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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  January 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's 6:00. we're still being visited by a full moon. you can see the high thin clouds blowing by the surface of the moon. they're closer to the surface of the earth. again, a weather feature. also, fog on your drive. sharon will have more on that right after meteorologist bernadette woods, in for marty bass. actually, it's the dead of winter statistically speaking but we've been way above average. we did have a few snowflakes. we did have fog to start out but temperatures not all that extreme. a little bit below the farther north. if you're encountering fog, take it slower because that's
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sometimes when we get the icy patch. we're back up to 50 degrees with sunshine. we'll have your forecast coming up. we'll have an accident from sharon gibala. >> just one accident out there. this one does involve a fire truck and fire activity right in the area. it's in the city on monty bellow terrace. no one injured in that accident. otherwise, speeds are slowing down, an 11-minute drive time. there's a look at 83 and ruckston road. remember, wjz 13 is always on. so for traffic information any time, log on to here's what people will be talking about. new hampshire voters are already heading to the polls to cast ballots. here's susan mcginnis with more on the nation's first primary
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for wjz. >> reporter: at the stroke of midnight, nine residents in the tiny town of dixville knox cast the first ballots. mitt romney tied for first place with former utah governor jon huntsman, each getting two votes. huntsman already felt like he was in celebration mode at a packed rally. >> can you feel a little bit of momentum in the air? >> reporter: but rom nip wants to be the one holding the victory party. >> give meet boost i need. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor is still dealing with the fallout on this comment. >> i like being able to provide people. >> reporter: at the time he was talking about letting people change their health insurance. the candidates will be stopping by several polling places to squeeze in last-minute campaigning. >> you cannot compete with
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romney. if you are totally positive and he is running $3 1/2 million of attack ads. >> reporter: rick santorum is hoping to gain enough momentum to propel him to south carolina. last night a crowd of angry protesters shouted at him after he left an event. ron paul ran into his own mob on monday. he could barely make it through a crush of cameras as he tried to greet voters. >> and stay with wjz throughout the day for continuing coverage of new hampshire's primary. you can also go to there's been another shake-up at the white house. the chief of staff william daley is stepping down. budget director jack lew will replace him. a fatal fire is under
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investigation. flames broke out around 7:30 inside a house on arncliffe road in essex. when firefighters arrived it was too late for the women inside. >> crews arrived, removed two victims, two adult females in critical condition. they were transported to the hospital where they were pronounced dead. >> in -- our media partner baltimore sun are reporting that the two women are mother and daughter, carolyn and stacy himelheber. the idea of adding more state tax to gas prices doesn't sit well with drivers. here's derek valcourt with more. >> reporter: the city says its top transportation priority is to build a redline. anne arundel said it needs to widen 175 near fort meade.
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add up the costs and the state would need an extra $12 billion. governor o'malley points out that's money the trust fund doesn't have. >> you get what you pay for. there's no way to build a $100 million bridge for $10 million. that's why the funding recommends raising the gas tax by 15 cents per gallon over three years. the idea is being discussed in annapolis and on the road. >> i would sacrifice 15 cents for improving the roads. >> reporter: many drivers say the price of gas is already too high, that's in part due to the cost of crude oil. another 10% goes into refining that oil, 5% for distribution, but the last 10% are taxes. for every gallon, 1.4 cents go
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to the -- 18.4 cents did to the government. maryland's gas rate is the sixth highest in the country, behind these five states, which all charge more than 40 cents. lawmakers have not introduced any legislation to increase the gas tax. derek valcourt. >> analysts say an increase could bring in a half a billion dollars. an investigation is underway after morgan state university's basketball coach is accused of punching one of his players during a game. monique griego has more. >> reporter: good morning. coach todd bozeman has been suspended indefinitely because of these allegations. both he and the player involved deny anything happened. in a heated moment during morgan state's saturday night against
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south carolina, witnesses said they saw coach todd bozeman strike player larry bastfield. he said he saw bozeman bunch -- punch bastfield in the face. >> it appeared as though bozeman did some type of pushback towards bastfield. >> reporter: it was enough for south carolina's president to call campus security and contact morgan state officials. >> some say he actually struck the student. others say it wasn't that bad. >> reporter: in a statement the coach said it's definitely overblown. i didn't hit him. there should have been an investigation already. player larry bastfield did not press charges and said he was accidentally bumped. a three-judge panel will determine exactly what happened. >> bozeman is on paid
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administrative leave at this point. now on to college football. there's a new state's -- there's a new bcs champion. the defense would dominate lsu, holding the tigers to five firstdowns and no points. alabama wins 21-0. the win marks the first shutout in bcs title game history. don't forget, there's only one place to watch the ravens taking on the texans. it is right here on wjz 13. kickoff begins at 1:00 on sunday afternoon. stay tuned for special post game coverage. we'll bring you highlights and reaction from the big game. looking forward to it, got my fingers crossed about the weather. it's not looking bad right
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now. i mine, it's becoming an active weather pattern but also a colder one. >> layer up. i love those foot warmers. you stay warm. >> they are pretty cool. good morning, ron. >> good morning. if you're going to the game sunday, layer up. get your long johns. i'm already to rock 'n roll. you remember the denver game from the playoff game 10 years ago. the wind chill was 10 below. they're playing the music. that means i got to get out of here. we're bathing the town in purple. we're north of mt. washington.
