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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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news" io. thole i am bill melugin coming to buy from clover south carolina. we are right next to the clover school district headquarters building. that's because there's going to be a school board meeting kicking off within about an hour or so that's because district officials are set to talk about the possibility of putting cameras in sight of district special education classrooms. this is all over result of fallout or my report that aired last month detailing the abuse of autistic children that lauren at elementary school district who you may remember a few days after the report aired a bunch of parents showed up to the school board meeting last month. they were very angry and call for cameras to be placed in the special education classrooms because they felt clover school district botched the abuse allegations and they felt they didn't investigate it correctly. the meeting was over the school look into the feasibility of putting cameras in.
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martin elementary school there were allegations about sister children were left on toilets knocked out of chairs left in dark rooms or closets to get them to swallow their food. the clover school district ruled there was no mistreatment and what was witnessed were isolated teaching methods with no alice intended. in tonight's board meeting the school district legal representation as well as superintendent are both going to be presenting a powerpoint presentation on some of the research they have been in the possibility putting cameras in sight of district classrooms. they say they have been researching it since the last board meeting and they will talk about the pros and cons of those classrooms and the superintendent tells me he's talked to district back of a bout what they would think of cameras were installed. >> some of our teachers feel like it's a school board were too mandated, it perhaps could show a lack of trust or confidence in what teachers do
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meetings are saying i am a professional. i do a great job and i have nothing to hide and if there ever was apparent to question me i would love to have a digital record showing i know what i'm doing. bill: he also told me he has drafted a policy that would make it much easier for parents to go and visit their children at their school and observe them in their classroom. right now it's unclear whether anything will be recommended tonight or voted upon. that meeting will open up to the public within the next hour at 7:00. we will be inside we'll have live report at 10:00 to let you know exactly what happened inside the board meeting when they talked about the possibility of putting these cameras inside of the classrooms. reporting live and clover south carolina bill melugin fox 46 wjzy. kayla: continuing coverage in
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education is moving forward in its search for new superintendent. this morning the school board named michelle morris as interim superintendent. she will move into the role with current superintendent on june 1. the school board voted this point to stop taking applications for the new superintendent on may 17. more information from either a deadly crash in union county bridge this morning near the intersection of east village dive and old pageland road. troopers say a father and his three children suv were injured including a 10-year-old boy who was airlifted to cmc. protesters staged a die in at the duke energy building in uptown in reference to what they call a conflict of interest between governor pat mccrory and duke. they say that relationship is putting hundreds of homeowners at risk.
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live in belmont. hi caroline. >> this is where the rubber hits the road rabies folks here in this belmont community have been living off of bottled water for the past year because they were told by the state the water is not safe. now year later they are coming back to say that the water is okay to drink at the neighbors are not buying that. >> coal ash kool-aid to. >> protesters fell to the ground after pretending to drink the so-called coal ash kool-aid. this is their way of saying the water coming from the wells near the station in belmont is not safe to drink. >> to me this is the time for good people to step up and show support or our communities facing a water crisis. >> last year the state toxicologist sent a letter to more than 400 residents telling them not to drink the water. deborah baker got one of those letters.
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and my water treaty cannot ingest cook or do anything with the water except showers, washing clothes and dishes. >> a year later the state sent out another letter. says after further study it on the water doesn't back meet federal standards for state ranking water. duke energy reiterated that claim while surrounded by protesters. >> the water quality in the wells is just as good as the water quality is but millions of people across the nation. >> we are going to go inside. >> she said the well water is not contaminated by duke's coal ash byproduct of the coal electric plant. here's what we know, the facts are not a lot of science and engineering has been done and it demonstrates the coal ash basins are not impacting neighbors wells. tonight deborah baker has been living on bottled water courtesy of duke energy for last year said she won't believe it until
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>> you need to come and retest our water and give me peace of mind that it will be healthy for my son and myself and my neighbors and friends. >> the folks affected by this water controversy will be speaking tomorrow night at a public hearing for state officials to share concerns. i'm told by neighbors that they have been canvassing the area to make sure there's a big turnout and will be there to bring you the latest. live in belmont caroline fountain fox 46 wjzy. kayla: again there are two meetings tomorrow or coal ash concerns in our area. the meeting for this box beam station starts at 6:00 in the center for the environment building at the time a college. a meeting for the allen's installation and gaston county will be held in the myers at gaston county's dallas campus. at meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.
