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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  June 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's 6:00 and our live look across the harbor tells you the story of the week any way. the sun is up and it's going to get hot. how hot is the hurry up? we'll let you know. well, good morning, one thing you can see is it's
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still. nothing is moving. everything is calm this morning. the winds are calm. today, we won't need it much. 84 degrees today and sunny and low humidity. the humidity will build in later in the week. 62 degrees tonight and -- and clear. it's going to get hot, even hotter than this 90 coming up in the forecast. don, back to you. thank you, how about the hurry up? >> hi, don, we have fire activity that's still there on south lee high street. it's closed between fleet and lee street. watch for construction traveling downtown. this is going to affect you pretty much all month. conway will be closed for construction.
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that's for prepping for the grand prix. take the inbound to han --hanover. there's a look at 395 and the westside of the beltway. remember, wjz is always on, for more information, go to back to you, don. here's what people will be talk about today. a pit bull is shot and killed in anne arundel county, it's not far from a dog park. andrea fujii is live with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning, once again, don and everyone. it's been nearly ten months since an off duty police officer shot and killed a dog named bear bear. now, the police are investigating another incident that's similar. >> reporter: sunday morning, two people were walking a pit bull named cane.
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they came across a group of young people. >> he was not on a leash, mine was on a leash. >> reporter: the dog's owner says that the two dogs started fighting. >> someone else went and got a gun and shot my dog. my daughter could have been injured. you have to know your surroundings. >> reporter: the shooting comes after an officer shot another dog in severn dog park. a judge gave the officer probation. he served no jail time. >> they come to a dog park where people are with a loaded
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gun and shoots an innocent dog and again, the dogs lose. >> reporter: she's ready for a legal battle. >> i want to seek justice. he has to be locked up or something. >> reporter: the police are investigating the incident. they're looking into whether or not the 32-year-old man has a permit for the handgun. animal control took control of the other dog. a woman was mauled by a pit bull in here town d -- in her drive way. the dog is quarantined for another week. the umpc campus is returning to normal after days without electricity. most of the buildings have power now. the resident's hauls are still in the dark. the problem started before the weekend when a transformer
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exploded. crews are working to fix it and prepareing to install a bigger one to handle a bigger load. crews will be back searching for a swimmer missing for days. weijia jiang explains that searches like this are all too frequent around here. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the police are concerned as the temperatures rise. the list of tragedies could only grow. it's day two for a search for a 22-year-old maryland man. he was swimming near route 98 on friday and he went under. >> there's no reason for me not to go. the more i hear about it -- >> it's scary. >> reporter: they're afraid of swimming here and others aren't. in the three reservoirs, the search teams pulled out three people. they all died.
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all three victims were in excellent physical condition. >> reporter: it's the conditions of the water that makings -- makes it dangerous. in some parts, it's 100 feet deep. this group of teens doesn't want to be identified. >> we jump off of the cliffs. >> it's a free fall. all of the pressure comes off of your shoulders. >> reporter: the police warn about swimming in any unguarded place. two boaters were under the influence last month that died. . the police don't know why this man got in trouble. they're focusing on finding him. search teams are calling it a recovery, not a rescue. weijia jiang, wjz, eyewitness news. the rangers have written dozens of citations recently. hundreds of school teachers have been informed they could
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be jobless by the end of the year. according to the baltimore sun, the teachers are no longer a good match for their positions. the e-mail tells them to attend job fairs for new placement. the teacher's union is also voicing its concerns. new reports that john edwards was close to taking a plea deal. >> i never, ever thought i was breaking the law. >> friday, the 58-year-old pleaded not guilty on charges that he used campaign contributions to cover up an affair and baby with a staffer. he was offered a plea deal with a sentence of 6 months and he turned it down. turning to sports. french open tennis.
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federer and nadil battled it out on the play. nadil has the match point and federer hits it long. nadil ties the record of 6 french open titles. in game three, the mavericks have a chance for late game heroics. >> miami takes game three! >> the heat takes the mavericks thanks to wane's 29 points on the night. the orioles will welcome in the a's. guthrie gives up six runs and five innings of work. toronto wins, 7-4.
