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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i'm a lawyer. >> we begin with a scary situation that has many parents on edge, a man is in jail after deputies say he tried to carjack a woman who was dropping her daughter off at the bus stop. robin kanady is live at the catawba county jail to fill us in. reporter: this is where the main sheriff's office is, it is not closed it takes about 20 minutes to get from here to where it went were able to get there in minutes. >> i heard him kept trying
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reporter:m mchang of terrify. >> i said is no real. reporter: a stranger came out of nowhere, armed and ordering them around. >> he got to the driveway, he started to run and point the gun at aus, and yell -- at us, and yell get out of the car. reporter: chang said it was not motorly instinct that kicked in, she was frozen with fear, her daughter urged her to hit the gas, she did. >> he is right there, what am i going to do, drive or what, my daughter said, mommy just drive, just drive, so i drove down to the neighbor. reporter: they saw the most welcoming site, a school bus, tiffany's school bus with 15 kids onboard, chang
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>> i thought going in the bus would be safer, the bus driver is there. maybe they you know she might know what to do. reporter: chang said that the bus driver called 911, sheriff deputies working nearby surrounded the area. in less than know hour. the -- than an hour the manhunt was over, and suspect wesley wright jr. came out of the woods. >> i think that the lord was looking after everyone today. >> god was watching over me and my daughter. reporter: tiffany said she'll have a hard time moving on. >> i'm afraid to come outside. reporter: she is a brave young girl. wesley wright is here in the is acatawba county jail, it
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had was an air soft revolver, similar to a bb gun. fox 46, wjzy. >> well the sheriff said that wright will likely have his first court appearance monday morning. >> a pot bus in the carolinas, results in arrest of two people, on bradley farm road in statesville, they found a significant amount of pot in a bedroom next to a playpen. matthew franklin ward was arrested during a traffic stop yesterday. nicholas allen turned himself in last night and also faces multiple drug charges. >> tense moments today at a local school, as fire alarms
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and since home, at the walter g by ars elementary school, they believe that the fire was intentionaly set, due to evidence they found in one of the school bathrooms, this morning fire crews were reportedly talking with a few students with their parents. >> we gave cms advice, the school did have smoke in it, we advised them it would be best to have cms clean the school, and air fillers change -- filters changed. >> classes to resume monday. keep it at fox 46. >> if you are out and about, you see news, we want to hear from you, send it to us, using fresco app, you may get paid.
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fresco, an iphone app that lets you the viewers be a part of the process, you can download the fresco app, and sign up, if you see news, shoot it, let us know. if you have an assignment near you, we could use you're footage, android users, an app is coming soon for thankfor you. >> lawmakers put commission in place to oversee clean up of coal ash plants across the state in january -- lawmakers wasn't constitution call. the division of the environmental quality will note be in charge of the clean up. >> construction on the controversial toll lane project is going on 4 months now, barrier have been up since december, eliminating the left shoulder, yet the
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carolyn fountain is live in huntersville where people would like to see it changed. reporter: since construct started here, you can tell that there is a barrier here along the highway. now huntersville police tell me that since construct began here two semis have hit the barrier, and run into the or lane. accidents like those are causing drivers to ask the state to lower the speed limits, and we're hearing now what their reaction is. >> accidents like this one are becomes more common, the construct area on i77. >> an accident almost every day now in the construction zone. reporter: the state and construct company should lower the spied limit to -- speed limit to protect drivers and workers, right now it is at 65 miles an
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>> if changes are not made, i would say that dot would have blood in their hands if there is a serious accidenter god forbid a mortality. >> you hit that wall, no way -- you will be in trouble. reporter: one driver disagreed. >> i don't think it would make a difference, you are go down the freeway, and then, soon as construct starts you have to slow down anyhow. reporter: we checked numbers, police say they have responded to less accidents that year on the highway, since construction started, compared to same time frame last year. >> three three instances have been involving large trucks where they hit the barrier, into bounce back. reporter: police say that the bigger problem is getting to the crash. >> we'll use the emergency
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it blocking emergency vehicle access, that could cause someone serious injury or life. reporter: according to department of transportation, the speed limit will go from 65 to 55, when crews have to close one lane for construction. but during the day, that speed limit of 65 will remain the same. carolinecare fountain, fox 46, wjzy. >> nc dot said that construct area will have higher finds for speeding. >> update to fire investigation taking place at pazaino restaurant, the fire that started thursday morning was intentionally set, the dispatcher pulled up the location on a traffic camera they saw heavy smoke in the area, crews got the flame under control in 18
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act of 45 firefighters, damage estimated to be $120,000, anyone with information is urged to call crime stoppers, police or charlotte fire department. >> as march draws on a close and april 1 deadline comes closer charlotte business owners are asking the state to step in to change city's newly approved nondiscrimination ordinance, city leaders allowing transgenders to use bathroom that best matches their gender identity, though against it held a news conference at government center this afternoon, sam smith was there and he is joining us from up down with more. reporter: whole gathering lasted about an hour, speakers saying how they feel ord naps ordinance should be changed as soon as poke, business owners again it, say they don't want to be
