just coming out here and doing something i'm passionate about, and learning that my family is behind me is the greatest feeling in the world. bill: impressive. i have trouble hitting somebody 20 feet away when i go paint balling with the guys back home. they are both home-schooled so they can travel to competitions and make time for practice. brian, these are two ladies you certainly don't want to mess with, right? brian: that's impressive when she can run, you saw what i
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minutes later trying to shoot. let's say trying to do a pullup. thanks, bill. i have a lot of respect for what the young ladies can do. talk about the headlines and what we're seeing over the next few days. we are, we have a day off, but rain that is returning thursday night in the area. now here's good news, won't linger too long. a nice weekend this weekend, and even better next week's going to feel like spring. we're not quite there yet. march 20th, the official start of spring. make a nice little push temperaturewise. today we cooled off bigtime out, there but essentially put us right where we should be this time of year or typically are at 58 degrees, start the day at 44. that will not be the case tomorrow. as a matter of fact, temperature right now versus 24 hours ago, over 25 degrees cooler. you know that means we're
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and some spots already are. the mountains are, hickory at 33. statesville at 34. charlotte warmer at 38 degrees, and we showed you right before the break, we're tracking rain and snow, moving back in the area tomorrow. now tomorrow afternoon. this time right here, we're going to pick up 1:00, clouds starting to roll back into the area. thicken up closer to the nighttime hours, and 7:00 see the precipitation falling. morganton has rain. boone, jefferson, newland, snow opportunities up in the mountains. now, as we get into the midnight. we'll see some of. cold. some of that rain start to transition down in the foothills into snow, possibly freezing rain, and we're sleet in the area, rain for most of midnight. most of us asleep when this is falling. right around that freezing
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that area, they could see frozen precipitation as well. see the rain linger through the morning commute. as far as how much we see, we could see up to half inch from thursday night into friday here in charlotte alone. rockingham almost an inch of rain. stick around, in another ten what happens to those temperatures next week. kayla? kayla: thank you, brian. there are new details surrounding cell phone video that shows a cmpd officer apparently punching a suspect in his back. we've learned from a cmpd source that there is also footage from police body cameras possibly showing other angles of the arrest. cmpd is not releasing that footage nor are they confirming existence. quentin williams, former attorney and former fbi agent says the body cameras might let us see what the suspect was doing and hear what was
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>> punk could be necessary if an officer has to defend himself, in that case, i don't know that that was the situation. kayla: cmpd is not releasing the names of the officers involved because the investigation is a personnel matter. the hit-and-run suspect malcolm glen elliott ii ran from them and resisting arrest when they were trying handcuff him. elliott's mom was shocked when she saw the video and says the fact that so many officers were there surrounding her son was, quote, unnecessary. chemicals in little sugar creek. officials are warning of contamination found in the water between east 36th and parkwood avenue and in the water near east 27th and north davidson streets. elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals in the water at those location. health officials are advising people not to drink, fish or bathe in little sugar creek. >> the whitewater center is
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some of the new attractions (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. bill: welcome back, the u.s. whitewater center is undergoing major expansion. crews are working on 100-foot ziplining tower as well as a launch sight for more kayaks and trails for hiking and bike. they are most excited for the deep water solo climbing facility. >> it will be the first of its kind in the world offering 25, 35 and 45 foot climbing walls and 19 foot pool at the base that climbers fall into at end. we've had a temporary wall for competitions in the past. this will be the first permanent of its kind. bill: in anticipation of more customers, the whitewater center is adding 500 brand new parking spaces. kayla: we got a sneak peek of the attractions coming to carowinds including a firsthand look at carolina
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complete and plants v. zombies, the first interactive 3-d attraction. it's a video-game series that drops you into an all-out battle between plants and zombies and fight for suburbia. bill: still to come, a
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vandalized her . kayla: checking out top
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hickory are on the scene of a deadly shooting at mcdonald's off u.s. 321. this happened just before 7:00 tonight. hickory police tell us that one woman is dead and a man treated for serious injuries. this started as some kind of altercation outside the restaurant possibly domestic in nature. there is a car crash in the lot which may be related to the shooting. one suspect is in custody, we'll keep you posted with any new developments. bill: governor mccrory calling for full review of the i-77 toll lane project. cintra, the spanish company who has the contract for the work filed for bankruptcy protection in texas today. the ncdot ordered to reassess the entire i-77 business model and the current contract. ncdot officials will be flying to austin on monday to meet with texas dot reps to assess the situation.
