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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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of mchelgen square. wjz has been live all evening developing on this developing story and mike hellgren has more on these arrests. >> reporter: we can tell you we believe there have been seven arrests and police have threatened to make more. they made quite a show of force. they arrested the people inside this fenced lot. they allowed several of them to go inside and waited while they built a makeshift school building in there. they're protesting a juvenile detention center. then they moved in through the back gate there and took them out one by one while the crowd here was running and several people were screaming and going around the other side. at this point, there are police in riot gear, there are thousands of police out here and it does not appear that the occupy protesters on the outside are going to be moving away any time soon. you can see a live picture so we are waiting and watching for
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the possibility of more arrests. >> reporter: police were waiting for more than 70 occupy baltimore demonstrators as they tried to break into a piece of state owned property that will eventually be a juvenile jail. it's a facility the group wants to stop. the police told them that staying here would be too dangerous. >> once we take these folks out, anybody else that comes through the fence, over the fence whatever through that piece of property is going to be arrested. >> we certainly don't want to make any arrests, we open that doesn't occur and we want, again we want them to be able to express their views while respecting the property rights of the state of maryland. and maintaining order and calm and that's what we're here to do. >> reporter: police are not allowing the protesters inside the lot but they are allowing them to bring in some of their materials including these tents that they're trying to bring in. it turned into a bit of chaos
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once the protesters marched to the scene. tensions would continue to rise. by 5:30 police started pulling people out and arresting them drawing panic from the crowd gathered here. and we want to show you more video from sky high chopper 13 as those arrests were unfolding. again seven arrests, those who were arrested did not resist. they basically were either sitting down, kind of went limp and the police just came in in groups and took them out. but if we can come back here live to the scene, you can see there are still a number of occupy demonstrators. they have a tent over there that i believe police eventually want them to remove. and there could be some more arrests or the tent could be taken down if they do not. and it's a fluid situation, i mean we've got a lot of police officers here, we have police in riot gear. we have two command posts, both state police and city police are working on this. it's clear that we do not want
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them to stay overnight. we will continue to keep an eye on the situation and see what unfolds at this point. these are the first arrests that we have seen during the occupy baltimore movement. reporting live in east baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. thank you very much mike. occupy baltimore has remained active in several other issues. purple pride shining bright across baltimore today after the ravens great play off win at home. the victory over houston now sends the ravens to new england. wjz is your home for play off run. let's go to sports director mark viviano, he's live at the ravens practice facility where he spoke to the team today. >> reporter: the football season is such a long journey, you can't help but think back to the heat of august and training camp where the ravens first voiced their goal of reaching the super bowl.
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and here we are in mid-january and the ravens find themselves one step away from that ultimate prize. yet standing in their way is a team considered the ultimate opponent. the new england patriots. >> reporter: the ravens admit they didn't play great in their home play off win over houston but the defense did take advantage of a rookie qb and used three interceptions to top the texans 20-13. there's no rookie qb in new england. there's tom brady. maybe the best postseason passer in nfl history. and the ravens have immediately shifted their focus to the patriots. >> it's going to be hard and fun at the same time. somebody has to win and somebody has to lose and we both know that. we're coming and they know it. >> we have to come out, we have to control our odds. and we have to allow our first line to eat. go after him, he's a big target back there but he's a target
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that throws at targets. we have to be ready to play. >> if they don't play their best game they're going to get beat, if we don't play our best game we're going to get beat. there's no more david versus goliath, we're right up there with them. >> they have weapons everywhere. it starts with the quarterback and grunts to the tight ends. they can run the ball, they can play down field, this is the most explosive offense in football right now. that's the challenge that we face. playing on the road in the play offs is always a challenge but it's something the ravens are recent experience with. coming up, more from the coach on that subject. the las vegas odds, they have set new england as 7-1/2 favorites. the second time the ravens were
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not favored to win. we'll see you again in sports at 6:00, back to you for now. >> what are the odds makers know, mark, right. it's just gambling. thank you very much. complete cover reasonable continues live downtown, david value court tells us how fans are preparing for tom brady and the patriots. >> there are going to be football watching parties all over maryland this weekend. the fans right now have a lot of energy as their team inches closer and closer to a super bowl. >> there were raven fans then there are ultimate ravens fans like long who brings new meaning to get your head in the game after what was the longest haircut in his life. >> seven hours. women, i know what you go through. >> reporter: t-shirt printers are banking on you liking this one, warning the patriots we're coming for you. all this play off action means christmas in january for some retailers. >> it keeps a lot of store
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owners moving when things would be a little slow after the holidays. superior tours are already booking up tours including tickets to the big game. other fans are finding their own way to foxboro. >> we have 90-dollar round tour. >> reporter: nelson cone planning on spending a pretty penny. >> if you're a fan of the team, if you have the means to follow them and show your enthusiasm. this is the kind of thins you do. >> the prices are some what moderate early. >> reporter: you can get a seat at foxboro starting at $250 skyrocketing to $250 for an impressive view. >> with the magnitude of this game that's really not that bad. >> reporter: but most baltimore fans will have their own front row seat watching their own battle on wjz. as they wait many are talking up a big game against the pats. it's going to be a close call but the ravens are going to take it.