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>> good evening everybody. just in time for freezing temperatures released near freezing in charlotte. want to make you aware that freeze warning in play tonight. those include mecklenburg county all the way to york county and areas to the north's or we are for temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s out there. that's going to be in effect from midnight tonight to 9:00 a.m. in the morning. until one of the kids up as they have after school tomorrow plus if you have plans you want to keep alive if they are in pots you may want to bring them in tonight. they're going to be vulnerable again. that's two nights in a row where temperatures are so cold he daytime highs are warmer than they were 24 hours ago anywhere from eight to 12 degrees warmer so a little bit of wind out there but mainly 50's outside to mid-to upper 50's with the exceptions of the mountains and low 40s.
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our way and we will show you when we are expecting it to warm up in another 10 minutes from now. kayla: thank you breyon. happening now in charlotte city leaders are considering the feature of several development projects. what are those projects includes rezoning a portion of the old eastland mall site. councilmembers are considering a proposal to allow single-family homes in the area. for years the city has been trying to move forward on a plan to develop the old mall site to rejuvenate the area. city council is expected to vote on a big project plan for cell charlotte. a developer wants to knock down the sharon united methodist church in south park. the plan includes new apartments in a hotel as well as restaurants and shopping. sharon united methodist church would be poured out a new church would be built. developers are expected to present their plans for new development in charlotte's
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apartments and retail on seventh street. a similar plan for the nearly two-acre site was canceled last fall. controversial plans to build a new costco retail center in mooresville will go before mr. sniper developer developer wants to build a store at the intersection of telford and probably school roads. the shopping center would take up 41 acres of land and include a number of stores. some people who live in the area are fighting the plans because they are concerned will bring more traffic to the area. tonight's mooresville commissioners meeting was supposed to get underway a few minutes ago. police and concord have made an arrest in the city's latest murder. brian ward is held in the cabarrus county jail without bond. police say he shot and killed columbus simmons on march 14. if there is a motive in the shooting police aren't telling us to charlotte-mecklenburg police are investigating early-morning robbery at a gas station on park road not far from east woodlawn road. the robbery happened around
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police say the suspect robbed the store and the clerk was not injured. you are asked to call crime stoppers if you have any information that could help solve this case. the battle over the future of charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordinance continues to the quality and sea launched a petition aimed at lawmakers. the group is asking members of the general assembly to vote against legislation that would overturn the ordinance. groups against the nondiscrimination ordinance say it would allow men to use women's restrooms putting women and children at risk. quality and ceases those groups are using scare track -- tactics. for local officers are being recognized for their bravery. we will find out what they did
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taking place later this evening kayla: we have new pictures from a fire just outside of uptown. firefighters responded to the building on north church street around 2:30 this afternoon. we are told this fire started inside a furnace and firefighters did have it under control in 15 minutes. two workers effectively treated by medics. a fox 46 viewer help us cover the fire and they got paid for it then you can too. all you have to do is download the fresco at. we will send out assignments for news happening across the area and all you have to do is shoot a picture video and send it in. if we use on air we will pay you
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join our news team and download the fresco app right now. people living and working in one area plus ahmed would say something needs to be done to fix what they say is dangerous and intersection and with more apartments on the way there could be more problems if something isn't done soon. robin kanady has been looking into this issue and is joining us live. robin is there anything in the works to make the area safer? >> k. law it doesn't take long to see just how busy the area on central avenue is. there's an apartment complex being built across the street, lots of traffic especially this time of day. there is also a city bus stop working in this area tell me they just don't till they can get around safely and easily on foot or in the car. avenue near clement avenue he
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way round to get to a traffic light. >> it's a football field and a half so 150 yards or so. >> or you have to take your chances like quite a few folks i saw guarding across traffic. >> it's dangerous because of the simple fact that there are so many cars coming and going. >> it's bad for the public. >> in 30 minutes i saw more than half a dozen people crossing there is no traffic light in no crosswalk. >> the general public safety is important to have a crosswalk. i have heard several times pedestrians are hit on central avenue. tonight we found out the city of charlotte plans to make upgrades. charlotte department of transportation or does this plan to add crosswalks at the intersection of climate in central but we are told it will be about a year before construction on that will start.
