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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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mt. mariah primitive baptist church outside of uptown. as i look over to my left shoulder there are 20 people lined up out the door, only 100 people still inside waiting to vote. earlier i was told before the polls open 100 people were lined up to vote. this is one of the more popular places to vote in uptown. more than 1000 people have voted here today. this is one of more than 200 precincts across mecklenburg county. iq said everything goes until 7:30. this is crunch town but -- crunch time. i talked to a number of republicans and democrats that they may not always agrees you can tell but a lot of them can agree that this election has a lot of tension so far. i spoke to one when he said she's been voting in charlotte for more than were tears and today she him as did come out to vote because she is discouraged with how the whole process has taken place.
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election and more at 10:00 in this newscast as well. reporting live in uptown david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. bill: there are 243 precincts in mecklenburg county and they will all be open until 7:30 tonight. north carolina voters will be deciding on the connect and see bond package that if it gets approved the state will borrow tube billion dollars to pay for friday projects including many in the charlotte area. $90 million would go to unc charlotte while 750,000 would go to the crothers mountain state park. kayla: someone close to gop front-runner donald trump joined the charlotte through this morning. ivanka father's campaign and some can't bursch a moment seen at her father's rallies. >> you are in a unique position as his daughter to csi that so many of us don't get to see.
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has said in regard to women. he has been accused of inciting violence and some of his rallies and in particular and fayetteville north carolina read that so we see on the press. do you think that is an accurate portrayal of him in terms of the man you know, the father you know, the grandfather? who is the donald trump we don't necessarily see in the media? >> i father is amazing. he is warm previous loving. he has a tremendous sense of humor which i think is clear and a great passion and strong conviction for what he believes in. of the things that we are not used to, people with strong convictions. we are not used to people saying what they mean and he does exactly that whether you agree or disagree. >> ivanka trump -- has been seen on the campaign for supporting her father but the 34-year-old
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reshaped -- because she's due to give birth to her third child. l ted cruz is looking to win delegates. two days after the republican senator look for supporting our area he held rallies and illinois. researchers say cruz is counting on governor casey to us in ohio and senator marco rubio to loosen his home state of florida. i would shift the republican race between himself and the front-runner donald trump. >> his state's 99 delegates depending on what happens where beale could bolster donald trump's bid for the gop nomination however if polls are any indicatio rubio is a longshot to win the sunshine candidate says he will continue on the campaign trail either way. bill: a state of ohio republican candidate john kasich was one of the voters to go out and hit the polls did this is by far the most crucial day in his race for the white house treaty kasich
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he knows he has quite a long road ahead but he believes the effects of his positive campaigner from the going to start taking hold. one of today's ohio primary will take all of the state state 66 delegates. a day after his visit to charlotte the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders spent the day looking for votes and alumni. he sat down for breakfast with city leaders including chicago mayor rahm emanuel who has ties to sanders opponent hillary clinton. sanders is banking on a win in illinois tonight. meanwhile hillary clinton made another stop in north carolina to the democratic candidate spoke to supporters at a high school in raleigh this afternoon afternoon. last night in the queen city thousands turned out to see clinton at the grady cole center. for the first-time north carolina voters have to show photo i.d. to cast a ballot. there has been a lot of debate on both sides of this issue read
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>> like it or not this was the first time when he rode into the polls and nearly everyone has an opinion on it. >> there are some people that do not have a photo i.d.. >> i think it's important to have an i.d.. >> at think its negative and it's unnecessary and in some ways malicious. >> i'm definitely for it but if you need an i.d. to get into a bar or a movie literally anything. regardless of opinion here is what actually happens if you don't have i.d.. but you still want to vote. >> we are we are not going to turn you away. you will be asked to vote on a provisional ballot and paper ballot we will verify to bring your i.d. to the office up until noon the day we campus the week from today. there are other reasons why people don't gaudin both like
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their ballots. >> i could make it to my precinct that i could still vote using a provisional ballot. so if if you are just seeing this it's not too late. >> is a beautiful day. it's an easy process and it takes 10 minutes start to finish. >> regardless of your opinion it should be counted to. >> a lot of people went to hardships he could vote. kayla: there was caroline johnson. elections are not over after today. just around the corner we will have a congressional primary in june that was postponed because of disagreements over the congressional district map. election officials say that extra election will cost half a million dollars in mecklenburg county alone. >> former charlotte mayor patrick can you will be back in the queen city tomorrow. he will be appearing in court over voter fraud charges after
