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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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half a decade. the entire region is glowing with purple pride. wjz is your home for complete coverage. sports director mark viviano is with the team in owings mills, with final preparations and our expert panel. jessica kartalija is there. as ravens fans get ready for the showdown. [ inaudible ] [ static on audio ] >> reporter: it is a purple friday. and we are so excited to be here. take a look. >> reporter: bright and early this purple friday morning. >> i've been here since 5:00 this morning, i saw the fans standing outside to come in. and then every time i turn around and come back, it's here. >> first stop.
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alonzo's on cold spring lane. >> we're real excited. and we're real excited about going to indannian -- indianapolis. >> reporter: in westminster, carroll county, fans of all ages, get into the ravens spirit. in baltimore city, kids from the em -- emily price. even the governor joined the huddle in owings mills to wish coach john harbaugh luck sunday. >> reporter: at the giants store in elkridge, the store is packed with fans. and fans showing their purple pride. >> let's go, ravens! let's go! let's go, ravens! let's go, ravens! let's go, ravens!
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>> i expect a blowout. i'm going to guess it's 27-13. >> the energy, the excitement, all over baltimore. it is so overwhelming, so encouraging and so inspiring that i'm going to cheer my heart out on sunday. >> reporter: back here live in glen burnie, we are having such a good time. there are so many cheerleaders out here of all sizes, ages, we're having a blast. this is 4 feet, 356 straight home games this weekend. congratulations. >> don't police -- miss the home game. >> we are live in glen burnie. ready? >> one, two, three. >> go, ravens. >> thank you, jessica. complete ravens' play-off coverage continues with mark viviano. with the team in owings mills training facility. >> how are you doing, mary?
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cold, windy day here in owings mills. the ravens held their final full play-off practice indoors. and after a workout, what a raucus ravens workout it was. it's been two weeks since they played the games. it's obvious they can't to hit the houston texans. obviously they should be focused on football sunday afternoon. and the ravens should be advanced into the afc title game. >> reporter: it's a rematch of a game played three months ago. but a lot has changed since. lost his starting quarterback. now they're counting on a rookie, tj yates. the ravens prepped without star receiver andre jackson. he's back in action. he'll be in form sunday. the ravens have never lost to houston. but that's not on the minds of the ravens as they get ready for the play-off matchup. >> it's now.
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we can't worry about things that can possibly happen in the future or things that happened in the past. you know, always focus on right now, this sunday and 1:00. >> reporter: will the rematch be a repeat of what we saw in october? our panel of predictions says yes. >> weekend sports anchor stan saunders here. it won't be as easy as it sounds, but the ravens should win 24-17. >> ed norris. this is going to be our kind of football. two defensive teams that love to run the ball. i think the ravens in a close one. i say 20-17. >> this is vic davis, 105.the fan. it continues in a game dominated by the ravens' defense. ravens win it, 24-10. >> this is scott garceau, 105.7, the fan. win or go home. unless the ravens beat themselves with turnovers and penalties, they win this game,
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let's say, 24-17. the ravens advance to the championship. >> ravens are so good when they play at home. going to be facing rookie quarterback. have to see the ravens by at least 10 points. a couple of ravens' linebackers are on the injury list, as we head towards sunday. both mcclane and brendan ian bidagio will be a game-time decision. we'll hear from both of the starting quarterbacks. that's it for now. >> you don't want to miss all of the action when the houston texans come to baltimore to take on the ravens, m&t bank stadium. kickoff is at 1:00. after the showdown, it is the seasons pizza post game show. stan and i will be live. highlights and reaction sunday on wjz 13. and of course, you're going to need to dress warmly if you're going to the ravens game
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sunday. just a dramatic difference in temperatures from a few days ago. live look outside right now. be here to bundle up if you're heading out tonight as well. bob is in the first warning weather center, with a closer look. >> 20 degrees from yesterday. so that's quite a drop. we're close to freezing right now. let's take a quick look at temperatures. we're at 34 here. oakland only 15 now. 27. 38, ocean city. but we still have that breeze, at least in some spots. it has come down quite a bit. right now, baltimore only 27. 12 in d.c., 22 in oakland. and we've had wind the last hour. generally to the west of us. that's where you're still really windy. 26, hagerstown. 40 in oakland. right now, the airport has reported a wind gust. basically the same wind speed that we were seeing, 7 miles per hour. winds have died down. we'll have all of the
