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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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divisional round of the play off. wjz is the place for complete play off coverage. mark viviano is with the team. first jessica cartalia is following the purple caravan around town and what a caravan it's been, jess, right. >> reporter: hi guys, yes what a caravan it's been. the caravan is expected to show up here. and i can't imagine it getting a whole lot louder here. we've been out and about with the caravan all day. bright and early this purple friday morning. >> i've been here since 5:00 this morning. i saw the fans standing outside waiting to come in. every time i turn back around there's 50 more people in here. >> no doubt about it. super bowl all the way, we're going all the way. >> reporter: first stop alonzos. >> i have a great vibe, it's
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going to be 33-3. >> we're really excited about going to indianapolis. >> reporter: in westminster, carol county fans of all ages get into the ravens spirit. >> go ravens. >> reporter: in baltimore city kids from the emily price jones head start cheer on their favorite team. even the governor joins the huddle to wish the ravens luck. >> we will replace it with a new trophy. >> reporter: the stores are stocked with fans, and fans showing their purple pride. >> let's go ravens. >> let's go ravens. let's go ravens. >> let's go. >> let's go ravens. >> i expect a blow out.
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i'm guessing 27-13. >> the excitement all over baltimore, so overwhelming, so encouraging and so inspiring that i'm going to cheer my hardest on sunday. back here there are ravens fans as far as we can see. >> reporter: ravens should be here any minute. again i don't exactly know where they are going to fit in. and where they're going to stand because it is packed in here. we'll check in with you guys in just a little bit. we're live in glen verde, jessica cartalia. >> how fun, jess. thank you. complete coverage continues live in owins mills. mark viviano is live. >> reporter: the ravens practiced indoors, and afterward the ravens were rather ruckus in their locker
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room. high jinks in high gear. no doubt they're read did to hit the houston texans. and baltimore will be favored to expand past houston to that title game. it's a rematch of a game played three months ago but a lot has changed since. houston lost its starting quarterback matt schaub to injury. now they're counting on a rookie t.j. yates. the texans played without andre johnson, he's back in action and he'll be in baltimore on sunday. the ravens won that first game and they've never lost to houston but that's not on the minds of the ravens as they get ready for the play off match up. >> it's now, you know we can't worry about things that can possibly happen in the future or things that happened in the past. all we focus on right now is this sunday at 1:00. >> reporter: will the rematch be a repeat of what we saw in october? our panel of predictors says
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yes. weekend anchor stan saunders says it's won't be as easy as it sounds. >> this is baltimore smash round football. i pick the ravens in a real close one. i say 20-17. >> this is steve davis the fan, the trend continues in a game dominated by the ravens defense. the ravens move on to the afc championship, they win it 24- 10. >> this is scott garceau, it's the second season there's no tomorrow now. win or go home. unless the ravens beat themselves with turnovers and penalties they win this game 24- 17, the ravens advance to the afc championship game. i got to agree with the guys, with a rookie quarterback coming into baltimore. ravens are going to win this one by about 10. i'm going with 26-16.
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a couple of injury notes, linebacker mcclaine with a knee injury. coach john harbaugh told me today, both those players will be a game time decision on sunday. we're going to hear from both quarterbacks in sports at 6:00, back to you for now. >> mark, thank you. you can see the ravens take on the texans right here live on wjz13 the game starts 1:00 sunday afternoon. then make sure to stay tuned for the seasons postgame show. sports director mark viviano will bring you the reaction. maryland is dealing with very chilly weather and the wind is making it feel even worse. you saw mark in his live shot. today in townsend one man's parking ticket was blown right out of his hand. the winds are starting to calm down a bit but the temperatures continue to drop. bob turk is updating conditions in the first warning weather center, bob. >> about 20 degrees colder now than it was yesterday at this
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time. so that's a pretty radical drop. take a look at temperatures around the region. we're down to 36 now. only around 31 or 32, mark is up in owins mill. 16 in oakland, 41 ocean city. but we still have a breeze, we have a winter weather advisory still in effect for western maryland still snowing in far western sections of the season from fallsburg west. we pick up another inch or two tonight. 17-mile an hour winds here. 22 in oakland, there we go. just changing from 17 to 22. still breezy out there. and when you talk about there's wind, you have higher wind gusts up to 29. and 36 wind gusts out in oakland. so it's a very gusty blustery cold afternoon. the winds will come down tonight. it'll still be a little breezy tomorrow. sunday if you're going to the ravens game around 23 degrees. but mainly sunny.