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eating a convicted felon. our very own jenna caiazzo explains how we got to this point. we have former charlotte mayor patrick cannon back in court again this time for casting his vote a few months ago. >> you lose the right to vote and other citizenship rights and those rights remain revoked after you have completed a prison sentence. he is serving a 44 month prison sentence and could face extra jail time if found guilty of voter fraud. status up to a judge. >> if they didn't know what the ramifications were -- can cannibal appearance i mecklenburg county courthouse for a hearing wednesday. >> this attempt will be required at arraignment or other steps in the proceedings were yesterday
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>> the statement released by the das office end quote after making arrangements at the prison system mr. cannon will be transported to mecklenburg county for an arraignment related to the charge of voter fraud. the proceedings are scheduled for wednesday march 16 at noon in courtroom by 350. if this matter remains in a pending case ethical obligations prevent the das office from commenting further at this time. canon filed an absentee ballot and not sober for the november election after being convicted of a federal crime. he admitted to taking bribes from undercover agents for thousands of dollars am was convicted of corruption. sending him to prison for 44 months. the prosecution is making sure the public knows the right to vote is an earned right that must be taken seriously. >> obviously the prosecution is taking it seriously. they could have decided not to
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they're taking it seriously. bill: just to point out the vote the canon cast in october did not count. we are of course going to have complete coverage on his court hearing tomorrow both on air and on line. kayla: the catawba county sheriff's office is investigating after two people were found dead inside their homes review will have the latest on the investigation and you also hear from family and friends of the victims. bill: in anti-terror raids related to the deadly paris attacks turns fatal in elgin. details coming up. >> right now it looks spectacular outside. we will have the great w american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term.
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bill: this is less nice severe weather that you purchase south carolina and hit hard. take a look at a video from taylor that this is an area northeast of greenville south carolina and what looks like snow on the ground, while it's the town was hit with winds as well as high as 70 miles an hour. those are big hailstorm -- hailstones. as the storm came through one into look at this. this is 1.68 inches. a lot of the hail was the size, up to 2 inches very very dangerous. that is not an issue for us. it was warm with sunny skies, warm and sunny for portions of
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i'm going to show you an issue that may pop up about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. that's coming up in a minute that we have a gradual cooldown coming up over the next several days and as we get into the weekend it looks like we have a good chance to get more rain. we will talk more later on. right now it's still great, 79 degrees. winds up to 50 miles an hour to day is slow to seven or a coming of the south and west and will continue to pump warm air into our atmosphere through tonight in tomorrow feeling comfortable outside. as we take a look ear set lighted radar obviously not much to see here that we are checking the system that is moving across the midsection of the country. overnight tonight we will start to see a warm front push across the area. we don't have a lot of moisture and we will not see any rain as a result of that whoever is the cold front pushes through
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a small chance of rain in the area. let me show you where. as we head into tomorrow morning by the way there's a warm front right there. late tonight or early tomorrow morning in that as we head into tomorrow here's the cool thing coming in behind it. here's boone at 10:30 in the morning. that has the best chance of rain. as it begins to push south into the area we are going to see little chance around 3:00 to see rain. right now looks like we will likely pick up some cloud cover. if we see some rain i will mention that has the potential to become a thunderstorm so right now it doesn't look strong for that to happen but if it does develop we will tell you to watch out. we will track this for you tomorrow as the system rolls through and of course behind as we will see some clear air moving in. that's going to leave us in good shape as we head into thursday. thursday early in the week it looks like we could see a little bit of rain. we are looking good for
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we will come and at 76 with the winds out of the west at five to 10 miles an hour. looking at mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies for the day. big plans for the day you can schedule any time it looks like the weather will hold up nicely. tonight looking for 50's and really essentially low to mid-and upper 50's across the area. 59 coming in here and of course we will see clear conditions. let's check out the next three days quickly for you. 82 on wednesday, thursday 76 and like i said we will see a gradual cool off as we get into friday. we will land at 68 degrees. bill: i like the sound of that. developing tonight officials and belgium say a man has been found dead inside an apartment following anti-terror raid into the november paris attacks. it's not clear if the man found dead with one of the people police were looking for but officer say the operation is still ongoing.
