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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 5, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> i don't know if he's going to win. >> news of gop front-runner donald trump making a last-minute pit stop in the charlotte area on monday plus some in the area screaming to see him in person. good evening i am jenna caiazzo. thanks for joining us tonight. first on fox front-runner donald trump is bringing his campaign to the charlotte area. trump announced this afternoon he will be holding a rally in concorde on monday. what do they have to say about trump coming to their town? >> many the voters i spoke to today said they are still unsure who they are going to vote for for the next president. while some say they believe
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others say his election tour is more of a circus than a campaign. donald trump is making a stop here as he continues to push for voters who believe he will make america great again. the trump campaign announced the presidential hopeful while poster rally in concord at cabarrus arena and events center monday on it ahead of north carolina's primary election. >> there'll be 75% supporters and 25% who can't believe you said what he said. he really come i don't want to use the word crazy but pretty much crazy. >> the group has some supporters in the area excited to see what he has to say.
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when. if somebody tells the truth they are going to win plain and simple. it's time for somebody to do something. >> others say they're not ready for the chaos that comes with a campaign to be in the area. >> pretty much everything you said, he's repeating himself probably not the best qualified but he browsed the bob. >> although not everyone is sold on the idea of translating the country people in concorde say they will be at the event on monday. >> to see everybody's expressions and to feel the energy. >> doors open at 9:00 a.m. on monday it will take the stage at noon. primary elections in north carolina -- jenna: trump will be at the crown center coliseum in fayetteville north carolina on
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we are sticking with politics. dr. ben carson announcing tonight that he is dropping out of the race for the white house. this announcement doesn't come as a big surprise. carson failed to win any states super tuesday and never gained much traction in the polls. carson will remain heavily involved in what he calls saving our nation. early voting in north carolina as already begun. today we went to the ccp building in charlotte to catch people casting their votes. early voting last until march 12. we are following some breaking news out of the elizabeth neighborhood involving a shooting. this is a live picture from the scene. here's what we know at this point. someone was shot at the copper creep court did he charlotte. the victim drove her car after being shot and pulled over at a parking deck and call for help. this all unfolded before 9:00 this evening.
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have been taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. we will stay on the story and bring you any more information tomorrow morning on "good day charlotte." that wasn't the only shooting in charlotte today. this is video from the scene of a shooting in uptown. it happened around 4:30 at the intersection of eighth street and north tryon. one person was shot. medics rushed that person to cmc work for what we are told or serious injuries. a violent 24 hours in rock hill. several shootings and at least one person dead. the violence started last night in three locations. police say shots were fired into three homes sending three people to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. the shootings happened between 8:00 and 11:00 last night. on arlington avenue and pierson drive. then this afternoon a deadly shooting happened in the middle of black street and sub two and rock hill leaving one person
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orders office release the name of a victim 18-year-old jared harding. we spoke with a couple of his friend charlie after he died. >> he was just a baby. served. rock hill police say there were three men in a car which ended up one mile north. the third man was not injured and interviewed by police to figure what happened. the investigation continues and officers are looking for the man who left on foot and police tell us this is the first homicide in rock hill this year. now to a follow-up. a second person has died in a deadly shooting at a mcdonald's in hickory. that shooting happened wednesday night. police tell us cody watts passed away today. richelle lail died at the scene and police say eric young is charged in shooting the shooting. police believe the shooting was the result of a -- a south carolina business owners trying
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his warehouse burned to the ground. the pageland farmer's market cup tire around noon today. the flames completely wiped out inside. sam smith's talk to the owners. >> the warehouse at pageland farmer's market is destroyed. despite the owners in good spirits. randy johnson could do nothing but watch as his 30-year-old warehouse burned to the ground. >> his son was inside at the time running to grab a -- under the same roof. >> he said it came so fast he couldn't get out the front door. >> he was able to make it okay. the warehouse was storage for paolo to produce. someone was burning a pile of debris near the building. police say the wind picked up
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johnson said it's a lovely warm prepared for. >> insurance goes higher and higher you can afford to buy any insurance. that's hindsight. >> he is taking this misfortune in stride. johnson said he will start possible. he's just happy that no one was hurt. in pageland south carolina sam smith fox 46 wjzy. jenna: and are telling us the fire caused $200,000 in damages. an apartment fire displaces two families in the charlotte is going to the fire department received a call around 9:55 9:55 s. 30 firefighters responded to the 9000 block of of -- it took crews 50 minutes to gain control of the fire.
