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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  January 14, 2012 6:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, next on eyewitness news, the fans are ready for a purple weekend. the excitement and all that they are doing to prepare coming up. more on the u.s. marines accused of the des scrags of taliban fighters. scar let fever and more on the warm up and the big game tomorrow. more on the first morning weather forecast. the eyewitness news saturday
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morning is starting right now. -- good morning. welcome this morning and. >> a chilly weekend, the first winter weekend we have had in some times. in the 20s, it has not been there in a while and we are not going up really from now. yesterday was windy, the windchill was about ten degrees colder than the temperature today and not really like that. the winds will not be a factor.
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at 25, over a dark and calm city, 28 down on the shore and 14 in oakland, the cold spot on the map. our average is 41, we are well below that. partly cloudy, 21 and then we will have more on the forecast for the game coming up. here is what we are talk about this morning -- the playoffs are officially here as the ravens get ready to play the texans. we are your home for the raven's playoff time and we have more on how the fans are pulling out all the stops for the big bird. >> over the last years, they were getting used to being fired for the game, but this time, it is meaning so much.
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they are so much ready to be that self supplied man. >> no playoffs sirches 230606. >> incredible. >> the stakes are in baltimore, no matter where you look. >> they hitter the road in this case, the cheerleaders and that important bird. >> we had a pep rally at our office today and it was awesome, 500 people there. city schools and grocery stores are still rolling after the night fell. >> we are so exsiltd, i cannot explain it. >> and then there was more with the only dance that matters. the leaders showed up the mush
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tash and even the governor is pumped up, he joined the huddle to show support. ask anybody in the raven organization and they will have more to say. the coach said that they need everyone of the fans at the game and he said that there is a message for houston fans. he said that the more than westheimer come was here and in the stadium. >> for the fans that are goingtroke to see the game, there is one for the game tomorrow and one for the
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championship, tomorrow would absent wild card or division playoff. if you are watching from home, like me, you will see all the action right here on 13 eye coverage, that will be at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. right after the show down, it is the season's pizza post game show. , we will have highlights and reactions. the authorities are one step closer to identify the marines that urinated on the
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taliban corpses and all those have hired lawyers. some did not want to talk and would not let the investigators search their things. the pentagon is look into who made the individual. all could face punishment. >> it is a stupid thing and it is something you expect from someone out drunk. no excuse of it. >> in other behalf near, a picture of a sniper without his uniform or body armor. after being in the taliban fighters for ten years -- >> they have not filed charges and the marine corp has
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appointed a three-star general to determine what will happen. the taliban is declaring outrage against the us us and said that the soldiers are criminals and it is time for all of them to go back. >> a letter has been sent to talk about the respect for a corporation. a be sand barge was hit last night and the ship tilted and it was impossible for life boats to be put forward. over 4,000 people were on board. a teen is pleading guilty to murder attention a teacher in prince george county. the 15-year-old admitted to
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killing the girl in 2010. she was shall he was 14 at the time of the murder but could be seen as an adult. several vehicles involved in yesterday's accident, including a tractor trailer that crushed a car. the jaws of life are being used to set the driver free, but no word on that condition. more on that baltimore city scarlett fever scare. >> they washed down the school after several students have gotten scarlett fever. >> a call from a parent that
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said her daughter us. >> after that, they sent home a letter to parents and told them about the case and all the students are in the same class. then the school swept down starts and the teachers are coping an eye on the system. -- if they look sick or tell you that they are sick, take it seriously. >> the red rash on the face or check and high fever and sore throat and it could spread quickly among children. >> they are little kids, a traininger to everybody. >> the nurse has told me that this is as common as strip throat and they will determine when it is safe to come back to
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cool. >> they want to dispel the myth t a widespread infection. this is like any other school day here. >> there are three confirmed cases and one case is being investigated and the school is asking people to take their child to the doctor immediately if they show symptoms. >> the ravens and texans getting ready to play tomorrow and everybody is experiencing some tebow fever. this is all to touch what could be a mid-air tebow in history. see the broncos play in fox bier row right here. the ravens are ready for the
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bronco upset, giving baltimore the chance to host the afc title game in a week. >> either way you look at it, it is go ravens? >> the ravens have to do their part first and everybody elements has to may out. >> according to the skippet script. it will be a cold day tomorrow and the winds are under ten miles per hour and that is not much of a problem, but the cold, we would love to have seen more on that. (inaudible). >> we will show you the click half on time. it will be 35 with the highs and sunshine starting and it will be a cold day. >> the windchill is not a factor for the children in this
