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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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here's what people are talking about tonight. >> an even more disturbing discovery inside. dozens of dead animals were found inside the columbia home, along with the few surviving ones. police are looking for the woman who lived there. those animals were left with no water, no food, no heat. and to add to the misery, some were left inside a freezer. >> reporter: police started pulling out the 40 dead animals. >> it's just so sickening. my wife was, she was just going to throw up. she was just disgusted. >> birds, cats, rabbits, snakes, guinea pigs. 19 of them found stuffed in the freezer. 21 others dead in the home or in cages. two cats, a bearded dragon lizard, and a gerbill were found. alive but sick. >> they're neighbors say
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renters hadn't been there in weeks. the discovery came when the owners came to check on the property. >> nobody could stand the odor. >> reporter: right now, no one lives in the house to the left. in the house to the right, a neighbor has just moved in only a few weeks ago. she told me she did not notice any foul odors. >> reporter: neighbors say the owners were involved in some animal rescue. police believe they know who is to blame. >> right now, we're trying to locate her to question her. >> it just tears my heart out. really does. >> how can somebody who loves animals and rescues them, leave them there to die? >> if you can't take care of the animals, you shouldn't take on that responsibility. >> reporter: so far, police say it is unlikely the person or persons responsible will face animal cruelty charges. >> anyone with information on this case is urged to call.
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a raging fire inside a row of town homes inside east baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene. you can see heavy flames shooting from the windows. dozens of firefighters rushed to the scene, quickly got the fire under control. we do not have word of a cause or if anyone was hurt. the man accused of firing up to a dozen shots at the white house, faces a slew of new charges. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: oscar ramiro ortega-hernandez was charged with the assassination of president obama. now, he is facing new counts. and causing damage to the white house, exceeding $1,000. prosecutors say he fired up to a dozen shots at the white house in november. prosecutors say ortega hernandez is competent to stand trial. but friends say he referred to president obama as the devil. denise? >> a judge has ordered him held
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without bond. occupy baltimore is gathering again on east monument street. and police are making a show of force. wjz is live at the scene with what is next. and new video with the confrontation last night. >> reporter: vic, you can really tell something is up. within the past 15 minutes, we've seen at least a dozen occupiers come on the way. we're also seeing a lot more police officers here. some are in the street. they're on every corner here. an increased presence for what's to come. >> reporter: troopers made their presence known, sitting in cars inside the massive vacant lot, where they arrested six occupy baltimore protestors, just hours before. >> you need to go this way for me. >> reporter: new video shows police telling media to get out, before dismantling the group's tents. protesting a multimillion dollar use jail. dozens of officers lined the area, in riot gear.
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occupiers say they're not intimidated. >> just because the city is trying to stop our efforts to organize around a mistake that they're making, doesn't mean that we're going to stop. >> reporter: police say the property is private. and they only arrested protestors after repeated warnings. the group plans to be back here all week. and police are maintaining a constant presence. mike mcgwire was charged with trespassing. >> politically, hopefully it's a threat. politically, hopefully we're keeping this agenda in the public's radar. >> we want everything to be calm. we want to protect their rights to express their views. and that's what we expect to do. >> reporter: it remains to be seen whether tensions will boil over again. or whether relations with police will be peaceful, as they were in the raid last month, where there were no arrests. >> reporter: okay, you're looking live here on forest street near monument. you can see, there are a lot of police officers here. it's increasing here tonight. we should note that all of those people who were arrested
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and charged last night are now free. reporting live in east baltimore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, mike. thank you. occupy protestors also clash with washington, d.c. baltimore's mayor is a victim of crime. police say someone broke into mayor stephanie rawlings- blake's infinity earlier this month. the suspect opened her car door, but did not take anything. the mayor's security detail did arrest the man. in november 2010, a man was arrested for stealing the stereo for the mayor's husband's car. remembering the man known as the voice of reason. hundreds of people today attended a public memorial for ron smith. the baltimore media icon who died recently from pancreatic cancer. weijia jiang has more on the emotional service. weijia? >> smith's wife says this was exactly what her husband wanted. not a funeral service, but rather a memorial for people to
