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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  January 5, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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rage against america. what set off a person's fiery rage in california? >> here's what people are talking about. the investigation expands. new details today about the german man facing dozens of arson charges in los angeles. >> 24-year-old harry burkhart here seen after his arrest, faced the judge but not the cameras wednesday. he was escorted into court in chains and held up by law enforcement. burkhart was held on $8.25 million bail. >> a campaign of terror has ended. >> reporter: burkhart is charged with 37 counts of arson for a string of house and car fires in and around hollywood on new year's weekend. steve cooley says he believes burkhart set the fires, 52 in all. no one was seriously hurt.
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but the arson caused more than $3 million in damage. police say the fire stopped after burkhart's arrest. last week, immigration agents arrested burkhart's mom, dorothy. she's been charged with 19 counts of fraud in germany. >> this particular individual was set off by the incarceration of his mother, with whom he appears to be quite close. and he had latent, anti- american views. that combination, apparently set him off on this binge. >> reporter: l.a. police say burkhart may have set similar fires in germany before coming to l.a. last year and reportedly kept newspaper clippings of the fires from both places. >> he did have articles from local news publications about these incidents, the earlier incidents. also had some historical german newspapers. >> reporter: burkhart's arraignment is continued until january 24th. and the d.a. expects many more charges to be filed by then.
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in west hollywood, wjz eyewitness news. >> burkhart and his mother appear to have a history of mental illness. six people are shot. one is killed. the investigation is unfolding at this hour in utah. alex demetrick has more on the violence that broke out during a police raid. >> reporter: the officers were serving a search warrant when a suspect opened fire. it happened in a utah suburb, about 35 miles north of salt lake city. officers identified themselves before kicking in the door of the home. that's when someone inside started shooting. after the officers were shot, s.w.a.t. team members arrived and rushed into the home and subdued the suspect. the conditions of the officers ranged from serious to critical. the suspect was injured during the incident, but it is not clear if he was shot. kai? >> the officer killed was with the ogden police department. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. he killed three of his friends in a car accident. and today, a man learns his
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judgment. today are a judge sentenced 22- year-old kevin cofree to 20 years in prison. last year, he was driving drunk. he drove off the road and crashed into a cree -- tree, killing his friends. cafee told the court today, he feels guilty every day and feels deeply sorry. an investigation into a fire that claims the life of an elderly woman. firefighters found the two- story home in flames on east biddle street. the victim is 84-year-old retired school principle, mary hine. the house did have a working smoke detector. any city resident who needs a smoke detector can call 311 and get one free of charge. a high-profile rape charge continues. a young woman claims she was gang-raped inside a local roller rink. >> reporter: the state could rest its case sometime today. and then the jury will have to decide whether a 26-year-old
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man was part of the gang rape of a girl half his age. >> reporter: 26-year-old davon perry could spend the rest of his life in prison, if convicted of the many sex charges he faces. perry is one of three men accused of gang-raping a 13- year-old girl inside skate works, a roller rink. the girl, who was 12 years old at the time, pointed to perry when he was on the witness stand. his trial is expected to wrap up by week's end. >> this is the doorway, where the victim alleges that three young men took her. >> reporter: she says in august 2010, the men dragged her into a back storage room, pinned her down and took turns, forcing her to have oral sex and intercourse with her. jurors have seen surveillance video which shows the suspects, the victim and her friend, weaving through different parts of the building. the attorney for skate works says one shows the girl walking arm and arm into the room, that she was clearly not forced in.
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that man testified that the sex between him and the girl was consensual and that perry was there, too. henkins, who faces a juvenile case of his own, admitted that he initially told police no one else was involved because he wanted to tell the truth because he was scared. sandoval, the only one who pled guilt to a sex offense, is expected to testify thursday. he'll be sentenced later this month. >> reporter: davon perry's lawyer says his client's dna was never recovered from the scene. the state is calling expert witnesses to explain why that does not rule perry out as a guilty party. in towson, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> skate works closed in the fall of 2010, following the arrest in the case. we'll have more testimony today from a dna expert, coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. four people are recovering after being sickened by carbon monoxide. city piermd of paramedics -- paramedics responded in the street. they found high levels of carbon monoxide in the home.