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four officers were shot when one suspects shot through the door. the good news all of those officer expected to survive. kayla: a suspected killer is on list after couple was found dead in their home. the couple has been identified as mark wilson and deidra ramseur. a sheriff's office tells fox 46 they are treating this as a double homicide rated neima abdulahi was in claremont as investigators searched around the home for evidence to find out what happened. >> for family members showing up to this home on rest home road in claremont this shock and disbelief is still raw after his cousin mark wilson and his girlfriend deidra ramseur were found dead inside the. >> damien lineberger show this photo of the couple telling me they leave behind a 10-year-old girl who will now grow up without her parents. >> mark was the type of person
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any family member could tell you that. >> investigators tell fox 46 the killer or killers forced their way in and it was a family member who found the victims insight to. the sheriff's office showing up around 7:00 p.m. monday night. >> we don't respond to a lot of calls on this road. the neighbors are very concerned. >> throughout the day the sheriff's office collected evidence from inside and out and went through three cars parked next to the home. >> i hope whoever did this deserves to rot in prison. >> captain brian kelly said they spent hours digging through the scene trying to find any link to a killer. >> we searched the residence to make sure there's nothing left behind by the criminals. >> the families of the couple has been there for a year and they originally from claremont. damien lineberger says he just
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>> we just don't know at this time. we hope someone comes forward in a something. >> neima abdulahi fox 46 wjzy. kayla: a heartbreaking loss for the 10-year-old daughter. we have learned she was not home at the time. this is an ongoing investigation anyone with information is asked to contact catawba county sheriff's office. bill: until fox 46 follow-up deputies say the couple that caught trying to bury a body and alexander counties they see more murder charges in stanley county. investigators say there's evidence that shows tony hearne and linsey lentz killed robert hearne. albermarle is charging them with first-degree murder as well as failure to report a death. officials say robert hearne is tony's uncle but the motive has not been released. kayla: police have identified the person shot and killed in
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the shooting happened in it -- columbus simmons who was found with a gunshot wound died at the hospital. two other people were also shot but are expected to be okay. anyone with information is urged to call the concord police department are crimestoppers. one person has died following a single vehicle crash this afternoon. troopers tell us it happened at augusta road and catawba road in chester. the person who has died has not been identified where working to learn more about what caused the crash. bill: coming up months after contractor walked off the job officials now say construction will continue on the highly congested charlotte road area. kayla: and contamination in the drinking water has local residents concerned i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall?