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temperatures for you coming up. students are sickened by a potentially serious but common disease inside baltimore elementary school. tonight, parents and school leaders are on alert. wjz is live at george washington elementary school. >> health workers met with parents here at george washington this morning. and they are aware of the frightening history linked to the illness. they say scarlet fever is actually more common than you may think. >> reporter: the purple friday. classes at george washington elementary in southwest baltimore are packed, even though doctors confirmed several cases of scarlet fever. >> children are notorious for spreading germs because they cough, they sneeze, they wipe their mucous. >> reporter: overnight, they scrubbed the walls, desks and chairs at the schools. >> our department came and sanitize our building. and they did a special job in the class. >> reporter: principal amanda rice also sent this letter home
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to parents last night, explaining all of the children infected are in the same class. >> my first reaction was, i need to take them to the doctor or their mother. then it would be fine. we would look out for the -- >> they say the telltale sign is a red rash, along with high fever, sore throat and swelling glands. plus, it spreads quickly among children. vanessa wilson is a parent volunteer at the school. she says her daughter knows how to stay healthy. >> she knows to cover her mouth when she coughs. and she uses tissues. >> reporter: so far, the school has three confirmed cases. one, doctors are still waiting for test results. the principal says only about 11 students got it from the
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class. and now, parents are concerned. >> i wanted to dispel the myth that this is some widespread and invasive infection. it is just as normal as any other school day here. you can send your child to class as normal. >> reporter: and doctors say scarlet fever is easily treatable. but the key is to catch it early. back to you, gigi. >> thank you. the school is urging parents to take their children to doctors immediately. kai is following the story from the newsroom. >> a short time ago, 15-year- old brian watson, pled guilty to first-degree murder. at the shelten ham facility in prince george's county, in february 2010. wheeling was last seen alive, giving wansom a test. wansom, who was 14 at the time, giving charges, was sentenced to 85 years in prison.
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he will be eligible for parole after celebrating half. >> if there is a certain death. a driver in a wrecked car. several vehicles were involved, including their tractor-trailer that literally ran over and crushed the victim's car. firefighters use the jaws of life and had to cut the victim free before being taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition. right now, baltimore police are looking for the person who torched a speed camera. it happened at north howard street and park avenue. the suspect threw an accelerant under the camera. and it burst into flames. >> most of the republican presidential candidates are on the campaign trail right now. trying to slow mitt romney's momentum. all of the candidates are taking the gloves off. >> reporter: rick perry was on target at the south carolina shooting range. earlier, the texas governor took aim at washington
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insiders. >> i again am the outsider who was willing to go to washington to step on some toes, to complete the overhaul of how washington works. >> but they got a warm welcome at a cuban restaurant. he's looking ahead to the florida primary and predicting a win in south carolina. >> if you look at the most recent polls, romney is sliding in south carolina every morning because those people realize he is not a conservative. >> reporter: gingrich is calling for them to move inaccuracies that attack mitt romney. this portrays him. and -- >> mr. romney's are embarrassing himself. >> rick santorum. >> he is a massachusetts moderate governor, who has changed his opinion for just about every issue that is out
6:12 pm
there. >> rick santorum didn't gather enough signatures on the ballot gingrich, rick perry and john huntsman are included. only romney and ron paul qualified in every state. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> south carolina's primary is set for next saturday. and still to come on wjz eyewitness news. international outrage. american soldiers finding a body. the latest on the fallout. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, sex and the baby blue crab. that story as eyewitness news continues. something to cheer about. meet the men of the baltimore ravens' cheerleading squad. and keep your heavy blanket handy. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. [ male announcer ] scrubbologists have made a remarkable leap forward
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of the chesapeakes, many problems become an imbalance. it's become a real possibility among the bay blue crabs. this may be leaving male crabs in short supply. >> alive and kicking. >> it's a male. and we need lots more of these males to help fertilize the eggs in the female.