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two patients were taken to johns hopkins. two others were treated at the scene. the source of the deadly gas is still unknown. let's turn to our weather. it is a beautiful january day outside. the sun is out. and it's a little warmer than it has been recently. wjz has weather and traffic together. meteorologist tim williams is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. a lot better today, tim. >> yeah. and definitely more comfortable when the sun is out. that is the difference. less wind, more sun. temperatures right now, just around 45 degrees. 40% relative humidity. that west wind from around 10 to 15 miles per hour throughout the day. and the barometer is now rising. high pressure is in control. today, over yesterday, look at the change. we are right now, 14 degrees warmer today than this time yesterday. yesterday, we were just around 30 degrees. daytime high was 31. we've already been in the mid40s all day today. and it gets surprisingly warmer tomorrow. you may not believe just how mild it gets, at least for one more day. we'll have details coming up in your complete first warning
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forecast. >> we can't wait to hear it. thanks, tim. let's check in on the roads with kristy breslin at traffic control. a bit of a chaotic start out there. northbound 95. we have an accident at 32. that's involving an overturned tractor-trailer. north side outer loop, also heavy delays there. you can expect at least 20 minute toss get through. the inner loop also slow on the top side, from charles street to the perring parkway. and west side inner loop, stop and go there, from 70 to security. another 10 minutes to get through that delay. as far as accidents go, maryland avenue, between stemmers run and katherine avenue. we have a water main break in baltimore city. falls road at west 42nd. all lanes closed in both directions. so to avoid all the chaos, take rowland as your alternate. and joppa road, between honeygo and newcrest. use silver spring road to avoid that mess. and the last one we have is north point road at eastern
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avenue there in the essex area. you can see not too much trouble there at all. 97 north of benfield boulevard. and we'll take another live look and easy drive for you, 95 north going over the tydings memorial bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. introducing the hot pastrami melt. it's flavor-packed pastrami. and bubbly cheese to satisfy the biggest appetite. only from subway, eat fresh. the race for the white house heats up for republican presidential candidates. they're fanning out across new hampshire, ahead of the nation's first primary election next week. randall pinkston reports for wjz. >> reporter: rick santorum is campaigning like an underdog in ham hamp. because that's exactly what he is. despite a strong second placed finish to mitt romney in iowa, he is in last place in this more moderate new england state. >> i have spent a lot of time here and i trust the people of
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new hampshire. >> reporter: but he's give -- getting attention. >> before the iowa caucus, have you given santorum any thought? >> no. >> and now? >> yes. >> why. >> i didn't know anything about him. when i heard he did so well, i am definitely interested. >> reporter: this is one of five campaign stops in new hampshire today. he gave mitt romney a run for his money with his amazing win in iowa. romney, who is comfortably ahead in the polls here, left this afternoon to compain -- campaign in south carolina. but before he left, romney continued his attack on obama. >> it's killing jobs. this president is a crony capitalist. he's a job killer. >> newt gingrich is reaching out to his party's right. >> governor romney in the end has a conservative appeal in a party. >> the candidate here is john huntsman, who bypassed to focus on winning new hampshire.
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has daughter told the early show, his low poll numbers here are not disurminging -- discouraging him. >> not looking at the poll number, but working our hardest until the final day. >> reporter: there are four more campaigning days and two more debates until tuesday's primary. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> ron paul and rick perry spent the day in texas, with no campaign appearances today. purple fever reaches the government house in annapolis. today, governor martin o'malley officially declared this friday and next friday purple friday for employees. that means they can dress down and wear their ravens' gear to work. o'malley also wants st. paul street to be lit up with purple lights, starting tonight. ravens are off and will be back in action sunday. they will play either houston, denver or the steelers, january 15th, at 1:00 p.m. you can see that game live here on wjz.