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into these apartments under construction will be here in about three months. >> it's not going to be any better. there are 281 units going in and 80 more going in. see dodd says the intersection has been on the radar for safety upgrades for years but they haven't had the money to get the work done until now. residents say they are more than ready to see changes. we will soon have a safer way to get around. one of the things c-dot tells me they're doing is working with the property in the parking lot and family dollar to come up with a plan to align a entrance here with the intersection across the street on clement and central. once they are able to do that they will be able to move forward the plan to put up a traffic signal and data crosswalk. live and in plus ahmed would robin kanady fox 46 wjzy.
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of 2011 today there've been 25 rex at the intersection of central and climate avenues. the st d.o.t. numbers are out in officials say more traffic circles are needed to reduce the number of accidents at intersections. independent report says 15 have been built so far paid officials told the newspaper there's a 74% reduction in total crashes on a 60% reduction in crashes with injuries and a 100% reduction in the number of fatal crashes when traffic circles are used in a standard intersection. ryan was saying earlier i just got back in the town was the first day and i was expecting spring like weather so brian when we going to get beat warm temperatures back? >> heading out the door tomorrow we are expecting a freezing morning temperatures or at least close to freezing rain tomorrow across the region everybody's
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here's the good news, we have lots of sun this week at least for the next few days. we will have rain chances moving and later in the weekend temperatures cable will rebound by wednesday. and by tomorrow afternoon temperatures will be considerably warmer. right now fewer thinking about stepping out where sitting at the t. six and we have the winds ones blowing at 11 miles an hour so the winds are a player here with the weather. the windchill is making it feel like 48 to 49 degrees. not unbearable but it's cool outside and is going to get cooler over the next several hours but if you are thinking about heading out this evening temperature 52 at 7:00 p.m. and we will lose three of four degrees over the next several hours. daytime highs 57. keep in mind sunday we are at 47 so we gain 10 degrees but we started out near freezing this
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like that but possibly cooler tomorrow. just be prepared and the good news is nowhere near record temperatures. as far as temperatures go tonight only a few spots should be above freezing and charlotte gastonia 33, lancaster slightly warmer at 35 degrees but it's going to be cool for everybody in the outlying areas and charlotte-mecklenburg county dropping down to the freezing mark it as we look at satellite and radar not much to see here. that's good news and i know the weather's getting warmer and people are starting to plan vacations, the southeast looking good at least for now. we have rain chances moving in later this week. we will discuss that later on the newscast. tonight 33 ones blowing out of the northwest of three to 10 miles an hour and her three-day forecast 66 tomorrow for the daytime high, back to the mid-70s by wednesday and thursday as well. >> thank you brian.
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for police officers for their bravery during an officer involved shooting. this happened last may on coachman stray sprinkle tenor james quattlebaum was responding to a disturbance call when he was shot. another officer returned fire hitting the shooter who police say was wearing a bulletproof vest. investigators say 16-year-old raisin darrell shot at the officers. more officers will be recognized for their actions above and beyond the call of duty. a police officer in durham is out of the hospital after being shot. this happened this morning in the booking area the county jail to police say the suspect reached for a gun in the back of his pants after the officer unlocked his handcuffs. the suspect in the officer struggled over the gun fired once gracing the officer's abdomen. several local college police departments are teaming up with the fbi for specialized training. the program is called alert or
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trains first rehab sponsors how to react inactive shooting situations. they are all taking part in this weeks training. so for the fbi has trained more than 60,000 law enforcement officers in the program. we have learned a marine at camp lejeune has died after a rocket attack in iraq from isis. this happened saturday in northern iraq. the news is forcing the pentagon to confirm marines based in north carolina are on the ground in iraq great all new at six "fox news" correspondent connor powell has the details. >> the pentagon confirming brains from the 26th expeditionary unit are on the ground in iraq fighting isis. the disclosure coming after nice as rocket attack killed a highly decorated marine staff sergeant lewis cardin. the military says even though combat troops have been deployed their role is mostly defensive to.