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we're a week away from the start of the 2011 u.s. open. to get you in the mood, the golf tour de franceed with the usda to let you play virtually. prizes for those who finish on the leader board get a trip to san francisco and merchandise and gift cards. to play, go to their website. >> wow. >> we want to tie a bow on a story we told you about earlier. >> that was the dick gelfman ride across maryland. that's why ron and marty aren't here. dick, in the yellow shirt and carroll, the manic monday photographer is in the pink and john, el president.
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that's what we call him. you can see with the check, they raised over $15,000. lots of bikes taking part leaving from columbia and other places leaving on saturday morning. they'll be trickling back home later on today. they don't leave at once like they go. >> right. >> then they head out to all parts of the area. >> i'm sure they had a great time. they had the awards and all. >> rather late. >> and they're coming back from there. >> one of the most unique helmets. mike schuh talked to them as they were leaving. regular helmets with pink braids. >> yeah, that's pretty cool. >> the breast cancer research theme. congratulations.
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$315,168 total. >> big round numbers. >> i thought that was just the check that marty wrote. >> well, it looked like it was signed by dick. well, we have gigi here to do manic monday. is it your first? >> reporter: no, the last group that did it with me won last season. this is' -- relay for life. they have an event coming up next friday. yeah, yeah! that's coming up real soon. they're a little bit quiet now, this is a wild group. they'll serenade you when we return. eyewitness news morning edition continues. ,,,,
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and good morning to everyone. it's going to be a nice day shaping up. we have a little bit of haze out there. we have relative humidity, very high. 90 peculiar. moisture in the -- 90%. moisture in the air. it will die out. the winds are calm. as things move around, we'll get more clearing. high pressure is in control of the forecast. 55 in cumberland and 59 in hagerstown and 59 towards elkton and temperatures ranging from 57 in westminster to around 70 degrees down towards annapolis and kent island. 69 in both locations. 63 in columbia and rock hall. winds have been calm all day. that's a northwest wind in washington county. it's been a light breeze.
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just a comfortable day shaping up. the high pressure is moving from the great lakes and they'll all sink down south. all of the showers and the low pressure system that brought the showers with us through late last night until midnight, they cleared the area. that's the remaining moisture creating the mists and the haze that we have. this high will continue to move across the region. as it does, the flow will start to bring in warmer air. that takes us from the low to mid-80s today to the 90s by the end of the week. sunset at 8:29. 9:43 is the next high tide at fort mchenry. we're above the average of 80 this time of the year. 62 is above the average of the low of 58. 96 wednesday, with a lot of sun.
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heat and humid start to build into the index around 100 plus on thursday. with the chance of afternoon showers on friday and saturday, we'll go to 92 and cool off a little bit by 96 for the weekend. thank you, if you're moving across the area, here's sharon. well, our first possible accident is reported in towson. you'll want to watch for that. also, fire activity reported in the city. fire crews are investigating a report of smoke on moravia. we have the fire activity on south lee high street. that's closed between foster and lee street. if you're in the city, watch for new construction on conway street. that's for about the next month. meantime, there's a look at speeds on the beltway. that's on the top and the westside.
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we're looking at full speeds ahead. there's a live look at the westside. that's on the inner and outer lupe. no issues on the other major roadways. wow, that's empty. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward. now, it's time for manic monday. ♪ just another manic monday. i wish it was sunday ♪ gigi is in for ron matz. >> reporter: good morning, i'm already dancing. did you see my dance moves? not all that good. this is rely of life of essex. [ cheers and applause ] they're all ready to serenade. this is melissa hall. you have a big event coming up
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on friday. tell me about it. >> friday at 7:00, everyone come out to essex community college. help people support survivors and it's about fund raising to support cancer programs and research. it all stays locally here. >> reporter: you all stay up all night, right? cancer never sleeps so why should we? is that the theme? >> yes, i have this for you. we want everyone to come out and support us and you can go to our website as well. support us online and make a donation if you can't make it out. if you can make it out for a little while even, come and see what it's about. maybe you'll relay next year. >> reporter: $95,000! you'll do it!