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we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. bill: contaminants in drinking water the alarming message going out to attend his dozens of people and conquer but the city says it's not an urgency
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joining us live in cabarrus county to let us know what it means for you or your family. >> bill, the city is concord said there's no need for customers to boil water. they say it's okay to turn on the fountain is the water to cook, they then drink with but they do have a warning for a certain group of people tonight. 4-year-old evan isn't too concerned about what's in his drinking water but his mom is. casey is who one of 35,000 of the concord customers will be notified about slightly elevated levels of halo acidic acid egg potential cancer-causing agent found in drinking water. >> we will have to take a look into it for future reference and the health of our children and our families. the city of concord said this the contaminants were found in
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february 9, but they did not notify customers right away because they say it's not an emergency. >> used to say there's a risk of cancer so how could it not be an emergency? >> the water safe to drink. there is no reason to boil the water or do anything like that. however regulations require us to print out advisories. had the halo acidic acid a byproduct formed with the chlorine used to clean the water reacts with organic matter. the city says some research shows the risk of cancers in cases where someone has been exposed to high concentrations in halo acidic acid for extended periods of time which they say is not the case in concord. >> if it's enough for them to have to notify us it's enough for them to do something about it. casey is six months pregnant. the city of concord advises people who are pregnant and those who have babies elderly people and those with
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in touch with their doctors before drinking the water. casey lends to follow up for herself her son and her unborn child. we have to be an advocate for them. that's number one priority. making sure what comes out of her faucet is safe to drink. >> i'm a city of concord water customer so i got one of these notices in the mail and i do have a 5-month-old son. i called the pediatrician today and they told me there are a couple of things you can do. one of those is to get carbon filters for your refrigerator and your showerhead. you can also always use bottled water and he said another thing to keep in mind is haloacetic acids thrive in hot water. live in cabarrus county rob barron kennedy fox 46 wjzy. the city of concord is testing a
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one of its water chip implants. as a system designed to cut down on contentment levels in drinking water. if it ends up working they could have the technology up and running within less less than one year. construction will resume soon on one of charlotte's most congested roads. ncdot said construction on independence boulevard will be starting back again. leaders will meet next week to discuss a date crews will can return to the job sites. january contractor walked off the job over a financial dispute. in the meantime and the meantime and in term contractors and keeping an eye on this road. construction has been underway for nearly three years now. college students listen up applications are open for a scholarship program named to the honor reverend clementa -- the senator was amongst the nine victims killed last june when a gunman opened fire at the side of a manual ame church in charleston. the scholars program will afford up to aid scholarships worth up to 8000 to $10,000 every year. officials say the scholarships
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embody there as well as his leadership. kayla: it's election day in north carolina. voters tell us what is spurring them to head to the polls. bill: a big-time day in florida where today's primary results could shake up the republicans candidates on the presidential
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hey brian. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong.
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she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bill: is not too late if you haven't voted in today's primary. the polls will be closing in an hour or so. now let's look at a precinct in west charlotte. the polls in north carolina opened at 6:30 this morning bright and early to tower hill status one casting votes. some of the voters we caught up with including seamus superintendent ann clark said at that the local races they are focused on to change the
6:29 pm
that excitement surrounding the presidential race is what pulled them in today. >> local and state elections are what will matter to most as we think about public education in the state of north carolina. personally adjusted in folks that are interested in being a part of supporting our public schools attend. >> to president obama that was a huge reason whether or not i supported him. here we have to choose from so it's unlike what i remember as a kid. >> you got to be a registered voter of you want to cast a ballot if you don't have an acceptable photo i.d. there is no need to panic or worry because anybody who shows up to vote without a photo i.d. will be able to cast a traditional ballot. the state board of elections says there were slight delays at voting precincts in four counties including catawba
