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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> it's all tied to that ongoing investigation into unnecessary stent procedures. kelly mcpherson breaks down the case and today's settlement. >> reporter: the settlement showed us today that this all
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started with three whistle blowers. three cardiac surgeons who suddenly noticed that they weren't getting as many referrals as their peers. three cardiac surgeons are the whistle blowers against the medical center. the doctors started working with the government five years ago. >> they noticed that they were not getting referrals from the cardiologists like they had been before. and they wondered why that was going on. and then they found out that it was because of kick backs that were going from the hospital to the cardiology practice. >> reporter: st. joseph's has not admitted to a kick back scheme with cardiovascular associates. but has agreed to pay $22 million to the federal government to avoid defending itself in court. >> we bring these cases only when we believe we have a case.
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>> reporter: that cover is being charge for unnecessary procedures throughout the federal insurance plan. a portion goes to the three whistle blowing surgeons who were looking for transparency. >> so the doctors are referred not only the basis of pay but on the basis of quality of care. that's what they want. that was the only thing they wanted out of this whole settlement. >> former st. joe's cardiac surgeon dr. mark maday is still under investigation for performing unnecessary stent procedures. >> what i did is what i would want for myself, for anybody in my family. >> reporter: this civil settlement agreement is a recognition that st. joe's acted inappropriately and if you look at these allegations they are between the hospital and mid-atlantic having zero to do with dr. madey. >> any chance that there would also be a criminal case. >> i wouldn't be able to comment on that. this only resolves a civil case
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between st. joe's and the government. it doesn't solve any other potential issues. >> reporter: the medical center still faces 101 lawsuits filed by patients and a lawsuit filed by dr. maday who says he has been the scapegoat for this kick back scheme. kelly mcpherson. >> if the case had gone to court, the government could have demanded $120 million from st. joseph's. a baltimore county woman lies about having cancer to scam friends and teamly out of money. now a judge is stacking more prison time on to her sentence. dina mioni has violated her probation in four earlier fraud cases. a developing story right now out of baltimore county where a man was shot in the face. you can see this video of
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forming the bullies verbally abused and urinated on her son is she's not going to take it. it all started in a bathroom at deep creek middle school in essexx and it's now headed to the courtroom. >> reporter: right now, the school system is kind of doubting or questioning whether this victim could have seen the boys who allegedly did this because he was in a stall. but apparently, there's video of some boys running out of the bathrooms and the victim had identified one of those victims by his shoe, corroborating the story. it happened in essex baltimore county. and the details are disgusting. >> i wonder where we will go and go urinate and violate somebody's space. >> reporter: this fifth grader
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who's identity we're protecting says an eighth grade boy urinated on him while the victim was using the restroom. his mother who we are only calling katrina says she's appalled. >> they urinated on his shoes and clothes and ran out. >> this is unacceptable behavior. >> extremely unacceptable. my frustration is more so toward the school than anything else. >> reporter: his mother says that's because the school's response was as bad as the incident itself. her son says he ran out of the bathroom after the incident and says after telling administrators what happened, he was remained to stay in urine soaked clothes for the rest of the day. ka treu katrina and her son will face the young men her son is accusing. the outcome remains unclear, because katrina tells wjz news that suspect denies he urinated
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on his shoes. 50% of students are accused of bullying, it's a problem president obama has condemned. >> we have to dispel this myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage. that it's a part of growing up, it's not. >> reporter: the school thoroughly investigated this incident. and like any incident, they take it seriously. the victim's mother is upset because she says the school district reveals any details of the investigation. >> reporter: the boy in this case is now at a different school. alarm at anne arundel county after a woman is raped after she was taking out the trash. she says the man came at her with a weapon, raped her and then ran away.