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a lot of ravens fans note this weekend's game is not going to be a walk in the park. but that hasn't stopped some of them from walking a close tame. even i tell my friends and family in new england, the ravens are wicked awesome. >> wicked awesome, is that a phrase you use in new england. >> it's very new england. a body was discovered this morning near annapolis. it happened along chesapeake harbor drive. chopper13 was south of annapolis, an autopsy will now be performed to find out how the person died. police said they found no identification on the body. >> reporter: police are hoping
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to identify the person through the dental records. a man is crushed by a car carrier at a townsend car dealership. police say a man became pinned while he was unloading vehicles sunday morning. he died on the scene. the victim had just arrived from new jersey to unload the cars and police are investigating this afternoon. there's still searching for survivors, 29 people remain missing including two americans after a cruise ship runs aground off the coast of italy. >> reporter: rescue crews worked into the night using flood lights to illuminate the costa concordia as they serged for more victims. the work ers say they won't give up until they've been through the entire sres --
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vessel. >> we're going to keep working. >> reporter: rescue operations are based here in gilio the team's working six hour shifts because the work is so dangerous. the costa concordia is resting on its side and continues to shift. the ship tipped over on friday night when it hit a rock that tore a hole in the haul. costa cruise lines ceo says captain scetinio miscalculated. >> we believe it's going to be a human error here, the captain did not follow the authorized route. >> reporter: scatino faces several charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. monday prosecutors said they jailed captain scatino because they were concerned about
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tampering with evidence. in gilio italy. >> the american embassy in rome is asking for help. they're asking people to e-mail them if they have any information. a chilly but clear monday starts off the workweek taking a live look outside. is this chill here to stay or are warmer days ahead? bob turk and bernadette woods have -- >> this up and down weather will continue. this morning it was cold. clear skies, a lot of frost everywhere. 17 at the airport officially, 25 in washington, and 20 down in pax river. it has warmed up, it's above freezing everywhere. 40 in oakland, we're at 37 now. 36 in dc. the dewpoint slowly coming up but there is some precept on the way. bernadette woods has a look at that. >> we're going to start with radar and show you a storm is approaching. the clouds are in the process of coming in. this is mainly going to be in the form of rain and we want to
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stress that. but when it initially starts in some of those colder areas north and west of the city it may start as a little bit of sleet before changing into rain. this is why it's going to change over to rain. because there's a really warm push of rain coming with this. we're going up into the 50s tomorrow afternoon. that's why we're talking about rain. initially in a few areas it could start as a mix. it will start over to rain. >> thanks so much. thousands of people took to the streets of baltimore for the city's martin luther king jr. parade. good evening everyone, the streets of downtown were packed with people as more than 50 local organizations participated in today's parade. through music and dance, the city of baltimore celebrateed the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> it gives me a feeling of assurance and a feeling of
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unity and a feeling of piece and a feeling of togetherness. >> reporter: the civil rights leader's birthday still draws a crowd. with thousands of people lining the streets of downtown. >> dr. king stood for moving communities forward. he stood for everybody working in concert to achieve a higher goal and something bigger than themselves. and beats from the marching band signals the event was in full swing, paradegoers reflected on what brought them there. >> a lot of us are starting to wake up and really see that the dream will come to fruition. >> reporter: some see today as a chance to step up and support his message of equality. because of the outstanding talent that performs in this parade every year people are making it a tradition to come out. >> we have coffee at city cafe, come out to enjoy the parade. >> reporter: so with music moving their bodies and dr. king in their hearts, not even a cold baltimore day would keep