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celebrate and laugh together. of course, there were plenty of tears, too. >> reporter: at goucher university, the main auditorium was packed with people who love ron smith. >> we called this a gathering of family, friends, and loyal lesseners. -- listeners. and i think everyone who was there today really saw their ron smith. >> reporter: the baltimore broadcasting legend died last month, after battling pancreatic cancer. known on wbal radio, known as the voice of reason, smith shared the harrowing details with his listeners. >> i owed it to my audience to be honest with them. >> reporter: and he was honest with himself. smith planned every detail of the tuesday mem memorial service with his wife june. he even chose the music and the speakers. long-time friends and colleagues. >> i discovered that ron was really just a big, really smart, oreo cookie. he was hard and crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. and that inside was absolutely
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filled with love. >> reporter: a love his devoted fans surely felt. many attended, despite never meeting smith in person. >> reporter: after two marines presented a flag to mrs. smith, ron's voice filled the room. >> the curtain is coming down right now. so i'm bidding everyone, a very fond farewell. >> reporter: one that ended with the smiths' favorite song "beautiful day." ♪ [ music ] >> when we sarted out -- started out this day today, it was cold and rainy. and the sun is out. and it's a beautiful day. it's a beautiful, beautiful day. >> reporter: and all the speakers today talked about how much smith loved the ravens. in fact, among his last words were go, ravens. not only because he was a football fan but because he loved what the team did for the city. reporting live, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, weijia. senators cardin and mikulski,
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along with ehrlich attended today. bob has the updated first warning forecast. >> i'll say so. let's take a look at radar. they're just a few showers to the west and southwest of us. there's a chance late tonight that some of these might move through the area. right now, not impressed any any showers here at all. but there won't be a wind shift. and the wind change will bring in colder air. take a look at temperatures around the state now. we're still at 58 degrees here at 6:00 in the evening in january. 59 in pax river. 42 in cumberland. 48 at oakland. winds will shift late tonight, after midnight. and that will start bringing in colder air for tomorrow. so looks like a windy, much colder day. but back to normal tomorrow afternoon. upper 30s to around 40 degrees. and it stays cold for the rest of the week. denise? >> thank you, bob. the ravens have just a few days to prepare for the afc championship and the aerial assault the new england
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patriots can bring. it's the final road block on the road to the super bowl. wjz is your home for complete play-off coverage. jessica kartalija explains that the more the ravens win, the more local businesses benefit. but first, mark viviano has more on the team's preparations for this highly-anticipated showdown. >> reporter: ravens are headed to new england as a play-off- tested team, four straight seasons. this has led to rapid growth. they have received the benefit of extra guidance from their veteran teammates. >> and that's exactly what the ravens did. talk about a defensive gaffe. >> reporter: sometimes, a play- off lesson can be painful. a year ago, young defensive back, lardarius webb was burned on a big play in pittsburgh, a critical pass that helped the steelers derail the ravens' super bowl run. it was a wake-up call for webb, who is arguably the most- improved raven during this super bowl run.
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his two interceptions were key in the win over hauston. -- houston. ed reed has been his hardest critic. >> i have been very hard on him the last couple of weeks because i know how good he wants to be. >> he is on me all week. and sometimes i'm mad and i want to curse him out and say, get off my back. but it all pays off during the week. that's the guy i always looked up to in college. and i could see, man, he was a great guy to look up to. >> and i know whatly can -- what he can accomplish through the game. >> he's great. he's taught me so much about this game and life. and i don't know. every time you all bring up ed reed, i'll tell you how i feel because he helped plea out so much. >> and webb's seven interceptions this season lead the team. second is ed reed, who has four. and both will be looking to stop new england's prolific passing game. more from the ravens passing game in sports. back to you for now. >> complete coverage continues now with jessica kartalija.