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those advisers. we realize we need some artillery. >> the pentagon will release the exact number of marines but says it's less than 200. the planet part of the obama administration's plan to retake the key city of mosul the largest city still under isis control. >> we inherited the situation with regard to terrorism and it's going to be a lot worse now now. we would like to get mosul liberated. >> further north in syria eyes as targets continue while a temporary truce has reduce fighting between assad or suspend the opposition. the russian military partially joined in from syria now requesting a meeting with their u.s. counterparts. supporting a response to what they call violations of cease-fire. but delay and agreed rules of reaction to the violation of the
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action civilians by there today. u.s. rejecting russia's calls weren't meeting prompting the russians to -- unilateral action. kayla: one of the largest rescues of animals one national group has ever seen and a lot of horses involved are now being rehabilitated in our backyard. that story is coming up. plus donald the diplomat the gop front-runner manny said had to
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support of the entir kayla: aspca is calling it one3 of the largest animal seizures in the group's 150 or history. dogs, cats and even horses abused read some of these horses are being rehabilitated right here in our area. david sentendrey is that caroline e. quine center and assistance. what's happening?
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rescued from what officials are calling an unlicensed animal shelter in polk county north carolina. they see these animals are being abused in many different ways by a man and woman running the shelter and out of these hundreds of animals 40 horses were rescued in a handful of them brought here to this rescue in union county. two of the forces are pregnant, one just gave birth over the weekend with a woman in charge of this rescue says it's a lot to take in the especially when the horses she is trying to rehab for malnourishment and untreated illness are giving birth. >> this is the second time i've- broken down with that many animals. at this rescue has been around for nearly 20 years since taking in well over 100 horses. some you will see later on tonight at 10 will make you shake your head but again it's good to know there are people out here trying to right some wrongs reporting in union county
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kayla: a focus on his first full day. we are going to take a look at what president obama did today in cuba and a shakeup and they nc gop comes the latest turn of events at the top aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! sfx: fair rides, cheering, music. everybody likes to have a little fun. the north carolina education lottery is all about fun. but sometimes, when you have too much fun,
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we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call now. kayla: taking a look at our top stories clovers goldish and officials will talk about the possibility of putting cameras in special education classrooms at tonight's board meeting. this is a result of the fallout from our "fox 46 news" to get a report detailing allegations of the abuse of autistic students at warren elementary school two years ago. after the story aired angry parents told the school district they want to cameras in the classroom in the district said they look into it. tonight they are releasing their study of the issue in the public part of the meeting starting at 7:00 p.m.. coanchor bill melugin is there 10:00 p.m.. the battle for the future of
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nondiscrimination ordinance continues great equality and sea launched a petition aimed at lawmakers beta group is asking members the general assembly to vote against legislation that would overturn the ordinance. groups against the nondiscrimination ordinance say would allow men to use women's restaurants putting women and children at risk. equality and maxie says the group is using scare tactics to overturn the ordinance. something many thought they'd never seen a lifetime and american president visiting cuba. president obama spent his first full day in the country visiting revolutionary square and meeting with cuban leader rob castro. correspondent kevin corke is in havana with more. >> something like this hasn't been seen in nearly nine decades. president obama on cuban soil shaking hands with leader roe pastor in havana after becoming the first commander in chief to nation since calvin coolidge in