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still a slight breeze. mary-- >> bob, thank you. several investigations under way into the u.s. marines accused of urinating on dead taliban fighters. but the promise of punishment is doing little to stop the anti american outrage sparked by the video. tara merger reports. >> reporter: cbs news has learned three of the four marines shown urinating on the corpses of taliban fighters have hired lawyers. >> these guys know it's not acceptable. they know it's a stupid thing. it's the kind of thing you would expect them to do when they're out drunk. there's no excuse for it. >> reporter: photos of the
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battalion last summer released inappropriate behavior. like this soldier without his uniform or body armour. officials have condemned the video but not yet filed charges. the marine corp. has appointed a three star general to decide what disciplinary action is warranted. still the incident is tarnishing the imagine of u.s. military forces, fighting in afghanistan for more than 10 years. >> this is a shocking big deal. it's a major recruiting ground for anti americans, within taliban or in other places. >> reporter: the afghan government and taliban are continuing to move forward with u.s. backed peace talks. but the taliban and afghans are expressing outrage against the u.s. this man says the soldiers are criminals. and it's time for all of them to leave afghan soil.
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in arlington virginia, tara merger. a plea deal for a baltimore woman accused of plotting her husband's murder. >> reporter: jackelyn martin could receive a plea deal. martin is accused of plotting to kill her husband coming out of a bar. she maintains her innocence but acknowledges there's enough evidence to convict her. kai back to you. >> martin's brother has already paid in the case. he paid two teenagers to help carry out the murder. a cecil county woman faces charges for giving an abortion pill to a teenagers. she ordered the drugs from an overseas website and gave them to a 16-year-old who is 20 weeks pregnant. hours later, the girl delivered the baby who died.
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crane will be sentenced next month. doctors discover a potentially deadly disease at one city school. now parents and school leaders are on alert. wjz is live at george washington elementary. gi gi is there with the later on the scarlet fever. >> reporter: the scarlet fever has a history of deadly illness, that's why officials are saying tonight, don't worry. several students contracted several students. >> we received a call from one of the parents of one of the children. she notified us that her doctor stated. i immediately called my supervisors. >> reporter: after that, school leaders sent home this letter to parents explaining the cases. all of the students infected are in the same class. then the school scrubbed down began. now hand sanitizer flows freely for students and today teachers are keeping an eye out for
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symptoms. >> if you see a child and they look sick or they tell you they're sick, take it seriously. send them to the nurse. >> reporter: health workers say the telltale signs are a red sandpaper remark on the neck or chest, along with high fever, sore throat and swollen glands. the bacteria is as common as strep throat. only about 11 students stayed home from class today. >> i want to dispel the myth that this is a widespread infection, it is just as normal as any other school day here. >> reporter: so far this school has three confirmed cases and a possible fourth. doctors say scarlet fever is
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easily treatable but parents must catch it early. kai back to you. >> all right,gigi, thank you. the schools are urging parents to take their children to a doctor immediately after symptoms. 52-year-old kevin walsh was arrested during the annual holiday parade. the charges related to the case are now inactive and walsh has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. he must also stay away from the patrolmen who arrested him. still ahead. fighting for technology. what apple is doing in response to these violent riots over the iphone. she was once british royalty and now she's facing prison time. why the dutchess of york is in
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trouble for this video. windy and chilly, will this weather last through the weekend? bob has more in his updated forecast. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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of the chesapeake bay many problems add sexual imbalance. it's become a real possibility among the bay's blue crabs. alex demetric reports, efforts to save crustaceans may will leaving male crabs in short supply. >> reporter: alive and kicking. >> it's a male and we need lots more of these males to fertilize the eggs in the females. >> reporter: tucker is hoping to find out how many. >> what we're trying to determine now is what's enough males to mate with all those females and how much sperm do they need to fertilize those