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live in mount washington. with more on the ravens being a big boon for local businesses. jess? >> good evening, vic. good evening to everyone. local businesses are certainly getting into the ravens spirit. here, in mount washington, capitals funding group is flashing the gel of ray lewis, doing his signature move. it's six stories tall. they're certainly into the spirit. meanwhile, sports bars and restaurants around town tell me they are gearing up for a big rush around sunday. day before the ravens take the field at foxboro. bill bateman prepares for an away game rush. >> we have 15 tvs here in the bar area. all tvs will be on the ravens game. >> reporter: they're stocking up and bringing in extra help for game day. >> we have a system that we normally do that's been working for years. and we're just going to keep with it. >> reporter: talk about being busy.
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bill batemans here in towson, says they expect to sell some 15,000 wings. >> we're going to need about 15 gallons of bleu cheese. 40 pounds of celery. >> reporter: they have everything ravens from head to towe at whitemarsh -- toe, at whitemarsh mall. >> i like seeing the expressions on people's faces. >> i like this. i think this is my new favorite. the ravens tooth brush. >> yeah. who wouldn't want to have that? >> reporter: they're packed with ravens gear and brady bashing. these year, i think they have a great opportunity to make it to super bowl. so i think that's what people are excited about. >> reporter: of course, all of the big sellers that we spoke with, all of the play-off gear, and the clothing that is geared toward whatever team we are playing. we should also mention that all of these lights that are flashing up here on capital funding group, there are six different, they call them gels. that's what projects that big image on the screen.
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there are six different ones. if you're driving up 83, you have to be careful. take a look. they are absolutely incredible. we're live in mount washington, jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> we need some of those here on tv hill. >> we do. and they offered. >> thank you, jessica. keep it here, we'll bring you the play-off championship game. coverage starts at 3:00, sunday afternoon, here on wjz 13. and wjz is your home for all of the ravens' excitement. don't miss your live championship special. watch it live, friday night, 7:30, here on wjz. we even have purple lights in the airport. >> still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. cruise ship chaos. new efforts to finding survivors and the dramatic audio recordings between the captain of the ship and the coast guard. stricter penalties for elder abuse. i'm pat warren. coming up on eyewitness news.
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a baltimore case that is prompting a move in the general assembly. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, riding hard is the point. but is it too hard on loch raven reservoir? that story as eyewitness news continues. a clear and mild january evening. but more changes are coming. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the beating of an elderly man, by his paid, in-home care, is under consideration in
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annapolis. advocates want to increase penalties for people guilty of abusing vulnerable adults. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine and harder to watch. 90-year-old john taylor, bedridden, beaten by a woman hired to care for him in his home. >> i discovered my father had endured three more beatings within that same month. >> reporter: jacqueline taylor played the beatings for the house judiciary committee today, in hopes of increasing the penalties for elder abuse. the woman charged with assaulting john taylor made bail and is believed to have fled the country. >> brings tears to your eyes. >> reporter: this is not the first attempt to get it passed. >> we came very close last session. and i just felt really passionate. my mom passed away at 87 years old. i know what our elderly population deals with. >> reporter: the maryland department of human resources supports the bills.
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but opponents argue that aspects of the bill may infringe on a person's rights. >> passing legislation is not going to stop any of this activity. >> reporter: the maryland judiciary bill also takes away the discretion of the court. reporting, i'm pat warren. >> no vote on the bill has yet been scheduled. a french power company has dropped its opposition. edf say its has reached an agreement with exelon over the independence of constellation's nuclear group. edf had previously said the merger would hurt growth of the unit. the $7.9 billion deal is pending final approval. those who like a rough ride have new support this evening. it might help keep trails open in loch raven reservoir. >> reporter: it's not peace and quiet mountain bikers are looking for in loch raven reservoir. it's the excitement of the trail.
