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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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vic. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> that startling attack, caught in east baltimore. and the man who lunged at the officer is behind bars. wjz is live at city police headquarters, where mike hellgren explains how it starts. >> it's quite a dramatic piece of video. and police say it underscores the hazards they face on the streets. >> reporter: watch the man highlighted in the olive- colored jacket, heading towards police as they make an arrest. he lunges at an officer, knocking him to the ground, in front of a crowd of people on monument and row street in east baltimore. more officers rushed in and get the man under control. spokesman anthony gulliony. >> i can't describe this as anything less than an act of courage. >> i can't think of a clearer example of what the men and women on do to keep people safe. >> gulliony said it happened new year's eve, around 2:30 in the afternoon. he said it started when manuel and mel banged his car door into a police cruiser.
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the officer inside got out to confront him. noticing emil was drunk. then another man rushed to the scene. the man who police are trying to arrest on the video. he got in the officer's face, angry he was questioning him now, while police have their hands full trying to arrest him, emil left and then came back. [ screaming ] and the confrontation unfolded. >> we live in a day ask age now, where everyone with a cell phone has a video camera and photographic capabilities. we respect that. >> reporter: emil, who has a lengthy criminal record faces several new charges, including law enforcement, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. the man who police were trying to get into custody originally fled the scene. they say there is a warrant out for his arrest. >> and police say it is unclear whether that man and emil knew each other at all in this incident. reporting live at police headquarters.
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>> thank you, mike. emil is being held on $100,000 bond. >> let's update the breaking news we have been following this evening. emergency crews rushed to a hazmat situation in northwest baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the 1100 block of winchester street, where several people were sickened by carbon monoxide fumes. firefighters found the row house had seals of 600 parts per million. that's a dangerously high level. a generator in the basement may be to blame. police are looking for an arsonist. mary is in the newsroom with the latest on this crime. >> reporter: and a house in brooklyn park was set on fire early in the morning. the fire caused an estimated $150,000 in damage to the house on church street. floors painted on the outside of the house. two elderly women and their male caregiver are now homeless. fire officials and crimestoppers are looking for
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the arsonist. anybody with information should call 1-866-7-lockup. >> if the information you have leads to an arrest, you could be eligible for an award. despite freezing temperatures, road crews still have work to get done here. dressing in layers. makes things barely tolerable. a live look outside right now. this isn't going to last much longer, as warmer temperatures are headed this way. and we're live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk have more. >> we have the flurries showing up just north of the mason- dixon line. coming now from pennsylvania. there you see it across the northern section from baltimore county, southern europe county. don't be surprised some areas around parkton, maryland. over toward maryland county, may see a light dusting in the next hour or so. also in far western maryland. expecting more flurry activity. could be a dusting to maybe a
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third of an inch maybe in some of those mountain areas out there. i don't think it would be anything like we saw last night. because that came so quickly. right now, the streets are cold. it would be the kind of thing where if it does a little bit, watch out. in the next hour or two, could see flurries in the north central portion of the state. 13 degrees this morning. 6 in oakland. 15 in ocean city. right now, with all of these cloudy skies, we're not going to drop to what we saw this morning. we're at 30 degrees now. but the dew point is at 10. very dry air. it's going to be tough to see a whole lot of this flurry activity reaching the ground. but it just night in -- might in a few spots. tim is in the outback. >> we'll definitely have to dress for it. if you do, you'll be okay for a while. it is very cold out here if you're out for any period. it's going to be another night where the temperatures are going to drip and drop. i guess that's a drip if you want to call it that. 61 degrees is where we started this week.