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we are getting more from her sister station orlando that there were issues for voters as well. let's check in with keith landry live in the newsroom. hi keith. >> here's what we have learned and what we have been following all day. orlando is the largest county in central florida, very diverse a large population base. they had some problems with the printing process and some of the precincts. about a dozen precincts and the3 six cities in orange county are holding municipal elections. what happened is on the republican side they ran out of ballots this morning so folks who showed up to vote republican in these 12 precincts in six different cities were told we are out of ballots. many of them waited hours to vote great others had to go to work and didn't get to vote so
6:31 pm
supervisor of elections was printing batches of 500 ballots at a time and raising them out to places they ran out. the supervisor of elections bill powell's context of the secretary of state and asked him to if they could extend voting until 8:00 p.m. and these 12 precincts that were affected. no problems on the democratic side, just a gop site. in the last temin is the secretary of state has said they will not extend to apm is the supervisor of elections had a question so the bottom line unless you are in pensacola the florida panhandle for the polls close at 8:00 p.m. tonight the rest of the state, the storm part of the state the polls close at seven so less than a half-hour to vote here in florida. the issue got resolved. the supervisor of elections did not get the extension he was
6:32 pm
little more fair in things. back to you bill and kayla. kayla: it sounds like what a headache for some voters today. keep it here with box 46 and we will bring you the final numbers as they come in from florida. >> governor chris christie is facing serious backlash from police unions in the state of new jersey. while he was standing by dawn taubin concord yesterday morning christie and that missing a state trooper's funeral. christie did express his condolences to the trooper on twitter. this is the third police funeral christie has missed during the 2016 presidential race. earlier this week christie decided to endorse brought rum for president. kayla: osha is investigating after concord man was electrocuted at a worksite last week to the coroner's office has says 36-year-old javier lopez lira died in the incident in richland county. they say lopez lair was adding asphalt into the trap in the of a truck came close to a powerline. he was taken to the hospital
6:33 pm
guard was able to help catch for cell phone store burglars. a security guard saw two men acting suspiciously in call police. officers found four men inside a car and after searching the vehicle they found items used to break into a store. police say the men could be connected to other cell phone store break-ins all across north carolina. as you have been seeing a lot of people hitting the polls tonight. an hour left to do its o'brien no excuse to get out there. you couldn't ask for a better election weather. >> is hard to make that argument that you could make it there and again it's love that your business has to let you go and vote. we have an hour left before the polls close. i want to add something to be here. probably wondering why i'm talking about the fire potential
6:34 pm
we are going to see the same type of condition set up here as we get into friday possibly saturday where we have very low humidity and the area dusty winds behind a cold front so we could be looking at fire issues. probably not as critical as what we are seeing here but i wanted to point that out as we get towards the weekend for those of you who like to go outside if you can, just to be careful with grills and things like that. as we head into the weekend. let's tracker weather over the next couple of days. we are going to see the warm front pushed her without fanfare through this colt brennan on much of an issue. least that's what looks like at this point pretty small issue to marketing that could see a thunderstorm or two spark as a result of this but by and large it looks like there's a 20% chance of showers in the region tomorrow. thursday will be nice and quiet. that's good news as we get into friday on the backside of this cold front the winds will pick
6:35 pm
front comes in we see drier air and that's why we will see it dry in the area and is going to become flammable. i incurred you to be careful heading into the weekend. temperatures will cool off as a result of the cold front as well well. that should be our major issue heading into the weekend before we see rain chances saturday and sunday. let's talk about pollen over the next few days. it will continue being issue high to very high for juniper l. l. -- down and they pulled reid st. patrick's day 76 degrees winds out of the west of five to 10. we want to take a look at the seven-day forecast. look at the temperatures tapering out to 68 on friday. a 10% chance o rain as well with the cold front another 10 degrees on saturday dropping into the 30s starting sunday morning and the next few mornings will be near freezing. not just one day for several days of cold. kayla: not looking forward to that.