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i love the ravens. good morning, website website. go ravens! >> you are excited. that is for sure. this is the snow that we had. the skies have cleared. it's going to mix up. temperatures are right around freezing. so be careful, especially north and west of the city. that's where we saw some of the snow lay on the ground but this will be melting. all of these temperatures are going up close to 50 degrees. we got rid of one storm. that headed out overnight.
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there's another one headed our way. tomorrow the clouds will come in during the day. then it's mainly a rain event for us with the cold air locked up to the north. however, once this storm comes through here and gets out of here, there's a few different parts. it will change our weather pattern to colder. here's our storm. clouds come in tomorrow. then the rain breaks out. that's going to continue to thursday morning. here's another part to this storm. that's going to come through thursday into friday. when that does, it's going to bring the colder air as we head toward the weekend. the forecast for today, none of those issues. we've got that morning fog. the sunshine returns. partly cloudy. tomorrow the clouds come back. some rain will start to break out later in the day. that's going to continue into thursday. when that storm gets out of here, we start to drop. friday more of a transition day with the cold air starting to rush. as we head into the weekend, the
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big game, looks like this will be colder. here is chairman at wjz traffic control -- sharon at wjz traffic control. this debris is on the inner loop. we have the accident in the city. monty bellow terrace. there's fire activity reported in that hear. speeds still up to par, 61 miles an hour on the top side. 56 on the west side. if you take a lock at our traffic camera, you can see traffic is starting to build on the left. there's a look at the beltway. same situation there. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. see why now is the time to jump to toyota. back over to you. straight out to the ronster in near north baltimore. hi, ron. >> reporter: we're talking about this location.
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we're just off of falls road north of mt. washington. i call it the bear hills area. i tell it like it is. good morning. we're bathing the town purple. we've got nick cock from image engineering. you'll see the newest t shirt. let's talk about this. capital funding group. how do you do this? >> we're using a 6,000 watt projector and adding purple lights to give it that extra pop. >> reporter: of course, when you're driving northbound on 83 -- >> you can't help but to see this. >> reporter: you've got some other locations. >> after we leave here, we're heading to m&t bank stadium's headquarters. we will light that up purple. >> reporter: you got another
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location. >> constellation energy's headquarters. >> reporter: how long does it take? >> it take as good afternoon. once it's up and running we will run it to the super bowl. >> reporter: you got it. >> image engineering, great job. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: all right, guys, we're going to unveil it. it went into the stores. houston, you've got a problem. our tribute to the astronaut. how long did it take you? >> we've got them in all the stores. we just came in, try to come up with the best design and everybody has taken to that. >> reporter: we love it. a lot of people are talking about it. what are some of the stores people can go to? >> all of the regular stores. every time i name them, i get complaints. every location is carrying them.
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if they're not, ask them to get them in. we can have them in a couple hours. >> reporter: let's go ravens. thank you. we appreciate it. all right. don and burn na det, obviously, we have the ravens game on sunday at 1:00. but don't forget. saturday night, 8:00, it's denver at new england journal of medicine. you can see that game right here on wjz, and a lot of people in baltimore are rooting for the broncos because that would mean if the ravens win, the afc championship would be at our house. how about that? thank you. show that t shirt one more time. hey, houston, you got a problem. all right. guys, have a great day. go ravens. we'll see ya!
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>> houston, you got a problem. >> everyone is focused on the game. players are focused on the game. >> i'm looking forward to the weekend after this, right? >> yeah. >> we're going to take a break and be right back. houston, you've got a problem. >> go ravens. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. we've got a little bit of fog. temperatures right around the freezing mark. sunshine is going to return. we're topping out right around 50 degrees. then we're going to see the milder air that comes back today, slowly start to give way as another storm comes tomorrow. it will continue into thursday before that part of the storm gets out of here. the tekd part brings colder air as we head into the weekend. don? going green to save some green. here's mary bubala with another idea on how you can save some
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energy. >> experts say the fridge should be set between 37 and 40 degrees. cover liquids. uncovered food releases moisture and makes the compressor work harder. if your fridge is old, think of upgrading. they use 20% less energy. i'm mary bubala trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information, go to and click on our energy saver section. next up this morning right here on wjz -- >> an elderly woman murdered, her house set on fire. neighbors are outraged. the details are coming up. good morning. a former soldier from maryland is in federal custody, charged with attempting to aid and join a terrorist organization. i'm kai jackson. i'll have details coming up. good morning, everyone.