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cross has been called in to help the families who will no longer be able to stay in the two-story multifamily home. officials say there is no word yet on the cause. north carolina's top transportation official says a bankruptcy filing alone to buy it texas toll road operator is not a reason not to cancel a contract on the i-77 toll lane's here at home. center the companies building the i-77 toll lane in the charlotte area is tied to the texas project after the bankruptcy filing in texas governor mccrory ordered the d.o.t. to review the contract in north carolina. so the state transportation secretary is heading to texas monday to find out what went wrong there. today the secretary was in valentine and we asked him what exactly he will be looking for is a red flag that would signal the d.o.t. should scrap the
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>> it's not a decision that slightly entered into because it would clearly be something disputed. it would have to relate to the loss of confidence about being able to deliver and operate the project. jenna: construction as already started on the 26-mile i-77 toll lane project. if fox 46 update to tell you about as we have new details regarding the officer involved shooting in raleigh. police say the man fleeing from police was drawing a gun which is why the officer fired at him. 34-year-old akeil denkins was shot dead after being chased by officers. police were originally trying to serve a drug warrant. dinkins was laid to rest today. the officer who fired the fatal shot d.c. twiddy remains on administrative leave. one man is behind bars after careworn trafficking raid was broken up a linking county
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40-year-old eric -- erick nolen. an undercover operation caught him him in the act. when confronted police found found a sizable amount of what is called black tar heroin. he is is an prism of 57,000-dollar bond. lincoln deputies say they expect to make more arrests related to this trafficking ring. new at 10:00 sad news for country music fans. singer joey sieg has passed away at the age of 402 to seek and her husband were reformed the award winning duo joey and worry after they came in third place on the show can you duet in 2008 through the singer made headlines in recent months as her husband -- on behalf of the couple schuchat -- five cervical
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she leaves behind her 2-year-old daughter who was born with down syndrome. if fox 46 follow-up as a 17-year-old responsible for making threats against a union county high school has now been charged. justin cassidy was arrested last night after making threats against porter ridge high school. after speaking with investigators cassidy admitted to making a threat but insisted it was just a hoax. in north carolina is a felony to make a violent threat on a school. two other teens are still being investigated in this incident. seven years in jail, that's how long this man will spend behind bars after admitting he tried to get photos from a 15-year-old girl. 34 he rolled ralph phillips was sentenced in hickory county courtroom. sheriff's detectives pose as a young girl on line and arranged a meeting with phillips. that's when he was caught. phillips said that it he did get photos from one girl back in
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all new at 10:00 business continues to grow in charlotte neighborhood. a new stores opening its doors for the first time today. it's the only place they wanted to be. the company's door -- store hosted its grand opening today. it's one of many recent openings owners say the store will be a place where people can grab beer and wine and enjoy time with family and friends are the former mill house turned store features art from local artists. the owners say they chose it because the culture and longevity the store will have in the area as it continues to grow. >> people are looking for something unique and while we can name a million neighborhoods in charlotte that are great to have dinner or a concert this is the area you want to come to where you will find unique
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unique visions. the company's door prize open every day except on monday. often at 10:00 if he wanted to be in a tv show now is your chance be the new fox drama shots fired is going to be filmed in charlotte and the surrounding areas. people of all ages are encouraged to tryout for background extras for this new show. former and one for me somehow you can be a part of the additions head to our web site coming up a local dive team spent the afternoon searching for possible evidence relating to recent murder. find out how neighbors are reacting. o.j. simpson back in the head lines. we'll tell you about the possible new evidence that has come to light more than 20 years after simpson's ex-wife and another man were found brutally murdered. see mecca colbert will come to the area saturday but moved up
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lots of sunshine and a big war >> welcome back. we have quiet weather across the area this evening some drier air is pushed into the region. we are keeping in mind the cold front that will push and later in the day tomorrow. the good news it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it so we will see quay conditions for much of the weekend. you see see the drier ak see the dryer a tremendous help to break up the clouds this afternoon.
