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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  January 15, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good evening. coming up next on eye witness news, it's game day. the ravens host the houston texans in just five hours and wjz has complete coverage of all the excitement. plus, a sigh of relief. the man accused of terrorizing shoppers at northern virginia malls is finally in custody. how police tracked him down in south america. plus, crews ship chaos. the search for survivors off the coast of italy after one day after a ship runs the ground with thousands on board. it's feeling like football weather in baltimore. tim williams has the game day forecast and what to expect the rest of the week. if it's not too early or too cold for you, the beer are
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already on ice at the baltimore's firefighter's hall. we'll talk to them and see what's cooking and get some game predictions. eye witness news is seconds away. this is wjz tv, wjz hd and webb baltimore. good morning and welcome to eye witness news this sunday. game day. i'm gigi barnett. temperatures are chilly and it is football weather here in charm city. we're looking at a calm city right now. of course that spot won't be calm for long. tailgaters roll in there. we're watching the sun come up nicely. look at the sunshine out there and blue sky. the stage is set. we have cold temperatures in
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place. that's not going to change and the forecast is starting off with temperatures in the 20s as we mentioned. i said the teens and in oakland dropped 11 crows out there and 26 -- 11 degrees out there and 26 on the shore. the forecast for the day, 35 degrees and some sun and some clouds out there and sunshine through the afternoon and overnight lows in the teens and call it clear and cold and for tomorrow, 40-degree sunshine mixing with clouds and have a complete updated forecast and specifically your kickoff time. thank you. speaking of kickoff time, here's what people are talking about and it's game day. the ravens are ready to host their first playoff game in five years and wjz is your home for the playoff run. business owners are banking on pumped up fans to help their bottom line. >> reporter: good morning, raven's fans can't take it anymore and the excitement is
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bursts and business owners want to make sure they're ready to handle it all. as baltimore braces for the biggest match up of the season, so do area businesses. >> we have to beef up the orders and get more product in, extra staffing. >> reporter: at buffalo wild wings the chicken is ready to go and fans are there trying to pass the time until kickoff with what else, more football. >> getting pumped. the pregetting pumped. >> reporter: economyists say that leads to spending for the game, lots of it. >> you're talking at least a $50 million revenue event and probably be more than that. i'm being conservative. >> reporter: not everyone is heading out. plenty of people are staying in and want their homes to be raven's ready. >> she wants to get everything purple to decorate it. >> reporter: caylee is helping mom load up the cart with goodies like many have been
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doing getting ready for get togethers. >> from plates to napkins to table covers and anything that would work as a party item on a table in purposing. >> 12 balloons from party city and a bunch of other stuff in the trunk. >> reporter: where ever fans are watching from, it's a big help from the economy and could get sweeter. >> ordered the cake with the raven logo and we're going to have a good time. raven is going to kick some serious butt. yes. yes. >> reporter: managers at stores like party city say they're going to restock as soon as the ravens win again. the closer the team gets to indianapolis the more people the team will be desperate for anything purple. >> if you're not headed to the game today, you can see the ravens take on the texans right here on wjz 13. our special live coverage starts this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. and right after the showdown, the
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season's post game show. we'll bring you live high lights and reactions this afternoon only on wjz 13. maryland state police are looking for the driver who hit a state trooper early this morning. trooper first class jason james was on a traffic stop around 1:00 a.m. on i-83 and that's when james was struck by a passing car that didn't stop at the scene. after a year long search, police finally catch the so-called butt flasher. the peruvian man comes -- >> a sigh of relief for shoppers near d.c. >> i was in the forever 21 the day before he was there. now that he's caught it feels good. >> i was there with her and go with friends and i was scared.