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video. if you head out, some ice on the road yesterday in the early morning hours, the temperatures were cold and we are dealing with that as well. not the story as you look outside now, but that will change in about 24 hours. a nice forecast for football if you like the cold temperatures. in marshall, the temperatures, we will see the temperatures going up a bit and not even close to the average high, that is 41 and we are 53 yesterday, but just after midnight and we dropped through the day and hit an early day-time high. the other temperatures --
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-- a breeze, but not the winds we had yesterday. the temperatures -- . the winds from the west, 13 in oakland and 14 in east ton and 16 in elkins and 13 miles per hour in and around the airport. we had a low-pressure system that moved over the great lakes and moving towards new england that was dragging a cold front with it. that pushed over the state with light showers in the morning and the high pressure built up and the winds up to 50 miles per hour at times. now, just a little lake effect and then the front for the next few hours, it is coming through
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dry and that is not our concern. the temperatures will take a hit though. mild air by tuesday and with that, the rain. with the rain coming the temperatures up to about 50 and even with the cool down, the temperatures are rebounding facially as we head into the next few days. 36 today, a breeze with tons of the temperatures and the fiche- day forecast is in a few minutes. coming up, on the run -- . >> straight to the handcuffs to hold the sistering wheel right. >> a bizarre telephone call about a suspect selling a cruiser. more on the charges that could sarah fergerson to prison
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for 20 years. more on the lotto numbers. stay with us and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back this saturday morning, january 14th and there is a quiet downtown bank stadium sitting quietly, but that will change in the next 24 hours or so. the tailgaters are pack up now and heading down and it will be a chilly day down at the stadium and there is a north west wind with the winds here through the day and it will be cold overall. we are look at the winter weekend. that is all you could really call this one. many people have been waiting for the cold weather, but the five-day forecast will transition. heading into next weekend, here we are, the five-day of the morning weather here and now. of 43 on monday and 50 on
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tuesday with a chance of rain and the sunshine for each day, but not tuesday. here is what people are talk about, the dutches of york is fating criminal charges for going under cover in turkey three years back at an over age and they found children tied to benefitses and now the court there said they were in a violation of the children's privacy and could get 20 years in prison. an air man was air lifted to a florida hospital after he was hit in the florida keys and he should be okay, but there is no word if the driver is going to face charges. the police in end independence said that a man
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stole a squad car as he was heading to jail. >> at the airport, that vehicle is stopped at the the side of the road medicinally. >> i have a child at home and i'm not going to jail for (bleep). >> they said he ease scatchd when he stopped at a store before going to jail. he took off with the cruiser and the police weapons inside and then it was found in a ditch and he said he was in the of the krug charges against him and he told that police on surrender. a grandmother gets her groove on. -- watch this? >> that is the 73-year-old d j and spending the time with an elderly audience in poland.
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(laughs). go! -- laughs. get your grove on, girl! this party is not over yet, coming up this morning. >> i'm not sure! this is new. he was thrown from the balcony 25 feet in the air and now that person that threw him -- . here is some favorites and the complete slide show, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. for the holiday, many people are off, monday will be a nice day. 42 and back down to the 30s on thursday. the neighbors called the police after someone saw something being stolen from a balcony. a dog that almost did not survive. >> sunday night, the police called to these town homes. >> a neighbor there said she saw a man launch an object from
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the balcony. >> it is the higher of the two. >> she heard it land with a thud and went to see what it was and found it was a small dog. >> it is a three year old terrier and when the police got there, the police said he was thrown. >> about how tall was that deck? >> i'm on the roof at wjz and taking the picture of a small camera and when thrown, it takes over a second to hit the gland. >> the dog lived, teeth missing, in a loft pain, but he lived. >> if he had fell a few more feet, he would have died from the head trauma and back trauma, but he was lucky to survive. >> now on pain killers, he will
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survive and the person that dropped the dog, not able to talk about this specific case, but in many cases, not enough power and control. >> as for lewis, he is not in pain now. >> had a neighbor with a sharp eye had not heard this and seen more, he probably would have died. the man charged in this case, gary wallace junior is in jail, being held on a 200,000- dollar bond. later in the morning, the candidates and compaging turning nasty in north carolina and a ruling that could take several candidates out of the race. the rage against the speed dam raws -- speed cameras and a
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suspect that is on the loose, more on that investigation coming up. the road to the super bowl, the ravens getting ready to [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
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glf a chilly start to the day and it is shaping up to be a cold one. in the football forecast, who want to call it, the first time we needed a hat and ear muffs. you see them getting the shovels and stuff, you need the coast and it is a calm day, up to about 50 miles per hour at times over the area and the winds calming down, it will be a pretty breezy day and, we are not talking about the windchill and it is starting out cold. in oakland, 28 on the shore and