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a morgan state university coach is suspended. i'm monique griego. we'll have more on the allegations against him. traffic is beginning to slow. coming up, we'll take a look at our speed cameras and traffic sensors. let's send it over to bernadette. good morning. i'm in for marty bass. of course, it's january and we have changes coming. you know him from lord of the ring and gi jane. now he takes on a new challenging role. stay tuned, the eyewitness news morning edition will continue in a moment.
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the bottom line, there is still fog around. some places you'll be driving right through. sharon will have the latest on the rest of your drive and it is meteorologist bernadette woods in for the vacationing marty bass over at first warning weather. i want to show you as far as temperature was we're dealing with. there is some fog. if you encounter some of the fog, you may see a couple of icy patches. the farther north and west you go, some lower temperatures. it is 33 in baltimore and south and east it's above freezing, so maybe some wet spots. we go through the afternoon. all of the fog giving way to sunshine. we're going back up to 50 degrees, not a bad tuesday afternoon for january. we'll have that full forecast coming up. her efforts are slowing down. here's sharon at wjz traffic control. >> it is slowing down, a little bit on the west side. we have a problem on the top
6:29 am
side. some trash bags are in the road. fire activity continues on montebello terrace. there was an accident that was clear. there's a look at your speeds, down to 50, outer loop, your average between 75 and 95. park heights, despite that debris reported in the road, it doesn't seem to be slowing things down. this is south of mountain road, no issues there. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. back over to you. the reward is being offered in the murder of a retired city school principal found dead inside her burned out home. the death of mary hiens is causing out-- hines is causing outrage. >> reporter: they canvassed east biddle hoping to find
6:30 am
information in the murder of mary hines. >> somebody needs to pick up a phone. >> reporter: the retired school principal was stabbed and her home set on fire on thursday. through the window you could see heavy smoke and fire damage. how did the community react? >> they were very upset. >> she was like one of the mothers. she helped raise them. >> reporter: the parents were upset and outraged. >> there are not a lot of elderly people who live in the community. >> reporter: police have few leads, but the lead detective is optimistic. >> mrs. hines was loved and respected by every person we've spoken w this is a human being who no one had a thing to say about. >> i have never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: police say they don't have any suspects but in
6:31 am
the pass canvasses like this have led to an arrest. in east baltimore, adam may. >> crime stoppers is offering a record for information leading to an arrest and qix. a man accused of raping a teenager at a roller rink has been acquitted. the jury cleared him of the most serious charges, including rape. a 13-year-old said he was one of others who raped her. the jury could not reach a decision on two additional charges. a local man is -- family is demanding justice after the shooting death of their son. one year after shawn gamble was gunned dune during a fight outside the select lounge nightclub, the family is protesting and asking for answers. the man was shot by fellow officers. gambles said they still don't
6:32 am
have a clear picture of how or why their loved one died. a former soldier from maryland has been arrested on terrorism charges. the man is accused of trying to aid a dangerous terrorist group in somali. >> reporter: prosecutors charge 24-year-old craig baxam. baxam's mother and lawyer were seen leaving court. he is facing numerous charges, among them, that he tried to help a terrorist group called al shabaab. >> cashed in his retirement fund, traveled to kenya and tried to take a bus into somali to join al shabaab. >> reporter: he left his home in 2011 and wanted to go to kenya but never made this that far. he read about them on the
6:33 am
internet. baxam admitted a willingness to commit violence. he was arrested by kenyan authorities. he was then raised by u.s. authorities. >> mr. baxam, trying to join this terrorist organization, was involved in an act prohib byte hitted -- prohibited by the u.s. government. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney said the maximum penalty for simply atempting to aid a foreign organization is 15 years in pries son. baxam served in the army from 2007 until 2011. >> al shabaab is a dangerous group in africa. in florida, a muslim man is under arrest, charged with attempting to attack nightclubs.