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pageland, south carolina, are walking off the job after chief, larry brown was reinstated by town council. this went down after a four-month sled investigation. town leaders called emergency meeting tonight to talk about the officer walkout. leaders decided that the sheriff will act as a chief law enforcement officer there, and that brown will work underneath him to fix the staffing issues. more sorrow for a charlotte woman who says her husband's newly placed gravestone appears to be the target of a random act of vandalism. bill: you got to feel for this woman. she noticed the damage yesterday and trying to figure out why would somebody would do such a thing. emily collins shares her story, what you'll see only on fox 46. >> he loved god, that's why i'm out working in the yard. >> reporter: one year since ann coleman's husband willie passed away.
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year, march 19, unexpectedly from back surgery at carolina medical center. >> reporter: to cope with his loss, coleman does a lot of gardening and spends time with the couple's dog and closest companion. >> she can see how pretty you look, how handsome you look. >> reporter: the two visit willie here at the mount olive presbyterian church cemetery. >> just a very peaceful and relaxing situation, you know, when i go there, i go every day, twice a day to visit my husband. >> reporter: as coleman and samly were leaving their house to visit the cemetery for the second time tuesday, she never imagined she would find the couple's $10,000 head stone damaged. the lines are hard to see, coleman has done everything to try to remove them. >> it was hurtful because my husband was such a wonderful man, he wouldn't hurt a fly,
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why someone would pour something on the head stone that's only been out there two weeks. >> reporter: with the one-year anniversary of willie's death weeks away, coleman says she and sammy are learning to forgive and forget. >> and today i said put it in the past and move forward. it's already done and everything would be fine because i got my faith and trust in god and it will be fine, it will be fine. >> reporter: emily collins, fox 46 wjzy. bill: certainly hope they catch the guy who did this. after coleman and friends made several attempts to remove the substance and weren't able to do it. coleman decided to file a report with cmpd, she's waiting to hear back from the company who designed the head stone to find out if the damage can be reversed. kayla: there say potential for snow in the area over the next couple of days but hooks like the spring-like temperatures will return next week. for more on the accuweather
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brian: good evening, if you thought we hit the 70s, we're going head first into spring, not so fast. putting the brakes on here, over the next several days, really across the eastern half of the united states. let me show you what's going on. things quiet for us, but tracking a couple of systems that are moving across the country. already can you see snow attached to the first one, and we're going to see low pressure system, couple of them, actually move across the area over the next several days, and we have a potential for significant snow in the areas in white and then snow traveling all the way up and down the east coast in the appalachians, down toward south carolina. now most this stays local. we've showed you our snow chances over the next couple of days. want to show you what's going on to the north of us as well. if you're thinking about getting on board and getting the last skiing before the season changes and the ski season is over. again, as we get into tomorrow.
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see the snow opportunities through the mountains here. again locally. this system moves off to the coast, and by the way, going to keep an eye on this system as it moves up. if it stays more onshore, could cause issues all up and down the seaboard here, and that could affect travel into the weekend. if you're thinking about heading out of town, keep that in mind, continue to track with us as this weather changes, and track another cold front pushing in out of canada across the northern states as well. not much of that is going to affect us. little chance of some rain early sunday morning, right now our chances to see precipitation, very, very low, 10-20% chance across the area. tonight, freezing temperatures, 20s in the mountains, 30s down to the south. few spots above freezing in the overnight, and tomorrow chillier than it was today.