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60 saturday. 57, sunday. and look at the drop gradually through the week. 47 monday. 32 on tuesday. and then today, our high, only 31 degrees. we were forecasting around the mid-30s. didn't quite get it. with the help of northwest winds, we stayed well below our average of 42 degrees for this day. snow showers has been our connection to the great lakes. moves out of here. and high pressure starts to build back in. won't be quite as cold. temperatures rebuild above average. bob will have your complete updated first warning forecast coming up. gas trax increase. -- tax increase. it's one of the controversial topics lawmakers am -- will tackle in the next few days. derek valcourt explains, there is a grass roots effort under way to stop it. >> they're going to try rallies, petitions. and it appears some of those folks are going to have support. that's because one poll shows a majority of marylanders do not
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support a gas tax increase. ask most drivers about raising the gas tax, and the answers come quick. >> reporter: terrible idea. >> reporter: but this year, the governor may consider raising that tax as much as 15 cents to pay for state infrastructure projects. >> we have to figure out whether we're willing to pay another penny in order to bring those things about. or another nickel. or another dime. >> reporter: this is a recession. >> nick is with americans for prosperity. they're planning what they call "occupy the gas tax" rallies, at several major intersections this weekend. >> it's a double tax. once it's pumped. and whenever you do something or have to pay for something that is dependent on gasoline, that cost is going to be passed onto you. >> those who support a gas tax hike say it's time. it's been about 20 years. back in 1992, when the state last raised the taxes we paid per gallon. >> i think gas taxes should be
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higher, really. i think we consume fossil fuels recklessly. i think gas tax should be much higher, actually. >> right now, they're already pumping out 23 sends. a 15-cent increase for most sedans would equal a $2.50 more fillup. >> it's scary. i already pay a lot for gas. >> reporter: proposition to a gas tax increase does cross political lines. a poll shows opposition from both maryland and democratics. >> occupy the gas tax rallies will be held this saturday, from 11:00 to 1:00. we'll have one at york road, one at bel air road. and a third at route 40. breaking news to report to you. part of the jfx is shut down. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. let's go to captain mike perry,
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to explain what is happening. captain mike? >> there's a two-car collision, kai. northbound jfx, north of 34th street. not clear of how serious the injuries were or the accident itself. but we have at least two vehicles disabled. one has been picked up by a tow truck. the second remains on the jersey barrier. police are regarding that vehicle. and for officers' safety, they have shut down just north of 41st street. and the backup backs all the way down to presidents street. expect delays until police get this accident wrapped up. they're waiting for another tow truck to arrive on the scene to clear the vehicle off the jersey wall. as you can see, it's a giant parking lot here. everything has come to a complete stop. >> thank you, captain mike perry. a major schickup -- shakeup in the race for republican nomination. michele bachmann drops out.
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now, they are focusing on the new hampshire primaries. >> reporter: mitt romney picked up a major endorsement at his first campaign stop in new hampshire. >> i am really here for one reason and one reason only. and that is to make sure that we make mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: senator john mccain won the gop nomination four years ago and is now helping his one-time rival try to take back the white house. >> it's time for barack obama to go home. and for someone who understands our economy to lead this country. >> reporter: polls show romney enters new hampshire with a double-digit lead. >> game on. >> reporter: but rick santorum is looking to shrink that and capitalize on his second-placed lead in iowa. >> today, he launched this full- paged newspaper ad, attacking romney. he said voters have a choice between himself, a reagan conservative and romney, a massachusetts moderate. >> reporter: the competition has changed in new hampshire.
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>> i have decided to stand aside. >> reporter: michele bachmann quits after a poor performance in iowa. >> this is a quirky place. >> reporter: rick perry called the iowa caucus us a quirky process. >> we're going to go into places where they have actual primaries. and they're going to be real republicans voting. >> reporter: and john huntsman is on the campaign trail, after skipping iowa. >> you've got to be on the ground, shaking hands and have ideas that represent the future of this country. >> reporter: the former utah governor has already attended 150 events here. in manchester, new hampshire, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> meanwhile, president obama is back in the public eye, fresh off vacation. he spoke at this event in shaker heights, ohio. he appointed richard corcray the head of the consumer protection agency. the president says he has to
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act when congress refuses to do so. the inch ravens have a bye until round 2 of the play-offs. but that doesn't mean the team or fans are taking it easy. wjz has complete coverage of the ravens. jessica kartalija has more on how you can send a letter to the players. first, sports director mark viviano, who is with the team in owings mills has more. it was a light practice today for the ravens. but some meaningful perspective was attached to it. sure, baltimore and the ravens are accustomed to being in the play-offs. but for some players, this is a brand new experience. >> reporter: four years in the nfl for ray rice. four times in the play-offs. same for quarterback joe flacco. but receiver lee evans played the last seven years in buffalo. so he's going to the play-offs for the first time. >> i can't even put into words. it's a special experience for me. and you know, it's kind of like being a rookie all over again, going to the play-offs
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somewhere i've never been. i've been looking forward to it and preparing for it since i came in the league. i'm excited. >> when you have been in the league for 7, 8, 9, 10 years, you haven't been to the play- offs, cory redding. sometimes the rookies can take it for granted. veterans can let them know how special it is. >> he is embracing a rare opportunity. >> when you get into the upper echelon of teams and you have the opportunity to go deep into the play-offs, it's different. and i think it's really where heroes are made, where stars are made, and where careers are made. and i think we'll have an taunt to -- opportunity to show how special we are. >> reporter: linebacker ray lewis is the only raven who has currently played on a super bowl team. the ravens will have another light practice tomorrow. more coming up in sports. back to you for now. >> we've got to keep them very, very safe, for at least another week and a half. thank you, mark.