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conflicted with their beliefs, there were several people speaking out about how they feel men should not be allowed in a bathroom with women and young girls, they have concerns over safety, they did say they don't have an issue with anyone that has gone through a sec change procedure, state lawmakers spoken out against it, after it was passed last month, leaders in house and senate are against it. and the governor said, a special session is not necessary, but these people want action now. >> we do not believe as, owners -- business owners, as christian owners that a muslim baker should be forced to bake a gay wedding cake, i do not believe -- to print t-shirts for a gay pride march, that is not america. reporter: this was not without opposition, you may have been able to hear him in the background, one man came out to voice his
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stick, saying that lgbt has been discriminated gains this is necessary, we'll have more from him, and the rally tonight at 10:00. reporting in uptown charlotte, sam smith, fox 46, wjzy. >> thank you. >> even with st. patrick's day falling on a thursday this year, there was no shortage of busts by law enforcement officers. there was a crackdown on illegal gambling machines, 28 people were charged for breaking the law, all seized money related to the illegal operations will be given to gaston county school sim. >> new research to suggested car accidents are number one
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ages 1 to 19, booster seats have been shown to cut the number of injuries in half when used properly. county officials also have this advice. >> wintertime, is a parents will keep their jackets on the kids when they put them in the car seat, you need to take that jacket off that restraint system has to get to close to their bodies there have been tests done that see kids come out of those jackets and seats. >> county officials say that is why events like those today promotes car seat safety and proper user important. >> seniors get ready to get your sane face on, cabarras county is gets ready to hit the senior fields with them. county residents age 50 and older are eligible to put their skills to test in age
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there are a few coedevents. the age 50 or old are by december 31, 2016, live in cabarras county or participate in senior activities there 3 times a month, or live in -- where whereby 2 p.m. on march 21. >> antitrump republicans are raging against the g.o.p. leader, backing a candidate say they, they never would have, a few months ago. >> a plain struck by lightning -- a plane struck by lightning, forced to make an emergency landing, you hear from one of the passengers coming up. brian: it going to be rain for the next couple of days,
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jenna: with donald trump far ahead in polls, an anti-trump backlash emerged among established republicans with many of them doing something they thought unthinkable two months ago. that is back tea party favorite ted cruz. as donald trump and hillary clinton begin engaging each there are directly. >> hopefully there is time to still prevent a trump notch nation.
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quiet grumblings? florida senator marco rubio who abandoned his bid for g.o.p. nomination after a stinging defeat in his home state at the hands of trump. that donald trump's candidacy needs to be slowed if not stopped. >> problem is that year, for republicans, they were not interested in anybody who first of all done not have a language resume, but -- long resume but anyone associated with the establishment. reporter: if g.o.p. elders hope to stop trump, they have to do something they loathed a few months ago, that is back cruz, he did little to ingratiate with fellow republicans while governor. >> i tried to stay out of the presidential race, i will continue to do, that i will personally support the nominee of the party. reporter: front-runner
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time was considered a shoe in face a tough challenger in bernie sanders. a self-declared socialist who many did not take seriously at the ut outset. >> we think that the climate is a little bit friendlier path toward victory. reporter: trump leads republican pack. -- to put it in perspective, 1237 delegates are needed to be nominee. fox news in washington. jenna: as road to white house heats up, as we do in most races there have been a few reports here and there of signs trashed or displaced. this video out of wilmington, takes it to a new extreme and has now gone viral. with the man behind it now faces charges issue the driver is running over donald trump campaign sign, cap tuned it -- captioned
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sometimes, they tracked down the 20-year-old driver, charges with reckless driving and damaging campaign times. jenna: they spent next 3 days making part in a civil rights and race relations tour of south carolina, members visit site of orange burg massacre where 3 students were killed during a protest of a segregated bowling alley in 1968, they are discussing the effect of charlotte church shootings and worship at emanual a&m sunday -- emanuel ame. >> also, senate in south carolina is considering a bill to make dashcam video of police shootings available to public. to keep it private a judge
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footage would damage a case, officials waited 3 months to release a video from judging that led to speculation and this bill, would type an important check on law enforcement. jenna: some scary moments for some north carolina passengers, coming their way courtesy of mother nature. >> a flash of light, and a big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 feet, it felt like i was on a roller coaster. >> out of nowhere. jenna: american airline flight out of raleigh durham international had to make an emergency landing at jfk after it was struck by lightning, no one was hurt. >> you see those beautiful skies there it looks like the sun had been out all day. we're getting used to those sunny skies. forecast, hey brian?