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the 50s. we are where we are supposed to be this time of year. temperatures to come back and it urges and 40 so it's on the cooler side. timber shall continue to drop off with mainly clears guys a few patchy clouds. 34 degrees for an overnight low in parts of the area cooler than that. overall it looks like it's going to be a colder start to the day tomorrow. as you get into saturday there could be a little bit of extra cloud cover is the coleburn comes in. this is basically going to be late saturday saturday night a couple of showers possible. a good amount of sunshine mixing in. high temperatures heading to the 50s on saturday afternoon and if you do plan on being outdoors keep in mind things are starting to bloom and we are starting to get in the spring weather. the pollen is on the higher side high pressure will remain in control over the next several
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and quiet with a nice soft westerly flow pushing temperatures upward. we'll be in the 60s on sunday and monday lots of sunshine with pleasant days around the region. as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday temperatures will climb into the 70s you will be quite warm across the region but another frontal boundary coming in. this is a slow mover so it's going to take its time before it gets here. we have a 20% opportunity and thursday, 30% on friday and the front comes in next saturday. so it really is going to -- but ahead of that front very warm air will be in place. jenna: amanda thanks. we are following up on breaking news we first brought you at 6:00. an app chick related to a guessing county murder of may at be at the bottom of the charlotte pond. diver spent the afternoon searching the pond.
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what exactly it is. david sentendrey is here to give us a breakdown. >> people trying to figure out just how something related to murder could end up in their neighborhood. the charlotte fire department dive team is searching a deep charlotte pond. they are not saying what they are searching for but it is centered around a murder. >> car parts something related to a murder, no. >> it happened near mara would circle. police say it has to do with the shooting death of 37-year-old shamari lewis. lewis was shot in gaston county monday morning. we are told what they are diving for is not a body or weapon and is not dangerous but police say
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the killer. >> this pond is in a relatively quiet neighborhood 40 minutes from the shooting scene and guessing county. it's so quiet here and so peaceful some say it's the perfect hiding place. >> there's no activity so it would be if perfect place to drop something on notice. the guessing county police department says it will be back with the dive team. david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. officers say the murder victim was the father of a 5-month-old child. anyone with information is asked to call gaston county crimestoppers. job cuts continue for bank of america. the charlotte-based bank says is planning to lay off another 150 employees. this time they will come from the trading and investment banking division. they plan to make the cuts next week. it's all part of a plan to trim
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efficiency. bank of america has made job cuts for the past two weeks many of which affect jobs in the charlotte area. the bank might be cutting jobs but america's thriving when it comes to creating them. a new them. in new jobs report says the country created 240,000 jobs far more than what was expected. the unemployment rate didn't change which also was surprising. that remains of 4.9%. one note of concern wages drop slightly from the month before. analysts say it job growth is important that they're concerned if wages remain low it could affect wall street. duke energy is facing more lines over the coal actually get 12 of its current and former plants across north carolina. regulators at the company on notice and has 30 days to respond to the department of our mental quality of mental quality and white duke shouldn't be held responsible.
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would cost duke up to a thousand dollars would regulators have fined duke more than $13 million for violations in its various north carolina plants. a few of the charlotte -- received recognition they have been waiting for. the charlotte-mecklenburg police department promoted three officers during a promotion ceremony. emily spindler and nicholas -- were promoted to sergeant. they say it's for their proudest moments. this took place this morning the auditorium of the police training academy overrun -- road. >> it's an honor for us as united states citizens at the ceremony. we take you inside the naturalization ceremony 50 u.s.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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jenna: an exciting day for more than 50 u.s. citizens zpic u.s. senator thom tillis was in charlotte's afternoon to welcome 52 new immigrants as they officially became u.s. citizens. it marked a milestone in years in the making for many of khan to the country from around the future. kevin may check brings us the story. >> he came to this country seeking a better life than what he had in romania. >> a lot of people live in poverty and have no chances of doing what they want. this country is opened up so many opportunities for me. >> register and he and 51 others took the oath of allegiance making them u.s. citizens. >> i am proud.
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been looking forward to. i'm just very grateful. united states senator thom tillis and judged david kier handed out certificates of legalization during the naturalization ceremony at the courthouse. >> with some of the people it served to make armed services and they are not even citizens of this is the best part of america and what makes is really great. >> and immigrant has to be 18 years old live in the u.s. for five years or more and must have a citizenship test. they have to demonstrate a lot of knowledge about the united states government. >> the big payoff having the right to vote. in an election year that's the most important right that they have as american citizens to purses paid in the political
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>> he says one of his biggest concerns is keeping -- legal. >> a lot of candidates on the republican side want to turn that around. in uptown kevin may check fox 46 wjzy. >> u.s. citizenship and immigration services naturalize is roughly 700,000 emigrants in similar ceremonies throughout the country each year. the zika virus issue has gotten to the point where the cdc is holding a special meeting for it. a one-day summit has been called for next month when experts expect the virus to spread through the cdc said with a warmer weather the mosquitoes carrying the virus will emerge. the virus has been blamed for many women giving birth to children with birth defects.