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>> smithsonian tucker is trying to determine how many. >> what we're trying to determine now is what's enough males to mate with all of those females. and how much sperm do they need to fertilize those eggs? >> reporter: because in the chesapeake, there are approximately three female blue crabs. heinz says eight males for every female is the best sexual balance. two reasons why male crabs are a favorite among consumers. and a few years back, the crab population was plunging. to save it -- >> in all of the jurisdictions, they really moved. and moved across the bay to protect female crabs. >> and that's worked? >> it's worked brilliantly. >> it worked, but not enough to ease restrictions on females. >> reporter: so far, state researchers have not seen an impact on reproductive rates. but they following the smithsonian's research. >> making sure that we don't get things out of whack. so we're going to be anxious to
6:17 pm
see the results. >> if reproduction drops, that could mean more restrictions on watermen who have already taken a big hit. >> we hope that they keep rebounding and coming on stronger and stronger for us. >> reporter: as for male crabs, the pressure is on. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the smithsonian study is being funded by a federal grant and will take at least a year to complete. well, maryland state parks could get nearly $23 million in a proposal by governor martin o'malley. some of the money will go toward energy-efficient upgrades and storm water management improvements. governor o'malley has been making announcements this week that relate to an aggressive capital budget. he plans to help spur job growth. all 71,000 seats of the ravens' play-off games are spoken for. but ravens are asking the fans to make sure they bring the correct ticket to the game. mike schuh is live at why is the team so concerned,
6:18 pm
vic? >> instead of getting just one ticket, they are going for two. >> here's where the confusion could come in. one is for the play-offs. one is for the championship game. but this ticket on the left doesn't have the date on it. an afc wildcard is shown. you might think this is printed before we knew the ravens didn't need to play in last week's wild card game. and that this weekend would go unused. read on. under afc wild card, it says, "or divisional play-offs." meaning this is the ticket to use. not the next one over which, let it be so, will come in handy for the next round on january 22nd. concerned about the chaos at entrances on sunday? the team today sent out this e- mail, reminding ticket holders to take the first ticket to the game and leave the second one
6:19 pm
in a safe spot, hopefully we'll need it. >> the ravens ticket sellers say if you try to use the wrong ticket, about 100 people per game do so, you'll be pointed to the office to sort it out. for them, other than time lost, it's easier to do an id. for the seat, it is doable, but it will be a lot harder. >> too important a mistake to make. >> indeed. >> because of increased play- off security, be sure to get to the stadium early. >> there are usually long lines to get in. but everybody gets in, gets to their seat, and everybody will be excited. >> and be sure to dress appropriately. it will be a cold, cold day. i know you'll get a lot of screaming and activity. west winds at way down to 7. barometer way back up. look at the weekend forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have been telling awe all around town, people have been signing up for things purple, 3, 2, 1. the m&t bank building goes purple in honor of the baltimore ravens. >> nice. >> we got the stadium. we've got the bank building. we are all purple. >> bob has even got purple on tonight. >> all right. they must have heard you at
6:23 pm
that little countdown there. >> they did. >> it's powerful like that. let's take a look at conditions for the weekend. it is going to be a cold weekend. but it's going to be dry. and the winds won't be nearly what they are today. 34 now. 38, ocean city. 15, yeah, twice as cold out there. 27 in quum ber land. -- cumberland. tonight in the suburban areas of baltimore, will be in the upper teens to low 20s. winds will be dying down. it feels more like about 26 right now with a breeze. 16 is your dew point. very dry air came in. 32 in bel air now. and the warm spots down by the water, d.c., annapolis, kent island, still at 39. 31 in westminster. 53, 32 today. the 53 occurred just before 1:00 a.m. the front came through between 1:00 and 2:00. and the temperature dropped this morning. 8:00. down to 32. it's come up a little bit. 31, 24 the average. record is 61 degrees, yeah, in