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eggs. >> reporter: because in the chesapeake there are approximately three female blue crabs for every male. eight males for every female is the best sexual balance says tucker. two reasons why, male crabs are a favorite among consumers and a few years back the crab population was plunging. to save it -- >> from 2008 all of the jurisdictions, maryland, virginia and the patomic river really moved to bring back the crab. >> reporter: did it work? >> it worked wonderfully. >> we have a lot more females than we have males in the population. >> reporter: so far state researchers have not seen an impact on reproductive rates. >> make ing sure we don't get things out of wac. we're going to be anxious to see the results. >> we hope they keep rebounding and coming on stronger and
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stronger force. >> reporter: as for male crabs, the pressure is on. alex demetric. >> the smitsonian study is being granted by a federal fund. >> poor crabs. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work let's check on the roads with christie bersland. >> hi, kai. hi everyone. we have the accident at the beltway still blocking those two right hand lanes. to the delay right now is back to the patasco river bridge. break lights from swan over to belfast. the beltway also heavy on the west side. on the interloop there. expect a 20 minute delay there and at northbound 85, bumper to bumper. also háe -- heavy in the southbound
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direction. let's take a live look. it is beginning to thin out just a bit in the beltway there at delanie valley road. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. introducing the new hot pastrami melt. it's freshly baked bread, pickles, and bubbly cheese to fulfill every appetite. if you bought girl scout cookies last year you had plenty of company. we have more on a new girl scout cookie that has everyone smiling railroad here come the girl scouts with the new savannah smiles cookie. lemon. >> it's the new girl scout cookie that just came out this year. >> in honor of our birthplace of our founder. juliette gordon love, it
5:20 pm
celebrates the skills and adventures girls have learned in 100 years of this wonderful organization. they are working in the kitchen at the central maryland headquarters. on a recipe for incrusted flounder using the new cookie. it's hands on. >> it's very important, it helps the girls learn the science in the kitchen and how we collaborate and come up with ideas to make different foods using girl scout cookies. >> you probably have thin mints or samoas. now savannah joins the very popular club. >> we sold 1,457,000 bobs 1,457, 1,457,000 -- boxes so it was great. the new cookies are delicious. and huggable too. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> can i have some now? >> yes, you may. >> wjz eyewitness news. >> they are adorable. last year americans bought more
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than 200 million boxes of girl scout cookies. my new favorite was thank you very munch. which are cranberry short bread cookies. it's unclear if they're still making them because remember they scaled back. >> as long as thin mints are always available. >> that's a popular one. a nice weekend for nice warm cookies maybe. take a look at temps right now. it's cold. it's going to stay cold all week. 36 now. wind at 20. we'll have a look at the weekend right after this. >> go ravens. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right, some ravens fans there having a great night here on this purple friday. yeah it's ravens fever throughout the entire region. let's roll into the weekend. looks like a cold one if you're heading out any where tonight or the weekend. it is going to be cold. so get the gloves and the hats and mufflers whatever you need to keep warm because you will need it if you're going to be
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out for any length of time at all. it has dropped a little bit to 36. we've been in the 30s all day long. 16 in oakland. 39 in ocean city. 40 still in washington, pax river 27 in cumberland. any where from pax river west is where the snow happened tonight. it's a little more wintry down there. 31 westminster, tonight north and west of the city where a few flurries fell this morning around 4:00, 5:00 a.m. just very light stuff. york and adams county had a little snow. looks like tonight temperatures getting down the upper teens to low 20s. last week we had a 13 degrees morning last week. so this is not nearly as cold. but it's chilly. 53, 32 today. that was actually this morning it went up. a little bit but the 53 occurred after midnight last