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the high pressure is building in and helping to keep the cool winds over the atlantic. the showers to the north and west and out in the other counties, some light snow, but for the metro area. here is what people are talk about, one less opportunity to earn votes, but as edward lawrence reports, the competition is heating up and some of myth romney's competitors are make ago dent in the lead -- four hopefuls will not continue in the virginia primary and four waited too long to challenge the state law. >> one state will not make or
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break this election and we are moving on and hope that we will do well enough to make this just a bump in the poll. >> that leaves just mitt romney and ron paul. >> a new poll showing romney with the front runner and gingrich is close behind and he opened up on friday and confident that south carolina many propell forward. >> if we win votes back-to- back, we will guarantee a conservative nominee on a conservative platform and that is the only road that will give us the chance to beat obama -- only thoughts that are in the single digits are fighting on. >> don't let anybody tell you who will or will not win. >> the south carolina primary
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is just a week away. in the virginia primary on march 6th, super tuesday at state, the 49 del get gls and the mississippi convicted murders that worked for the governor's mansion and said that the crime of passion and that they are the least likely to reoffend. >> i'm not -- >> a judge pot stop to more prisoner itself being release and three of the four convicted
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prisoners have been sought. and in the 28 years behind bars, he confessed to killing a woman to death in peru and he plans to appeal yesterday's sentence and. the death of the 2-year-old in florida shocked people around the country and now that cause is coming to maryland and that bill that is being introduced with her name. >> since she was found innocent in july, casey anthony has put up a video on you tube. >> it is a good thing that it is looking up. >> some maryland lawmakers said that this is the change to make a change. >> there was outrage after this
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dunk booth and what happen in florida. >> i cannot tell you the calls i get. >> it was incredible. >> she did not report her child mitsing until 31 days after she went missing. >> it is just negligent. >> there is a bill in the house to make it a felony for a parent or guardian not to report the death of a child for 24 hours. >> this is what this law pertains to, the fact that you have no regard for their health and welfare and the children that are underage. she was just two? and in this bill being sponsored in the senate, back to you.
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charges with frosty the snow and and joe wash. he is having a mental healthy evaluation and he is told to stay away from the home where the dog lives that this happen. a female goat was found by an 11-year-old girl on refer road. the 23-pound chain that was removied after surgery, he will be owe cairks but if you have information, call the police. there is another active vandalism, this time it is the parked cars and over 30 vehicles with the tires slashed in that area near the city line. the police don't know who did
6:37 am
it or why. the state cameras and the the baltimore police look for the person that torched two people in three days and now there is the growing anger over speed cameras. >> over 75 over the city and they issue 40-dollar tickets for anybody going 12 miles or more above the limit and many people don't like them. two of them were coat on -- set on fire. one was on hazards street, one wednesday morning and the other on friday and now the investigators have both camera, but the burn marks are
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visibility. some chemical was put on them, it is not sure how much damage was done, but they will be replaced. in july, a man attacked a camera with his operator still snit. in the city thrrks some mixed feelings. >> it is annoying. >> i'm not happy with them. it is just another way to raise money. >> it is showing that they are working because of a decrease in accidents. it is changing the behavior of drivers. >> there are eight of the cameras around the city and around the school zones, they rotate between 65 locations. in north baltimore, wjz, eyewitness news. the police have an idea on who they are looking for and
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the suspect that is an adult male and for a list of speed camera locations in the city, log onto our website, good news for gamblers and job hunters, the maryland live casino will open up with 3,000 slot machines in june and this sunday, they will start to hire 1530 -- 1500 workers. the big playoff game with the ravens and texans is tomorrow. we are your home for the raven's playoff run. the ravens have made the playoffs four years in a row and the first step to the super bowl is here on sunday's game with the texans. the players relaxed and up beat and feels like the team is able
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to handle the pressure oft post season. >> we are not a group that will just mess around and we are not loose to come out and mess around and not get our work done. of. we are loose in our lives. we come out here and we take the field and we are a pretty serious group. you like to have fun, but that is when you play well. . don't miss the action when the texans come to town, all the action right here on wjz. and in the pizza post game show, they will have live coverage with the high lights and and reaction tomorrow right here on wjz 13. the other spot in the afc
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championship game will be determined tonight with the broncos playing the patriots. they had an easy win in denver, but now they are expects to -- expecting to see a good gainchts we struggled with pittsburgh. it should be a fun week and exciting. >> they will host the after f c title game and if denver wins, they will go on the road to play the winner. the only place to see the packers and broncos, that will be at 8:00 p.m. all weekend football. >> a loft action happening. you can stay inside for much of this if you don't go through the game tomorrow and then watching for the broncos and patriots.