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>> police linked 40-year-old johnny pimental of 20 slashes of women's backside. >> it was about this long and i mean, it was like a gush. it was pretty deep. >> he left a 3-inch gash of the butt of this 20-year-old pregnant woman. >> blood all over my hand. it was ridiculous. i started freaking out. >> criminal profilers say he may have some type of sexual gratification disorder. he was arrested in his home country of peru. >> luckily he was caught before he was able to do anything else. >> nine women in the u.s. reported injuries but some cuts were small and some suspect others had no idea they were attacked. >> fairfax county police are working to get him back to the u.s. to stand trial. police in southern california make an arrest in a brutal string of murders
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targeting homeless men. the man was taken into custody late friday after a man was stabbed to death outside a fast food restaurant in anaheim. witnesses wo followed him after the attack and helped police track him down. they're very confident he is responsible for killing three other homeless men in that area last month. rescue crews continue to circle the wreckage of a grounded cruise ship off the coast of italy. 17 people are missing after a huge cash in the ship's hole caused it to fall on its side friday. a korean couple was pull frommed the wreckage yesterday. the captain has been detained for questioning. joe paterno speaks publicly for the first time since he was fired in the wake of a sex abuse scandal. in an interview he says he didn't know what to do when he was told about jerry sandusky. police arrested former defensive coach, that former defensive
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coach for abusing a boy in the shower at the penn state football facility. when he found out, paterno told campus police. >> i called my superiors and i said we got a problem, i think. would you look into it. i had never had to deal with something like that. >> sandusky is accused of molesting eight boys. his trial is later this year. raven's fans are getting ready for the game today, the patriots are already looking ahead to the afc championship game. the surprising denver broncos didn't have an answer for tom brady last night in foxboro. he threw for a league record 5 first half touchdowns. bronco's quarterback tim tebow was totally shut down completing nine passes on the night and the patriots won 45-10. >> we got eight days until the biggest day of the year from this point on, everyone will be focussed on what we need to do
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to be better next week and hopefully come out and play for another championship. >> so the patriots host the winner of the game today between the ravens and texans next sunday at 3:00 p.m. and you can see the game right here on wjz 13. in the first game, 49ers of course with our coach's brother, harbaugh still making their charge. they knocked off the saints last night. 49ers are already in. >> it's turning out to be something people didn't expect. some teams you thought would go on haven't. >> and other teams have fallen by the wayside. we'll see. take a look outside. it gives you the whole story of what's going on. the sun is out and that's the downtown area. that's what we're dealing with with your forecast today. the sun is out and the sky is blue and cold out. a light broez out there and that is really your forecast for this day. if you dress appropriately, just
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in some layers and have all of your purple gloves and scarves and hats and sweat socks and whatever else you'll need, you'll be fine. the forecast is cold. football time here in charm city. this is your forecast. 33 degrees at kickoff time and partly sunny and cold and 1:00 all the action right here if you're sitting calmly and quietly and warmly in your living room you can watch it right here. right now we're at temperatures with the 20s. 14 is the dew point and the air is dry and relative humidity at 63%. overall there's no real moisture or disturbances in the area that will bring us a chance too much today of any showers or snow or anything like that. so cold is the only weather related issue you have to deal with today at the stadium. 5 miles per hour winds from the northwest and 30.35 is your barometer reading. 11 the cold spot in oakland and
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29 is the warm spot around the state and the immediate metro area, everyone pretty much in the low to mid-20s. 22 in west minister and 30 on kent island and 28 in annapolis. the northeast wind will stay with us and tapping into very cold air. that is the reason the temperatures are low as they are. the winds will be light throughout the afternoon. no major gusts or windchills. although it will be a light breeze keeping the temperatures suppressed and connected to the great lakes. what we're having a lake affect snow around the region. because the air is dry, most of that moving across the region doesn't make it to the ground and contributes to the cloud cover. that's the only reason we have clouds because the air is dry. come tomorrow, we'll start to see the clouds increase through the martin luther king jr. observances today. high pressure will move across the south and by tuesday we have a chance of rain with us for one
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day bringing the temperatures up because of the direction from the south up to about 50 degrees. we get mild and start to drop off again. the sun set at 5:08 and small craft advisory through 6:00 p.m. 45 trees today and kickoff temperature at 35 degrees and 18 degrees and the average 24 and won't even get there. sunshine with clouds tomorrow, 40 degrees and on tuesday, rain with 50 degrees and 42 for wednesday and thursday and the return of the sun back up to 50 by the end of the week. we're enjoying this ride. still ahead on eye witness news sunday morning a box of rice krispies lands a man behind bars. we'll tell you how. drivers in china get an unexpected fireworks display. what led to this unusual scene.
