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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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> hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. we begin with breaking news this evening. >> the fire broke out on a house in essexx. firefighters pulled two women from the home and rushed them to the hospital. both were pronounced dead. our media partner baltimore sun reporting the victims are mother and daughter. investigators are working to find out what caused that fire. suspected indefinitely, wjz is live on campus, megan mccorkel has the school's swift action. >> reporter: both the school and coach deny the incident
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happened. but the school says they are taking these allegations very seriously. heated moment during morgan state saturday night game. witnesses claim they saw coach boseman punch a lineman in the face. there were a lot of people who thought the coach was outs of line. davis grant told wjz what he saw. >> it appears that boseman did some type of push back that forced him to back down a little bit. >> reporter: it was enough that campus officials were called. >> some say he struck the student. others say it wasn't that bad, he just gave the student a push. >> reporter: the coach says, it
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was overblown. there should have been an investigation already. those who know the coach say this would be out of character. >> buti have never seen him hit a player. >> he's a good, he's a very good coach. he's a winning determined coach. >> reporter: batfield did not press charges and says he was accidentally bumped. wjz has learned there's a video on the incident. but even on the tape it's unclear what happened. reporting live, i'm megan mckorkel. >> reporter: megan, thank you. todd boseman is on leave. a former student from maryland is accused of terrorism. how the fbi nailed him, kai jackson has if story.
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>> reporter: craig baseman left boseman left the military. the former army crypttologist is facing several charges including that he was trying to help a terrorist group. >> he got an airline ticket to kenya, traveled to kenya and tried to take a butt into somalia. >> reporter: he left headed for kenya, he wanted to go to somalia but never made it that far. he secretly converted to islam and came to sympathize with islamic groups after reading about them on the internet. the áf he was arrested in kenya
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by kenyan authorities suspicious of his activities. >> mr. baxtan was in fact, engageed in an act that's prohibited by the united states government. you cannot join a foreign terrorist group whether it's to commit violence here in the united states or overseas. >> reporter: the maximum penalty for simply attempting to aid a foreign terrorist organization is 15 years in prison. >> thank you, kai. scrambling for votes. gop presidential candidates make their last pitch to republicans in new hampshire. right now mitt romney holds a double digit lead over ron paul. rick santorum and newt gingrich are also competing for votes. a new national poll shows romney would fare the best against president obama. a jump at the pump.
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if you filled your car this evening, you probably noticed an increase. last month we were paying 3. $3.26. it's up to a winter record. but if you think prices are bad now just wait because lawmakers want to raise the state's gas tax. derek valcourt breaks down what we're paying now and where prices could go. >> reporter: the city says it's top transportation priority is to build the red line. carol county's top priority is to improve heavily traveled route 22. in fact, add up the costs for just the top priority project in each of the 23 counties in the city and the state would need an extra 12 billion dollars.
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governor o'malley says that's money the transportation fund doesn't have. >> you get what you pay for. there's no way to pay a $100 million bridge for $10 million. >> reporter: that's why the state's blue ribbon commission recommends raising the state's gas tax by 15-cents a gallon over three years. the increase is being talked about in the legislature and the roads. >> the roads are fine as they are. >> reporter: many drivers say the price of gas is already too high that's in part because of the high price of crude oil which makes up 75% of the price of a gallon. another 10% goes into refining bed oil, 5% for distribution, but the last 10% is our taxes. for every gallon 18.4 centss goes to the federal government and 23.5 centss goes to the transportation fund. adding 15 more cents would make the sixth highest in the country behind these five states which all charge more
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than 40-cents. though it is expected so far lawmakers have not introduced any legislation to increase the gas tax. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. now analysts say a 15-cent increase could bring in almost a half a billion dollars in extra revenue for the state. a warm weekend this weekend. some snow though brings us right back to reality on this monday. sky chopper 13 found snow flakes falling tonight during the evening commute. the dusting coat on some cars and grass but the snow didn't stick on the streetless. they're not so lucky to our south. washington, d.c., snow covered the white house. bob will let us know if we will see any more snow this week coming up in the first warning weather forecast. the team gears up for the texans. it's the first play off game at home for the purple birds in five years.
