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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> from the cities to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. evicted again. occupy baltimore protesters versus state troopers. the stand off, the arrest, and what's next for occupies. hello, everybody. here's what people are talking about tonight. occupy baltimore tries to take over the site of a planned juvenile jail and police push back. tonight, six demonstrators are themselves in jail. wjz is live in east baltimore. we're on the scene as swat teams moved this. >> reporter: state police who are still out here on the scene tonight tell us they tried negotiating with those six
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protesters who crossed this fence line. when they refused to leave, they were hauled off to jail. handcuffed and carried off to jail. around 5:30:00 p.m., maryland state police moved in and arrested six occupy baltimore protesters. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: you can see the occupiers loaded into a police van. the group had entered the state-owned site of a proposed juvenile detention center. there they built a mock pool house. >> the area was fenced and marked and posted for no trespassing. it's a construction site and it's not something we want people staying this. >> reporter: baltimore city police then ordered the protesters to take down a tent they set up next to the site. when they refused, officers moved. in the media has been pushed a block back from the site. you can see police in riot gear starting to round the corner and approaching the protesters.
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>> it's really insulting because we're peaceful. >> reporter: they remained peaceful as officers dismantled the attempt. protesters say the show of force was too much. >> they have sticks in their hands, they have guns. we have nothing but our soul and our heart and our word. >> reporter: monday's arrests send a message, even if occupy baltimore isn't in the square anymore, the group says they're still active. the occupiers planned to stay here for five days. they'll hold a meeting tomorrow night to regroup. >> thank you very much. the four women and two women arrested are all charged with trespassing. the number of people missing climbs to 29. the italian coast guard says there's still a glimmer of hope survivors may be found. among the missing is a couple
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from minnesota. >> reporter: rescue crews worked into the night using flood lights searching for more victims. the workers won't give up until they've been through the entire vessel. >> keep on working until we are sure all the cabins are checked. >> reporter: looking for more than two dozen people. divers are entering the submerged parts of the boat. it's resting on its side and continues to shift. the ship started to flip over friday night when it hit a rock that tore a 160-foot hole in the hull. the captain miscalculated. >> we believe it was a human error here. the captain did not follow the authorized route. >> reporter: he faces several charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. prosecutors said they jailed the captain because there were
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concerns for attempts to tamper with evidence. there are also environmental concerns. the personnel bassy in rome is asking for help for the missing couple from the u.s. >> and the waters where the cruise ship is grounded are a protected sanctuary for dolphins and whales. the body of a missing boater washes ashore, almost one month after he disappears. police found tyler cordray's body this morning on the beach near annapolis. he drown when his sailboat capsized last month. one other boater was also killed in that accident. police make an arrest in a series of violent home invasions. victims were tied up and sexually assaulted in two maryland counties. with the help of surveillance
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pictures, detectives tracked the suspect across state lines. police say this is the face that terrorized with three brazen home invasions in the span of one week. >> i'm proud to stand with chief manger to make it clear to both our communities that this threat is over. >> reporter: they arrested kevin ray in north carolina. he's sporting a bandage and bruises in his mug shot. >> he attempted to flee when we went to arrest him. >> reporter: among the crimes he's charged with, tieing up a woman, her son, and their housekeeper and then sexually assaulting the housekeeper. officers say surveillance pictures of this one of the suspect using a victim's debit card cracked the case. ray was a registered sex offender and was convicted of manslaughter in 1995. they believed he used the d.c. metro to travel to his crimes and picked his targets at random. >> the cases continue to
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escalate and it was very, very important to us that we stop him before someone got hurt or killed. >> reporter: police say ray is a repeat offender and he already spent 1 years in prison for manslaughter. he is back behind bars without bail. parts of the james senate office building flooded when a pipe burst. these are pictures where water is coming out of the ceiling. the building will reopen tomorrow but three senators officers are so badly damaged they'll be closed longer. a huge crowd shows up to honor martin luther king, jr. bands marched through west baltimore today for the 12th annual tribute to the civil rights legend. cool weather couldn't stop 10s of thousands of people from
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turning out. lenny moore was the grand marshall. the team sets its sights on the new england patriots. wjz is your home for this purple play off run. we have the mounting excitement for players and fans. >> reporter: the ravens have a lot of weapons on both sides of the ball. among the offensive stars is tory smith and fans had a chance to meet him tonight. he signed auto graphs and took pictures after the team's big win on sunday. >> who are you here to see? >> tory smith. >> what do you know about him? >> he's awesome. >> reporter: he appeared at the opening of a medical center in baltimore county. >> he's fast, he can go. i'm not sure new england will be able to cover him next weekend. >> reporter: he credits fans with being among the best among the league. >> what do you think of the
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fans? >> our fans are the best. been around, seeing a lot of different teams and the way their fans interact. no one shows love like ravens fans. >> reporter: t-shirts are being printed up hot off the presses. tickets for the big game are on sale and fans are showing their team and tory smith much love. how did they perform yesterday? how did the ravens do yesterday? >> the important thing is we won. a win is a win. >> reporter: to have him out here tonight means everything to ravens fans. they're already charged up that the team is heading to new england to play the patriots. >> very excited. this will be like the first year i'll see them go to the championship. >> woo! go ravens! >> reporter: i asked smith how he feels about going to new england as an underdog. if the odd makers want to give
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them that title, that's fine. they have a singular goal and that's getting to the super bowl. back to you. >> thank you. about 200 fans turned out for smith's appearance. baltimore native stacey kiebler was almost late because she was watching the ravens game. she's a former ravens cheer leader. her boyfriend? george clooney gave her a hard time for taking so long to pull off her dazzling look. >> she did have the baltimore ravens game on the whole time she was getting ready. >> you can watch the afc championship game live right here 3:00 sunday. coming up, more troubles for o.j . simpson. the major financial failure. cops confront an angry crowd. what happened next that's upsetting so many people. it's something i needed to
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do to save my life. >> a revolutionary procedure saves a maryland man's life and he's only the second person in the world to have it done. more on his amazing medical journey. much warmer tuesday on tap. i'll give you your complete forecast coming up next.