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but baltimore city, which owns and manages baltimore city is worried about erosion. as soil torn loose, builds up a sediment in the reservoir. >> relocating the trails outside of the buffer zones and making them sustainable so we don't get any erosion or sediment in baltimore. >> and now, councilman marx is trying to come up with a resolution. >> trying to build the network in the reservoir and also maintain the quality of the reservoir's water. >> reporter: currently, they have trails open to m mountain biking. it's an issue that has been active for years. the city's concern in the past was maintaining a healthy watershed. >> when you have ground compacted. vegetation can't grow. when you start honey combing an entire area. >> those who ride loch raven are willing to put their own money on a trail system. >> we're ready to develop the trail system. do sustainable work.
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mapping. whatever is needed to create a really great partnership in baltimore. >> i think they've shown a great effort. >> reporter: with compromised smoothing away for a rough ride. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> a county resolution has now legal force on the city, which is continuing its talks with the mountain biking community. purple pride is spreading acrossed across maryland. and a popular baltimore hot spot is getting in on the football action. the national aquarium is offering a $5 discount on general admission tickets, to guests wearing ravens or purple this friday. they sent wjz these photos of how some of the animals are getting into the play-off spirit. [ laughter ] that's funny. as they prepare to take on the new england patriots. why is it funny when you put hats on animals? i don't know. but it always is. >> somehow i don't think they like it. >> let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region right now. we've got very warm evening. currently, 58 degrees still.
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south/southwest winds at 14. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at a big changeup tomorrow after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're halfway through january. and still have these temperatures. gotta keep it going.
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bob. >> officially, we've had 4/10ths of an inch of snow. this winter. 4/tenths of an inch. pretty amazing. now, we may see a little flurry activity thursday night. maybe a little snow coming on friday night or saturday morning. but we're not talking anything major at this point. take a look at temps. boy, is it warm out there. still 58 degrees. 48 in oakland. 57 ocean city. still 59 at patuxent. and 58 in washington. 55 in easton. locally, still in the low to mid-50s to 60 at kent island. 60 in annapolis. these are remarkable temperatures. when i show you what the normals are this time of year. normal highs are 41. normal low is 24. we haven't seen too many of those days. 59, 39, today. the records are 68. pretty warm in 1913. but 1982. 7 below zero on this date. yeah, it can get awfully cold. and can get pretty warm, too, occasionally as it did today.
6:25 pm
why? southerly, southwesterly winds ahead of the front. the front is now in ohio. late tonight, after midnight, something will come across the region. our winds go back to the northwest. and yes, colder air will start filtering in. the rain we saw this morning and last night moved well off to the east and northeast. took about a third of an inch most places. not nearly what we looked at earlier. a little snow in wisconsin this afternoon. north of chicago. that's cold air moving into the great lakes. that front is moving across portions of ohio, west virginia. one little last line of showers it's possible. most looks like it's diminished and passing to our south or to our northwest. we're kind of in between. we'll see some clouds, air 9:00, 10:00. we'll clear out, get breezy, and turn a lot colder. compared to today. it's back to normal temperatures as this cold front moves through. a couple of things happening the next couple of things. thursday night, another front.
6:26 pm
maybe a brief snow flurry with that. friday night, this front is going to be offshore. a low pressure is going to be moving south of the region friday night into saturday. now, it will also give us a slight chance of a little wet snow. maybe a rain-snow mixture. sleet. friday night. and changing to mild conditions with showers on saturday. gusty winds on the bay, up to 25 knots tomorrow. out of the northwest, bringing the cold air in. bay temp around 40. tonight, maybe a brief shower. otherwise, clearing overnight. 37 by morning. and breezy tomorrow. high near 40. just about where we're supposed to be, with sunshine most of the day on your wednesday. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. i'll drink to that. details on why coffee can help prevent diabetes. >> apparently has no influence, which makes you wonder how much influence he would have if he were president. the republican candidates taking aim at each other, as the battle for south carolina
6:27 pm
heats up. cruise line disaster. about what the captain did ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 6:30. 58 degrees. partly cloudy. thanks for staying with wjz. the death toll from the italian cruise ship disaster now stands at 11. dozens more are still missing. here's a lave look at the cripple -- live look at the crippled ship. anna metranga reports for wjz, from italy. stunning new audio, from the ship's captain has emerge said. -- emerged. >> reporter: controlled explosions blew open holes for rescue crews, searching the costa concordia. >> we hope that in this way, we can reach all of the places that haven't been inspected yet. >> reporter: they're looking in the murky water and interior of the ship, for anyone who may still be alive. but search crews only found more victims tuesday. francisco skitino is now under house arrest and faces charges of causing a shipwreck, manslaughter, and abandoning ship. in a call with the coast guard right after the wreck, skittino
6:31 pm
said he was in a life boat during evacuation. the coast guard official yells. [ yelling ] >> reporter: telling skitino, you get on board. this is an order. the captain says, but you are aware it is dark and we can't see anything? the official replies, get on the bough of the ship and tell me what can be done. >> infrared video shows some of the passengers had to climb down the side of the ship, using rope ladders. now, there's a new problem. the wrecked ship contains 500,000 gallons of fuel. >> reporter: dutch engineers are here on gelio island, waiting for the go ahead of the delicate process of extracting fuel that could begin as early as wednesday. >> the water is a protected marine life sanctuary. crews have already placed boons around the costa concordia, in case of a spill. but as rough seas move the ship, officials say the risk of a leak increases.
