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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  January 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the ravens are one win from
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the super bowl and we have purple fever! here are what people are talk about, people being one win from the super bowl in indianapolis. more on the playoff run, we will have the fan reaction. the high lights from the big win over houston coming up. . to appreciate what the ravens did on sun day, the playoff day in pittsburgh and the 14-point lead to the ravens and they lost the lead and the game. this year, they were able to
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hold on with a rookie quarterback, they won the game. this led to six points, the second touchdown pass, it was 17-three with the raven's lead. houston came within four points, but they were shut out, that interception led to the 20- 13 victory. by what means necessary. that is what it has to be, man. it has to be a team effort with the great football team, it was not the stretch, but the game. >> reed in the back end, the huddle, it does not matter, everybody focusestroking on the play and that was part of it.
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>> we have the opportunity now, whatever anybody wants to say. the offense, defense, no matter what it is! ray lewis one win from the second trip to the super bowl and some ravens hoping to make it to the super bowl for the first time, they will face a tough task with brady andtroke. the fans are still fired up after that nail biter. >> the raven's fans are pumped up all over the area and hoping for a possible trip to the super bowl. >> check out jim long's seven- hour hair-raising experience to show he was a fan.
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>> i went in about 4:00 and left about 11:00. the tailgating, all around town, the raven fans are saying to bring on new england. can they beat brady and the patriots? >> i think that they will beat new england on sunday and we have the best defense in the league and they have the worst. >> it is just what we are looking for and something we want and something they don't want. it will be a big game for us. >> i think we will beat the patriots, i think that joe will step up next week and it will be an awesome game. >> this team is showing what ballet lower is about and we get to work done and i think we will beat new england. all right, the odds makers making the mate yacht 7 1/2
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points -- patriotses 7 1/2 favorites. they smoked them like a bad cigar in the last match up. >> i think i might go get my hair done. could i get it half price? >> may be able to get it for free! the only way here to see the patriots is right here on 13. the temperatures are just above freezing, plenty of sunshine and it is starting to warm up some. wjz is here with the first morning's weather. we have tim here with more. >> good afternoon.
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sunshine and a start today in the teens, 17 in baltimore and 13 in oakland. we are starting to warm up this afternoon. up to 35, that was higher than we got to yesterday. 34 was the high yesterday. we will be above that this afternoon and there will be more change coming. with that, send it in. >> we talked about how the warmer temperatures are calming and with a price. that price will be the rain. we will move in tomorrow with the low moving just to our north and north west. this will pull in the warm air up from the gulf. it will pull in moisture from the gulf and it will move through. the snow to the north and the icy mix to the north and we will deal with the rain and temperatures well above the average. the normal high this time of the year, in the 50s tomorrow. coming up in a few minutes, now back inside.
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the opponents of capital punishment rallying to out law the death penalty. the gentleman georgiatroke man that was executed, they are one vote shy from getting out of the senate to the full floor. members of occupy baltimore are setting up a new location. the "baltimore sun "showing that they plan to camp out in front of a juvenile detention center. they said that the money should not go to a jail, but to education and youth programs. protesters were evicted last month. on the martin luther king celebration today on the route
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to the parade? >> it is getting ready to kick off now. the count down near the martin luther king boulevard and utah street. hundreds of people are here to line the streets and they expect over 30,000 to attend the parade. so far, the dancers warming up and the bands practicing and the people putting on the last- minute touch on the float. everybody is pretty bundled up because of the chilly weather. so far, it has -- it would have taken a blizzard to keep them from showing up to honor dr. king and what he did and stood for. and the mayor and governor will be here, but there are some closings and detours in this area. if you want to come down and celebrate, a loft people here
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for a great day. we will have more on today's parade in the later news. >> looking good in the sunshine. thousands of jobs in maryland's newest casino available. they opened up today, almost every position from wait staff to security is available. they are scheduled to open in the summer. for the jobs available and a link to an application, log onto our website. the field for gop's run for the president, another candidate has dropped out. more on a search for survivors on that cruz ship that was called off. looking like the parade is still coming up. more on the forecast next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hunts man will drop from the race in the gop race for
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presidential candidate. his endorsement for mitt romney may not help where he needs it most. in italy, they are looking in the state rooms, here is more on that search for 16 people still missing from the incident. >> they evacuated the crews from the ship because it started to shift. they were looking in the parts under water. an vehicles is under way to find out why the ship ran a ground. >>
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they said that they are not showing that they were steering into rock. >> the captain could be charged for leaving the ship and how he responded to the emergency. >> it was out of control. >> after impact, the crew failed to tell them how serious the situation was according to passengers, we were concerned about the tipping of the ship and finding out more. >> the staff acted appropriately in the evacuatetroke wagestroke --
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evacuation. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. laughs. -- out in the mountains, we
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are almost pork 40 over the south. the winds turned around, they are picking up and will bring the milder air our way. our temperatures are dropping five to eight and feeling like 26 in baltimore right now. you see the deep colors that are returning. that is what is moving our way, notice the warm air in between. these numbers are moving more up and down, this will give way to increasing clouds. with the next storm. the colder air returns, coming together like this, a push of warmer air, then the rain will break out and then it is gone, it will leave us for the
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return. on thursday and friday, back down below average and then the chance of snow showers in that time. we are going to keep you updated. as far as the forecast today, the sunshine out there, the increasing clouds, 41 for the high and then down to 35 and the rain will break out and the rain and drizzle tomorrow. up to 52, but the rounds of rain and drizzle, but the news is with this winter weather, we will see this from the form of rain and no great storm coming our way any time soon. thank you. still co -- to come on eyewitness news at noon. this is near an increased risk of birth defects. what is causing the problem. we are always on for you. here is what we are following on the website. for updates and the morning forecast, go ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. ,,,,,,,,
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hurry -- this offer won't last long. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006 here is a look at the parade. >> the temperatures about 52 and setting the tone for the rest of the week. the average is 41 and 41 on thursday with sun mixing with closed and 39 on friday and 34 on saturday and with the changes, there are no bad weather, just what? (laughs). >> outside on the weather, it can apply to so much.
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