6:31 pm
>> as is true of countries around the world where we have normalized relations we will continue to stand up for basic principles that we believe and. america believes in democracy. >> president obama visiting revolutionary square with sculptures of cuban revolutionary figures tower behind them. the president went to museum dedicated to pose a martini. >> cuba's sovereign and has great pride. the future you will be decided by cubans not by anybody else. >> the president announced in december 2014 tis of thee restored after more than 50 years of hostility. embassies -- tensions remain over things such as the u.s. trade comargo. >> there are profound differences between our countries. they will not go away. at president obama taking part in entrepreneurship event and
6:32 pm
tonight. on tuesday he's expected to address the cuban people in a speech and he's also expected to meet with political dissidents on the island. in havana cuba traveling with the president kevin corke box news. gastonia police are asking for your help in finding a missing woman. 49-year-old michelle hill was last heard from tuesday. officials say padilla went to a doctor's appointment was seen getting into a light passenger car. friends and family say she suffers from a medical condition. she's described as 5 feet 8 inches, 170 pounds and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt with her hair in a ponytail. anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact crime stoppers. a controversial proposal in harrisburg will be up for discussion tomorrow. we have we have been following this story for several months. they want to resell more than 130 acres on mulberry road. that same road is where the
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for a last ball. those living in the area but against a proposed mine in the developer pool the plans but now the developer wants the area rezone to allow industrial park today to pay the harrisburg planning board will meet tomorrow night to reconsider a new rezoning requests for the lan. developing story of monroe. police need your help identifying the suspect seen in the surveillance photos rape they say this man went into the first citizens bank on roosevelt boulevard around 11:30 this morning and handed a note to the teller demanding money paid authorities say no weapon was shown but the note did indicate there was a weapon. the man got away with an undisclosed amount of money and left in a car. if you have any information you're urged to contact police or crime stoppers. an update to a story we have been following out of michigan. governor rick snyder has announced plans to fix the flat water crisis.
6:34 pm
will -- the lead tainted water in the coming years. he made the announcement today. the plan includes replacing drink the water fixtures are placing lead service lines boosting health and educational resources and developing new home mortgage options for the city. the north carolina republican party chairman has been reprimanded and duties restricted by a gop committee accusing him of overstepping his authority. according to the "associated press" the gop central committee voted to censure the son harned with a formal no-confidence resolution against him. the decision was related to the party's upcoming convention in its computer system. harnett was elected the state party's first black chairman last june. according to news releases saying harned wrongly acted on personnel decisions and attempts remove party leaders. he declined to comment. donald trump is in washington
6:35 pm
influential republicans. his closed-door meetings are widely seen as an effort by the trump campaign to smooth rocky relations with the gop establishment rate this ahead of the major foreign-policy speech at tonight's aipac conference. "fox news" correspondent doug mcelway has more. >> after rowdy rallies in arizona but we can donald trump is trying to be more diplomatic holding meetings in washington with many establishment republicans who see trump is volatile unpredictable and the possible threat to the party brand. >> it disappears 2-d -- donald trump has said many times i can be presidential when i want to. this appears to be the day when he is going to try to be presidential. >> some of the gop have been hoping his public -- opponents will gain enough delegates to deny trump the 100 -- to secure permission.