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speaking of the steelers, they'll take the field this week for a wild card game. still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. >> i've got two guns in my hand. is it okay to shoot someone if he comes in this door? >> a teen motor intentionally -- mother intentionally shoots and kills an armed intruder. is the law on her side? bloody beating. what sparked this violence outside a cheesestake -- -- cheesesteak shop outside of philadelphia. and how two couples were stranded and who they say got them some help. and below-freezing temps. meteorologist tim williams has your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a hockey rivalry, turned
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brawl. and it's call on tape. the fight broke out in the streets in philadelphia. between fans of the philadelphia flyers and the new york rangers. philly police say a verbal argument escalated to three flyers fans, punching and beating two ravens fans. police released a video to the public, hoping to find those responsible for the brawl. a mother inside her oklahoma home pulls the trigger, killing one of two men she says were trying to break into her home. lisa monahan reports and tells us that the accomplice was charged with murder. >> my husband just passed away. and i am here with my infant baby. >> is he trying to get in the door? >> he just keeps knocking. >> are your doors looked? -- locked? >> yes. i have two guns in my hand. can i shoot him if he comes in? >> do not hang up. >> reporter: mckinley pulled the trigger of the shotgun, killing justin martin. his friend, dustin stewart,
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told police he ran from the home when he heard the gunshot and then called police. >> he said, i don't know what's going on. >> court documents show he and martin devised a plan to burglarize the residence. stewart said they knew her 57- year-old husband recently died of cancer and expected to find prescription pain pills in the home. >> resulting from that, mr. martin lost his life. and i believe the statutes are very clear that in this case, felony murder is appropriate. >> they filed a murder charge because he admitted to the plan and told investigators, martin aggressively knocked on both the front and back door, before hitting the door with his shoulder and stepping in. >> when police arrived, police say they found justin martin wearing a glove and holding a knife. a slow start on wall street today. [ stock bells ringing ] >> markets picked up a little in afternoon trading.
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the dow ends down 3 points. the s&p up 4. nasdaq, up 21 and a half. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. >> the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell in the final week of 2011. the labor department says weekly applications dropped by 15,000 to 372,000 last week. that's the fourth drop in five weeks. and it's good news, ahead of tomorrow's december unemployment report from the government. retailers are pointing to solid sales. macy's and the parent company of victoria's secret. but some retailers discounted merchandise so much that it hurt their profit. target, kohl's and jc penney, are among those lowering their outlook. mortgage rates remain at record lows. freddie mac says the average rate fell to 3.91% this week, matching the record reached two weeks ago. a 15-year fixed is down to
4:18 pm
3.23% on average. that's also a record. general murders has developed a plan to make its volt electric cars safer during crashes. the automaker is planning to strengthen its structure around the battery. gm will be asking volt owners to return the cars to dealers so the change could be made. the move comes after three cars caught fire after side impact crash tests done by federal reg safety regulators. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. this april marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic. and for the first time, items from the ocean liner will be sold at auction. we have a peek for you. manuel gallegus reports from new york. >> reporter: there are artifacts from the legendary ocean liner, titanic. a diamond-studded bracelet, bearing the name amy. a vest from a third class passenger. >> it was in a suitcase that
4:19 pm
was fully packed with william henry allen's clothes for his new life in america. >> reporter: since the wreckage was discovered in 1985, 5500 items have been recovered, all of them from the debris field 2 1/2 miles below the surface of the western atlantic. a silver mesh purse. the white star-lined china. a luggage tag. the actual ship, considered sacred, has not been touched. ph nardolay recovered many of the items himself. his favorite, a ceramic piece. >> i don't know what it is. but i saw it and say, i like this. >> reporter: on may 11th, all of the items will be auctioned off. but there is a catch. everything must be sold to one buyer. >> reporter: a judge ordered the collection, estimated to be worth nearly $200 million be kept together to preserve its historic value for the public. >> it's a remarkable collection, an honor to work with it. and you really sort of in your
4:20 pm
research start thinking of everyone on this ship as a friend. >> reporter: researchers hope to return to the debris field. there are countless more items to recover. in new york, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> there were more than 2,223 passengers and crew on board the titanic when it departed from southampton, england, bound for new york city. 1,517 people died when the ship sank five days later. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. if you suffer from silliac disease, a new study shows it may be affecting more than your small intestine. healthwatch is coming up. . stranded in st. louis. how a teen flying home after the holidays winds up in the wrong city. and spring is coming back to maryland. quickly, it seems. how high will the mercury go? wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ female announcer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. all right. just a really nice day for the
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beginning of january, tim, no complaints at all. >> you know, unless you really, really like the cold, cold temperatures. of course, ski resorts and skiers and snow. you're really not getting much of that. but if you just want a nice, pleasant winter day, you're right, kai. this is a really nice one. and we expect the temperatures to be unseasonably mild tomorrow. we'll talk about how it all plays out. but for now, keep in mind that the average high for this date is 42 degrees. the overnight low is just around 25. so with that in pesh spect --ive -- perspective. we have 39% relative humidity. winds coming at the west/northwest. 29.96 is your barometer reading. across the state, ranging from 37 in oakland, to the 40s across the rest of the state. 42 in elkton. down to 44 in ocean city. 47 in patuxent river. nation's capital coming in at 48. 47 in annapolis. 47 on kent island.