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degrees across the area. lot of 50s but 30s and 40s up r. and check out this extended forecast there. we go. e of rain tomorrow night. that's down to 30% early friday, but friday afternoon, that clears out, leaves us good into the weekend. saturday 58, partly cloudy, again, early chance for rain sunday. and kayla, we're going to see cloudiness on monday, tuesday and wednesday and also going to see continuing warming temperatures landing in the 70s next wednesday. >> i am very excited by the warmer temperatures. thank you, brian. the death of a west mecklenburg high school student rocked the community. students and staff gathered this morning to mourn the death of heaven sea. the teenager was killed in a car accident around 9:00 in the morning. throughout the day today, grief counselors helped studentsrocess the tragedy. outside the stool, students spray painted a rock with the
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the accident happened near a local elementary school. the driver of a mitsubishi eclipse was speeding and lost control of the car driring off the road and hitting a tree. two other people had serious injuries. pole are investigating exactly what happened? bill: onto an update for a story we've been following. we know the name of a woman shot in the head in charlotte just sitting in a car. according to the police report, the victim is cecile thomas. cmpd tells us around 3:30 tuesday morning they found thomas in the parking lot of north groves townhomes. they don't believe the parking lot is where the shooting happened. there are no witnesses and no suspects at this time. kayla: officials released the identity of the man hit and kill by a car in rock hill. johnny swales was struck by a vehicle on south anderson road. officials pronounced him dead on the scene. no word if the driver will
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detectives need youlp finding this man. cmpd says mark bellton cut off his monitoring device. he was last known to be in the area of north trion and 28th industry. call 911 if you know where he might be. the fbi has made an arrest in connection with a gold bar heist in north carolina. officials say this man is responsible for taking $4.8 million worth of gold bars from a truck along i-95 last march. 46-year-old perez was arrested in miami today. details regarding the charges and perez's alleged role in the robbery are expected to be released later. according to reports, a shipment containing 275 pounds of gold bars was intercepted by three armed thieves on its way from miami to massachusetts.
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the driver and fled with the gold in a white van. >> the union county board of education signed off on big changes. last ght, they agreed on $400 million in brand new construction plans to take place over the next five year or so, this includes brand new sun valley high school, as well as additions and renovations across the school district. only problem is union county commissioners have to sign off on giving the school district all this taxpayer money to use. there's no timetable when commissioners will make their decision, but the board of ed hopes to start the construction as soon as january of 2017. it's almost north carolina's turn to step up to the plate. early voting for march 15th primary is going to kick off tomorrow. there will be more than 360 early voting sites across the statement you have the opportunity to vote early at any voting location within the county you live in until next saturday. if you missed the voter registration deadline, vote at one stop early voting
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asked to show a photo i.d., exceptions are available for those who don't have one. check for your voting site before you head to the polls. kayla: the remaining gop candidates are picking up the pieces from major blockbuster from donald trump. the billionaire businessman won seven states in total. carl cameron is in michigan with a look at the party's effort to stop the trump. >> reporter: donald trump won 7 out of 11 super tuesday states. republican voters are coming out in record numbers while democratic turnout is down. trump has won 10 out of 15 contests. >> they came from the democratic party and the democrats and longtime democrats and never going to switch and they all switched and they were independents. and we've actually expanded the party. >> reporter: trump called himself a unifier last night while rivals say he's a liberal passing as a
10:41 pm
a month after winning the caucuses in iowa, ted cruz wrapped up oklahoma, texas and alaska and urged the others to quit. >> to the candidates who have not won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates. i ask to you prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. [cheers] >> reporter: minutes later marco rubio notched first win in minnesota's caucuses. he early voted in florida today. >> it's my home, we're going to win, we feel great about it. >> reporter: charging forward he says all the way to the convention if necessary. >> we're going to campaign in all 50 states and ensure that not only i'm the nominee but that the republican party does not fall in the hands of donald trump. >> reporter: a web ad on the history of the charged rhetoric. >> for racial discrimination in the 1970s. >> we're going to do great
10:42 pm
you see that in the polls. great with the hispanics. i'm going to do great with virtually every group. >> reporter: trump dismissed paul ryan's warning that, quote, anyone who wants to be the gop nominee must reject the group on bigotry. >> i'm sure i'm going to get along with him. if i don't, he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? >> reporter: as for dr. ben carson, he announced he doesn't see a path forward toward the nomination, will not take part in tomorrow night's debate hosted by fox news and let the conservative political action know his decision come friday. carl cameron, fox news. bill: donald trump sent out a tweet saying, quote, the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. but governor haley had a perfect response, she said bless your heart, which we all know is a southern backhand. unclear what prompted trump to
10:43 pm
recently endorsed marco rubio in his bid for the presidency. and governor haley has signed executive order for south carolina. she's ordering a statewide study to see how local governments are making impact on business, creating the local government competitiveness council, how city and county governments can benefit or burden the business community. time to send it on over to josh for a check of sports tonight. hornets playing a game, they better win tonight, right? josh: they found themselves trailing to the philadelphia
10:44 pm
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. josh: welcome back, everyone, we begin tonight with the charlotte hornets on the road in philadelphia. this game should be an easy w for the hornets. the sixers are the worst team in the league. their record 8-52. not to mention the same team that broke the nba record with 27 straight losses to open the season, but believe it or not, this game was close midway through the third quarter. kind of surprising because the hornets have more wins in the last nine games than philadelphia does all year long. second quarter, frank kaminsky trying to wake up the team with the flush. hornets cling to four-point lead. ishsmith knocks that one down, and how about this?