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wjz is your home for ravens play off coverage. jessica cartalia shows us how the town is turning purple. >> reporter: the entire city is saying go ravens. baltimore is seeing purple, all the signs point to sunday's big game. >> i think joe flacco needs to step up to the plate and be the man that he can be and he is. i believe ray rice is going to show off out there and i think that's a good thing. >> ray rice definitely needs to touch the ball at least 25 times. he's our offense. >> we need to keep our defense strong. >> reporter: next time you drive by this building expect to see a giant ravens display. >> when they come up 83 and they look to the right and they see this big projection that says go ravens, it's going to
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instill a lot of purple pride in those drivers. >> reporter: the same company that did this inn -- incredible light show. now they're turning these bricks into this. >> we shine a 6,000-watt right to it and we're able to make that big projection bounce off that building. >> reporter: meanwhile excitement is building. >> we need to be aware of the texans running game. we need to be aware of their line. >> i'm a big believer in flacco. but he needs to show a little more aggressiveness. if we have the bolden and rice combination we should be fine. >> reporter: as you can imagine the entire city will be bright purple by sunday. in mount washington, i'm jessica cartalia, wjz eyewitness news. and if you don't have a ticket to the game there's only one place to watch the ravens take on the texans this weekend
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right here on wjz13. kick off 1:00 sunday afternoon. then make sure to stay tuned for special postgame coverage. mark viviano, stan sanders and mary bubala will bring your reaction from the big game. >> the texans is not a very creative name. the texans, houston. no. >> that's true. chances are they are in your medicine cabinets. the dangers in your medicine that could make you sick. what sparked this vicious attack on a teen by one of his friends. an elderly woman murdered, her house set on fire. the neighborhood outraged as police look for details. the story is coming up, i'm adam may. and i'm bob turk, i'll have your forewarn forecast coming up next. ,,
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it is 33 degrees with cloudy skies in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. two members of the israeli parliament debate boils over. the debate ended when a glass of water was thrown by anastasia micoli. micoli has been reprimanded in
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the past. police say 19-year-old joey abraham is seen beating justin baker over an allegedly stolen video game. they say abraham's sister shot and posted the video. the victim suffered minor injuries and says he only went to police after the video surfaced. a reward is now being offered in the murder of a retired principal. adam may explains it's causing outrage. >> reporter: police canvas the streets hoping to find information in the death of mary hines. >> this is not something that we sit back and say nothing about. somebody pick up the phone, somebody needs to call us. >> reporter: the former principal was stabbed then her home was set on fire. >> how is the community reacting to this crime? >> everybody is upset about it. she was like one of the mothers
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around here. she watched everybody raise up around here and. >> i used to cut her grass. >> reporter: terrance upset and outraged. >> there's a lot of elderly living in this community. we try to keep this community as best kept as possible. >> reporter: the lead detective is optimistic. >> mrs. hines was loved and respected by every person we've spoken to. this is a human being that no one has had a negative thing to say about. >> reporter: neighbors hope the kansas -- the canvas leads to an arrest. >> i've never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: police say in the past canvass like these have led to an arrest and they hope it happens again. adam may. >> crime stoppers is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. edward peyton was recognized today with the congressional bravery award. he was among the first officers
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in a building when a gunman stormed in back in september of 2010. the intelligence he provided helped the s.w.a.t. team rescue the hostages. only 10 people in the country have received this award. novardis is pulling bottles of exedrin, along with bufferin and nodoz. the bottles may contain stray tablets from more powerful prescription painkillers. the problems have been traced to a plant in nebraska. that plant was shut down after violations were found. there was no mix up on the name of the man arrested in wisconsin. he truly has an original one. this is a mug shot of bezoudede