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>> we talk about the football weather, football weather is all relative. if you the san francisco 49ers, 75. football weather if you are tampa bay, 70-degrees. >> 38 and layers and with the parks playing, they playing and it will be really cold up there and the snow showers and the temperatures in the teens and near 20s and the cold wind blowing off the lake. >> we are thinking it is looking good! >> dress in layers. (laughs). we will talk about the game forecast, kick off at 1:00 and we are talking about that 43 and that is the kick off time forecast and the high for tomorrow, 35 and downtown, warmer than it is in the out lying suburbs, the warm up,
6:43 am
just a bit and especially on the sunny side of the field and just in the practical sense. wear layers and you will need the gloves and heavy socks and needing a few layers on and the ear muffs and with the cold air, the noise tomorrow that is expected to be off the chart itself. maybe the ear muffs will be a tool to get through the game. 27 now and the temperatures at wjz -- . winds calmer than yesterday and we are not talking a major windchill, but cold enough even without that and the high pressure is building and we will see the sunshine and the skies will be clear for much of the day. just some clouds out there and then the 12-degrees out in oakland. 28 in ocean city and 28 in
6:44 am
washington d.c. winds in the double digits. this is long gone with the winds and it will warm up,. the winds from the west and north west and tapping into the cold air and the toxic air keeping the temperatures down and without that coming down the mountains, we would be colder than we would be for this time of the year. the showers will impact around the area. this is the lake effect, the high pressure is dominating for the forecast. the sun will breakthrough the clouds for the weekend and the
6:45 am
cold temperatures from the north and north west and with another front moving in tomorrow, it will be pretty dry and the next chance of rain is not until tuesday with the temperatures back up to about 50. today, a small craft advisory in effect through this afternoon and the winds on the bay from 15 to 20 knots and goings to 25 and it is 36 now. tonight, 21 and partly cloudy and tomorrow, up to about 35 and kick off time, the temperatures, just about freeze attention and that 35 tomorrow and 43 on monday with the chance of rain on tuesday and 48 and 38. coming up in the news this morning, more on the search for a loved teacher. an animal shelter in canada, we have more on this as we continue ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. welcome back.
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two men are being questioned in the death f a teacher. the body has not been found and the police have not released more details on that. the trial for john edwards is on hold after his daughter said he has a serious heart condition. he has to have a procedure next month and his illness will limit his travel. he is said to have hidden checks from donors in the run for the president in 2008 and that he used the money for his mistress cover up. this fat cat is on a diet and ritely so, the team will help him drop the poppeds to get back to a healthy weight.
6:50 am
it is so hard on seeing him. >> he needs on an a p ron and eating a loft food. (laughs). coming up this morning -- a local mom is getting her wishes granted at the town center. more on those lucky winners. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. more on the on line contest that has helped a family. >> she won the wishes granted give away, put on by the town center blogger. >> they are able to write to me and tell what they wanted from the mall minor christmas. >> we wanted to keep it simple at the time, but what we wanted. >> her husband in deployed to afghanistan and she wanted new outfits to wear to the airport when he returns. >> i have worked really hard to
6:54 am
look my best, running and trying to look good and i want to feel and look good. >> with the shopping spree, she asked for a date night with her husband and the mall made that happen with a gift card to a restaurant and a gift card for a babysitter and with both boys in tow? >> it was a wonderful experience. >> they gave her the experience, a new outfit and the boys got matching outfits to show their dad. >> i think he will have a lot of pride to see his family. >> her husband will come home in march for two weeks and heading back to afghanistan. they will come home for good in july. may not need to look too good. he will go awol. >> he may never want to go back. (laughs). the forecast ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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glf the temperatures outside. the temperatures at 33 and 43 on monday and the chance of rain on toc it is and 42 and 38 on wednesday and thursday. just a bit more than 24 hours and we will be in the game. that is the first on this saturday morning. another hour of eyewitness news coming up and more on the injuries that the players could sustain in the playoff games. back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. fans are ready for a purple weekend. more on the preparations coming up. we are here at the pentagon and the investigations are under way with the united states marines accused in the desecration of the corporations of the taliban fighters. scarlett fever striking a baltimore school and more on how to keep the disease from spreading. a sharp drop in temperatures, will it warm up in time for the big game. tim has more on in a in the
7:01 am
forecast. >> dan, t-shirt man, 24 hours a day, it is the purple universe, join us when we continue. . on the board, 27 and the day shaping up to be clerks less wind than yesterday and a loft sunshine out there. the skies are clear and it will be a pretty nice day overall as
7:02 am
the winter days go. on the cold side, this is the date of 41 and starting in the 20s and the key today over yesterday is less wind. 30 on the shore and the milder temperatures, it will be cold, the high pressure is building and the high from the very cold and chilly, the winds over the area and north west winds that will keep us down over yesterday's high. it was 53 and it happen and we will be no where near that. it will be partly cloudy and then up to 35 and talking about the kick-off time forecast coming up. here is what people are talking about, the ravens are getting ready to host the texans from houston. the big game is a little more than 24 hours away and we are your home for the playoff run.