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mention, if you are going to comecommit a crime, a rule of thumb do not post it on your personal pages on twitter and facebook, just some advice. we're sitting at 72, comforts able with winds glowing at 5 miles an hour, it feels good, if you get out tonight it will stay good. we're in 60s, starting at 7 p.m., 67, we'll lose couple degrees every hour, we'll pick up more clouds as night wears on,. now we want to track your day tomorrow. because we see chances for some rain. hours. this is 8:52 we're looking at. charlotte picks up some rain, heavier rain down in york at that point, we may get a break from i would say 11:00 to noon, but keep in mine the timing on the models are not always
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think about taking an umbrella with you, if you are headed out tomorrow. 2:00 you could see heavier rain, and potential for thunder, this is 3:00 here. so just want you where right now does not look severe, however it does look like there could be periods with heavy rain, light rain to 8:15, different rounds of rain in the area, most should clear out by early saturday morning, then we have some snow chances, up in mountains. this is sunday night to monday morning. if you are thinking about heading to st. paddy's day parade tomorrow, 60 to 7% chance -- 70% chance of rain. so 53 to 57 degrees from 10:00 a.m. to two, most of
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parade is going off rain or shine. we're going to be there. hope to see you, but 50 tonight, as overnight low, southeast, 3 to 5. and jenna, i hate to tell you but we have near freezing temperatures come our way over next few days, we'll show when you to expect them. jenna: brian, you can borrow my umbrella tomorrow as you walk that parade route, you will need it, i may be in a car behind you, waving. >> another week another idol contest entcontestant vote the off, brian blakely caught up with the latest contestant to get voted off. reporter: then there were fire, "american idol" down to final 5 contestants in the farewell season, after tristan mcen tosh was voted off, a great run it
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bow i am sure you aric -- exhausted right now. >> it itself been a great experience, it is amaze ing to have been through this, you are moving, buttal amazing, and fun, and a great experience. i may be a little tired but i have enjoyed myself so much. reporter: it has been great to watch you, i know that judges loved you. down to last two, j.lo said maybe try different things, maybe a blatt line did -- platt line did you feel that way? >> no. the previous weeks they told me to stay and do what i'm comfortable with, they really, praised me for being on the piano, i was comfortable with it, i thought it was a good song choice for me. i think if i -- i think it was a great thing to go out
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comfortable with. reporter: martina mcbride a independents day, you did a great job. another thing, 15 years old, so young, with a bright career, judge harry connick jr. said you sing from a place of pain, where does that come from at 15 years old? >> um, honestly, i read like a lot. so when i was 11, i literally read books over and over, the sad parts, i guess i connection to them more. just -- i really feel books. reporter: such depth for afine year-old, what has this tough you since being on the show from where you started to where you are now. >> taught me to really trust
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experience like this. reporter: tristan thank you so much for joining us we wish you the best on what will be a long career thank you. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see more of her, and tune in to "american idol" thursday 8 p.m., on fox 46, wjzy. jenna: still to come, would you like it, if your car could brake for you? that function may becoming sooner than you think. >> a major tuna company is
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prod jenna: car enthusiasts may not be feeling this next story, we have had a few white knuckle moments slamming on the brakes, but soon you may not have to nhtsa has announced automatic emergency breaking will be standard in cars by
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will use camera, radar and other sensors to see objects in way and slow or stop a vehicle if you don't. according to data from 2013, automatic braking can cut down on rear end crashes by 40%. >> chrysler, gm and toyota are just some of the carmakers that agreed to the timeline. jenna: head headed to pantry to throw a quick meal together for dinner, you may' too hear this, bumble bee foods is recalling chunky light tuna. company said there were problem in sterilization process that could result in contamination, in more than 30,000 cans produced in february.