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zopiti bopbopbop. he had his name changed. bezou is in a lot of doodoo after facing a lot of charges including carrying a concealed weapon. >> i can't believe you said that. >> there's a young man who needs to get his life together. really. >> aberdine. >> and shorten his name a little bit. that's how you hide from the law i guess i don't know. take a look at temps and conditions. hasn't moved any where since earlier tonight. just above that freezing mark. it's a damp cool evening. no wind at all. there's a little bit of fog. south of us where we had some snow, still a little bit of slush in some areaings. a reaings -- areas and there could be some slick spots. most of it melted but it could get down to freezing in some spots. so later tonight in the morning as it clears out. there could be a few slick spots south of the area. now the barometer is holding
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steady right now. right now 32 in hagerstown. but it didn't do any precept. fairfax county, one or two inches of snow there, as much as an inch in southern anne arundel county. south of the area, the airport picked up about maybe . .02 of an inch of snow and that's the heaviest snow so far this winter. it might drop just one more degree. you might see a little frost on your window. it'll clear out later. the winds very light now. 38, 27 today. the average is now 41 and 24. the record 75 and two back in 1970. right now very light winds beginning to turn a little bit more to the south and southwest. tomorrow looks like a southwest
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will kick in bringing drier air for tuesday, a nice day. wednesday low pressure over texas at oklahoma. heading up toward arkansas will pass just to the west. but will bring in warm air ahead of it. the rain expected here on wednesday afternoon into maybe early thursday before it clears out. now thursday afternoon, thursday night once the rain leaves there was another shot of cool air coming down. so the rain comes through the area, the winds go back to the northwest. and we begin to cool down back to or below normal for the weekend. more chilly temperatures finally. northwest winds at five to 10 knots. the bay temp around 49. generally clear by morning but it'll be slow to get here. light winds 30, look out for any icy spots. sunny and pleasant, nice afternoon high of 52. 52 but rain likely wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. 56 on thursday, chilling down a
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little bit, 43 and partly cloudy. looks like 37, clouds and sunshine here on football sunday. denise. >> all right, thank you bob. check in with don scott and meteorologist bernadette woods starting at 4:55 a.m. for the updated first warning weather forecast. renewed ,,,, ♪
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well you heard they're painting the town purple. >> these football players are ready to get back to work. the ravens reconvened after the weekend off. with the extra rest, the team is 100% healthy. now most players did stay in town, some of them took weekend vacations, almost all of them
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watched the play off games on tv. and doing that matt berk tells us gives a player renewed perspective. >> just to step back and watch. just take it all in. you know watch some of the pregame and watch the game, you become a fan it just gets you that much more excited to get back to work today and you know get back to work on wednesday and really start hitting it and preparing and just being able to be part of the nfl play offs. >> the ravens play sunday. first play off game in baltimore in five yearless. they will kick off at 1:00. i'll be reporting live from the stadium with highlight and reaction from the team. it'll a special ravens play off coverage. the game and postgame here on wjz. now when houston was in town three months ago, derrick mason played with the texans. now mason's career is over. he announced his retirement career after 15 seasons, six of
11:26 pm
them at a raven. he had the most receiving yardage as a raven. mason will pursue a career in broadcasting. yee has an interview with the o's. the cincinnati reds version of cal ripkin is headed to the hall of fame. like ripkin,larkin spent his entire 19 career with them and was a 10 time all star. larkin was the only player from baltimore to get enough
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votes to get in the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in the lead up to the new hampshire primary. they are not ray -- not allowing any politicians inside and there are no exceptions. i guess he thinks politics are bad for one's appetite. >> that could be argued. a man in san diego says his business is really picking up. now wait till you see what he really picks up. rob calls himself a professional pooper scooper. he does the dirty work for 75 customers. okay we don't need the close ups. rob visiting their yards once a
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week. he says he's cleaning up at the bank at the same time. the side job pays him $3,500 a month and that's the straight poop. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and then saw it slipping away. until friends they have never met, turned out to lend a hand. for more than 30 years, rebuilding together has spread hope to home owners in need. providing free home rehabilitation, making homes safer and more energy efficient. this is a place where you can turn dreams into reality. go to rebuilding together dot org and share the feeling of home. letterman is next with mark wahlburg. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. hope you have a great night. thank you for joining wjz maryland's news station.


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