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also, singing here -- you guys ready? >> yes! >> reporter: ava, you ready? >> no, i'm noel. >> reporter: okay. here we go. [ laughter ] ♪ 6:00 already, i was just in the middle of a dream. i was kissing valentino by a crystal blue italian stream. but i can't be late because then i guess i just won't get paid! show me the money! these are the days when you wish your bed was already made,
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just another manic monday, oh, oh! i wish it was sunday, oh, oh, that's my fun day, oh, oh, my i don't have to run day, it's just another manic monday! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, yeah! very nicely done! nicely done! >> reporter: as the sun comes up, i forgot to say, go ahead, luther, hit it. >> the mu sick -- the music, please. >> i knew something was missing. >> reporter: back to you on tv hill. >> nice job. >> by the way, that was relay for life of essex. help them out a little bit if you can. it's also graduation time. wjz would like to see your favorite commencement type photos.
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it's mostly sunny and nice today. down to 62 degrees tonight. with clear skies, we'll have a decent day tomorrow. 90-degrees is the high for tomorrow. then, we'll start to see a heat index of 97 degrees with a chance of showers on friday and saturday afternoon. thank you, it's time to say next up on wjz. >> reporter: the latest republican to throw his hat in the ring for the race for the white house. that's coming up. >> reporter: good morning, i'm and. -- i'm andrea fujii. how a dog walked on its leash is now shot and killed. >> reporter: the murder trial of casey anthony continues this morning. i'll have more, coming up. >> i'm sharon gibala with
6:26 am
traffic control. if you're about to head out and if you're planning on traveling downtown, watch what the new construction will tell you about it. in for marty bass. we told you about how hot it will be. what's responsible for the hot temperatures? we'll have the forecast in a few moments. they're together at last. motley crue and poison are on tour together. we'll talk about the show that fans have been waiting for ever to see. stay tuned. the morning edition continues in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have a human haze forming. it will be a warm and humid week. sharon has an accident in west towson and it's tim in for marty at the first warning weather. well, good morning, everyone. today is a day you can dress for the way that you feel.
6:30 am
you don't have to worry about how hot you'll get. we're on target for the early june days. we have moderate humidity. we have clear skies and it will be a comfortable night. tomorrow, you'll have to consider how cool it will stay throughout the day. hot and 90 degrees and the temperatures go up from there. we'll have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. what's going on? here's sharon with traffic control. >> we have an accident to the south on 95. 95 southbound at 216, an accident is past 216. watch for delays in that area. also, south lee high is closed. take south new cook street instead.
6:31 am
new construction is going to have conway street closed for quite some time. that's between light street and charles street. outbound, 395 to mlk. there's the drive times an the speeds on the beltway. you'll see minor spots out there. the average speed is down to 48 miles per hour. you can see, we don't have any delays on spaghetti junction. there's a look at 395 and 295. everything is looking good there, also. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, buy right the first time. toyota, moving forward. the ever going list of contenders mope -- hoping to win a shot at the white house and another is expected to join the race today. >> reporter: rick santorum kicks off his run with an
6:32 am
announcement in pennsylvania. >> americans realized that what they need is not something they can believe in, but a president that believes in them. >> reporter: like other candidates, he's expected to seize on how president obama's handled the economy. only 45,000 jobs were created and unemployment rose. no president since roosevelt has been re-elected when unemployment was above 7.2%. >> barack obama failed the american people. >> reporter: the candidates that haven't declared are getting the attention. >> i apologize if i've stepped on the pr that mitt romney needed or wanted that day. >> reporter: sarah palin apologized after her bus tour pulled into new hampshire the same day mitt romney launched
6:33 am
his bid. >> she's also defending inaccurate comments she made friday. >> he who warned us -- the british that they wouldn't be taking away our arms and making sure he was riding his horse through town to send the warning shots and bells -- >> she insists he was warning the british they weren't going to succeed. he actually went to tell them that the british were coming. new signs that nato could be setting the stage for a ground attack. the move brings the coalition from the war. here, another dog shot and killed in anne arundel county.
6:34 am
this happened not far from a dog park where another dog was shot last year. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. police say this 4-year-old dog was shot in the torso and died before it could get to a doctor. it was around 11:00 sunday morning. two people were walking a dog named cane in the 1800 block here. they came across a group of three young people walking an unleashed dog. >> reporter: this is cane's owner. the two dogs quickly started fighting. one of the other walkers ran back to get help. >> their father came out with a gun and shot my dog. >> reporter: he died. >> i feel december straight. --- distraught.