7:03 am
we will see more on how the fans are pulling out all the stops for the purple birds. >> good morning. over the last few years, the fans said that they are getting used to getting ready for the playoff game, but this year, it is at home and they are ready to be that 12th man. >> it is the biggest game of the season and they are getting ready! >> we have not had a playoff game since 2006? this is incredible. >> in baltimore, no matter where you look? >> i never saw the purple like today. >> they hit the road filled with cheerleaders and one very important bird. >> we had a pep rally near the office today and it had 500 people and it was awesome. >> from the schools to grocery stores, to the lights out?
7:04 am
>> we are so excited, i cannot stand it. >> and over at white march area, the street fair that took over and the only dance that matterd? they showed up the moustache as their support. even the governor is pumped up and he wanted to wish the governor good luck. >> he wanted to replace the coach with the more modern version. >> just ask anybody in the space ship. she will -- they will have a new one next month. we are going all the way. >> they will need all the fans at home and he had a message for the houston fans that said that they are more than well, but no one will hear you inside
7:05 am
the stadium. for those going to the game tomorrow, the team wants you to bring the correct ticket. season ticket holders got one ticket for tomorrow and one for the championship game and one that said the billed card or the division card is the one you need to take with you tomorrow. if you are watching from home, you will see all the coverage right here. that will start at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow and only on the team 13. right after the show down, it is the post game show. the sports director and they will be live to have high lights and reaction. that is tomorrow on wjz 13. the u.s. military leaders are closer to punishing four marines with the body of dead taliban fighters and some investigation are under way,
7:06 am
but as we found, that is doing little to stop the anti- american back lash. >> we have learned that three of the united states marines have hired lawyers. military verges have interviewd all four and some would not talk and would not let the investigators search their things and the pentagon is looking into who made that video and watched it after they returned from afghanistan and everybody involved could face punishment. >> they know it is not accept all. it is a stupid thing, it is what you expect them to do out drunk and there is no excuse for that. >> the pictures in action, other inappropriate behavior, with this picture of a snooper without his uniform or body many armor and it is hurting the integrity of fighters and fear that the taliban will use
7:07 am
this as a recruiting tool. no charges have been filed, but the corp has looked into what discipline action is required. the peace talks are continue, but the taliban and afghanistan is showing outrage with the united states. this man said that the soldiers are criminal and it is time for all of them to leave afghanistan soil. >> the military issued a letter to all troops that there is a need to have respect for the dead. in italy, the passengers went into the cold waters after they hit a sand barge last night and the ship was tilted and live boats could not get in the water. three people killed and 30
7:08 am
others hurt and 4,000 people on board. we have breaking news this morning, a man is suspect pd in a series of attacks, that man was caught, john gill i was in police custody in peru, suspected of slapping nine women on the butt to bees as he shopped last year. more information on that scarlett fever out break and the health department taking steps to stop that spread. the children were notified. i told my supervisors. >> the school sent home a letter to talk about the scar let of fever cases and how they
7:09 am
were all in the same class and now hand sanitizer is flowing and the teachers are watching the students closely. >> if they say that they are sick, they will be able to send them to the nurse. >> they said that the sign is a red sand paper rash on the skin and the fever and sore throat. >> with the city health's department, she said that the bacteria that caused scarlett fever is as common as strip throat and hoping that the 11 that stayed home will have to wait until it is safe to come back to school -- they need to dispel the event that it is a wide-spread infection. it is just as normal as any other school day here.
7:10 am
>> the school is asking the parents to take their children to the doctor immediately n if they have signs of infection. in denver, the fans are caught up in tebow mania. there you see them striking the pose and that may be the first mid-air tebow pose. >> i think that everything is tebow? >> we have the new word, tebowing. >> that was brought into the new dictionary, tebowing, unbelievable. >> it is unbelievable.