6:24 pm
1932. that had people scratching heads. in 1981, a little more like january. zero, nothing degrees back in 1981. winds have come down here. 7, 9. still at 17 and 22 in oakland. and 12 in d.c. so still a bit of a breeze. dress for a chilly, chilly night. and a chilly day and a chilly weekend. all because of a deep area of low pressure that has passed through our region. this morning, a few areas north and west of town. 4:00, 5:00 a.m., a little wet snow activity. and a little sleet that has quickly moved through. i really didn't see anything in the city at all. to the west, snow, chicago, yeah. michigan getting snow. it's ended now. you can see it's beginning to shrink. but still, lake-effect snow. new york state. western pennsylvania. much of ohio, actually getting lake-effect snow. nothing here east of the mountains as you can see. they canceled the winter weather advisory. the snow has pretty much quit. but it stayed cold this
6:25 pm
weekend. even colder this saturday night and sunday. then milder air coming in next week. once again. so this cold strike comes in again and leaves. west winds, 10 to 15 knots. and the small craft advisory on the bay tomorrow. we've got it on the bay tomorrow. boy, that's going to be cold. bay temperatures around 41, though. tonight, then, down in the mid- 20s. upper teens, suburban areas. and tomorrow, 36 for a high. it's about where we are this afternoon. so it will feel very much like today. but it won't be quite as windy as today with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. once again, ravens game on sunday. looks like 1:00, 33 degrees. >> okay. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. heartstopping video. see the incredible rescue attempt of a woman trapped in a wrecked car, dangling off a bridge. how long after a child dies or disappears do you report it to police? i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news. casey anthony waited 31 days. a move in the general assembly
6:26 pm
would set a deadline in maryland of 24 hours. judgment day. the sentence is in for joran van der sloot. how long he will spend in a peruvian prison. and... >> reporter: i'm jessica kartalija. we are here at bill's basement in glen burnie. we are having a blast. it is the best friday ever. we'll have more straight ahead on wjz. ,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30. clear. and 34 degrees. and everything is purple. good evening, everyone. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. four marines could face charges for desecrating the bodies of taliban fighters. but it seems even swift punishment will do little to stop the growing anti-american outragement >> reporter: cbs news has learned, three of the four marines have hired lawyers. military investigators have interviewed two of them and say they were reluctant to talk and refused to let investigators search their belongings. the pentagon not only wants to identify who is in the video.
6:30 pm
it also wants to know who made it and watched it after the battalion returned from afghanistan. everyone involved could face punishment. >> these guys know it's not acceptable. they know. it's a stupid thing. it's the kind of thing you would expect them to do when they're out drunk. and there's no excuse for it. >> photos of the battalion in action last summer reveal other inappropriate behaviors. including this picture of a sniper without his uniform or body armor. >> reporter: u.s. military officials have condemned the video but have not yet filed charges. the marine corps has appointed a 3-star general to decide what disciplinary action is warranted. >> reporter: still, the incident is tarnishing the image of u.s. military forces, fighting in afghanistan for more than 10 years. >> this shocking video may serve as a recruiting ground for anti-americannism within taliban or in other places.