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a man is caught on tape robbing a columbia south carolina walmart after stealing roughly $40 in meet. this man started fleeing the scene but tripped over himself on the way out and nearly gets run over by an oncoming car. you can see in the background are clearly a wet floor sign which ignored. police identified and sophie recognize him call columbia police.
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evidence connected to the >> donald trump taking a stop in the tar heel state as he continues to push for voters who believe he will make america great again. the trunk campaign announced that presidential hopeful will host a rally in concord at the cabarrus arena and events center. the rally will be on monday at noon at the north carolina's primary election. the doors will open at 9:00 a.m.. the south carolina owners trying to figure what to do next after his warehouse burned down. the pace when farmers market, fire around noon today. but on her son was inside the building when it caught fire but he was able to get out without getting hurt. the company store located in charlotte hosted its grand opening today. one of many recent openings in
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owners say the store will be of place for people to grab beer in wine and enjoy some of family and friends. the millhouse turned store features art from local artists. the company plans to be open every day except monday. breaking news tonight on the story that originally broke almost 22 years ago. involves the so-called trial of the century, last century and new evidence that may not be so new. "fox news" chief correspondent jonathan contessa story from los angeles. >> one more twist in the extraordinary o.j. simpson major development. the lapd will confirm that it's in possession of a knife allegedly found 18 years ago or more on a property work o.j. simms and lived at the time of the murder of his ex-wife nicole simpson and her friend ronald goldman.
1:33 am
they are going to examine it including serology and dna in hair samples. >> captain black street said the lapd got it in the month. the officer apparently said he was working off-duty security near a jay's former home around the time the new owners had it demolished in 1998. he claims it was turned in by a construction worker who found it. on the ground but instead of turning it over to the lapd the retired officer simply did. >> i was really surprised. i would think an lapd officer give this story is accurate as we are being told what no any time you come into contact with evidence you should and shall submit that to investigators. >> two important legal points here. the investigation remains open because no one has ever been
1:34 am
importantly o.j. simpson cannot be tried again because of the los angeles to jonathan hunt "fox news." jenna: police are looking into whether criminal charges could be filed against the ex-officer who held onto the knife but internal minister charges are unlike we said the officer is now retired. meanwhile a quick check of your weekend forecast as we head into special day tomorrow. amanda is daughters first birthday so you hope the weather forecast is perfect for her. >> my daughter is going to -- we made to cooking added hope you can get out and enjoy the temperatures. really seasonable around the region with temperatures in the 50s and even warmer as we head into the start of the week. nice and quite across the region. cloud cover overhead. overall it looks like we will
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high-pressure remaining in control. this would help to break up the cloud cover earlier today. 57 degrees after starting at 38 earlier this morning. 41 right now. we have a few patchy clouds but mainly clear skies act. as those with the doughnut features for the most part. a few clouds in the picture but not expecting a lot of her night. temperatures in the 30s for the most part so a cold start to the day tomorrow. we do expect to see clouds coming in but it may thicken up later on in the day with a couple of showers of pop-up late saturday or saturday night. it will be hit or miss and will come through. expect to see much nice and dry with temperatures in the 50s 50's. as we get into sunday the high-pressure system will give a sunshine sunday and monday. temperatures will climb as the flow takes over.