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anne arundel county police are still looking for the attacker. the ravens ray rice is pulled over for a traffic stop and receives a warning. now some are questioning whether his celebrity status got him off without a ticket. adam may explains the running back is under fire all because of a twitt. >> reporter: ray rice forced to defend himself against allegations of special treatment. following a message he sent to his fans on twitter. he wrote, just got pulled over for a tint. but gave the officer an photograph for his son and he let me go. now rice apologizes for the twitt. the incident occurred at a parking lot at the parking lot of a game store.
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rice was given a verbal warning for window tinting that was too dark. >> i don't want to make it seem like i was getting special treatment. i must get my tints fixed because they are pretty dark. >> reporter: don't bother looking for that twitt he took it down after people started asking questions. adam may, wjz. and we'll let you know what baltimore county police decide as soon as they finish their investigation. former president george w. bush is taking his tell all memoire on tour. in the book the former president reveals that he personally authorized waterboarding terror suspects. he says that interrogation technique help stop attacks in the u.s. and britain. >> i will tell you this, using those techniques saved lives. my job was to protect americans
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and i did. >> reporter: the book claims that the master mind of 9/11 was water boarded. president barack obama has since banned the technique calling it torture. mystery in the skies. cbs news cameras captures what looks like a missile launch. >> reporter: just before sunset on monday, the local cbs station many los angeles shot this video of what looks like a missile launch. photographer gil levose saw the bright lights and con trail off the coast of l.a. >> the video speaks for itself. it's definitely some object. it's not a flock of birds or a jetliner. it was a large plume at the horizon, it grew and got thinner. and spiraling in nature. as i zoomed into the point of it you can see what appears to
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be, whatever it was spinning in a trajectory like a bullet or a football. >> reporter: throughout the day on tuesday, aviation and defense officials came forward to say whatever the object was it wasn't theirs. the air force launched this delta two rocket on friday but says nothing was launched on monday. the pentagon says it's still investigating but defense officials tell cbs news that they have ruled out a missile. the faa did not approve any commercial space launches around the area monday. nara issued a joint statement saying that there was no threat to the united states. in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. one expert says there's no way the object could have been a rocket because it appears to change course in the video. well they set sail on a
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relaxing vacation. now thousands of passenger are in cruise line hell. fired for her facebook rant. a judge's decision on a woman's rant that cost her her job. ,,,,,,
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it is 49 degrees and clear in central maryland, right now the complete weather forecast is coming up. incredible video from the dash cam of an iowa police cruiser. look closely to the driver side, you will see a deer jump into the car then eventually run off between two homes. he was very grateful the an male made it safely over his vehicle. and the carnival splendor suffered an engine fire and is adrift 200 miles south of san diego. there is no air-conditioning or
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hot water on board. military helicopter are flying in supplies to disabled ship. thug boats began towing the splendor. it is expected to reach san diego sometime thursday. a major step forward in the quest to build a wind farm. federal regulators give parts of the plan a green light. that makes maryland the second in the country to clear the hurdle to expand wind power. and now wjz has learned maryland's first on shore wind farm is just weeks away from delivering, green, clean energy. >> reporter: rising high above western many ád m.d., the state's first wind farm will begin operating in just a few weeks. wjz got an exclusive tour as construction crews put the finishing touches on the
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criteria wind farm. >> this is the first wind project and we're proud of it, we think it's elegant. >> reporter: paul allen is a senior vice president for constalation energy. >> we like the wind. build more, build more. >> reporter: the expansion of wáeupbd is considered a key component in the race against global climate change. some european countries now get up to 1/five of their energy -- 1/5 of their energy from wind. wind energy is less than 1% but it's growing. >> these wind turbines are making their contributions to cleaning up the over all pool of power that we're all drawing out of. >> reporter: the criteria and