7:11 am
there you go. >> here is the forecast, right around tip off time, up to 35 and the highs, around 1:00 and talking about downtown, partly sunny and cold conditions. the temperatures around 33 and on route to a 35-degree high and only a light wind. the wind is not a factor. keep reek to dress in the layers, gloves, sock attention, no matter what you need to do to be comfortable in the game. >> in baltimore, not expecting anything else this time of january. dress for the weather. one of the coldest weekends in
7:12 am
some time. this was up near 50 miles per hour and the winds in effect. not in effect today. down on the shore, 27 in washington d.c. and around the area, about 24 at west minister -- -- west winds, coming down to the river and ocean city, eight miles per hour and six and the winds coming in at 14 for the day and the snow, the low- pressure system that drove the
7:13 am
rain through new england, the rotation bringing in some lake effects and the high pressure that is bringing in the winds from the west and north west. the colder air, we will tap into that this time and it is the cold artic flow coming in over canada and we are seeing that and the snow that is moving over the area. maybe a bit more. rain will come in and the chance of showers and then clearing out again heading into the end of the week. the small craft advisory with the winds in effect for the afternoon and today, 36 and a breeze with the tons of clouds and sun and clear skies, partly cloudy tonight and 21 and tomorrow, up to 35 and partly sunny and the kick off temperatures at 33 and 43 on
7:14 am
monday and the chance of rain on tuesday and 42 on wednesday and 38 on thursday. still to come on saturday morning, on the run. . more on the dutches of york that is in trouble again and the charges that could send sarah fergerson to prison for 20 years. >> more on the t-shirts and mans and fans and stands, 24 hours per day and he really has the merchandise out here and we will see more when we return. . here are the lotto numbers ,
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welcome back. the purple palace is quiet now, but in less than 24 hours, they will start to come and file in
7:18 am
and it will be rock and it will be cold. colder than we have had any two days in a row. if saturday forecast, the high pressure is building in and the high is pushing in the cold air from the north and north west and responsible for some lake-effect snow. a breerksz a loft sun out there now, we are watching the sunny skies and partly cloudy tonight and then 35 tomorrow and sunny, the kick off-time temperatures will be freezing. back to some other things that we are talking about, the dutches of york, sarah fergerson facing charges for going under cover in turkey at
7:19 am
a place where they had mentally- ill children and the hungry children looking through the bed rails. a man stole a squad car and he is heading to jail and we heard the call between the prisoners and police. here is a listen -- >> pull that vehicle over on the side of the road and stop immediately. >> i will have to say negative on that one and i have a little boy at home and i'm not going to jail for (bleep). >> after they stopped at the store, he drove off with the police weapons inside and the vehicle was later found in the ditch and he said he is innocent from the drug charges and he has surrendered to the
7:20 am
police now. a grandmother got her grove on inside a d j booth. >> she is 72 and spends her time with the geeks. >> she has some moves. >> her audience stouter of -- (laughs). not that much. with everything sure rounding the ravens, the team gear could be hard to get this weekend. >> more on the man that has all the answers to that problem. mike? you had some pretty good rimes yourself this morning. >> indeed. i'm looking over at this polish d j. i had some friends in
7:21 am
denmark once and they had a rapper from there. >> onto the business, dan, dan, the t-shirt man, you are here and you are proud and loud and have the perfect universe creed? you want to hear it? read it. hold on, that is not the way we practiced. >> each raven fan give heart and soul for 16 sundays and the preseason playoff, who believes in the power of the team, they will not lose, but have the bragging rights when the financial whistle blows. (applause). >> hold it a second.
7:22 am
we wanted to show everybody, come down and get that. >> i like that and the only person mentioned there by name is ozzie. the players and coaches, they make this happen, but it will all go back to ozzie. ozzie! >> that is a good one! >> that would be a good shirt. it would have to be legal. >> telling them how to do their business! >> we came up with the purple fireworkses and they fire a hundred feet in the air and some of this is not legal. >> we are not able to hear those. >> it has to be legal. here is the deal, they are out here at route 40 and this is just in between the dounuts and walmart and it is now 24 hours a day in preparation for the playoff football in
7:23 am
baltimore! when we return, we will have more on the art work. >> there you go. >> lighting up the thing to your left, that light up, what is that? >> let's get that up to the start. reporting live from route 40 this morning. >> still to come this morning -- . >> we are coming up and they never downd that they existsd and now maryland is agreeing and that as we continue. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
7:27 am
. this is something that was something that should have been done 20 years back. >> they started that guest quest 40 years back and now they have made it official. this is a living tribe. >> after 40 years. for the detailed record keeping. >> we can show we were on this
7:28 am