6:34 am
he is a naturalized born citizen born in kosovo. if he's convicted of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, he can face life in prison. this morning a coach stands accused of punching one of his players. monique griego has more. >> reporter: good morning. coach todd bozeman has been suspended indefinitely because of these allegations. both he and the player involved deny anything happened. in a heated moment during morgan state's saturday night game, witnesses say they saw coach todd bozeman strike player larry bastfield. he said he saw bozeman punch bastfield in the face, saying it was pretty dramatic. there were a lot of people who thought the coach was out of
6:35 am
line. >> it appears as though bozeman did some type of pushback towards bastfield that caused him to stagger back. >> reporter: it was enough for south carolina's president to call campus security and contact morgan state officials. >> some say he actually struct student -- struck the student. >> reporter: in a stairntle the coach said it's definitely overbloafnlt i didn't hit him. there should have been an investigation already. player larry bastfield did not press charges and said he was accidentally bumped. a three-judge panel will be convened to determine exactly what happened. >> there is video of the incident. however, we're also told it's not clear from the tape what did take place there. days before the ravens take on the houston texans at m&t bank stadium, the team reconvenes in owings mills.
6:36 am
the coach said his team is now 1 hun% -- 100% healthy. you can see the ravens taking on the texans. our coverage kicks off sunday afternoon at 1:00. be shower to stay tuned for special post game coverage afterwards. we'll have highlights and reaction from the big game and also don't forget we still want to see your purple pride. email us your favorite ravens related photo to come or click on the convenient link at the top of our home page, three months ago when houston was in town, derrick mason played for the texans. now mason's time on the field is over, he is retiring after 15 sew sons in the nfl -- seasons
6:37 am
in the nfl, six of them with the ravens. tim tebow is now breaking records on twitter there. were so many tebow rerveses after -- references after denver's win, there were 9420 references per second after the game. now tebow heads to foxboro to see if his magic can overtake the patriots saturday night. thousands of the world's newest gadgets will be unveiled in las vegas. it is the start of the consumer electronics show. we have the top picks. in las vegas crews are building the future. more than 2700 companies will
6:38 am
premiere their gadgets. chris yang is among them. >> i think it helps to generate a lot of buzz and excitement. >> reporter: yang's company tells projectors. it's one of 20,000 products being picked. >> one of the big themes is the television becoming the sensor. you don't need a laptop. >> reporter: other hot items, super slim lap books. >> this replace the sticky notes and records videos up to three minutes long. the magnet on the bag allows you to stick it to the fridge. there's also the indestructible ipad case, hovering space shift
6:39 am
and a mobile robot. >> some of them come out next year. some of them come out next year. some don't come out at all. you have to cross your fingers. >> reporter: while not everyone's gizmo makes it to the market, death feedback may load to an improved -- getting feedback may lead to an improved model. >> it takes up about 1.8 million square feet of space. that's about the size of 35 football fields. want to keep the playoff references going. >> did you know there's a game this weekend, a big game this weekend. >> where can you see that? >> right here on wjz, 1:00 sunday afternoon. you're heading down to the game.
6:40 am
>> the president who's running the camera is heading down. ron, marty. >> and marty, congratulations to you and your daughter celebrating alabama's championship. >> she was at the game. >> two college championships. >> wanted to go to a school with a good football program. >> okay. weather wise, we have a little bit of fog. it is going to give way to sunshine as we head through the afternoon. we'll have the full forecast. >> he is considered the father of psychoanchorrist. viggo mortensen is in our coffee with. that is coming up. also coming up, sharon has the
6:41 am
latest on the morning commute and a check on the weather. there is fog in the area. be careful out there. we'll be right back. >> go ravens! ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. a little bit of snow yesterday. that has gotten out of here. the sunshine will be returning. before that happens, there is some fog in some places. there's barely a breeze. has it picks up, it will -- as it picks up, it will allow the sunshine to return. 28 in hagerstown. some spots, particularly, are slightly below freezing. you want to take it slowly if you encounter fog. that's where we find a few icy spots. sunshine returns this afternoon. we're going up close to 50 degrees before another storm moves our way. this one is moving up from the south. it's going to continue into thursday before it gets out of here. with this storm for us, you see here where the cold air is locked up pretty far to the north at least for now. there's a few different parts of the storm. when the second part comes our
6:45 am
way thursday into friday, it's going to bring back colder air. so the forecast looks like this for today. we're going up to 50 degrees. sunshine returning. then tonight dropping down into the 20s. by tomorrow we're back up above our average, so 46 degrees. 51 on thursday. then the storm leaves us. here comes the colder air. temperatures in the highs of 30. don. thank you very much. here's sharon at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. a new issue to report. this one a road hazard. you're going to watch what's been cordoned off. we also have a problem, some fire activity on montebello terrace. watch for minor delays, 45 miles an hour is your average. there's a live look at the top side, still running at full