6:35 am
my daughter could have been injured. you have to really know your surroundings. >> reporter: this is less than a year after an officer shot a husky in severn's dog park. a judge gave shepherd probation before judgment meaning he served community service, but no jail time. >> if it comes to a dog park where children and people are, with a loaded dog and shoots an innocent dog and the dogs lose. >> i want to seek justice in the case. he has to be locked up or something. >> reporter: the 32-year-old man did call the police after the incident. sock did cane's owners -- so did cane's owners. new information about the washington, d.c. metro police
6:36 am
officer charged with murdering a woman and leaving her daughter to die. he was due in court the day after the murder. the hearings would determine if he was the father of the 1-year- old that died in the car. the police have the video placing the man at the scene. dominique strauss-kahn is in court today. he's expected to plead not guilty. the prosecutors have a growing am of evidence that he did assault a maid. week three of the casey anthony trial begins in orlando. we have the report this morning. the jurors have heard lots of testimony. >> reporter: the jailhouse phone calls are at the center of the capital murder trial of casey anthony. the florida prosecutors showed the tapes to jurors.
6:37 am
>> it's at her apartment. i know who's apartment it is. >> that was set up like her apartment. >> is that a potential place to look? >> i know she had roots in north carolina and miami. >> reporter: the police interviewed the testimony from her family members. the jury heard of a fictional nanny, job and boyfriend. the case captivated all around the world. >> it's like a greek tragedy. once the defense layed out the opening argument saying that casey was a victim all her life at the hands of her father and caylee drowned in the pool and she covered it up. anthony's defense team says
6:38 am
that caylee drowned in the pool and the death was covered up by casey and her father. another computer hacking happened. an atlanta based fbi was hacked. loyal security did it. they've also taken credit for attacks on nintendo. no information was lost though. also, they took credit for the sony gaming network hacking. some of the biggest stars in hollywood win at the 20th annual mtv movie awards. "twilight" won best movie.
6:39 am
robert patinson won for best kiss. on this night, he locked lips with another costar. [ cheers and applause ] getting a lot of press for that kiss. i'll tell you that. in sports, the pistons fired a head coach. then,the coach was ejected from the game. several of the suspended players were seen laughing on the bench. way turns in d -- wade helps his team to another close win. 88-86. they're now up 2 games to one. game four is tomorrow night in
6:40 am
dallas. here's a sport you don't want to try. 16 people battle it out for the shin kicking championships rules are simple, just kick the other in the shin until the other falls over. you can only use straw for protection. i guess you get straw down your socks or something? >> well, that looks like fun. no, it doesn't. i would imagine that the person with the longest legs would winch they have more distance they can cover. if you have short legs -- >> i would think whoever had the most natural padding would win. >> i think it probably hurt. >> yeah, i wonder if that started as a bar game. >> i guess it would help if you had a pint or two. >> and some of the kicks don't look like they go where they're
6:41 am
supposed to. >> that was a little high there. >> i'm staying away from that sport. >> yeah, there's the straw coming out of the pants. as much straw as you can put in your pants. i would look like the scare crow from the wizard of oz first. >> yeah, half a bail down each side. >> oh, man, just when you thought you had seen it all. full contact shin kicking. did we say where that was? >> no. don't go there! temperatures in the 60s as we head out. we'll go to 84 degrees and right now, we're at 63. the barometer is high and we have sunshine and blue sky. coming up, it's motley crue and poison together. they'll join us to talk about the summer concert series. also, the latest on the morning
6:42 am
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good morning, it's going to be a nice day shaping up 63 right now in baltimore. 56 in oakland and 57 in cumberland and 64 on the shore. as well as in kent island, it was 69. everyone else, pretty much around 59 as you see in westminster up to about 70 degrees. winds are calm and we have a light breeze. we have a variable wind. we'll see a -- uniform shift to the south and south west. we had showers moving through here recently as midnight or some as you can see here, all of the
6:46 am
showers pushed south of the area. still, we have the moisture from the rain. that dissipated. that's eaten up by the high pressure building in. there's no moisture around now by way of rain. the humidity levels are going to start to build head into the week. the high pressure will press across the mid-atlantic. the clockwise flow is going to tap into warm air across the south and south west. it floods the mid-atlantic. maryland will heat up as soon as tomorrow. sunset is at 8:29. we have the next high tide at 9:43. north east wind at 5 knots. going up to 84 degrees and very, very nice. low humidity today and down tonight with 62 degrees. a bit above the average of 58 degrees. tomorrow, 98 degrees. look at the temperatures for the next few days.