6:31 pm
>> the afghan government and the taliban are moving forward with u.s. peace talks. but they are expressing outrage against the u.s. this man says the soldiers are criminals, and it's time for all of them to leave afghan soil. tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. >> u.s. ambassador mark grossman is due to visit afghanistan next week. it is judgment day for joran van der sloot. the man convicted of killing a woman in peru. he will spend 28 years in prison after pleading guilty to killing 21-year-old stephany flores in 2010. van der sloot has long been suspected in the disappearance of alabama teen natalee holloway. after he serves his time in peru, her family wants him him extradited to the u.s. for charges of trying to extort the family. maryland general assembly.
6:32 pm
political reporter pat warren reports, a bill is being introduced as caylee's law. >> reporter: since she was found innocent of the death of her daughter in july, casey anthony has been made famous for a video diary that popped occupy -- up on you tube. some maryland lawmakers are using her as an example to change laws. the video showing her, to phone calls to the maryland general assembly. >> we have just never seen so much response to a trial that took place in florida. i can't tell you how many telephone calls i received over the time. i mean, it was just incredible. >> reporter: casey anthony did not report her child missing until 31 days after her child disappeared. >> it is just negligence. >> reporter: susan almond is sponsoring a bill in the house for a parent or guardian to
6:33 pm
fail to reported -- report the child missing in 24 hours. >> if you don't bother to find out where your children are, this is where this law is pertaining to. the fact that you just have no regard for their health or welfare, and especially children that are underaged. >> reporter: harford county senator nancy jacobs is sponsoring the bill in the senate. i'm pat warren, reporting. now back to you. >> according to the sponsor, the bill has the support of the maryland state's attorney's association. a maryland man who dressed as frosty the snowman can go back to being a jolly happy man for now. walsh is to undergo a mental health evaluation, though, and must comply with treatment as recommended. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in the baltimore sun. governor martin o'malley's proposal to upgrade maryland
6:34 pm
state park. the tug-of-war over who owns the rights. and the top two basketball teams meet on the court. for all of these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast. as wjz has been showing you all day. purple pride is on full display. fans in the county are counting the minutes until sunday's game in texas. complete coverage continues with jessica kartalija and more on special baltimore cheerleaders. >> glen burnie fans are so excited. we have to say, these fans come in all sizes. from preschoolers in baltimore county, showing their baltimore pride. 3- and 4-year-olds, rallying around the ravens. today's students who all wore purple, enjoyed face painting, purple manicures, and even their own game of football. the teachers say that's exactly what goes on in the lesson plan. meanwhile, there are so many
6:35 pm
cheerleaders out here. we talk about how unique the ravens players are. but it's what goes on, on the sidelines that is also truly unique. here's monique griego to explain. >> wearing a t-shirt and jeans by day. jim shwilly wears lumber. but by night, he slips into another outfit. he moonlights as one of the male cheerleaders in the baltimore ravens squad. he's joined by a dj, a plumber, and an arrow space engineer. >> i brought in a bag once and got a lot of weird looks. >> i have to give you a hard time. but then after they see you on the field with all of the ladies, they go, you have the best job ever. >> reporter: since 1996, when the ravens began in baltimore, they have been the only football team in the nfl with a co-ed cheerleading squad. the women say the men allow them to do more. >> a lot more.
6:36 pm
i mean, it's more gymnastics ability, and flipping and twisting. >> reporter: and it is a strenuous balancing act. these guys say the crowd is just waiting for them to drop one of the women. >> oh, that hurt. >> are you okay? >> it has happened before. and i mean, you hear that crowd. they're like, oh... it's bad. >> well, the guys are the braun. they know the women are the beauty. the men don't even make it into their own team calendar. and forget about getting tv time. >> my brother will actually pause the tv and take a picture and say, i swear, i saw you on tv. >> reporter: so while there isn't a lot of fame or fortune, there is something that to these guys is something just as valuable. >> while the game is going on, you're seeing everything firsthand. literally, the best seats in the house. >> let's go, let's go! >> reporter: back here in glen burnie. as you can see, fans are ready for sunday's game. the energy is incredible.