6:36 pm
a third-party candidate to cipher votes away from the billionaire moe cool. >> trump is make a transition from being a remarkably successful candidate who used intensity to build the momentum that nobody thought possible. he's got to make a transition to being a potential president. these meetings, over at a highly anticipated meeting. the group of cruz and kasich will address but former secretary of state and democratic front-runner hillary clinton beat everyone to the punch appearing before the group this morning. >> united states and israel must be closer than ever, stronger than ever and more determined than ever. to prevail against our common adversaries and to advance our shared values. for trumps and i speech provides an opportunity to delve deeper into foreign-policy matters especially the middle east. trump has been criticized by challenges from lacking
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doug mcelway "fox news." kayla: why comes to the housing market is about that time for spring homes to go on the market but according to new data there may be a shortage of homes available to bite. u.s. home sales suffered a steep drop off in a boria. the national association of realtors says sales of existing homes fell 7.1% last month. the decline follows robust yearly sales of 5.47 million in january and i pour .45 million in december after new regulation delay closings in november. the median home sales price is 210,800 in february and that's a 4.4% annual increase from a year ago. as the back-and-forth continues between apple and samsung there's word today the supreme court is planning to step in. this is according to the "associated press." earlier today justices said
6:38 pm
south korea-based samsung for illegally copying panted aspects of apple's iphone. companies have been lost in patent fights for years. now justices will reportedly decide whether a court can order samsung to pay apple every penny it made from the phones at issue. what had fans glued to their computers and smartphones today? will have that story when we return.
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is snow in the mountains b >> welcome back everybody. we got a break from the rain. we have some over the weekend things are clearing out. even though temperatures are cooler there is good news. as we get into the back half of the week we will see rain chances. we start her state 20% and built thursday night into friday
6:41 pm
rain, saturday comes in at 20 and sunday a thunderstorm or two in the area. more on that as the week develops. i want to put that on your radar if you are making for the weekend right now. in terms of what we are currently seeing really a lot of wind. that will be your issue our biggest issue over the next couple of days. temperatures will warm to the wind will stay gusty. we are sitting at 11 miles an hour in charlotte babies are steady wins the net 14 in cuffs around the 20-mile per hour range throughout the day today and that will be the case over the next couple of days. 20 to 30 mile per hour gusts. tomorrow's the look at the winds we will see in the team starting the morning hours and as we look at 2:00 in the afternoon steady wins 60 lincoln 1020 so a lot of wind expected across the area over the next few days. with that comes some allergy issues as well. a break from the rain over the
6:42 pm
pollen but we will get back up into the very high range tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday and wednesday and thursday with at the highest that that's where the winds will be happiest and over the weekend a rain chances -- futurecast not a lot to see. high pressure down to the south cause wins to switch around to the south bringing warmer air into the atmosphere. that is where we would get warmer temperatures. sunny over that stretch as well. this one's afternoon. i do want to point out as we get into thursday we will see you cold front begin to push out the west. the rain chances thursday night in laughter friday morning. there's a good rain across the area. temperatures are rebounding fairly quickly. mid-70s when sanders in the cold front back in the 60s and sunday is easter with a 40% chance of rain with a high of
6:43 pm
health officials are pushing to ban surgical gloves with powder. according to the "associated press" the powder designed to make them easier to wear may cause problems for patients. the fda says the powder can lead to breathing problems wonderful nation and even scar tissue on oregon's following surgery. the latest move is a big one because it's the second proposed ban targeting medical supplies. the government has ever made. 1983 the agency banned fake hair implants intended to conceal baldness due to infections and injuries. the fda making news approving an injection to combat anthrax through the new drug called anthem to help treat patients up and exposed to the deadly toxin. because anthrax is a potential bioterrorism weapon the u.s. government has been funding the development and production therapies. anthem was developed by usc's usc's therapeutics and pampered
6:44 pm
biomedical advanced research and development authority. the drug was officially approved by the fda on friday.