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fios. a network ahead. welcome back to eye witness news on this sunday morning, january 15th. taking a look at federal hill where the ravens' bird is painted on the side of the mountain and we're looking at also the winds blowing the flag around. that is really your forecast today. sunshine and a light breeze just in time for the raven's game. we do have temperatures in the 20s right now around the area and the coldest temperatures in oakland at 11. that is the actual coldest spot on the whole state map right now. everyone else in the 20s and graully go up to breezing for the day. 35 the daytime high and kickoff temperature around 33 and overnight lows in the teens. clear and cold and for tomorrow 40 degrees and sunshine with clouds and a chance of rain by tuesday and the five day forecast in a moment. thank you, tim. now turning to the other stories
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this morning. a california man is accused of trying to kill his wife by poisoning her breakfast. >> it's my dad. it's hard not to think about why would he do it? >> the woman was eating cereal and her daughter smelt chemicals and called 9/11. he was later arrested and his wife was treated and released. members of a motorcade to honor a fallen indiana marine are being celebrated as heros after a devastating accident along the route. members jumped into action after the crash busting a window out of a jeep to pull a mother and 6-year-old daughter to safety. a grandmother and 6-year-old boy were also rescued. a car crash triggers an unexpected fireworks display in china. take a look at this.
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police say a truck was carrying fireworks through a tunnel when it slammed into a wall. the impact caused some of the fireworks to explode sparking a fire inside. it took crews more than three hours to get the flames under control. no one was injured. speaking of fireworks, they'll be some fireworks at m&t bank stadium today. there's more than four hours before kickoff and some tailgaters have been there for hours. >> sharon is joining us. >> reporter: and they have quite a party they are going to be having today. it's a tradition every game, every home game they do tailgating. this year and this game because it's a playoff game, bigger and better. we have rick hoffman the president. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: we're doing great.
8:19 am
you have a group here already and preparing for how many people? >> probably a couple thousand here. we're surrounded by the best workers in baltimore cities. >> reporter: what are you serving up? >> roast beef sandwiches, ham sinned witches, crab soup. you name it, we got it and cold beer. >> reporter: yeah, we saw tubs and tubs of beer. it's a little early. at least you don't have to worry about the ice melting today. can you tell me, can anybody come to the tailgate? >> yes, ma'am. anybody that routes the ravens on, we're more than welcome to have them. >> reporter: do most people go to the game or people that don't actually go to the game? >> we're starting to have people just come here and watch the game with us because we're open after the game starts, too. >> reporter: fantastic. any predixes for the game?
8:20 am
>> ravens kicking the heck out of them. 28-6, ravens. >> reporter: okay, we'll go for that. you can watch the game only on wjz at 1:00. back over to you. >> sharon, thank you. >> we'll check back in about 20 minutes with sharon gibala. when the ravens hit the field later today, the game may come down to which quarterback avoids costly mistakes. >> we'll hear from joe flacco and company. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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35 degrees today and 40 tomorrow. there are parades going on and they'll have a good forecast for the parades throughout the day. 50 house the day. it's been two weeks since the ravens last hit the field and the team is ready to take out all the energy on the texans today. >> mark viviano breaks down the match up. good morning. the day that baltimore has long awaited has arrived. the ravens will take on hueston in a home playoff game, first time in five years they've earned a post season game on their home turf.
8:24 am
the last one was a loss to the colts. the last four raven's playoff runs were stopped short of the super bowl by manning and ben roethlisberger. manning and big ben aren't around to ruin it this year. joe flacco and company today will face a houston team that has a kid at qb. four years ago, joe flacco was the rookie qb winning games at miami and tennessee to reach the afc title game. now houston's t.j. yates is the new kid on the block thrust into an important role. >> the first ten weeks i didn't put on a jersey. i'm definitely a lot more fresh than the rest of the guys on this offense. you know, this big of a game this time of the year, you don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. everybody is up for the game and ready.
8:25 am
>> compared to yates flacco is a vet entering the playoffs for the fourth time and played 7 post season games and faces what he feels is a familiar challenge. >> hey, this is what a team, a player lives for is playoff time. having to win tight games or what could possibly be tight games. i think that's what i and we all really want to be in the position to do. >> now qbs are always key, don't forget the game is also a matchup of two of the top defenses in the league. houston is number two overall and the ravens are right there with them at number 3 and the raven's defense has the benefit of the loud home crowd and always makes it tough for opposing teams to hear their signals and may be as loud today as we've ever heard it. the ravens are going for their 11 straight victory at home and a win today would move them into the title game. i'll be reporting live from the stadium as soon as the ga game
8:26 am
is over. i'll see you then. back to you for now. >> the ravens are favored to win the game by more than a touchdown. we know all that. >> we have a secret weapon. we've always had the ducks, ducky the goose. he's our station mascot. now he's supporting a flacco mustache. he has the scarf and hat. we're calling him joe quacko. >> how about that? the secret weapon is in place. we'll win by more than touch dn. there's much more to come. dozens are missing after a ship runs the ground after the italian coast. why the captain is in police custody. remembering the march on washington this dr. martin luther king holiday. the message this group has for federal lawmakers.