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complete coverage continues with jessica cartal jessica kartalija, and how you can spend more special messages to the team. >> that's right. baltimore city and county are totally going purple. even major stephanie rawlings- blake is showing their purple pride. and kids are putting pen to paper here in pikesville, doing just that. >> reporter: your neighborhood giants store has now become a post office. >> it's very exciting. the kids come in. they write their letters. they're very excited. >> reporter: kids of all ages have the opportunity to wish the ravens luck. >> you can submit your own letter. you can also write your letter to the ravens on this form. you fill out the information. they'll send you the letter back. it also puts you in the running for cool things like tickets to sunday's game, or the ravens' cheerleader, and poe visiting your school. >> reporter: the letters are then brought here to the ravens' practice facility in owings mills, where they're posted for the ravens to read.
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>> the whole atmosphere is fantastic. you can see support coming from the fans directly. they thought they read this through the art work. it's fantastic. >> reporter: the letters can be dropped off at any baltimore area giants store, where they can be collected and delivered. the goal is to completely cover the walls of the ravens' cafeteria. >> they had football players. now, it's coming back full circle. and it's exciting. everybody loved it. >> reporter: our photographer, mark mistakia, spent quite a bit of time, writing one of those letters. he's now standing in front of the division championships. this is the official play-off gear. the hat, relentless. the division championship shirt that hits store shelves tomorrow, thursday. you guys are getting an exclusive sneak peek. right here, you can also get your own gear by logging onto baltimore ravens back to you guys on tv hill. >> it's the unknown photographer. >> it is. who is that man behind that t-
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shirt? >> mark mestackia. >> thank you. and the ravens will either play houston or denver or pittsburgh steelers. that's in two weeks. speaking of steelers, they will take the field this sunday. and you can watch pittsburgh taking on denver sunday, at 4:30, live here on wjz 13. >> looks like mark is in the witness protection program or something like that. >> there's a reason he didn't want to be spotted. >> all right, mark. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. did you resolve to lose weight in the new year? a new report is out on the best diet to help you do that. i'm mike schuh in towson. putting the brakes on those who drive around the stop signs at school buses. what the county is doing when eyewitness news continues. the trial against one man accused of gang raping a child inside a skating rink is heating up. i'm weijia jiang, with
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disturbing details inside the courtroom. coming up. and cold settles over maryland. but it may not last much longer. stick around for the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,
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identified javan perry as one of the three men who gang-raped her inside skate works. the men were employees, on duty at the time. perry, whose trial is expected to go to trial this week. could face many charges. >> this is the doorway, where the victim alleges that three young men took her. >> august 2010, the men dragged her into the back of a storage room, and the men radio -- men forced her down. she was 12 years old at the time. two baltimore police officers who were working security took the stand wednesday. >> reporter: both testified when the little girl came to them for help at the scene, she was completely covered in semen, that it was all over her face and her shirt. >> reporter: they also said she was crying hysterically, repeating, i want my mommy. yet she was able to identify all three suspects. perry's lawyer insists there is no dna evidence to link him.