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night. 41-24 the average record 76 and zero back in 1991. right now we still have those clouds and snow activity to the north. this is all lake effect snow it will diminish tonight generally. some areas could still see several inches. everyone a couple of places if places picking up a foot or so. buffalo picking up snow tonight. most of it as you can see to our north. that will continue for a little while longer. cold weekend yes, even a little colder on saturday night and sunday. that will be the chillier day of the weekend. the temperatures in the low 30s. again wanting to be lifted at 6:00. the bay temp around 41 degrees. right now we're looking at 25 overnight tonight with partly cloudy skies. it'll be breezy tomorrow. back up to 36 with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. and the ravens game as i said 33 with partly sunny skies, a
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bit of a breeze. we'll take a shot real quick, we have a picture out there at 268 at 219. live shot. still snowing out there. you can see off from the distance but the roads in great shape. wintery weather there, they are well equipped for all the snow they get out there. all right, have a good weekend. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news. >> i'm live here, and we'll have more from ben bernie's straight ahead. how long after a child dies or disappears do you report it to police? i'm pat warren coming up on eyewitness news. casey anthony waited seven dayless. a new law would ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:30, 36 degrees and clear. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the death of 2-year-old caylee anthony will be considered in a seemingly unlikely place. the maryland general assembly. political reporter pat warren reports the bill is now being
5:31 pm
introduced as caylee's law. >> reporter: since she was found innocent in july of the death of her daughter caylee, casey has made waves with a video posted on the internet. some maryland lawmakers are using her example as a reason to make some changes themselves. the fate of the 2-year-old sparked national outrage from this casey anthony dunk tank featured at a fair to phone calls to the maryland general assembly. >> we have just never seen such response to a trial that took place in florida. i can't tell you how much telephone calls i've received over the time. it was just incredible. >> reporter: casey anthony did not respond her child missing until 31 days after caylee disappeared. >> it's just negligence. >> if you make absolutely no attempt and you don't bother at all to try to find out where
5:32 pm
your children are, this is where this law is pertaining to. the fact that you just have no regard for their health or welfare. and especially children that are under aged. caylee anthony was 2 years old. >> reporter: senator nancy jacobs is sponsoring the bill in the senate. i'm pat warren reporting, now back to you. the bill has the support of the maryland state's attorneys association. an attack at a school bus stop is under investigation in anne arundel county. it happened in laurel. police say two teens displayed a knife and began chasing an 11- year-old student. the boy got away safely but police are still trying to identify the suspects. it is an agonizing ordeal for a texas mom when her car is stolen with her son still inside. >> reporter: a woman left her car running with her son in the
5:33 pm
backseat while she went to an atm. that's when a stranger climbed into the car and drove it away. after a terrifying 16 hours, police found the car hidden in a wooded area with the boy inside. spectators cheered as the boy was reunited with his mother. the boy was taken to the hospital for a check out but police say he appears to be just fine. >> detectives say this appears to have a random car theft, no arrests have been made. a disgruntled employee guns down several coworkers. he killed three of them and critically injured another. detectives say davis went home after the rampage and shot himself in the head now he is critically wounded. police say he left a note but have not revealed what it says. a montana teacher is found dead six days after she vanishes on a run. the fbi has not released where they found sherry arnold but say they do have a man in custody and are questioning another in connection with her
5:34 pm
death. if popular 43-year-old math teacher had been missing for a week. the only clue to her disappearance was her shoe which was found along her running rout. the duchess of york is in trouble again for secretly filming a documentary inside an orphanage. >> reporter: the duchess of york is facing charges. two years ago fergie put on black head gear and walked into an orphanage to film children being abused. a conviction could mean up to 22 years in prison. britain doesn't have an extra
5:35 pm
diction policy with turkey but the turks are pressing scotland yard to help build a case against the duchess. >> fergie will be enraged that the turkish government can blame her for something they've done. >> reporter: this is not the first time ferguson has been in trouble because of a tape. this time the british press is siding with fergie portraying her as a mother and humanitarian trying to do the right thing. a british interior ministry source says there's no chance the duchess will be extradited to turkey. europe's debt problems lead to a down day on wall street. take a look at closing numbers, the dow loses 49 points.