10:46 pm
and the hornets realize, they're the hornets and the other team is the sixers. courtney lee knocks down the three-pointer from the corner, and walker goes to work, pulls up, drains the three, game high 30 points and the hornets, don't worry, they get the victory, 119-99. walker on tonight's game and jeremy lin looking forward to the next game. >> it was a good overall team effort. these guys are really good. they play extremely hard and happy to pull out the win. >> coming up, coach, we have a lot of games against opponents that are under .500, so we definitely have to take advantage of that, you know, we've had a tough schedule up until this point, like you said, winning the games you need to win or supposed to win, or whatever, that's a huge, huge part of -- every last game coming down to the seeding.
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home friday night against the pacers. to be the best you have to beat the best. the challenge for davidson with first place vcu on the road. they met in january with the wildcats falling by ten but a chance to flip the script in virginia tonight. final road game of the regular season for the wildcats. davidson in the hole by 13, jack gibbs, the leading scorer knocks down the triple, trying to get his team back in this game, doing it with offense and defense. gets the steal and goes the other way. a nifty move, gets that one to go. 18 points in the game but on the other end, cox gets free, they get the win, by a final of 70-60. final home game of the regular season for nc state taking on boston college,
10:48 pm
trailing 67-66 late in the second half. to nascar, bad news for daytona 500 runner-up martin truex, jr. and his team. they suspended cole pern, after nascar found an issue with roof flaps with furniture row racing car for a second week in a row. nascar approved the request to defer the suspension penged the appeal. now in addition to truex's team, docked ten points and fined crew chiefs $15,000. among those penalized -- nfl news, the panthers will not have to face roddy white when they face the falcons next season. the veteran wideout was cut today and two games against the carolina panthers this year.
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. bill: all right, the final season of fox's hit show "american idol" is rolling on. the show presenting top 10. as the last weeks of the show are now in sight, fox's michelle paleno has more about making it this far. >> saving the best for last.
10:52 pm
hollywood carpet at last week's "idol" party, the finalists hope to win america's vote. . >> my favorite part is definitely performing and kind of like seeing how america reacts, you know? and so far, so good, i hope it continues. >> i just think about the next step. i realize when i think about the next, next, next step i lose my mind. for me it's okay, just go out and sing this song, once you are done with that, focus on the next step. >> every time one of us progresses, it's like a miniature celebration and then it's crap, what do we do next? >> reporter: the finalists face double elimination this week but trying to stay focused happy to have made it this far. . >> thinking i was at home thinking about and no one
10:53 pm
that weird? >> embracing it all, and i'm really, really grateful for this moment and grateful for everyone who put me through now. . >> reporter: lots of preparation going into each song, both in front and behind the camera. >> it's really hectic, you're pulled from wardrobes to makeup to picking your next song to all of these things show. that's pretty incredible and scary at the same time. >> it did feel very arranged. >> reporter: and trying to keep the judges' critiques in mind also adds pressure. >> we can get too caught up in our opinions and too cerebral with everything. i'm sure that the average sentiment is pick and choose what resonates with you, because just having the three of us tell them things is a lot, not to mention scott and ricky and everybody behind the scenes.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: find out who will stay and who will be sent home as well as special performances by harry connick, jr. and demi lovato. in hollywood, michelle paleno, fox news. bill: we'll be back with a final check of your
10:55 pm
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brian: let's talk about tomorrow morning. first off, it will be freezing, so you'll need a coat, but if you're out for a good chunk of the days, take umbrella with you as well. won't need it for the first part of the day. through the afternoon in the evening hours, chances for rain ramp up. at left tomorrow, mid 50s for highs, cooler all the way around. that won't last for too long. as a matter of fact, we'll be into the upper 50s as we head towards the weekend. again strong chance of rain tonight, thursday night with mountain snow, and then that will clear up by friday afternoon, leaving us dry for saturday. tiny chance for rain sunday morning, looking mostly good, mostly sunny as well. sunday afternoon at 60. 64, 69, 71. say hello to spring. bill: year is flying by, isn't it? the new year, getting into winter, now about to poke into spring. kayla: we just have to get to the weekend and the weather is going to be awesome. brian: that's it.
10:58 pm
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