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6:46 pm
teaming kayla: a big day for buzz city. single-game tickets for the first round of the nba playoffs one on sale at 10:00 a.m.. the main focus tickets for the first three potential home games of the best-of-seven series. simply ask any hornets fan and
6:47 pm
their team is that heating things up on the hardwood meaning 16 of their last 20 games. >> i love the team. they say all the right things after games and they are fun to watch pretty make the games exciting. they come back. you'd like to see them have closer games all the way through but -- kayla. kayla: play of opponents dates and -- are not set and that will happen it into the season. teaming up to take on police linebacker thomas davis along with the harlem globetrotters came together to harris ymca to present the abcs of pulling prevention and paid tribute to davis as an honorary ambassador of goodwill for his work with the thomas davis dreams foundation paid to help recognize all the descent for the committee with his program the globetrotters are donating 90 tickets and davis named to
6:48 pm
queen city so they can catch the globetrotters in action. >> coming from to professional athletes we have gone through situation such as bowling ourselves and being able to share that with kids. not only someone to look up to but help them with their situations in case they been bullied before. kayla: it wouldn't be a globetrotter gathering without them teaching the crowd and davis some moves are that in addition to their skills on the hardwood the globetrotters are known to many as the original ambassadors of goodwill. if you would like to check them out they will be at unc charlotte holden arena march 26 at 7:00 p.m.. the team is celebrating their 90th anniversary world tour. anthony you were saying but gets played. that's an impossible name to say. >> his first name is anthony. i did a story with him in my previous job centanni buckets
6:49 pm
>> a ball on my finger. i got to play the globetrotters many moons ago. went to the foul line and went 0-2. the hornets face the hottest
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
coach steve >> the hornets are 17-5 since january 31 which is third-best
6:52 pm
tonight they will face the hottest team during that span the san antonio spurs. the spurs have won 20 games since january and the second best overall record in the league behind the golden state warriors beat the spurs coming season saturday when they beat the warriors to the hornets are coming coming off a loss against the denver nuggets. they are in the six position in the eastern conference playoff race but they are only 1/2 games behind third-seeded atlanta. to get back on the winning track the hornets will have to snap a 10 game losing streak against the spurs. >> sports is the work that way. we cannot we say we have to play a great game tonight. you have to play your game and that game is built over how you do things from day one. you don't go through the championship game and change who you are. that's where habits process and the right mentality. you build that from day one. it don't change things as you get late in the year.
6:53 pm
news at 10:00 to a postseason honor for the panthers this time the front office is getting recognized her record-setting season regional manager has been named the 2015 nfl executive of the year by sporting news. award was voted by gettleman's peers are the panthers started the season 14-0 one a franchise 15 games and scored the most points in nfl. they advanced to the supr bowl
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kayla: breaking news coming into the newsroom. lieutenant governor dan forest the present of the senate tweeting out moments ago quote general assembly will hold a special session to stop radical charlotte bathroom ordinance this wednesday at 10:00 a.m.. hashtag -- and of course we'll have much more on this issue tonight at 10. let's send it over to meteorologist brian basham for a final check on the weather. >> hey everybody. tempers of the cool tomorrow. we will see freezing to near freezing temperatures across-the-board. we get a nice worn up as we head into action -- warm-up in the afternoon of rain chances starting thursday night and lasting through the weekend.
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i'm excited about the worn up i hope we have a buyer for the house. me too! what are the neighbors doing here? bill! hey! i didn't know your home wifi could stream so many devices at the same time. dad, it's time warner cable. 300 megs. crazy-fast. dad! you can get wifi all over this place. cool! make your home as connected as possible. get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. and ask about free installation.
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cameron: good night, sweet pea. good night, honey. mitchell! there's a stranger in our hot tub! mitchell: who is it?! you do know what "stranger" means, don't you? oh, my g-- oh, my god! how long has he been there? i saw him exactly one second before you. you know everything i know. okay, i'm -- i'm calling 911. i'm getting my bat. [ water splashing ] maybe we're overreacting. yeah, he could have a very good reason for be-- we should at least say hello. it's only polite.
7:00 pm
so i looked that coyote dead in the eye, and i let him know, without saying a word, "i will not harm you... but i'm the alpha here." and he just stared back at me... mesmerized. whoa. yeah. amazing. turns out, barry just moved into the apartment upstairs and thought the hot tub was for the whole building. anyway, he's a super-cool guy, and he's straight, so there's no weirdness. aside from you turning into a 16-year-old girl. i did not. [ giggles ] cameron, give me your arm. okay. whatcha doin'? oh, i'm studying to be a reiki master. what i'm doing is i'm transferring my positive energy into cameron, and i'm taking out all the negative energy. okay. mm. now, do you feel that? i do. does it feel warm?


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