6:32 pm
in gelio,ity lately -- italy, anna metranga, wjz eyewitness news. >> extraction of the fuel could take as long as four weeks. a harford county teenager, accused of killing his father, appears in court today. 16-year-old robert richardson waived his right. police say he admits to shooting his dad to death last week in the bel air home. he is charged as an adult with first-degree murder. an investigation is under way now into the death of a newborn baby in washington, d.c. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. a man walking to the store spotted the child left on a doorstep sunday night. the baby, about one week old, was wrapped in a towel that had no other clothing. and at the time, it was well below freezing. she was rushed to children's hospital, but died a short time later. an autopsy is now under way. police have not said if they know who left the baby in the cold or if she was just abandoned. so sad.
6:33 pm
denise? >> washington, along with maryland and virginia, have so- called safe haven laws. allowing a parent to drop off an unwanted child in a safe place, without legal consequences. a man arrested here in baltimore, went by the name of clark rockefeller. he was arrested on charges of kidnapping his daughter. when agents asked why he lied about his past, he said he was born a, quote, pathetic loser, and was just trying to be something more. the south carolina primary is a few days away. mitt romney is the favorite. danielle nottingham reports for we'll. -- wjz. >> reporter: mitt romney is rallying supporters in south carolina, where he is still the man to beat. >> the reason that i am finding support in this state and others is that some people
6:34 pm
believe that having spent a life in the private sector, that i have credibility talking about the economy. >> reporter: but his fellow republicans say romney is anything but credible. >> he needs to step up and do the right thing and quit playing dirty politics. he's playing dirty, dishonest politics. >> reporter: they stepping up their attacks on the front runner, criticizing his policy views and pushing him to immediately release his tax returns. they're trying to convince supporters in south carolina to change their minds. >> you have my back on saturday, and i'll have your back for the next four years in washington, d.c. we got a deal? >> reporter: but gingrich says, conservatives who pick rick perry or rick santorum are wasting their votes. he argues he's the best candidate to take on prawment. >> reporter: -- president obama. >> reporter: the former speaker had tough words for the president. >> i don't want to bloody his nose. i want to knock him out. >> reporter: a new poll shows gingrich running second to
6:35 pm
romney. ron paul, who came close to romney in the last round, hopes to pick up ground after pick up endorsements from four state senators. south carolina voters head to the polls saturday. at the white house, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> romney's opponents will get another chance to face off against him before the primary. another debate is being held thursday night. gas prices continue to climb to record highs. overall gas consumption continues to drop. on average, drivers are using about 36 million fewer gallons of gas each day, compared to this time a year ago. daily consumption is at its lowest point since 2000. americans are burning less gasoline by driving less, consolidating, moving closer to work and buying vehicles with better fuel consumption. it is up from $3.21 last month
6:36 pm
and $3.09 last year. time now for a quick look at the baltimore sun. what eds settlement means today. reliving baltimore's past football championship games. arlgture -- arthur jones' toughness runs in the family. his little brother is one of the top fighters on the mma circuit. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast on wjz's first warning weather team. six maryland schools received the highest state honor, becoming blue ribbon schools. and in this wjz school watch report, anna metranga tells us what makes them worthy of the achievement. meet the newest recipients. blue ribbon awards. students and teachers at baltimore county's woodholm elementary. >> we're always, like focused and usually on task. and, like, we cooperate well
6:37 pm