6:20 pm
jurors also sought surveillance video from inside. the attorney for skate works says it shows one suspect with his arm around the girl as he walked into the room that she clearly wasn't forced in. that young man testified, the sex between him and the girl was consensual and that perry was there, too. high faces a jiewsm of his own. he admitted to police initially that no one else was involved but said he wanted to tell the truth because he was scared. >> reporter: the state will present critical dna test results tomorrow. and a key witness will testify. the third man charged in the case, the only man who pled guilty to sex offense. kai? >> excite works closed in the fall of 2010, following the arrest in the case. getting out the vote. that is the goal of a new nationwide and local push by baltimore and the naacp. andrea fujii explains how they plan to register new voters. >> reporter: after a low 12% voter turnout in a mayoral
6:21 pm
race, the naacp is making a strong push to encourage residents to vote. >> people need to understand that their vote does count, as far as dollars that comes back into their community. >> reporter: out of the 610,000 city residents, about 48% are not registered to vote. of those, about 44% are minorities. >> right now, i don't know. i may vote. or i may not vote. >> reporter: to combat that thinking, the naacp is launching project 2012, in which city chapters and churches hope to register and educate voters. >> we want to make sure they all have a voice. some may feel that they don't. but today, we stand in solidarity, in knowing that they have a voice. >> reporter: this is one of 25 churches that are involved. volunteers will also canvas neighborhoods, and set up voter registration tables in malls and college campuses. >> reporter: city resident reginald owens doesn't vote because he's frustrated with
6:22 pm
the system. >> i feel like it don't matter. whoever they're going to elect, they're going to elect. >> reporter: others hope the campaign makes a difference. >> it's the right thing to do. if you don't want your candidate in office, then you vote for it. >> and churches across the country will launch project 2012 on january 15th, martin luther king, jr.'s birthday. >> maryland's presidential primary is april 3rd. the general election, of course, november 6th. >> all righty. arctic air in the region. for the first time in the winter. the coldest day this morning. not going to last. take a look at temps right now. it's pretty darn cold out there right now. no wind at all right now. barometer holding steady. very dry air. humidity only 42%. but there are some flurries across northern sections of maryland. we'll show you those right after this. ,,,,,,
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we have a few flurries being reported in a couple of spots north of our region. take a look at radar. across southern york county, p.a. from gettysburg to hanover. good chance, you're probably seeing some of the flakes reaching the ground. at least the radar is showing it's still very, very dry out. not much of the flurries are going to reach the ground. to the west of us again. across portions of -- there we go. keep moving, keep moving. out in far western maryland,
6:26 pm
chance of flurries out there as well. probably a better chance and some of the higher elevations may be a slight accumulation. we're talking maybe a tenth to a third of an inch. but that can cause problems as we saw last night, with some of the snow call -- squalls that came quickly. quickly froze. we had icy spots north of the city. york road. cockeysville. up toward harford county. right now, not much going on south and west of us. but a few flurries out to the far western maryland areas. and north and west of the city. tonight, next few hours. maybe some snow shower activity. take a look at temperature- wise. we're at 30. it's just gotten above freezing. 21 in oakland. they were 6 this morning. 28 in ocean city. it has warmed up a little bit. in fact, some warmer air is trying to move in. that's what's causing the clouds and a light recipitation in the-- precipitation in the area. warmer air over this chilly air. creating cloud cover. kent island and rock hall at 28
6:27 pm
in westminster, where cloudy skies could produce flurries up there. 31, 13 there -- today. and 4 back in 1918. right now, we've seen a southerly wind begin to turn out. that means warmer air moving in. after tonight, a big warmup. tonight is going to be about 12 to 13 degrees warmer than this morning. already, we're going to start to see this warmup. that's why we're seeing this very light flurries. also some stuff down here. upper portions of west virginia. cold air begins to retreat here. here comes mild air. by the end of the week, we're talking well above normal, once again. even though it's cold now, it is not going to last. west winds on the bay. may gust to 20 knots now. bay temp around 21. tonight, then, maybe flurries. 27. and tomorrow, sun comes out in the afternoon. breezy, but much warmer. 44, above average. although with the breeze, it will still feel chilly. but even warmer than average.