6:47 am
96 wednesday and 97 the forecast thursday at 100 degrees. 92 friday and 86 saturday with showers on both of those days. here's sharon with wjz traffic control. well, we have two problems on the roadways. the latest is a disabled vehicle on 895. watch for that in the northbound lane. it's blocking the leftbound lane. you can take 95 to get around that. speaking of 95, we have an accident on 95 southbound past 216. there's a live look at the delay. those are the southbound lanes there. definitely, we're traveling slower than the posted speed limits. watch for the fire activity traveling in the city. that's closed on foster between fleet street. also, conway street will be closed.
6:48 am
that's for most of the month. taking a live look outside again, that's the delay. typical delays on the bellway on the top and the westside. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. thank you, very much. this morning, we're having coffee with bret michaels and more. please welcome mickey sticks and bret michaels. >> good morning, baltimore. good morning to you. >> that was what my partner would have called the in door lawn. he'll be sorry he missed you guys an i'm certain he won't miss the tour which you're announcing today. motley crue and poison touring this summer, right?
6:49 am
>> yes, first time. >> and, to surprise some people, the closest you're geting to us is frederick, you'll play at the out law fest on saturday, july 30th? >> yes. >> and that's going to be a huge show for both of us, we're excited. >> we're bringing in a big show for everyone. we're excited to be doing it. just the amount of songs between the three bands. a lot of people don't know the new york dolls. >> but, it's hit top to bottom. and the fact you're touring together for the first time. why wait so long? >> well, we were talking about this. both of us have had parallel careers. we're all doing our own thing. poisons been touring and this summer, we had a talk and
6:50 am
thought, what a great time. for the 25th anniversary of poison and hotly -- motley crue, 30 years. it's going to be great. >> and we were talking, we had both been doing our own thing. we didn't want to be meshed into a decade of doing our own band. that doesn't mean we wouldn't do another tour with other bands. then, a opportunity came up. this was the perfect time to do it. the songs are all there. the history is there. we klimt -- we compliment each other's show. we want to put on the best show for the fans. when they come to see us, it will be an amazing show. >> when he heard the dolls when he was a attorneys general they -- he was a teen, they
6:51 am
changed his life? >> it was a life that was a huge influence musically and emotionally. you mix the elements and you come up with your own thing. they were one of those bands. for us to have them on the tour, that was exciting. >> as long as we're talking about the life changing experiments, how are you, bret? >> well, yes, i've been through a lot with the brain hemorrhage, the mini stroke and heart surgery and diabetes. i'm out of the icu and we're going on tour. >> nothing else could happen to you. >> well, there is on this tour. >> well, that we don't do on this. >> well, yeah. >> and yeah, okay. i have a confession to make. for year, we did promoes for
6:52 am
your show. we would say, see ya! we borrowed from you guys. >> all right. >> well, i think we got it from a security guy. >> yeah, fred saunders. >> that's who we stole it from. >> someone said, i just got from a motley crue concert and they stole see ya from you guys. >> we're always stealing something. >> as long as you stole it from someone else, i don't feel guilty. [bleep [ >> cbs will be bleeping that though. >> well, he brought it up first. >> everyone's looking forward to your stop in frederick and
6:53 am
scranton. all right, thank you. >> and all of it in my hometown, i grow up in pittsburgh >> is that a good thing? >> yeah, it's a good thing. >> thank you. see you this summer. >> see ya. >> >> thank you. >> they have the out law jam, saturday, july 30th. saturday, july 30th. >> ,,,,,,
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6:56 am
it's going to be a nice day. we're starting out in the 60s. we'll get up to 84 degrees today. 90 tomorrow, 96 on wednesday. the humidity will build as well. 97 on thursday and a chance of showers on friday and saturday. we'll go to 92 and 86. now, for a look at the roads, here's sharon gibala. hi, tim, good morning. we're getting pictures in of the disabled vehicle on 895 on the northbound lanes. you can see, it's blocking the left lane. we have a delay because of an accident. that's on 95 on the southbound lanes. that's a backup to route 100. so that's 95. this report is brought to you by your baltimore honda dealer. back to you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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