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this crowd from coming out to honor his accomplishments past and present. >> it's a little brisk out but the sun is out. you can feel the energy from the people, it's a great day. >> reporter: the grand marshal for today's parade was baltimore's lenny moor. >> monique thanks so much. coming up up, still to come. we continue to follow the breaking news, several arrest at the occupy movement. also paterno speaks. what the former coach had to say about the penn state scandal that cost him his life. >> it's something i needed to do to save my life. a revolutionary procedure saved his life. more on christopher's amazing journey. up next on wjz news. after that cold night, is a
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warm up on the way. your forewarn weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a legislative push to end the death penalty is gaining grass roots support. protesters rallied outside the state house today but as pat warren reports, the general assembly has consistently resisted repeal. >> reporter: this demonstration
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outside the state house in annapolis is a preview of what may be more to come as a september execution of georgia death row inmate troy davis fuels the fire of protesters. his sister kim joined this rally. >> we can't continue to kill innocent people. davis was killed for penalty involving another shooter. >> you need to get up, get up, hold your head up and never give up. even when it gets rough you get tough. stop the death penalty now. governor o'malley has testified in support of repeal and accepted a commissions findings that the death penalty should be -- >> i don't everyone want to call it the death penalty, what i like to call it a capital justice. >> reporter: the general
6:19 pm
assembly modified the rules to require photographic evidence or taped confessions in order for cases to qualify for the death penalty. it's not clear yet what role the governor might play in this year's death penalty debate. reporting from annapolis, i'm pat warren, now back to you on tv hill. executions had been suspended in maryland while the state works out procedural requirements for administering lethal injections. police are searching for two men stole a large piece of expensive equipment from sinai hospital. a maryland man is the second person ever to receive a revolutionary transplant. >> reporter: wile had cancer in
6:20 pm
his wind pipe. so he traveled around the world to receive a transplant. >> it's amazing to be you know that pioneer. >> reporter: 30-year-old christopher lyle sits in front of me as only the second person in the world to be breathing with a trachea implanted in him. >> right now i'm cancer free. i'm happily cancer free. you know now it's just the daily routine of getting stronger and getting back together. christopher traveled to sweden where doctor macarini took out his cancerous trachea and implanted a new one made out of plastic and coated with his own stem cell. >> the stem cell technology used in christopher's surgery was actually dropped here in the united states in boston as harvard bio science. >> this was the work of two decades that has finally allowed the field of
6:21 pm
regenerative medicine to be to be robust enough to treat a real patient. >> reporter: they put a plastic trachea in a reactor box. >> five days after the procedure, the patient's own blood vessels have grown back through the scaffold to provide a blood supply to all of those cells. >> reporter: and christopher's body does not reject the transplant. >> it's amazing how technology advances and who knows where it'll be in the next 20 years and what we'll be doing with regenerative medicine. for now patients have to travel to sweden because it's not yet approved by the fda, denise. >> thank you, mary. if you would like more information, go to our website i know we should be talking about the weather but did you
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guys know that bob turk used to deliver mannequins. >> yes, i knew that. >> long time ago. >> that must have been quite a sight to see. bob and mannequin. >> yes, you know mannequins in the store used to break. so i used to pick them up. a company picks them, i delivered new mannequins. >> those mannequins -- >> they were a lot of fun. that was a long time ago. it was a baltimore company downtown. south winds at five. the barometer 33 right now. it's just beginning to fall. some rain headed our way, come back and take a look at a mild tuesday and my life story right tuesday and my life story right after th,,,,,,,,,,
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the 2-4-6-8 value menu.
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all right, after a cold start it's warmed up above freezing. but there's a little bit of light rain headed our way. later tonight a few spots may be north and west of town. along the mason-dixon line. take a quick look at radar, there's a little bit of rain moving in to portions of western maryland. we have one report out of ekhart mines, just a trace of freezing drizzle. later this evening as that moving into the region. particularly from hagerstown to york, maybe a little sleet to begin with. we were 37 degrees. now take a look at the temperatures. we're still at 37.