6:28 pm
>> that's wonderful. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news. cancer in america. millions of lives saved by better treatment and screening. but some forms are on the rise. coming up, four of maryland's historic black colleges are suing the state. that story as eyewitness news continues. no hollywood script. new details on a motive for the arsons set across los angeles. ,
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it is 6:30. cloudy and 30 degrees. good evening. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. just a short time ago, the man suspected in dozens of arsons across los angeles, is officially charged in the case. lee cowan reports for wjz, on how police put two and two together, when they realized federal agents had arrested the suspect's motor. >> the day before some 15 arson fires wreaked havoc across los angeles, police say the 54-year- old suspect, harry burkhart. sources say he was upset that
6:32 pm
his mother, dorothy burkhart, had been arrested by u.s. marshals, on a warrant out of germany. >> he entered the courtroom and made quite a disturbance. there is a lot of cursing in english, words words that i won't repeat here. >> reporter: court documents indicate his mother is being held on 19 counts of fraud. and they will be extradited out of the u.s. >> reporter: if burkhart's motive was retaliation for his motor's arrest, investigators -- mother's arrest, investigators aren't saying. >> i'm not going to get into details of statements he made. >> both are here in the country illegally. a website linked to dorothy indicated she ran an adult massage place. they say burkhart made an outburst in court when he saw the surveillance video. >> reporter: he faces many charges and more are pending. >> police in germany say
6:33 pm
burkhart is suspected of setting a house fire in his home country last fall. the man accused of killing a young indiana girl makes a plea in court. mary is in the newsroom with the latest on this unthinkable crime. >> an indiana judge entered a not guilty plea for 37-year-old michael plumador. he had been caring for elena lemon and her younger siblings while their their r mother was -- their mother was ill. he told police he choppedder her body -- chopped up her body with a hacksaw. the suspect will be assigned a public defender at his next hearing. >> the standard prison sentence for a murder conviction in indiana is 45 to 65 years. anne arundel county police arrest a stabbing suspect and make a surprising discovery at her home. police say 21-year-old stacy but ford stabbed a 20-year-old man during an argument. when they arrested her at her
6:34 pm
home, they found a large amount of heroin, cocaine and marijuana. but -- buford faces a host of charges. in a bid to stay competitive, four of maryland's black colleges are suing the state. the suit links the segregated past to desperately needed funding today. >> reporter: even as a system, the university of maryland colleges compete for money. they compete for money to draw students. they claim they have been short- changed by a segregated past that continues on in the form of less money for black colleges. now they've gone to football federal court to get money they -- to federal court to get money they say the state has promised. >> they just haven't done it. they say they want to do it, they've committed to doing it, but actions are louder than words. we're filing lawsuit trying to get them to fulfill their
6:35 pm
promises. >> reporter: filing are bowie state, coppin state, and eastern shore. they should have received $644 million in state appropriations in 1999. and another $450 million to help low-income students. >> reporter: the state's position is minority students have far more opportunities today than in the past at all maryland colleges and that current practices are normally connected to a segregated past. >> if you look at the historical documents, they say the same thing in the 30s, 40s and 50s. and in 1991, maryland said they were going to fix this by providing funding that took into account cumulative underfunding. and they just didn't do it. >> it's an argument being followed closely by the nation's other black colleges. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, the civil trial is expected to last six weeks and will be decided by a judge, rather than a jury. catholic relief services
6:36 pm
nameses his -- names its first woman as the person to head the organization. katherine woo is the 7th ceo and the president of the baltimore-based organization. she succeeds ken hacken who is retiring after leading crs for 18 years. now that the holidays are over. bus drivers are reporting more motorists, ignoring stop signs and flashing lights. police are stepping in. >> reporter: when driver joe bryant heads out in a school bus, insert a scene like this one, will play out. a motorist ignoring and driving around the stop sign and flashing lights. [ siren ] >> it was just about every day that you can see this happening. on the only -- not only with me. >> every day? >> every day. >> it happens so often, he simply doesn't trust motorists. one day, in his mirror, joe saw a car passing on the right. >> yes, i have had to literally
6:37 pm