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upwards. we will see our temperatures getting to 70 degrees on tuesday afternoon and will continue to climb bit the low to mid-70s for the middle and end of the week. we are keeping an eye on another cold front that will come into the region but this one is a slow mover. it will take its time getting here and we will stay dry much of the week and once he gets here it may stick around for a while. a 20% chance on thursday 30% chance on friday and the chances go up as we head into saturday. jenna: the matthews-based supermarket said it will make all of its eggs cage free. the parent company kroegers said it hopes to produce a 100% cage free eggs applied by the start of 2025. earlier this week -- made the
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having trouble working your macbook or iphone but you don't want to wait in line or apple care? just turn to twitter. the tech giant launched a twitter handle at apple support. a fully trained staff is able to provide tricks and invoke quicker then stores on the phone could. expect your and questioned in to the answer in minutes. and a quarter authorities have released bobbi kristina brown's autopsy report. the faulting county examiner listed the cause of death for bobbi kristina was pneumonia however the manner of death is undetermined. numerous drugs were a brown system when she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her rock hill home january. former prosecutor turned defense attorney tell fox 5 determining exactly what happened would be difficult. a jury selected friday in the
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hulk hogan in his lawsuit against the stalk our web site for releasing a sex tape. the jury consisting of six jurors and three of their nets and the alternates are two females. hulk hogan whose real name is terry is suing the web site for $100 million for invasion of privacy after they posted a video of him having sex with the wife of his former friend bubba in 2006. opening statement start monday. and the gop debate on fox thursday night was full of heated moments between the candidates. danielle miller talked to some very impressionable viewers from arizona have what they thought about the debate. >> some people find it funny for some people find it entertaining. the war waging on in the
1:39 am
thursday night the final four republicans took to the stage during the gop debate on the "fox news" channel. full of insults. >> we know about my record. >> interruptions. >> breathe, breathe. >> and name-calling. >> it's very immature. they are adult men and we are seeing that even eighth-graders can act better than that. >> while many adults find it funny or entertaining people at denver meadows aren't laughing. >> they used bullying tactics calling each other names. the students say a good
1:40 am
leader respectful caring and after showing them a few clips from last nights debate they say these candidates lack those characteristics. >> it shows they don't have the ability to control a country with these problems going on with terrorist attacks. they are not mature enough. >> we are taught not to name call and costs or any of that. >> we are taught to be her personal best. >> that's right. baby burning known for dressing up as a presidential candidate bernie sanders has died at the age of four months. oliver lummis davis who died last week of sudden infant death syndrome. the name baby burning was adopted after oliver's mother just and end up as sanders and attended one of his rallies. sanders met oliver at a rally in
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he took time to hold the young boy. another record broken by nasa. the team behind the hubble telescope has pushed the telescope to its limits measuring the distance to the far left galaxies -- galaxy seen in the universe. its 13.4 billion light-years from earth. as for seeing two years ago but after monitoring its scientists say it's farther than previously thought. the new record is expected to stand and tell the telescope was launched into 2018. godmother still exist for some girls in los angeles school district who without help would not have been able to attend prom. zohreen adamjee has the details on the special event. >> every little girl dreams of being a princess that these girls got their wish thursday. colorful dresses, makeup artist
1:42 am
got them ready for high school prom. the transformation wasn't just taking place on the outside. >> today means everything. it's the best experience of my life. >> these girls are homeless. lausd los angeles team to get -- teamed up to give them everything they need on their big night. marie johnson a senior at the university highs at her parents lost everything a few years ago including their home. they now live at the salvation army. >> any opportunity that is out there from a healthy happy to take it. >> thursday's event. >> we apeciate the moment of struggle as we get older and know clearly where to aim. >> after high school johnson is headed to study drama. her dream is to become an actress.