6:46 am
speed there at bel air road. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. see how many ways there are to save. today's coffee with guest is viggo mortensen in the satellite interview furnished by sony pictures. please welcome viggo mortensen to the eyewitness news morning edition. everybody i talked to are big fans -- lord of the rings and such. the new movie deals with the two names in psychoanchorrists -- psychoanalysts. explain the plot line. >> the central figure is kyle young in the story. to some degree it's about the
6:47 am
relationship between young and freud that comes apart. to some degree it's due to a woman that comes between them, another psychoanalyst that until now people didn't know that much about generally. she's played by keira nightly who put -- knightley who puts in an amazing performance. sig employed freud -- sigmund freud i don't have a sword or a gun or horse to help me. he uses words as his weapons. he uses his words to seduce, to charm. he does have a cigar often. that's sort of a weapon as well, and it took some getting used
6:48 am
to, frankly. as an actor, i've not been given that much dialogue in a movie before. it was an enjoyable challenge to find a way to make that active,000 make this funny. fortunate in the research, i learned that sigmund freud was not such a dry academic stiff guy. he was a very warm, gregarious, outguying person and loved a good joke, a glass of wine, big appetite for life. i think when you go to see this movie, you see there is a certain irony, wittiness to the character and the exchange he has with carl young and others. >> i have to admit. i never thought of him as a gregarious or funny person. is it a historical reality or
6:49 am
fiction. >> to some degree it's going to be fiction. the great screen writer is based on letters between these characters. back then that was email. people wrote numerous letters every day and the postal service was very fast because people wrote so many letters and expected them to be delivered the next day. so it's hack demcally very sound, historically very sound, based on correspondence, medical records. it was fun to do something so exacting and so accurate. >> all right. i'm intrigued. any other projects you can tell us about that are upcoming that we should talk about? >> well, i don't know when it will get to the united states but i did a movie in argentina, which is a country i was raised in until i was 11.
6:50 am
i play identical twins, a thriller. i really liked it. it's called "everyone has a plan." other than that, i'm finishing up a play i did in spanish, in spain, nothing immediate for american viewers. >> thank you very much. i look forward to seeing it. a dangerous method. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you for your time. we're going to take a break and come back with more of the eyewitness news morning edition. ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex brand tissues are america's softest... no wonder people want to share them with the ones they love. ♪
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whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! here comes your updates. >> we're starting out with fog. there may be a couple of icy patches in some of those fog areas. as we head through the afternoon, we're up to 50 degrees. we have a storm returning to our hear tomorrow. clouds come in. rain breaks out later in the day. that will continue through thursday before getting out of here. when this does, we have colder air. it's going to flip this weather pattern and it will turn colder. now for a check of the roads, here's sharon gibala. so far, not too much to get in your way. we have a road hazard in the city. that will affect you if you're
6:54 am
traveling on annapolis road. watch for fire activity still there on montebello. there's a look at your speeds. 43 miles an hour. overall that's not bad. the top side is still wide open. there's a look at bel air road. there is a live look at the west side at liberty road. this traffic record is -- report is brought to you by dunnen doughnuts. coach todd bozeman from morgan state has been suspended indefinitely accused of punching one of his players saturday night. witnesses claim they saw bozeman strike his player, bast balance of the however, he and the player deny anything happened. the cause of a fatal fire is underway. investigators said flames broke out inside a home on arncliffe road in essex. two women were found inside and rushed to the hospital and
6:55 am
pronounced dead. the baltimore suns a identified them has carolyn and stacy himelheber. 84-year-old mary hines was found stabbed to death inside her burning home on east biddle last thursday. a man accused of raping a teenager in a roller rink in baltimore county has been acquitted. the jury cleared the 26-year-old of the most serious charges, including rape. the victim said he attacked her inside skate works in woodlawn in 2010. the jury could not reach a verdict on two other charges. a local family is demanding gist ties in the shooting death of their son by protesting outside the lounge where shawn gamble was killed. he was shot and killed by a police officer. gamble's family says they still don't have any idea of how and why their loved one was killed.
6:56 am
three months ago when the houston texans were were in town, derrick mason was playing for them. now mason is retiring after 15 seasons in the nfl, sick of them as a baltimore raven. derrick mason is going to pursue a career in broadcasting. we wish him well. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. and a look at the new hampshire primary as voters cast their ballots for the gop nomination there. plus, digging out. while many cities haven't seen snow this winter, one lay last ca town is buried in 18 feet of it. there is fog in the area. you can really see that off to the east and southeast. it's also in some areas around here, so be careful as you make,
6:57 am
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