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it is 38 degrees with light rain in central maryland right now. an explosion levels part of a condominium complex in new york. police say a contractor ruptured a gas main this afternoon. no one was inside the building at the time. two firefighters were seriously hurt with possible burns and smoke inhalation. two construction workers also suffered minor injuries. controversy surrounding the denver police department, two officers are rehired after losing their jobs for excessive force. you can see the officers using mace on a woman in custody and throwing down a handcuffed suspect. the civil service commission ordered the officers be
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reinstated. three of the women seen in the video are planning a civil suit. a small town in central florida is devastated after a national landmark is burned to the ground. flames could be seen coming from 125-foot tall cypress tree called the senator. it was believed to be the tallest and oldest in the united states. the loss of the tree brought many of the town's residents to tears. >> it's more than devastating. it's just, it's burned us, our hearts out. >> if somebody did this, they're going to get it from god. that's for sure. >> they ruled out arson. the 3500-year-old tree was a popular tourist attraction. while he sits in prison, the florida home of o.j . simpson is about to be foreclosed.
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simpson purchased the four-bedroom home 11 years ago for $575,000. his attorneys have asked for the case to be dismissed. he was given a 9-33 year sentence following an armed confrontation in 2007. a three-year-old girl is recovering from second degree burns but her injuries could have been worse. she got too close to a gas stove after her mother left the kitchen. her 8-year-old brother jumped into action swatting down the flames. when asked if he was worried about catching on fire? he said you have to care about other people too. a revolutionary trachea implant saves a maryland man's life. he crossed the atlantic for a surgery so rare, he's only the second person ever to have it. we have his incredible story in
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tonight's wjz health watch. >> it's amazing to be that pioneer. >> reporter: christopher lyles sits if front of me as the second person in the world to be living and breathing with a synthetic windpipe or trachea implanted in him. >> i'm cancer free. i'm happily cancer free. now it's a daily routine of getting stronger and getting back together. >> reporter: he traveled to sweden where a doctor took out his cancerous trachea and implanted a new one coated with his own stem cells. the stem cell technology was actually developed here in the united states in boston at harvard bioscience. >> this is the culmination of
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probably two decades worth of scientific and medical research that is finally allowed to feel the regenerative medicine to be robust enough to treat a real patient. >> reporter: they created a scaffold out of plastic, then they put it in a bio-reactor where it's mixed with his own stem cells. the cells start to grow and form collagen on the plastic. >> about five days after the procedure, the patient's own blood vessels have grown back through the scaffold to provide a blood supply to those cells. at that point, it is fair to call it an organ. >> reporter: and his body doesn't reject the transplant because it's made with his own stem cells. >> it's amazing how technology advances and who knows where we'll be in the next 20 years. >> reporter: for now, patients
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have to travel to sweden to have this transplant because it's not yet approved by the fda. >> the you'd like more information about the procedure and christopher's story, go to our website and click on the news tab. a major cyber attack hits online shoe retailer zappos and up to 24 million customers are affected. the company says hackers accessed names, phone numbers, e-mail, and shipping addresses. however, credit card and payment information remained secure. they are contacting customers by e-mail and urging them to change their passwords. hundreds of creative designs were on display at the annual lego convention. he used half a million pieces to
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make his lego city. the estimated value of his lastic property is more than some houses -- $200,000. >> wow. >> just imagine the patience it takes to put that thing together. >> absolutely. >> get a life, mister. >> he can't hear you. take a look at temperatures and conditions. we've had a few reports, very isolated of a little bit of freezing drizzle north of the city along the pennsylvania border. some of the roads that were in the shade today got into the 30s. there were slick conditions along the maryland, pa border up to southern pa and portions of adams county. temperatures have finally risen above freezing.
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had a little rain earlier, it's moved off to the east. maybe a little more rain tonight into tomorrow morning. by noon we'll be done with this completely. it's going to get a lot warmer. temperatures have warmed up to 38. humidity, 78%. south, southwest winds at 6. 39 in oakland and 43 in ocean city. mild air coming in from the south. just got a report out of park and they're up to 33. very close to that freezing mark for a few hours tonight. some of the roads were still pretty cold. a few of those spots did have some icing, so be careful for
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the next hour or two. annapolis already at 40 degrees. the record? 71 and 1. right now, southwest winds will get us into the 50s tomorrow and then a cold front forming in the upper midwest. that will cross our region on wednesday. dropping temperatures once again. as you see, it's all rain. the only cold spot left in pe,, ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account
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the coach was kind of in a surly mood.
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ravens getting ready for the trip to new england this week. the team has its sights on the super bowl. when they hit the road, they'll have a chip on their shoulder. the ravens faced that tough-tested new england and the patriots are favored by more than a touchdown. just the second time all season the ravens are not favored to win. today i asked jarod johnson if that might provide a sark. >> we like being the underdog. we're used to it. i think we handle it better. should we be? i don't know. it's their place. they've earned it.
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they deserve to be top team. i love it. >> the coach tells us the ravens emerge from the houston game with a clean bill of health and that includes ed reed. he should be okay to play at new england. this is the place to see that battle -- ravens and patriots kick off sunday at 3:00. it's right here on wjz. a most unusual college basketball scenario continues to play out at morgan state. the head coach remains on indefinite suspension and paid leave. he's accused of punching one of his players. assistant kevin mclain running the team, big game for baltimore
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