land when europe landed in charles county. >> we have been here, we never left. >> they never doubted that they existses and now that maryland is recognizing them. >> it is a great thing for them. the day of recognizing could open the door for more recognition and they could receive funds set aside for health care. coming up, saturday morning, the gop presidential campaign is turning nasty in south carolina and a federal judge is make ago ruling that could take several candidates out of the race. . good morning. rage against speed cameras, two that are set on fire in the city and they are still suspects on the loose. more on that investigation coming up. . the road to the super bowl
7:29 am
in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:30 am
7:31 am
. welcome back. in the 20s over most of the state and in the teens in far western maryland and the snow
7:32 am
in the last 24 hours, we had a pretty calm city now, the winds are a little brisk, but not as much as yesterday. yesterday with the gusts up to 15 knots and wind advisory in effect. not as much today, not the big windchill, cold enough and the temperatures in the 20s and 26 and 27 in ocean city and 17 in oakland, that is pretty much the range with the high pressure in control of the forecast and pushing the cold air from the west and north west. 36 today, a breeze the clouds and sun, the lows around 21 and we will have the first-morning forecast in a moment. thank you, tim. here is what people are talk background this morning. some republican candidates that will have one less opportunity to earn votes, but in our wjz report, the competition is heating up in south carolina where some of the the romney competitors are making a dent
7:33 am
in the lead. >> four of the hopefuls that p will not compete after they filed to qualify. perry, hunts man exrick santorum did not file in time. >> we hope to do well enough to make virginia a bump in the road. >> mitt romney and ron paul are the only ones on the ballot. first they compete in south carolina. >> there is a campaign about two directions for america. >> romney is holding the front runner status, gingrich is close behind and followed by ron paul. he opened up in florida friday and he is confident that south carolina will propell forward. >> we win those two back-to- back, we will guarantee a conservative nominee on a conservative platform that is the only road that will give us the chance to beat obama.
7:34 am
>> even the candidates in the single dynel its will fight to the last. >> don't tell anybody tell you who will win! >> don't defer your judgments to those that do not share your values. the virginia primary is through march 6th on super tuesday and there are 49 delegates at stake. and after learning his fate for the south person woman, he got 28 years behind bars and early this week, he said he killed that woman in peru and is the prime suspect in the death of natalie holloway after she disappeared in aruba. he plans to appeal this sentence. the police are look for the person that torched two cameras in three days and we have more on that information and the
7:35 am
growing anger over the speed cameras. >> good morning. there are over 75 peed cameras over the city and they are issuing 40-dollar tickets going 12 miles or more above the speed limit and many people don't like them. >> they are meant to catch the speeders, the cameras like this one. they have sparked outrage and that could have caused someone to light two on fire. >> be want people to know that if you plan to damage the cameras, you will be held fully responsible. >> the incident happen on this small block and one was on wednesday morning, the other on friday and now the investigators have both cameras and the marks. >> the police said some type of ac seller rant was used to light the boxes and it is not clear what type of damage, but they will be replaced.
7:36 am
with the praters still inside, they said that they would have their cameras removed. i'm not happy with that, just another way to raise money. >> the cameras are work, that from 2009. we see the decrease in what we put up earlier. they rotate with 65 locations, in north baltimore, we are here on wjz. the police said that the suspect was an adult male and for more information, log onto our website. the police are investigating the acts of
7:37 am
vandalism, this time the target is the parked cars, over 30 vehicles with their tires slashed in that village area near the city line. the police don't know who did that or why. the animal control officers are trying to find the owner of a small goat found with a heavy chain in its neck. the female goat was found by an 11-year-old girl. the animal workers said that the chain had to be removed and then they will be okay, but if you want information, call animal control. don't miss out on the easy way to miss out on money and saving energy. >> good morning on the energy save ern, we are look at the fridge. the temperature should be from 37 to 40. cover the lid wides and wrap all food. the uncoverd food will make the compressor work harder and as
7:38 am
far as an energy star fridge, they use 20% less energy. we are here to help you be an energy saver. for more information on how to be an energy saver, go and scroll down on the right side of the panel and click on our special section. the count down is officially on and the ravens and the big playoff game that is tomorrow. a little over 24 hours, we are your home for the raven's playoff line. they made the playoffs four years in a row and the first step to that super bowl is here on sunday against the houston texans. the players have been relaxed and up beat all week and showing that the teem is able to handle the pressure of the post season. >> i think that we are a pretty loose group. at the same time, we don't mess around. we are not able to mess around and not get the work done. we are loose and in our lives,
7:39 am
you know, but when we come to practice and take the field, we are have pretty serious group. we like to have fun, but fun is playing well in the football game. >> don't miss the actions when the texans come to baltimore to take on the ravens. kick off at 1:00 p.m. you did only see the accounts right here on wjz and after that, the pizza show live high lights sunday on wjz 13. then be sure to watch the patriots playing the broncos tonight. the only place to see that action is right here on wjz 134. we are your home for the playoff action and the kick off is at 8:00 p.m. tonight. >> it is all right here. >> that is all you need to know! we are talking about the quarterbacks that are taking the slack. you can see that they are a