with each other. >> reporter: of its 800 students, 96% proved proficient in math and reading. and woodholm is not alone. plause proximate cause -- [ applause ] five other schools across the state achieved the same accomplishments, including crofton meadows elementary in anne arundel county. woodholm elementary. rachel carson elementary in montgomery county. whitehall elementary in prince george's county. and pocomoke elementary in worcester county. the program honors schools that show high performance or significant improvement in reading or math, many of which have economically disadvantaged students, including woodholm, where 42% participate in free and reduced lunches. >> we differentiate the lunches. we meet with them during lunch. we spend time with them. >> reporter: and many students appreciate the faculty's hard work, knowing their education
6:38 pm
ensures a bright future. >> you have the good intelligence to get a job, to get money, so you can have your own house. and you can just live happily. >> reporter: the blue ribbon schools will now go on to compete for the national awards which are announced in september. i'm andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> and for the past four years, all nominated maryland public schools also won national blue ribbon awards. >> quite an honor. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. lost in the wilderness. what a man did to survive in subfreezing temperatures the. disturbing video. a child is beaten and it's posted on the internet. bob turk. much colder air is headed back our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. wjz wants to see your purple pride. here are some of your favorite purple and photos. to see the complete slide show, go to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a beating in broad daylight on a chicago street is videotaped and posted on you tube. the three and a half-minute video shows a group of people attacking a teenager. they are seen throwing chunks
6:42 pm
of ice and then choking him. police say the 17-year-old had his gym shoes and wallet stolen. he was eventually treated for lacerations. no arrests have been made. the obama administration is moving forward on an ambitious plan for treating alzheimer. the goal is to develop a treatment by 2025. currently, 5 million americans are afflicted by alzheimer's. the final plan is expected to be prohibited in the spring. and researchers say people who drink four or more cups of coffee a day have a 50% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. three compounds appeared to block the compound. a man who went missing while snow shoeing in washington state gets home safe. the 66-year-old man went missing on mount rainier over the weekend. he said he stayed warm by running in place and even burning money. searchers found him monday.
6:43 pm
he got lost while falling down a slope. >> i think we lost bob on the burning money part. >> i'd just freeze to death. i'd prefer it. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. 66 years after his act of bravery went unrewarded. a world war ii veteran finally receives the honor he deserves. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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a wet start to the day, but things have cleared up for the most part. a little windy out there. you can see our cameras shaking around a little bit. how is the rest of the weekend shaping up? bob has the updated first warning weather forecast. >> say goodbye to spring. we have more chillier air headed our way. tomorrow, we'll be lucky to get out of the 30s. most of the day will be probably between 35 and 40. may get to 40. tomorrow night, back to normal temperatures. and on thursday, 43, 22. could be a few snow flurries on thursday evening. friday, a cold day. 32, 26. late friday night, early saturday, there's a chance of a little snow shower activity. before it warms up enough for
6:47 pm
some rain on saturday. 44, and then partly cloudy, 44 on sunday. looks like in the foxboro, on sunday. 41, under cloudy skies. and for foxboro, that's pretty mild. denise? >> thank you, bob. he continues to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. humid alley is celebrating his birthday today -- humid alley is celebrating -- celebrating his birthday today. even so, he winked, smiled and celebrated his birthday. the golden globes. what what you did not see on tv. mark steines has more now from hollywood. coming up right here on entertainment tonight, the golden globe moments that you haven't seen from inside the ballroom. >> reporter: madonna, talking up collin firth. brad, shaking hands with film legend sydney poitier. then sharing a hug with
6:48 pm