4:25 pm
and you get the idea. everyone else in the 40s either right at or just above our normal high. when we get the westerly winds, they come in and come down the mountains. we call it downsloping. they heat up. what we're getting is a bit of a warmup. now, when we get a bit of the northerly component, we start tapping in to that air. we still see a little light snow. much of that not making it to the ground. but if you woke up to some light snow showers and maybe just a dusting on the grass, that is not uncommon, especially considering that we've had this steady stream of moisture, coming in from the great lakes, riding the winds to the west. been pretty warm temperatures around. what we're going to watch, though, is the wind starting to die down. the warmer air is starting to move in from the plain states. moves right on through tomorrow. our temperatures actually go up to very close to 60 degrees
4:26 pm
tomorrow. we have another front that moves through. it's right out in the pacific northwest now. that comes through saturday into sunday. doesn't come through with any moisture. so the temperatures drop just a little bit. we'll go still into the 50s into saturday. then our next chance of rain really not until tuesday into wednesday, when the storm system comes in from the south. that's going to be forming around texas and in the gulf. tonight, 25 degrees. right on target for the seasonally normal temperatures. then up tomorrow, to 58 degrees. partly sunny, breezy, much milder. 60 degrees. >> if anybody wants to try to ski in the next day or two. >> they're making the snow. just hope the temperatures stay cold enough to stay on the ground. >> tim, thank you very much. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. at 10:00, it's an episode of the mentalist. stay tuned for eyewitness news after that. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. so this is my first video diary. it is -- >> after months in hiding, casey anthony shows up on you tube.
4:27 pm
what she's saying in her video diary. next stop, new hampshire. can gop presidential candidates slow down mitt romney's momentum? and how missing women in england are giving police clues on a body found at queen elizabeth's estate. eyewitness news at ,,,, ♪ ♪
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it is 4:30. 45 degrees. and mostly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. vic is off today. here's what people are talking about. more questions than answers today in the possible murder of a woman found on the ground of queen elizabeth's estate. elizabeth farmer reports with the latest from great britain. >> reporter: the case is not only a who done it, at this stage, it's also a who is it? all police know is that she was a woman, no more than 23. and that she was most likely
4:31 pm
murdered, although they don't know how she died. the body had been in the woods for between one and four months before it was discovered. >> a member of the public was walking their dog in the area on new year's day, around about 4:00 p.m., when they found a body and called the police. police attended. and we have control of the scene since that time. there are forensic experts currently working on the scene. >> reporter: this is a sprawling royal estate on the northeast coast of england, used in part as a holiday getaway for the britain royal family. but it has parts open to the public and popular with hikers. >> reporter: the body was discovered about three miles from the house and gardens reserved for the royal family. >> reporter: they are aware.
4:32 pm
grisly discovery which was made just hours after they attended a new year's church service nearby. police are looking into the possibility that the victim was a 17-year-old latvian student who disappeared from the area. but they are doing more work now to identify the body. >> and detectives say it's not even clear if the woman was killed at the scene or taken there after her death. five family members killed in a tragic christmas morning fire in connecticut are laid to rest. kai is in the newsroom with more from today's funeral. kai? >> seven people were inside the home when flames erupted christmas morning. three young girls and their grandparents were unable to escape the fire. the girls' mother spoke at the funeral, saying her daughters will live on in her heart. more than 500 people attended today's service in new york city. denise? >> thank you, kai.