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coming into the "fox 46 news" room. police in guessing counties say they have made an arrest following reports of a suspicious person trying to lure kids to his car. investigators are ricky adams townsend after a 12-year-old girl said she was riding her bike in the 3300 block of global street south of gastone when she was approached. bill: we are told townsend allegedly offered her money and tempted to grab her by the arm. we first told you about the suspicious dodge dart in the gastonia neighborhood late last week. townsend is in jail on a 500,000-dollar bond charged with attempted second-degree kidnapping and stood -- contribute to the going detail they child as well as drug charges. >> find out why the president is saying no to offshore drilling. kayla: taking legal action against an executive order by
6:37 pm
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kayla: and image are one of the obama administration said it will not allow oil drilling off the coast of the carolinas. officials made the announcement today on twitter saying the administration's next five-year offshore drilling plan will protect the atlantic for future generations. this proposal announced last year would have opened up sites more than 50 miles off virginia the carolinas and georgia. the decision comes after many local leaders voiced their opposition to offshore drilling. bill: president obama's executive orders may have legal consequences. house republicans say they are taking legal action against the president's executive order on immigration policy. the speaker of the house paul ryan says he's going to be filing a brief that a supreme court case. the brief will question whether now the president has the authority to issue executive orders protecting illegal immigrants from deportation. ryan's measure is unprecedented
6:40 pm
kayla: it's news that some -- do so because michael jackson to roll over in his grave. sony has bought what's left of the pop music legends music. the company now has sole ownership of jackson's half share of the sony atv publishing catalog. it includes works like the beatles bob dylan taylor swift jackson purchased the catalog in 1985 and it remains his most lucrative asset at the time of his death in 2009. the sale does not include rights to jackson's master records were songs that he wrote. bill: for the first time an nfl official is technology a link between the sport of football in the brain disease known as cte. jeff miller the nfl senior vice president for health and safety spoke about the connection at a congressional committee discussion about concussions he cited research that found cte in
6:41 pm
players pick a concussion in the nfl has been around for years and was most recently reignited by the movie concussion. i think that movie started to open a lot of minds out there. >> i remember seeing it and there were some shocking scenes that really opened my eyes. on sports will talk about the hornets.
6:42 pm
has positive to take she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton.
6:44 pm
>> the hornets seven-game winning streak is no more at the team falling at home to the dallas mavericks 107-96 and again where they trailed by 19 came back to take the lead in the fourth quarter and ran out of gas in the end. you never like to lose games especially as you battle for playoff decisions. the most important thing they didn't play as bad as they initially thought. reduce turnovers hit more three throws free throws. with one game left this time for the team to refocus and get back in the win column. >> last night was one of those nights where things weren't going our way and even some loose didn't go our way. it happens. we have to get back to what we were doing. >> i was happy watching the film after not scoring in the first half of the second half our
6:45 pm
going again so it shows up we would stay with it we are going to be able to score. the hornets finish up their seven-game homestand at home against orlando. tipoff is at 7:00. the panthers announcing today the signing of free-agent defensive tackle paul solely on the two-year deal. he spent the last two years with the atlanta falcons playing 14 games while recording 22 tackles. veteran will join in the tackle rotation. ncaa tournament gets underway tonight. arthur kill and the fans will have their eye on the matchup between dickinson and florida gulf coast which is getting underway. the winner of that game will play against the tar heels on thursday night. the m.i.t. tournament kicks off tonight this either davis and against the fourth seeded florida state is simply the wildcats have only faced the
6:46 pm
coming out in top in that meeting. j.a.g. you have struggled with this last scoring points -- four points. he is looking to bounce back tonight as the team tries to advance to the second round of the m.i.t.. south carolina will also take the court in the m.i.t. tournament. the gamecocks will face high point will face highpoint of 7:00 or south carolina coming off their best releases never as they are posting 24 victories but the team is that success in the m.i.t. winning it all in 2005 and 2006. each weekly gate you ready for the nascar race with a 30 minute prerace show called "around the track." this week daniel hamrick and kyle reddick will join the show. we talk about a ton of things. here's just a little piece of the interview with the two drivers talking about a member