grab a kid by has coat. >> reporter: besides the obvious safety implications of ignoring this sign, it also could mean your license and a lot of money. up to 3 points and $600. >> this is something we do as a rolling enforcement situation. >> reporter: in other words, police are stepping up their enforcement. >> our officers, our enforcement details are always in marked vehicles. and they are still observing drivers passing these school buses. >> reporter: as for joe, you don't have to remind him what is really at stake. >> these are my kids. >> reporter: in towson, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> county police won't say when they'll end their enforcement efforts so far. they've written nearly 300 tickets in the past 12 months. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. the crowd of annapolis lawmakers, fighting to take on maryland incumbents. looking for ways to make wearing fake fur more acceptable to animal rights
6:38 pm
groups. and ravens putting on player kicker billy cun dif. and remember you can look for the first warning forecast. cancer rate deaths are down again this year. alison harmelin reports, some cancers are still on the rise. >> reporter: 64-year-old enrique knew something was wrong. he had pain whenever he ate. >> radiating pain from my back and shoulder. >> a cat scan revealed he had pancreatic cancer. >> we're seeing a rise in cancers of the thyroid, cancers of the esophagus, cancers of the liver, pancreas and throat. >> reporter: it's estimated there will be 1.6 million new cases of cancer and more than half a million people will die in the u.s. this year alone.
6:39 pm
and doctors say obesity, lack of exercise and high colorric intake will be behind the exercise. >> there is some encouraging news. cancer rate deaths continue to decline when it comes to cancer rates in women. >> experts say the key is screening. >> we're catching it earlier. so we're catching the abnormal tissue earlier so they don't turn into cancer. >> thanks to improved cancer treatments, lincescky has kept his cancer in check for more than two years. >> this disease is very serious, very silent. and that's why the death rate is so incredibly high. the survival rate is 5% after five years. >> reporter: but his hopes are high. he plans to be part of that 5%. in new york, alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> the american cancer society says the obesity -- that obesity may take over smoking as the number 1 cause of cancer
6:40 pm
within the next decade. also in healthwatch, tonight, a respected magazine is out with its list of respected diets. looking for the best diet for overall health, not just weight loss, the dash diet is number 1. dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. experts with u.s. news and world reports say its has incredible nutritional value. as far as the top three diets are weight watchers diet, the biggest loser diet, followed by the jenny craig diet. >> today, it's funny, because i just started the "eat what i want" diet. and so far, it's working out great. >> you don't need it. >> i'm just kidding. i'm trying to eat better. which we all should. >> yes. healthier. >> that's true. still ahead on eyewitness news. the guilty grinch. a man steals christmas presents from a doorstep. but the twist in the story may surprise you. a transport bus carrying prisoners overturns in new york. did any prisoners escape? i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center.
6:41 pm
a big warmup is headed back our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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department of corrections bus overturns on a highway. on a new york state throughway in muncie. no one was seriously hurt. but the bus driver was trapped for a short time. the prisoners were on their way to a medium security facility, following court appearances. no word on what caused the crash. >> reporter: caught on tape, a daring jewelry store heist, inside a texas mall. police are looking for the men seen here. storming the store at the galleria in houston. the masked men rushed to the back, smashed the glass, and then stole rolex watches and other jewels. they got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. and a man caught on tape stealing christmas presents shows a change of heart. this video shows him taking packages off the front steps. then two days later, the thief returns, only this time, he brings back the gifts he stole
6:45 pm
and a handwritten note that says he was sorry. >> i wonder if he opened it and said, there's nothing here i want. >> nothing like redemption. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. it's onto new hampshire, after an unbelievably close finish in iowa. the candidates move on to fight in the nation's first primary election. our team of correspondents is on their trail tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. take a moment to ponder tender cuts of pastrami, piled sky high atop your favorite freshly baked bread with spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. okay, enough imagining how this fresh toasted number would tantalize your taste buds -- it's time to actually experience the subway big hot pastrami melt, built by the sandwich experts the way you love --