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jenna: recapping our top
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after deputy say he tried to carjack a woman who was driving her daughter to school this morning in hickory, the suspect, wesley wright jr. approached the woman's car, armed and started to yampleg to the yanking -- the door handle, the woman drove away and hopped on the school bus with her daughter, the deputies captured that suspect within an hour. he is held in catawba county jail. >> firefighter of whether that a fire -- believe that a fire was intentionally set at a local elementary school this morning at walter g byers this morning, there was evidence they found in a school booth room, this morning officials were reportedly talking with a few students request with their parents, classes to resume monday.
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keeping her children out of school for more than 3 years, remains in jail, the 36 year-old jennifer elan is held in gaston county jail on $50,000 bond, her next court appearance is scheduled april 21, she filled out paperwork to take her children out of school in 2012 but she was not home schooling them like she said she would, the children range from age 13 to 16. jenna: brian basham standing by here in our weather center, this beautiful weather is going to end soon, right? brian: you don't have to put it so harshly, but yeah. as for tomorrow, 70% chance of rain, sunday a 30% chance. we'll take monday, tuesday, wednesday off, and a small opportunity next week, 10%.
6:34 pm
good shape, temperatures in 50s and 60 to north, a lot of 72 stacking up in areas, if you want to go out tonight. you can. you might want to bring a light sweater, temperatures dipping to upper 50s. a mile night ahead. tracking several days, tomorrow, a frontal boundary to south with rain opportunities in front of it a low from the south, and a disfor bans from the north -- disturbance from the north, leading to rain chances in afternoon hours. more opportunity through saturday night to sunday morning. sunday night and sunday we'll see snow opportunities. sunday in mountain could see rain through late sunday night. but monday morning it is dry, moving out, winds out of the north.
6:35 pm
it could be up to .002 of an inch. and then should not see much past i would say 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning nighttime temperatures, 40s and 30s to north, 50s in south, mile night -- mild night tomorrow cooler than today, we will lose more than 10 degrees heading to tomorrow across the board. then look at what to expect tomorrow 50 to 5, as you get started 55 to 60 late in day, we to check out. that forecast, there we go. the coldest day. the first day of spring. jenna: it does not need to feel like spring as long as
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thank you, sir. jenna: neighborhood in belmont, living and cookings with bottled water for last year, gets a notice today. they are put their food down, ashlee mcgeehan is live to explain what is going on. reporter: these residents say they just received a note from the state, saying they can begin to gingrich -- they can begin to drink their water, they are nervous, about a year ago, residents in belmont received a note, saying they should not be drinking or cooking with their water out of there wells because of the levels of chemicals that could cause health risk, they are getting into water from duke energy coal ash plant, they
6:37 pm
using bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing their teeth every day for the last year. the new though note should come as a relive but people are still worried about the levels, they say, have not been tested recently. >> my children and my animals and myself, we're not going to drink this water, i want someone to come test these waters, i want ofwant to tell me, these are the levels now, it now safe. reporter: we reached out to duke energy they said that science has schoan has shown ash basins have not affect these wells, coming up on fox 46 tonight we hear from catawba river
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jenna: thank you, we'll bring you updates tonight at 10:00. >> it was a big day for state and city of charlotte, governor pat mccrory was at chamber of commerce announcing big news for qc, paypal will make it the center of the center. along with it will come 400 additional jobs, customer service professionals, software engineers and managers. >> alot of those will be local higher. that is -- hire. we'll continue to expand, the opportunity we have and that area of big data. information technology. jenna: the company's ceo plans to takeover the new property in charlotte by early summer, train new
6:39 pm
full operation by end of october. jenna: finalizing those weekend plans, we have the perfect place to check out, one that will get you all revved up fur for the race come back. jenna: tyler perry, takes it
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the stars of the passion and jenna: race fans listen up, concorde speedway will host first southern sizzler, a number of local drivers will be competing in stock cars and modified race cars, this is first time in 7 years a nascar sanctioned race will be at the speedway. >> a unique rice racetrack, as well as super late models they are fast, loud, if you like, that kind of thing,
6:42 pm
where you want to be this weekend. jenna: things kickoff 4:30 tomorrow at concord speedway, for more information you can go to concord speedway. net. jenna: harlem globe-trotters are coming back to charlotte, enter our facebook page, enter to win a fan package, contest ends that day march 26, log in now to win. >> i wanted my bracket is survive, just opening weekend.