charlize. other celebrity run-ins. leo. then leo moves to eldon john, who later gets love from nicole. mila thunez, with mark wahlberg. and fellow nominee, michael fastbender. the winners, the modern family cast, definitely lets loose. sophia ra garra. then tv husband, ed o'neill. bradley cooper. later, she's beside herself, laughing with emma stone. michelle williams gets bubbly served up. also tonight, marc anthony and j-low, sitting down for a brand- new interview that you have to see. plus, steven tyler comes to our set and shares a few wedding secrets. we'll have that and much more coming up on entertainment tonight. >> and that, of course, is at 7:30, here on wjz 13. but first, we have more. a rookies -- ravens rookie has more. mark has the latest next in
6:49 pm
sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i always get excited. we're not each halfway through the week. >> final day for these guys to rest. lots of thinking going on. four straight years in the play- offs. so even the youngest of the ravens have to be ready to play
6:52 pm
in big games. the next big game, the afc championship at new england. a trip to the super bowl at stake. rookie receiver tory smith has pondered his play. he had the best season ever for a ravens rookie receiver. found himself covered by the houston texans. this past sunday, smith did make one catch. and he wants to grab hold of his play-off opportunities. >> just really sitting back, thinking about how lucky i am to be in the situation and to be on this team and to be part of this organization. and you know, to really just be a part, you know, have the opportunity to be great. not too many people get this opportunity. and never talk to them basically about taking advantage of this. i'm making sure i do my part. when i walk off the field, i felt like i did everything i could do to help. >> smith and the ravens should have plenty of opportunities to score at new england. because the patriots' defense
6:53 pm
is porous. they are ranked second. but they clamped down. the new england defense is much maligned, but listen to them. they're motivated. >> you really can't listen to anything, outside. locker room. you know, we're a tight-knit unit. you know, the defenses had their ups and downs this year. but you know, in the big picture of things, i think that, you know, we've done really well in the turnover ratio. >> so the ravens have the better defense, the the pats -- the pats are superior on offense. which one will win out? we'll find out. you can see the sunday afc title game. coverage kicks off alt 3:00. and -- at 3:00. and the winner advances to indianapolis. and today, mike caldwell, fired after just three seasons on the
6:54 pm
job, including one trip to the super bowl. the colt his the worst record in the league. they won just two games. cald well is the 7th nfl coach fired this season. baseball news, popular oriole brian roberts has, indeed, had to cancel his planned appearance at the fan fest this thursday. roberts continues to recover from concussion symptoms that caused him to miss most of last season. and due to doctors orders, he will not be signing autographs. first grand slam tennis event in the year for american serena williams, recovering from a strained ankle. serena will put away the point en route to a 6-3, 6-2. williams advancing to round 2 with her win. more on the ravens coming up. >> thank you, mark. ,,,,,,,,
6:55 pm
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's the hit drama, unforgettable, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. some extremely cute tiger cubs are being shown off in china. check this out. they are brother and sister, white bengal tiger cubs. they are playful. and they like to get dressed up, too. right now, there is a contest going on. to come up come up with their names. >> then they took their clothes off. that's it for us tonight. we're back at 11:00. >> don't go away. there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, including more on that cruise ship investigation. could ships today be too big to sail? we'll take you to new york and the cbs evening news with scott pelley. we'll see you back her >> pelley: tonight, the death toll rises in the cruise ship
6:59 pm
disaster. dramatic audio surfaces of the captain refusing to return to the ship after evacuating ahead of his passengers. have some cruise ships become too big to be safe? reports from allen pizzey and mark strassmann. mitt romney says his income is taxed at about 15%-- less than half the top rate. jan crawford and john dickerson are covering. the government launches a new attack on alzehimer's disease. dr. jon lapook has the battle plan. and he risked his life to save his shipmates. john blackstone on why it's taken 66 years to honor his war-time heroism. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. divers pulled five bodies from the partially sungen "costa concordia" today, bringing the dead in the y


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