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another chilly night on tap. as we remain gripped by the first cold freeze of the season and the new year. a live look outside right now. changes are coming. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. tim drew the short straw. he's outside. >> not too bad, as long as you are dressed for it. heavy coats are out. a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. and a shift in the winds from the north and west from southwest. at least temperatures close to average, which is in the nid 40s. overnight lows, back down in the 20s. but it looked like some
6:49 pm
improvement is on the way. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> look at these temperatures. 44 tomorrow. a lot of sun in the afternoon. but maybe some flurries tonight. tonight, early on. and even late tonight, could be some more. 50 by friday. way above normal. 54, with lots of sun for the weekend. maybe a few showers on sunday. just maybe 49. and a little cooler. but still above average. partly cloudy skies. fluor on monday,y -- 44 on monday. denise? >> looks good to me. still to come tonight. ravens get ready for the play- offs. and they get ready for their top running back to lead the way. mark has the latest on the team next in sports. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why green giant picks vegetables at their peak. ...and freezes them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant those five food groups
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sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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6:52 pm
these ravens need to keep very, very healthy, safe. we want to surround them in cotton. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. >> then they shouldn't play football. >> aof ah, yes. >> that's what happens. >> we were out in owings mills for what was supposed to be a light workout. ray rice worked up a good sweat. rice remains a man on a mission. now, it's a super bowl mission. and today, he was named the league's top running back for the week. for his big game in the regular season finale. rushing for 191 yards and that win at cincinnati.
6:53 pm
rice is no doubt, the ravens most dangerous and reliable weapon on offense. and he will be a major factor in moving the ravens toward the goal of the super bowl. >> i don't feel the pressure of obviously carrying the team. i feel like whenever there is a play to be made, if cam is going to put the ball in my hand, i'm ready for it. i've been in these play-off situations. i've been spoiled. this is my fourth year straight in the play-offs. and my first home game in baltimore. >> ravens host that play-off game in 11 days, facing either houston, denver or pittsburgh. if houston wins saturday, that's who the ravens play. if not, it will be pittsburgh or denver. coming up this sunday, wjz brings you the wild card game, from denver, tim tebow and the broncos kick off sunday at 4:00. no play-offs in big-time college football. just bowl games. and we have seen a number of
6:54 pm
those games, decided by field goals this week. the thrill of victory and the agony of the feet. virginia tech in michigan and the sugar bowl last night. they kicked four field goals. but in overtime, his attempt to field wide right. their kicker is brendon gibbons. and his kick is good. 23-20 is the score. kicking is a pressure position. what was gibbons thinking about before he hit that game-winning kick. >> brunette girls. [ laughter ] >> what? >> every time we were like, struggling and kicking, coach always tells me to think about girls on a beach or brunette girls. [ laughter ] so that's what we did and made the kick. >> and from those warm thoughts, how about a cold shower? coach brady helps michigan to its 11th win on his first season on the job. towson university. the tigers will be trying to
6:55 pm
end a 33-game losing streak. when they face drexel in philadelphia tonight. if the streak reaches 34, it will tie towson with sacramento state for the longest losing streak in division 1 history. tigers are 0-1. he inherited his team. 19 games last season. speaking of streaks. rapid reducks. >> isn't that exciting? >> that's great. >> in the cold. thank you, mark. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
don't miss the cbs primetime lineup. tonight at 10:00. an episode of the original csi. that's followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. >> that's it for us at 6:00. back at 11:00, i'm denise koch. >> i'm kai jackson. for bob and mark, thank you for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, including an historic night in iowa. we now take you to scott pelley and the >> pelley: tonight the closeest vote in history up ends the republican race for president.
6:59 pm
one candidate bails out, another wins a major endorsement, and rick santorum scrambles to cash in on the / with a upset. >> game on. >> pelley: jan crawford, bill whittaker, dean reynolds are with the candidates. bob schieffer looks at what this means to the republican party. new research shows cancer death rates are down, but not for teens or young adults. dr. john lapook explains. is oil production causing earthquakes in the midwest? michelle miller which is the scientists trying to find out. and the new face of employment in america, there may be jobs, but cynthia bowers reports they aren't what they used to be. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. good evening. it is a new reality for republicans after the closest iowa caucus in history. and who would have guessed.


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