6:26 pm
earlier today we got up to 41. 40 in oakland, 34 is coming up there in cumberland. there's warmer air coming in from the south. but the dewpoints very low, which means air above us is still very dry. even that precept that's showing may not be reaching the ground. a little bit of sleep because temperatures are in the 40s. so north and west of the region and probably between let's say 9:00 and midnight there could be a little touch of sleep before it goes to rain. cumberland just dropped to 32. 39 in ocean city right now. locally temperatures in the mid- to upper 30s. 41-17 today. the average high today is 41 degrees. but the average low at dwi marshal is 34. the records 71 and 53. one above zero, 1893. it's going to bring in that warm air tonight, that's why oakland is still around 40
6:27 pm
degrees. southerly wind at 13. cumberland slight northeast wind at six. they just dropped two degrees but they go up back above freezing. and then we're just looking for rain as temperatures will be rising. some rain here up to the west southwest. basically it's a warm front headed our way. behind it temperatures shoot up tomorrow. 10, 15 degrees over to what they were today. we go back up to mild air. here's that rain moving in, overnight, tonight the rain should be done by noon. we may start seeing clearing by later on. the front moving through the area. by wednesday another front that means colder air coming back to the area. it'll be breezy and a lot colder on wednesday. then it will be tomorrow, big changes once again. on the bay tomorrow, that is southwest rim brings the warm air in. up to 25 knots. look for some spotty rain.
6:28 pm
35 tomorrow morning. it'll be in the low 40s with rain. but much warmer up to 53 degrees tomorrow. >> looking forward to that. thank you bob. >> thanks. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. i'm suspending my campaign for the presidency. he's dropping out, what the gop race now looks like without john huntsman and who the republican is now supporting. i'm alex demetric, 1,500 job openings and no ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:30, 37 degrees and partly cloudy. good evening thanks for staying with wjz. wjz is following breaking news in baltimore. where occupy protesters are being arrested. mike hellgren has the very latest from the scene, mike we're having difficult with mark hellgren's signal. and we'll get back to him just as soon as we can. we're going to go back to mike now, mike. >> reporter: denise this all started as a demonstration
6:32 pm
against a juvenile jail facility. and it ended at least to now with seven arrests there could be more arrests. we have some video we shot earlier as police officer were making that arrest. that was before 6:00. this was a combined operation with state police and city police. we had different state troopers coming in and taking out some of these demonstrators who had managed to make it inside the fence into this abandoned lot. they would grab them under their arms and feet and take them through the gate. there's still a number of protesters outside right now, they've been warned if they go inside of this abandoned lot they will be taken away. also they've been warned to take down a tent they put up on the street. they were told if they don't take it down it would be hauled out to the city dump. demonstrators had planned to stay here for five days. it does not appear at this point that they'll be allowed to do so.
6:33 pm
we will continue to monitor the situations live here in west baltimore. mike hellgren. wjz. >> why are they at that particular location? why did they choose to set up camp there? >> reporter: because they were upset over this juvenile jail facility. they believe that the multi millions of the taxpayer dollars should be spent on educational programs and recreation centers. so they wanted to show that and make their message known. as you can see they have clearly done that and there's still a will the of police out here. i'm talking about dozens of officers, many of them in riot gear i don't know if you can see the light or hear the police chopper that is still flying over head keeping tabs on what's happening denise. >> >> thank you very much mike hellgren. john huntsman now bows out narrowing the gop field for president to five. manuel gallegus reporting that the remaining hopefuls are now
6:34 pm
vying for huntsman supporters. >> i offer my heartfelt thanks. today our campaign for the presidency ends, but our campaign to build a better and more trustworthy america continues. >> reporter: huntsman now supports mitt romney calling him the candidate best equipped. that's not what he says about romney last week. >> we have a candidate who talking about enjoying firing people, who talks about pink slips. who make comments who seem to be so detached from the problems that americans are facing today, that makes you pretty much unelectable. >> reporter: now huntsman is urging the remaining candidates to stop attacking each other in negative ads like this one by newt gingrich. the candidates have spent millions of dollars in tv ads just in south carolina.