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welcome back to eye witness news sunday morning on this
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raven's game day, i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. we're at about 25 degrees and a light breeze blowing across the region and good for the sunshine and the skies are blue. the stadium is purple and it's sitting quietly and it will change over the next few hours. we're about four and a half hours away from kickoff and dress for the weather. we'll be good for today and need layers, not really dealing with any chances of any precipitation, but the cold and just a light breeze. that's going to be your challenge for today. 35 degrees with 33 around kickoff. 18 degrees tonight and clear and cold and 40 degrees tomorrow and mild. we have rain in the forecast for the week and talk about that in your complete forecast. first, here's what people are talking about this morning. rescue crews continue to search the icy waters near italy after a cruise ship ran a ground late
8:31 am
friday night. three people have died and many more missing. a south korean couple is back on shore after they were trapped inside a wrecked cruise ship off the coast of italy. firefighters rushed them to a hospital for evaluation and crews heard their screams for help as they searched the shore for missing passengers saturday. more than 4200 passengers and crew members rushed to evacuate the ship friday night. the cruise liner started to tip over after it hit a rock in shallow water near the tuscan islands. the impact ripped a 160-foot gash. >> everything fell off our table at dinner and said everything was fine and obviously it's not fine. >> reporter: passengers say moments after the crash everything was disorganized. >> we had a blackout and everybody was just screaming out. all the passengers were running up and down. >> reporter: some of the survivors jumped overboard to get to safety.
8:32 am
>> the ship started moving fast and we knew we would be under water quick. we started jumping and there were 200 people that jumped and swam a hundred meet rs and got on the shore. >> reporter: they brought the survivors here and now the investigators are trying to figure out why the ship ran aground. italian police brought the ship's captain in for questioning saturday. the company that run it is cruise liner said he took immediate action when he realized how severe the damage was. crews say there are still people missing and their search won't end until everyone is accounted for. investigators estimate about 40 people are missing and 4200 people were on board the cruise. police arrest a man accused of several violent home invasions in montgomery county. kevin ray is accused of forcing his way into a home in behe is da last week and tieing up the
8:33 am
homeowner and her son and linked to another invasion. he was arrested in north carolina after using one of the victim's credit cards. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly fire in hartford county. it broke out after 5 yesterday evening. the fire mar shalls office says rescue crews found a body in a bedroom and the victim hasn't been identify and had the cause of the fire is under investigation. a plea for more jobs is at the center of a march this holiday weekend and demonstrators say their message is aimed at lawmakers on capitol hill. inside union baptist church in west baltimore, there are prayers for a tough task ahead. >> we march because we are called to address the issues of injustice.
8:34 am
>> that issue is jobs. this group is demanding more of them. so on this martin luther king holiday weekend, the group plans to take the message to lawmakers in washington, d.c. >> we are the 99%. >> by foot. >> we know they know the problem and as the movement gathers steam and march, they'll listen. >> the first stop on the journey is the drugstore where the first reported encounter occur in deed 1955. dr. smith was one of the first to desegregate the store. these modern day walkers are continuing her legacy. >> i think they are brave souls and they are really the salvation of this country. if we don't do something about jobs and equal pay, we are going
8:35 am
to be something other than what we are. >> the long walk is about 41 miles long. demonstrators will end up there tomorrow. hundreds of workers are back on the job. in december rg steel said it would lay off more than 700 workers until march. union representations say about 550 employees will return this weekend. the governor is encouraging their lenders to help stabilize the company's finances. 41 post offices in maryland are slated to close in the coming months as the postal service is forced to make tough budget decisions. mike shoe reports on one of the fights to save one. >> reporter: a city is made up of neighborhoods zip codes like 21214. here is the heart of hamilton. >> this is home for everyone. if you take that away from the