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>> the blue raiders of tennessee, 15 seed has won it. >> yep, that happened, trust me son, i know how you feel, biggest upset so far, ncaa tournament middle, tennessee, stunning michigan state, who was favorite for most of the country to win title, spoiler alert, they were my favorite too, my bracket is busted. the north carolina tar heels give us a skill first 20
6:46 pm
against florida gulf coast, heels led by just a point at break. but williams is a firm beliefer that games are not lost in one- half. laser focused the entire time. for uncprovidence who won on a last second buzzer beater, over usc. but story going to game is the big start time. carolina and providence will play the last game of the day tomorrow. with a 9: 40 p.m. tip time. >> very disappointed, jim eni christmas, you know, what you can say, 9:45, 9:50 for a start time, don't we have east, south, midwest,
6:47 pm
we can show on tv at that time, but like, spitting in the wind, it is stupid because you can't do anything about it i despise it, have to sit in the in the deck of my hotel room, wake up at 6:00 in morning and don't get to go to work until 9:00 at night. >> senior marshall plumb plumlee . dukes way to 93-85 victory over wilmington, plumlee was not happy with his 4. performance. >> there was no excuse for myplay, face mask or not.
6:48 pm
into a game, we have a great training staff, i feel confident, there is something we'll be able to do. >> here is what you got tomorrow. 12 yale, taking on 4 duke, that game at 2:30. 9: 40 p.m., a late one, providence, and north carolina. should be a couple of good ball games in slough of a lot of good ball games tomorrow. >> charlotte hornet securing a huge win last night against the miami heat. `the w snapping a 12 game losing streak in south beach, beat reporters calling this biggest win since nba's come back to the queen city in 2004. >> this is a game that hornets could not have come close to winning earlier in
6:49 pm
room come together, and set their sights on making serious noise in the post season. >> it's huge, we've been struggling a little bit the first 2 or 3 months, we find find something special in this team, we can show you right now it huge, we can do something special this year, we have to keep playing keep winning games. >> hornet on home turf tomorrow against nuggets,
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your brackets, just tear jenna: we're getting a behind the scenes look at foxty of's musical the passion. here are the stars filming this week, jen carlos canela as jesus christ, and chris daughtry at jude as, telling story of christ a last hours on earth with the contemporary cast. >> it is inspirational, heart is about love. faith, hope, love. i think no matter your religious back ground, i think you will be able to get something from this, some sort of inspiration. >> the magic about this, you don't have to be religious or a beliefer to -- believer to watch the story expen joy and enjoy it, you cannot deny whether
6:53 pm
christian, judist, buddhist, athiest. whatever you are the impact jesus had, that word jesus and word god has had in our lives. jenna: sunday march 20 on fox starting 8 p.m. >> stick with us, we'll be
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your weather.
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tonight, great night of tv, all new episode of sleeping hallow, 8:00, followed by second chance at 9, and we'll wrap up the day's news and whether on "fox 46 news" at 10:00, brian? brian: well, you are going to the parade tomorrow? jenna: no, i have a pregnancy thing, i feel if you stick me in a very long route there may be some issues there. brian: we don't want that. if you are going, i want you to know there is a pretty -- however we will be go, a lot of us will be there. we would love to meet you, we'll walk the route, give out treats, there is a 70% chance of rain, cooler 50s during the parade, 60 for the high of the day, we'll continue to cool saturday, has a 30% chance of rain, most of that will begun by time here up and running sunday morning. sunday is an okay day for us.
6:57 pm
monday, that is the start of spring. and we'll hit 55 but then we dry out and warm up. we'll be in mid 60s tuesday, 70s on wednesday, staying there, your bracket is a mess? >> it is. we is hear jenna, my brocket bracket is destroyed. >> i sit it on fire. jenna: i'll tell you how to avoid the rain tomorrow and parade this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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