4:33 pm
investigators say the fire started in a bag of discarded fireplace ashes. police in southern california still have no motive for an apparent murder-suicide, involving a navy pilot from maryland. 25-year-old john reeves from calvert county, served as a jet fighter pilot near san diego. investigators say he opened fire, new year's day, killing three people, before turning the gun on himself. the victims include a fellow pilot and his sister, including with 31-year-old matthew satterly, a graduate on the university of maryland. republican state senator, nancy jacobs, hopes to challenge long-time representative dutch ruppersberger in the elections. jacobs announced her run today, at jabs caddy shack in essex. she has served in the state senate since 1999. jacobs is seeking the republican nomination, so she can challenge congressman ruppersberger. the president announces a
4:34 pm
sweeping new strategy today for a much leaner military. the pentagon is getting hilt -- hit with budget cuts. tara mergener reports for wjz with the latest. >> reporter: president obama made a rare appearance in the pentagon press room, to defend massive budget cuts to the u.s. military. >> so yes, our military will be leaner. but the world must know, the united states is going to maintain our military superiority. >> reporter: the military is cutting $450 billion in spending and hinted at cutting troops. pentagon officials promised the troops that remain will have the best at their disposal. >> in reality, you can face a land war in korea, and at the same time, face threats in the straits of horm uz. we have the ability with this to deal with those threats. >> pentagon officials say the focus now is on asia and the
4:35 pm
pacific region, where new challenges exist. >> reporter: the president is slashing the defense budget because congress ordered billions in cuts in a deal. and they may have to chop more than five billion. >> they also look at the new ways to cut costs. >> as our newest veterans rejoin civilian life, we'll keep working to give our veterans the care, the benefits and job opportunities that they deserve and that they have earned. >> reporter: president obama knows he's going to face criticism for his cutbacks, especially from republican presidential candidates, who have questioned his commitment to national security. at the white house, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the new strategy also emphasizes improving u.s. capabilities in cyber warfare and missile defense. well, speaking of improving, i guess. it's a very nice day outside. a big improvement.
4:36 pm
the sun has been out all day. bob is here with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bob? >> beautiful sunset tonight. too bad it's setting because television a nice afternoon. and a lot warmer than we saw the last couple of days. radar, nothing at all. but we're back up in the mid- 40s. take a look at temperatures around the region. as you can see, quite a bit milder. 47 in pax river. the only cool spot, oakland at 47. 45 degrees. we are standing 15 degrees warmer at this hour than we were yesterday. that's a huge quantum leap. and guess what. tomorrow afternoon, another 10 to 13 degrees warmer than today. believe it or not. denise? >> thank you, bob. let's check on the roads now with christy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. well, there's a lot of activity going on around the beltway. as far as the north side outer loop goes, heavy to the harrisburg expressway. the inner loop also slowing down there from providence to
4:37 pm
harrisburg in that direction. if you're traveling on the west side inner loop, stop and go there from 70 to security boulevard, about 15 minutes to get through. and we're watching an accident on the south side of the outer loop at richie highway. as far as 95 goes, we have an overturned tractor-trailer that's going to catch your eye. two water main breaks in the area. joppa road between honey go and newcrest. take silver spring road as your alternate. also, falls road in west baltimore. rowland avenue is the alternate in that direction. and other alternates include north point. also stevenson lane at york road in the towson area. let's now take a live look. as you can see, an easy drive for you. and we'll take another live look, no trouble whatsoever there. 97 north of benfield boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm, or visit them online at
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for your free consultation. >> thank you, kristy. the wjz pizza bolis profootball challenge certainly is not. and tim williams is live at to update this week's standings. how are you doing, tim? >> try to make a late-season surge. but it's all for not at this point. the bobblehead leader board is starting to get jammed up at the top. adam may remains on top with 175 so far. jessica kartalija is right there with 174. then a three-way tie for third t. morning show posse don and marty, both at 1 -- 172. and i'm right there with them. then there's mary. and stan saunders, bringing up, not the rear, but he's kind of trailing the pack at 170. this week's big winner, tim sewarhard. he correctly predictedault 16 -- predicted all 16 games. i don't know how he did it.