8:36 am
community you're stripping away a piece of their home. >> reporter: latoya is referencing this notice and said closure could come soon as the cash registers have taken in fewer dollars than three years ago. the post office says by closing this station they'll save over a million dollars and some folks are saying it's more than about just the money. >> it's part of the fabric of the neighborhood. >> the people around here, it's a convenience to be here. >> baltimore is created with a bunch of the state neighborhoods and the post office is an amenity that's attractive to people. >> reporter: eight offices were targeted for closure in the city and a total of ten in our area but a political fight has been partially successful. >> we're been lucky and fought out against closures and only 3 are still being considered and i
8:37 am
think that and they're not recommended for closure and so i think we can fight this game all the way through. >> reporter: in hamilton, mike hew wjz eye witness news. >> if you'd like to speak out against the closing of the post offices send them to the postmaster until the end of next month. the day we've all been waiting for is here. baltimore hosts an nfl playoff game for the first time since 2006. wjz is your home for all the action when the ravens host the houston texans today. now when these two teams met in the regular season the ravens were 29-14 winners over the texans in a game where the offense stars shined. flacco threw for more than 300 yards and ray rice rushed for 100 and anquan boldin had 182 yards on three catches. the only number on the raven's minds today is february 5th, the
8:38 am
date of super bowl 46. >> it's simple for me as the leader is to get the young kids to the super bowl. that's it. me, personally, if we go do what we're supposed to do, then i walk out of here with two rings. >> of course don't forget you can see the ravens take on the texans right here on wjz 13. our coverage live starts this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. right after the showdown, it's the season's post game show. mark viviano, sawneders and mary will be live to bring you high lights and reactions this afternoon only right here on wjz, the key 13. a wild game last night in the nfc. the saints traveling to san francisco to take on jim harbaugh and the san francisco 49ers. there were four lead changes in the last four minutes of the game and it was capped off by this. university of maryland product
8:39 am
vernon davis catches the 14-yard touchdown with nine seconds left and they got the 36-32 win and a spot in the nfc championship game against the winner of the packers and giants, that game today. >> wow. that means that brothers could still meet up? >> they could still meet up, jim and john. one has taken his step and the other has to take his and both get there. >> come on, ravens. >> that was a wild game to watch. it really was. it was what a playoff game is supposed to be and everybody thought the saints were the team to beat and now they're out. >> as far as baltimore goes, the ravens are. >> i'll quote you, we were quacko for flacco. >> the ravens are in it. >> our mascot has his fu man chu. we have a cold football forecast for today and not as nice as it
8:40 am
was in san francisco or cold in green bay but we have a typical forecast for this date in baltimore. a little bit cold and 33 at kickoff time and partly sunny, cold and texans in town. t.j. yates is coming onto take on joe flacco. 1:00 all the action right here on wjz 13. 24 degrees right now and 14 the dew point. 65% relative humidity and the northwest wind is the only weather factor you'll have today. a light breeze across the region if you're down at the stadium and not dealing with wipd chill but it will be around 32 degrees around kickoff and 10 degrees the cold spot in oakland. 22 in al pton and we're all in the low to mid-20s. 21 in westminster.
8:41 am
24 in columbia. the light wind will factor into our forecast. the direction of the wind is keeping our temperatures down, suppressing the temperatures. we won't get to the average high today of 41 degrees. the cold air from the arctic is pretty much a direct line blowing across the great lakes and bringing us a little light lake affect snow. most of the snow showers around us not making it to the dpround and all dissipate before they're making it in and that's the only reason we have enough moisture for the clouds you'll see. somewhat fair weather clouds. we have a high pressure system moving in across the south around the carolina coastline for the next two days and going to allow for rain by tuesday. clouds will increase through tomorrow and tuesday the rain comes in and the showers also bring in with them milder temperatures and back up around 50 degrees heading into tuesday. the king holiday going to be nice. tomorrow around 40 degrees and see the rain on tuesday.