1:43 am
helped her see that person. >> i was a different person and seeing the future me. it's a look i want to carry on. >> is the world's most famous -- but how did it happen without snow? >> iditarod dog sled race is set to kick off in anchorage alaska but the region has seen the lack of snow. some going as far to say there is an enough accumulation before the race to get going. it's been one of the warmest winters in web -- on record. event organizers have been collecting and storing snow. officials had to shorten part of the race to make sure the snow is there. >> our only other option left is to take that away from the city of anchorage and that is not what we wanted. seven train cars of snow are
1:44 am
85 dog sled racers are expected to take place in the race. an unlikely partner with the new tv deal. his name is mark zuckerberg. multiple sources say the nfl could sell its digital streaming rights to facebook. last year yahoo! paid $20 million to stream two games which did well for the struggling site along with yahoo! and facebook amazon and verizon are also said to be in the bidding. >> now they're going to put foot ball on facebook likes is going
1:45 am
they a (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> welcome back we begin with a big night at time warner cable arena to the hornets make history while kendall walker and nick missed two combined for 62 points against the indiana pacers. kendall walker and nick missed to make sure they got it done. kemba walker with the runner and check out nick meant tim he goes with for the easy one-handed jam. 31-point tonight the only one to score more than him this guy
1:47 am
a big night. check this out when you got it going you got it going. 33 points 10-6 for kendall, 108- 101. >> it was a big game for us. we have been playing hard working to win games. >> the hundreds of back in action monday night at home against the minnesota timberwolves. >> duke is going to win the game. >> a must-see game with duke and north carolina get together for the best rivalry there is in
1:48 am
duke with the first meeting chapel hill two weeks ago but now the game shifts to durham for the devils was the tar heels tomorrow night in the final game of the regular-season. the march meeting between these bitter rivals plus the result is telling about what will happen in the ncaa tournament. they won the second meaning against north carolina. the tar heels in the seven final fours and three national titles winning the rematch against the blue devils. neither team has gone on to win the national title after losing the duke unc rematch game. needless to say this is a very important game. just ask williams who is still upset about the loss two weeks ago. >> it's annoying and there are a
1:49 am
it as well. you don't go in saying we have to stop this guy. they are one of the best teams in the country. duke whose north carolina tomorrow night at 630 p.m.. two nascar to sin city this week in the sprint cup cold park for under this sunday qualifying for the race taking place this evening at las vegas motor speedway. for the second week in a row bush wins the sprint cup race poll and the 21st pole of his career. the. >> 196.238 miles per hour. >> it's insanely fast it's amazing the detail that goes into qualifying finding that perfect place three times out there. my second outing we were way
1:50 am
and gibson and the crew went to town. this is how you work through an off-season and showed to qualify. now to find that speed on the long run. joey logano qualify for the second spot in sunday's cobol
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the green flag jobs at 3:30 the movie theater is about to get scary. the other side of the door hit
1:53 am
the supernatural horror film follows the mothers pursue pursued to reconnect with her dead son. doing so accidentally opens a mysterious portal between two worlds. fox's michelle paulino caught up with the stores -- the stars from on the stone. the new supernatural thriller the other side of the door follows a distraught grieving mother who is given a chance to say a final farewell to her son but does the basic key warning. >> no matter what you do you mustn't open the door. actors say this film is not your typical scare fests. >> to me this is about a woman who loses a child and makes a series of bad decisions and desperately tries to pick up the pieces. i don't know how to approach
1:54 am
i only know how to approach something as --. >> it's easiest way to get drawn into the moment so that's why the genre is so popular. >> car lease is not a stranger to the drama but admits he is not a fan. >> i can watch any of that stuff basement when it comes to believing in ghostly spirits not everyone is a believer. >> i think there's a lot more to this world than we know. >> i've been trying for a long time to see a ghost but they won't reveal themselves to me. >> i grew up with the lion mythology and raised in the way that there were gods and
1:55 am
those were given for me. i'm in. >> in hollywood michelle paulino
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>> "good day charlotte" wakes you
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check if you are -- when it comes to your kids not to worry. we have a teenager here to give answers perspective. imagine heading to the prime of your life. monday on "good day charlotte." 4:30 to 9:00 we will will see there. spent let's check a final look of your weather. try for the most most part as we head most part is we had to the weekend bitterly cold front that will be coming through later in the day on saturday. most of saturday should be quiet clouds and sunshine and a high 50 degrees but that isolated shower can be ruled out as a threat comes through saturday night. not everybody will see something. lots of sunshine sunday and monday temperatures in the 60s and then we are headed into the 70s as we move into the second half of the week so that spring like weather is going to be returning to the region. another front later on in the wee but i'm super excited for the 70s and i know you are as well.
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game tomorrow your daughter's first birthday. >> thanks.
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paid presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. this is the end of exercise. >> get ready to cize it up. [ beat drops ] [ people cheering ] are you ready to dance? 5, 6, 7, 8! >> on my way in i'ma take it >> stop exercising, people. it's time to start dancing. welcome to cize. >> announcer: cize is the all-new dance workout program that's gonna make losing weight fun and easy. >> to me, it's not even exercise because i don't want to stop. >> announcer: it's simple -- dance, have fun, and get awesome results. >> it's just like one big party turns on. it's so empowering. >> i spent many years of torturous exercises. cize, 45 pounds down easy. >> it's just fun. i think that that's the key, is that it doesn't feel like work. >> exercise is something you have to do. cize is something you'll want to do. you won't believe what 30 days of cize will do for you.


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