6:37 pm
in glen bernie, i'm jessica kartalija. wjz eyewitness news. >> and you know, that party will go on well into the night. >> yes, it was onto the food. >> i think they will be. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. documentary drama. why the duchess of york is fired again. and what it has to do with an undercover video. another workplace shooting. where it happened this time and how many people were killed. i'm bob turk. the first warning weather center. cold but dry weekend. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here are some of your favorites to see the complete slide show, log onto
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. a deadly shooting in north carolina. a worker targeted. three are dead in a fourth is in critical condition. the suspected shooter then returned to his home and shot himself in the head. he was still alive when police found him and flown to the hospital. not clear clear what triggered
6:41 pm
the shooting. police are investigating. tina kraus reports on that. it has sarah ferguson in hot water. >> the duchess of york is facing criminal charges for going undercover in turkey. three years ago, sarah ferguson put on a black wig and snuck into an orphanage with her daughter, eugeney. some left alone on the floor all day. now, a court in turkey is filing charges against fergie and the filmmakers for violating the privacy of children. a conviction could mean up to 22 years in prison. >> britain doesn't have an extradition policy with turkey, but the turks are pressing scotland yard to help build a case against the duchess. >> reporter: fergie hasn't commented on the charges, but friends say she will be furious. >> sarah will be upset, outraged that the turkish
6:42 pm
authorities could blame her for something that they had done. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a videotape has landed the duchess in trouble. in 2010, a british tabloid caught her on tape, taking bribes in exchange for access to her former husband, prince andrew. but this time, the british press is siding with fergie, portraying her as a humanitarian and a mother, trying to do the right thing. a british interior ministry source says there is no chance that they will be indicted. a winter classic game january 2nd. the brawl occurred an hour after the ranger flyers game in philly. facing multiple assault charges. he is being held on $100,000 bail and is set to appear in
6:43 pm
court january 31st. a mother and two daughters are rescued from a bmw, dangling over a ledge in santa barbara. the truck driver died when his rig burst into flames. the mother and her two children were trapped inside her car when it struck the bridge and teetered over a 100-foot drop. a rescue crew pulled them from the wreckage. they are recovering in the hospital tonight. >> that's amazing. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight. governor haley barbour explains why he pardoned four convicted murderers. we'll have the story from mississippi, as police searched for those men. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more?
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the first major snowstorm out of the year. first warning weather coverage begins with cynthia bowers at chicago's o'hare airport, where hundreds of flights were canceled. >> all bruce and sonya wanted thursday was to get home.
6:47 pm
>> they told us maybe tomorrow, maybe saturday, but who knows? >> reporter: but they were stranded, like thousands of others in chicago. as the storm moved across illinois, more than 500 flights were canceled at the two chicago airports. [ [ sirens ] >> reporter: all because it roared out of the rockies. >> lots of people sliding. hitting the curb. it was bad. >> reporter: the snow and high winds turned roads into rinks. made commutes across the midwest treacherous and turned this tractor-trailer into an unwielding off-road vehicle in illinois. earlier this week, they were water skiing barefoot near green bay, wisconsin. many midwest cities have barely seen snowfalls since winter began with only 2.9 inches falling last month in green bay. two in des moines, iowa, 1.7 in
6:48 pm
chicago, and zero in terre haute in indiana. but the snow was good news to some, including those who make a living plowing snow. >> we're not watching jerry springer anymore. the guys are happy. we're plowing, sanding, salting. >> reporter: in chicago, they got more in one day than we've had in three months. bringing out 300 snow plows, along with people who actually like the snow and cold. >> january 12th and no snow. finally. finally snowing. i'm happy. >> here in baltimore, no snow. just chilly temperatures. live look outside now. how is next week going to look? let's check in with bob with that answer. it's going to be a cold start to a chilly weekend tomorrow morning. generally in the 20s. we get up into the mid-30s by afternoon. it will be a good deal of sunshine. still a bit of a breeze. not as strong as today. sunday, a little colder. 35, 24. 43 and monday already going above normal as you see. and a chance of rain or drizzle