5:36 pm
the s & p is down six. the drop comes amidst speculation that standard and poors plans to downgrade a number of eur os in the country. the gop presidential candidates are on the road again preparing for primaries in south carolina and florida. manuel gallegus confirm there's some candidate that is failed to get on the ballot. >> reporter: earlier the texas governor took aim at washington insiders. >> i again is the outsider who is willing to go to washington, to step on some toes, to pleatly overhaul how washington works. >> reporter: in miami supporters gave newt gingrich a warm welcome at a cuban restaurant. he's looking ahead to the florida primary and predicting a win in south carolina. >> if you look at the most recent polls, romney is sliding in south carolina every morning because as people realize he was not a conservative in massachusetts.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: gingrich is calling on a political action economy that sports him to remove inaccuracies in a film that attacks mitt romney. the front runner also has his own ad. he defends his work for the bane investments. rick santorum says romney has a bigger problem. >> he is a massachusetts moderate to liberal governor who has changed his opinion on just about every issue that's out there. >> reporter: but romney's challenger have an issue of their own getting their names on the ballot. rick santorum didn't gather enough signatures to be on the ballots in the district of columbia or virginia primaries. gingrich, rick perry and john huntsman are suing to be included on virginia's ballots. only romney and ron paul qualified in every state. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. south carolina primary is set for next saturday. the final count down is on.
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the ravens just days away from taking the field at m & t bank stadium. they will host the houston texans in the divisional round of the play offs. wjz is the place for complete play off coverage. and jessica cartalia is there as the purple caravan makes its way across the state. is it there yet? >> reporter: to see fans come in all sizes, there are preschoolers at the peter pan learning center in baltimore county showed their purple pride today. take a look. three and four-year-olds are rallying for the ravens. they were enjoying face painting, purple manicures. and their teachers say that was
5:39 pm
the lesson plan today. the ravens are known for all of their stand out players. but on the outside they also stand out for another reason. monique griego has what makes the players and cheer leaders so special. >> reporter: wearing a t-shirt by day, john selling -- john sells lumber. but at night, he is joined by a plumber and aerospace engineer. >> i brought a bag with a cheer leader suit one time. i had to explain it to a lot of people in the office. >> they give you a hard time. after they see you on the field with all the ladies they say you have the best job ever. >> reporter: since 1996 they've been the only football team in
5:40 pm
the nfl with a coed squad. the cheer leaders say the men allow them to do much more. >> a lot more. there's a lot of flipping and twisting. >> reporter: the crowd is just waiting for them to drop one of the women, it is a stressful job. >> that hurt, are you okay? >> it has happened before. you heard the crowd. it's sad. >> reporter: while the men are the braun, they know the women are the beauty. they don't even make it into the cheer leader calendar. while there isn't a lot of fame or fortune. there is something that for these guys is just as valuable. >> while the game is going on, you're watching the whole thing. you're seeing everything firsthand. >> literally the best seats in the house.
5:41 pm
>> let's go, let's go. >> reporter: monique griego. >> reporter: of course we have a lot of cheer leaders out here, a lot of fans that are so excited. i have to say, we have a very coed cheer leading squad out here at bill bateman's. guys we are having a blast. i don't even think i can hear myself think anymore. we'll see you guys back here at 6:00. >> all right, jess. thank you. it is a great purple friday. thanks for showing it to us and bringing it into so many homes tonight. you can see the ravens take on the texans right here live on wjz13. the game starts at 1:00 sunday afternoon. make sure to stay tuned for the seasons pizza postgame show. we will bring you high lightnings and reaction against the ravens game against the texans. people better have some energy for sunday's game too. >> she won't be able to hear so we'll tell her blink once yes, twice no. >> exactly. she's doing a great job out there. >> she is. still ahead on eyewitness
5:42 pm
news tonight. a major recall at bed bath and beyond. which product contains radio active material. >> sentenced for killing a woman in peru. how long will van der sloot spend behind bars. and it'll be a cold weekend. i'll have the exclusive forewarning weather. and here are some of your favorite purple and black photos. to see a complete slide show go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all righty, purple pride certainly everyone where. all around the region as the ravens play there on sunday against houston. it's going to be a cold weekend. temperatures generally in your 20s to start your saturday. take a look at it, thank you very much. generally a lot of sunshine will get into the mid-30s
5:46 pm
that's at it. back into the low 20s again on saturday night. five day forecast on sunday. sun and just a few clouds only in the mid-30s. a little warmer yes, 43 everybody on monday. good chance of showers tuesday. back up to 50 and back down to pretty close to normal. partly cloudy skies on wednesday. so a couple of cold days and warms it up once again. today's energy saver tip for these cold temperatures. short new showers. you might want to stay in the shower a little long. simply reducing that lingering time in the shower can save you lots of money gallons and gallons of hot water per month for a family of four. cutting your showers in half can reduce your water bill by 33%. for more information on how you can become an energy saver, go online and click on our special
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section, kai. the prime suspect in an alabama teen's disappearance is sentenced for another murder today in peru. a court sentencing van der sloot to 38 years behind bars. the family of natalie holloway is attempting to extradite him to the united states for the murder of their daughter in 2008. he confessed but denies criminal responsibility because he says he was saving norway and europe from muslims. he could end up in psychiatric care instead of prison. an angry riot breaks out in china when apple kapbsless the launch of the new i phone 4s --
5:48 pm
cancels the launch of the new iphone 4s. the release was cancelled thanks to fears of chaos from the large crowd. the release of the iphone in the united states was in september. bed bath and beyond has been recalled the metal boutique paper holder. the product poses little health risk but it is better to avoid any unnecessary radiation. time now for a quick look at the stories you will find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun.