6:35 pm
more than any other gop race. his rivals are trying to show voters he's not up front. >> every candidate up there hay should put their taxes out, including mitt. >> reporter: and that's he's buying votes. >> money doesn't buy elections. ideas, character, integrity, vision that wins elections. >> reporter: ron paul the candidate who came closest to beating romney in new hampshire joins the others for a debate tonight in south carolina. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> that debeat tonight will be the first of two meetings this week that's before south carolina voters head to the polls this weekend. breaking his silence in his first sit down interview. former penn state coach joe paterno opens up about the child sex scandal. mary bubala has what he had to say. >> he says he is shocked. the former coach says he did
6:36 pm
not know how to deal about what he was told about sandusky. the abuse was reported to paterno who informed school administrators, paterno says he did not follow up out of fear of influencing an internal investigation. >> i had never had to deal with something like that. >> sandusky is accused of molestic a total of eight boys. he says he's innocent and is currently under house arrest. >> paterno who was fired is currently undergoing chemo chemotherapy. millions of users of are now being asked to reset their pass words. the website says the hackers gained access to shoppers names, and the last four digits of their credit card numbers.
6:37 pm
zappos is e-mailing their customers to let them know about the breach. the temperature was still trying to climb out of the 20s when the line began forming, the reason. >> i hope i get one. >> reporter: 1,500 new jobs at the maryland live casino at arundel mills. >> just got laid off in december and gone to find work. >> this looks like a pretty good good opportunity. >> this would fit perfectly. >> reporter: as quickly as the office opened. >> welcome to our maryland center. >> reporter: it filled up. the job openings available. >> we're going to have everything from hourly tipped employees to six figure executive jobs. >> reporter: while online applications are possible, banks and computers have been set up to apply for those jobs, they won't all open at once but as they do. >> you're going to get an e- mail to your address saying, the job has been posted and
6:38 pm
it's going to alert you to go apply for that position. >> reporter: those doing the hiring are looking for one specific quality. >> the most specific thing is to bring your personality. you have to be able to create that service experience. >> reporter: and for applicants coming out of a chilly economy. >> right now i'm only working eight hours a week. they cut me from 40 to eight hours. can't make it on that. >> reporter: gambling on a casino with 1,500 openings feels like good odds. the maryland live casino is a $500 million project set to open this summer. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you will find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. why officials are planning to demolish and replace the school president's house dispute it's $7 million price tag. tax season starts tuesday. a preview of the maryland-
6:39 pm
florida state basketball game. for this story and much more, read tomorrow's wait a minute mother sun. also look for the updated forecast. and still to come, life saving act, soldiers on their way to bury one of their own witnessed a crash and jumped into action. how their help saved a mother and a daughter. help finally arrives in alaska, how fuel will save a tiny fuel thinned town. some milder air and rain ,,,
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6:42 pm
four people are killed when a building collapses. 40 people are still trapped in the rubble. officials say the building dates back to the 1950s. sniffer dogs are being used to local survivors. a fender bender sent a car catapulting into the path of a falling marine's funeral procession. several soldiers rushed over, they quickly pulled a mother and 16-year-old daughter from the vehicle. a grandmother and 7-year-old boy were also rescued. the fbi is now asking property owners in north dakota and montana to check vacant
6:43 pm
farmland where a missing teacher may be buried. police think arnold is dead but they have not found her body. two colorado men have been taken into police custody and charged in her disappearance. help finally arrives in gnome alaska. a russian fuel tanker finally made it through the ice. the city of 3,500 people didn't get its prewinter barge delivery because of a winter storm. without this delivery, gnome would have run out of fuel in march long before the next shipment was possible. they went into hundreds of miles of ice to get there. something that hasn't been done before. >> now that's winter. what we have is nothing. maybe it's nice in the summer. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the wjz evening news. looking at those unbelievable pictures of the overturned cruise ship in italy led us to wonder how safe the industry is here in america.