7:40 am
unique group. and. joe and rogers and tebow, breeze with the commercials out there. >> dr. bill will be here talking about the injuries that the players see and how they are put back together. okay, we will check with them and about 1:00, the high today, at 1:00, around freezing and it is 33 at kick off. we will be cold, not a lot of wind, not because of the chill,
7:41 am
but a colder weekend, colder than we have had in some time. glover the area with the temperatures, several inches of snow and the lakes with the snow showers out there now and as we move into the half hour, the update, 12 in oakland, the temperatures are changing today. it will not change because of the winds and the temperatures around the area -- -- winds at 13 miles per hour -- --
7:42 am
>> with the martin luther king holiday, the temperatures will be back up and then the chance of rain on tuesday, but that will bring in the warmer air and the temperatures are mild again at 50. there is a small craft advisory on the bay and the next high tide is at 10:30 11 and then the breeze and clouds and sun and then tonight, around 21 and that is the number, 35 tomorrow and sunny and 33 that is the kick off time and 35 is the high for the day. 33 on monday and 50 on tuesday and 38 on benefits wednesday and thursday. still to come on eyewitness news this saturday morning, the trainers that are working around the clock this time of the year to be sure that the players are able to stay on the field. coming up, dr. howard will tell us about the more common
7:43 am
football injuries and how the players bounce back. -- live out here, what does this sound like? >> exactly, 24 hours per day, it is playoff football and the group is here. join us and we will ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
it is mostly sunny over the stadium. the raven's playoff, the gear is flying over the shelves and one man is gettingtroketroke -- letting people find their gear 24 hours per day. dan? >> the football has an interesting effect on people. like losing the ability to use the enliver language. now he can only communicate
7:47 am
with something vocal! (bird sounds). >> are you happy? >> will we win? (bird sounds). -- one of the best interviews i have done. the great thing is that he could do that sound, but you have to see him do that! (laughs). (laughs). it is like a cartoon character! (laughs). >> right? >> (bird sound). >> i think we are stuck on that. don't go far, young man. you have stole the show! this i was my favorite right now, -- houston we have a problem! >> if you go to that, you are making a statement.
7:48 am
in is the range f ravens, but my shouts -- thoughts are here exactly. >> you have something big going on out here. >> you have it going and you move down by the stadium. we will be here all kay tonight and then down to the stadium, in the outside parking lot. >> the cool thing, with the ability to make that sound, his son is an artist and they have the orange art work and they printed that up here and this is the really cool stuff. the price is not in dollars, it is in this! we figured that out. there is the light with the ravens and the police lights and tim, we found something for you. i want to let you know that --
7:49 am
there you go. that is the raven victory. >> i don't know why i'm here on this! (laughs). that is great. >> i think that our time has come to an end. there is the shouting right now. >> i think we need to go. a good time and good luck. get your purple on and let's go ravens. that is from rose dale this morning. >> (laughs). coming up on eyewitness news this morning, the ravens are getting ready to take the field for the game tomorrow. we will have the inside look at the injuries that the players have suffered and what it will take to keep them healthy to win the game when we return. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
. we have more on what the injuries have been and then coming to play. >> with the staff. >> walk us through. we hear this and this is not always that uncommon. >> right. the pain was turf toe, the ravens had that. if your toe is pressed back
7:53 am
this direction, someone lands on the heel and rips the ligaments and tendons on the bottom of the toe and that is the most painful injury i had. >> like driving it back in the all the way back and healing could take time. >> that could happen really easy. >> four games with that. >> ending the career almost? >> and then the concussions, a number of them have a concussion. sometimes it seems like a small bruise on the brain, but many times it could look okay, but something and we don't know what, chemical, mechanical, electric, something is scrambled in the brain and the only way to treat it is time. it will heal itself. the new helmets that are
7:54 am
supposed to be so shock absorb bent. >> they really protect against a cut, but not so much a concussion. >> and there is the new rule. >> that is going to cost 15- yards. and the torn cartridge. if it stays in place, it is not a problem. he was going to his car and sort of stepped long and squeezed out this torn piece of cartridge and then the situation where they will have to put up a scope in and trim off the torn piece and he is ready to go. now, with the week off, i think that they are in good shape. >> one more thing when we return from the break, how
7:55 am
about that? about that? ,,,,,, whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! about that? ,,,,,, whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee! pure adrenaline.
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if this presses ton vessels after bleeding, they have to cut this area here to reduce the pressure ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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