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manager showed the wjz how the wind gusts work. all towers feed through 8 miles of underground cable. >> it will end up in somebody's home eventually. >> reporter: right now maryland trails in the production of wind energy but that will soon change. after federal regulators just okayed a state proposal 10 miles off the coast. that new project could power up to 1 million homes and create 4,000 jobs for people like electrician doug williams who is almost done with his job at the critirian wind the áf farm. hoping another job is right around the corner if maryland becomes a leader in the green
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energy revolutionful adam may. martin o' malley set a goal to get more funding for maryland. -- the national labor relation boards argue the comments fall under protected speech. the company says susa was fired for her poor performance. a return to prime time for michael j. fox. it was art imitating life as fox played a lawyer with a disability similar to his parkinson's disease. >> he has a condition that is similar to what i experience. that he has no guilty or shame using it to his benefit. >> reporter: fox says he
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experienced real life tremors during the shooting of some scenes. the producers of the good wife are hoping he will become a recurring character. it may be the greatest game show move of all time. check it out as a contestant of the wheel of fortune solves a seven day puzzle with only one letter revealed. >> can i solve. >> yeah. >> i've got a good feeling about this. >> that's right. >> burke simply said she had a good feeling about her answer. a trip to the caribbean. pat lives here in maryland. >> i hope her trip to the caribbean is on another ship than the one stranded. >> or a flight. >> that has to be the first for that show. let's take a look at temps and conditions, it's been beautiful all day long and
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looks like it's going to continue. still pretty mild for this time of night. the winds really calmed down. the barometer way back up. 30.1-inches. 35 up in elkton. last night we only got down to 45. tonight 2 degrees cooler. 46 in cumberland. ocean city at 48. looks like great weather continues. look at this 63 today. 45 last night. the average is now 59 and 36. and the records are 78 and 25. it can get warm and pretty chilly. right now the winds continue generally out of the north- northwest but they've calmed down. earlier today they were 10, 15, 20, now much much lighter. snow out west, colorado, portions of montana. some of the mountain areas up to a foot, denver very close to getting some snow late this
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evening. to our northeast, still raining over parts of the east. we're too far west. keeping us sunny and milder conditions because the jet stream is going back up into canada. it's going to stay beautiful well into the weekend and beyond. perhaps by next wednesday or thursday, that jet stream is going to slip further south and we're going to get colder temperatures once again. you know it's going to come sooner or later. sunrise 6:44. temperatures around 40 to the mid-40s in the city. tonight plenty of sunshine. 61, 63, mid-60s with a lot of sunshine for saturday and sunday. >> i have to get a lot done
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the ravens are getting ready for prime sometime they face the falcons. one last practice indoors in owings mill today. taking on the falcons team that like the ravens has a record of 6-2. coming off a sunday game, just four days to get ready can lead to some confusion. just listen to coach harbauh. >> he has this ritual, now we are from sunday to thursday. and today is actually thursday. you know for you all it's tuesday. for us it's thursday. so tomorrow will be, actually it's friday. you see that's how tough it is. today is friday. today is thursday -- well today is thursday and friday. >> just show up on time
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thursday night. look for josh wilson to start. wilson has his first interception on the win over miami on sunday. baltimore mourning the loss of quinnton daily after the age of 21 after he battled heart disease. went on to play ten seasons in the nba. seen here practicing with the l.a. clippers. present day nba star carmelo anthony shows up in style. melo looked good before the game but the action not kind of mello. he scored 15 points in denver, gets routed on the road. the pacers had a near perfect third quarter. they hit 20 of 21 shots. scored 54 points in the third quarter alone. that's the biggest quarter in franchise history. indiana over denver. 144 to 113. former nba all star allen iverson has gone a while to
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stay alive. he got a hero's welcome. iverson an 11 time all star. couldn't get a contract here so he's gone overseas. baseball news, dave trembley, five months after he has fired the orioles manager, he will go to the braves serving as an organizational instructor. trembley was let go in june. hockey tonight, matt hendricks puts it in. that's the go ahead goal. the caps win 5-3. washington has won five in a row. more on the ravens tomorrow. they'll get their days straight. >> i sort of wish it was friday. he's one of the most sought after actresses in hollywood.
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after actresses in hollywood. >> now betet
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