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well it's kind of chilly, but a warm up is on the way
6:47 pm
believe it or not. bob turk and bernadette woods has a look at your forecast. >> it's still a little chilly out there. but starting tomorrow the temperatures go up. tonight before we get to those warmer temperatures we're going to have a front moving into the area. rain will move in and in some cases it may briefly change to sleet before turning into rain. as we head into the afternoon, on and off outside of rain. we're going into the 50s and tomorrow night, on and off rounds of rain still below freezing. so for the rest of the five day, here's bob. >> the rain should be done by the afternoon. clearing, breezy and colder wednesday. low 40s back in the 20s. normal day, a little colder thursday. maybe a snow shower or flurry by evening. 39 on friday, it gets a little colder then warming up again. chance for a little rain. 34 at night, denise. >> still to come on wjz news,
6:48 pm
playing on the road and the play offs is nothing new for the ravens. >> we have the latest live from the team's training facility. wjz wants to see your purple pride. here's some of your favorite shots. see the complete slide show log on to we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase.
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word from bob turk, mark is going to be not too bad in new england on sunday for the game. mark viviano is live with the fan sports report. >> not too bad out here either. the ravens not only won a play off game over houston yesterday. they come out of it unscathed. coach john harbaugh tells us today no injuries to report. even ed reed is checking out just fine. that's good news as the ravens move into film study. yes the ravens will hit the road after scoring their first home play off victory in one years, as they hit the road, we
6:52 pm
have come to know these ravens as road warriors. in the last three years, no team has played more road play off games than baltimore. and no team has won more road play off games. a trip to the super bowl is at stake in new england and the coach tells us today, that the team's road experience helps. >> i think it helps just to the fact that we've done it. the older guys can share some wisdom. but it's not going to impact necessarily this game. expect to the extent that our guys have been there before and it's certainly not going to be any new for them and that's a good thing. >> on the road to foxboro, and you can stay right at home because we'll bring the action right to your home here on wjz. ravens-patriots with a super bowl on the line. kick off sunday at 3:00. now the nfl is down to its
6:53 pm
final four. but the defending champions are no more. the green bay packers injured as the top seed in the nfc but they exit after a loss in the divisional round to the new york giants. green bay and the ravens had shared the longest home winning streak in the league. no more for the packers, eli manning and the giants, the spoilers on the road. manning to nicks a touchdown connection. the ravens win it and they advance to face jim harbaugh and the 49ers in the nfc title game. college basketball to tell you about. maryland got a big performance from baltimore's sean moseley in a home win over georgia tech and college park. yesterday afternoon moseley scored 14 of maryland's final 18 points. 61-50. m.
6:54 pm
maryland now 2-one that's at florida state tomorrow night. carmelo anthony back in action for the new york knicks. he played this afternoon and scored 33 against orlando. but ryan anderson and the magic had too much for mello and the knicks. it's a 102-93 orlando victory over new york on a martin luther king matinee played today. i'll chat with ravens linebacker jared johnson, the ravens find themselves underdogs going to new england. we'll hear from him tonight, back to you for now. >> all right, thank you ve,,,,,,
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
pretty shot of the city tonight. don't miss tonight's prime time line up on wjz at 10:00, it's hawaii five-0. then stay tuned
6:58 pm
for the news at 11:00. 42 divers from all over astonia gathered for the 33rd championship match of underwater checkers. temperatures are too low to ty outside and water reservoirs are covered with ice. participating say they are more united in their wish to dive than play checkers but it's fun to mix the two actives together. you want know where you can get girl scout cookies. there's an app for that. the girl scouts are celebrating their 100th birthday by going high tech. the free girl scout cookie locator app will be available for iphone and android users. once downloaded the application will display a gps locator and direct you to the nearest cookie booth and girl scout. >> that's the last think you need a & >> pelley: tonight, the captain in the italian cruise ship disaster under fire as the list
6:59 pm
of missing passengers grows. allen pizzey reports from the italian coast. jon huntsman quits the presidential race. jan crawford on how that changes mitt romney's chances. lucy craft is in the radiation zone near japan's crippled nuclear power plant. see how the dangerous cleanup is going. >> reporter: this contains the top inch of soil, it's highly contaminated. >> pelley: and on this martin luther king day, the civil rights history you've never heard. jim axelrod has our story. >> reporter: were you thinking to yourselves "hey, we're going to make history here"? >> no, we were thinking we were going to sit and enjoy dessert. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. we begin tonight off the coast of italy where crews are searching fo s


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