4:39 pm
you can still sign up and join for the last few weeks of the season. you can come here to and click on pro football challenge, under quick links. denise, back to you. >> thank you, tim. and if you can't make it to the stadium january 15th, you can watch the ravens' first play- off game right here live. kickoff sunday, 1:00 p.m., live on wjz 13. and don't forget, this sunday, the pittsburgh steelers head sunday afternoon to battle the broncos. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. tense confrontation. new details about what happened inside a texas middle school, just before police shoot and kill a student. trapped in a foreign country. why the u.s. government mistakenly deports a 14-year- old girl. and if you think today's weather is nice, wait until you hear about tomorrow. bob is updating your first warning forecast coming up. for some reason
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new information after a police officer shoots and kills an 8th grade student in a texas middle school hallway. police responded to brownville brownville middle school, after they found 15-year-old jaime gonzalez with a gun. police say they were forced to shoot the boy. the weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. gonzalez was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. new video of casey anthony, peek -- speaking out for the first time since her acquittal last july has hit the internet. >> the diary on you tube shows a much different-looking casey anthony, talking about how different her life s. >> it's surreal how much change has happened since july and how many things haven't changed. the good thing is, things are starting to look up and things
4:44 pm
are starting to change. >> reporter: anthony does not discuss where she is in the recordings, but says she wants to leave her location as soon as probation is over. the recording is the first of what she says is a series of diaries she plans to keep. anthony's attorney confirms the videos are authentic, but says the release was unauthorized. denise? >> anthony is said to be keeping a video diary as part of her personal counseling. the show will continue, that's according to the reno air racing association. the future of the annual event was questioned, following last year's deadly crash that killed 11 people and injured dozens of others. the show will be held this assessment, at the reno stead airport. support for the families and race teams led to the decision. a teenager is dead after a trip up a ski lift goes horribly wrong. police are investigating the deadly accident in massachusetts, where the 19- year-old fell from a ski lift and died. the boy fell about 30 feet and was found facedown and
4:45 pm
unconscious, when ambulances arrived. it's unclear what led to the fatal fall. a family in texas is finally home safe, after spending two days trapped inside the suv, in the snow, with their 5-year-old daughter. tiffany craig reports from texas, where she talked with the lucky family. >> reporter: it took a couple of weeks, but the higgins family is finally back home. >> awesome. >> it's wonderful. >> hey. >> it was relief to get home. i mean, we were gone for over two weeks. >> reporter: their scary experience in a new mexico snow drift was captured in these amazing pictures. >> the last call we made to the rescue services were both of us saying, please don't forget us. we will not be able to see this, and we can't breathe. >> reporter: on the road for a ski trip. david, yvonne and their 5-year- old hannah, ended up four feet under, for nearly two days. >> we had our food, our water,
4:46 pm
you know, supplies. you have your ski clothes. we used it -- every bit of that stuff for survival. >> reporter: they made at least eight 911 calls, but it would take time for rescuers to find them, buried and running out of air. >> there was times we would look at each other and just knew we were in dire straits. but all that would come out of your mouth is, "i love you." >> in the wee hours of the morning, tuesday night, a tap on the window would begin the rescue from what the family now calls "the rabbit hole." >> we thank god every day that he guided those rescuers to us. >> reporter: nowl, you -- now, you might think this family would want to be a world away from the snow. but they plan to head back in march. >> they were among 32 rescued from the winter storm. take a look at huge flames. officials say a contractor,
4:47 pm
working at the home, pierced a gas line. the fire quickly spread to a neighboring house, causing a three-alarm blaze. the house was evacuated moments before it exploded. luckily, nobody was injured. heavy damage will force the home to be torn down. a texas teenager is trapped in a foreign country, after being mistaken for a wanted illegal immigrant. the 14-year-old girl was arrested after she was deported in houston for theft. she gave police a fake name that belonged to a columbian national. the girls want to know why they deported her, when she doesn't know spanish, did not have an id on her when she was arrested. we've all fallen asleep on a flight. but imagine waking up in a city you weren't supposed to be in the first place. imagine being a kid when it happened. >> there is no reason for that to happen. >> reporter: tina mcgee mcgee is fuming. first meet her 15-year-old son eric. >> i was headed to tulsa.