8:42 am
sun set at 5:08 and small craft advisory in affect because of the wipdz through 6:00 p.m. today 35 degrees is the high and 33 around kickoff and 18 degrees tonight and the average 24. we'll be cold and outlying suburbs very cold. 43 degrees tomorrow and 50 on tuesday and back up to 59 by friday. still ahead on eye witness news sunday morning, there are changes coming to your water meter. when that happens, there's things you may need to know. ,,
8:43 am
i come in peace. but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. its diamondweave texture is soft and more durable versus the ultra rippled brand. so it holds up better for a more dependable clean. fewer pieces left behind. i go in peace. yes, you do my little alien. [ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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we are counting down the hours until game time and raven's fans are starting to fill the parking lot outside m&t bank stadium. >> we'll go back out live to
8:46 am
sharon and looks like you have a whole compliment of tailgaters out there behind you. >> reporter: all righty. they have a lot of people out here and this is the place to be. they have a tent and great for the cold weather and cooking up thousands of, food for thousands of tailgaters expecting out here. this is the president of the baltimore's firefighters. good morning. how did you start this tailgating? >> i didn't start it. this started back when this guy and this guy had black hair and back in the 70s with some fundraisers from widows and orphans and grown into this. i didn't start it. >> reporter: but it's definitely a tradition now. >> yes, ma'am. this is fantastic. >> reporter: how early did you all have to get here to prepare? you said you were expecting thousands. >> we've been here since about 5:30 and cooking and some people have been drinking early, but so
8:47 am
be it. >> reporter: if people want to come to your tailgate, is there a cost? >> yeah. they just have to come in and pay us for the food and the beer and have a good time. >> reporter: the great thing is this money goes for a great cause. >> every dime goes into a windows and orphans fund. >> reporter: you count on things like this as a great fundraiser and fun. >> where there's hard work, there's good firemen and good fun. >> reporter: most of the guys comboing to the game? >> no, actually we'll all hang out and watch it here. >> reporter: can people hang out and watch it with you? >> yes, ma'am. we want them to. >> reporter: a whole lot of fun and predictions for the game? anybody? >> it's obvious. ravens. >> reporter: okay, there you go. you can watch the raven's game only on wjz at 1:00. back over to you guys. >> okay, sharon, thank you very much. if you're going to party, party with the firefighters and
8:48 am
paramedics. >> that's right. if something does go wrong, they'll help you out. still to come, as the department of public works upgrades the meter and billing system, you may soon notice changes on the way. >> les is here with everything you need to know. wjz wants to see your purple pride. here are some of your favorites. log onto www.wjd.comtoseemore. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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some big changes are on the way to the baltimore public
8:51 am
works and this is part of that. >> les is here to give us ideas on what information we need to know and what the changes are. first off, what is triggering the change? why a change now? >> if you live in baltimore city or county, you have your meter read by baltimore city public works and receive your billing from the city. we have a lot of billing frustration going on. i'm sure you get calls. we get a lot of calls, too. we have an old system in place, about 40 years old and looking to upgrade the entire system to remote read readers and a brand new billing system and eliminate the frustrations people are experiencing now. that's a long term process. one of the small steps we're taking to get everyone on the same system from the start is actually what you're holding in your hands today. >> that's, this is an older meter you said? >> that's an older meter and we
8:52 am
tried to upgrade the system and started to actually that meter was installed about 40 years ago. the whole system, the stigs was made to not upgrade the whole system. a little over 12,000 customers got their meters installed in their homes. most people have a meter like in and installed in the sidewalks or in the grassy area in front of your home. >> how is this going to make our lives easier? >> for the 12,000 people that have this meter in their basement, they're probably getting estimated bills right now. this meter stopped working. it was state of the art right now but old tired now. a lot of them aren't working and people are getting estimated bills and they're based on your historical usage. if usage has changed, you're still being billed based on old usage history for your account. >> the new ones i'm holding. >> this one will get an actual read. our interior customers are getting switched to this one.
8:53 am
there's a lot of them so it will take time. some steps we're taking for those particular customers about 12,000 customers will get this card in the mail every quarter to take their read off of their meter and send it to us. >> you'll instruct people how to go down and look at it and send back to you and have more of an accurate read. >> they'll write down the digits they can see and write them on the card and mail it to us or e-mail it to us and that's on the card or call our billing center and give the read to one of the operators and enter it in the system and get an accurate bill. >> all right. one home at a time. how long will this take? >> to make the total system changes, it will take three to five years and replacing and or upgrading all the meters to make them exterior meters and remote read and put a new billing system in place. we serve more than 400,000
8:54 am
accounts. we're a large utility and takes time to switch that many customers out. >> today with the tailgaters you'll see a lot of water usage today. is the web site. prediction for the game? >> i think we're going to win. we have to. >> sounds good. when we come back, we'll have a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, for the five
8:55 am
8:56 am
well, today is going to be 35 degrees but a kickoff time, 33, partly sunny and cold. 1:00 all the action on wjz and got to 38 degrees yesterday but for the next five days 40 tomorrow and 50 tuesday and 42, 42 and 59 for wednesday,
8:57 am
thursday, friday. >> we were talking about water meters. the main problem you have is people cover the water meters and can't read of them. >> it's one of the problems we have them in providing actual reads. it's easy as people make landscaping changes to accidentally cover the meter. it's important we,,,,,,,,
8:58 am
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