5:49 pm
governor martin o'malley -- >> count down to the show down. ravens fear grip it is region as the ravens gear up for sunday's game. a guilty plea from the teenager accused of killing a teacher at a juvenile center. how long he will spend in prison. check in for more on these stories, all the day's breaking news coming up at 6:00, now back to you. >> a bride gets quite the surprise at her wedding reception when her groom breaks out in a secret dance routine. the video has received 5,000 hits on you tube. justin bieber even linked to it
5:50 pm
saying nice moves. >> he's pretty good, real smooth. they never showed the bride at all. >> her reaction would have been good. the it creative parenting or ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:53 pm
a suspected drunk pilot makes a landing in a tree. the small plane was left suspended in the air held up by a couple of tree branches. witnesses in wisconsin spotted the man climbing out of the trees just moments after the crash wednesday night. the 38-year-old pilot was taken to a hospital with minor injuries. police are investigating? -z a good samaritan helped catch two rob. the men took off in a get away car. a witness trained in martial art jumped into action. >> i put him on the ground. with one hand i called the
5:54 pm
police. in the beginning he resisted heavily. when i applyed the pressure he started saying, okay i will cooperate. police caught the second suspect at a baseball field near by. an indiana mother's publish punishment for her son is making controversy. the controversy over the unique brand of parenting. >> reporter: danisia lacks says this was a last resort forcing her 14-year-old son to wear a sign around her neck listing his law breaking behavior and stand on a street corner for two hours. >> he broke the law again tonight and they only gave him a few hours of community service. so i decided that we were going to wear a sign. >> reporter: creative, perhaps. but while the very public punishment is enlightening to some it's infuriating to others. >> that seems awfully hashing. >> it seem as little extreme.
5:55 pm
>> sometimes you have to do something drastic to get the point. >> reporter: there are pros and cons to such extreme forms of discipline. >> at first glance it seems cruel, and hurtful and not something that a parent would do. as a clinician, i think about it to think, maybe that's the only thing that will work with her son. >> reporter: sometimes creative punishment crosses the line to criminal. last year a staton island mother landed in legal trouble when she dropped her 16-year- old daughter at a police station as a scare tactic. she was later charged with endangering a child. for that there is no excuse. >> the indiana teen was quiet during the punishment. but he did tell a tv news station that he will change his ways. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. >> reporter: i'm jessica cartalia, we are here at elk
5:56 pm
ridge. it is purple friday and we're here with the ravens and,,,,,,,,
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5:58 pm
coming up on iewrnz at 6:00. super bowl or bust. team gives up their showdown. wjz is your home for the play- off coverage. and what's the next step for school leaders? i'm gigi barnett.
5:59 pm
the details are next. the cold makes a comeback. how long will it last? check in for these stories and the breaking news. wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. purple play-off passion. excitement grips the region. >> tonight, the team gets set for sunday's showdown. >> let's go, ravens! >> let's go, ravens! >> let's go, ravens! >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm mary bubala, in for denise. here's what people are talking about. >> just 48 hours until the


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