6:49 pm
on tuesday. up to 50 and a little cooler again, back to almost normal, under partly cloudy skies. 42, 24 on wednesday. >> all right, bob. thank you. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. how do the quarterbacks match up for sunday's big game? >> mark has the story live from the ravens' practice facility. ,
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we are gearing up for sunday's big game. >> yes, we are, most definitely. mark is here with the wjz the fan sports report. mark, what's happening? >> you know, that january play- off cold. that's for sure. that's because the ravens had their final play-off game today. and we do focus on the quarterbacks. and the last four times the ravens have been stopped short of the super bowl, the qbs that did him in were peyton manning and ben roethlisberger. twice each. those guys aren't around to ruin it this year. in fact, joe flacco and company will face a texas team this weekend that has a kid at qb. >> keep it. and run it in. with a touchdown to likely put this one away. >> reporter: four years ago, joe flacco was the rookie qb, winning games at miami and tennessee, to reach the afc title game. now, houston's tj yates is the new kid on the play-off block.
6:53 pm
thrufort into -- thrust into a starter role after tim was put out. >> definitely a lot more fresh than the other guys. this big of a game, this time of year, you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. everybody is going to be up for the game and ready. >> reporter: compared to yates, flacco is a grizzled vet, entering play-offs for the fourth time in his four-year career. he is facing what he feels is a familiar challenge. >> this is a team, a player lives for. having to win tight games. or what could be tight games. and i think that's what i -- that's what we all, you know, really want to be in the position to do. >> play-off football in baltimore. and if you don't have a ticket, no problem. you can see the ravens and texans here on wjz. coverage will continue when the game ends. i'll be reporting live from the
6:54 pm
stadium with reaction from the team. it's our seasons pizza post game report. a big ravens play-off sunday, all ahead here on wjz. well, quarterbacks will certainly be the focus of the other afc play-off game, as tim tebow and the denver broncos face off the patriots in new england. tom brady and the patriots. patriots are the number 1 seed. and braid seone of the -- braid seone of the -- brady is one of the best post-season quarterbacks in history. brady says he pretty much expects to see that same denver defense. >> you don't go into these games. if they are, you change it up. you get to this point for playing a certain style. and they're going to continue to play their style, what they think they do very well. and we're going to try to do things that we do as well. >> and if the patriots play well enough to win, they will host the afc title game.
6:55 pm
if denver wins, the broncos will go on the road to either baltimore or houston. and you can see the pats and the broncos saturday night here on wjz. and finally, jeff fisher has agreed to take over as the head coach of the st. louis rams. that according to multiple reports. it was a year ago that fisher was fired as the coach in tennessee. he was 17 years there with the titans, taking over the rams. more at 11:00, back to you for now. >> thank you. and stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪
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[ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? and don't miss the cbs primetime lineup hit drama blue blood, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. we'll be back at 11:00. i'm mary bubala. thanks for watching wjz, maryland's news station. don't go away. much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. including a controversy in mississippi. governor haley barbour our explains why he pardoned four convicted murderers. we invite you to join us back here for eyewitness news at 11:00. and more on the ravens leading up to >> pelley: tonight,
6:59 pm
mississippi's former governor breaks his silence on those controversial pardons. >> i believe in second chances. and i try hard to be forgiving. >> pelley: anna werner is there. a warning to iran from the united states. >> we cannot tolerate iran blocking the straits of hormuz. that's a red line. >> pelley: david martin is on the story. was mitt romney's former company a job-killer or a job-creator? wyatt andrews investigates. and what do your teenagers do in their spare time? what she did may save a lot of lives. "on the road" with steve hartman. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: good evening, mississippi's attorney general said today he will go to court to reverse the majority of


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