6:47 pm
years now and the first i wasn't sure and hesitant to reach out to brad and ask him about the specifics and whatnot. i got the nerve to do that and couldn't believe how helpful he was. to huge asset to have a guy like red in the sprint cup champion. he supports us along the way to matter what the situation is. >> to follow up with that when i came here couple of years ago brad help a lot in a lot of faith racetracks i is zero training. this is my second full-time with brad kozlowski racing. he has helped me to get to this point and i've been privileged and appreciate the opportunity that he and the rest of kozlowski racing have given to me and daniel to compete for a championship this year. >> for the full interview turn in to "around the track" sunday. without guest analysis teachers
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the race the auto bill: its official mother theresa will be made a saint in the month of september. pope francis set the date this morning painting that way for saint theresa of calcutta. she cared for the poorest of the poor and now mother theresa from calcutta will become a saint to
6:51 pm
announcement tuesday morning marking 19 years since her death. the blessed mother teresa of calcutta will be, st. john -- the ceremonies expected to be the centerpiece and is sure to draw massive crowds. more than 3000 people came out to see john paul ii beatified theresa in 2003 and many of her followers are booking their flights for the canonization ceremony. >> this is jubilant news. mother teresa founded the missionaries of charity in calcutta india in 1950. the order that cares for the sake of the poor all over the world running orphanages soup kitchens and clinics. her work one her worldwide fame
6:52 pm
while our efforts were in calcutta she described herself as a citizen of the world. >> calcutta was special to her because she lived here and she died here and work here but her work was -- from here. >> in addition to mother teresa pope francis at canonization dates or more other saints on tuesday including a 14-year-old mexican martyr killed for refusing to announce his faith. in new york lauren green "fox news." kayla: you can't wait any longer we have is the peak of fox's upcoming live musical the passion. the stars are on set filming out of the big premiere this weekend. the special features carlos panel as jesus christ and "american idol" contestant chris daughtry as judas. the passion tells the story of christ's last hours on earth with contemporary music sung by the casper the two-hour live
6:53 pm
8:00 at night right here in "fox 46 news" here's a look at what's coming up tonight on fox. starting at 8:00 and on that episode of new girl followed by
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don't miss "fox 46 n bill: this is pretty cool all of a sudden fox 46 would like to give a congratulations to our
6:56 pm
welcoming a baby boy christopher matthew flores. baby christopher is seven pounds, 11 ounces and 20 inches long finney's post on facebook with. everything is good to go he's healthy. big-time congrats anthony and christine. ryan you are a dead as well and been through this. is it the best feeling in the entire world? >> absolutely beautiful young good almost like you didn't have to do anything. let's check out that extended forecastle more time and of course we will be seeing us against this couple of days a little chance for rain tomorrow and try for st. patrick's day and weekend rain coming our way.
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will have an answer for that ball, and it hit another kid so hard, his eye popped out. awesome. really? his eye popped out? well, got to hit the sack. big saturday tomorrow. that's right. it's somebody's birthday. not just that -- the ipad comes out on my actual birthday. it's like steve jobs and god got together to say, "we love you, phil." what is so great about that doohickey, anyhow? "doohickey," elly may? it's a movie theater, a library, and a music store all rolled into one awesome pad. a library is a place where people get books. a movie theater is a place where people go on dates. i better load the beach chair into the trunk. i'm gonna need it for the line in the morning. wait, honey, hang on. you can't spend your birthday in line. well, not the whole day.
7:00 pm
and then i'm out by 10:00. why do no, i know, but i want to. and that way, on your birthday, you'll wake up, and you'll have your brand-new...toy. okay. well, in spite of you calling it a toy, this is shaping up to top the best birthday i ever had. oh, thank god we didn't have to hear that stupid story about -- it was called the fun zone. i was 11. i hit 10 straight fastballs in the batting cage. then my best friend, jeff sweeney, stepped in and took one in the groin. i yelled out, "ball two!" everybody laughed. that was when i knew i was funny. b-e-l-i-e-v-e. believe. are you sure there's not an e-i in the middle? no. it's i-e. good, papi. if i can't fool you, then your teachers can't fool you, either. i don't think they're trying to fool me. wait until you see what i got phil for his birthday. i found it on the skymall catalog.


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