4:48 pm
>> eric is your typical teenager on a plane. >> i go to sleep. put my head phones in and fall asleep. >> reporter: he slept right through the big announcement he had reached his final destination. slept through the following takeoff and landing. when he got off the plane -- >> what the heck. >> reporter: -- things looked different. >> and he was in a strange city, with no money, no help. >> reporter: she said southwest should have taken a head count or at the very least, been more helpful when they realized her kid wasn't where he was supposed to be. >> nobody could help me. they said i had to talk to customer relations the next morning. >> meanwhile, eric was trying to get home. >> i talked to the security guard. he said he couldn't do anything. >> reporter: so he started walking, aimlessly around the st. louis area. >> he went to a police station. and there was nobody inside the police station. >> reporter: he said he called 911. >> they hung up.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: a good samaritan helped him get home, nearly 24 hours later. speaking of calls. >> okay. i appreciate that impmensly. >> reporter: -- immensely. >> we were there when southwest called eric's grandmother to apologize. they refunded the cost of his ticket. >> i think our main problem is that they need to keep children safe, no matter their age, 9 or 15. can you guys look into that for me, too? >> reporter: and promised to check their policies and procedures to see if they need to be updated. >> reporter: southwest current policy for flight attendants to assist children is for children ages 5 to 12. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, new research finds women with sealiac disease are at risk for other physical and emotional diseases. the study shows women with the disease are more likely to suffer from depression and eating disorders, regardless of how districtly they stick to a gluten-free diet. looks like vinyl is making
4:50 pm
a comeback. sales of vinyl albums soared to 3.9 million copies last year. consumer analysts say vinyl attract two kinds of customers. olders who remember it foundly. and young ones who can have a physical copy in hand and art work to look at. bob turk has the updated first warning forecast next. ,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
ooh, beautiful sunset. nothing severe about today. after yesterday, it feels warm. >> so much warmer. so much more pleasant conditions around here. and tomorrow is going to be even warmer, denise. and even into the weekend, it will cool down by saturday night. looks like nice weather. 45 now. 22, dew point. last few days, the dew points from the single digits. it's gotten a little more moist, 39% humidity, west/northwest winds at 8. barometer rising now. 45, 48 in washington. locally, temperatures still from 40 to the upper 40s.
4:54 pm
now, compared to yesterday, we had a high of 31. yesterday. and a low of 13 today. 46, 26. the average now on today's date, of 42 and 25. and the record, 1997. 69, 1877. one big fat degree on this day. west/northwest winds. that will continue as well. very mild wind. high pressure over our region is moving offshore. and as it does in the summertime, we'll typically move offshore. here comes milder air. the really cold stuff is kind of a transition zone. it's way up here. in between clouds and light rain and snow showers. we had a few sprinkles sprinkles and flurries last night, moved offshore. still light shower activity. across new york state.
4:55 pm
into new england. tonight and tomorrow, lots of sunshine. maybe a few clouds and milder temps headed our way, as you see. until saturday night. it will be very mild. then a front comes through. it will drop temperatures closer to normal for sunday, monday and tuesday of next week. looks like the next chance of rain. this front stalling out. maybe some showers here by wednesday. then it may actually get colder again by the end of next week. but until then, milder temps headed our way. south winds on the bay. that will do it at 5 to 10 knots. bay temp around 41 degrees. tonight, partly cloudy. seasonably cool at 35. downtown tomorrow, partly sunny, breezy. believe it or not, much milder high of 58 degrees, compared to 31. that's a big jump in two days. >> boy, that sure is. >> it will feel really nice. >> that's not the silver lining. >> it doesn't really affect. but somehow you do get a cold.
4:56 pm
>> we'll be happy with our cold. as the man was part of a gang rape of a child, then why wasn't his dna recovered at scene? i'm at the courthouse. the latest take a moment to ponder tender cuts of pastrami, piled sky high atop your favorite freshly baked bread with spicy mustard, pickles and melt-a-licious cheese. okay, enough imagining how this fresh toasted number would tantalize your taste buds -- it's time to actually experience the subway big hot pastrami melt, built by the sandwich experts the way you love -- to per-fec-tion. subway. eat fresh. ♪ [ male announcer ] ziploc presents ziplogic. 4 pounds of sirloin. but only wrap half... i'll just throw it out anyway. [ male announcer ] we throw out over $500 in food every year.
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at 5:00. an accused rapist on trial. the testimony of a man charged in a local roller skating rink. >> if there ever was a time to change washington, this saturday time to do it. >> nancy jacobs takes on dutch ruppersberger. how an anti-incumbent move
4:59 pm
could shake things up. >> i'm jessica kartalija. and this is francisco. coming up next on wjz, why this sandwich has a ravens twist. and why you are going to want to get your hands on one. that story straight ahead. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. raped at a roller rink. powerful testimony against one of the men accused. >> the 12-year-old victim tells her story. now, science tay plays a -- plays a key role in the case. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking


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